Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 10, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1908
Page 8
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SPECIAL SALE OF -J |W!ii be-Held Tomorrow Afterncon at] MoVan.—further inquiry ' on Nov. 24lh. For Thursday Morning For this sale we have an offering of twenty dozen pairs of dropped pattemi^ in Onyx Hosiery, made by Lord &' Taylor, New York. A further Inquiry into the death of J. C. Strong, whose body[ was found iviglit before last, in the Itarhyard at his farm one mile north' of Xloran, will he held November 24th. It is,be; Ileted that his death" was due to heart trouble as there, were no indioations that he had been attachef^ by stock in the barnyard. The orgaps were removed, for examination. 'The family is satisfied that death was the re-| suit of natural causes. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 o'clock from the Presbyterian church at Moran. Burial will t^e place at the Moran rem- etry. The deceased left, besides his wife, two sons, Walter a»d CiirtlB. and a daughter Edith. ' " ' Isairbnieaiwiifi^gii women approach - TMi ^^ead^ vfor nofeiiig compaieg lU the pain of child-birth. The thdoait of the suffering in store for her robs the expectant mother of pleasant oiiticipations. Thousands of women have found the use of Mother's Friend robs conRnement of much pain and insures safety to life oF mOthei^ and child. This liniment is a God-send to women at the criUcal time. Not only does Mother's Friend carp/ women safely ;through the perils of child-birth, but it prepares" the system for ihc event, relieves "morning sickness." and other dis- lion mailed i'm>. THEBKADFJBLD REGin, \TOR CO. Atlanta. Ca. FOTCH FUNNY FELLER Comic Skater Drew a Good Hand at His First Performance. LOT 1. 86c, $1.00 and $1.25 fancy gauze Hose, embroidered and lacp patterns, on sale Thursday morning, 69 cis. LED BY A REAL ELEPHANT. I Third District Republicans Celebrated In Grand Style at Tulsa. Tulsa, Ok., Nov. 10.—A real elephant leading the parade was a un-| ique feature of a celebration of the Entering with a discord by the band which mnde the electric lights blush with' shame for the excellent organization Frank Fotch introduced to the patrons .something new and original in the line of .skating. His act Jast night 'wa.'S th»t of a Dutch Comedian and he put on so many different turns that they were all too numerous to LOT 2. Black and colored gauze weight Hosiery, 65c and 75c quality, on sale election by-Republicans of the Third ' ^ .i. t congressional district in this city last T"! . ' T the clog dancing, at least the audience seemed to think it so. His performance lasts about twenty-five minutes and none of them are dull. .Alter his "stunt" he pulled off a rade with Duggan, defeating him by a quarter of a lap. Tonight he will appear in black face and will race with Happy Richardson, the local favorite. His program will be entirely changed with the exception of the dancing which he has been requested to put on again. Tomorrow night ho will put on another program and will run a relay race with Duggan, Richard.son and probably two others. night. Several hundred men were in lino, every man having! a torch of Roman candle, and the line of march was a glare of fire^ Speaking at the Grand opera house followed the parade, the speakers being former Congressman Spenccfr Blackbumi of North Carolina, Judge A. J. BIddison of this city and J. K. Cain of Checotah. Congressman Elect Craegor was unable to be present on account of illness. Take our No. 410 when Traveling East »Wdrd ar- a. ni. Leaves lola 7:19 p. m. rives St. Louis S:2.n Through, sleeping c«rs. This train coiuiects with the cast bound trains at St. LoifJs. For further particulars cajl and see us. C. p. Hale, Agt. THE ACREAGE IS CUT Laudnwnrrs in Three Kansas Conn- Ih's I)i>;a)tpfl!ulrd In Wheat Ylcfil. ^Vichi'a. Kns., Xov. 10.