The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1968 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 15, 1968
Page 3
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Abigail Vao Bnren—— Should More Wives Copy Mistresses? DEAR ABBY: My husband and I recently returned from a week-end at a . well-known resort where we met another couple. (I'll call them Fred dy and Alice.) They posed as husband and wife, but we know for a fact that she is his mistress, not his wife. (Someone at the resort knows Fred dy's wife.) What people do is their own business, but I learned a lesson. I think I know why men enjoy mistresses so much. Alice was always well-groomed and beautifully attired. Her figure was trim and she always had a smile on h e r face. Never ones did she interrupt Freddy or disagree with him. She gave him all her atten tion, laughed at his jokes, and her company was consistently gay, pleasant and charming. I can assure you Freddy had the time of his life. Please print this. If more wives acted like Alice there would be fewer rnistresss. LEARNED A LESSON DEAR LEARNED: I dont know what Freddy's wife is like, bat maybe she could top -Alice if all she had to worry about was how she looked and how to be charming for a few hours (or days) at a time. I wonder how Alice would hold up with a steady routine of bat- tling bottles, babies and bud gets. And possibly knowing that her husband was week* ending with somebody else. DEAR ABBY: Like most people who read your column, it had never occurred to me to write. That is; until I read that letter in your column for the young Wife whose husband constantly corrected their two small sons (ages 2% and 5) at the dinner table until they left in tears. I have a message for that father: As an engineer by profession, I am inclined to perfectionism and intolerance of the faults of others. Fortunately, I am more tolerant today than I was when I was raising our first son. Looking back, I am and shall .forever be deeply ashamed of the way I hounded and belittled our son until his self - confidence and initiative were destroyed. This boy, of superior intelligence, became a high school drop-out, incorrigible, and a runaway. Now 21, he has no direction, a questionable fu- ure and has tried everything rom liquor to LSD. Except or an occasional letter or phone call every three months we never know where he is. We have five younger children who are fine'because by that time I had learned a little. However, that doesn't diminish the sin of my intol- rance. So please, Abby, tell this oung father to give his small on patience and affection be- ore it's too late. INDIANA FATHER Astrological Forecast * By CARROLL RJGHTER- fo determine your forecast, nou paragraph opposite dates whlcb Include your blrtb date TUESDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: This is an excellent day and evening for you to be especial- y charming to everyone with whom you come in contact and or you to think out the over-all attitude towards life that you eel can bring you the greatest amount of success and happiness. An attractive human ap- learance draws everyone much more closely to you now. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Jse spare moments for pleasing others and getting that feeling that you are liked and ad- ,„„ _ l;j mired. Ride that hobby • that>through with those arrange- can also bring you monetary Invents'that help you to carry benefits. Show that you have through with aims and princi- McNaueut Bynncat* Inc. LIBRA (Sept. 23 to Oct. 22) There is an opportunity to contact those persons who are most fond of you and be very sociable, happy with them. There is a good chance to slate your aims, also. However, be most diplomatic. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) Talk over frankly what you have in mind with, some bigwig and you gain the support you need for your finest aims. Be sure you lay your cards on the table, as it were. Then you «*B«vim (Aiic.) courier newi - Monflay, January M, 1988- Psgt mm WILSON NEWS '"• ••" MRS. W. A. HOGAN, Jr. Thursday after spending some time with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. demons, his brother, Harold demons, and his sister, Mrs. Jerry Hays, Mr. Hays and Larry and Mike. Captain Hays has just returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam. His new assignment is at Ft. Riley, Kansas. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Rogers of Parma, Mo. announce the arrival of their first child, a son, born Jan. 2, 1968, at the St Ber- for Houston, v . vi utnii 11UUOIUIJ, Tex., where he will spend the next four weeks. He and Mrs. Nicholson have spent the last two weeks with his parents, Mr and Mrs. H. A. Nicholson, and her mother, Mrs. Mary Walters in Osceola. Mrs. Nicholson will remain with her mother while Captain Nicholson is at Ft. Sam Houston and will join him when he goes to Ft. Lewis, Wash., where he will be stationed after his month in Texas. Students returning during the _.— _,.... _, *., UVI uu mt. tJL uti- kJLuutma ictuniiDB QuririE InP iard Hospital in Jonesboro. He last week to various colleges las been named John Ralph Jr. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Mack Keedy of Hash. Mr. Rogers' parents are Mr. and Mrs. John Crenshaw SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Oec. 21) Make sure you carry I of Wilson. Mrs. Elinor Thompson entertained members of her bridge much ability and efficiency. TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 20) Try to be more pleasing and charming with those who live with you and make everything pies you prefer. A new contact can be very helpful to you at this time. Show gratitude. CAPRICORN Dec. 22 to Jan. Whatever requires precision , j"'" ii & *vj midiever requires Dre more harmonious at home. You, requires also more stady must elevate your consciousness! you before you can do it pr to bigger things if you are to erly. Then you get ahead wit "" Be '™ speed. VollowyTurhun I Jimmy Hunt, Mr. Hunt and daughters, Connie and Ann. The Hunts visited in the Richardson and Lewis home during the holidays and Mrs. Richardson accompanied them home. Club 10 Canasta members met last Thursday night in the lome of Mrs. Russie Perry. Mrs. Jack Trammel was a special guest. Preceding games chocolate and lemon chess pie were erved. Winners at games were Mrs. Trammel high, Mrs. Levi Cisell second high and Mrs. Lary Bishop third nigh. after spending the holidays with their families in Wilson were: Gail Leftwich, Jenny Pemberton, Mary Lou Wiley, Larry Bussey, Jerry Uowsey, Sharon Spurlock, Bill Lindsay to Arkansas State University; Jenny Gwyn to Mississippi State College for Women; Mar- club Tuesday night at her home. l ">' n L ™'is and Barbara Fur- Special guests were Mrs. J. R nlan '° Lambulh College- Tom Cullom Jr. and Mrs. E. D. n "~'-"-" tamale pie, Guacamala salad and corn chips were served. Snacks were served later in the evening. practical. GEMINI (May 21) LIVING DOLL is Dick Van Dyke who appears this way in film, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." DEAR ABBY: I have been orresponding with a young man for about two years. I ave been ending my letters ith "love." He has been end his with "fondly." What would you say his "fondly" means? WONDERING DEAR WONDERING: His "fondly" is just a cut above "sincerely," but a long way from "love." One who signs his letters "fondly" is taking no chances on being misunderstood. Troubled? Write to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self - addressed envelope. For Abby's booklet, How to Have a Lovely. Wedding," send $1.00 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. CORNER BONFIRES SCHENECTADY, N. Y. (AP) — Police here are hunting a jeriodieal and paper pyroman- ac. Bundles of magazines and newspapers left on street corners in the early morning hours were found destroyed by fire on everal occasions recently. OPEN TONIGHT YOU NEED SOME BLOCK-ing ON YOUR ••-— -*i .1 i- -proBp^i^ — -^ •^•m INCOME TAX You have to know .the rules of fh» game to win. BLOCK men era Pros. And when BLOCK prepares your return, you can be surt of maximum savings. Accuracy h guaranteed. Cost is low. ! OlMRANTie . W» guorantu accgratl pnpcrarion of w« nolw any •mn lhat coit you Mr w» will pay tli« pmalry.Cf InUrw. Ame*.', Urge* Tax Secvk* wi* Qwr MM Offer* 419 WEST MAIN STREET HOURS 9 <•> » Wckilaj — S»t. It Sun. ( to t — Ph. PO J-MM i No Appointment Get in touch with persons who can assist you in both business and social life, make it more pleasant, profitable. Have meetings, go over reports, and make sure that you do necessary shopping of whatever nature MOON CHILDREN June 22 to July 21) Take those necessary steps that -will help you to increase income very quickly and make your feel more sure of yourself. Get in touch with the right persons in business. Rid yourself of obligations quickly. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Get yourself as attractive as possible and then out socially where the right people convene. You can accomplish good deal today and tonight. State your aims and there is a good possibility of your gaining them. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) Get busy with all those duties ahead of you and then have a confidential talk with one who is an expert so you advance in your line of endeavor. Others may try to take advantage of you. Use your head and all is fine. as to how to please you mate. Be happier AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Peb 19) A dynamic associate wi] now cooperate with you in som special aim you have in mind if you sit down and talk it over Later, get out socially and have a good time together. Make thi future much brighter. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20' You are able to put out a greai deal of work today and tonigh so that you feel satisfied and can relax as you prefer. Have those massages, etc., that make you feel good. Get vitality restored. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... he, or she, will be one of tfiose young people who early in life will have grandiose ideas that are also practical, so do your utmost to educate your progeny in a practical way so that the greatest success is possible in this wonderful chart. Send to the best college where ;he finest training is possible. Teach ethics early. The gizzard of the diicken grinds the grain and other feed so it can readily be digested. Winners at bridge were Mrs. Ralph Robinson high, Mrs. E. D. Beall 2nd high and Mrs. Gus Hogan was bridge winner. Mrs. J. D. Rankin was hos- Cram to Hendrix College; Cathy Whitaker, Mary Flo Lindsay, Bonnie Lawrence, Randy Brigance and Mary Bishop to State College of Arkansas; Tommy Medlin to Arkansas Tech; Sammie Davis to Harding College; Mary Ann McRae to Ouachita College; Rannie Cullom, Peggy. Jo Cullom, Bill Nicholson, Andy Williams, William Alexander and'.Lynn Green Mrs. j. D. Hankin was nos-1 ,,—-"—•"" auu.L,ynn v.ireen tess to her bridge club last J™ 1 ' to the University of Ar- Wednesday afternoon at the Kansas '' Merrill Room of Wilson' Cafe. Special guests were Mrs. W. A. Lindsay and Mrs. Ralph Robinson. Debbie Nelson and Reggie Cul lorn to Ole Miss; and Judy Grain left Monday for the Col lege of the Desert, Palm Des- Preceding games chocolate er !, Calif ' pie and coffee were served rrMrs - a K R 'chardson is in Toasted nuts were served dur- Tam P a - F la - for an extended ing games. VISlt Wltn ner daughter, Mrs. Game winners were Mrs. Robinson high, Mrs. E. D. Beall 2nd high and Mrs. 0. E. Sadler Bridge. Members of the South Mississippi County Bridge Club met with Mrs. E. B. Chiles Jr. last Friday afternoon. Mrs. Chiles erved a sandwich plate preceding games. Winners at bridge were Mrs. felson second high and Mrs. Hudson Wren bridge. NEW ENGLAND'S BOUNDARIES BOSTON (AP) - New Eng- and borders Canada on the orth, the Atlantic Ocean on the ast, Long Island Sound on the outh and New York on the vest. All the states except Virinia lie along the Atlantic. BILLBOARDS HONOLULU (AP) - A Bos-ton travel firm has erected, a, giant billboard in Times Square.- in New York to promote travel' to Hawaii — which has no billboards The billboard of the American International Travel Service measures about 30 feet by" 50 feet. It electrically flashes letters calling attention to the com pany name and the address and phone number of its New York City office. Hawaii has had a ban on bill- . boards since 1927. '•• • , WOMEN OFTEN HAVE BLADDER IRRITATION Common Kidney or Bladder Irritations affect twice as many women a* • men, often causing tenseness an*' nervousness from frequent, burning, itching urination. Secondarily, rail may lose sleep and have Headaches; Backaches and (eel older, tired. <& pressed. In such cases. CYSTEX usu-' ; ally brings relaxing comfort bycurb- . in e germs In acid urine, and easing oalr. Get CYSTEX at druggists today., ,-, WANTED Men - Women from ages 18 and over. Prepare now for U.S. civil Service lob openings during; the next 12 months. Government positions pay high starting salaries. They provide much great«r security than i.rl- vitc employment and eicelfent opportunity tor advancement. Many positions require little or no specialized education or er- pericncc. Out to get one or these JoDj, you must pass a test. The competition is Keen and in some cases only one out or five pass. Lincoln Service, Dept. Z-3B Pekin, Illinois ai°* n!J? ?i?