Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 6, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 6, 1907
Page 2
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-"" "ifTi ""TTin rr*^^ I, CMhier. Mut Bui H AI«Ck ^200.000 Notice to our Patrons W «s Will Give You Bring your certificates and checks and make your purchase large or small, and we will give you a reasonable aniount of change, in either GOLD. CURRENCY or SILVER. New York Store Gossip of Society Ml8s M*n<Je Reilly. who ha« be«>n seriously 111 for the past two weeks. Is slowly improving and Jjer friends hope that she will be convalescent in & ijhort time, w I • • + + • ( Miss Irma Xiartinda'e who has spi'nt' the past two months with her sister..' Mrs. Quy Hough at r.a:iarpe. will po| to Kansas City Uils week. Mh^s Mar-' tlndale will accept a iwsltlon with; an engraving company. { * + • ^r. Klvle Gllliatt is In Fort Scott ^ Jhis week.. i \ .i • , ' <• • •> ; I Mr. Howard Miller Is soing to Law" rence Saturday to see the football , * * * i - Mr. and, Mrs. M. E. Bracewell audi sons. Rolaiid and Loralne. who have| — been visiting Mrs..W. L. Crabh for a | c:.lor.-d liberty satins. The effect is week or two have gone to Kansas^,, happy, so opposed to the splurge City, The famiy will resUK- tl.ere. I^lyle in vonie for ttie last few yoars I I'lat its attractiveness wins on all A l.-^rgesnil well assorted array tif tc-;iiitiftil patterns, just the tiling for a nice little ])rescnt for your {t^-nlleman fric-nils. Solid tloM, <.;..M FiJltii. ilown tti the 25c kifnl McNElL BROTHERS. Mrs. Howard E. Miller will go to CofTeyrille Saturday to spend week end with her mother. Mrs. Rob- j„„^ ,.^„„^.^ ^.^e bewitching. Mo'e ert Fletcher. + + + It is with great charm that even loir gowns are now made of dark tls sues and mousselines. iiuug over pal> I . "Where are you going?" "froingr after a .sack ot |/« Sm l^iMt Flour. Vf V wile :l|oa't tise anythiiig else '' ttmwiom Miff, St Bw. Oo. , ,< de.s Brown and smoke gray nets or ti.'snos ilmpped over any of the var- iitiis j;r:.y over oieander pink, cerise or f'oniin-jo si:ades Is cnarmln.e^. with may jireon over shell pink is an ex- miisile ooiilr:ist. — Vog\ie. + + + Till- Fraternal Union of Anierica Is to gve a bunone: and social meeting luniorrow' in their hall. .Mr. Miller, the s!!ite organiz<f. will give an address uiid there wll' also be a number of c.ird tablrs In use. so that the guests may spend an niijoyable hour after the s|ieech. • • • Solonxiii Triliitne: There are two liinds of girls In the world, the girl who works and the girl who gads. Commend us to the former. Work linds dignity to a preiiy g'rl, is an Ftir the bride, hweelhelit or relative. You will find .it Merchant's, an amy of gift viviii^ go ds, not only beiutifn Bijt useful. N) matter wiijoh way you turo something ron frpbts you ih-Kt will be right. Yon know, too, in dea'iuj here you get ju^t what yoa think you get and at the right price. Beautiful Sterling Silver Military Brushes - $4.00^^^; added charm to he/. The girl who works. CiO<l bless ))er, combines the useful and the ornamental. She might f,ad abont, roll on sofas, gossip and lead story hooks, hut she prefers to b» of some account m :ne world and .tors out as stenographer, teacher, clerk or housekeeper, bravely makes own way. Such are the salt of the earth, and of sneh is the kingdom of heaven. • • • The Little Builders will give a box social and informal evening in th** chapel rooms. The proceeds will be used for improvements. • •> • The Presbyterian choir under the direction of Miss Katherlne Jones, has begun the chorus work for the Thanksgiving and Christmas services T|ie music at these times Is always elaborate and with the careful prepar ation to be given It this year, the result promises to be unusually good .> .