The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 26, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 26, 1946
Page 7
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FRIDAY, JULY 20, 1946 BLYTHEVILLE (ARJC.) COUBIflR Baker Pay Bjoifih Government Services fVov/cfe Takes Heavy Toll Porodise For tlie Japanese Battleship Slowly Sinking, Observers Report 11V JOSKI'lI L. MYlXlt Lillli.l I'ri'ss Staff Corrus|ioiulonl Ol'T BIKINI ATOLL. SntlllMay. July 27, ThK H:\ker Day atomic bomb may claim another capital fldp fntalily in addition to (hi- 15 hips already lisUxl as possibly fydiik or b-.uiiy <lama(!ed. an oiierw- f lion crossroads expert prcdlcKM Today. Tin- 32.720-tou .Japanese biUtlr- ''liflit deKi-ees In slarbonrd. iiuliea- U»B her- hull had been breached »»a her below decks comunitmenls were UixKliii" grntiuully. 'Ihe 27-ycnr-old shi;) clcvcloperl a sliaiu list after Thursday's underwater atomic burst Milch seiu Ihe Dut'.lrship Arkansas. Ihc Carrier fariitosia, iiiroe smaller vessels and possiblv five submarines to the bottom of Bikini's oll-slick- etf \v.iu>rs. I'l 1 . lial|)h A. Sawyer, technical director ol .jorni Task Force, One. believed ib,, Nesalo may sink in another 21 to 48 hours. Meanwhile, Vice Adm. W. 11. P. nKinder, m iwod the ''hot" waters of the Kiinbr>v,'-hiifd lagoon to ^oe for him;..-If w h:it dn:nii|;c Ihe bomb had oaused. He per.sonnlly led a ip c.i [Njrre.spondcnts Into the on for an inspection tour de.s- pile (h<> linjiennf; danger or radioactivity When hp. relumed to his flaKship 'SS Mt. McKinley. he and bis officers settled back to await drench- rains which they hoped '.'.ill c!i>ai,:,e (h r tin-net ships of radio- aclivily (loi:ositpil on them by the burst, Tradcwinds have died down eo:n- i;iving rise lo fears lhal an excessive calm may delay Mill re-eiury into lli c lagoon loiifer Hum Ihe five days orighsnliy piau- ned. Blaiidy.s inspection of the damage showed: ilin.k: The Battleship Arkansas, ift Carrier Saratoga, cement Oiler 1UB. one landim; craH (lank) and the i,indias! snip imrciium) «t), from which the bomb \Vas suspended for the c.vpcrlmcn- t:il uiideiwater blasl. I'ossibly sunk: Five submarines. I lie Pitotflsh. Apojjon, £ki|;inr,'i. Sea Haven und Uentndn. The bouj's lo; which the submarines were at- lachcci while submerged were nl! in silncc and Blnndy though the subs iniglu still be in position. Dninnged: Baltieships HcnsisyJ- vauin and Naguto. Destroyer Huijlics and .Attack Transport Fallon. I'oSsibly damaged: : Batfleship New York. Four Georgia / ,.i x t / v H Negroes Lynched Two Couples Forced From Car and Bodies Riddled With Bullets MONROE, on., July 26. (UP) — A band of 20 to 30 white men, r.rmt'd with shotguns, rltles nml pistols, wnylnld and lynched foui Negroes late yesterday In i» remote section of Walton County, Sheriff E. S. Gordon reporled lodny. The victims were Uoyer Malcolm who had just been released on bond on ehurnes of stubbing a white nmn, Malcolm's wife, iv Negro known as Cleurui', and Cl wife. Clnnlon said the lynching ambushed the Ncjjroes us thx>> were being taken to adjoining Oconee County bj' Ixiyd trarrls. a PAGE Movie S^ar of Ancient fl Upsets Routine &-LMmakers " K.V "ThKnrmt'K ~cr OTHMAN - I'jilled I'.rtss Slur! Correspondent WASHINGTON, ' July 20.— What would you do If June RusseH, In'tlie llesh, stood under a bnimnu tree (pink baniuiiisi In the congressional greenhouse and said, pardon her while she changed her blouse? Exnctly. Hey. Carl lllnslmw of Cnllf., lie)). IIurold C. llagen of Minn., and i tinned our eyes to the congressional l>apuya bush, even as you sny j'ou w'onlil, while Miss It., amended hor, toilelle for technicolor. • This was! genllemanly, but us It lurnod out. unnecessary. Miss Uussell didn't clmiiKc her blouse. She merely put one blouse on top of iinolher blouse. \Vhni. you may ask, were vyo do- Ing there? Congressman Hhrshaw. obviously, was enlerlalnlni; n con- Mltuenl. Congressman llagen m tin who had put up Mnl- :otm's bond. Slopplni; Hauls' car, the band iiindc the Negroes get out mid look them over to n clump of woods nud riddled their bodies