Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 10, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1908
Page 3
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Dint BEtflSTEB, TIJESfiAt EtBSPf ^i yPYEiroiiB 10, 1908. MAY BE INSANE Is- Theory of Officers IVho Arrested Denrer Woman Who Thrtw Dynamite at Mrs. H. C. Phlpps. STILL GUESSING IX XISSOUBL Some Candidates Won't Know Their Fates rnHl the Official Count. Jofferspn City, Nov. 10.—The result of the election on some officers is so close that it will take the official count to calm the anxiety of the candidates, who have suffered now near- Denver, Nov. 10.—The woman who attempted lo kill herself and Miss j:;"^^;;;^;;-^;};; ^f^r ^i^^^^,;^^^^^^^ Helen Ph^jps. daughter of Mrs. «• j is made by the legislature. .\s a mat- Chandler Phlpps and l^wo policemen I of facf. it i.. made bv the secretarv after failure in her attpmpt to extort j" presence of the gov- Tvventy thousand dollars from Mrs. i .^ncr ten days after the election. In Phipps was dcntified today as Mrs.:^^.^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^ Allen Reed, wife of a druggist in th Sj r^,^^^ ^^^^^^^^ Jefferson had rone .0 attor.d the funeral of her • f-^^ cacrcolnt ^^s 'S awayT he father. .She Is hB.ievod to be insane. ^ delivered, stiil .^ealed as BEGIN CONTRACT Gnflllan Started on Work of PottlD? in Paring: in Nevada, Mo.— Amerman There. , , .. , , , iariirinaliy, Jjv ilie secretary of stale to Ifed threw a stick of dyn .'t- ^^j^^ p.,ectini^ of the two houses of .he Icpisiatiir..." The other set will be 'Mr?.. Rf-ei mite into ni^ht when Mrs^ Pl.ipps refused to c:n,mo^hi^'v:v,^^ in much the same heed hor domaiui.s lor $2n.(i0!i. The v.ay atv refurii- from tiie precincts are dynamite was thrown wh?n ofiic-.-.s oommission- wern trying lo arrest hrr. .j-j,,. ,,„„,,,.^. ..^.^ U'a]i\i 'd (III Iar.:-:r' '^IH'I Then the frot File Five More. jumi,. i,y .VJUMIS and the of- In addition to tlie icii (loeds filrd ^„„,,, ,.„rii!ile!.>. only it is not r.':.lly (.rfici;'!. Tin- count by the lei:- l.ilaiitrc isjn;iii(' Ijccau .si' the state of- flccre iiimniissiai; otlier.s ;ind the leg- isl.'ittiro I ;,!uniIi-;-iiins; t.'i'.' r!t;in offlc- 1 -r^. I / The Nevada Post says: A. B. GiP fill^n and M. B. Amerman of lola, Kas. arrived this morning and started work at nooif >oday ijuttiog In concrete for the paving of the square. The work commenced at the sputheast corner ot the square. Mr. .Amerman who willhave charge of the work as forrmian. stated to a Post man that one car of cement and ifive cars of paving brick had arrived. "It Is my inlention." said .Mr. Aincr- inan, "to employ local workmen. I have four men wiih me that are experienced men and outside of tUe>e I- will hire men from this localiiT- f am also going to p.ay top wase.s. If bad v;eat her don't .'•ot in and deLty lis too much, niiK -h of the work will he completed before Chri.'^tmas." The work of pmiing in the curbin;.: around the square was started today. ihis morning and nvntioiied elsewhere ill loiiny's R(»-'lsi.'r. fiv.^ werr; filed late tills nfi/'rnooii. They an> as follow;;: C. \i. Heiiz" and Pauline H'-iize of T'-xico. New .Mf..v., to U. Withers of Rc'swoll. N "W .Mfx., till- ea.«t oii<- half of lot 0, blorli J. lr .i.