Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 10, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1908
Page 7
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N Funtton for Commander of State Soldiers'' Home at Dodge City. At the moeting of the G. A. R. Post Saturday night steps were taken toward the entertainment of Department Commander W. A. Morgan and Dolley Says He Thinks Republicans Should -Not Crow Too Mnch Over Kecent Victory. Topeka, Kas.. Nov. 10.—Chairman J. N. Doliey of the Ropubllcaa state com mittee, has vetoed the scheme for a big state-wide Republican ratificatloa meeting In Topeka or anywhere He is opposed to the thins. "I believe it is a good scheme to lick the opposition to a standstill." said Dolley, "but after we lick them, I don't believe in rubbing it in. We have licked the Democrats in Kansas good and plenty this year, and now I can't see what there is to gain by mnk ing a demonstration, thA only object of which woyld be to crow over them. If such a demonstration was held, there would be a Jot. of bverenthusias- tic Republicans ^ who would think it the proper thing to get out and parade around with banners and transparencies inscribed with all sorts of unpleasant remarks about the Democrats, and such things would only stir up party bitterness. It would not help the Republicans any. "The Idea that a political campaign was a warfare in which every man on the other side Vas a liar, a scoundrel and a horsetuief. who ought to be hanged or burned at the stake, Is going out of date. The way to 'make converts to your side is not to use a club, but use decent treatment and honest argument. That's the way we^ Cook Post, No. 51, conducted this campaign, and that's the way ihe state central committee will he run as long as I am chairman of It." A. REAPING BENEFIT. From the Exporlrnce of lobi People. We are fortiinale Indeed to be able to profit hy the experience of our neighbors. The public utterances of lola residents on the following subject will Interest and benefit thousand of our readers. Read this statement. No better proof can be had. .Mrs. JIary Griffith, of S. Jefferson Ave., iftia, Kaa., says: Wlien I Mrs. Morgan who are to visit here on Saturday, November 21st. A committee was appointed to confer with the W. R. C. relative to the entertainment. W. H. McCIure, J. H. Vannui-s and John Hartung were appointedjdn this committee. Commander Morgan will make a short talk to the soldiers A committee was also appointed at this meeting to place headstones at soldiers' graves In the cemetery. The following compose the committee: M F. Saylor, T, N. Funston, John W. Thomas, John H. .Walters, John M McDonald and J. C. Coffleld. J. Webster Johnson was later added to this committee. Two comrades, M. M. Hart and Captain H. G. Bollinger, were admitted as members^ A very Important order circular No, 1 from headquarters relative to the pensioning of widows was read isind placed on flle. Every old soldier, whether a Post member or not, ought to see and read and. act thereon, as upon it sometimes depends the pension of a soldier's widow. The quartermaster's monthly report for Ocfober. shows the Post to he in first clftss condition, financially, and Incidentally It Is learned that the Post is this week making extensive im provetnents in the already beautiful Post room. Another important matter was the hearty endorsement of T. N. Funston for commanider. of tho State Soldiers' Home at Dodge City, Kas., to-wit: Having the most implicit confidence in the ability and Integrity of Past Post Commander T. N. Funston, of McCook Post No. 51. G. A. R., Department of Kansas, and believing him to be enilnently fitted, to every particular, for the important position of Commander of the State Soldiers' Home at Dodge City. Kas., we, his comrades, recommend him for that position, and pledge him our most cordial support. \Moved by tho Adjutant and second- en by Past Post Command'^'-. John Ifartung and Senior Viee Co mand- er C. H. DeClute, and nr"n;ni.ously carried at a regular meetlv.