Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 10, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1908
Page 6
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" OFLA HARPEi THE DATE OF LECTUBE COUBSE KUXBEB HAS BEkX CTUiSGED, CATHELLTO LECTURE NOV. 18 A FOOT BALL GAME IS BEDfO PLATED HEBE THIS AFTERNOON. BeTiral Sferrices Are Being Conducted In the Friends Church—They Will Continiie This Week—Personals. itr TH£ 50 new mddels received this morning by express from New York, go on special sale Wednesday ]Btnd Thursday Hare Cbanged the Date. The date for the next lecture course number has been changed to Nov. 18ih instead of Nov. 19, as originally advertised, to accommodate the speaker. Dr. J. E. Caihell. It Is hopeji that every holder of season passes will carefully take note. Are Holdtne: Rorirals. Revlva! services are being conducted In the Friends church. The attend ance thus far has been very good. The services will continue every evening this week and perhaps longer. Will riji} Today. A foot ball game is l-:-*iig played on the MacDonald gronnds north of this city this afternoon between the local high school and a team composed of lola high school players. ROT. Ilalin Is Dead. Rev. Reuben Hahn of this city died Sunday night in Tiilsa. Okla. The body' wll! be taken to Medicine Lodge for burial. Rov. Ilalin wa.T one of the old est Presbyterian ministers In this pp;of the state. lie is the father of Mrs. Carl Ohlfest of this city aud r Hahn of lola. r OSTEOPATH T- DR. W .11. .VLniflOlIT. Registered Osteopathic Pl.ysicfan. State Bank Dldg. I'houe 145. Only Osteopath In La Harpe. Spider Webb Social. The Christian Endeavor society of . the Christian church v.iil hold a Spi-! der Webb social at the home of Miss Rose Freeman this evening. Ten cents will be charged. The n;oncy, will go to the church trejiiiiry. Is 3IeotInar Today. I The Foreign .Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcojuil church is holding their regular monthly meeting at the home of .Mrs. AV. H. Rifkelis this afternoon. A good program v »-a8 schedu'ed for .the service. ORIGINATORS, CREATORS AND DICTATORS OF FASHION -^TTSHIS lot of Suits are the very latest of models, made of the most popular materials^, fetching styles that will bring us abundance of buyers. The new greens, blues, greys, browns/ Prices for Wednesday and Thursday $15 worth $20 worth $30 .00 $25 worth {35 .00 $30 worth MM $35 worth $45^00 Our Cloak anil SuH Section Is iho House of Fashion Will INcoicr. It la now believed that Miss .Mabel Ransom who underwent an oporatir.n yesterday for appendicitis, will recover. She came i>ut from under the anesthetic nicely aiul hince has been slowly Improvii.;:. ller condition, however. Is yet verv serioiis. Sole ^gents for iho Home Journal Patterns jThey returned to their home last night. I Mr. and .Mr.<?. J. F. Mitchell returned to .Neodffha last night after a short vi«ii here with friends.' They form- eily lived h.ere. Porsonals. Miss Grace^.Marsh reti;riicd to her home in Ft. Scott yesierday after a few days visit here with friends and relatives. Mrs. Sophia Reilly and .Mi.'^s Car- racker left last evening for their home In Irving. Ml. They have been the guests of William Turner and faml'y for the past several weeks. Miss Anna Way, of Erie. Kas.. was the guest of local friends yesterd.ny. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis , of Parsons, were visiting friends here yesterday. NEWS OF GAS CITY , THEWLMilEK. ! Forecast for KanMi»: Italu or snotr tonijTht end WrdnenidaT; :iot miirh , cIianRe- in temperature. Data recorded at !c«jal office, U. S. Weather Bureau.yi;:'- d.o'. today and a year ago. XoTembcr 9. Yesterday. Yr. .Xgo .VX EFFORT IS BEING M.VDE TO OBGAMZE A BAND HERE. Bi? Preparations Are Made This Year to Make Firemen's Annual Thanks- jrlvlng Ball Better Than Ever. OopHdH; INt. byB. Btk ft Ox JIAPBOSE SOAP (TRAirSPAREND SUn^d clothing are eh- tirtlsr- different thin^. Natoralljr they require •AtlMljr different soaps. Jul ftiMe is essentially a deanser^Madefrom dit jMfcst Testable olli, bleliaed by our own process. Perfectforthebath. IT cAwOT miilTATKD Ja& S. BkH ^ Co. "^JL Water SL Chica^ Will Play Another Engagrentent. The Boston Ideal company with whom Miss Grace Allstot of tills city las been playing for the past several weeks has reorganized and Is now ;t "aying engagements in New Mexico \ letter was received here by Miss Mlstofs parents last week stating that the company would disband and she would be home within a -short lime. NEW SHIP IS READY B.VTTLESHIP XORTII DAKOTA LAU.M'IIED TODAY. IS 2 p. m. 4 p. m. () p. m. 8 p. m. .47 .44 .38 10 p. m 37 12 midnight 40 Maximum temperature ..49 Minimum temperature ..37 Precipitation 7 p. m. ... T Xorember 10. Today. 