Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 11, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1908
Page 2
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WMI Baku Ala b. i; L BBuniuok. Al Less Than Factory Prices AT; Iji;.)l9 Wiest St. S Co,'s tola, Kans. Irfidiss' lljOO Silk Mittens at 9§9 Ladies' $1.00 Silk Mittens at 70O Xadies' 75c Golf Glovea and Mittens at -500 Ivies''50c Golf Gloves and Mittens at 99o Ivies' 35c QoU Gloves and IVlittens at .20o Ls^ies' 25o Gloves and Mitten.s at t5p Clidren's 25c Mittens at iBo. Cb^dren^s 16e Mittens at fHo Children's lOc Mittens at Bo IAR6AINS OALORE 111 Ladies' and Children's Cloaks, Shoes, Ladies' Suits, Skirts and Furs. -In fact every department of our big stores offer savings to all. Special Notice To Farmers! Your chickens, turkeys, eggs and butter are the same as cash for Dry Qroods, Shoes. Rubber Q-oods, Clothing, GUoikB, Fors, Q-rooeries and Notions. ALWAYS REMEriBER! ^ If Bright & Co. haT9 it, fHEY SELL IT FOR LESS H. A. Jone^, Mgr. Phone 481 poor people an'opporOinJtr" to secure' cIotLing at prices vuica wfire rciy umall. • • •:• At Country Home. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Smitb. ifba live uorth at jC^ejdty, save aa Informal pArt}- for a ip-oap of friendx from Iota last crcnlng. There vas aa elaborate supper after games ajid otUer amuse* incnts. These guests were present: Mr. unci Mrs. J. D. Amctt, ME. and Mrx. C. J. Bollictl. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Stark^, Mr. and Mrs. II. A. Hen* ley. • I* • Mother Ceminfl. Mri«. U. B. Cams, who has been svcudlug the summer with a son at Murray, this state, will return tomorrow to vlHlt her daughter, Mrs. E. W. Jlcuufflu of South Olilo street. • • • . Matrons' Contest 'Hio. Aid society uf Trinity church govf a contest last night to entertain trrchds and members of that church, luoru wad a program of recitations and music with declamations by fouf matrons si» inc principal features. Mri. Bertha . Falknnr. Mrs. Eilitt X^Tiltsell, Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Mair Keaglc entered the contest und Mrs. Reaglu was awarded the prize, a iiand- Eome brooch, by the Judges. Some very good music was rendered and after the program cakes and coffee was served. Tlie proceeds. $10, will ho used In ihc Iniprorument fund of ihr society. •fr •:• •> Mothers- Club, ' Tiic Molhon>' Club of Builders chap- i >1 is in spRsIon this afternoon -for Tlifilr rociilar meeting. •:• • • Class to Organize. Tlir 'lUiK's' flass of Little Build ors Sunday ttchool will havt; a busl ncsr< and social inecilng on Friday nlghi ai the home of Mr. and Mrs. r. X. .loHi-s. Jlrs. Jones Instructs tiic claiis and th.; nioctlDg i» called to organize a c-lub. Audiforium TOMOUT Jack Patch COM DV SKATER I.udle« Free eicry morning tills week except Saturday uomlog. the program and-the principal addrcn of the eveuing was delivered by Mr. L. V. Starlcey. secretary of the Y. M. C. .\. Mr. Starkry'a subject was "Personal uvaugellsm." in keeping w'tb the> general subject of the evening which was "Missions and evangelism." Music was furnished by the mixed quartette. • -¥Uxgeni4, Aaki UTUT . Ffe«i& * • Working Society. Tbe Ladles' Woriiing society of the Mra. MeCrtary Home. | J^^rn Presbyterian ctmrch hdd a buti- Mn. Milter -JfeCHreatTlJaa returned ne«; meeting yesterdaj- afternoon in fr ^li Tlilt is Mtaos. Her hostess, the «terch parlor. Bills were aUow WM !