Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1907
Page 4
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WEDNESDAY Grand Theatre NOVEMBER 6 G. HARRIS ELDON Offers the Siupmutioum Suoommm im 3 Aoim The BELLE ot JAPAN With Miss Bessie Crifton an original New York company Priamm 2Bo, 3Bo, BOo mnd 7BOm Novel Plot Charming Singing, Entrancing Music Hilarious Comedy Beautiful* Sceneiy Gorgeous : GRAND THEATRE Satorday Matioee and Night All Balcony Seats Reserved for Colored People NOVEMBER 9th PRICES Lower floor, 50-75c Balcony 50c Gallery '-'He Rooit Raiders, Buck Dancers, Jurors, Court crier, Chicken ihievrs. NOVEMBER 9th PRICES Lower floor, 50-75c Balcony 50c Gallery '-'He THE DANDY DIXIE MINSTRELS AuHOoUon Piokerj BantI BKST REAI. NEGRO MINSTREI. vSHOW IX THE WORI.D BAR NONE The lOLi DAILY REGISTER ^HAULEH F. SCOTT CIRCIJLATJO.N 4,000. Telephonrs. Heporter*' Room 22:i Business Office IS SUBSCRIPTIOX RATES. Bj Cmtur In lola, Gas City, tanjov- Tllle or I.a Hurpe. One Week ". 10 cents One Month 44 cents •One Year J5.00 By MaiL One Year* in advame f4.00 Three Months, In advance $1.00 One Mouth, In advance 44 Entered at Jola, Kansas. PostofiBce, as tSecond-class Matter. Advenlsing Rates Made Known on Applicatiuu. OFFICIAL PAPER, CITY OF BASSET. MEMBER OF ASSOCLATEU PRESS. Tbe loliii Daily Rt^lstt-r is a Member af tbe Associated Press and Refel>es the dif report if that great news organization' for Exrlusive Afternoon PabUration in lola. SHAW'S PLAN THE BEST it Has the Approval of the President and His Advisors. Wlashlnctou. .N 'uv. G.—N'othiui? new of a dIsqtilt.'tinK natiirw reached the treasury dP|>ariiii<'nt today. Comnnin Icatlons by leli'iihone with sfveral (In- a.'iclal Cfnler .s showHi a more Sfltlfd and livwfol ">ii«* nil SM -tlons tliaii at an"y iliiiH iliuInK the laat two weeks. i)tif of the Iri-asiiry offlcluls etiid that the department WHH overwhelmed vlth letters and feletrauis from bunkers in all varts of the country In reKanI to their taking out l5!creasH circulatinu. The de |>artnieni ' is dally .sendiiiK out lar ^e shipments or naiionat tiuiik currency and the asgregates would be much greater were it not for ihe delay.'? incident lo the withdrawal <if sov.-rnuient bonds now plpd!;i -:d lo .sefiire (tublie ilejMiKil.s and their deposiiK to secure circula tlon. The ;plan siuggested for the increase of circulation is accordinR to T. B. Shannon Tlie AlledJ county Hardware and Implement] man. North Side Square ioia, Kan. the <iincial8 working admirably. Th.- pn-sldent is consulting with members of his oablu'-t res|i.t!tlne irurreiicy leg' islatioii to be recommendeii lo con" gioss. rt Is conceded that it will be difficult to cef any benollclal legislation of this character through congress quickly. That was one of the reasons why the president did not agree with the great interests which recently appeal- el to him to call an e.xira session of congress immediately. It is feared that some time nmst elapse before the j divers views of. many people can be j fused into one practicable and effect- J Ivs measure of relief and it was felt j that little substantial gain wouhJ be j aiforded by gathering congress a fort- j night before the regular session. It i may be stated that none of the mulli- 1 tilde of currency bills projects ap- j pears more promising to the pr«-sl- j dont and ills constitutional advisors i or more likely to secure the approval ' of congress than the measure refer-; red to by the president in Ills last message. That is the plan commonly ascribed to Secretary Shaw and ai>- 1 proved by many bankers and business men. The; president's description of the measure was as follows: According to the plan natiouHl hanks should be permitted to issui' a specified proiKirtion of their capital in notes of a given kind, the Issue to he taxed at as high a rate as necessary to drive the notes I)ark when not wanted in legitimate trade. This plan would not permit the is-uo of currency to give