-,..'s iiddliloii to n ?.?00 con.slderntlpn. On Constable and Justice. 'J 'li' rollowiiii: is tilt' vote on Justic" ai ;il foijsiahlo in lola city: For I', n. F'oining and wife of Allen .lUKtire -nuiii 'an ll'iT. Potter 1107; county to B. D. Morse of Neosho conn- (iilhnni 'I '.'U. For constable—Hnll 10S9, ty. the .south one-half of the Conh'v 1"77. .Mc.Mnrray n.s.', Stewart one-fourth. 13-21-]:i. consideration $2,- .'"7. 400. I H. A. Layman anil wif.- to Hannah Tm-nty-fivc UO^HI \clirhl»<tr>i ( nnie. E. Klink. that pa-t of the -lomheast A di'lcKalion af twenly-iive U.iyal one-fourth. l-2.')-18, tlesrrilicd as fol- .N 'l 'i.sihhors (vime ovr-r tliis iiuuiiiiiK lows: coinmenflnr at th" iiortheast f!<;i!- V;i!es f'i':iter lo iml <m .^(inie in­ comer of tl:e one fourth, itian.ry wnrk at tlie l!:ii: iliis .ntrer- thence \sest K) rods, south lO rods. nr!. n. iiiiey will r:'i;i::i iliis ::f- thence cast 10 rods, and thence north ir-rr.(ir.!i. 40 rods to place of beirinning. contain- : ing 10 acres less right of way of lola j Worlung on Bills. i Electric. Consideration ?1.1i>0. , cniinty commissionr-rs are to- A. V. Lodge an:l wife to .Tames Hry- day working on the rcs-ilur bills. Jlr. ant. lot G. bloclc 3. in HighLind place, Reynolds was unable to be here, bi^t Tola, consideration ?125. Mr. IClein and -Mr. .Xnderson went Anna E. Patterson, et .nl. lo .Taiut-s ahead with the work. j Bryant, lot 1. b'ock 7. Rhodes addi- ; tion. Consideration ?105. ! Try the Register Want Ad. Way. Snow for Tonight. TLo weather man promises a fall of the "beautifiir' for tonight. Which may also ser\e (o remind one that the ThanUsgiving and the Christmas turkey is not roosting In the far distance. Florence In Yates Center. A. F. Florence went to Yatos Cen^ ter on legal business. Care is Settled. P.y the defendant paying the costs of the iieace proceeding which was Martfd in ,lustice E. G. Hough's court yc'^terday. the action was dismissed trday. Tl'.e case was brought by .7. l"*. McMiirry. who alleged that Shireman li.nd tlireatened to do him liodily harm. Witii Frank Amerman. J. IT. Coleman .in.) wife, of Bloomsburg. Pa., are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Frank .Vmerman. Mr. and ^Iis. Coleman are euroute homo from a vi.«it wit.'i frinnis in Neb-aska. Mr. r'oleinan viiite<l in lola between trains four >ears ago and today re- niarl;ed on tlte growth of the city. SPECIAL SALE OF Children's Overcoats « Por Three Days Only—Wednesday, Thursday and Friday We have too many children's overcoats at this time of the year — they go res'ardless of cost. The styles of these coats are the Russian and double breasted styles—s zss from two to eight years only. SPECIAL CAP SALE On THURSDAY. NOV. 12. we will hold a ONE DAY CAP SALE, beginning at 9 o'clock and continuing until every cap in the assortment is gopt. This sale will not occupy the entire day, for the reason that the caps are very specially priced, and the chances are that they will ail be taken before night. This assortn\cnt of caps includes caps for the little girls and bays, pckey caps in silk and leather—lined with silk and silin. Caps for the young men and caps for the young weme'^. Every cap in the assortment would se!l in the ordinary way for 50:. 