Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 10, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1908
Page 4
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ne HNi liKT II CHA&P.8C0ZT. •bttnd at Ibla, KaotM, Postofflca^ as Beeoiiil-ClaM Ibttor. AdmtlilQc Rates icada Knows on ^pltcatloiL SI]9liCRIPnO]l B1TE8. r. mtmr tm kott, fiai CIlj, Laiyra- Tllle •r LaHarpck . )B» Weak..... 10 eeata Jnt Uonth 44 cents One Tear $5.00 Man. Oa< year fBsUe eeaatj 9SM •at- jemr oatoMe eoaaty M» Three MontliB. in adrance 11.00 One Month. In advance 44 WFICUL FAPEB, CITT OF BASSET. Telepbeaet Saslnesa Offlce : ' ' Bdltorial Room • - - 18 222 o o o o o o,o ooooooooo O - o O LITTLE BITS OF KAXSAS HITS O O O O A yiedlof of Prose. Voetry, »ITS O O SoU 'H nii«l Cnninicnf. O O O oooooooooooooooo in Collier's, / Yon have to give it .to Walt. Ho is some port. \6w if the Gazette hacf sonio one to write a little news, why Tint the fall crop of journalistic pouitrj- Was not a failure is well evidenced by the ap])earance of the "el- eel ion victory" pape of the Blue Monnd Snn. An epidemic of illness among the losers of those freak election I)ets is reported. The Increaslnc; frcfinency of nvol- vor killings, leads Sam Slothful to frame his salutation thus. "Oooil morning, have you heen shot at tliis mornlnK?" Xow is the time for all good governors to come to tl;e front with statements as to the '•economical and con- stpuctivo administrations" which they propose to furnish to tlioir respective states at or below cost. Incideiilaily, it may ho observod tliat declarations of policy iu advance «i rondiiions: some lime;-, makos j ;«H )d piilitionl aui- nimiitinn for the c-nr^niy. ROSE LIKES KANSAS New Vorlicr Wlio Canjc Here Ihirinif Canipuiifn Is Plcjivcd With Sijilc. "Down in Cherryvalo the newspaper •writer who is abV to s^^e "rumors" floating is workinr. The Rev. Mr. County .\tiorney Pile (Dem.) of Labette, county, fail<>d of re-election under the pile of votes for his Republican opponent. ITp to date, no one has discovered that CI:arles W. Morse, head of tlie ice trust, and recently sentenced to serve fifteen years in tlie ptuitentiary in New York", (v.-r lived in Kansas. Anyhow, it's a '"a«»' f 'ti- ^•-^Tor •5o. .\ h.indsoiiif- IK w two .-i..ry liiidc building to l)C till" home of ih«' Hi porter In Independence Is to l)e built In the near future. "Oil^ay.^ In newspaper work as well as in politics." But "the Reporter I.^ a mighty good "newspaper at that. Mister Alexander Calvert, business manager of the Reporter, designed tJie building. There was a big man named Tiill Tnft Wlio sailed a Republicin craft. Wlien Missouri "came through." He did just like you" An.d me^lauphed till he nearly went daft. Sabetha is the first Kansas town to report an earthquake shock, a dispatch saying that vibrations were distinctly felt there yesterday. Reports to the effect that the vibratlnxLs were the result of a politica' jar there, are denounced as canard?. T('|)i-ka, J<as., XoV. in.—.\. M. ItoKe. tile lii * York man wlio came to Kansas diiri'ig (lie campaign i «s organizer for N:iiif(iial l,i\'i{;u<M{opuldifan riubs .vPciiKi to liavf falli'ii in love with the .