hanks adrilflonal pro fits, liiif to meet the emergency |<resented by times of strlnaency. It makes you long tor diriA «ir time CALUMET BAKING POWDER Eest for flaky pastry, > wholesome bread and biscuit —best for crisp cookies— best for delicious cakes, toothsome muilins, dougfhnuts that will melt in your moiith. Everything you make n'ell, it win help to make better, because it's ** bent by test." Aoybody cun ccok well If they nse Calumet hukian Powder, l-'kUura Willi II in olinust impossible. It i< cbeuiii-aUr corrcrt and mukes I'ule, WlioIaiaoiDeCuod. Price Is Moderate lOLA MEW OPEN BOWLING ALLEY J. W. and B. F. Adams Go Into Bus!' ness at Chanute. n> RESTHAIN LKtiAl, ACTION. Keirlsler Want Ads„ le n Mord. CEDAHVALE WITHOIT <iAS. No Coal Is Oil Hand and tiie Town HaN A Fuel Fauiiiie. Cedarvale. Kan.. .Nov. 4.—Tills town Is still without giis. The lines suiiply- Ing the town have been cut olT. The cau.'ie assigned is lliat there was not eiiiiugli gas i <i .-.upply that t-liy and the other town.-! on the line, and Cedarvale, being tlie outlying town, is llie vlotim. The most serious lealuie of this Is that tilt- <-ity is Ihieateiied willi a fuel famine. Winter is oomiiig on, and no supply of fuel li-as betu laid in. it being supiiosed that the gas supply would continue. .T. W. Adams and R. F. Ailams. of io'a have rented the P'ollett building and installed a modern liowUng parlor. It Is not the old style ten pin alley, but the new American box hall and the Jirst time this new game Jjas been seen in Chanute. Th* used are similar and I'ghter and •ludge Kohlsunf Issued an lujiinetlon Today. Chi .Mgo, Nov. .Iiidge Kohl .saat of the I'niled Stales Circuit court today Issued an injiihciton restraining Geo. . I''. Harding, of this eity, from iirosectl- ''^''''iting in the state courts a suit started the! pins self-setting. There are four al- 'sys and all of them are new. Special efforts will be made to interest the l.tdles in the new kind of bowling. WI'ilne8dn>T» and Fridnyit win be ladles' day nt which time they will ho permitted i» Tiowl on two ul- 1 -ys free of charge. The wives of Ih'f managers will be present to teach the ladles tlie Intricacies of t^e game. The game does not differ radlca'ly from ten pins. Ten frames comprise an itiuliig and ^ach plu.ver Is eniuied to roU three halls an Inning. It Is |.ossilile to hit all five pins with three ball;*, thus making a spare and scoring "it. Any playj r Kec\iring a spare Is entitled to add to this 21 the points he may make with the first ball rolled in the next inning. With this liall hi: may strike !• iwlnts. whlc|, added lo 21 gives ::0 for one frame or o(»0 for ten frames, the highest score attainable. by Harding asking for appointment of a receiver for a corn products com- liany. Help Ihe Htomacii lo take care of a hearty meal bv strengihenlng it with ,\ll-o-iia. No distress or Indigestion If you use .Ml-o-iia. r.Oc a box. Sold under guarantee by C'has. H. Spencer. TO ABANDON TOUR Secretary Taft Will Leave Manila on November 9. Manila. I'. 1.. Nov. .I.—Secretary Taft will, it is re|K)rted, abandon his European tour and return to lite Pa* eSJlc coakt. leaving Manila on November nintli. PARKERS MAKING REPAIRS. Carnival Companv in Winter Quarters at Abilene. fAbilene C|,ronicle.) The Great Parker Amusement ooro- Iiaiiy which has been on the road cdtitlniioiisly for two years has been ti'.king a week's lay off at the factory to have repairs made and the wagons and other materials painted. The company is now in good condition and will leave for the south in a few days. This evening some of the various shows belonging to this compatiy will exhibit on the Parker B]\ow ground? The President Ordered 375 Acres Add-j =""1,*"' ''""'••l <he paople an oppor _ . tunltv to see some of the very best ed to the Military Reservation. ' MORE LAND FOR FORT SILL. of the Parker attractions. The shows which will exhibit to- Lawton. Okla., Nov. .">.