75c. $1.00 and $1.25 each. None of these caps will be sold until THURSDAY MORNING at 9 o'cock. CSoic: eich 25o See Wintiow Display The Cr^atest LIsiQ of Ladles', Mimsea' and! > ChUOren's Coats In tha Gity it p.-ices lowtr than you will find in any city store. Never before have we been busier in this dep:rtmen(. Elegant Millinery This deparlment busier than ever. .See our pretty Hat?, all so maderately priced. RICHARDSOH'S 3 WHO A. CUTLER iS James F. Christy Furnishes Information to Salina Attorney Concerning an Old Comrade. 1.. ^.'1 •*,() OvercoaLs, (lar ng ihi.s falc '$')vn Overcoats, •luring ihis sale ?.').?•; Overcoats, $9 during Ibis sale .^LiUO *1.0'.) Overcoat.-:, dun'ng this sale ? 'i.UO Overco.-itf^, during this sale ^C>X)i) Overcoat.<;, curing this sale $1 .95 $2.35 $3.35 $3.85 $4.50 R'nncni'.>er lliis .sale is fi .r three day.s, only— "A 'eviue .-^day, Tiiursday and i'Vidi}-. Sizes that will fit a boy from t.vo to ei^'ht yeai«, only. for children Bunlcr Hill Sh (.'«\s f..r the boy.-; cvc 'y pair guarrintoc J, . $L25 (c $2.56 Purest of the Pure. IWONT REHEAR CASE The best in the land is not always the most costly. BAKING POWDER 23 Ounces for 23 Gents Is the result of modem ideas. Costs less. Does better work. You must try it to see. Get a can on trial. The baking will be vastly better, lighter ^id tastier or we pay for tbecaa Quality ; Next Move m Prosecution Will be to ; Try For Writ to Have Case I Brought Before Supreme Court. i riiicago, Xov. K'.—The povcni- . t):fi!i's pMiiion for the rf hearing of •ilio r.-isc ill whicli.tho Uniti-d States ( rcuii rourt of :i|))jealri rovirsod tin- jtr'al court in lining the Standard Oil company of Indiana ?29.2-lit,(i00. for al- li'gtvi r'l).itins:. was denied In the (otirt of apnea's today. It is authori- i.itivelv Ftated that tl*' jrovernmont will now attempt to brlnjj the whole m.itter liofore the Supreme court on a w.1t of certiorari.* .•\ ;.'.v -.s•.•(•!.;; a.^o IJ. .\. Ma.son. :i Sa- ,Tt!n!ni-y, wrote to the local CI. A. II. Post lo.- information coneerninsr .\I;ra ;ii ("iiMi -r, an old sioldicr. sal^ lo lini" livd h'-re at one tiiuf. nut llt- flc liif(.rniation was si>our (Ml until a .!.!• nr t '-.f) a;'.o v.hi'ii .Mr. Sineltz<T 1< ariii.l of him tlirouKh .Iani ''R V. r'h ;:i--;> . who (•nM"r'.s .oomradr- jp ••l.••n.^•. Mr. ?m''lt-/.c>r si -ul in t'.;e follow- in.^ lo tlx- T<''f;i.s!fr today: T !i:.=! statement, relative to the wlnMi -rilients of Abram Culler, was tlp- lailcd to me yf.sterday. by. .lame? 1/. Christy, his comrade in arm?. AIi- ;M 'n fi'il '^r was born in Massachu- .';eiis. in I^:;i. He pettb^d in Douclart '•ounty. Kasr, in an early day. Enlist- f'd in Companj- F. Third Kansa.-; Vol. hif.. on .Inly 2{th, ISt'.l, at "Mound City. K.i--.. from Douglas county. Was •);lr:y ya ;-.s old when enlisted, thaw. !'. Twiss (now of Xapavine. Lfwis I oiiuty. AV.isli.) wa.s captain and ('. Toni 'K ti,'' I(dn wa55 Fir .st I.ieu!enant> \V.> V.-.-. {o£r <ther until tUe latter part' T'f f r early in lSt'.:i. when It' was •irv.ciritrd United .«tate.'? mav.shal for. \r \v xieo. He slave.] in Xew .^Tex— ;eo fir over two years, and came back (o Krii-.":.. aft<>r the clc.^e of the. Civil V.'ar. In the oar'y seventies, when Wrstf^rn Kansas was' i-iirveycd and fiion::<eiI. he wa .