> + Miss Agnes Mtmson will entertain .1 f. w friends at six o'clock dinner this evening. + * • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Travis and Mrs. .1. McDonald are spending a month m Southern Texas. + + • The W" C. T. U. will meet on Friday with Mrs. }|. H. .lones, -J(i2 North street. •J' • • .Miss Katherlne .Tones is going to Kansas City on Saturday to hear the concert which .Madame Emma Calve and the artists who are with her will give. • + • .Mr. and .Mrs. C. .1. Doxsee are l,ome from a week In Kansas City. • * * Mr. and Mr.n. C. F. Hlldner will n)ove from lola to Bassetl this week • * • .Masier George Uiedloff, ^rand.son of .Mr. and Mrs. G. \V. Adams, Is III tfiday. • • • Mrs. J. R. Harrison, of Humboldt, K a guest of Mrs. G. W. Adams. • • • At a meeting of the Progressive •lub which wi'l occur at the home .Mrs. Wl R. (Joble in nas City this -venlng, Mrs. William O. Wplfe will ddress the members on tnings of ini-, .•,rtance to that organization. Mrs. NVolfe will urge the members to en- ••.rge the library and otherwise keep he club's high standard of work. Mr. U. E. WWlace, of Kansas City, -ame in today for a visit with Mr. •»nd Mrs. M. F. Sickly. Mr. and Mrs. U'allace have rented a snUe of rooms .? 114 West Thirty-Fourth street. Kansas City, Mo., where they are ai 'lome to friends. • • • The cast of characters for the Y's "lay. "Rebecca's Triumph." will meet 'or a rehearsal of tne play tonight. The young ladles will meet Miss Agles I^each in her rooms In the business college. • • • The Violet club was informally en- •orutned at the home of iSn. T. H. CummlnKB yesterday. The hostess is lesTins aooB for Colorsdo ud^ ber party yesterday was a tarewelt for a coup of frtends. There was a five «'clock luncheon and aa hour with needlework. , • + + Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kiddle, who have been viaiting Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Munger, have gone to Yates Center, where they will spend a week with &fr. and Mrs. B. B. Munger, before going to their home in Hutchinson. MAY BE XMAS GAME Auuoal I 'oBtest Between LaHarpe and Chanate .Vay Occur. Ii is likely that the annual foot ball game between the LaHarpe team and the Chauute "Oo-Devlls" which usually takes place on Thanksgiving Day may this y^r occur Christmas Day. Manager Phillips of the I.aHarpe team said some time ago that he believed it possible to get the LaHarpe team together again. It is likely that the game between the two teams will be played at Chanute this year. Two years ago the LaHarpe team went to Chaniite and defeated them by the score of r» to 0. ,The following year the two teams met on the I.AHarpe field, where Chanute again met defeat. It Is I^Harpe's year, hut other arrangements may be made. WHY SLOA>'.S LISEttENT AND VET- USE HIGH PRKMURB LINE. Clty'i Qaa Will be Piped Iron Works. to United The United Iron Wtorks company last night closed a deal with the city to get gas from the city's high press ure line at the rate of 5c a thousand provided that a certain amount of gas is used. The deal was closed at a nieeUng of the public utl'ltleg members anA the president of the United Iron Works company. The rate grant eil to the company is the same as Is now in force with the Ice plant, two laundries, creamery and the lola Packing company. At the meeting a deal wa.s also closed for the purchase of the city's gas well situated a mile northeast of the works for the sum of |400. WILL PLAY AT GRAND. Quy Guyman of Theatre Pame to be Regular Pianist. ERIN.4RY REMEDIES ARE THE BEST TO USE. Let me tell you why Sloan's Liniment and Veterinary Remedies are the safest and most practical on the market to-day. in the first place, Dr^ Karl S. Sloan Is the son of a veterln- ry surgeon, and frcmi his earliest tn fancy he was associated with horses. lie bought and sold horses while yet very young. He practiced as a veN rlnary for twenty years, and has bat- led successfully with every disease to which that anilal Is subject. All his remedies are the result of xperiments made to save life or relieve suffering while he was practlc- ng his profession. .\ny reader, by writing to Dr. Earl Sloan. 