Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1907
Page 2
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THK lOLA DAltT BEOMTBB^ irEDHEgDAT BTBmrft »OTBniB «, IIW. : A» L^MlUQIiUGH, CuUer; MELTIN FBOliK, AssL Caslikr. EitaUlilMNi 1869. Mutliilli AIIMCI. followed. Tbe club will meet on Mo^ vember 20 witi Mrs. 'WfMo liaT'Iota.- * • + Mrs. C. B. Edgerton, Mrs. W. R. Heyltuua and Mrs. Mark Htllea have; 6ent but cards for a reception to occur on November 14 at Mrs. Bdger top's residence, 223 South Colboru street. ** * Mrs. C. L. Evans and Mr»s. W. T WaUon are going to Kansas City ou Saturdfiy to hear Madame E2mma Calve In concert. * + + >lr. W. H. Kloln. who went to lUs I ICOK:' in Kantius City some weeks ago, to recover from an Injury, has return cd to lolu. * •!• Mri. .v. H. timwa is huuiu from a vlxlt with Humboldt riMallvus. * • * Mil). R. S. AsplnaU will go tu Lavv- r«-iicc tomorrow for n visit with, her sou Fred., who Is attending the university. GEORGE CUPPY HERE. Appeared Before Judge Hough for Concealing Mortgaged Property. (!«?i)rgL' Cuppy who lives in tha west oru part of the county, was brought btfore ,Iu(lse Hough this morning cl'arpctl with taklns mortcaged prop- P!ly outside of the county with the intruliou of (leCram\ing the holder of tiic mortgag:'. The arrest was mado iil'in complaint of Chas. Trine who had .sold Iiim the horse, taking a mort gago for the balance left unpaid. Cup I.y had taken the property outside of the county and Trine feared that he \>as going to pet away with the prop ,-ity. Today Cuppy produced the horse and the state will probably dismiss tin- case against him. lockets and Chains Popular ornameuts for the Ladies, Misses or little ones. Beautiful lockets in solid gold or gold filled, Roman, English or bright Bnish, chains to match. Tuey make apj.ropnate prtsents and arc splendid keep-sakes McHElL BROTHERS, THCJemtLBir, mm: STUIKE IS OFF. A Fonniil Stutemcnt by the Operators' Executive Buurd. ' Mr. A. L. Boatrlght. who has so sue, KoUniy Morrisou, CJeorge JcukUib. cesstully dtrecti-d several choirs in li.iyiiiwntl and Hurry Durham. IxjrwI/i ; the city during rehearsals for .i.i, '• ^yi^^tUick. ^.l^sc•II .Murri.son. Cecil and , ' , • ., ' Kverett Laud. • tatas and other musical eveuis, will e. ^ (have charge of the I'iirihtiau choir I M IS . iC. f. I{i-m.sberg. 1:;;! liu.^l .lucK- this season. The clmirs fli-al work . ^ " sircel. was at homo to ladies of /will be the cantata. ••Holy Clfv,' I,v,""' t'heerful Circle ami a group ol , r. I .^Li . . .1 " . onwr frU-nils yesi-rday afternoon. -Alfred Gaul. This is one of the sran-, T, ,. ,,ff^.,„o„„ was Informal with a •dard compositions anU is li medley (he o'clock luncheon. In at- ;fif many beautifui so os and chorus HuOance were: Mrs. C. E. \\>nilortf -Mparts. The production will be ropre- \ y'^Z^T"'^J^^^' , ,. • -^i's. .lohn Devlin. .Mrs. C. M. Cole stnled to an audience sometime lu Mr,, Q T. l-aCranga. Mrs. G. C. Glynn '^the winter. .Mr.-;, n. Annstrong. Mrs. U Bouten -> * ; iiiul M IS . I.aughlln. of LaHarpe. • A large delegation of Humboldt wo . • men are hero to attend a tea which i Vs^uciety members have spent . . ..... r .. ia creai deal of time the past. low , is in progress at th: home Of .Mrs. II. ,„ arr.nnging for their novelt . ;.A. Richardson today. ! s..c al tonight. The guests wi'l b !' iu:-riaiurd at the home of Mrs. W. R Dap Servey is at home from Kan- j Cransle •sag Unlversily for a few days with his '*',*,*'"..- , „, : . , ^ , , i .\t ;i nieetiiig of the Womiii! s Cuild mother. Mrs. A. J. Ser%c:.-, who is ser-!„f T-i,n„u,y-s church which occur loUBly ill. • 1 le.l at the homo of Mrs. A. H. Camp 4> 4. •I' i Iiell yesterday the ladies arrang?d for ^ Miss Tressa Lee ha.s gone to Ivan-';' social and I)az.iar which will be on^ sas City to spend a week with .Miss'"f s-ml social events to occur lueviou^- to tlie holida.vs. The ladles LUa Lee at Loretta academy. Miss - 'Lee was at the convent one term and lias a number of close frisnds there. Mr. and Mrs. Harmon Hobaii liavi gone to Fort Scott for a visit, c <• •> •> . Some time ago tU.