Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1907
Page 6
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•VHE iOU.lAILT mm ,The Suffering and Pain Endured By flany Working Women is Almost Beyond Belief,, rr^HERE are thousands of American women whose duties call them out in all J. winds and weathers, many of whom sit with wet feet or stand all day, thus weakening and undermining their health. Women, however, for the most part, spend their lives at home, and these women are willing and ambitious that their homes shall be kept neat and pretty, their children well-dressed and tidy, and do their own cooking, sweeping and dusting, and often washing, ironing and sewing for the entire family. Both of these classes call for our sympathy. I Truly the work of such a woman is " never done," and is it any wonder that she breaks down at the end of a few years, the back begins to ache, tjliere is a displacement, inflanimatioh or ulceration of certain organs, and the struggle to continue Her duties are pitiful. (f 1 7 A Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Made from native roots and herbs, is the exact medicine a woman needs whose strength is overtaxedj "Itkeepsthefemininesysteminastrongandhealthyconditlon. MrH. Sadie Abbutt, of Jeannett«, Pa., writos: liair itm. Hiikliam ;— " 1 huffered severely with pain every month, and also apain in mv left side. Mv doctor prescribed for me but did me no good ; a friend uilvised Lydia L. Pinkbam's Vcuptable Compound and I wrote you in regard to my condition. I followed your advice and am a perfectly well woman, mend j-our medicine too highly." The pains have all disappeared, and I cannot recom-' Mrs. Lena Nagel, of 117 3Iorgan St., Buffalo, N.Y., ivrites: Dear Mn. Piitkltam : —" I was completely worn out and on the verge of nervous prostration. My back ached all the time. 1 had dreadful periods of pain, waa subject to fits of crying and extreme nervousness, and was always weak and tired. Lydia E. Pinkham's VegeUble Componnd completely cured me. Mrs. Pinkham's Invitation to Women. Women suffering from any form of feminine iUness are iuvitpd to promptlv comn^- ieute with Mrs. Pinkham, at Lynn, Miuss. Out of her vast volume of exiK-nenct;. M-T». , »iukham Drobablvhas the very knowledKe that will help yuur case. Her udvite is Ifee ^ met Rukham probably 1 and always helpful LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE C'03IP0UND, made from Native Roots and Herbs complies witU all conditions of the new Pure Fo6d and Drugs Law. An ounce of sense in selecring clothes is worth a pound of muscle in getting a better salary. Many a man is sawing wood who might, by presenting a better appearance, be making a splendid income. It's a mighty big boost for your right looks if you wear Ma<|^ by Leopold. Solomon & Eisendrath, /^/7 r tJ in Qiicaf|o. Sold by one good live merchant i ^f^^KJ-fri ^ vi ia yeur aty. It will pay you to look him up. *!:V<VCItc//[Cv%*3^^ ^ths of 111 Kinds. EscIosiTe Apartment for Ladirs Beoicomb Bath Hoose and Mioeral Well (1 ,500 Feet Deep.) Located at 4lh and Scott Ave., Fort Scott, Kansas. ': This water TosItWely t'nres RhcamuUiim, Briglit's Dlsrasp, ^tomach Trouble and Ainie. ' Prof. J. L. Blsbop, Uie moNt Ci'lcbraU'd MaNNflglNt and Hydro|iatli- nt In the ('onntry. In attendanre gIvInKr mnNsage. WATER .SHIPPED I.