The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 22, 1949 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 22, 1949
Page 16
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.)' COURIER NEWS Chicken Cooking Methods Advised Weight of Birds Important in Choice Of Preparation Chtclcen cuts cooking time to a minimum. Often It can be cooked during the earlier hours or the day. And It is plentiful now. Here »re the three weight classes on the market now: 1) Broilers, •pprbximately 8 to 12 weeks old, weighing no more than 2',i pounds dressed. 2) Fryers, 14 to 20 weeks old, weighing between 2!£ and 3'A pounds dressed. 3) Hens. Light Birds: Use of the light birds enables you to cut kitchen time to a minimum, because they cook quickly. To broil a 2-pound chicken (dressed weight), only 35 to 45 minutes are required. And If you're frying a 3-pound chicken (dressed weight) in shallow fat, the thickest pieces usually need from 20"to 25 minutes to rook, done to the bone, if fried entirely • on top of the range. If you're frying a 2ll.-pound chicken (dressed weight) In deep fat (starting at 350 degrees P. and dropping to 300 degrees to 325 degrees P.I. you'll need from 10 to 15 minutes for a fjiurter of Mie chicken to cook don<? to the bone. Some cooks prefer taking out the pieces when they are very lightly browned, draining them on absorbent paper, and finishing in a moderate oven (325 degrees F.l. Only 20 to 30 minutes more are required. , A stewing hen needs long, slow cooking in water or steam to make it lender. This takes 3 to 4 hours for a 5-pound fowl, once the job is done, you have a delicious ready- to-use food to fit quickly Into cold or hot dishes. But observe tills caution. Poultry is a perishable food. If you don't serve it promptly after cooking, chill it and hold it at refrigerator temperature until time to serve. It's a good idea to let the stewing hen cool in its own juice after with good flavor. But let the coolly., e h possible. Warm chicken broth spoils easily. Remember the need for coolness, tool when you're handling poultry leftovers, put them in the refrigerator as soon as possible. Take thrtn out only when you're ready to serve thern. End Product Shows Correct Use of Fruit Persons who wonder why one jar of fruit placed over another at the county fair or their neighbors' canned Jruit turned out better can soon learn to Judge fruit wllli a little practice. Home Demonstration Agent Gertrude li. Iloliman explained today that to sel high quality canned fruit, it is necessary to start with a gc id product and handle it according to recommended practices. Firm, ripe fruit is essential who-1 ther canned whole or sliced. Color Is the best Index to rlpenest, she explained. Green fruit will lac flavor and overripe fruit will no hold Its shape. Mold or darkening of fruit at the top of the Jar usually Indicates that the wrong method was used 01 the fruit was not processed In > water buth, Fruit will also darker when the sirup does not cover it When the air bubbles are not removed from the jar 'or the jar Is packed too full the sirup may be low. Fruit Is likely lo float it It Is cold packed or not precooked long enough, i. Holimai pointed out Overripe fruit will float and so wii: fruit processed in a water batl: without a rack. Fruit canned by the open kettle method is likely to be mushy aiic "cooked up." On some fruits such IN CHICAGO, TOO...IT'S In Azizia, Libia, the thermometer registered 136.4 degrees Sept. 13, Swift's Hellenic blending of fine spices with selected cuts of pure pork results in a super-tasty sausiige. Not too spicy, not too liiild-T-il's "just ri'K/it"! And it's made fn:sh daily in links-or meat for patties. •Americas Vitamin fUn rich in PHOTO PRIZE — Photographers on Associated Press-member newspapers in Arkansas now have something to "shoot" for—this handsome trophy to be presented to the sweepstakes winner in the yearly AP newsphoto contest. It is the gift of C. E. Palmer, Texarkaua, Hot Springs and El Dorado publisher, and will be awarded for the first time this year. Each winner will get his name engraved ou the trophy and retain possession for one year. (Associated Press Photo). Look for your dealer's special display