-r of Meat the regular meeting, Saturday evening, November 7th, 190S. D. B. D. S.MELTZBB, Post Adjt. J. W. .Johnson. Post Com. BIO MIXES OPEX UP. H. ('. Flrnk TOIIR of Effpct of Election on Iowa IndoHtrj. son Ave.. loiH, iva»., t.Ui»». »»ncu i n -p^ic-tpr •mho rotiirnixl n da- was sixteen years of age, I was kicked ^ ^^e'nte'l^l le 1^^ in my left side by a horse. As a result I was left with a weakness in this part of my body. Although there was not a severe aching I was bothered most of the time. I also had frequent headaches and dizzy spells. Some months ago I learned of Doan's Kidney Pills and got a box at Cha.«;. B. Spencer &'Co.'s drug store. They proved of great benefit to me. greatly relieving the misery in my side and making ^decided Jniprovement In my every way. My son,eleven years old, complained of headachei; and sharp shooting pains in the regions of his kidney. His complexion was sallow and he looked very bad. I gave him Doan's Kidney Pills and they soon' brought about a noticeable change for the better. Other members in our'-fanilly have used this remedy with the most excellent results." For sale by all dealers. Price 50c. Every day reports reach here of the opening up of mines, factories and industries which were compelled to shut down more or less during the panic. H. C. Fleak. foreman at the day or two tells of the effect of Mr. Taffs election there. Centerville Is In one of the greatest .^oft coal districts in tho United States. When the panic came on thousands of men were throWn out of employment. When Mr. Fleak left for home Sunday, orders were received by the mine operators there to take back every man laid off last fall. The order affects S.OOO employees. The mlues will work at full capacity as long as cars can be obtained to handle the output. THE JOIIX ABBAMS HEABIXO. Jnrj Will Hear Evidence In Probate Conrt Tomorrow. A jury will hear evidence in probate court tomorrow morning In an X ^ ' ^ , action t<% inquire into the sanity of! Foster-Mi burn Co., Buffalo, New York john Abrams. a well known resident sole agents for the Inited Sutes. of this county. Abrams was arrested Remember the name-Doan s-and gome time ago on a peace proceeding taKe no other. charge. His frlend.s are Inclined to _ , . 77. 7~7" ... believe that he is not sound mentall.v. Try the Regltter Want Ad. Way. , „e been in custody for some time. WC ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE Opening of our lola Store for Business Sdi^rday Mormng, November 14th, aL 8 o'clock GRAND OPENING With Music by SHIELD'S Orchestra Friday Afternoon from 3:00 to 5:30 E!vening from 7:30 to 9:00 o'clock Every lady visiting the store on Friday afternoon or evening will receive ^ a beautiful Souvenir No goods will be sold until SATURDAY MORNING lOLA all goods being fresh from This will be an imusual opening; an innovation of low pnccs lor the makers. We fiilly appreciate the impression that iow prices mean poor goods, which holds in the minds of many people. That we will overcome this wrong impression is conclusive from the fact that from our beginning in Memphis, Tenn., in 1800, as store No. ], KRESS' operate more than 75.. stores in leadir.g Southern cities. The traveled person knows that low priceii prevail in ever.'