\ FIVE (.1) (!ALL 6\ BOTTLES O.NLT. E. DEMIOOMB, Prop. NOFESSIONALDIRECTORY I ^vA. Y JB> s S ir. H. UTDEBSOH, AttorBey«at-Law. ffotarx and Stenograpber In ; Office. Phone 45S. • • IL A. Ewlng. S. A. Gard. O. R. Qard • EWLNU, iiARU A UAJU), • • Lawyera. •:• Practice Ui all Cowta • i • 9^ W. Mudison. Phon« ISA. ^ • • • • • • a * i DB. MelOLLEH, * flpvclal attention given to the * * tniatment of all Chronic Dlaeaa- * * MijuidDlBeaBeB of Children. • * ^^gephones: Office 32, Rea. 232. * * <nBc« in Mrfl, Turner's Bldg.. • * i West Madison. • • • a . • Frtma 687. Res. 701. • • .DB, O. L. COX, • |!ya. Ear, Nose and Throat * • Rpactacles Properly Bitted. * • - Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. • • • * a • ' Sfflce Phone ^88. .1 , • ' DK. B. 0. eiiBISIIAir. . • ; PkxilclM iai SarvMi. •\ • Brama 7 and 8. Brana Bldg^. • ••>aaa.,aaaaa,aaaaa • B0. yal. m. Office Tel. 1«3. • • ; DB. J. B. PEPPEB. • ; Dentist \ • • la-permanently located over * • C^C. MoClain's Clothing Store, * • la prepared to do all Idnds * QCI Qp-io-data dental work. . * ilngjvork^by appoii Phone 654. lola, Kans. • DR. EDITH S. UAIUH. • Office and Residence over bar- * rell's Drug Store. * Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., 2 • to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 evenings. * Sundays by Appointment. * F. H. MABTIH, PracUca Limited to Borgaiy. • 16 N. Buckeye. '• Phone D76. • / DR. W. B. BETLMDH. • Physlelaii * SnrgeoB. * * Office N. E. Corner of Squara. * * Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'s Store. * • Res. Tel 38. Office Tel. G02. • • a a a a a a a P. L. laathrop. • Mrs. Bessie O. Lathrop. * OSTEOPATHIC PHT8ICUN8. • Special attention given to Dia- * eases of Women and Children. * Over East Side Hardware. * Office -Phone. Main 468. • GASTON WINS OUT Action to lompel Noted Kansas Writer to Pay for .Suit of Tlothes DIsniteNi>d. (Chanute Sun.) The case of George Gasron vs. J. E. House, carried ou an appeal from the justice court, was dismissed at the ijluintifT's cost in the district court ibis morning under the statute of 11- rIlitation^?. The aotiou is one which has caused the Bar Associaiiou no Ut- I 'e amusement. The events leading uj) to its institution, a.s told in the Sun, are something in this wise: WTien .1. K. House, better Icnown as •Deacon" House, or Dodd Gaston, got his flrsi, offer of a job on the Topeka Capital, he bought a suit on tick of the Erie merchant. In about a year lie received a bill from hl.s creditor to which he replied thai he Cfiiild not B-ee his wu.v x-lear to Beltle the claim a.s the suit was lonK sinct- worn out and he was now much In noed of another. A second presentation of the lilll elicited a repl.v from House to the effeci that the merchant did not a |i- pear to he a very ;;ood collector and suKneslin^ that he enlist the services of a (Ui /.eii well kuowti collection a>;en ageuc.v. The merchant got mad ar.d did so. hut without satisfactory results. Tht- "Deacon" tbcreu |K ]n wrote Gaston thai he had observed the fruitless efforts of the aKency and concluded it was as signal a failure as the merchant himself and as a further accomodation be would enclose a list of a dozen wil known collection agencies, with the recoineiidatlon that the account, be placed with them. More corres |K )ndence of a similar nature liassed between the- two , none of which I tended to soothe the ruffled feelings of the Krie Gaston. Finally the ;atter as a last recourse sued House, but neslected to note at the time thai the debt had been outlawed. OCTOBER, WEATHER REPORT Prepared by Dr. F. H. Snow, of Kansas University, from Observations Taken at Lawrence. Don't be discouraged if other remedies have done you no good. Try Hollisters Rocky Mountain Tea. the i;reatesf blessins to suffering huniani- IV. The surest protector against dLs- ease. W'., eenls. Tea or Tablets, At Hurreir.s DruK Store. 1 KIT! I.SKS MIS.SOIRI P.4(IFI('. (•iiveruiir llofb Exorcised (Mer the Alleged t'ouditlou of Tracks. Topeka, Kans., Nov. 4.