Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1907
Page 5
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West Street. lola, one "blodE from square. Diaeasetfof domesticated animmls sncces^ully treated .cbai^es inodefate,goodboxstallsfbrpatients .The singing and dancing, mtames Calls answered promptly night or an4. Mtwrj are different from aaj- .. ...4- Dr. Wilier, Oenllst I day, 20 years experience. Veterin ary Dentistr;^ ff specialty. Honor Cira4iiata o( OnUrlo Vnar> fnary CoUaga. Prop. HospiUI PHooa t068 R M . Phoae 139 RATS! Get rid of them. RAT-BIS-KIT Does thrt Work. Either for Rats :or Mice 15 Ceots a P^ckiife othw play neen here. *^e Belle of Japaa'' at the Qrand Tbnnidar I Audicnca Wha Piaaaad With Weatarn Oraffla at Grand. THE MATTER of organizing a track, teant waa not taken up at the meeUng of the Atbletlc Association of the lola High School yesterday af-i temoon. It will be taken up at a lat-i ee dale. ATTORNI2V 8. A. (lARD wi-nl to Ciie. thiH morning on a Bhort busl- neRs visit. He has a case in the Neo sho county court today. Kree dirf at Luccock's. THE AIJ.EN county pension board: I I K meeting in Dr. Christian's office to-j I day. • THE CASE of the Slate vs. Chan- I nJng is being tried In Justice Potters' court this morning. • At Wanted—B^fe^ybody to know that IVV. B. Kelley ft Son have moved their 1 transfer and storage of&ce to 211 South Washington. Office and Day Phone 290. Residence and night -^hone 17. 1 SPENCER'S p. U. ULMSTEAD, second vice pres Ident of the I.,umberman's Portland at Carlyle, was !n the city yesterday He said he had sold over $500,000 worq, of stock. DR. J. P. JAXESON, The Snrcessfnl Aac ttoneer, Veterinarian. Farm sales or Pedigreed slock sales ma4c anywhere Vetci-l nary calls aiifirerrd ilay or i{;ht Office with OuiiKla«.4 Sros. Phone ly residence 4'» 101.A KANSAS See MI-xs BeKsIe Clifton, who will ap pear as "^itr In <^be Belle of Japan" Tbnndan}- night at the Qrand. P. V. CROUCHrpresldent of the Kansas Southern Electric Railway Co left last ev,ining for Chicago, where he will work in the interests of his company. Ri, S. ai§.nLLMM, fieneral Contractor. Flagstone and Cement tildewaika ao< P. E. Wangb, DeoUsL Phone 1K&. •>ffice over Burell'a Drag Stara. Curbing a Specialty. O I I M lis Eaat Jaektoa Pkaaa IM. Alt. Iowa Store Special Line of Sample Hosiery All Colors, All Kinds. We will put up our Sample Hosiery with anyihing iu town for durability atd beauty. You can get auy kind of a Stiipc, .Mixed Colors or anything you want. Don't forget the THE JAVH A WKER I^nd Company yps5terday moved from the rooms over ihe ijrown Drug Store into the rooms j)Ver the Palace Shoe Store, which were formerly occupied by the Neosho Valley I.and Compan.v. The Neo- ilio VuUey Uand Company now have lieu nxiinH in the same building. "The Belle of Japan" at the «rand, rbnrvday ulgJit. PrlreM H-iTt-M-'ae. U .V ORTO.N, of Humboldt, is here today on le^al business. He was ac ooiupanled by Mrs. Orton. Dr. Keynolia. Pbone tSC Bea. «4. MRS. ALI-AN Harris, a well known tx/lored woman, has a painful wound in the hand, the result of running a needle info tiie member while wash ing. Will trade good lot for light rubber I tired buggy and harness. Must be ^ooil. Call at 10.1 South Second. Iowa Store A. G. MUMMA, Prop. .MALCOLM Hughes, the district man agrr fur the ^'orthwestern Life Insurance Company, is closing up his busi- oeiis in lola and expects to leave in a few days for Seattle Wash., where he will have charge of the offices of that comi>any fur the western part of that state. '^be Belie of Japan" at the Grand Tbnrsdiir Is a neveHj. The plot and story are new and deals In many of the curious enstonis still in roirue \n\ HIk/ido's domains. .iriXiE E. .V. Wt-rt Is up from Humboldt today tin business. He Ba>a ti>at. work on the olficts of the Monarch CHiiiciit plant l.s progressing nice'v. >*Tbi' Helle III .lupun" at the Hraud