61.') Albany Street. Boston. .Mass.. will receive "Sloan's Treatise on the Horse," free. This book tells how to treat horses, cattle, hogs and poultry. ELECT CAPTAIN AND MANAGER. High School Football Team is Getting Ready for Work. Frank Oardner was elected manage.- and Haro'd Fulton was made cap- t.-'ln of the lola high school basket hall team at the meeting of the Ath l(tU- Assoc atlon of the high school yesterday afternoon. The manager was Instructed to arrange games to le p'ayed as soon as the captain can get the team Into condition. Principal L. H. Wl.shard of the HIvh School, has arranged with the management of the Y. M. C. A. for the high school team to practice In the afternoons from 3 to 4 o'clock, ami has secured the Y. M. C. A. auditorium for use In playing games. Guy Guyman, the piano player who was here with the Matinee Girl which Bhowed'' at Electric Park this summer and who was with the Sparks company, when that company went to pieces In lola last Saturday, has signed a contract with C.~ H. Wlieat- o;i. manager of the Grand theatre, to pay at the Grand this winter. Guyman Is an artist on the piano and the patrons of the Grand will be glad to learn that he has been secured for }(hls position. SHERIFF HOLDS A SALE. J. Solvers Buys Tract S2301. of Land for Two tracts of land lying west of i^umboldt near the Woodeon county line were sold at sheriff's sale this morning to J. Selvera. who lives four miles west of Humboldt The sale of Ihr* land was the result of a partition suit In which Prank Owens was p!aln tiff and his mother, Sarah Owens was defendant. The court had found for the plaintiff In the partition suit The land was really In one piece but was appraised In two tracts, one at 11.716 and the other at |],600. The tracts were bid In as one at $2.S01 A man from< Davenport, la., was here to bid on the land, but changed his mind. The foltowinc Is the descrip tion of the land: SH NWi4. 14-26-17 W|% S\V1>A less a tract 20x16 rods In corner, 16-26-17. GEORGE ALVEA HERE. Kingfisher Man Says the Dalton Par don Pleased People. DR. PRICE, OF OTTAWA, HERE. Talked to High School Students on Educational Subjects. nr. Price, president of Ottawa Unt- virslt.v, gave the higli school pupils a short address at devotional time vfstorday morning. He lmpr?s8ed on the minds of the students that the present time was the Dest for developing good habits. He advised them ij.-nerally"along educational lines. .He vas In the city yesterday In the In terest of his college. MRS. MARY WHITSON DEAD. Services Will be Held at Home Tomorrow. Mrs. Mary Whitson. wife of E. WJilt- son. died this morn"ng at four o' clock at the hospital. Mrs. Wliltson lived at 909 North WU-shlngton and was taken to the hospital yesterday evening. She was about 21 years of age at the time of her death.' The funeral services arj to be held some Ijime tomorrow but the final arrangements have not yet been completed. George Alyea, who fourteen years ago was deputy sheriff or Allen conn ty. Is here from Kingfisher, Oklahoma, for a visit with old friends Kingfisher is the home of Mrs. Dalton mother of the famous bank robbers Mr. Alyea says that the people In that tow nwho know Mrs. Da'ton are unan 'mously pleased with the action of Governor Hoch In granting Emmett Dalton a pardon. Mr. Alyea has not been in lola for years and Is as tonlshed at the growth of the town WILL CANCEl. OLD WARRANTS. CommistionerAX ^Disposing of Minor ! Matters. Th? county commissioners wl'l this afternoon cancel about sixty warrants which have been accumulating. They ore mostly three year warrants and all for small sums. They wll! probably not total more than $50 or $60. Yesterday afternoon the commission ers gave C. H. DeCluta a refund of $28.54 on an erroneous tax sale which was consummated severaf years ago. The bond of Henry Epling, constable of Gas City, was approved yesterday. The commlssionerss made their regu- at visit to the county Jail last evening and found that instltuUon In •rood condition. DAN LANG INJURED. Foreman at Cement