The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on October 11, 1996 · Page 8
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 8

Salina, Kansas
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Friday, October 11, 1996
Page 8
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AB FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1996 INTERNATIONAL THE SALINA JOURNAL BRIEFLY YELTSIN Recovering pontiff is doing welt, doctors say ROME — Pope John Paul II was eager to get moving-again and happy to have his intravenous tubes removed, doctors said Thursday, two days after the pope had surgery to remove an inflamed appendix. "He is well, very well," said Dr. Francesco Crucitti, lead surgeon for the appendectomy at inuNDAinii Gemelli Polyclin- JOHNPAULII iC)Wheret he pope has been hospitalized since Sunday. John Paul took a short walk in the corridor of his 10th floor suite and drank sugared liquids throughout the day. The pope also finished a course of antibiotics, doctors said. "He's in an exceptional mood, and we are all very happy with the results of the operation," said Dr. Attilio Maseri, chief cardiologist at Gemelli. Yeltsin depicted on tape as being in charge MOSCOW — Russian television showed a smiling Boris Yeltsin at work and the president's office said he was occupied with the affairs of state. A videotape taken by an official Kremlin cameraman showed Yeltsin, gesturing with both hands, sitting across a coffee table from his chief of staff, Anatoly Chubais. There was no sound with the videotape, taken at a sanitarium outside Moscow on Thursday, but the presidential press service said Yeltsin lashed out at big companies for crippling the government by not paying their taxes. The carefully controlled appearances are part of a campaign to show that Yeltsin, 65, is still in charge despite his heart problems. General: Military force still needed in Bosnia TUZLA, Bosnia-Herzegovina — The commander of the American division in Bosnia says peacekeepers here must be replaced by a new force, one of several options Washington is considering. How many soldiers are needed depends on what politicians want to accomplish, he says. "Everybody wants to get on the great political issue of whether there will be a follow-on (follow- up force)," said Maj. Gen. William Nash, commander of the NATO- led force's northern sector, which includes 15,000 Americans. "Well, the issue is what do you want to do? What's your plan?" Even as the first Americans began withdrawing to meet the Dec. 20 deadline imposed by NATO, there is still no political decision about what happens next in this Balkan nation ravaged by 3% years of war. "There is a continuing requirement to maintain a secure military environment, the absence of war," Nash said... Previously unknown Rembrandt unveiled AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — An Amsterdam museum unveiled a previously unknown ink drawing by the Dutch master Rembrandt on Thursday. The Rijksmuseum recently purchased the drawing for an undis- . closed sum after experts determined it was a genuine Rembrandt. Museum spokesman Frans van de Avert said the portrait came from a foreign collector who approached the museum to seek advice on the drawing's authenticity. The unsigned drawing, dated 1638 and titled "Portrait of Willem Bartolsz Ruyter," shows a Dutch actor leaning forward and resting on his elbows. Turkish court releases American, 2 others DIYARBAKIR, Turkey — A state security court released an American and two other foreigners Thursday who were arrested earlier this month on charges of aiding Kurdish rebels. Christopher Mrozowski, 34, Bethesda, Md., who holds dual American-Polish nationality, was kidnapped by Kurdish rebels in September. He was backpacking in Turkey after finishing a summer job teaching Peace Corps volunteers in Warsaw, Poland. He was taken off a bus in eastern Turkey along with a Polish woman, Magdalena Glowacka, and an Iranian man, Jamel Kar- ili. The three were released pending trial for assisting the rebels. If convicted, the three face heavy prison terms. From Wire Service Reports TCANADA The Associated Press Simon Baker, an 86-year-old Squamish Nation elder, jokes during Wednesday's opening ceremonies of the First Nations Conference in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Impatient Indians Canadian chiefs attempting to avoid violence By DAVID CRARY Tlie Associated Press NORTH VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Frustrated and fearing violence, Canadian Indian leaders are suggesting