The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1949
Page 17
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JTHURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1949 A Sunday Dessert Pineapple MarbU Tempting, Healthful, Another 'Extra Special' for Sunday, turn some of those fresh peaches inio a nutty chiffon pie, Peach Chiffon Pie (Vifld— one 9-lnch pie) One envelope unflavored gelatine 'i cup cold water, 2-3 cup sugar, i tablespoon flour, 1-4 teaspoon salt, cup crushed fresh or canned llffon PlP Lunch tx>* Program in Full Swing; IIIIU " riC Youngsters Give Nod to Cookies peaches, 2 tablespoons lemon Juice, 1 cup heavy cream, whipped, or 2-3 cup evaporated milk, whipped, one 9-intli baked pastry shell. gotten gelatine In cold waler in 4pcepan. Blend together sugar, nour and salt; add to softened gelatine; mix thoroughly. Place over medium heat; stir constantly until Rclatine is dissolved and 'mixture is slightly thickened. Remove from heat; add crushed peaches and lemon Juice. ' Chill until the mixture is slightly thicker tliiin the consistency of unbeaten egg whites. FVllri into whipped cream or whipped evaporated milk. Turn into pastry shell and chil] until firm. If de.iircd, garnish with additional whipped crtain and sliced peaches. Here's another flufty dessert for Sunday. H also can be made eaily in the day rineapple Marble Dessert (8 servings) One No. 2 can crushed pineapple, 1 envelope unllavored gelatine, 1-4 cup sugar, 1-4 teaspoon salt. 3 tablespoons lemon juice, 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind. 1 tall can ice- cold evaporated milk, 1 cup chocolate cookie crumbs. Drain crushed pineapple. Soften gelatine in pineapple syrup; place over hot water and stir until gelatine is dissolved. Remove from heat; add sugar and salt and stir until dissolved. Mix in crushed pineapple, lemon juice and rind; chill until the mixture Is the consistency o{ unbeaten egg whites. Whip chilled evaporated milk until stiff; fold it latine mixture. Turn Into 2-quart „ individual molds, alternating •ith layers of crumbs. To serve, un- JBLYTHBVTT.LB (ARK.y COURIER COOKIES FOR THE SCHOOL LUNCH nursery «),„, welc<Hne Twn- Whether it's the School Lunch Program, or the home prepared lunch box program—cookies add mold and garnish cream. > Hutritional, Budget-Wise Dinners Can be Planned Trying to keep down the food budget and still keep up the nu- .tritional and taste value of your family dinners? Then study the'fol- lowing low cost menus planned by noted nutritionists: nirtner: "Broiled beef and vegetable hamburgers, grilled tomatoes, canned corn, bread, bulter or fortified margarine, Spanish cream with fruit sauce, coffee, milk. Dinner: Baked noodle casserole, lima beans, tomato and romaine lettuce salad, bread, butter appetite appeal (plus nutrition) to the midday meal. They contain first-class nutrients, are easy to make and keep well. Teen-agers can either help in making them or learn lo make them, themselves. The school lunch fat school cafeteria or in lunch box) should follow this basic pattern: half pint milk <as is, or as chocolate milk or cocoa made with milk), a protein food (fish, eggs, cheese, meat, poultry or peanut butler), whole- grain or enriched bread, butter or fortified nmrgjirine fin a lunch box, the protein and bread and also vegetables can be combined into sandwiches), a fruit or vegetable or both. Fruiter! Toasfaronns (For (he School Lunch Box) (Makes alioiil 40 cooklfsl s. i-o serve, un-1 ^ "ips cornflakes. 