—An execu- night are Ihe Georgia Minstrels.. Par- live order by President Roose- j l'^'-'' -'"nKles. (the wild animal show), . ^ , , . . , , Dog and Pony circus, and the Belles, velt withdrawing from sale or other! vaudeville attraction, disposition and setting apart as addl-j The conniany gave a street parade tional grounds for the Port Sill mill-'at noon which Included a brass band, tary reservation n«arlv J75 acres of"""'"^^'' "''"•"'•>' ""-^n ^ ^ , ,• ^ , , , . steam calliope. Comanche Inilian school land, reach ' NOT INTERFERE GOTERirOR HAS COSFIDEXCE Df BAIIROAB COMMISIONEBS. THEY OBJECT TO FRATERNITIES TOPEKA HOARD OF EDt'CATIOK ADOPTS RESOLUTIONS. ConfidHit That It WIU Break np Fraternities In tbe High SchooL Topeka, Nov. 6.—B. P. Waggener, general attorney for the Missouri Pacific railroad company, today filed with the State Board of Railroad Com missloners, a statement purporting to show the expenditures of his com pany for track Improvement since July 1. Mr. ^Vbggener's statement shows a total expenditure of $355,000 the work being done, ne says, in carrying out the recommendations of the Railroad Commissioners, after their liispectlou of Missouri Pacific tracks following the filing at the complaint against the company by .f. I. Shepard secretary of th» National Union of Hallway Trackmen. The following Items are Included In the expenditures rejiortpd by Mr. Waggener: Ballast, $11,500; drainage, $li),10(»; embankments. $n4,tmO; rails, $eo.O00; ties, $140,000. He says that 2^5,000 new ties have been iiut In and that the work of renewing ties is going on as rapidly as the company can secure ties. Twenty miles of new 85 pound rails liave already be«n distrlb uled and ten miles more are ready for distribution, according to the distribution. The Board has made no statement itgarding the Missouri Pacific track case for some time but the members evidently think the company is mak Itig an honest effort to improve its tracks. Regarding Mr. Shepard's recent letter to Governor Hoch asking that some competent person be ap pointed by the Governor to make an other inspection of Missouri Pacific tracks the Commissioners decline to talk. Oovemor Hoch says tliat he has not yet considered Mr. Shepard's proposal but he d4d confer with G. W. Knavel. chairman of thei Board of Railroad Commissioners regarding the matter 3 'esterday. What conclusion, If an.v, was reached neither would say but it is the impression here that the Governor does not propose to Intep fere in the matter unless he be convinced that the Commissioners ari mistaken in their belief tliat the road h' really making an effort to improva Its tracks. But the Governor Is determined that the condition of Mi«- sourl Pacific tracks In K.ansas be Improved. Topeka, Nov. R.—The Topeka Board of I5ducatlon luis adopted a resolution declaring that any high school student belonging to any high school fra- fernlly or sorority shall he expelled from school and denied the prIvCcge of graduation and a diploma. The action was taken aw n result of the course of many liigh school Miidents In reorganizing their old soroa-lties so as to evade the antl-sorority law enacted by the legisl.atiire last winter. It Is the opinion of the memliers of the Board that the change in the plan of organization so that member.ship in limited to high school students has not changed the conditions particularly ami that the present fraternity is just as objectionable as the old time hich school sorority. They contend that the sororities create caste and by their social demands interfere with scliool woric. Topeka school teachers were responsible for the pajss age of the anti-sororlty bill by the legislature last winter and now that It has proven a failure petitioned the Board to pass the resolution referred to above. They are confident that it ,wlll break np the fraternities in the iVlgh school here. eu here today. The oniar was matle upon the recommendation of General Bell, chief of staff, who vlsUed the post in the fa'l. PILES