—Governor Hoch, in speaking today of the petition tiled by .1. i. Shejipard -.secretary of the .National Trackmen's liuion, .;aid: 1 have not bad time to examine the petition and exhibits closely, but 1 will say right now that the .Missouri i'acillc must tlx up Its tracks and with very little delay, it Is an outrage the way the trackn of tbia company have been allowed to run down. It seems to me it la criminal negligence for the I'ompany to allow its tracks to get In such condition." Chairman G. W. Kanaval of the state board of railroad comissloners. and Governor Hoch hud a long conference this morning over tbe complaints a- salust the Missouri Faclflc, and in par ticular Sheppard's latest complaint, which arrived today, supplemented l)y a series of photographs. ^ B«£lster Want Ads. Brine Betol/s. The temperature was nearly normal, theiv having been 26 cooler and 1.^ warmer Octobers on our 40 years record. The first white frost of the autumn occurred on the 8th. seven <lays later than the average date. The first black frost, not a severe one, oc curred on the 13th, 11 days earlier than the average date. There was no severe killing frost during the entire niontli. the lowest temperature having been only two degrees below the freezing point. The rainfall was above the October average. The wind run was much below nor i>ial and tlie barometer had a very small range. Til" cloudiness was a little above the October average. Mean Teinperatur.^: fiCJifl degrees, which IF O.H:'. degree above the October avi -rage. The hlglK'Bt teniper.v Iniv wa.'i K(i degrees on tl»e 2ild: the lowest was ."JO.liO degrees on the 2Sth. giving a monthly average of .10 de- K'.-eey. Mean temperature at 7 a. m., dc ^r .-es; at 2 p. m.. fit :!7 degrees; at !t i>. m., ni;.:;? degrees. Rainfall. 3.01 inches, which is 0.90 l.nch al )ove the October average. The entire raiitfaU for the 10 months of 11)07 now completed has besn 33.80 inches, which is O.fJC inch above the average for the same months in the 3!) preceding years. [Tlain in measurable c|uatitltieR fell on 7 days as follows: ]sf, .33 inch- 2nd, .27 Inch; 3rd. UH inch; 25th. 1 inch; 2Gth, .07 -mch:, 29th. 83 inch; .30th, .07 inch: in quantities to small for meas- nrem£>nt on one day. There was one thunderstorm during the month. Mean cloudiness. 35.14 per cent of tlw sky, Uie month being 0.4C per cent cloudlar than the average. Number of cTear days (less tlian one-tliird cl .iiid.v. 20; half clear (one to two- IhJrds cloudy), 4; cloudy, (more than two-thirds cloudy), 7. There were 9 djiys entirely clear, and .I entirely t'.oDdy. Mean cloudin^ess at 7 a. ni., 39.33 per cent; at 2 p. m., .3!).00 per cent: at 9 p. m., 27.10 jjer cent. Wind. S. AV.. 40 times: N. B. 14 tlmps; S. E. 12 times: N, .5 times; E, " times: W. once. The> total run of wind was 7 ,r .S3 Inilos, Which Is 3 ,r41 miles below-, the October average. ThrJs gives a ni'.'an dally velocity of 244.02 miles, and a mean hourly velocity of 10.15 milMt. The btghest, velocity was 30 miles per hour from 3 to 4 p. m., on the IGfh. Barometer. M:'an for the month. 20.184 Inches; at 7 a. m.. 29.193 inches at 2 p. ir ., 29.204 Inches; at 9 p. ni. 29.1,10 .Inches; maximum. 29.499 Inches, i <f 7 a. ni., on tbe 13th: iidnl- mum, 1«»l,143 Inches at 2 p. ni., on the 2nd; monthly range. 0.350 Inch. Rela<;ive Hunit^lity. Mean for the month, r .7.09 per cwnt; at 7 a. m., 80 per ctnt; at 2 p. ni., 53.23 per cent; a* 9 p. m. 68.35 per cent; greatest. 100 on several orraslons; least. 31 at 2 t>. m. on the 9tM. There were three '.ogs. I Nev^s of the County 3I0BA>. * Nineteen boys were arrested Friday morning and fined four dollars each and costs for disturbing ' tbe peace of tbe city and destroying properly on Hallowe'en night. Lucky Bill was scheduled to show here Saturday night but failed to arrive, probably on account of the bad condition of the roads. Miss Bess GIvens left for .McPherson Thursday afternoon. The foot ball game which was to have been played last Friday between the Bronson and Moran high school teams was postponed on account of bad weather. Quarterly meeting was held at Wesley Chapel Sunday. Elder Kelly preached in the