Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1907
Page 3
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A Money Saver for Those who waot Coats, Fors, New Shirt Waists. Skirts, Warm Uoderwear aod Dress Goods! Our customers teil us it is a pleasure for them to be able to view this magnificent display of New Fall Merchandise, now in array here. It certainly is a privilege and pleasure for us to show them! Here you will find a representation of all the new things trom the foremost producing centers of the world. If uou want to save moDey OD Coat »i Furs, Shirt Waistft, Skirts, warm Underwear and Dress floods It will |>aij you to visit tt3 Cmmi Mmttlmon Av0aua. RICHARDSON'S 2 doorm WmmlThomp' moa HoM. GAS CITY NEWS ITEMS PEACE CONFEREES RETURN BASKET BALL TEAMS BENT THE OPEBA HOUSE FOR PKArTIt'E. W) CONIESTANT TO COFFEYVILIi GAS CITY WILL NOT TRY FOR HONORS THANKSGIVLX.'. Local Meirbantii Snj- Ye«t«'rdaj Was A Qalet Paj Day. ; The Gas City Basket Ball teams ^ have rented the ojiera house. They iwlll use the hall for a place t <i prac- . lice basket ball. Gas CMty has had a good basket ball team for some time but It failed to wiu OD many occasions because of lack of practice. Heretofore they have had no place to practice. Now - that this arrangement Is made It^Ja believed that the local team w™ develop Into one uf ihf fastest In this part of the state. Finance Committee .ipprored KillN. Because ^there was no session of the city council la.xt evening ih»* finance committee approved the bills and other business was passed over nniil the next meeting. There was nothing of Importance to come np before ilie council last evening and since it was pay night It was deeint-d udvUal>l>- not to meet. Wd.s 8 Qnlet Pay Day. The local merchants report yesterday as the quietest pay day for this time of the year they have exiierienc- ed for a number of years. It Is be- Heyed that the present financial condition-Is to blame. The laboring men oould not believe that the .^clearing bouse ceriiflcates which were paid to em. to be as good as the cash. Win Not Send a Eepresentatlre. The GaiB City High School will not be represented In the Southern Kansas Teacfiers' Association contests, which will be held at Coffeyville during the Thanksgiving holidays. Miss Mitchell, superintendent, announced General Porter and Joseph Choate Pleased With Results. .Ww York, Xov. G.—General Hor- U'H Porter and .'oseph Choate, two of the .\merican ambassadors to the recent peace conference at The Hague. r< turned home today and will go on to Washiiiiiton 5 -oon to report to the I'resident. Both e.\pres.sed themselves as. entires- satisfied with tl|.-' results r.r the second conferenof. One of the principal conveniioius— m '.opted unanimously—^was the i)ropo- sitJon offere.l by the American le^a tion and d,=»slgnatpd "the Porter prop< .•itlon." It luohibits the use of arm- M force for the recovery of rontrac tual debts until all efforts at arbitration have failed. This convenilon was 3"gned by every creditor and debtor nation. MORE ELECTION NEWS tVhat Addltlnnul Retum.s Tell Altoiil the Different Elections. BOrRKE eOCKR.4N ARRESTED. TauimanyN <>'rand Sachem fbarged With Illeanl Yotlni?. New York. Nov. —Additional re- urns received through the night and his morning confirm the general re- .sults already announced and clear up *ome doulits In closely coiHested elec- •lons. . Governor Could, of .Mas.sachuseils, has Increased his pleurality to about hirty ihotisand in ]<t<i»;. The enjire ickel and both liranclit's of the li'gis- ;.lures are ifpublk'aii. Of the two democratic candidates, Wliltuey very .strongly outran Hartlett, the latter falling far below the independint lead er. Maryland, which was in dt)til>i last night, has elected a democratic candidate for governor, Croihers and the entire democratic state ticket carried by about seven thousand pleu­ rality. The legislature Is apparently •Jemocratlc. Ex-Governor Smith carried the primaries for the short term in the United Slates senate, and WTiyet Is assured of the short term. The result in New .Jersey lias become so close that it may require the official returns to decide between Ka- thenbach, the democratic candidatt for governor, and Kort the republican In the early returns Kathenbach's- lead of fifteen thousand has been fol lowed by detailed returns sliowinf New York, Nov. .'