? large city, and that the stores of which,we are a *' link of a chain" arc patronized by the representative people. - ^ JOliA doubtless has as many economy-loving people as anyJother city, whom we will give every reason to feel tliat they have an OPPORTUNITY to purchase AT HOME to as good advantage as in any city in thb country. Our recommendation is our success, and we want ydu to learn for yourself our nnusttal facilities for buying^ Lnd disposing of large quantities of A No. 1 goods by your being one of the many who.\dll make this" the people's store. • We will do a large business, as a store like ours cannot prosper in a small town ; we make money by lai^' sites on small profits. It is the modem way of doing things. . • « Our success in lOIA w^iU be built"on the same principles which have made KRESS^ the household word of the Soutft, and we hope to occupy an unapproachable position among yon for Quality and variety of goods; , ' ' ^ Values given to customers; Breadth and liberality of dealings; Absolute tnithfulness of statements. The onty store of its kind in the city • KrtESS' WINDOWS KEEP YOU INFORMED-THEY PRfeSENT OUR OFFERINOi WATCH THE^MOHANOg-SAyES YOU MONEY 7-9 South Jefferson SL f UU^Ai^^ 7-9 South Jefferson St S. H. KRESS & CO., Buying and General Offices, 396 Broadway, New York — KRESS STORES A T Coffeyville, Kan. Emporia, Kan. Fort Scott, Kan. Hutchinson, Kan. Independence. Kas. Tola. Kan. Lawrence. Kan. Parsons, Kan. Pittsburg. Kan. Wichita, Kan. Carthago. Mo. Moberly. Mo. Harl'.esville. Okla. Enid, Okla. Outhrie. Okla. McAHster, Okla, Okla. City, Okla. Shawnee, Okla. Tulsa. Okla. Fort Smith, Ark. Hot Springs, Ark Little Rock, Ark. Pine Bluffs, Ark. Shreveport, La. Beaumont, Tex. Dallas, Tex. Denison, Tex. El Paso. Tex. Fort Worth, Tex. (Jalveston, Te.v. Houston,' Tex; Pari^, Tex. San Antonio, Tex. Sherman, Tex. Texarkana. Tex. Waco, Tex. Hattlesburg, .Tatkson, Miss. Meridian,' Miss. Natchez, Miss. Vicksburg, Miss. Annlston, Ala. Nashvirte. Tenn.. ^- Kottilnic Sold Over Birmingham, 'Ala. HuntsviJle, Ala. .Mobile, Ala. Montgomery, Ala. Jacksonville, Fla. Pensacola, na. Tampa, Fla. Atlanta, Qa. Augusta, Ga. Brunswick, Ga. Columbus, Ga. Macon, Ga. Rome, Ga. Spartanburg, S. C. Roanoke, Va. Asheville. N. C. Charlotte, N. C. Greensboro. N. C. Salisbury, N. C. Wilmington, N. C. Winston-Salem, N. C. Cairo, III. HopklnsTlIle. Ry. Bristol, Tenn. Chattanooga, Tenn. ClarksvlUe, Tenn. Jackson, Tenn. ICnoxvIlle, Tenn. Mpmphla, T^nn. A Surprise in Store— ! When you first try the most tempting— savory—fine flavored of all sea food Oysters Don't as.sodate them with oysters you com-, monly buy. "Sealshipt" are packed without water'iu sealed, air-tight, steel' containers, "Sealshipt" Carriers keep the oyr.lers fresh and firm—not water-soaked. They retain all the incomparable tang of the sea. You can't get enough of "Sealshipt." More than a surpiise—a revelation. ' ' , Ever>' housewife will want a copy of "Sealshipt Sense" with the dainty new oyster ffedpes—^The following "Sealshipt" dealers, will g^ve yoa a copy: FREYER BROS; OTTO DINZE; OUR WAY The genuine "Sealsbipt" Oy^cts are alwM acid from g White Fonxtain Display.CasctieuinKthe "Sealslunt'^tnde mark in Une. jfor.'^oncuiiiatection—look 'for i^•The "SadiOilpt" Carrier Syttem is pateatfeO.. Infringe. ' * D theiull eijcteut of the law. WATCHING Kansas Office Seekers Anxious to Have imi^p tion to applications for office until af- U I UDDU ^ svorn In as governor." So the applicants will be kept on the griddle for a couple of months at the "Pfe" Cut.—Stubbs Will Walt to Take Oath. Topeka, Nov. 9.