-;i:iti'. i V m- !;.• imiiic litt'k i!'i<- today for flio p ;i )\Ho ;-;i> (ii arraiiL'in:: i;> imi'diaso if .losi ^iijlc. iiii> i.i rliMrir iiclil plaiii. aiid iin >sil )ly oiJu r i-iir.ilar electric plan;.'? in K.tnsas :iiid oilier western .states. .Mr. Hiu.o is .leeonip.'inii-d by ..\ieoti I'ayii,-, a :ii ':i.;-,- ."\( v\ York luaii infi"-r- :'i;< .! ill iiU;iiiri;-.i ;:i '!':«ir-. Mr I';tyn« is ill luiiiMu'ia i>:.;.iy. • i l:',> -it V,-.' ii.MVe ill lilitid," ••.liii Ml'. FCr. I . 'J . !•> |..,r,li;s.- ;i dii.!fi ^!!icii~iii iii.'-.ii pTiyiei; tmiu ^^'-O.- .sjiiM .Hiiii .-I \ r.;,;ii!n', f:in- .-•;.!d:ile liii'.i nvdiT ti:;iiiaui'lili'iii intpiMV.-' efiiric;•.< y ;iiid d .-reloj th :'i'' lin^'iie-^-;. v\',. 'n ,^i ;> t\\i\< hy pel liIl.^ phcit.s lociited in .-iiitalde. .urnw iiig lown.s, wt' can in;ike ^olut> money ilirmi.uh economy in iiianaorenient anr lieii 'M 'mcnt in .-t^rx ict^ to the pub'ic. II iiio |i!an.^ v .nrk vr.i pi-op. -riy. Mr l ^iyiie and niysili may In- a? soeialrc in litis lim- of v.orl;. I will coiitinu to look after my a.'-|ilia!i hiisiness ir NfW V .Mk."' •Mr. Hose is dciigliied at the ontoomf tlio ehu 'tioa and hMv.^;: "TIio New Yorlf ii.'iipl.^ u .M -i' ::i .'-..ily III-t-r.-:-!I 'd in Kar sas. and wi -re ;ilso min-Ii pU-ased will m\ work out heif. li is e \|ieet (d tlia ilie lifiiiililiiMii .\'alii)ii;il ]>iaf ;iie cltilif nil. kcr -p nil '.isiv.. \vi.ik In iv.cfn o:in\ ii:.iu::.-. li 'i'd ti;. (•• • i.-ry i.i.'inili (. .-(). .11 wlilcli si .i . .111-.- V, ill 1.(1 ni;i(lo •llid otIlIM' al : r :ii "i'. I- li.ii:.;i;iHIiill' ; pre sented. \Vf Uaiii ii< make cjiilif iiie soeial ••iMii >'r "f l ;"'p">''i''''«i>i.-^iii.' FRjDGRAM FOR FARMERS^ INSTITUTE TO BF HELD NOV. 16 AND 17. Prof. J. C. Kendall, of the Kansas State Agricultural College Is One oC the Speakers. J. 0. Norton announces the com plete program for the Farmers' Insti tute which' is to be held at Mflran Monday and Tuesda.v, November 16 and 17. Mr. Norton says that the In stitute is expecting the lola Roosters to attend in a body. The following is tho program: Monday Morning. 10:no— The Good Roads Question- Mr. .T. n. Fergus. Discussion. 0 :4.'»—Improvement of Live Stock- Mr. P. E. Crabtree. Kansas State Agricultural College. 11 :45—Rut, Farming—Mr. .1, W. JTamm, Monday Afternoon. 1:. 10—Farming From Estheilcai Point of Vlfv.- n.; Well a.'s Praelieal—Mrs. fieo. MeLatiphlin. 2:00— '^hf Hairy Pow and Her Feed •and C'are-^Prol. .1. (.'. K<.-ndall, Kansas State Agricnltural College. 1:00—Tree Planting—Mr. Ben Lowe. Iiir.-Snil Fertility—Mr. Crabtree. i: on —.\ djotirnment. Tuesday Morning. 9:00—Placin? Roys' Corn. 10:00—Reports from the Boys. 10:.10—Improving the Corn Crop—:Mr. Crabtree. 11:.10—Importane.-' of Piirf^ S "i "d HOUSE Just as he was about to let loose of <bis office Cx)unt.v Attorney Bucher, of Montgomery county, filed sen.^saiion- al charges that Chief of Police Kloehr and City Attorney Snelling. of Coff^ville and Shf ^riff Eid. Love were snilty of colln.^jon in the )Re of eorn juice during flic ejection. Before tiie cases could b^ heard tlie charger! •were withdrawn and Bucher resigned. Nothing like a specUcuIar fiiii .