IS MAKING IT THE NO. 1 IN THE MIDDLE WEST as prize berries, this method dulls the color. . The color of most fruit will become dull when stored for longer than a year. Many light colored fruits take on a grayish cast when stored too long, she stated. Direction; for preserving fruits and vegetables by canning, freezing, or drying may be obtained at the county Kxtenslon office. MIS Holimaii invited all homcmnkers in North Mississippi County to call on her for this Information In the court house ••> Blythevllle. About five per cent of all rivers in North America flow north or into streams that flow northward. Queen Victoria celebrated her Golden Jubilee in 1887, and her Diamond jubilee In 1837. Union Reports On Talks with MoPacOfficials POPLAR BLUFF, Mo., Sept. K. (API—A report on negotiations between the four Missouri Pacific Railroad brotherhoods Involved In the current strike against the railroad company was made to a group of some 200 Missouri Pacific workmen at a meeting here yesterday. The four general chairmen who came here for the meeting are Frank Altlrich of the Brotherhood of RallK-p.y Trainmen, G. R. Oglctree of the Order of Railway Conductors, G. C. Davidson of Hie Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and J. H. McDonald of the Brotherhood o't Locomotivi men. They planned to hold a meeting at Paragould, Ark., yesterday and another at Little Rock. Ark., today as they continue a series of meetings along the Missouri Pacific's sprawling lllOOO mile system. "We are finding the morale among strikers excellent," said McDonald. He said the situation at present Is stalemated as far as negotiations are concerned, but that the brotherhoods plan to deliver a reply to Guy Thompson, trustee of the Missouri Pacific, in St. Louis this afternoon. "It will now be up to Thompson/ said McDonald. He said some of the grievance* which brought about the strike date back to depression years. A high-goal polo player often rides between 11 and 12 miles during a single game. Murder Chary* Based On Cafe Argument Over Fret Catsup With Chili HOUSTON, Tex, -WJ-A cus- loroer who didn't like to pay extra for catsup with his chili was killed recently. Sam Grimes, 49, owner of Cam's Place Cafe, was charged with murder in the death of Til Farrington 19. Police said Farrington was oliot with a Spanish-make pistol after he had learned he could receive catsup free with fish but not with chili. More than 4*7,000 tons of water pass over Niagara Falls every minute. Two tons of roses are required to produce one pound of attar of roses. tYetySBce •MM Ustt delight | la- -- OYSTERS STEW FRYERS HENS ROAST L-(i» £'c ; > : ?£'«>''•?• 75c 29c 55c 45c ib.59c srrified Roun STEAK Ib. 75< Fresh Select Pt. Brisker Ib. Fresh Dressed Ib. Fresh Dressed Ib. Boneless Veal Roll Roast Like falling leaves, prices tumble down for our annual FALL FESTIVAL — a gala event featuring a vast variety of delicious foods to satisfy the bigger appetites that come with the new season. Check the super values. Compare them brand for brand . . . size tor size'. . . price tor price. Then join the party of thrifty folks who will fill their shopping baskets with savings at LIBERTY CASH GROCERY'S store-wide Fall Food Festival. ws. TiV.. COCA COLA SUGAR PORK & BEANS P & G SOAP LUX SOAP DOG FOOD CIGARETTES CRISCO Wilson Certified Round The Pause That Refreshes Case Pure Cane 10 Lb. Bag Nnsco Brand No. 1 Can Top Qualil}- 2 Bars 2 Medium Bars Top Kick 3 Cans All Brands Carton For Baking 3 Lb. Can CORN SAUSAGE BERRIES HI-C SOAP PEAS GUM OLEO SARDINES MayfieW No. 2 Vicuna, ran Bliu'klierrics for pics, No. 2 can Orange A«lc •Hi O/.. Can Super Suds Lge. Hox North Star 2 No. Sin Cans All F/avors 3 1'ks.s. Big Chk-f I.I). American 'i Cans 10 15 23 29 25 25 10 23 19 PET MILK P ALBERT JELLO s 3 Tall Cans Can Pkgs. 89 89 C 5 C 15 C 15 C 21* ¥189 83 35 e 10 C • &? M£ RAISIN BREAD DOUGHNUTS Chocolae PECAN PIES CRACKERS BI5QUICK v FLOUR Loaf Covered, 6 for Curl's Each Krispy 2 I.b. Box Pillsbur.v, JO Lb. Bag EAR CORN ea. 5c GRAPES CELERY POTATOES ONIONS ORANGES Fancy Tokays Lb. Michigan Bleached Each No. 1 Reds 10 Lbs. Fancy Spanish ILba. California Navels, 5 Lb. Bag

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