—Reports .Notlre to ronfrartors. lola. Ivas., Nov. J)tli, lOoS. Sealed proposals will be received at the ofi'Jce of Thorpe & Hough until 3 o'clock, P. M., of November Mth for the work of grading, track-iaying, 1)al)asling. tressfllng and the iuK of certain materials for the con- .sirucriou of a .spur trafck from the Mi^so.uri. Kansas & Texas R;iilway Texas Lands. See us about Gulf Coast Country lands that can be bought on monthl? payment plan, lands that will producf from $n00 to $600 per acre; also some e.xchange.<;. %\7TITAKER & DONNELL. Over Our Way. LOST FOR TWEXTY yfe.VRS. Aired ronple Searching Wichita for a Wi <iHlnfr Boy. Wichita, Nov. 10.—In hopes of finding their son whom they have not seer for over twenty years, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baragau are stoppinK In Wicb Ita a few days on their way to the Old ISo'dier.s* Homo. The last time they saw their boy he was in Harper, Kas.. where he ran a Junk shop. .Since that time the par ontfl have been In Oregon and California and have not heard from him. •Mr. Barasan is an old soldier, partially crippled, and is Roiiig (o fhf home, where he will be cared for Thoy have no assurance that the son is in Wichita, but are searching here on the possibility of Raining some trace of his whereabouts. .\.V OPEN LETTER To the Editor of The Sefrlster' and I Want the people of lola to know that I write the following rolun* tarllj-.r-Ilarrj' L. Goodfel. ' I have suffered for the past five vears, and have tried different doctors, but have had no relief until I 'loughr. a .'>0 cent box of Ml-o-na from our drug store (R. W. Knowlton's) here a short, time ago. The first box did me so much goo<l '.hat I immediately purchased another ^ne, and I now feel better than I have 't any time in the past five year.«;. .\m TbJe to eaf anyllung aiul everything, nd get a sood nighi 's sTet -p afler- vardR. Was .so had or one lime ihar alt T .••vas able to eat for over a nionih was I raw CKS in a half a glass of milk, 'wo or three times a day. I wou!d earnestly advise anyone snf- •ering as T was from dyspepsia, to Trojan Safety Powder ME.\]S'S .TUST WHAT IT SAYS. Better than any other powder on the market. X« gij-cerlne In Its compos If Jon. Does not freeze no matter how cold. Absolutely no danger in handling. Use Trojan instead of glycerine and save the liros of yonr men, and your company from damage snits. E.W.Coverdale iGENT Boom 6, Stevensoit BIdg.—lola k EXCHANGE OR SELL. List your property with me. I have a large list to match from. No expense unless a deal is found for you. I have 240 acres In Neosho county, Kas, to exchange for good lola property. J. T. MILES. Boom 10, Old C«nrt Honae, PAY FROIVI KANSAS FOREST LAND ITS PRESIDENT WAS HERE. The Government Sent $5,864.64 to the State for Reserve Leases. Tbpeka. -Nov. 10.—A government warrant for $.'j.SfiI.Bl was received by •Governor Hocli today as the state's .share of the rentals from fhe forest reserve lands near Garden City. T"0 government houshc the land and Is setting out trees on it. That not set out in trees is leased and the money received today is the Kansas sharo Tive this remedy a fair trial. I re-'of the lease payments. This is tho I main, gratefully yours, Harry I 'Joodiel. .\o. n% River St.. Asiabula, O. W. E. Wood, of Lumberman's Port- OPENED YESTERDAY 6AN JOSE SCALE IN WICHITA. Fruit Tret* In City and Vicinity fected to Dangerous Extent. .s< f.'ind. tlif I rotiliio v.iih ih" gipcn bii:;s. Tlio 1;UKI owncis in iho three wheat foiiuiip.s oj Jiarpcr. Simmer and Cov.- Icy M;ii<" I hill ir ha.