2 a. m 40 4 a. m 39 6 a. m 38 8 a. m 38 10 a. m 41 12 noon 43 Precipitation 7 a. m 0 C2 G3 .53 4C 40 3.-. C4 35 0 Yr. A.gO 37 40 40 42 40 0 0 Are Making- Preparations. Big preparations are being made for the Thanksgiving ball which win be held In the opera house on Thanksgiving evening by the members of the local fire department. An effort is being made to make the ball this year surpass all previous ones. AVllI Organize a Band. Steps have been taken to "organize a band In this city. A meeting of those Inieresied will be held tomorrow evening. From the number of iim.slciaus In the city it Is believed hat a good band can be organized. Will Hold Llterarj-. The South Gas Literary Society" will .. ' a meeting In the south Gas school . Tuesday evening, A program • endered. Tickets Are on Sale.. Tic!:ets for the lecture course are now on .'^ale in Dr.'S. R, Swan's drug 5io :o. The first ntimber of I the course w4:l l)e held in the United Presbyterian churdi on the evening of Novem' •^er 19th. , LEWIS DOUGHERTY VOCALIST. loLi Boy Shines as a Sineer in Bourbon County Jail. Lewis Dougherty, the lola boy who 's serving time In Bourbon county for stealing a suit of clothes, is develop- ng his musical talent. The following from the Ft. Scott Republican tells of his progress: The prisoners in the county Jail have orgaoiz,,d a quartet and .give a nuslcal concert every afternoon. The •)oys are well up on all of the latest nopulai- music and the strains of all of the big hits may be heard Mhere sister ship, the Delaware, now under construction at Newport News, Va., the North Dakota will be fitted with Curtis turbine engines. Including of- rtcers, the crew will number more than 900 men. It Is estimated that when formally taken over by the govern., nient, the North Dakota will have cost at least $7,000,000, the contract price of her hull and machinery alone being TAFT'S NAME MAGIC Business in Kansas Is Pickingr Up Since He Was Elected to Be President, Is of Dreadnought Yariety and First ^^^If'jj^Jj^'^jj of the Kind to Be Built for Uncle Sam. the American battleship Quincy, Mass., Nov. 10.—When the prow of the new battleship. North Toiieka I^s., Nov. 10.—Secretary of State Denton says there Is no possible way of estimating the good ef- construction record is broken bv thej^^^t Taft;s election has had on bnsi- North Dakota's builders, it does not! "^^V'? ^^"l^!' " It simply marvel- i closely approach that held by the Brit-i ^ow confidence has been restored ish navy in the construction of the " business world here" said he. first Dreadnought. The keel of that J °° ^^^'•f ^""^ J^® vessel was laid in .July. 1905. and on ^^''^^ are good barometers of busi- ! ness conditions. My banks felt things October 2. of the same year, the ves-1 exactly one .bed '..-Y .a,., ....M' .lau „^ua.u-. ^j^^ ^auks of the State. The —ill inaiion trial. It is expected that the . „„. • „ „„ „»» „• ^"i T-.,i.„f., „.ni i,„ f business men wear an air of canfl- ,ikv ^o^th Dakota will be ready for Its, ,^„„„ , „f „«„«.ff5„f„ Dakota, strikes the waters of Fore sel was launcned, and e: River, where she is to be launched later the ship had its standard-, today, the United States Navy have received formally the bulky . , , , u . i body of the first fighting ship of the trml riP about the latter part of A.ig- so-called Dreadnought class. Inci- J'^*- l^^^- f ^^^''^Jl »!^« .P'!