iThuroJuy nlK^hl. To take the sharp edge off an appetite that won't wait for meals— To sharpen a poor appetite that doesn't care for meals- eat Uneeda Biscuit So nutritious, so easily digested, that they have hecome the staple wheat food. k In moisture and ' diut proof packages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY One of the dellgfatful attracUons Manager C. >V3ieatoa hAs presented at tb« Oraad tblft seaaoa Cor tba approval of tiie th^treiplng fraternity of the oommnnlty, was tbe Cow- Puncher, wtaldi a fair audlMc* enjoyed laat nigfat. - The play Ik a. west- em drama with, the wboleaome aentl' oent aiut he«rt Inteteat wblcb gives tbia dasa of play* a popular place In tbe public's estimation. Tbe melodramatic features were not too prominent and the players were without that affectation and swagger wi^icb calls forth the unique- Ha Ha BO frequently, in weatem plays. The fact that John A. Preston, a player of naUonal repute appeared iu the role of Tom Lawton. tbe leading part need only be mentioned to convince thdae familiar with theatre at- tractlona that the Cow-Puncher was presented in a high class mapner. Along with the Heavier vein of t^e story were bits ot comedy which bad much to do with lending a delightful variety to the plafy. Spokane lite, a patriarch of the plains, aud Tacoma Tim an Irish lad, furni ^A fun' for the audience while Geraldine Graham as the doctor and sweetheart of t\fi tiero was a charming member ot tbe stage company. The specialties introduced were very creditable. The trick lariet spin nlng by Bee Gray, formerly of the 101 Ranch, was novel and dazzling, and the song by Slattery Ann, tbe bowery flrl, was excellent. During the song, "Just a Little Dog," a snow-white canine walked In an - upright position across the stage and performed several antics during fbp number which elicted much applause. The stage effects, electrical dispUya and proper- tiea all contributed to t2te auoBeas of the play. The canyon scene In which Tom Lawton offers himself ,as ransom for the heroine was a bit of atage work that would do credit to any show. I ., THUBSDAY, 50Y; 7tb. "The Belle of Japii'' Priees.......25e, 85c, 60c, 76c. STATE ORGANIZER TO COMC. PLENTY OF GAS ON HAND. F. U. of A. Arranne for Special Oc-.City casion Thursday Night. Has Connected Well. Onto Young The Fraternal Union of America I A number of the public utilities People are expecting a big time at a' conmilttee of ifae city council say meeting of the order Thursday night that when the next cold spell comes when State Organizer R. B. .Miller, of on the city will not have a shorisge Kansas City. .Mo., will meet with the j of gas as was experienced during a order and deliver and addrofs along rrcent cold snap. Tha connections the lines of the benefits derived from | ''^^tl '"'1" T*. °" ,, , ^ . , ' *"">B P'ace which means that a good membership In such an organization. 1 „,ippiv has been added to the line Following the address a lunch villi ^ be served. The meeting is opan to the, VKHV J.'IMIII HIIMV BvriPP friends of the order and tl,e public j. <.»0U HOMfc RUIPE. generally. Cards will also serve as a feature ment. Owing to the fact that the "Skldoo" dances, an exclusive feature of this order, have proved such an attraction for the members and thsir friends, .i request has been made for more of these social diversions. The "Skldoo dances have been occuring but once a month. The raquests for more fre quent dances will be heeded and an extra hop will be given next Tuesday evening. Says Any line Can Prepare K, and WONT 60 TO EUROPE Call on of the evenings entertain-j ,i„„„„ >uthing Better to Take. For Exchange. Farming lands in Panhandle, Texas, for farm lands, or live stock, or for tola. Gas City or La Harpe rentals. WHITAKER & DONNELL REV. CULBERTSON AT SALINA. Former lola Minister Made Plea for Education. (Sallna Journal.) Rev. H. C. Culbertson, president of the Emporia