- Missionary socl '• eties of the various churciies decided rto establish, a nilssionarj- corner In ;fhe city library and with that object ; Jn view apiwinted «onimltteeB to se\ lect books and papers. This week --;Mrs. WiUfam Hickfort. Mry. John • roust, Sirs. Williamson and .Mrs. Dev lin met In tbe library reading room .;8Ud arranged the first collection of j, tw?nty-one in number. There ^wtlt be a table installed near the j shelves and when In need of material Ijfor a special paper or reading the > »oninu who are mterested In such • things will be ab'e to And references r»»lilch will be of preat benefit to them. • U U expected tha! other booKs will be j added and the collection will voou b» ' complete. • <' The uiqsl delightful ••lil'dreir.; (laity of the wesk was given by a number lof Everett l^and's little friends. The [OBlial Juvenile games were most pjeas- int amusein?nis and refreshments •jwere served to Mnriah Searles. Lola ;ind Maude Workman, Helen and Thel- .ina Morrison. Gertrude Good, Ethel iDorhain. Hazel and 15dna Upton. Har;per Md Charley Lamb. Corwiii and have not vet d<»c5ded as to th? place for the socia' Ihoiigh one of the simi oils balls will he chosen. The meet lug yesf'-rOay was devoted entirely to p^aus for this affair. + * •:Tl •• W-.iiiatrs For?ign Missioiiarv society of the .Methodist chnrch had till- usual monthly meeting yesterday n. the home of Mrs. O. P. Dunc,in on .N"orlli \\^V?vhing )on avenue. The pro grain was based on the topic, "•Evan gellstic .Mfssions." and there w.-^re two papn -K presented, one by Mrs. Han kins and .Mrs. neahm. Miss Kate Cou taiii. corre.spond'ng .secretary for the .so"'etv. read a letter from an Indian mission sdiiwl thanking the ladL-s for •-•Ifts of clothing and siipplie.s. The Indies wi" send A box of Christmas Klfts to .'Miss .M<'lva Mverancfl at Mcernut. India, mid Mrs. O. W Holmes. .Mrs. K. 1.. Holmes were up rKjln'ed to wUr't the nrllcle."!. After the urogram tli? usual tea was served. .Mrs. niincan had the an .sislance of Mrs. Klfe Mrs. Ifllde- Inaiiilt. Mrs, noiilen and Mrs. Holmer fii tlie dining rwiii. Tlie guests numbered fl'y JU A «e»eial lola p"<ipl<- will t'lte tli aire parties to M -e the •'Helle of .laiian" tonight. •?•*•«• Th.' U<aii Knot t 'liib will be e,i t< rlalned by Miss IClsa HUdner this week-. •^ >s .Mr. ElvJe Gilliatt Is home fr/>m a .ck s visit In Fort Si-ott. ! The Columbine Rebekah4 wH' meet Hmy ThereF "Where are you going.'" "G <Mng after a sack of Um WlMmai Plour. My wife Wm'^ OSe anything eke.'' lii Odd Fellows* Hall this .^venlng. * + * Mrs. F. J. Horton is entorialnlug at ciirdsrthls afternoon. | • • + + There was a good deali of excite ment ^ few days ago ainong the younger girls when a rumor about a dance was started. Some one had heard that all the boys were Jo'^u- vite Qut-of-towD girls and tbe threats of veni^eance were many and sincere. IK ssems that there was no truth to the reprot, however, and the girls are ni-w reproaching themselves for such lusty remarks. •> * .Mrs. Hilda WHIson Green of Hutch I insou. Is a guest of Mr. and Mrs tlieen of LaHarp.™. Mrs. Green is enroute to Lone Elm for a visit with |.<r parents. She wi^I spend the week cud with .Miss Bertha Sickly. + * .Mrs. C. .f. Doxsee who la Just hoin; ii '>m a visit in Kansas City, says Miss Doxsee is meeting with success In her t;urse in the St. Luke's training school for nurses. .Miss Dosvee spent iJic first fpw weeks In tlie department (!i voted to preparing scientific foods, but Is now on duty In one of th' wards. ..Miss Riitli Koe Is spending a few •lays with .Miss Rulh Roe In Chan lite. • + * .\lr. and .Mrs. I^Vergne Orton of Humboldt, are guests of Tola friends. 'l- + -V The I'arogresslvc Club Is giving a •Jieat deal of thought Just now to In cr.'asing the interest in the llbrarj' which the club installed at Gas City. .Mrs. W. D. Wtolfe. president of the Second DistrictJ'ederation. was pres- • lit at a meeting of the club at the home of Mrs. W. R. Gobia last even- w-i and gave the attending members •\ most enthustug talk about club af- fa r.-. Mrs. Wolfe suggested ways In which the club niay benefit the city and spoke of other Important subjacts. .