CI'RED IX « TO 14 DATS. POZO lONTMENt is gimranteed to cure any case of Itching, Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles in G to 14 days nr money refunded. ROc. iuent 3-30 1 You naturally would prefer to treat yourself at home, for any form of female troi^le, wouldn't you? well, it can be done. No reason why you should not be able to relieve or cure your suffering, as thousands of other women have done, by proper use of the Cardul Home Treatment Begin by taking Wine of Cardui tfie well-known female tonfc. For sale at all drug stores. Jo* IfooriiMd. of Arcblbtid, I. T., vrltes: "My wtfo had auffered for years from female froubTc On your advlco. I gm ber the Ctfdul Homo 1Veato)ent.-aiid oov she hardly suffers at aU." Sold by dniggistft, WwMn. If yua B«« W.ilrrt • Mni In 'pUIn MI M asMipM. . Ouitanasgi. Ttoo. The Xenr Pure F«<»d and Drnjr Law. We are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey and Tar for cou^s, colds an dlung troubles is not affected by the National Pure Food and Orng Law as it contains no opiates or other harmful drugs, and we rec- onunend It as a safe remedy for children and adults. Burrell's Drug store. WA MTSI TELEPHONE YOUR WAKT ADS. TO THE REGISTER OFFICE. As an accomodation, tbe Register receives ads for Its want columns over the telephone, but expects the advertiser to call at the office and settle as soon as convenient, as tbe bills are too small to warrant the expense of collector. Telephone your want ad to either phone. No. 18 or-^222. and it will receive careful attention. MELP WAMTED WANTED.— A Girl for Houseworlc Good wages. No laundry. Mrs. J. G Alittlebach, .".17 East Street. WANTEIl—Hoarders State Street. at 209 South WANTED—Two .voting men to board and room at private house. 401 South Pirtit. WANTED—Kariii hands. A. B. Mull Carlyle, Kansas. MAN WANTS to do house cleaning inquire tiOl South Elm street. WANTED' 'MlmoeUmous WANTED—House Phone 1112. cleaning to do WANTED—Second hand Winchester pop gun. IniiUlre J05 South Second Btret. WANTED—Stock to'vwinter. Call on or address Guy Turney, lola. WANTED—Good, sound youug horses wanted at The lola Veteilnar Hospital.: See W. A. Frazler. WANTED—Boarders in privat family. Have modern house, newly furnished, inquire at No. 1 East Erwin; FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE FOR SAI.,E.—Eighty acres, two and one-half miles from Thayer-r^Kans. good five room house, a good barn corn crib, granery and cattle sheds, acres In timber and thirty acres in pasture.^ Price $3,200. Will accept certified check on lola or LaHariie Banks in jiayment. C. L. Evans, l.,a Harpe, Kansas. FOR SALE—House, 3 large rooms, at 223 North Chestnut. Will take a good team as part payment. Address Box 145, I.aHarpe, Kansas. FOR SALE—Good runabout Studebaker buggy and good set of harness for s ^ie oheaji if taken In the next few days. Inquire at Howard's Livery Barn.: FOR SALE—My four-acre truck patch, good four roomed house, one mile from square. Alex Miller. FOR SALE CHEAP—Seven room. miMlern cottage, two blocks • from square; short time only. Grace Arnold. FOR SALE OR TRADE—A good Arkansas farm, well improved and talk. For further Information Imiuire at 412 West Martin. fOR SALE'NnmomUMmmoum FOR SALE—$l.SOO slock of groceries and store fixtures. 402 South Kentucky street. 'FORSALE —Two largo jinnies, four aqd five years old, and a young black lack. Inquire O. K. Livery barn, l^a. Harpe. Kansas. Phone H!. FOR SALE—A driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. luquire 832 North street. FOR SALE—Mare, 630 North JIain, Gas City. FOR SAL13—Choice Duroc male pigs. For sale cheap. If taken soon. B. Mull, Carlyle, Kansas. FOR SALE— Good mare with Call at 210 West street foal. FOR RENT* NHsomttMimoua FOR RENT—Four room house in good condition, good well of water, Ithin two blocks street car line. Inquire C2S North Kentucky. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for housekeeping or sleeping. 