College, occupied the pulpit at the Presbyterian church on Sunday morning. His address was a plea for the smaller colleges, giving as his strongest argument that the small colleges were better for the young jieople than the larger ones, because the professors were able to sjve their time to the individual stu- iltnt. In closing his talk he tisked for thr?e things; first, the prayers of t]ie people for the «ood of the college; second, the girls and boys of the community; and third for money w-fh which to carry on the work of he college. Rev. Culbertson spent Ihe morning in working up an endowment fun<I visiting all the business places In the city He left this afternoon. I Rheumatism Is easier to avoid than to cure, states well-known authority. Every man, woman and child here should dress as warmly as possible, and, above all else, keep the feet dry. Avoid colds and exposure, and donlt become constipated. Rheumatism Is strictly a blood disease, caused by Inactive kidneys, which, through cold or exposure or im proper diet, fall In their duty of filtering the rheumatic poisons from yif blood. This poisonous waste matter uric acid, oxilate of lime, urea, etc.. If not strained from the blood promptly, decomposes and settles about the joints and muscles, causing rheumatic disease. In damp or chilly cold weather the kidneys are made to do double work. The pores of the skin all over the body do not assist in eliminating the pois- one of the body, throwing this work to the kidneys which become clogged and feeble, thus causing not only rheumatism, but all forms of kidney troubles, backache, weak bladder knd urinary troubles, and sometimes terrible blood disorders. A' the first sign of any of these troubles the following simple prescrlp lion should be mixed and taken In teaspoonful doses after each meal and at bedtime: Fluid Extract Dandelion, one luilf ounce; Compound Rargon. one ounce; Compound Syrup Sarsaparllla. three ounces. Any good pharmacy can supply these ingredients, and all the mixing re (|Ulred Is to shake well in a bottle. SIMPSON WIAS BOUND OVER. .Secretary Is Coming Directly Homel From the PtallippineA. Manilla, Nov. 5.—Secretary of War Taft, it Is reported, will abandon his European tour and return direct to tbe Pacific Coast. He will leave Manilla! on November iith on the American flagship Rainbow for Yokohama where he will take passage by steamer for San Francisco. This report has not been verified, though, owing to the absence of Mr. Taft, who Is out of town visltlqg tbei new water works, he cannot be interviewed upon the political situation, and the conditions prevailing at Vlad- fvostock, which, it is reported, are the { cause of his return to Amercia. .oiothesI-j,nL .irq4uerttBTA0IN L.EFFL.ER When needing anything in tlie Jewelry line. IT'S POSSIBLE TO BEDCCE FLESH WITHOUT DIETING OB EX EBCISE. IIAXCIXG PitOYES FATAL Many men and women catch colds, . . at dances which terminate in pneumo- overburdened fleshy body. The untu- It is not only possible but being done everywhere. Exercise, unless carefully superintended by a physician and expert Athletic Director, may easily do a deal of harm to the great nia and consumption. After exposure if Foley's Honey and Tar is taken It will break up a cold and no serious tored fat man and woman determined to get thin are only too likely to overstrain their fat encumbered muscles Have the right kind ot entertainment. When you wi^i to pass an evening pleasantly atl" home with friends otie ot the be^t means of enjoyment is a Pfaoi^ogTapfa. If you do not already own one of these instnimenis now is the time to buy and provide yourself^ with entertainment for the cold - weather. If you have got a Plionograph, come in and hear the latest records and make your selection. All the latest now in stock. Jobfly.Rdberts Music House »TEYER*» OROJCERY H ««4qMart«ni iM Good Things/to Eat Tele|)hoob 159 but the genuine in