\t the close of the evening a vote was t.iken and the members agreed ij make a systematic canvass of their ciiy to secure subscriptions to the library. The club Is rapidly becoming larger ai.d more influential. At each meet >ng a list of members is submitted fo VI. le and members will be received at the clubs next meeting. A very in t<restlnir [laper on "The Conversion of Uaibaiians.^" and a social half hour TO REPRESENT Y, M. C. A. Congressman Scott Chosen to Attend Meeting at Baltimore. .\t the last meeting of the Y. .M. C. .V. l>oard Mr. C. F. Scott was selected to represent the lo'n V. M. C. A. at the Iiiternallonal Convention which ti'ceis at BaUlmore on the 22nd of November. Mr. Scott Is already at Washington and as he Is already rienib.'r of the fola board and within !i few miles of the place of meeting, ihe* board decided that ho should be selected to act In the capacity of th U.ia representative. THE DEATH ROLL LARGE. Late Landslfde in Bakhara Killed 3.400 People. St. Petersburg. Nov. 7.—A dispatch i-iceived today from Samark says a special report of the local newspaper men who were sent to Karatagh ii. Hlshar district of Bakhara which was de.stroyed by a landslide following tli<- earthquake of October 21, reports thai tliirty-four hundred persons perished. Only seventy escaped. FRED McEWEN INJURED. Boy Fell From Telephone Pole. Fracturetf Bones in Arm. Watch Broke? THEN BRING IT TO US. Thee is no part of our business which receives more minute attention and care than our Repair Department. No piece of work h ever left to go out without being positively collect Our prices are as moderate as will be found any where, c-onsiderliig quality of tbe work. Mo. P«c Sutfa Fe u< M. K. k Ifatoh laspwton. T. Fred .McEwen, of .'ilU South slree suffered a fracture of the bones of the forearm just be!ow Uie elbow and badly wrenched back, by falling from a guide wire of the tslephon* pole. The l>oy was playing on th v.lro when he lost his balance ami fell a distance of several feet to the groiiiiil. The iiijur.v while not s.-r- ous will lay him up for several days ,I()11N IIARTUNG who was former ly In the harness business In lola but who Is now In that business In the western part of the slate. Is Ij, loin this week visltln.g his daughter at fi02 South Buckeye strerit. T. F. KIRH'V, a former druggat of lola. Is down from fjiwrence oday looking after his property lnt< rests .Mr. Klrby with his son, Is in th drug bi'sliiess at l^awrence, Kansas ' .\ BUNCH of a dozen or n e lola fiKitball enthusiasts are g 'Ing to Lawrence next Satnrday to ' ee the big football game between t1 Kansas and Nebraska teams. Amoi i those who will go up are W. H. Anderson, V. .). B'lss and Roy Funk. R. N. CtJNNINGHAM who suffered a broken leg at Humboldt during the rrunion at that place, has purchased a nsw pair of crutches and hhj friends may not be surprised to see him down down on crutches In the next few days. LOST—Brooch: Forget-ine-uot pattern, reward. Return to tftle office. VV. E. ST ARKS this morning con- snuiated a dael wherein H. A. Layman disposes'of his property on North Sivcamore to Willis Wise, also of this city. C. W. GARDNER came In this morn Ing from Neosho Falls oa a business visit. Chicago, Nov. 7.—The telegraphers' strike, which lasted eighty-nine days, is at an end. While the oflicial notice iu this effect has not been issued, all strikers were notified that Ihey could return to work without disobeying an iirder of the union. .\s a matter of form the local unions throughout the United Sates will takt a vote today on a recommendation that the strike be officially declared off by the national executive bgard. The Chicago strikers took anolhei secret ballot yesterday and adopted a resolution culling off the "strike by a vote of 321 to , J S. Strikers Buck at »ork. Yesterday many strikers applied for reinstatement at tlie oflices of the Western statement at the offices of the Western Union and Postal. Several were •assigned to duty while others were Informed that they would be -••eiit word when needed. The messen .;cr service throughout the city was restored. The big hotels, where it iiad been iiuopssibie to get mcseugers were all notified that Ihclr calls won lie answered today. The national exe eiiiivc board will