(.—Congressman W. lUjurke Cockran was arrested on a charge of Illegal voting this afternoiui ut a pollin.t; place. The policeman who luadti the arrest said he could not verily the address given by Mr. Cockran at :tlO Kast Seventeenth Street, from which address .Mr. Cockran had registered. The congressman was taken lo the police station and thence to a police court. ' .Mr. Cockran is grand sachem of Tammany Hall. .A servant at the East Seventeenth street hou .se had sworn that no iHie named Uourke Cockran lived there, and Magistrate Cornell issued the warrant while under thf I'upression that someone was trying ro vote on the congressman's name. When Mr. Cockran was arraigned la court, one of ihe attorney general's as <istanis denounced the arrest as an •juirage, and .Mr. Cockran was prompt y discharged. .Mr. Cockran said the East Seventeenth street house was his residence before he went to Congres:), and that he had never forfeited the right to vote from that address. "When I registered," he said, "I told the Inspectors who I was and ex plained the entire situation. I wn not challenged when I registered, no to-day. I fall to see on what author Hy the arrest was made." ARE ARDUGTINO GIRLS American Homes Invaded by White Slave Traders—Sent to Panama. Battle Creek. Mich., Nov. 6.—That girls are being stolen from American homes and sent to Panama for immoral purposes was the statement made at the National Purity Congress iH're today by Rose .Tohnson, a missionary who has spj-nt several years in Colon where she established a boarding home for American hoys. .lohuson told of a 12 year old girl she had ntfemtited (o rescire Jn CoJoa. who told her she had been enticed from 12.'»th str?et New York by a strange women. .Johnson .said she was j attacked in her efforts to get the girl I out of n den. and later received word itiiat the girl had been beaten to death. Miss .Tohnson has also done rescue work in Alexandria, and she stated j >*he rescued one sirl who had beefi I shipped as a white slave from Toron, to to Chicago, then to N:»w York, then o Paris and then to Egypt. She said that drinking and gambling cond'- 'ons appear.^d to her worse In Colon • "lan at Port Said. Let us speak of men as we find theni .And censure only what we can see. Uemembering that none can be per feet. I'liless they use Holllster's Rock; Mountain Tea. At Burrell's Drug Store. I "JAP FRIENDSHIP A HERITAGE.' this morning that Gas City would not enter. Last year the High School won j only a few hundred votes for sepa- the baritone solo, against many other rate contestants. At Newark Kort't contestants. , election was claimed by a plurality of —'- about one hundred seventy-five. In In ralllngr on Friends. 1904 Governor Stokes, the republican. B. R. Allerback formerly of thi^ iiyd a majority of thirty one thousand city but now of Whiting. Kansas, was in New .Jersey, in the city yesterday calling on old The Rhode Island returns give Hlg- friefads. Mr. Allerliack was formerly gins, the detnocrat candidate for gov- B partner of Ur. Swan In the drug ernor, a plurality which reaches twen- buslness In this cli.v. HP win go ro lythree hundred, against one tHous- Eldorado Kansas from here. utid in lUOl. The general assembly 'in republican in lioth branches, and Pmonata. insuring return of Wettnore lo the Mr. and Mrs, R. .1. l.-e.-irock of St. .Senate. Louis are visiting at the homes of The Kentucky state republican llck- frieods in this city. ..i. headed by WIIIHOII for Governor L. T." Byler, formerly of this city, .arried by ii majorlt.