^diel Mpiitxer. MAf^LC tCAves. Ootpber toirned my maple leav»b to - iold; The auwt are con* now; here and tbere one lingers: Soon tliiae will-slip irom out tho 'twir* vet^ boM, Like ooliiji-between a dying miser's flnsen. —Tbottas Bailey Aldrlcb. *** }jrf*1Y Howe, ^unkheuser. '- ifiien shower on ed and otber business discussed. Have ttummage Sale. _ . , n'omen of the Presbyterian churoh ^tor ffiu 'Ariefl bavfl decided to have a rummage sale jmest* win be en" 6t clothlns and boaeefaold.Iuttilsbtngs liome of Mrs. john as one of the erents of the month- North Washinston Tbe sale will be conducted in the (Acres bulMing oa ^«st Madison sve- .^<f>, . - iiiue on "Korember ! tweatx-ilrst end ^^ifmM- tweotyiecond. Uvt Ml tberf wu jt ,. of tke sImlUF sale aB4' tke^^lsa: «tt irenf >eintlfiU|7 trtniied srltb ftoirais aA »:^aiM»' saeoeeafnt The finanelalk^yMf^ waa i>l«ee# laid for Mr. aa«. Vnr. l9i4eepMdaU7^lMeiaK«B41tsa*«.wf»rtty Mr. and Mf«-..lN«Kl' , Have Box Supper. Indies who attend the I »re8bytcrlan eliuiu-l in Wheeler Heights are arrung InK a box supper lo bo given soon to iMiterlalu famlliu's of that |>astonile. There was a meeting of the Mothers' Club yesterday afternoon for the purpose of planning this event * • C. W. B. Society. Mrs. J. \V. Coffey had as her gucsta yesterday afternoon women of the Christian church. The occasion was a meeting of the C. W. B. M. society, Thirty guests were there, several of whom were -visUora. Hov. IL H. E"- lett directed the lesson study and fjiere were several interesting papers and other readings. Mrs. M. M. Will iamson who was a delegate to the state convention held in October in Topeka gave an account of those meet ingb. Mrs. Coffey sen-ed a five o'clock tea to her guests. Mrs. George Vosse assisted In entertaining. * • • Miss Conroy Here. ^lies Josephine Conroy is here to vltit her sister, Mrs. Baxter D. Mc- CIaln.> Miss Conroy has been In to­ peka for several weeks and sbe expects to return In a short time to make her home there. * * * To Visit Sister. Mrs. Ftank Forrj-, of Eldorado Springs. Mo..' Is here to Visit Mrs. J&med A. Richardson. * + * Picnic Dinner. K. N. A. camp No. 3Gu gave a pic nlc dinner at their lodge rqoms for twent}--fivc guests from Yates Center and a number of local frlejids. The Invitation for tho day wa« extended to tto Yates Center camp a week or so ago and the event was es- necially plcasai^l. There was a special session of tjhc lodge in tho aftcr- • •> To Attend Wedding. Mr. and Mrs. Seward Bixby and Mise Mae Tbolcn were in Iltmiboldt nar'y today fbr the wedd(ng of Miss Margaret Tbolcn and Mr. Owen IAU- gaii. 4 • 4* Even So. ' fonrUhlp nowadays seems to consist larcely of exchanges of cheap r» parteo." • • Bart of 'joSti' billings and cooinga on<' might say."—Kxchangc.. TholeivLangan.! Miss Margaret Tbolen. daugbter of Mr. and Mrs. Henr%- Tholen of Hnm- holdt. was married today to Mr. Owen It. Lancan of Atchisoa:. Tie wedding was solemnized by the Reverend Fa- !ier Mclncmcy at 5 o'clock mass at >e HumhpMt Catholic diurch. After tbp weddinc there was a breakout' the fimi'y heme. Tbe table vas WII.VT FA.SHIOX DEMANDS In Jewelry can be fyurid here. \Vhal- evor is designed and luanuldciured in the Hue of JEWELIIV Is inado H part of our stock immediately. We are especially well supplied with Bracelets, lliugs and Fobs of handsome design and fine quality. NcNIELBROS. 