« '" terested - PIe »« «"><> me absolutely FREE fo maUon „„ h G™*™.™* P°»i«»ns and salaries; (2) Information on how to qualify for a U.S. Government Job Lincoln Service has helped thon> sands prepare for these tests Tff V" slnce 1948 - " Is on* of the largest and oldest privately owned schools of its kind and is not connected with the Government. For FREE booklet on Government Jobs, including list of DOS- Itlons and salaries, fill out cou- C™ !S?, ma " at ™ce—TODAI: Jou will also get full details on now you can prepare yourself fot these tests. Don't delay—ACT NOW1 Name Street . City .. State (D3B) Mr. and Mrs. Hal Gilbert and oh Snooks left Friday for their ome in Dallas after spending ic last two weeks with Mrs. Gilbert's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Nicholson. Capt. Howell Nicholson left p ^jP^^t -"!;} r**'* ; "'•;'} ? <"~?" ••*>•£; :*$ •? ?»«: -"wr? •»• -* ,$ >»#;*$& m .'.>?* ^y:>:;.:%;'c-:^ 'Ji^y^^^^',n*lil!$ JANUARY SAVINGS S» FLOOR MODELS AND DEMONSTRATORS SAVE UP TO $50 OFF REGULAR PRICE WHEN NEW Join the great"Save-in"on floor model and demonstrator sewing machines at SINGER now. including Touch &oe#rsewtng machines by SINGER COME EARLY FOR BEST BUYS.Wide variety of sewing machines: desk models and consoles In modern,. contemporary and traditional styles! Plus portables. New SINGER* sewing machine* startat$69.95 floor model and demonstrator sewing machines cany tile same guarantee at MW SINGER selling machines! There is nothing like BLUE CROSS and BLUE SHIELD USED SEWING MACHINES PORTABLES; CONSOLES ZIG-ZAGS from'9.95 from49.95 from'29.95 These sewing machines wen taken as trade-ins during the Christinas season. Now, to clear them out, vwH lower prices. M an in perfect working condition! Mwnf MCMM toes the SHHER tin- tntee of money bx* ft ret sitlsfM wild purchase, or full credit t<m«d UN ARKANSAS BLUE GROSS MD BLUE SHIELD INCORPORATED VOL/ EITHER HAVE IT OR YOU DON'T. When someone tells yon about a health Insurance plan that ft •just at good* e Blue Cross & Blue Shield—Don't Believe Itl Because there snottiing file Blue Cross & Blue Shield. Here's why... PaitHn-Full-Benefito Only Blue Cross hospital service benefits nay//? Ml the cost of your hospital services*. There ism (Mir emit on Blue Cross hospital services, Autonurlfc Credit Card: In most hospitals, e Bine Cross & Bltn Shield membership card establishes your credit embarrwtng credit checks. Just show your njenibership card f ar worry free admrssion. When you've recovered, Blue Cross & Blue Shield pays hospitals and doctors direct No claims for you to fHe, no need to tie-up your money waiting for refunds. Works For You Everywhere! A Bhe Cross & Blue Shield membership card is recognized and honored by more than 7000 participating toprt*i and more than ZMtOOO participating physicians throushout Ue world. *«"™l& EndiireiJrJrTtaie Who Know: Hospitals and doctors ?,? *£?£" P"**-* 8 * know which is best... only Blue Cross a Blue Shield an sponsored and endorsed by hospitals and doctors • *roujh the American Hospital AsmMon and the American Medical Association. •*ist as oowT » Brae Cress & Blue Shield? Don't Believe Itl TtoiBB nottung Nke Blue Cross & Blue Shield. To get health care protection ai good as Blue Cross & Blue Shield, you'll have to join Blue Cross & Blue Shield. You either have it...or you .don't •AspnmMbfmenibai'sconttxt. ARKANSAS BLUE CROSS & BLUE SHIELD 532 North 6th St* Blytheville, Arkansas Please send me complete details about the better benefits and service available to me as e member of Arkansas Blue Cross & Blue Shield. I understand there is no obligation on my part. I am interested in the following (check on»)i D Individual Membership ' Family Membership -AGE- Employed Group Membership CITY.- -PHONE. EMP10YED IY_ THERE ARE . , ARKANSAS -EMPLOYEES WHERE I WORK. Jim Hawkins Blytheville ; 783-4597

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