with a fusillade of shots from the ,uns. The scene \vns a desolate country section near Ihe Llnefort bridge. over n small creek. llnrrls. who was not molested, came Into Monroe last night, nnd reported the lynchlnr; to Sheriff Gordon. Harris snld he no inember.s of the lynching band although (he men had not nt- Iriupted to hide their Identity with masks. At an Iminest last night, the Walton County coroner found that the four Negroes "came to their death nt the hands or persons unknown." liivlilni; her idji, Minn., to uo.nshlni: In He'm- where she was born. Fi-deral Piulie Ordered WASHINGTON. July 2G. (UP) — Attorney General Tom C. Clark today ordered n complete tnves'.iffa- lion in Ihe staying of four negroes by a band of while men in Georgia. A justice department spokesman ;said the investigation will lj c conducted by the department's civil •riehls .section. John Q. Citl/cn can its spli.ntlors, above. Government Services, tana Vi II hi^li over I.itlk wilhoat woiTyinjj Inc., will operate Tennessee Inu much ahout vaeatiim ciittaijes River and Ibe I){11. at I''nn- N. Cf, on a mm-profil basis. Hy NEA Serviie FONTANA VtlLLACiK, and horseback riding and Veterans Administration Hires Insurance Officer LITTLE riCCIC, July 2G, (UP> — Joseph B. Theobald today assumed his duties ns iusui-ance oftfcer for the regional oflico of the Veterans Administration here, after his ap- nnititment was announced yestcr- 0:jy by James A. Winn, local VA | manager. Theobald is a graduate of 'he Uni\ r or.sity of Alabama, and has served as di.sincl manager in Philadelphia for a lance insurance firm. He entered the Navy in December, IS 11!. July 25. (NEA)—High ill the mountains here, near Ihe Great Smoky Mountains National Park, arc sever;;! hundred little white cottages. Once Oiey housed corvtruc.tion workers building Fontana Dam, part of the Tennessee Valley Auth- crify reclamation project. Soon they will be vacation cottages for John Q. Citizen. 1 .- President Truman has given approval necessary to lease the cot- tngcs together with the boat clock on Fontana Lake and other TVA properties here to Government Services, Inc., a non-profit organii'.a- tion which heretofore has liunted Its activities to running cafeterias and recreational facilities in Wjish- ington, D. C.. and nearby Maryland and Virginia. C., 1 hiking in the Great Smoky nioun- Ambassac!or Fontana Dam is the highest cam east of the Mississippi River, rising 480 feet above Its base, ancl is the fourth largest dam of its type in Ihc world. The lake built by the dam is 30 mile.s lonfj Fonfana Village lies on the south shore of the lake just belo-.v Ihc dam, 1800 feet above sea level. F. W. Hoover, general manager ol Government Services. Inc., plans to have vacation accommodations for tourists ready early this summer. The resort will take care 1 ol guests both on overnight and weekly basis. There will be restaurants, shopping facilities, boating and tains. Fontana Is on the Little Tennessee River, 08 highway mile.s from Khoxvillc. Term., and . 10!) miles west of Asheville. N. C. It can be reached at present by U. s. Highway 129 and. a new road lo the dam from Deals p/TP. ,on ihe Tcnessee-Nort'li Caroflnn Eventually the highway will cross the dam and extend through the national park to Bryson "Cityi N. C.. where it will join U.'S. highway 19. Two Y Softball Games Scheduled tor Tonight The 0. K. cab girls Softball team will play Ihe J. C. Penney Co. team and the Sallba Wholesale boys will play the Ark-Mo Power' Keddy Kilowatts in two softball tames innight in Walker Park. Mary Lou Whittle will lie on the mound and Sophia Dcvlll will be behind the ptale for the Cab team and Aired will pitch and Wilson will catch for the Penney team. Jack Whittle will pitch and Ed Hall will catch for Saltba while J. C. Whittle, will pilch nnd Mclheny will catch for the Kilowatts. Miss Russell was oboylnjj the orders of her Iwo press agents to puselfor n color photo o[ her receiving an orchid. The orchid was an unique oiittteyii kiiskelllnua. which smelled bcamiful. The picture wns to appear on the cover of Ih'e horticulturists' journal. This would persuade the horticulturists lo pay their money to yee a movie Miss Russell made six yours ago. As 1 get It, Miss Russell did not wear Iw'o blouses In this epi of the 1 silver screen. Slie only wori one lilouse. which wasn't only tlithl. but niKiied. loo. The censors ImvV been on the verge of apoplexy ever .since, or so salt! the press, agents. 