1E« Jewelers noon. Blxby. Mr. and ft;rs. Henry Tholon, Misses May, Lizxie, Amelia and Em ma Tholon and Mr. Herman Tholen. Immediately after the breakfast Mr. and Mrs. I .Angan left for Kansas City where ihoy will visit friends for a week nnd then so to Elmporla. where they are to reside. .Mrs. Langan won: a liaudsomu tr.avoliug suit of blue cloth with hat ajul sjlpves of the same color. While her family Lutucwas In Humboldt Mrs. Langan spent a great deal of her time In loia a» the home o Uer uncle, Mr. Herman Tholen, and slie has a large elrcle of intimate friends here who arc wishing her every happhicss. \ Mr. I.angan Is a travi -liti^r Kale:<iur»ii and his freijueut vi ^^it .s tu lo ]a.'ba\<! Introducvd lilni lo a large number of business acquaintances. * • • Ladies' Music Club. Thr -re was tbe fortnlslilly afternoon nitibieale cif ilu; I^ailics' Musi'- club vesterilay aft 'M -pnou at tile home of Airs. Phlllii. Wii-i^li. sir, North W«aIiiiiKioii a\«iiii". Tie- iirugraiii which Wii:; rfiidL-rei! In this or- dor; Roll Call - I'apcr, Scarlaiia--.Mi.h (JlUe llau- kins. Barcarolle, Tscliallvowsk}—.Miss Ju-iu. phino Riddln. All Sours Day, Siraiiss—.Mrh. W. T. Watson. Chant 'on Trl«te. ThchulkowHk) —>lrb. O. T. Ijidraiige. BonUtn, t<Diirlntil -Mrs. I', K. \Vaiii;h. Tanxoneltii, Ti <ehulhonHl (y—Mr«. Evans. lady JucqULUilnut. I .aiige — Mh^s Grace Nelson. Several members -nere absent because of lllntws anil the luniibers they were to have ureseuted will be given at a future meeting of . e club. •> • •:• The Klehard.son Dry (Jood.s Store places on sale 300 Caps.' Caps Tor the 'Ittip girl and boy: caps for the yoiin'-i men and young women, ranging in price from uHc to |l .-'.'i. On sale tomorrow, Thursday, at '.> o'clock, wlillo thoy lust, choice each sr.c. •:• • Altruistic Club. The Altruistic club of the First IT IIIDS TONIGHT Engagement of Comic SkaUr Will Cle«B With Tonight's Per- One of the largest crowds of the season saw J%ek Foich. the comic skater, do his black face act last night, and it is a safe bet ttat two- thirds of them will be there again tp- nlght Fbtdi pots up the biggest show for a dime that has ever been put on here and tbe applause which started last night with Ma entrance kept up until the close of his act. Tonight ho promises an entire change of i>ro- gram. Tho relay race also promises to bo an interesting affair. It will be a forty lap arftilr, Duggan running ten, Happy ten, Duggan ten and Happy finishing. It will be tho first relay /ace ever put on In the local rink. If you haven't seen Fetch yet don't miss him tonight and if you have seen him no advertisement necessary. STRONG FUNERAL TODAY. Services Were Conducted From Presbyterian Church. The funeral of J. C. Strong, whose body was fund Sunday In his barn yard and at his farm one mile north of Moran. occured this afternoon at 1:30 from the Moran Presbyterian crurch with Rev. Mc-\rthur In charge assisted by Rev. E. I... Combs. The K. of P., the A. O. U. .>r. and the Degree of Honor, of which orders the deceased was a member, attended tho •services in a Ibcdy. Mr. Strong was known all over the country and many friends attended the funeral (i. .M. Nelson of this city went over thl^? morning for the services. FINE FOR STOMACH RELIEVES I5DICESTI0> n ABOl'T FIVES MI.MTES. Dlapepsin >ot Only Dlgcitts Your Food But Presents FcrinentatloD and Beg- uiates Tour Stomach Promptly. There would uot be u case of iudl goBtion here if readers who are sub Jiet to Bioniacli trouble knew tho trenieiidoua digestive virtue contained In Dlapepsin. This hnrnilens prepora tiun will digest a heavy meal without the Bllghtubt fuss or discomfort, aud relieve' the sourest, acid stomach In five mInuteH. besides overcoming all foul, nauseous odors from the breath .