212 West Madison avenue. CHOIR TO OIVE CANTATA. ifJaul'K -Holy Cltjr" to be Produced at tbe ChrtoUaD Cbnrcb. The Christian Church choir will meet tomorow night at the church for the initial rehearsal of the Cantata, "Holy City" l»y Gaul. The production wll lie ready by .lanuary and Is* one of Alfred Oaul's famous compo- •itlons. A. L. Boatright will direct the rehearsals. ^•r Best aai QiUekcst Beinilts V M tte Beglster Wiut Celnui. TO RENT—Office rooms in the Stevenson building. LOOQE DIRtOTORY. KNIGHTS OP jKACCABEES^ Knights ot Maccabees ot the World meets In K. P. Hall, second and fourth, Wednesday nights Jn each month. J. W. Postwait, conuna^ider; R.B.Por­ ter, record keeper. \i. 0. W.^-<;amp 101 meeU in K. ot P. Hall every Friday night. W. T. Steele, C, C; AlH. Davia. Clei«i Visitors cordially Invited. KMGHTS OF PYfHIAS .-Neo8lio Lodge No. 43 meets every Monday nigh; at K. of P. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited, W.S.-Tdompson, C.a; Chris Rltter. K. of R. -and S. M. W. A.— The M, W. A. Lodge meets every Friday ni|;ht in M. W. A. hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W.H. Anderson, V.C.; W. 4, Cowan. Clerk. ROYAL KEIGHBOI^S.— lola Camp, No. 365, Royal Neigh&rs, meets second and fourth Tuesjdays of eacb month. Mrs. F. A. T^agner, oracle; Mrs. Mary Hutton. 4M West Street. Recorder. F. A. A.— Golden Lea? Council No. 4C2, F. A. A. meets ^rst and third Wednesday nights In ^ach month in K. P. Hall. C. E.. La%ey, president; Miss Mable Rhortack,''secretary. FRATERXAL BROTH ERlioOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood No. 380 meeU° second and fourth Tu^days of eacb month In A.O .U.W. Ball. VisIUng members coVdialy Invited. W.H. Anderson, president; Uolua Elam, secre* tary. ' Junior Order United "American Me< clianlcs.—Meets every iiVednesday evening at 8 o'clock in ». P. Hall. All visiting members Incited. R. A, Widlck, Couficelor; C. h. Black. Rec Secretary. A BUSINESS OIR^OTORY • JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler. 110 East street. STAMMER;, Complete court at the best -acbool for stammerers in America at one- half price this fall and-wlnter. Wblte for information at ooce. McKie School for Stammerers, 2705 Eaat 12tb Street. Kansas City. Mo. j Register Want Ads.. 1^ a Wori. POLAR BEAR Has Stood the^Test Because its th4 Best Accefit No lOtbcr Wm. Oberdorf/tAgt- Eakin's Hardwmre V Aniniunltlon put up lo rot^ply with tbe pure feud law. 102 South Kentucky. ^^Mione 4S3. • J. ^ Evans Bros. AiMe, Mtmllmiiuv, PUmr mimttk'hmmkm mmHaimmm. Mohmot Jfmmtttf— 4««Mreof Jtemif«M. rjrjMwrMai* Mmmmtfmm, at Horn Stimmllmm. Where quality Is malk consideration, we buy the best. Where demands- will justify, y^e carry all grades :and prices. Wm SoUoK ram- rmmdm, eouTH SIDE MUAB I K lola. Kanaae.. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS Nothings better than a magazine for friend. For your magazines see J. E. HENDER.SOX, Phone SW. 414 Buckeye. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Rags cleaned by The iolaRog Factory W. R. -MORBY has purchased the V. M. C. A. restaurant and has on tbe shelves more ot those good borne made pies. He is selling, the best Be dish of chili, and is prepared to serve regular meals. We solicit the patron- ag| ol air jirbo wish a good meal or anything In the abort order line. 6=5 =4 Sweeps* Away ALL IS STOVE TROUBLES BccMiM It iMaMitKir Mid Mves work. It dittolvn rati af w«Ur dou Mlt C M afpRcaliMi wtan for month*. ^ II it gruw pra«f. water proof, nut MMf. iMwVlMt crack, chip or rul^olf. ' 1 ^0. 208. Pas. dally -;...2 :Sap.u: No.;04.Pas.daily ...2:58am No. 208, Pas, daily ex. Suo ..6:60a.m. No. 210. Pas. arrives dally ..8:50p.m. No. 216. Freight D. ex. Su& 12:01 p.oi. SOUTHBOUNI). No. 201, Pas.daily 12:46 p.m. No. 203, Pas dally ....2:00ajn. No.207Pas.daily ex. Sun ...8:C0P:io. No. 209, Paa. departs dally...6:20a.m. MO. 216 Freight. D. ex. Sun. .12:20 fan.

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