1 didn't mean to get ,olf Ihe .subject. I also hml a good reason for ix'lni; at the botanical, (,'tirdens. 1 wauled to smell a perfiinied kas- kelllana. Dr. William l-'rederlck^ Ihe chief botanist, said only'one 6rclil(l 10,000 has any -smell' at -nil: lie started to hand this '(lower lo Miss Russell, but the prolographers snitl hei' dress, dark blue, high necked and slreiimllned. would not do. She whipped out another blouse, while, with pink and lavender .stripes, and put that oil. The photographers said that was fine.' Miss Russell suld It certainly was hot. Rep. Hagcn said the climalo was better In HemldJI. Miss lUisscll had her picture taken. She shed ivur extra blouse and I usked hor about the movie she made In her youth, back In 1!MO. Its title, (he press agents quickly po'inled out, is "The Outlaw." Miss Russell was vague. After all, it was a long time ago. A girl for- ucts things over the years. I do not Shortly before I left Hollywood' n few years ago. I saw "The Outlaw.' ' screen. T ul3h't evc'n oliject lo'lhc picture. Some of the. critics said i: WHS pAhnps the wiVst |)(|2-t'liiic'ntc;- vle of the 20th Century. I though! it, wns funny; The funniest places. 1 ' whs Informed Inter, were sin- posed to be' serious. Tills I cami'ot believe. Rep. Hlnsluiw, In nny event, took Miss niissoU to the Capitol, whore she shook the Imnd of Speaker nnybuin (who wouldn't let the pho- tgei'uphers record this event', nu- loBraphcd « dollar bill (or Re;i, Jftmes Cl. Fulton of Pa,, cauv'd uimerous typographical errors lu .Me press nailery, mid luul hmcli. She ale with Hep. Illnslmw nii'l 3en, Bherldiin Oowney. who also Halls from California. Miss llusseil said Washlnt!ton v wns Interestliin. She said she never hml fell so sleepy. Hhe wondered If this w.r, because of Ihe cllmntc. She certainly was pretty In two blouses mid in one. It those censor:, ever relent. I think I'll give he'' movie another look. Take H, away, Hollywood; I've got to worry iiow about nftiilrs of state. Most of RFC Loans Are Made io Veteran* 1 LITTLE" 1 tttiCK, July 125 Reconstruction rinunce Corpora- lloji ..loiins . to veterans, compj ised two-thirds of the total loan:i made 10, business eiitreprlses in tlie state since 'Jrin. l. '• ' • ; ' . : 1 ' •). W. Jairetl. manager of the ni ! 'C office here, said Hint the cans were ucUally small and win mcstly • UMd ,,to .exmpd or e»lA&- l.Uh !ie^fbuWne% aet'up'* vetfc- rana.' • ' \ / , ' i n r " H iiirell pbfnt^d but "that' an' fiK loan Is made available lo businesses only If - adequate .credit, cannot be secured from other sources^ ' 'Male gorillas reach a height ol five and a half -feet and weigh too pounds or more 1 ' "• • * for YOUR home '$ \ . . I did not object to Miss Russell's blouse (or lack of same) oh (he UID IKli cou far your S no.i tPE- CIAL" Lnlrodwc- ta/y lubicrltrtlon ta/v — - ll 10 liiwti — only tU. 5. (undit Mow to lake tlt» tuti out of your Lrcakfost ecu' way» lo niaVo your kitchen "liotnoy" , . , what Mot lo ch (or your living room . . . TKcio on) |uit a few of the latdQuing new ideas furnliliciJ cloil/ en Ilio Woinon't Pa^« of THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR Thcio licfoful l<Joai aro "pluj voluo" In llilj daily newspaper for the home Iliot o lv ^ VOti woilj hcwi inteiprelcd to show It* ini[)ocl on VJ>J ond your (aiiiily. | Tho CruivtlOfi Science Publishing Soclcly I Or\o, Hoiwa/ l>i/oet, Doilon 15, Motsa<husctl* I Pk'oio niter a ipcciol Introductoiy jubicrlptlon to | 7lio Ctuiillon Science Moniloi— 5 wc«Ki 130 ImicU for II | sued I CUy_ Suspect Held In Texarkana Murder Cases :' f .If. I!-'.'' '...