issue a statement tomorrow of the situation and recom meiid that all strikers vote officially .0 end the strike. The board. In its <iatcineiit, gives a history of the strike .iiid then advises all strikers to rcmal in the union. "We believe it Is best tu suspend the strike," says the board, "with a vlew uf striking again if we do not gel concessions In the future. We be ;ieve that the strikers have won a vie lory, as the companies will avoid furilier trouble by making concessions I'hu companies are asserting that they have won a victory. But they can say with Pyrrhus after his armies in the Punic wars had won a victory, but had suffered greater losses than his fiiiemies: If wc have another such victory we are undone.'" Conipiinies Hold no ilnidge. T. 1'. Cook, superintendent of ihr "vVcstcrn Union, said that the strikers would be given work us fa-si as there .verc vacaucle.i. '"We have had m tersoiial feeling iu this strike again.sT ny individual.'" said he. \V. 1. Capen. superintendent of the Postal, said that many strikers had .M'f'lied for work toda.v. "Wc will employ them oil llieli- merits," he said "I.eforo the strike many operators were paid more than they earned because they had grown old in the cm- ploy of the company. -Ml who return will 1)C judged according to tliei ability." **.No Truce .\KreemcMt." .New York, .\ov. 7.—President t'low- ery of the Western Union In a slaie- iiient. .-aid llie statement by officers of the Telegraphers' union that a truce •II- agreement had haw entered Into lietweeii the company or strikers was absolutely false. The returning strikers will only be reemployed on their ladlvldiial application and but 11 :-niall per cent of the nun would be given employment. Following an oJIlciul calling off of the strike by local union officers the Western Union was crowd cd with apidicants today where they sought 10 resign their old positions •None were accepted, however, the com puny, according to Us statement having brought Its force up to the original tiuata Tuesday. By ten o'clock this morning the waiting list was full and no more names were taken. JGEBCHANTS WILL ACCEPT THEM. KANSAS IS SAF£. Kcport that tbe Xercbants Will not Accept Clearing Hoase Checks Is False. A report has gained circulation that the merchants of this city, will not accept the clearing house checks that were issued by the banks without discounting five per cent. The mer- shants have come to the Register and asked that such a report be denied, saying that they would accept it the same as cash, dollar for dollar. THE CANAL EMPLOYES 29,845, And More Laborers are Being Sent to Panama to Help Dig, Washington, Nov, fi.—In September 7Sa laljorers. of whom fiill wen,- Eiir- opaauB and 119 "West Indian;;, were taken to Panama to worlf on the canal. The P.inama railroad force numbered 6,238. making ti,e total work, Ing force of the commission and railroad 29,845. FIRE DESTROYED SEEDS, In an Interrlew at Washington Con- gressmaia Scott ts HopefaL Washington, Nov. 6.—Representative Scott, of Kansas, discussed the ff- nancial situation today,on leaving the WHite House and was optimistic as to the present add future conditions. He pictured the state ol Kansas as 'being in an entirely safe and prosperous condition. The only .Tegrotable feature, he said, was that" the Kansas bankers had taken too much eastern paper, and now that they wanted to realise on It they were unable to do so. However, he said, the state had enough money to move Us crops and he did not believe the pinch would bu felt there. wnien you are sick, out of'sori-', lake riolUster's Rocky Mountain To The ^lost effective remedy. Relieves when others fail. You be the judt;e. try ii. 3:". cents. Tea or Tablets, .it Hiirreirs Drug Store. fi.'>,<KM) Loss to Government Building Win Delay Seed Distribution. Washington. Nov. C.—Fire gutted a five story building on "C" Street oc- upied ..