^h. But, it may be sai.d that Buc'.:er had the lid hermeticall.v sealed on Montgomery county during bis incumbency. Thou'and.s of Aiiiericaa women ii: oT ^r homes are daily sacriticms tlieii- live.s to duty. Ill iU'ler to kfc]) the. home neat ail'! pritly,ii 10 child roil ueil dvcsse'l aud iidy ,"\Y (iiiiru f.v<'idi\ A feiu:iio v.cakuo-.-; or Ls often r .ii.tiglitoitiand i iiey sufiVn-in .silem-e, (Infling along from bad to, kiiofliiiff Avell that they ought to havi; iicliJto overcome ilie paiiis and aches which daily nuke life a burdea It i.s to these laithfiLl wumen that LYDIAE.PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND -Mr. E L Orowell. Tuesday Afternoon. liOi —BU:dni'>-f; Mi-ftitiK. I'»air>ing—.Mi-, lliohari! I'.-.viiig. 1 :.1ii— .Soipi' Tioii.'iihold (•"OMVr -iiienee.s —Mi^. \ .1. Tliompson. 1:4".—Beautifying Farm Homes—Mr.s. Abe Mtdi. 1:00—Car(> of Milk and Butter—Prof. Kendall. Premiums. l!oy.^' corn coiitesi—Be.-t in oars of corn. Ist pri7.e $12.00, trip to Stale •Mntest at .Manhattan; 2nd prize, $2; Ird. $LT.-.: 4t:'. $1.50; r,{h. $1.2.=;; Cth <1.00: 7fh TOc; .?th. fiOe; Oih. .''.Oc: 10th 10c: nth. 10c. Other i)romiiini.< open to all:—IV-st •Usjday of wheat. $1.00: oat-^ .$1.nii; spHlc $1.<i'^: rye St 00; i-ailir $1.00 i%rt display potatoes (peck) -Sl.OO; .^wei t poialoe.t^l.Oil; pumpkin .SI.*"'!!; $1.00; cahbaKf §l.oO. Best di.'jplay of fruit, 1st $2.00; 2nd ^L.'iO: flrd $1.00: 4th .•'.Oc. Uest loaf of bread by girl under iS years, |l .r .O: 2n,d |1.00. Best dozen cakes by girl under IS years, 1st Jl.i^O; 2jid $1 ,00. Rest pound butter, $2.00; 2nd. $1..':0; 3rd. $1 .00: 4th r ,Oc. Best ten e.ars of corn $2.00: 2nd, $l .no: nrd $l .fin; -Ith r.Oe. Total $S2. Business men fike the Mercantile Cigar because it is always right No "ups and dovims" In quality. ^ Made firom the same choice Havana tobacco toddy as eighteen years ago. Sold in a hasiness'like ii;ciy, with no "free deals" for deale^ or "coupon" bait for smokers. The business man appreciates a cigar that sells on merit alone. idars are made in the largest factory in the j Ask your Cigarman for a"Mercantile United States devoted exclusively to one brand of high-grade cigars. They are sold by all first-class dealers who want to give their customers full value. They are smoked by thousands of business men who recognize quality and who want full value. Mercantiles coat the consumer no more than the inferior "deal" cigars. out of Rice's Glass Humidor "A'icf's Glass f/tiiuidor" is the original and only successful f^lass cigar jar. An air-right package that kreps Mercantile Cigars in exactly the same condition in wiiieh they Ie.'.\e our. factory. ' Neither nl!:t.iri.'> nor cliir.ete afffcls them. Dealers \\\\\ r;i..-\.! v.'tt wi'.'i '•.Mercantiles" out of thi-; jar, it yon a:;!.. Tliib splendid jiackage i-: .'t\:'.ii;i;>le :it most dealers to smoker:; who buy "'.|f :•. .iiitile Ci '.;.Trs in lol.i of SO. If your dealer doe.s not carry Mercanti'e Cifiars, send us his narn.? and we will arrange to supply you. F. R. Rice Mercantile Csdar Co., Si. Louis. !