1 can (14 with whioned ounces) sweetened condensed wnn wmppui mi , k ,, c|]p ..^^ raisil]s Mix raisins with cornflakes before adding condensed milk. Drop from teaspnnn on creased baking sheet; flatten slightly, shaping edges wit'i spoon. Bake in slow oven (3?5 degrees P.) 12 to 15 minutes, or unlil done. Cool a few minutes. Then hold pan over very low ta flame for a few seconds and remove cookies with a knife or spatula. Coi-unut D a |r Kisses (For Hie Srliool J.unch lloi) (Makes 2'.i dozen kisses) Tn-o egg whites, dash of salt, 1 cup sugar, i'.; cups shredded coconut. 1 cup finely chopped dates. Beat egg whites with . It until foamy throughout; add sugar. 2 tablespoons at a time, beating alter each addition until sugar Is blended. Then crmtinue beating until n ture ivili stand in peaks. Fold „. coconut and chopped dale mixture Drop from tenspoon on greased baking sheet: Bnke in slow oven '325 dcRicos P.> 20 minutes, or until delicately browned. fair fxchange SAN FRANCISCO, —M>,_ This classified ad-from an appartment dweller appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle: "St. Bernnard male; will trade for Boston pup." September Plentiful t Announced by USD A Foods to be In greatest •bun- dance dtirlnit September are penra. onions and hens. That's wh»t marketing specialist* of the United States Department of Agriculture expect. Apples and fresh prunes are expected to be In good supply too. along witti the pears, they jay. Plentiful vegetables for September Include not only onions but also cabbage, lomatofs. Irish potatoes. After the middle of (lie month, sweet potatoes also will be plentiful. This September promises to be a big poultry month with markets offering an abundance not only of hens but of broilers, fryers and turkeys also. Cooking fats for the first |i mp •since the war are in sucli j supply that they rale a place on next month's plentiful fnoii list. Other items which wil' continue in abundance next montl 1 and rnn- <hu!e to be <?ood buys are: fish, fresh nnrl frozen; peanut better-' and such processed dairy rirndiim as choree, evaporated milk, dry skim milk (non-fat dry milk solids) and butter. The (rick, of course, is to use (""fit fro"i file plentiful list as off)] as pnssiblr- -cuts costs. y treat enerey treat energy trea energy treat energy Ireal energy y ' _^^ ^k^^ -^^ ^^& ^^^^B^B ^M y r*i in^ ji "~ BV on.V^A »V*Jbv^ t y treat ener; energy t V treat energy y tr-eal energ y tre<, enerc, Y tr-e, energl y tre. 1 , , tilled margarine, apple milk. Dinn'r: Mustard glazed' smoked picnic ham. hot potato salad, baked eggplant, bread, butler or fortified margarine, fresh pear ta[,'o- ca. coffee, milk. Dinner: Escalloped tomato, cheese and cucumber casserole, parsley uiuniuc j potatoes, green pepper salad, bread or for- i butter fortified margarine, apple Betly, coffee, milk. Mayrose PURE LARD \ ORANGE BISCUITS (Yield: 12 two-inch bi.cuilm) l,i cup Mayios. P UIe Lard %-3/, cup r ' 2 cups sifted flour 3 loblespooni «ugar 3 teaspoons doubl«-nctin9 ' ( °tl«ipoon baking powd.r ? . "°"»* juic « 1 , 6 taDl«apoons ,2 easpoon «alt orang* rin Sift flour, baking powder and salt togelher. Cu in (ho lard unlil tho mixture a the consistency ofco.