-I'- TRXAHKANA. Ark.. .July 20. (Ul'l —Ahe Alcxumloi-. „ Texovkana Neiro wanted lion- for, Ijiiviilury, was, joints held In 'Cahuien ' 'toilny lor i nveslltiation liy 'I'exus HiuiKers mil Arkunsns sherl'ffs" ns"a SHS- t. In live "pliLinlom" murders u'rc recently. ; .. However, rangers have ileclared hat, tlic Negrti Ls not n "strong snspfct."' , Alexatulcr was arrested In Lcwls- vllli!. Ark., recently on clmrnes or issajull. Biul liallery lifter ho hull ittitckcd n Ni'Ei-o woniiui llvlnit »t Sliuiips, Ark. ' Lnte yesterday. Miller Coimly OT- flcel-s admitted that they were iok)liit; aii cx-convlct for Investigation in the mul'dcrs. 'althou^ii Lhev refused to confirm a rumor .hat. the suspect, when arrested, mid, shirts In his possession wllh ihe. nniiie "Starks" 'stcnclleil on Lhei'n." • , . - r ,, lrijll Stains. Miller County hir- iner, was the. Idlest victim of llie "phtintom." , Terry Abstract & Realty Co. Abstracts of Title — Lands — Loans 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 Need a 24-hr.-Service TAXI 11 I DA ft I . i Call The Oklnhnnin A- nnd M. College, aUiinni uiuiucliitlmi \I'«B ovuau- l/ed lu 18^7 with six members. Ctf Jnines C. ^Dnnn, Assistant Secretory of Stale for Political Affairs, has been nominated by President Truman to be the new U. S. Ambassador to Italy. ctiFrte House Passes Bill to Handicap Fleeing FsJons WASHINGTON, July 20. (UP).— The House yesterday passed and sent, to the While House legislation which would enable the federal government lo join in the pursuit of escaped murderers, kidnappers or robbers who flee from the state in wlflcTi they arc imprisoned. i Tile measure Is nn mendment to the Fugitive Felon Act which would make it a federal offense lor escaped felons to. travel from one stale to another. HELPS \ \" '& at snacktime or mealtime TASTIER, RICHER DESSERTS r Ice Cream, Sherbets [ RED STAR TABLETS ilOforlOcl i • ; Packed by \ \ o. H™«« J Memphis, Tcuh. '( Kii|)|ily Don't l-eave To Get Your Supplies are in competition \\ f il'h : all 'wHol'cHulu '.s on Ihc followiiiK iind many olhcr U. S. RUBBER CO. BELTING U. S. RUBBER CO. .PACKINGS DETROIT BELT HOOKS PYRENE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS WOOD ELECTRIC GIN-lSAW FILERS WOOD FILES AND CUMMERS :: : . GRATON AND KNIGHlT LEATHER CRIMPS CRANE VALVES AND FITTINGS ' WE SOLJCIT NIGHT BUSINESS. r. ! HARDWARE CO., Ine Home of Famous Brands* ' Day I'lronc fiir. — Nlffrt Phones 87S:or 2ZM 12fi W. Main 1'honc r>!S Bonded and Insured Bill Wunderlich MOiVAKCH ••*!*fS™f*|MT*TPCHIP8 Equip Your Home with A 'PHILCO" Air Conditioner It's- surprising \\]\n\ a difference it will make in your lionie or office! \\c have 2 sizes: Tlic liii'KC si/.c will c<Kil S larp;e rooms or 'f small voiims equal to 500 square feel of floor space. The small si/.c will cool 2 large nxims equal to :iO(l square feet of floor space. Let us explain what these conditioners will d6 for your home or office. Bring your room measurements and let's tell you more ahout it. Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Co, General Electric Appliances — IJentlix Washers 2 Doors West of Hubbard Furniture Co. MILLIONS TO LOAN 4 % Farm Loans "G.I." City Loans F.H.A. Loans Also: Conv»«ilional Loans 5-7 & 10 Years on Good Residence and Business Property. W.M. BURNS REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE COMPANY E: 3361 . And ONLY Government Approved :-,,.. . • - •>'-,* . - • r V v- *' ^ ] • t - y •• PRIMARY FLYING SCHOOL T • - '. ?-' '$.. ,^- •% M *i ,- : i** a; 1^ w fc.-v *vT fa »: Our Field' is now approved for training veterans under the 'Gl Bill of Rights' ! ; "' ; ' ' This is the opportunity to learn to fly that you have beeh wai.ting for. HOOD FLYING SERVICE STEWART FIELD Dial 2717 Highway 18 East A NE7/ KIND OF TOILETRIES designed by FOR MEN ONLY It took a woman to design the kind of. toiletries that mon prefer. Utterly mascu- -^ line 'in packaging and scent, with that indefinable some-,' thing which some call '"••:.' character. h y After Shave lotion $1.50-|3 Soap §1.25 Talc $1 Hand Lotion „ $1 Mouth Freshener - $3 Joe Isaacs, Inc. . • , ; .„ ... f ., , ...,.-, .. . . , „ Serving Blytheville Orer'4tf Yeb« Phone .1331 ' " •' '•--••* 223 West 'Main SL

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