• lo. I actory 305-F<rit Di$i. of Mtssoari Nr\v5 of (he Count> fiOLDO VALLEY. O -0 Corn husker.s are busy. Homer Moore will move to Oklahoma, he is very ranch impresse.d with that country. | Mrs. Cullctt; spent the day. witii .Mrs. Delia Booker Wedne.^day. lif^r mother, .Mr:;. Ilarde.-.iy I;-, hero on a vi.sii. Mrs. Ifardf ^r^ly and daughter went to fol;i Thnr '-driy. yir. and Mrs. Walter Wood were in l..allanie Tuesday. J. W. C.ullett, Frank Myers and Fred Kes.sler delivered hogs to Savonburg Friday. Cy Kessh-r was helping .T. "\V. C!ul- lett Friday. Tie wa.> filling up the bai^.. The committee met at W'. C.Walk­ er'.') Thurs/lay night and s.-icked the peanuts and candy. present were: :\!r. and .Mrs. Tip Willi.ims ami B".~.=;ie. B'auehe Boyer, llus.sell "aroy. Farl C'llle**. Me.Vally. Kdiia ind n -.i-.'A Walker. C. Tyco. .Toe Titr- iicr auii .T/-net Seymour. Airs. \V. f. Walker and son Pred were in LaHarpe Friday, ICohl .T w. iO ta.- A'»e.';ts of Mrs. Tip! KA>S.VV l'AI>TS f.'OOD PfCTrRES. Williams since last, — Howard .Moore was out iu Western: John >ohle, of WFchita, Has GanTa<:s Kan-sns last week. j in Parii. .Mr. and Mrs. Lamb wen- in La; „ . ia t t. x- 11 t Pans, Nov. 10.—.Tohn Nol)'o, Jr., a Harpe yisumc: last week. yoiin;; painter from Kansas, seor- .V K'tter from Indiana says lliey Iiaveied a liii< success with his paintinff, had no rain vei but they had vsonti? j "The benediction of the Sea." now on snow which aided the wheat that was'exhibition in Paris along with a num- . ber of other paintinpr.s and .sketches of sown. They were in suspense Jorigcenes m Brittany life. He is one of they were 'afraid the; state would " tho few American artists v.hose works not he loval to a Repmdican vote, but liave been purcha-ed by the French then they woul.l not have long to ^^'j'f';;:;:,.. ,,,,, ^-,,,5,,, „as., wait and were glad of it. to paint the porrrait pf Congressman . Victor Mtirdoek. which will bo .seen in the sulou next sprinc (Veil Kuonn in ^Vii -hila. AViehira. Tvas., Xov. 10.—.fohn Noble, .h.. who has become famous because of a i>aintins exhibited in Paris, Is the sou of .Mr. and Mrs.f.Tohn Noble ot FlVi: lUMJREi) DOLLAR.'^. "Wfiuldn'i ray 3Ic for Ihr IJolief I fiot From Pile -i." "For 12 years I suffered with idles., , brought on bv any strain or hard Hf 'i* uow P.S jears old and work. Since using Hem-Iloid eight-P*'"* ^''^^ l'a =5t: eight years in that he work. Since using Hem-Itoid eight ""^ -i'^"' .*'^'"s months ago. I havo not had an attack.mother said today thi can do anv l.-ihor and .-at what 1 wifchM'^' ''^san i-afuting iu the attic at il without Hi effect. I would not. be in my former condition for $500." (Signed) Wm. .McAdams, Cook's T'^ills, N. Y. Sworn to before notary .Mar. 2:^, '08. Dr. T.ieonhardi's Ifem-Roid, an Internal tablet enre for pi.'es, is sold for $1 by Ciias. Ii. Sriencer <fe Co.. and.fully guaranlced. • Ur. I>'onhardt Co.. Sl.i- (lon B B-Ifr.ijo, \ V To Try Law SuiL home when ho was 11 3'ears old. His paintings are in Wichita homes. Noble's first work was in painting portraits and four of these are hanging in the .Masonic tepiple at this place. Tlie painting of Albert I»ike, which hangs in the temple, was painted by Noble when he was 15 years old. At that time he had never taken a single lesson. .Aiiorney .f. I:. .Miller weni fo Itar- lefiville this morning to try a law Mr.