that the civil disobedience tactics pioneered by Gandhi might be the only option left to achieve political goals without bloodshed. Recent armed standoffs between Indian militants and security forces, coupled with deep impatience over stalled land- claims negotiations, have pushed Indian chiefs to an almost desperate point. At a three-day conference that concludes here today, chiefs from across Canada shared their fears and sought new strategies to convince young militants that Indians can wrest political and economic power from the government without resorting to violence. Joining the first-of-its-kind conference were police officials and non-native experts in civil disobedience, including an American civil rights movement veteran and two men from India who work at promoting Mohandas Gandhi's non-violence philosophies. A pamphlet circulated to conference delegates outlined the credos of Gandhi and Martin Luther King. "We will not give up, but we don't know what to do," said Ovide Mercredi, head of the national assembly of chiefs. "We want to convey to the Canadian people that violence is not the answer. But what is the answer?" Chiefs recounted in detail their experiences trying to defuse recent standoffs, including one at Ipperwash Provincial Park last year in which an Indian was shot dead by Ontario police. Among Thursday's speakers was Neelakanta Radhakrish- nan, director of a Gandhi institute in India. He met Mercredi when the chief visited India last December, and said he was fascinated at the idea of trying to apply Gandhi's ideas to the struggles of native Canadian Indians. But Radhakrishnari stressed it wouldn't be easy: "What happened in India cannot happen here. It's a different culture." Canadian Indians are somewhat ambivalent when it comes to confrontation. They consider themselves non-violent, and have a long history of patience and compromise even when victimized by manipulative governments. Yet they also speak reverently of their "warriors" and are reluctant to repudiate the handful of militants who do take up arms. Joe Norton, chief of a Mohawk community in Quebec jarred by a 1990 standoff in which a white policeman was killed, told the conference he shared the frustrations of young militants. "I agree with non-violence," Norton said. "But I'll be damned if I'm going to sit down in the road, and somebody's going to hit me on the head and I'll do nothing.' "When is Canada going to understand they're headed for a disaster if they continue to ignore the anger of native people?" Norton asked. V MEXICO Unearthed skull may be linked to 1994 assassination Tests may determine bones belong to a man suspected in conspiracy By The Associated Press MEXICO CITY — Forensic experts began tests Thursday to determine whether an unearthed skull and bones belong to a man suspected of conspiring with the ex-president's brother to kill a political rival. The mud-caked skull — dug up Wednesday at a swank ranch owned by Raul Salinas de Gortari — brother of ex-president Carlos Salinas de Gortari — could represent powerful new evidence against Raul Salinas, who is accused of masterminding one of Mexico's most notorious assassinations. Raul Salinas has been imprisoned since February 1995 on charges of plotting the murder of a top ruling party official, Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu. He has said he is innocent. Prosecutors are waiting to see if the remains are identified as those of his alleged conspirator, Manuel Munoz Rocha. Munoz Rocha, a federal congressman for the ruling Institu- ., * tional Revolutionary Party, disappeared after the Sept. 28, 1994, slaying of Ruiz Massieu in Mexico City. Police have long believed Munoz Rocha was dead. Prosecutors theorize that Mungz Rocha fled to Pachuca, about :60 miles northeast of the capital, after the Ruiz Massieu slaying and then returned to Mexico City foisa meeting with Salinas. All lines of insurance including Auto • Home • Life Health • Farm '; for service call JEFF WELLS 1528 E. Iron •• Salina, KS AMERICAN FAMiLY AUTO HOME BUSINESS HEALTH LIFE Brown's Shoe F Your Headquarters Men's & Ladies Gift To ¥011*® TEN DOLLARS OFF ON ALL SAS SHOES OR HANDBAGS Valid thru October 12,1996. Only at Salina, KS, Brown's Shoe Fit. Free Time Siesta Breeze Time Out Whisper , FIT CO. DOWNTOWN SALINA Mon.-Fri. 9-6 Thurs. 