<J; appointed, along wit'a Caiit. L. .\. Thrasher, of Tola, c-; •''n,rnn"'nt siirvovor. Ea^h had . a company of abotit fifty m'-'n for proti>:;- tioii i'.^rainst the Indians as th'-y were v.rv hostile in Western Ka'].5as ;U 'i;.;t time. TI e two surveyinp; camps w. n- located 8om<> ten or fifteen mile:; r'liart. Th(> Indians swoopi-d down, iil'oi! Cutler 's camp in the iii:rht and' l:ll!>(i Cutler and all of his men ex•i pt one. He sueeeedrd in reachintr rjipi. Thrasher's camp, iiuil joine 1 ;li'- Tarasiii -r con'pany. Captain Tlira:-Iif r with his company went out N> liurv Ciittor and 1 is comrades. lb; !li<-> Indians on the way. drew : i-iii into ambush. slaui.'htcrc(| th-' nd di- vils and recaptured all the [rrop- • riv bel <in :;inf: to Cutler's command ami wlilch the Indian:; had taken, then went on to the place of slaughter and buried Cutler by a little elm nee and all the men two and two side by side. -Mr. Cliristy says that, accordiUE; to his knowIed.s;o and belief. Cutler never was married, but that matter mi:;ht be ascertained by eonsii'tins the Douglas county records. D. P.. D. SMEi-TZER, Adjutant. McCoolj PoHt. Cr. A. R. FIM» I'HKniSTOHIC SkKLETOV. Ted It of ThI.s .>Ion>tpr Wclirli Seven Pounds Kach. TYPHOID FEVER IN COUNTRY. Declared Essentially a Farm ..fiisease . in Southeastern States'. Washin.crton, Nov. 10.—President Roosevelt considers the appointment of the commission on country life one of the most important pieces of work he has done, according to the statement made by Professor L. H. Bailey of Cornell University, chairman of the commission, after t'.ie president had discussed the result of the first hearing today at Colle .'^o t Park. .Md. I -A patherinc; of Representative Mary Siiiidnir. Ok.. .Vov. lu.—I'rofessor T.' land farnx^rs waa present at thfl flirt .M. Pii.b'U of Drake, twelve mili'S nieetiuK. Dr. C. W. Stiles, who was -(.mil of Sulpliiir near the .Mystic present as a representative of the :';:ve, v.hib! di.u'.^iUL: a widl y(;stciili;y jiiili'ic health and marine hospital ser- dti.:; into a, v.ell pra-erved skeleton vice, declared that typhoid fever is of a veiy l;{r.i;e prehistiuie animal or es.sentially a farm- disease In* the icptile. 'l"lie .iaws measured four feet Southeastern states. The discussion in len,t;lh. and three feet, from jaw to brou.i^ht^out the necessity of bettor i:iw. .\ couple of teetli weiuhin.K sev- sanitary control in country districts. en iiounds eii.-h were ln-oken frtsm the jaws by Professor Pullen and brou.u-ht : HOO.SFVKI.T TO DI>"E L.VBOR. '(> town and im: on exliildtion wiilii , lii.- fiiend. T. .1. Hariman in the P.ank Mr." (Jomper.x AVill Be ronsplcuons for of Ciiumeree. 'I'he skel; ton is onl. ; Hi.s .\lisfncc. -i.x feet iielow the surface. .Mr. Usui-: man and a corps ot scieutists from; Washington. .Nov. 10.—President •Iiis j-itv wi'l visit liie seepo of the j Roosevelt has issued invitations for a tjreat ske.ea.n next week and wUl • "la.bor legislation" dinner to be held carefully exhume it. Jt will be ex-jat th" A^^^ite House. Tuesdaj", Novera- lilldted in Sulpliur and will find ajher'.T. The .quests wMl include many final restinir iil:!ce in the >rieat mu-; n.-itifiual labor orj;anizatiori chiefs and seuni .-oon if) b. erected in the i'ii;! jseverul jiidses and executive officials.