-^, How.ird Moore and .Mr?. J. P. suit. Visit at l *ar .soK<. Mr.-. .).. 11. Keith of Coffeyville, and .Mrs. .Miller .McCreary of lola are the gueKts of MIKB Rachel .Menizer at tho home of Mrs. Dr. Van .Meter on West .Main street.—I'ar.sons Sun. X B. rugate IB the name of the man w-lio has the temerity to start a Democratic dally In Douglas county. The paper Is the Lawrence Daily Democrat, iJdj'fljOf JBcaver Falls Pa., who say : It 1.^ hinted that Fort Scoti officer.'? | •• I was not-able to do uiy own work, voted prisonc-.s election dav and now ; ow'otr to the f .ui .ile trouble fr.jniwhi.-h an investigation is brewing. 1 f. M5roS,o,^n l I ji-iletop.'pouuil tiolped me wonderfullv, j and 1 aiu ho well Uiat I can do as big'a Independence Pinners are lakiug to • day's work ns I ever did. 1 wish everjv the weeds. Biederwolfe is thero af-^"'^ ^O" it- ter them. He has already smoked out I FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN, the "social sinners" and is after the | For thirty years Lydia E. Pink"other cuss" now. i ham's Vegetable Compound, made ; from roots and herbs, Las been the ((»R\ CROP LS fiOOD. Both Yield and Qnallt^ Above the Ten Y«*ar Average. Washington, Nov. 10. —.\u average yield of 2B.2 bushels of corn per acre and an indicated total production of 2,642,687,000 bushels of corn are the preliminary estimates annwmced in the report of the department of agrl- cnlture i.ssued today ' summarising corn and five other crops. The yield of corn per acre in 13(")7 •R-as i^tSi, as finally estimated and averaged 25.6 for ten years, while (he production is com pared with 2,592..320,000 bushels fiin ally estimated In 1907. Quality o. corn Is 86.!) i»er cent compared with 82.S in 1J107, and S4 .:i ten year average. Aliout 2.7 per cent ,or 71.(24,000 bushels. IP estimated to have been in farm ers' b.inds on November 1. against 4.5 per e'^nt. i>v |:50 .!i '.t .'i.t >0i1, a year ago .'id a ten vear average of 1.5 per rent. The preliminary fipnires for important <-orn stales, giving in bushel.s, the vied per ac:v and total production re- Npeciivrly shows the following: Texas 2.">.7 and 201,S4 !i.OOO. Kansa.«. 22 and 152,Soo.o0o. Oklahoma, 24.S and 122539.000. South Dakota, 2S.7 and 57,677 000. ITALIAXS Al'PKOVE OF TAFT. Pcnionstrslions on tbe Streets l»y l4iborcYs Who Know of Amerlea. Rome. Nov. 10.— There havo been several manifestations of rejoicing ov- •T the election to the pr.rsidencv of «he rnited States of William H. 'Taff. '•I the Bouthern provinces of Ital.v. particularly by Italians who have bfen In .