-trsecorn mcnl. Make a well in the center of llm mixture rind add milk. Stir just until mix- lure sucks together. Turn onto a lightly floured board. Knead mx times. Roll or pat to H-i»ch thickness. Cut with biscuit cutler and place on n iMkim* sheet. Place •?< iea.ipoon sugar, }f teaspoon orange jnice find }$ teaspoon orange rind on each biscuit. Bnke in a hot oven (450' K ) for 15 minute*. " ' H,. Ma> THAT'S MM*.., (HOOK MAYMK NAN* Louin Independent PdTkir.c DAVIS & STRICKLAND 309 North 6th Street Guaranteed fresh, in dozen carton GRADE'A 1 EGGS 49 100 ],b. Hack S:t.75, Kcil POTATOES 10 lt)S 39 oO I,b. Sack SI.75; Firm, Green CABBAGE ,, 5 20 Lb. Lug §2.15; Krcsli, Ripe TOMATOES 2 ,,,25 SO U>. Sack $2.<l!>; White or Yellow ONIONS J.ll. I'asteuri/.ecl MtLK Kagle MATCHES „„ 5 Domino Pure CAHE SUGAR 10 „„ 89 Large ISox VEl 25 I. ai . ge 1{4)x . DREFT 25 Tall Cans Carnaliuii or PET MILK 3 ,,,35 SARDINES ..29'lciCkRETT^ Fresh Baltimore SELECT OYSTERS I'l. 92' SSLjrlmar ..,5! Kansas City B«ef CHUCK R0AST ,,59 I'ure Kresh '' h> M ** PORK SAUSAGE ,49 Reelfoot \\^hole or Half TENDERIZED HAMS , 59° Kansas Cily Btcf ' . LOW STEAK ,„ 79= DAVIS & STRICKLAND 30S.North «th Strwt Phone 500 y treat energy ircat energy trea energy ireaT. energy Irenl energy v r.rnflt mifircv t.rnnl. nnnrc PURE PORK SAUSAGE' (s seasoned' JUST RIGHT! Enjoy this flavor-rich goodness for breakfast, lunch or supper. SING CO. PAGE FIFTEEN Chin, boiu trimmtd. Short rib <n4 at ol RIB ROAST More meat, minimum s Q bone & woste. |b. Q7C ROUND STEAK ho ice center cut, f» jr linimum bone. Ib. 7jf Plot loin bone removtd SIRLOIN STEAK Excess bone and waste removed before the Jleok is weighed and priced. Cul thick, thin Ik or medium, you get Ihe choices! port. FRYING CHICKEN/;L IB 59c Fresh, cleaned, cut op ready lo fry. Extra lender cut iff. PORTERHOUSE STEAK QQ Ib. / 7C Mor« m«ol- cut thick, Ihio or medium. CHUCK ROAST Choice center cut, £^ minimum bon*. Ib. 0 JV Cunler Culs, IJi. 32 BACON Corn Kinj{ Sliced Cheese Food ::, 75c SALT Wisconsin Windsor Club. Cml,.,• r Macaroni ° r SPAGHETTI - RONCO Mool Day 2 ";r23c MlMN " Pork & Beans 2 Tomato Sauce 3 991° l,h££2 IA 55 C No. 303 Cans No, 300 Can Lb. 39 C ^^ BACON T ^f gl Hijuares L ^ PORKFEET LH. 29 C ,„ 19' HUNT'S. : 19c fcji | •••• • _ A FLEECE Whip r 59c Box ^c of 300 PRESERVES WELCH'S Strawberry. Blended Juice KROGER Orange and Grapefruit-. Tomato Juice 1-lb. Jar 46-oz. Can STOKELY. SUGAR I'nre Cane (irgitiuliiicd COFFEE PANCAKE 2 Kroger l-'lour PRESERVES Kml;assy REX JELLY I'm-* >"ruit 42c 44c 3k DOG FOOD Hi-I,:fe ^nsmtmsKxusmK .(,'an Dry PINTO BEANS Dry BEANS (Jrcat Northern Swiff Cleanser Tiny 2 pkjfs. lit rcKiilar price and get an extra for (inly Ic or 3 pkgs 26c 21' SSlSsfFaJf 25 Kroger Flour t: 1.95 :: 68c 3.73 DIXIE FRY Put* a tasty goldin <ru>» on fried chicken, .. .all fried foods. , *j*^ Plain or Self-Rising. 59° Pur e, Firm, White. BEANS / 29 Kroger Flour t lk 9 Plain or Self-Rising. 2 RED APPLES iprra Crisp Juicy JONATHAN S Crisp Red DELICIOUS 5 lb. Mesh sQ/^ ^ OC** o t «no £( , n , « BO, <3/l I |bs /3C Kroger CORK & -^ I J> B2SP. ^ 39 Bed Grapes lb lOc 29c 45c 32' Top Qualify Tokays. Kmbassy SALAD CHILI £"« . Kroger with Btans CRACKERS £ 24 Kroger E.vlra Thin V% A I LAYER CAKE K , 57 1*013106$ Kroger Toasted Marshamallow U.S. No. 1 Washed Reds. 10 Tubes Ib. Bulk Kraft Bag

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