> iieeii nrxf lo nn- l)o-.siiile Id induce remjii:;- fiiniiers, (o S(iW V !i.-:u this fall, 'i'l.o:-.- roiuinjj farms .say tli('\ have inrtrt'' no rnmioy Willi whoat in iho pa.-i swo year.* and would raiher move ih.Tn ^ow w licar for anotlipp f ;iilura . * i Ii i.^ .said by thi>.=p in cloRe- touch . wirh ilie wheat. ;;rov.'ing counties 'named that ihe aor(>a ;;e will not be pater ihan one -lialf of W1I:IT it was !ast fall. Next spring ihc former : v. heat land will be planted in corn. Thn wlipat that was plannnl ibis fall is rpptjitod to I)p ill TJKi finest sort of cnndiriiiii. The ricavy rains of (|)ctobf-r gave the grain an excellent start and the farniPi -s who did plant wheat are looking forward lo hpavy ylpldt; next sprini,'. i (IHl-I) KHEIMAT1S.V. ^.Nearly <-vpryl)ody is Hiiscp ]>tilile (o a fuinup of rlieuniatlBni, sciati<a. loodi a <'hf. iH'iidiiclip or iiouraljila, and li'.s noviT safe lo he wlllioui a ^'Of >d rem pdy for 'iin piuerKcncy of ilil.s kind. So MiaiiiT uliat kind iif pniu .vou have I lie lieiifflcial pfferi of Sloan 's I^Iiilnu -ni Is imnii'dlaie. ^'ou lay It on Hcliily—MO nibliliiK whatever and pipasaiit warmth IH ffit ni oncp. The IJniiiirnt peneiniles riuhi lo the bone ami (iniekly piopa ihe pain. .\lr. (""has. .1. Hiidloiip. of .\iithony 11. 1., Ui >x l ^a. writes: "For many yoars I was a great sufferer from ihpiiniaiism. My hips would swell to eiiormoue proportions and my knee joints would i»aln ine in tlie most e.t- crupiaiins, awful nianner imaginable. I used often lo have io fall from the ))ed into a chair and thence to the floor, wlien I wanted to get from my l )ed. I used only some six or eight bottles of yonr cplel)rated Liniment an'h was cured. I cheerfully recommend ius use to all rheumatic sufferers. Refer to me If you so desire. All approximate quantities of work to be Cement Company, which dom- are as follows: lOxcavalion 8,078..') cubic yards. l-^njnankment. 10,841.2 cubic yards. Track-laying. 12,'JGO linear feet. <^'iuder l)allast. H.TOO cuidc yards. 'I'j.e drains, lid feet 12-inch pipe. C!ulverf masonry, fiTO perch. Trpsiles, Type "A". 1. Trpsllos, Type "D", 1. Instructions to bidders, loKciher with the plans and specifications and forms for the contract ami bond, can I)C s.en at the offlcp of the engineers. Any<me wishing extra copies of the plans and specifications may obtain the same from the engineers by making a payment offive doMar.s lo cover (he cost of the prints. The risht Is reservpd to reject any or all bids. INION rORTL AND CE.MENT CO., Kansas City, Mo. THORPE & HOUGH. Engineer:^, lola. Kansas. pro- Federal Cases for Kansas Will Tried at Fort Scott. largest check the state has ever received from this source. HE KEPT COFFEYVILLE DRY. be poses the erection of a cement near Carlyle, Kans., five miles north of this city, was in the city yesterday on business connected with posed plant. He is making preparq- port Scott yestei:^ay morning, and all tions for the beginning of actual of the officers of that 'court except Oi.strict Attorney 11. .T. Bone went County Attorney Who IIa<i Been After tho^ Rum Sellers Resign.s. Coffeyville, Kas.. Nov. 10.—Charles Biicber has resigned as county attorney of Montgomery county and Hal R. Clark, who was elected Tuesday, immediately qualified and took the of- ponstniction work in the near future. The exact date for beginninpr work has not been deci/led upon. Work toward tlie plant is progressing nicely it is .said. Topeka, Nov. 9.-Federal court forljj^ 1^^,^^^^. ^.^^ appointed last the pro- tlie distrjct of Kansas convened at, Decem)>er. following the resignation' of nrenarn- n—i r.