9-8 Sat. 9-5:30 Attacks leave at least 50 dead in Zaire By The Associated Press STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Marauders swept through a Swedish missionary hospital in Zaire, killing at least 38 people, most of them patients who were shot or stabbed in their beds, mission officials said Thursday. Twelve other people were killed in an attack on a Roman Catholic missionary station nearby. The attacks took place Sunday in eastern Zaire near the borders with Rwanda and Burundi, and were apparently connected to the violence between Tutsi and Hutu ethnic groups. 827-5581 528 Kenwood Park Drive, Salina, KS Boy Scout ANNUAL TI|<rC*b«B8A October 12 to November 10 ORDER TODAY Available from your neighborhood Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts South Middle School Anderson, Bill -English..........:.....;...7310 Bainter, Lyman - Pre Algebra 7330 Bainter, Lyman - Algebra......;..:..:.....7326 Barhydt, Joan - LD 7323 Beams, Juanita-Reading .......:..;......7312 Bell, Jeff-Social Studies 7315 Bell, Jeff- English 7311 Berglund, Kay - Math 7316 Brown, David - Science........;v..:..;.;.;7319 Clark, Virginia- Science 7322 Domann, Wendy - English i ..............7325 Ferguson,Terry -PreAlgebra 7328 Ferguson, Terry - Algebra ...7344 Oansel, Sheryl - English 7304 Hilyard, Jack- History 7321 Hoelting, Daryl - Math 7313 Hoelting, Daryl - Science .7355 Horst, Deena - Art 7334 Knutson, Cyndy- Science 7302 Moser, Lonnie - Social Studies 7306 Plait, Jeff -History. 7354 Ratcliff, Joyce - English 7309 Rathlef, John- History 7336 Reinking, Merilyn - Explo/FACS....7353 Riddle,Theresa - Science,,,, M ,,,,,,,, v ,7320 Schmidt, Mary - Math 7301 Seirn, Lesa, : Math....,....,............,..,....73Q5 Shriver, Jeff- Social Studies 7317 Sturges, Jennifer - Science.. 7314 Timmel, Bette - Spanish 7335 Walle, Barbara - Explo/FACS......,...7343 Wilkins, Sudana- Spanish 7356 Winslow, Susan - English.................7352 Roosevelt Lincoln Clark, Joseph - Science^;™.;.;..;...;.;:.5240 Crank, Chris - History .......................... 5060 DeFbrest, fonna - English;....;..........:.5080 Duncan, Brian - Exploratory ............... 5441 Eilders, Kate -Pre Algebra.™™=.;;;5090 Eilders, Kate - Math ............................. 5091 Eilders, Kate- Algebra.........................5092 Htzpatrick, Ray - Enriched English.,.5100 Fitzpatrick,Ray-English.w.;;...;;;v;.;;;.;5101 Frable, Lenore - LD English 8th ......... 5586 Frable,Lenore-LD English 7th.;...;..;5191 Frable, Lenore - Study Skills 8th ........ 5194 Frable, Lenore -Study Skills 7th,...,,.,5 195 Geiger, Sue -English 8thl .................... 5120 Geiger, Sue -English 7th .......... , .......... 5130 Gruen, Danette - Spanish 8th .............. 5141 Hutchinson, Cassandra .Reading ...... 5160 Johnston, Lisa - Vocal Music ............... 5170 Johnston, Lisa rStang Gang _____________ 5171 Johnston, Lisa -Orchestra ............ . ...... 5050 Jones, Daniel - Social Studies ............. 5180 Lambert, Vaughn - Science .................. 5200 Larson, Cindy -BD .......................... ,...5420 Laubahn, Glenn - Math 8 .................... 5210 Laubahn, Glenn -Algebra ................... 5212 McDaniel, Brenda - Social Studies....5250 . McMillen, Gayle - Band 7,................,,526g McMiUen, Gayle - Band 8 ................... 5261 Morrison, Beth- Social SlMes7th...5472 Morrison, Beth - Social Studies 8th...5473 Murphy, Dawn - English 5020 Murphy, Steve-Science 8th................5280 Murphy, Steve - Science 7th 5190 Noonan,Becky-Math 8................ 5290 Noonan, Becky - Pre-Algebra 5291 Noonan, Becky-Algebra 5292 Nowak, Brian - Exploratory 5441 Perney, Kathryne - Science........ .....5300 Pridey, Joanne - Science 5510 Ramsey r Mark-Pre Algebra......; .5520 Ramsey, Mark-Math 7 5521 Ramsey, Mark-Math 7th and 8th 5522 Reddig, Julie - Enriched English 5530! Reddig, Julie - English 5531* Ribble, Nancy - LD Social Studies ....5540 Ribble, Nancy *LD Reading 5541 Ribble, Nancy - LD Reading/Skills....5542 Ribble, Nancy r LD English 8 5543' Ribble, Nancy - LD English 7 5546 .Ruder, Chris - Math 7 5220 Ruder, Chris-Pre Algebra 5140 Sackrider, Barbara -P,E 5550 Shivers, Karen - LD History 5580 Shivers, Karen-LD Reading 5581 Shivers, Karen - LD Reading/SkilLs...5582 SWyerSjKaren-LpMatliS. ...,,.....5584 Shivers, Karen - LD Math 7 (5th hour).5583 Wilkins, Sudana -Spanish 7th.... 5431 Wilkins, Sudana - Spanish 8th 5432 Wilson, Mitch - Industrial Tech 5441 To hear your child's teacher you must use a touch-tone phone. Dial 825-6000. Press the 4-digit category number by the teacher's name. Call Deb Nelson at 823-6363 if you have questions. URABLE ENIM Denim with experience Hit ""Salina Journal Newspaper In Education

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