\merfca or who have relatives there. The mofrt imiioslng ior)k nlace al St. Andrea-Aiiostollo Del Jorie iu Cantanzaro. Tho mayor of this town e^nt the following tc'egram lo Ambassador Griscom: '•It is with .the greatest gratification that I express to you the joy of i Standard remedy for female .ills, j S'Mr'^S "^^^ ^^.l^lHt ^l^V^" Sheffield Ingalls Is still braving "oU\ln^^^;};:^\4c^^^^rx^ Ed. Howe" In his native lair. The At- j Tromenwho have been troubled with chlson DaUy Champion -has lately in- ' " stalled a new Dnplex press. What has become of the old-fashioned woman •who used to wear the .directoire gotm? Walt Mason has broke into prominent xxrist irttb a half pasc of Tcise of Mr. Taft. Our inhabitanu. In Imposing multitude and preceded by flags, have t^araded the streetg. en- (buslastlcally cheering the new president of (h? ITnlted States. Please troromnnlctte to Mr. Taft these evi- d»inces of esteem and devotion." displacements, inflammation, ulceration, fibroid tuiiors, irreecQaritfes, periodic pains, backache, that bear- Uig-down feeling, flatulency, indkea^ tion ,dizziiiesB ,or nervous prostraaoib Whydontyoutry it? I Mrs. Pinkfaam fii.iri«M ril ptel^ women 'tn xrrite Ler for •Memi ,xfiue»mu> vwaui money u ni dbe-^^aa guided thovsaaia t0itBiiB to cure: -E. W. ^iROVirs aignaH TO CTBE COLD »• ONE BAT. Take Laxative Br6ma Qaiolne Tablets. •Druggists refoad. aioMy it it Big Public Sale Ha>-iusr sold mj farm, lyinp (wo and one-half mlle.^ <.ontb of LaHarpe. Kansas, I will .xell at PiibUe .^ale my stuck and farm implrments on Saturday, Nov. 14, 1908 battle, 43 .1 Cows, four and f.hc years old. '2 of them -.vitli jroung<>alTes. ii head oi two-year- ral.ved eahe .'i this .';casou; iwk-it'.e co»ne early in the WIHIST . :t yearling Ileliers, bull. I jearliaij Imll. 1 eood yrarlinir .^twr. \-2 bead of calves; S.steers; I hi'hVrN. old heifers, nine 1 two-year-old .*> brood SAWS, two of them are full Idoui^ Durnc. the other three are full blood 0. L C. 9 Kitoatx, weight L>0 lbs. each. 1 Duroe boar, one year old. 4 full lilood Huroe shoaJ.s liulunce early fall ptes. Ilor!<e§ 1 bay marc, seirn year* old in foal, weight 12»)0 lbs.; 1 bay hor-ic, .seven years old, weight 1050 lbs.; 1 bay horse, si.v years old, welgiif lllKJ lbs.; 1 iMiy hoisc, ii years old, extra good single driver; 1 two- jear-old fllley, extra good; 1 one-year-old horse colt; I la-^t sprlnc's colt; 1 one-year-old mare mule. Farming Implements Two wasrons, one low ouc: two (op bnp:trles; one road Ciirt; Osborne binder, in good repair; one fhaniplon mower, one new Dane niowcr nscd one senson,one Bnrkeye grain drill with grass seeder attachment, one di.«<k Imrrow, one three-section harrow, one cuKlTator, one doable shovel plow, wulkfn? plow, one Perfection fan mill, one corn sheller, two set single harness, four set ne>s, two saddles and many ardrles too nuinernns to mention. one 14-lncb doable bar- Will also "iell from 1ft (o M (ons of Tiiiio(hy h;;y—baled. TWELVE DOZEN OF FINE (IIICKINS. Household F I ,1 ^n<* «n?8n, one Mwlag machine, one sniuli s(«nd. one iron bed stead with sprlnes one wooden IH^ stead wi h spr ngj(, sanitarj- cot, one smoU sio^e, one large Koand Oak beate?, ilo washlnl Si ";arro 'u'Jt"mS.S^^^^^ ^^^^ '^a^* "a ?tS TEBMS—All SBms of MO or over a credit of 9 montlis srivcn, purcJiascr glvfaig ann rout. intorMf frAm ii.tA ^ per ccnt off for cash. • " per cent, iatcrciit from date. Luck snred on gronadsbj . HEtXS £ DAYIS. BWIfiBIT 8X0CK, Aaetloaecr. A. M.

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