Quarries Struck by Machinery. Dan I-ang. foreman oj . the lola Portland Cement cothpaqy'S qnarrfes hda his arm fractnM Just below the elbow this week. Mr. tang was at work at the quarry when a piece of the machinery swung around and stntck him on the arm. The Injury 's not considered a rery serious one but will be the means of laying Mr. Lang off from work for some tin*. . ._ ^_ «. MRS. I. Wl CANNON' and chi'dren left yesterday for Toronto to make their future home. Mr. Cannon tas purchased a hardware store there and his younger son will taek charge of 1,. He has been conducting the store lor the past month. Mrs. Cannon may take charge of the hotel at Toronto. Mr. Cannon will continue to conduct a real estate office In lola. Look at Our Libbey Cat Glass. Kook- wood Pottery and Hand Painted China. 1ewill,JewekraiiOyticIu toi NoTtb WMhlagtoq. S OG FORTY YEARS • 9e9e SPCCESSFUL SEtJllCE When a medicine has stood the test for f peribd of more thaii f»o fen- erations and is then more popular than ever, there can be no dotlbt of its merit. This is the record of S. S. S. Its period of existence is mariced by a long line of cures of blood and skin diseases of every character, and ks value iu the treatment of such troubles has become so well known that iiAs today the most extensively used blood medicine on the market. For Rheuiuatism, Catarrh, Scrofnla, Sores and Ulcers. Skin Diseases and all other troubles due to an impure or poisoned condition of the blood, S. S. S. has no equal. It counteracts and drives out the poisons, hxrmors and germs, the system of all unhealthy matter, cures the disease permanently and restores strong, robust health. Where the blood is weak or anaemic, and unable to furnish the body with the nourishment and strength it needs, S. S: S. supplies it with the healthful properties and acts splendidly in toning up and reinvigorating the system. It goes dovfty^td the very bottom of all blood disorders, and in this way reaches inherited-taints on which the ordinary blood-medicines have no effect. Not only is S. S. S. certain in its results, but it is at the same time an absolutely safe remedy. It is made etitirely of roots, herbs and barks of known healing aiid curative value. It does not contain the slightest trace of mineral in any form to damage thedelicate parts of the system, and may be used by children with the same good results and perfect safety as by older people. It is not an experiiiient to use S. S. S.; it is a remedy with a record and one that haS proven its worth by its forty years of successful service. If you are in need of a blood purifier for any cause begin the use of S. S. S., write our physicians and they will send you a book concerning your trouble, and will give without charge any special medical advice Uiat is required. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLARTA^ GA. Big Dance and Skating Party at Roller Skating Rink Wednesday evening Uo^. 6 th. LADIES Dancing from 7:30 to 10 p, m. Skating from 10 to 12 m Good music, good order and a good floor. J THAY ARE FRESH. A choice ai^sortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When you'buy I^owney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their freshness goes with them. Get )our ucxi caudy at Crutib's and see how well it pleases you. , CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and West Sts. The SANTA FE will sell HOME.SEKKERS* tlrket.s > OT . 19th, Ditc. 8d and 17th, 1907 tn points in Texas .Oklnhoiiin uud Indian Territory, Aew Mexico and ArkuD .sas at wry low latff. mXTKK TttrRI.ST tickets oii .sale dujiy .\iiv. 15th, 1907 to April SUth, IflOM, with final return limit .iiine Isf. 1»US. ti> Beaumont, El Paso, Ft. Worth, Galrestou, Texa.s, t'urlsliad: and Deinhig, X. M. at! low .rates, . - • ': Please see us for further parh-ulars, } W. E. RALSTON, Agent Look! Look! 27x24 Rug, regular pricfr J3.5t>, now $1.85 Rag Sale all this week If»jp * •KMf AA Imihrn Riti^Mmf

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