^^dentally. a new record for speed in '"S the battleship into commission the first stage of battleship construe- j. 13,,^,,,, ease up at once. And what is true of :my banks is no doubt true of all the •dence and the feeling of uncertainty has passed. Even the Democratic liusiness men, no doubt, are glad the election went the way it did. If the truth could be known it would sur- tion will have been established, inasmuch as only 282 working days have been employed from the time of K «i„™ i iseui UJJUU me lesu i ui lue eiecuon. nought' of the United States Navy. N.. recently superintendent of the uz^-'-V'^^^^^ 1 t» » ]•„ ~ > business deals that were made contln- val acadamy at Annapolis, wl.l gol^^^^ „p„^ ^j^^ ^^^^.^ ^1^^ ^j^^^j^^^ launching. As the' massive hull of the North Dakota stood uiion the ways ready for. launching, it presented none of the »varlke appearance of the finished battleship. C. >VHale nt Ft. Scott. Passenger and Ticket Agent C. N. Save for a few temporary Kale of the Missouri Pacific at Leav- fittings, the decks were bare and they enworth, was in the city for a short dozen deals hanging fire, each contingent upon the election of Taft. These deals f will all be consummated now and business will pick up." nost any time The prisoners are, j.^rations for the launching, puffy lU- HoTmrt on Jury. iack7d"\hrm"aVtTal aVp'ecrsup'plied by Hme Sunday while on his way from Jat^fefemrcUrt ^ow ^rs ^esri^^ the great guns and secondary batter- Leavenworth to lola. to visit his par- Scott sestton at FJ|» ies, which are to be Instsjlled later, cats.—Ft. Scott Republican. Even the great boilers of the fight- 1'^^ : ~, ^'^^^^^ •'- ' gBSSBsegagg ing ship had not been Installed, in ~~ - . . accordance with the usual custom of construction, and as a part of the pre- ibout evenly divided between state md government men, but the lenders °n the.singing seem to be Ix)uls Dough Tty, who is serving time for stealing 1 suit of clothes, and two ynung ne­ groes who are waiting trial on the cHarge, of stealing several hundred £raln sacks from the Goodlander Mill Ing company. I hara «a«4 rour TalnabI* Caaeanta asd find tha^Mrfect, Coaldn 'i do wltbnnt tbcm. I bara mad them for (oma tlm. for indtie<>«Unn ami bll- ioaiae*. aud am now camptrtr!/ cured. lc««r.m- Mend tliem to av ^rroii.. Cum tried, yoa will DaT «rb.«rlthaak Ibem to the family." _ Edward A. JIan. Albanr. N.T. „• 1 Personals. Dr. L. B. Leavell returned yester- iay from Caney, Kas., where he went r>n 'a business visit. Mr. and Mrs. William Jordon, returned yesterday from Kingman, Kas., -'-here they will make their future home. Miss Maude Hunter who has been! •II for the past several days Is reported as being inuch better today. Mr: and Mrs. James Marshall, of R^poria. Kas., were .the guests of friends b^re yesterday. Mr. and Mrs.' Long Tlsited relatives hi Walnut, Kas., yesterday. I. PoilMllLTaata Ckrnd. Do eslid ltertiBciUai«4yp«i.,Ch^catoorN.Y. an Alia%MI|. TEI lUiliOll BOIES tie tugs were in waiting to warp the gigantic yet help'ess craft alongside the pier, at the yards. Before the conclusion of the .11% months allowed by the government for lellvery. however, the hull launched today will present a different aspect. 5y that time, ten 12-lnch breech loading, long- range rifles will have been, placed . In iiosltion, as well as fourteen .5 -lnch, rapid fire guns; four 3- pound, and a llkie number of one- pound semi- automotic guns; two 3:_ Inch field pieces; two machine guns of 30 calibre; and two 21-lnch sub-1 merged torpedo tubes. This constitutes the active armament of the bat- , tleshlp. Protective armor to the ex- ! tent of about eight inches, will cover '• practically every available spot th-at might be reached by an enemy's guns, and as a result of the recent naval conference, many minor details pf additional protection will also be added. Wlien placed in commission, the North Dakota will be 510 feet long on the.lvlad water line, with a breadth of 85 feet. 2% inched at the same point. The length over ail will be about 518 feet, 9 inches. The ba^le- shlp win have a dispacement of 207=^ > 000 tons, 2,000 -in excess of the original British batt!eshlp. Dreadnought. It is estimated -that a ^eed of more than 21 knots will be attained on her trial, and that the battleship's horse power wm ezo«ed 2B.00O. UnlllM her Special Sale of ROCKERS, RlJa»,L4CC CURT4IN», PORTICRd at

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