* reinuining from but DOW of Redfleld, was in the rjiy /he to ten thousand. The Kentucky yesterday oh a buslnes visit. , legislature win have a democratic ma- Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Tpton of "wichi-^ jority on the Joint ballot and will fa were here yesterday on business. probably elect Beckham to the Senate. Mr. and Mrs. E. O. Martin of Deer- The New York results, city and state Ing are the guests of friends In this night. Edward, Willard and Bartlett, city. ^ joint democratic and republican nom:_. Jnees. being elected as the justice of E.,J. EASTHAM arrived this morn- j the court of Appeals, and the Taming from Terre Haute, rnd., for a vis many ticket in New York having a it vith ills son C. G.. who is lu the; plurality over the Independence league employ of the J. V. Merchant J«.w-j Republicans' fusion ticket. ; flry company. Mr. Eastharo Is here York, Nov. B.—Fort, the Repub- to Joolr:upa house and make other ''^an candidate for governor of New •rraareients preparatory to moving •J^'"s«>' a continued show of grow- hjs famrty here. He is a Tocal teach-stronger, the morning reports Inand expects to follow b!^ profess-!'^"^^•^''e that he bad the lead over Kalon' aftwr be Is permanently located. Bcffister Want Aiu Ic a Word. estimated at five thousand. For Beat »ni ()ilckeat Beinlto Cse tlie Eegltter Want Colinu. Rear Ar^miral Coghlan Says Pacifi' Must Become Japanese-American Lake. New York. Nov. G.—Hear Admlra Cogh'an in a speech at a banque- given last night in celebration of th .Mikado's fifty-seventh birthday ann' versary. spoke feelingly or the friend ship which has .so long existed be ^ween .lapan and the United i State md declared his belief that the Pa^if c must becon)e a Japan.=se-Amer:caj 'ake. "America and .Japan are hers-dltar- "riends," he said. "1 became convino 1 of that thirty-six years ago. whe ' first met the mikado in his owi 'and. I have not changed my op'r in since. This mutual friendship 1 •egarded by us as a seritage to he handed down to our children's chilr" ren. It is the friendship, I trust, thai •vill make and keep the Pacific a .Inj' aiieKt '-.Amerlcan lake." R.\R1. STANFlEI.n, one of thi Western Union strikers who has beei working for the .Missouri Pacific rail road In th;- Southern part of the stat< 'las secured a position with Ihe Santi Ko company at the >!encral ofllces i Tnpoka. Our delicious Cod Liver preparation without oil. Better than old-fashioned cod liver oil and emulsions to restore health for Old people, delicate children, weak run-down persons, and after sickness, colds, coughs, bronchitis and all throat anc lung troubles. Try it on our tfixarant** 8. K. BDBRELL. HOW IT WORRIED HITCHCOCK. A Letter Written Before the Indict ment« Intimates His Innocence. Ixindon, Nov. fi.—The J^ndon Even- •ig News pttblishps a copy of a letter Raymond Hitchcock wrote a .short Ime before he was indicted for inls- reating girls. It is to a friend in 'aris. referring to the charges against im. It says: • "It is a hard matter to write you under existing ciroiim'sfances. and 1 nay tell you that T have refrained rom corresponding with anyone while nder this terrib'e cloud. I write you dd mau, because in the fourteen odd ears you have known me you have "ound me to be a man in every sense f the word, and T know, old mau. you elleve in me. 'This thing cannot last, I know, or it either will drive me mad, or I uust end the agony by a journey to •.omewhere. You don't believe this, "o you? r walk to the theatre and. al- houfih T am given the glad hand, 1 now. I can feel that my friends are I doubt, and I can't bear it. I sIm iy can't. T thank you adequately foi our dear old cable. Can you Imagine •le playing under the stress of this errlb'e charge, this humiliating slan ler? I'm all In, old man. I simply •an't write, so forgive ine. 1 will see • ou some day. Prom your friend in lesd of friendship. Hitch." New York, Nov. 0.