——^--^ - > "J. R. Cliarlton. He has made the record of being the first county attorney this county ever had who closed all ihe saloons and drug store joints, as well as gamblinp: places and kept them closed any length of time. Bucher thus kept the country "dry" for almost ten nmnths. Prnrafiig Mofliers and Wichita, Kas.. Nov. in.—The San Jose scale -has attacked the fruit trees of Wichita and vicinity. According to the investigations made early last spring in this country trees In this section of the state are infected with the scale to s'tich an extent that tlie state entomological commission >]^A ordered that a temporary fluarantlne. j?,'J'pyg"jj^*^:pj.^^ be declared. [ Secretary of t!)e Kansas entomolog-1 INJURED IN AUTO ACCIDENT. leal commission of Lawrence will be • in the city tomorrow to meet with Dr. D. D. Thompson, Editor, Died commtttees from the Horticultural so-1 From Wounjds. ciety of Sedgwick county, from t^:e St. I^uis, Nov. 10.—Dr. David De- Commercial club and the Cliamber of ''»'»1' Thompson, editor of the North- Commerce. -—N I western, a Christian advocate, died ; ; this morning from the effects of In- Booms fop men. Y. Mi C. A. building. Juries received In an automobile ac- Bteira^Wt in each room. Baths free. cWefit last night. OTer-bnrdened Women In all stations of life, whose vigor and vitality m»y have been undermined and broken-down bj over-w»rk, oiactlng (oclal datlet, the too freqnenl bearing of children, or other causei, will find In Dr. Picrce'a Favorite Preac^iptlon the most potent. Invigorating reatoratlve >tren(tb- River ever dovlKd for tbelrspeelal bene* lit. Nur«lng«other»wlH^ndlte«p«oItl* Many Ladies are Taking A^dvantage |y valnaWelVtUitalnl— from *here yesterday to lie present at tho opening. Tho docket is a short [one. and contains but one case thftt has attracted, or that is likely to attract general attention. That is Ihe criminal case FvoA Warren, of Girard. editor of the Appeal to Reason, for sending Improper matter through tho malls. It is thought in Fort Seolt that Warren will offer a plea of guilty L when his ease Is called, althouch his! If Constipated Test It Free POPULAR AGAIN THIS WEEK. of the Rink '8 Offer Skating. to Learn and proDotlni cb/ldT^J The rink is turned over to the lad- lea aKaIn this week, during the morn- luR sessions. This will be.continued for'ffiS' , wlil find Itaprfceleis^ mtea Tor bwr 't Ir atrength iriihmenl ^ ^ . IR^rVfiQI. Weak ^womcn.^ who ' fuffer from freonent headaches, back- until Saturday morning when a small acho, drayglng-do^vn distress low down In the abdomen, or from painful or Irreg- nlar monthly periods, gnawing or distressed sensation In stomach, dizzy or charge will be made. Hcrotiftor all children skating will be forced to bring permits from their parents. The rink management will of course take all care possible to prevent accld/ents but they do not care to be responsible for small children. Every year intelligent people are ; dressing more lightly and paying paper has stoutly ipalntalned that ho Imorc attcnliou to their health. If a will not he allowed by the Socialist person cats what is sufficient for his party to do so. He Is- said to have ppt^'/ tequiremcnts he will give the o,,«r.,>. .ov„., ,o . r ..n !;XP,',-r! r>hfbo'r'™ [g2 of gnllty. Warren is to be represent-- it in, aa you aee, u»uch mora a qucs- }n* od nt Ihe trial bv L C Bovle a noted 'L''" <*' ^'"'^ ctotblng. but nf W uo>ic. a noted momach unU boweto, nevertheless, fltt Kansna City lawyer, and by Clarence roKuiato the quality of the btood. Of _ . V Importance Jtf the dally movement Darrow of Chicago, the attorney who of the bowels, so that the waste mat- became famous through his <«nnecV -/^^^ tlon with, the Haywoo .d murder trial less than one movement of the bowels In . _ , ' _ . each 24 hours;, he or she Is