\bk your ))harnmclut to show you Ihr formula plainly iirinled on each r >0 -eitul rase of I'niie'i^ Dlupepsin. then yon will readily understand why this l<roiuptly curcK Indigestion and removes such Kymptoms as heartburn, u ff-clliig like u lump of lead In tho Hiumaeli. beleblng of gas und eructa­ tions of undigested food, water brash nnuKea, headache. biliuusncss and iiii'.iiy other bud symptoms: aud. besides, you will uot need laxatives to keep your stomach und intestines clean and fresh. •if your stomach Is sour or your food doesn't digest, and your' meals don 't tempt you. why not get a 50- ceut case today from your druggist and make life worth living':^ AbBoIut 'c veMcf from stomach misery and perfect digestion of anything you eat is Fure to follow ti-.e minutes/after, and, Presbyterian dinrch was entertained "besides, one case is, often sufficient to last erening by Harrison Barton and • cure a whole family of such trouble,' W^illlam Burtnett. two of the mem-' Surely. a harmless. Inexpensive I>er8. The earlier part of the evening preparation like Dlapepsin, wblch will was occupied with business and dur- always, either at daytime or during ing the social hour refreshments were night, relieve your stomach misery served. Twelve of the members were aud digest your meals, is about as there. The club will give a party for handy and valuable a thing as you their girl friends in two weeks. could have in the house. Our Chrisl Busmess Has Started! Ylj ^B are now putting good away every day that deposits are made upon aiid we keep thein until CbristmaB. In order to sell you your Christma ^i presents now we u /Fcr special bargains to induce you to buy early. TO LOAN—fS.OOO private money on farm land at < per cent.—lola Land Co. WANTED—Two young ladies to solicit. C. F. Florence, Rooms 10 aud 11, Evans BkK-k. WANTED—All kinds of second hand household furniture.-The lola Furniture Exchange, A. W. Beck, Prop, Phone 25. WANTED—Pin setters at the Royal Bowling.xMley. No boozers or cigarette fiends need apply. W.ANTED—Experience4 cook at 15 N'orth Jefferson, the old Warner Cafe. WANTEI>- hand buggy. -To buy a good secoud Phone 4G3 or lOU-'. WANTtlD—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Ofllce OTcr Iowa Store, lola. Kas. SALESMEN 4c AQENTS—| % ; loO.OO per week and over can be made selling New Campaign NovelUes from now until elecUoa. Sells to Stores. County Fairs, Picnics and Private Families. Complete line of samples, charges prepaid for COc. Order today. CHICAGO NOVELTY CO., 60 Wabash Ave., Chicago. WANTED—^Vpung men to prepare for coming exomlnatiou for Railway Mail and other Government Positions. Superior instruction by Mail. Established II years. Thousando of successful studeuts. Sample questions and "How Govt Posltlous are Secured" sent free. Inter-State-Schools, 291 la. Ave.. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Dll. MIIiDBID COBTM • PkjraleiSB si4 8arfeei. • Office over fiorreirk Dntt Store * Office Phone 6M. * Residence 214 B. Jacksoa • • Phone M9. ^ — ^ " DB. XflMtLilV, Special attention glTM to tlie treatment of all Chtoalo Diaeaa- ea and DlMasea Ot OhUdrea. Teleptmnes: Office U, Res. MS. Office over BnrreA'J Drns Store West UadlKm. - Phone 687. Rei, 7IL DB. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose aod TDloat. Speotacles Properly Fitte^. Office A. 0. U. W. BIdg.' • • • • Offica TeL.1083. fO^X TaL IM • • DB. B. O. CHBtSTUB • Physlelaa aa< Sngeta • • Rooms 7 and 8. Bvana Bldg. * • • • WANTED—information regarding a good farm or business for sale; not particular about iocaliou: wish to hear froin owner only, who will sell direi'l lo buyer; give price, descrip- tiou and slate when poKscssIou can be had. Address L. Durbyshire. Box 20K, Hochester, N. Y. FOR S,VLE-H-A :2-arre truck farm. 2 miles nui-Mi i Good Ijottuiii land. ' Oaa Ciiv. R. R. 1. FOR SALE—An organ; Cottonwood. fruit and : r-. rity. ;>1X South F. H, HiBinr, * Snrgery anil Dlseaaes of * • Women. • * Office and Residence Pbone 576 * • • Office 7 North Jeflerion. • JEWELR& B. F. Pancoast, old tellable Jeweltr 110 East Street Lodge