- .\ii!io!ial park. jln:t it is iindefstotHl that President. iiijiers. ^Secretary Morrison.- Vice GREET INDICTED BANKER. 'president OConnell and Treafmrer Il .ee.non of the American Federation Then United States Marshal Arrests I of Lal-or are not included. Labor lep; William A. A':*ler. ji.^Iaiion wiP be discussed. .New Orleans. Xov. tu.—As AV'illlam j .inioiifr those who will be present A. .-\iiler. former president of the de- are: P.-H. Morrissey."president of the fiinet State Xational Bank of Xew, nroiherhood of Railway Trainmen; Orlear.s walked I'.own thi- gan.? IjlaniC; i)..,i:o: j Kerf^. LonesheT -emen's nn- of the steamer Ellis, when it arriv-jj,,!,; w. S. Stone, president ot the ed from Honduras, late this after-;n,otherhood of Locomotive Engineers, noon, m.'iny of his old friends threw. x j Doian, Steam Shovelers' union; their arms a.-ound him and kissed! A. L. Faulkner, Windowftlass \Vork- him on t'e cheek, and a crowd which.;>i;; miion: .lohn Mitchell, vice presi- had .gathered to witness his arrival, dent of the .Vmerican Federation of cheered bini repeatedly. j Labor: Ja :iiP .H Duncan, Granite Cut- Adler is returning to New Orleans -evs" uni^)!l: i'errence V. Powderiy in the face of the federal indictment; inneaii clii.f in the Department of charfriii.c liim with misapplying $2.';8,-! fon^nseroe and Labor and ex-grand fifiO of the State banks funds, and 1 niaster workman of the Ivnights of Lahe had no sooner .erected his friends bor, and Edward G. Gavegan. attorney than Ciiit.d States .Mars' al l.oisel pl.iced him und'-r ar.esl. He wa:^ driven to the United States court, where bond^i were fixed at ?li \noo and sign- Kelley to Topeka. Tra ICePoy. proprietor of the Cataract lioti'l, left for Topekn this afternoon to attend a mceflng of the Kansas and Missouri hotel keepers' association. for the Central Trades council of thn city of New York. School Board Kieeting. Xothing but routine business was transacted at the mcetln.g of the board of education last evening. Bills were allowitd and reports ol the dlf- fpent. officers of the board were heard.! "Nothing out of the ordinary was 11) the reports. The session was very short. f i Jcqnes W%, Ca I Wante-:' in lola. 1 .\ man ihou.:;ht to be from lola was '. .•e;elveil at a west side boarding house without the requirement of payment In advance. After staying two d .sys he mane a quiet departure dJr- the liight, and he has not yet returned to settle his board bill. The ofticers are positive that the man is one wto la wanted foi; a forgery at lola. some of his handwriting corresponding exactly with that on a bogus ; check passed in Southig]^ Kansas re- I cently.—Ottawa Herald. > L. E. UOUVILLE, President. *. W. BECK, Vice-President Directors; • L. E. Horville. A. W. I^eck. J. k. Robinson. Geo. E. .NMcholsmi, H. L. Henderson. Frank Riddle. J. H. Campbell. fXTEREST PAID OX TfilE DEPOSITS Safety Deposit Boxes for rent J. H. CAMPBEIX, Cashier. L. C. BOEDTSOX, Ass't Casbler. StoeUiolders,' L. E. Hpnrlle. \ A. W. Be<*. ^rank Riddle. H. L. Henderson. J. A. Robinson, • L. L. Ponsler. Geo. E. Niobolsaii. L. C. Robinson, L. A. Robinson, H. T. -^ans. John^-T. Watklns, . Frank .Woo4, .

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