The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 9, 1964 · Page 10
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 10

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 9, 1964
Page 10
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Y PAGE 10 NATIONAL WINDOW By LYLE WILSON United Press International The latest developments in the Bobby Baker mess .recall the circumstances under which a hard-won Internal Revenue Service ruling in September of 1948 caused $30,000 to flow into Harry S Truman's presidential campaign fund. Back there in 1948 the word around Washington was that there was something unusual in the Truman campaign fund raising methods. Some facts got on the record in 1957-1959 before the U. S. tax court in an action between Welburn Maycock and the commissioner of Internal Revenue. Maycock in 1948 was general counsel of the Democratic National Committee. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) challenged Maycock's 1948 income tax return. The tax court found Maycock's return in good order, however, and proof against the IRS effort to assess more taxes, docket No. 58957. The court's printed findings of facts stated that Maycock had undertaken in 1948 to raise $30,•&000 for the national committee. He sought aid in fund raising among Jews in New York City from Louis Markus, president of the American Bowling and Billiard Co. Learns Of Name From William Solomon. New York insurance man, Markus learned and passed on to Maycock the name of William S. Lasdon who was said to be ready to put up a large chunk of political money in return for a favor in Washington. Lasdon and his family owned and desired to sell valuable antibiotics patents. The favor they desired in Washington was something that would cause the IRS to act on their pending request that the | proceeds of such .sale would be taxed as a capital gain rather than as ordinary income. The record shows that the transaction met the requirements as a capital gain transaction. What the Lasdon's needed was action. They already had tax counsel in Washington but counsel had not been able to prod the IRS to act. A favorable ruling would save the Lasdon family large sums in federal income tax. Lasdon first offered $25,000 to Maycock who was to be his tax counsel, but finally raised the sum to $65,000. Maycock agreed with Solomon and Markus that they should split half of all received from Lasdon above the $30,000 which was to go to the national committee. The $65,000 deal was made between Lasdon and Maycock in June, 1948, in Markus' office. Cause Was Legitimate The tax court found that Maycock concluded ;hat Lasdon's cause was legitimate, that he was fairly entitled to a favorable ruling but that the IRS was reluctant to act in an election year because so much tax money was involved. Maycock . pressed the case and in September, 194S, the favorable ruling was issued. Lasdon paid off to Maycock with $65,000 in currency. Markus and Solomon - each got $8,750. Maycock kept $17,500 as a fee and delivered $30,000 in currency to the Democratic National Committee. The committee popped the $30,000 right back at him because the Hatch Act forbids individual campaign contributions in excess of $5,000. The tax court said the $30,000 later was channeled into the committee through dummy contributors who gave checks in sums permissible under the Hatch Act. After all, what is the Hatch Act between friends? (Reg. U.S. Pat. Off.) By United Press International DAYS WERE NUMBERED SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)Cecil Fred Pillow's days of freedom were numbered be cause of the numbers on his shoes. Pillow, who escaped from San Quentin prison farm last Friday, was arrested Tuesday because police inspector Ken Murphy, a former prison shoes with a . number stenciled on them. NO COVER-UP DALLAS (UPI) — A Dallas husband learned that the'police department won't provide a COVST story for a big night on the town. Police Chief Jesse- Curry received a letter bawling him out for keeping the errant husband in jail overnight without access to a phone. An investigation re-, vealed that the husband had lied and told his wife he was in jail on a particular night when he failed to come home. LENTILS 'MUST' ROME (UPI) — There is one "must" at every Italian New Year's Eve dinner—lentils. Tradition has it that the more lentils you eat on New Year's Eve, ; the more money you will make during the coming year. " • FOREIGN NEWS COMMENTARY By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst (From Juan D. Peron's unsuc-" cessful attempt to stage a return to Argentina, two facts seemed to emerge. The Argen-. tine people just -don't seem to care very much anymore. And neither, apparently, does Peron. For 10 years, from 1945 until 1955, the dictator Peron dominated all phases of Argentine life. But for most of the last 10 years, he has. been in exile. Time has eroded his appeal. When Peron abandoned the comfortable life of Madrid and headed for Buenos Aires via Rio de Janeiro, it ostensibly was to carry out a promise that he would return to Argentina this year. But now there are those who say that at the age of 69, Peron had no intention of making more than a J gesture. It is said he knew Brazilian authorities would stop him in Rio, and that, besides, he had no stomach for the possibility that in Argentina he would have to stand trial on charges ranging from rape to treason. Creates New Problems Bnu. if not for himself then for others. Peron's quick roundtrip Atlantic flight created new problems. Despite Peron's long absence, a large bloc of Argenline labor remained loyal to him. Its members were concentrated in "The 62", the Peronista unions within Argentina's Confederation of Labor. And among them the recriminations already have started. '"' Accompanying Peron on the airliner from Madrid were. Andres Framina, extreme left- wing leader of the Textile Workers Union, and Augusto Vendor, head of the 239,000- member Metalworkers Union. Framina, who combines the roles of wealthy textile mill, owner and labor leader, last year called for a "revolution of bullets" if iPeronistas were banned from Argentine political office. Their unions now have called for a general strike to protest failure of the Peron mission and have appealed to other unions in "The 62" for support. Promises of the latter to "study" the issue is interpreted as a polite rejection. Meanwhile, both Framina and Vendor are under attack within their own unions. Unions Provide Funds It is estimated that' Peronista leaders spent around $400,000 in the last year in their campaign for Peron's return. Most of the money is believed -to have come from union "funds and it does not count the money spent on round trips to Madrid by the plotters; some of whom visited Peron three and four times. Among those casting about for blame it is being said that the "atmosphere had not matured sufficiently" to welcome Peron. This is a way of saying there were not the proper conditions of anarchy to force the government to permit his return orr force the military into action against the government. • For Spain there also' is a problem. It is what to do now with Peron in the face of Latin American protests against the conditions which have permitted Peron to hatch his plots on Spanish soil. For Argentine President Dr. Arturo Illia there is both praise and blame. Blame because he permitted Brazil to handle his problem for him. Praise for what seems to be a major strengthening of his political position. But the key seems to be the Argentine basking in the sun of Buenos Aires sidewalk cafes.' He just doesn't care about Peron anymore'. NEED DIFFERENT SLANT • MISHICOT, Wis. (UPI) — A milk producer has urged his fellow dairymen to pitch their advertising on something more stimulating than the nutritional value of milk. Robert Mather of Chicago said per capita consumption of soft drinks has increased to 267 bottles this year. "That doesn't leave much room for milk, does it?", he asked his health - minded colleagues. FLOCK-TRAIL " DALLAS (UPI)—There's one young inmate of the juvenile home today with a dislike for those flock-covered Christmas trees. He stole one from a tree lot. But the owner simply followed a frail of pink flocking to the home of the culprit, a 15-year old boy. BUY U.S. SAVINGS BONDS THFT»PTf>N DAILY TRIBUNE ( Wednesday, free. 9, .1964 HERE'S HOW T Urn! urn! Good -— Wayne Chocolates 69 (pkg Betty Crocker Choc. Yellow or White f Cake Mix | I 3 - 89' \ JIMINY CHRISTMAS! The holidays are almost here! Now's the time to start picl shopping by doing all your marketing at CARTER'S. 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