Difectoty BBnGHIS OF FTIHllS^-Neoskr Lodge No. 43 meeU every Monday night at K. ol P. Hall. ViilUog Mo thers Invited. W. 8. Tbompwii. B. C Chrts Bitter. K. ot K and a l-QR SALE oil THADli -Oood property. close In. Call 110 West Monroe. fO09 Ran* mim ^mnmt FOR RENT—House. North Buckeye. Inquire 208 fOR iXOHMHBE Six Clear La Harpe residences $7000 and ^000. Cash for merchandise or farm. W, O. Lenhart. lola, Kas. ooooooooooooooooo o— o O Experienced AncUoneer. O O To get acquainted with the O O public I will sell all public sales O O free of charge listed before Jan. O O 1,1909. Reference furnished from O O those for whom I have sold. Sat- O O isfaction guaranteed. Graduate O O of Missouri Auction School. - O O Telephone 833. O O E. E. VICKERS, O O ,109 East St., lola. Kans. O O O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO KXIGBTS OF XACClBEBg^ KnitiiU ot BCaccabeea of tbe WorV meets in K. P. Hall, aeoond aod foaitt Batarday nlfhta ot aadi month. J W. Poitwalt, comnandar; R. B. Vm ter. record keeper.' ir. 0. W.-€aiap No. 101 meata K. of P. Hall every Friday night V T. Steele. C. C, A. H. Davis. CUM* Visitors cordially Invited. M. W. A ^The H. W. Lo^ meeU every Friday night In U. W. A Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. F. 0 Coffield, V. C, W. A. Cowan, Clerk. BOTAL 5EI6HBOB8.-Iola Caa^ No. 365. Royal Neighbors, meets set ond and fourth Tnesdays of eatf month. Mrs. F. A. Wagner, oradt Mrs. Mary Button, 413 West Btrer Recorder. FBATEBKAL BBOTHEBHOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 880 meet* second and fonrth Thnrsday ot ea# monUi In A. 0. n. W. Hall. Visithir members cordUlly invited. W. B. J» derscm, president: Golds BSam. taiT. St. SI. ABBeral Cenfcaelae. Flagstone and Cement SIdewalka aai . . Garbing a Qpedaltx. Ofle* US Ewt Jadavi'Ank OUR TELEPHONE is constantly ringing these days. September, you know. Is tbe time to have the ailmincr dust cleaned out of ^r- pets. We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. Pbone ns today. iOU RUG FACTORY Fheaa M. CONFEDERATE VETERAtlS M'EET. Governor Hoke Smith and Other Noted Men Will Speak. Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 11.— The fifteenth aunual convention of tho United Confederate Veterans began in this city today. Governor Hoke Smith, of Georgia, Mayor W. R. Joyce and General Clement A. Evans, commander in chief of the Union Confederate Vet- urans made the welcoming addresses. Real Estate, Insurance City and Farm Loans Low Rate, Annual Interest Payments received at any time without notice, and interest ceases on amount paid. Long or Short Time loans. Cunninsham & Amett HAttlKtHXS juro PBltOinCA]^ . can be secnrM ot J. X. Hndwioa who deals with tbe publishers and fnraiBhefl them at the lowest prica possible. Trial subioflption to Vafe Norden's, 3 months ZCc. PhoB* M. '414 N. Baokaye II -iri'ir FARXEB8* XEEmG. >'atIonal AsBociatioa in >'rw Orleans. >Sc»sloa^»t New Orleans, Nov. II.—^The National Farmers Edncatlonal and Co-Opera- tlve Union opened in this city today. Many delegates arrived last night. Among subjects discussed will be 'Night Riding in the South," and a plan to build a mammoth coton store warehouse at New' Orleans. •i Mdnumeiitt! If ythi are contemplating the erection of a monument or tab-let. call and see our new aiM up-to-date stock of Foreign and rAtaierlcan Granites, We earry the best that can be obtained on the market. Our shoj^ is equipiied with a new comprlMa- ' ed air lettering machine fdr let^ tering and tracing. Our ptieei are the" very lowest for class work. Call and seeiih iUld get ptices. We want your htili- ness. ,

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