—klust how far Raymond Hitchcock Is from the gl t •er of BrtMidway's electric lights did lot become positively known today, 'uit the hint went out from two or three sources that from hh< hid'ng ^lace he might easily recognize the -eflectlon of the "Yankee Tourist's" •Ign after dark. Herman Fromme, h s vunsel, made the assertion that he 's now held prisoner within half an *iour'8 cab ride of his home. Accord ng to other stories Hitchcock a o'untary prisoner In the custody of • friend widely known to the theat •leal profession. PRISONERS MEET OLD FRIEND. Chester OTonnell Takes I'nlform Mea.sure for Carter and Tolsan. .John Tolsan and Cliff Carter began work this morning in the coal mines at Lansing. Sheriff C. O. Btdlinger and ITndershcriff Boatright returned today from Lansing where they took the pri.soners yesterday. The penitentiary ofllcials told the local officers thai they expected lo put the two Allen County prisoners in the coal mines today. Carter maintained his obstinate demeanor even after turned over to the prison official.s. Tolsan seemed jovial until he arrived at slng when he broke down and cried like a child. Tolsan has a term tot serve for assault and Carter for larceny. Chester O'Connell who was sent up from this county for breaking in a depot at Moran Is in the tailor department. He was called tip to take the measurements of Carter and Tolsan for prison uniforms. The meeting of old acquaintances in Allen County was not demonstrative as they did not appear to enjoy seeing one another,—at the lime and place. O'Connell Is making n fine. j)risoner, so the ofllcials say. This Is Worth Rememhprlnir. As no one is Immune, every pcisoii should remember that Foley's Kidney Cure will cure any case of kidney or bladder trouble that is not lieyond the reach of medicine. Burrell's drup store. DOWN •i,im FEET NOW. Work on the Deep Well Is SUM In Progress. The work on the deep well which is being drilled for the purpose of finding out if there Is not a second •;as field under the to\t field, is progressing. The well .is now down •'.400 feet which leaves but 600 feet more to go. It will take many weeks of steady drilling to complete ,ilie, well. For Rest and Qnlckest Resnlts I'se 'he Register Want Colnmns. HILL TOWNS OF HLHALAYAS. Lecture at the Y. >I. C. A. to be Jllus. trated by YIews. "The Belle of Japan." Our theatre goers are to be congrat uhited on the fact that at last thej will have an opportunity of witness iiig a performance that deals on a new ti,eme. Thi.s occasion will come tc them on Thursi'tiy evening, Novem- tt!- 7th, at the Grand, when the mag n?flcent production of H. Grattan DoD' nelly's latest comedy hit "The Belle of .Japan" will be presented. The scenery Is the work of Cox & Co., from (.riginal iketches made by that finioiis Japanese artist. Kf Tagamo. All Mie Japanese cor.tumes used Ir the iday were made by the Japanese costum.^rs, Sagaji and KIto, of Yoko- homa, Japan, from where they werr imported dlroct by Manaier G. Har r>- BIdon for this production. Dur ing t],e action of the comedy many rcuskal numbers will be introduced by Miss Bessie CMfton and other r.einbers of the company. Several theatre parties are lieing organized to see "The Belle of .Japan," which pnjm ises to have one of the largest in th? history of our theatre Try a Manl Ad. in the Register. TO POOR FAR.M IN AITO. Dr. Mitchell fo Take the Cominisslon. ers to the County Farm. LEWUS Dougherty, the Inla hoy .^vho has been traveling with the I e lurno Amiiaem.=>nt company, a" ad •ance man, has returned home as the ompany has gone Into winter quar- TB at Fort Smith. Ark. Younc "Vjugherty may take a similar pogl- •on with the Parker Amusement com paur. The Hill Towns of the • Mountains, is the subject of the edit-. catlonai talk at the Y. M. C. A. rooms tomorrow night. The lecture is ac- • companied by some seventy-five views of the beautiful cities of that region. The lecture promises to be well attended. Friday night a ba.sket ball game is to be played between teams number :! and '.. Tlie exact lineup will be given Inter. iJr. P. S. Mitchell has invited the county comini.ssioners to a trip to the county farm today in his automobile That is he will fake them if he get* the auto spring repaired or replaced in time to make the trip this afternoon! The commissoiners will go oi^ onunty farm, inspecting the entir< place. They have a special mission this time. Mi.;s Lizzie Schlimer, an inmate of tlie home has been 111 for some time and Mr. Sutherland, who has charge of the farm, thinks she needs special care. The woman underwent an operation at the hospital some time ago. With least labor and trouble tt makes hot-breads, biscuit and cake of finest flavor, light, sweet, appe- tlzlngft digestible and wholesome. Greatest Aid to Cookeiy. JtANAQEB OP FOOT BAIL ^A» CALLED OFF KDtCAP GAITE. WUPLAY BROiSON NEXm ECK MAY ABBANCE GAME WITH iBBOJf. SON FOB SATUBDAI.