a yellow package. Rurrell's drug store. results need be feared. Refuse any I by their-awkward. Ill-advised gymnastics, and so cause nerve and muscle troubles that may develop into something far worse than a little too much flesh. Same way with dieting. Starvation is certaJnly effective if kept up long and faithfully enough, hut it is almost certain to injure the nutritive process and so weaken the itatlent constitutionally, white it Is, abominable torture, ot course, especially to a god-natured, high-living, fleshy man or woman. Fortunately neither dieting nor ex- XOKRELL TO MISSIS8IPPL Alleged Embessler Cangfat at Must Face Charge. lola lirsuntk Wasblngton.-Helle 111 lola Bosiaess College : might or 0«y S—§on Pelituausblp.. Arlthiuetlc, Eluoutlou Rooickeepliig. Euglish. Physical Cul tuTe^ etc.. Shorthand, Letter Wrltlne Livinqjiion ir* Co : Ceatractora aad BalUm All kinds of Work a apecUlty » S^atb 8y «'«B >»ra. Phoae lg&'- You may buy coffee which co&ti} you a trifle less'than Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee, but you really pay more for it and ggJL^g gOQ^l coffee. Don't get confute^—Arbudilea' Ariosa Coffee \% reaHy the cheapest good coffeo in the world. In aealed packages for yc;;r protectioaJ ABjitAjioja Bkoa.. a^w xoot cur. >OTirE. All meters will be read between lbe| ir.ih and liuih of each nioiiib. All bills lor water, light aud gas are due on the first of each tuouth, if said bills; are not-paid by the loth of each uouih, cuusumer subject to discon- iiecttoti without notice. Don't wait for a statement, 'Fori you may not get It." Remember If your gas. water oi light bill Is not paid by the 10th you] may be disconnected, without notice. (TAKE WARNLNO ) C. E. WESDORFF. City Clerk •EC. A. BOWLU8, PrMidenL THOS. H. BOWLIig, CaaMsr. ALLEN COUN lY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRBCTUR& A. W. aMk. L. C. Beatty, A. J. PulKm. W. J. Cvana, Aeo. A. Bowlus. Thoa. H, Bowlua. we ISSUE OUR owm tMAm om AU atim^tjtit poturs •APCTv DEPoaiT soyea FOR RENT PROM tz to •» PER YEAR. All«0«d Pickpocket Plaead Under $600 Bond. Mort Hlmpnon, the young man who s charged with picking the pocket of .Mr. Kutsel<, living south of Qas City, op circus day. was bound over yesterday In .Ttidge Potter's court. His bond was flxed fit fSOO. which he was unable to furnish yesterday. Simpson waived bis hearing. (Coffey ville Journal.) E. P. Brown, deputy sheriff from Meridian, Mississippi, arrived Tuesday morning to serve requisition on J. F Morrell. who is now held by the erSislnraVe'required oVTesirable^7f local officers. Chirfjtohler waa ^or- ^ne uses the right remedy for reducing, fat, and strange to say. the re- dered to appear before Judge Flannelly Monday to answer a writ of habeas corpus filed Saturday by the prisoner's attorney. The lawyers failed to make the writ hold good aud the Judge refused to order him dismissed. Morrell is now confined in the county lail at Independence. The requisition papers are expected from Topeka some time Tuesday night The officer from Mississippi will he delayed some time on account of the requisition papers which had to be returned to correct a mistake made medy is a simple, wholesome home mixture, the ingredients of which are obtainable at any drug store for a few cents. This mixture is as follows: V4 oz. Marmola, % oz. Fluid Extract Cascara Aromatic. 