—Nearly all of the apiiol'ntlve officers under the state administration are now.on the anxious seat. They are not sure whatj Ness county kept up its record of doing strange things by electing O. L. Lennen, Independent, for representative. Lennen seems to be about the 'smoothest article in the political way IR going to happen to tJiera under the'that has hit the state for some tirae.j Stubbs administration. That all of When he was making his campaign j them have made efficient officials Is the legislature against the regit- conceded, but whether that fact will lar Republican aod Democrat nomi-- spell anything with Governor Stubbs he was asked whether he was for isa't known. Most of the officials Bristow or Parrelly for United States were appointed by Governor Hoch af-1 ter he and Stuhbs fell out four years '* ago. If Taft Is elected," said Poxy Mr. Lennen, "I think he should have a There is one exception. Jiowever,. <^°"8re8s friendly to him, and I *U1 and that Is the state board of con-! for Bristow. If Bryan is elected, trol. The three members of that,h« too. should have a friendly con- board were appointed upon the rec-^ress, and I will vote for ParreHy." ommendation of Mr. Stubbs. They' ^° this way Lennen got support were all Stubbs men then and are *oth- sides of the fence. Lennen; But nearly all the rest of the »s therefore pledged to Bristow for| now. appointees were, named by Governor t^n'ted State senator. Hoch-without consulting Stubbs, and' Scott county also has an Independ- one 'of ttBm -Jobn Q. Royce. state e°t representative. He is T. A. Hines, bank commtesloner was named over »nd. Hines is also pledged to support Stubbs protest. However. Royce has Bristow. \ resigned as bank cominlasioner. ef-l Dave Blaine of Pratt, who was an fecUve tomorrow, so he will not be a Independent In the 1907 session, was candidate for reappointment. What,beaten for re-election. . will happen to all of his deputy ex- ^•^ They want to remain in the service. Icwnbon. the FVendt ambuutlar and Some of the plaoe fanntehr have al- Baron Von{ Waeehter. aetinslj aecis- ready soond^d Stpbbs, To each «f t«dy,of foreign affiilrs thlsi aftemoon them iie has niade the aame reply. It *° a^^^ement In aettiementjof A Welcome Visitor is the postman, but doubly wel- cpme If the letter that he brings be-written on Eaton, Crane & Pike Staflmiery This paper possess a certain individuality and style that always makes its use a distinct pleasure, both to the writer and the recipient. There, is no ocea^ sion that an Baton. Crane A Pike paper wont flt. —Let'us show you our lipe of these Justly popular papers. BomU 'sDntStore BitxidI WE8T 8I1>S 1^ ;of Atchison, Kiw.,-.NbT£li%Bipre Axi no saloons in Atehlabai^pda/,' AcUiis under the.or^eret Of MllrlitlS ]3. Kiijg the safoba prQIu4«toal.^ftfe.i(»^^Inanl^• ously closed Mhtm. :^t&« .mayor uaj§ he will not p«mit salMtt to operate in this city lit tte rehiaiang pan ot bis administration, which endf nest fprlng. Hereafter the police depart* ment will do ail in Its power to prW tent "blind tigers." ' The sltoation ii a novel one tot Atchison, which city has not beti without saloons for many ytars. Tkk mayor suddenly took on a treat respect for the law after he-had baea defeated in his race for the office dr county treasurer in the* reetnt-'tl^ Uon. He says the "Uberal element," to which hft catered throngteKit- bDi term as mayor. def«at«l him. at the polls. He has forced prohlhition ttp> on the city for revenge.. XASOK intH THB BLUES. Son of Ber. XHM ibj Flar Amet. ., A report comes ikim iSlaldiHni'that Claude Mason, SOD of RM C J.^tHatan paktor of the Ftnt Sfc'B. drarehif this city, Witt gist a tnoiit jio the piMh ing staff of the Kaoiaa Cl^.. Bltf«s next spring. ^ . ' \< "Cy" MOoa made, a greit r«mita- tion as a hsae hUl aai^iiiikttl^l player while h««Bs at Ba|wr. f!pr«inr eral yearslie-lra«ih*atM^Bl «r * er. Since Ida gn4!i«tin| l)A I ed wit)i the KaaaaiCIti^ltU and wiU him «ViplM#mrtoi«ir#^ka the Blue Diamond baaktt'^-ctMttctwtt this winter..' MiWMi i« ifbfkiaf in.a Kansas Cityl bank. T^. , 12 Rsgittsr Want Aiib IHiiff Rmilte.

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