- Clty CoaDca Will Meet Tiita Mrtulag —Insured School BoJldifff.- CftUed off the unGeit Manager Dan Moorehead 6f the La Harpe High School football tViam, re- celveil a Jetter yesterday from tba >iiiansiger of the- Kincald Hig^! School football team in which be askf to have the game which was scheduled with the LaHrpe team for here fliext Saturday afternoon called off. does not give any excuse for suc^ actions but only asks that the game he played one week from the date scbiiduled at the present time. It seeina that all of the teams In the state are .itfraid of the LaHarpe team and afhV games are arranged, manage to crawl out In some way. '» • Manager Moorehead yesterday evening railed up Bronson with the Idea of arranging a game with th^ Bronson Hlgh^School. It is likely that he will u be successful as the Bronson team : has no games up to date. '* ('onncU WUI Meet Tafight The city council of. this city will meet; in'regular session thl^ eyentag. Among the business of iQiporta&M will be the report on tber.gas well which was left over- from l^st meeting. Mills and Rogers want to buy the well. This will be passed on at :he meeting this evening. Penny Social Pleu^ The Penny Social of th^ Christian Endeavor of the PresbyterlLi Church which was held at the bonis of C. F. Moofehead last evening pleased very much. It afforded the yotfng people a great deal of amusement as well as benefitted the church i^reasury\^a %reax deal. I Christian' Endearer ^oclal. The Christian Endeavoilt of the Methodist Protestant Cbiiircb social, which was held in the Farilier's building ^yesterday afternoon and evening, wasi a success in every particular. The youpg people made money^ which will go to the church benefit. ''• Relnsnred West BatiUng, Ttie billwas allowed bt the board -if Education of the LaHaIpe schools for-the reinsuring of the 'Weat brick school building. Other busfnesa of ml- lor. importance was tran^cted. The salary for the teachers waS allowed. Tier. J. H. Bright WJlt: Preach. . Rev. J. H. Bright, palitor of the Presbyterian Church of tJls city will preach this evening. He vvlll conduct services again tomorow \nd Friday evening. These are just t^ beginnliig of jpevival services which Will be started, in this church on November lltb by; EJvangellst Hawley. 'T P^OBSlS. K George Alyea and mother, of Klng- tls6er, Okla., are in the olty visiting.. L. C. Stine of Ottawa was in the city yesterday transacting business. Mrs. E^a Ford returncJa yesterday trmi Paker. Kansas. whe |ie she weiit because of the illness ifier mother. L. O. Broughton, of Broiison, was in the city yesterday on a business visit. When you are sick, ont of sorts, take Holllster's Rocky Myuntain Tea. The most effective remedy. Relieves wh)en others fall. You be the judge, try It. 35 cents. Tea -or.- Tablets, at Burrell's Drug Store. ^ MAL0NEY8 MAKE UP 24 Yo^HB Woman it Elttier Ip America or on Her Wajf Philadelphia, Nov. "be Phlladel- phia North American sa ^s: "Helen Maloney. daiwhier of iMHrtIa MWon y.' the wealthy flnancleri'of this city, nd wife of Herbert CVtbome, who eloped with Samuel Clark'ion. a young Englishman, October 4. I ^jas had a. reconciliation with her father, and is either lu America or on t^r way here. .Mr', Maloney is said to b^ still In Bur- ore, although> he may rjsturn to, his home her? at any time. ^ra. Maloney is in a sanitarium -in t^is city 'and the condition of her h^th is anch that she has been denle «^.to her closest friends. , ''These facts were leaded from an' intimate friend of the'^iaog wmnan whjs further asserted tha| Herbert C^borne renounced his rel|^on and be- c."»me a Catholic when se 'marrled Helen Maloney a^d this iJ^arriage has bean rocognlsed by the Ifalooey family,, alttaongb it wa» tvo years ago and they Ipi'ew notUns it nntll after tiie Clarkson aftajr."?

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