3^ ozs. Syrup Simplex, and the proper amount to take is one teaspoonful aftec meals and at bedtime. This mixture takes thcr fat off rapidly hut not naturally, so that no wrinkles are formed and no harm la done to the stomach, as Is so fre- In tbem. To further delay the return quenHytho case with ''Patent" or "se- IXSPECTED HOK.SEVANSHIP. Ceneral Frederick FnniitAR Facema* ker at Frisco Review. (San Francisco Chronicle.) The last group ot Army officers attached to the Department of California made their horsemanship test on Thursday afternoon, following the line of their predecessors over the Presidio roads. largely In evidence, represemed by Colonel Alfred Reynolds, commundlngt Ueutenant-Colonel George F. Cooke. Major Daniel A. Frederick and Major Jacob F. Kreps. The other two participants were Major Samueli W. Dunning of the Twentieth Infantry, and Major Reuben B. Turner of the Eighth. Geheral Funston. personaly inspecting the ride, was also pacemaker, and kept a general rate of speed that some what exceeded the .demands, as at the end of the fli^t lap of six miles there we're 'stilt five and a half miotueS to spare on the schedule. We have secured the agency for rOino Laxative Fruit Syrup, the new Iptxative- that makes the liver lively, purifles tbe breath, cures headache and regulates the digestive organs. Cures chronic constipation. Ask us about it. Burreli's Drug store. of the prisoner, it was found at the last minute, that the money to pay for making out the papers was not sent. In most of the states, requisition papers are made out frea of charge. In Kansas, however, the price Is y>. Chief Kobler telegraphed the amoimt to the governor this morning with a request that the papers be immediately forwarded. The necessary palmers are expected on the evening train. .1. F. Morrell, formerly of this city, was arrested ten days ago at lola on the charge of embezzlement. It was claimed that while he had charge of a lal>or celebration in that city, he absconded with some of the money. This was the first part of August and he was not apprehended until a week ago. Since that time, Morrell has tried to secure his release through habeas corpus proceedings. Friday he did secure his freedom,for a few hours but was re-arrested under a fugitive warrant. He has since been held as a fugutive from Justice. Mor* rell was formerly a plimiber here and was at one time employed at the Oxide smeller, west of the city. cret" advertised remedies. OPENED A PRISONER'S MAIL. Ttst Case to be Made In tha Instance of an Indiana Sheriff. Chicago, Nov, 6.—Fred F. Carter, sheriff of I^ke county, Ind., one of the most pipminent residents of Crown Point, was arrested yesterday by United States Marshal David C. Rankin, of Indianapolis, charged with having opened the mall of Alexander Poleskl, a former prisoner. Federal officials declare that opening the letters of a prisoner comes clearly within the federal statutes forbidding tampering with mai's. Sheriff Carter freely admitted that he opened the mail of Poleski but asserted that he believed he was acting clearly within his rights and in conformance with ]iis duty to see that no forbidden articles were smuggled Into the Jail or schemes arranged for a Jail delivery. One hundred poinds of Crya- tal lee will make-12 gallons of dlaUlled water anIUble (or (amUy use. Try3 It. Iflalce&CillSttfifeCi PERFECTION WICK FUME OIL STOVE SAFE CONVCNICirr^ ECONOMICAL irroardMl .rdao 'llitotl« it, wrltvlo ' THE STANDARD OIL COMPAWtJ Top Oomlm In all styles and colors In all modes and all lengths THAW. PAID HIS QOLF DUES. A Check Sent to the Pittsburg Club of Which He Is a Member. Pittsburg, Pa.. Nov. •.—Harry K. Tbaw, the slayer of Stanford While- expects to be playing golf on the grounds of the PltUburs Golf Club next spring instead of spending hia A^M.^ **-• tft^S^§J^ "Prmg nisieaa « spenoin WB Mfartiajf SUUeiUB. tbne pacing the eorrMor* of the "tipmbs. Ha nailed a c^eck for bis [does as a member of the club today. Well, FHends Pancakes are in order. We have tba materall to make them of. Ralston P. C. Flour,"per pkg lOo Ralston Prepared B..W. Flour, per pkg Wo Pi-runa \\Tiole \\TieaV Flour, ' 121b sack 50c Good Fresh Meal, pef sack 20o Syrups to eat on Pancakes. Maple, Fancy Tabl*, WWte Table, and Sorghum. FRYER iBROS. Grocery and wicat JMarket PhOMs 308 iuid 301 SiormummtutWrmmmHr Office and Storage fVari: Koom^j at 110 West Street. Phone 389

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