constipated, at Boise ^botit a year ago. The prose-consUpaled th6ro is no better curHban REPUBLICANS H-ELP ORPHANS. Balance of Ratification Fund to phans and Salvation Army. Or- At the close of the ratlflcatlon last night. L. L. Northrup, cbalrman of tho Republican county central con^- raittee announced that $73 was collected for defraying tho expenses of the celebration, but that only |5a had been u^ed. He asked the audience whait. they wished done with the balance. A' motion waa made and carried that It be divided eqiially* between the Orpbana'. Home and! the Salvation Army. ( faint spells, see Imaginary specks or spots floating' before eyes, have disagreeable, pelvic catarrhal drain, prolapsus, ante* version or retro-version or other displace ments of-womanlv organs from wealcneai of parts win, whether they «:tperieno« many or only a few of the abpve sym^ toms, find relief and a permanent cure by using faithfully and ralrly persistently Dr. PIe .ic6'8 Favorite Prescription. This world-famed specifie for woman'a weaknesses and peculiar ailments Is a pure glyceric extract of the choicest native, medicinal roots without a drop of alcohol In Its makfr:nn. All Its Ingredients printed In plain English on Ita bottle- wrapper and attested nndot'oatii. Dr. Pierce thus invites the foUm.lnvestlga- tlon of his lormala knowing that it will be found to coataiti only the beat agenta known to the most advanced medical science of all the different schools of prao- tice for the cure of woman'a peculiar weaknesses and ailments. If you want to know more abont the composition >and professional endorse- S. cutlon will be conducted by J. West, assistant district attorney. There is no controversy as to wheth er Warren published and sent i)r. CaldwcU's.-Syrup Pep It cures so ip Pepsin. permanently and scIentincaUy that eventually you will be able to do without medicine of any kind, and that Is the point you are aiming at. You ^cannot expect 'permanent results from salts, powders. ; cathartic pills or purgative tableta. Toey through the mails the matter to which pSffi ^taS'alSkami the govememnt objects. Tho '^^^^^--l^-'^^^^--^^^ admits that, but maintains that it dw . jgam to do nature's work without asstet- ahce. That is the experience, among others, of Mrs. Bennlaon. of Kewsne*. HL. and John M. Neeiikem. of Bennett. This wonderful herb bgtatlve compound ment of the "Favorite Prescription," send postal card request to Dr. R. V. Pierc^ fiaSalo, N. Y., for bla fne booklet treat* ing ot agna. xaa ean't alnid to aeeept as a substl- iote for thia leniedy of fcaoimcomfiosiNoik not go beyond the pale of the law In doing, so and that the matter published WAS perfectly proper for circulation. • The* docket contains also one or two caaes against alleged can be obtained of any druggist at 60 cents or |1 a bottle, freauently In Itself tnuDcIent for a cure. Thousands of reU- able families keep It steadUy for just sucb counter-: If. however, you have never r^u^~ v.. , i yet used it and would like tj» try It hefife reiters. walle the federal grand jury bnytac, send your name And address to which is to meet there at the same; |5Ar^*^tr ^ou %^J ^^Th *S'V ^a ??,^SS time as the fe/leral court will con- louder than our words. Write to- slder! evidence against a half^ dozen or more other persons cJiar^ed with the same crime. Tho PL Scott session of the court Isi expected to last a weiik or ten d^iys. —Yea, Primmer, has plenty. ^rOnf{ CbryaaafhcDUUDi '^ready to setti, , It there is anything abont your ailment that yaa doa't understand, or U yoa waqt any medlcat ad^icer: wi^-- to the doctor, ajid ibe wft answer yoa fuUy; tbtuiiit no cfaargeXec tliif a^rylMv-

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