morning. Thifre was no church at the M. E. church in .Moran. Revival services will begin at the M. E. church November 21st conducted by Evangelist Ariuslrong and as- slated by his singer. The .Moran and Hiimbnidt high school teams were to play foot hall here Friday afternoon but on account of bud weather the game was postponed. Charles Mendell moved Into his now .'osldcnce south «)f town this week. Kev. .1. I'. Haner moved Into the house vacated by Charles _>Iendell this week. The house was recently purchased by Mr. Haner. .1. W. Perkins, father of Mr.s. F. E. McCorniack, and who has been residing Willi her for some time, died Thurs day. Funeral ser>'ices were held at the bouse Saturday morning at 8:30 and the body was taken to Deerfleld. .Mo., where interment took place. Rev McArthur bad charge of the funeral services. ^ Pneamonla Follows a Cold., but never follows the use of Fo'ey'a Honey and Tar. It stops the cough, heals and strenfthens the lungs and prevents pnenmcEiia. Burrell's drug store. t'ABPEXTEBS CORNER. 1 The weather has not been very favorable for corn husking. Fitzpatrlcks are hauling logs to the .saw mill preparing to build a barn on the place where John Coffey lives. The well drilled on John Grlnun's place proved to be a dry hole and the one on Carpenter Bros.' place looks much like the same. Our school Is progressi-.u': nicely with a fair enrollment. Wheat in our vicinity looks fine. It is far ahead of this time last year. Deiiney .Mertimer has moved his saw mill on D. Runner's place. Mr. Runner will have a barn pattern sawed out. A. McAnulty and son have gone to Wichita on a business trip. John Thomas will burn gas. As he Is getting old he will certainly enjoy it. John Shelby did the connecting. \. J. Estep ma(fe a business trip to iola Monday. Mrs. Carpenter Is remodeling her house by reshlugling.and raising part of It. D. Runner Is huuliug his potatoes lo market. He hud something over eiio bushels. Dave Adams will stay with John Coffey this winter. rured of Urlght's Dltteafie. .Mr. Robert O. Burne. Elnora, N. Y., writes: "Before i started to use Foley's Kidney Cure I had to get up from twelve to twenty times a night, and 1 was all bloated up with dropsy and my eyesight was so ampalred I could scarcely see one of my family across the room. I had given up hope of living, when a friend recommended Foley's Kidney Cure. One DO cent bottle worked wonders and before 1 had tak~ en the third bottle the dropsy had gone, as well as all other symptoms of Brlgbt's. disease." Burrell's drug store. Bcflataf Waat Ada., le a Wari. Rug and Rem- g nant Carpet Hxl2 Brussels Rugs $10,^0 9x12 Wiltun Velvets S|7^Q Axmiuister Rugs $I8.|0 27x54 Sm3'rna Rug.s. ! J8 85c all Wool Carpet...... JO Ht 75c all Wool Cai-ptt .*iO' «^ b5cC. C. Carpet.......... M Iola Fnroiture ^ore Look for tbe Flag. 1 W. Becl. Prop. ;» IS=>:^ p^*«» Piiss PIS*!* P9 »f teis Williams Marble and fifanitl Works i Moved to our new shop, 301 Sonth Washington Ave^j where we are lielter prepared than ever tu furnish high grade Monuments to anyone needing anything on our line. Telephone G76. •m SoAth Washington. The Junior Departmeol Store A beautiful line of Black Mercerized Underskirts, beautifully made of bigb grade material and' made especially for ladies wbo are paiticular-. The prices are very mcderate, being $1.25, 1.5^, 1.75 2,25, 3 oo and 3.25, the last two'prices are ior our beautiful He.=»therb!oom numbers. .lu buying caps for the girls yottcanno^ afford to overlook our beautiful cloth and bearski a caps in prices as follows: 29c, 49c, 59i:, 69c, 79|,.$i.25 and $1.49. 3® Wr IJVO «&BURlilOK Thet^ la Oniy One mti tm Laxative Brqma OHmlnlne lueo me mutto OVER TO ewe A VOID IM the BAY. ikhraya remember the full name. Look ior tfals asaaaati on ereiy box. 2&Q.

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