- the seed distribution divi-j men were 'fo:ierlng For Exchunge. Farming lands in Manhandle, Texas, for farm lands, or live stock, or for lola. Gas City or tA Harpe rentals. WiHTAKER & DO.VNELL. uou of the Department of .Agriculture, and cau.sed a damage amounting to seventy-five thousand dollars today. Tlie loss will dela.v for several! weeks the distribution of flower and vegetables throughout the government domains. ASSISTANT Chief Ira Smith was called to tte comer of East and First streets last night by word that two about there and it was feared that they contemplated holding someone up. Whgn (he officer arrived the men i were gone. For Best and Quickest Resnlts Use thi> Register Want Columns. SHTfl The many friends of Mrs. E. Kerr will bo glad to hear that she is Improving from her recent attack of tonsilitis. » * CIFiC LcM^ at* Our Libbey Cut Glass, Kook- wood Pottery and Hand Painted China. SewiiUeweleraidOp(|ciii 104 North Waabingtoo: \KW THEORY .VDV.V.M'ED BY YOl^G M.\N IS SPKEADIXi; OYER THE EyriRE COl-.>TRY. L. T. Cooj*ers tliuory concerifiug the hiiinaii stomach, which he claims to ;irove, with his new medicine. Is being given more respect and comment every day. Cooper claims that .'»(» per cent 6T all 111 health is due fo stomach trouble. When interviewed about liis the- ruy recently, he said: "Stomuch trou- lile Is the great curse of the 20lli century so far as ili" civilized races a^e r:oiic»riied. Practically all of tile chronic ill health of this generation Is c.iiiscd by abnormal stomach condl- il;iiis. In earlier days, when the hu- caiiso my New bifecovery Medicine tones the stomach up to the required strength lu about six weeks' time. Thar is why T hav« had more people come and thank me wherever I have gone to introduce my medicine, tbau I hiive had time to talk with.' Among the Immense numbers of peo pic - who are now strong believers in Cooper's theory and medicine is Mrs. Hf. K. Delano, a prominent resident of the Suburb of Brookllne, Boston, Mass. She; says: ••For several years I waa broken in health, caused primarily by stomach and nerve troubles. I grad- luan race wa« "closer to nature, andiually became worse, until recently I men and women worked all day out of doors, digging their frugal existence from the soil, the tired, droopy, half- sick peojile that are now so common. was compeled to go without solid food for days at a time. I had sour stomach, palpitation of the neft-es of stomach and heart, dyspepsia, and extreme did not exist. . I nervousness. I suff;;red terribly with •To be sure, there was sickness in i insdmnia. and my liver, bowels and those days, but it was bf a virulent I whole system gradually became de- charncter. and only temporary. There was none of this half-sick condlition ranged. I felt instant relief the first day i hepan this Cooper medicine. all the lime with which so many are i I now feel like a new being. Today afllided nowadays. jl walked all over town, shopping— "1 know positively that every bit of; something I have not done for years, this chronic ill health is caused by j "I'make this statement wholly'from <tom:ich trouble. The human .stomach a sense §f duty. I feel I owe it to 11 civi'ized people today is degeuer-; anyone- w^io might find relief and re- •jte. . It lacks tone and siroiiglh. This weakness has gradually come through •n sedenuiry existence. I further know hat few people can be sick with the di^ei'tive apparatus in perfect shape. The sole reason for my success is be- newed happiness as I have done." The record made by the Cooper med iclnes is astonishing. We will take pleasure in discussing it with any one who wishes to know about them. S. R. BURRELL. Tll.\ V ARE HRK=?!r. A chofce a.-,sortmetit of thi.H popular bi-aud bi CRABU'S. When you buy Kowney's Chocolates here, our per.-oiial pledge of their freshness goes with them. Gel your next candy at Crabh's and see how well it pk-a.scs you. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Coruer Washington and West Shi. The S.i>TA FE will sell UOXESEEKERS' ticket!* \or. 19tb, Dec 3d 2 and i;(h, 19V7 to points in Texas ,Okiaiionia and- Indian Territory, >'ew Mexico and Arkansas at very low rates. »I>TEK TOL'KIST tieketo on .sale daUJ loth, mn to Aj^rU »Utb. 1908, with final return limit June :1st, 1908, to Beaumont, £1 Pa* MO, FL Worth, 6alTeston, Texas, Carlsbad and Demtag, \. M. at low rates. Please see us for further pariculurit. • •

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