Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1907 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1907
Page 6
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TBLEPIIOXE TOCB WAXT ADS. TO THE KEGISTER OFI'W'E. hi an acoomodatiou, tho Rei;Istor receives adn for its want cohimns over the telephone, hnt expeoiK the udver-[ '/ser to call at the dfFltv and .•'ett.'<' afi soon nfi convenient, ax iho bllU are too wnall to warrant tlie cxpenpe "f n rollerfor. Telephone yixir wanr nd so either phone. No. 18 or uml It will receive eareliil aMeution. TOR RENT—Fiirniahed rooms for housekeeping or sleepins. 1'12 West Madison Bvemie. HELP WAHTeO W.\NTB»—Two Kirls want p'arr lo work. T.Vl .N'orth ^\*ashinKton. W'AXTKD— 1 «nn rrters State Street. KOli KENT—Tv/> Kood olllre rooms. Call I!''a NoriL AVa-fliiiiu'ion. Sid Tonneir ef UaieeeCMir Burdens. . An lolft CItltn Skows Toa How. TOIT.S non"i bear unnecessary liurdcns. Burdens of a bad hack are unnecessary. Oet rid of them. Doan'a Kidney Plll.s cure bad harks: Cure lame, weak and aching barks; <'iire every form of kidney IIIR. I..OIS of local emlorsemeni to prove thiR FOR RBNT-Fttrnlshed down Btalra > „ .f*"''""'"- '''I'"" J'^^S' .-ooiuB for hoUBekceplug, 31tJ South I-'-S Sonih .lefferson Ave.. lola. Kans.. ria«$! flf Mca Will Take tbP SooHlsh Rite Denve Tblit AVeek. Walnut. yOK UE.\T—I'uriiished rooms fifiitleroeri. Mr*;. I". .). Ovlor. for I WAXTEr> —Two youns men board and room ai* priv«>e hoii.«:f'. South First. WANTED—Farm hands. A. Tarlyle, ICsuaas. MAN \W\ST3 to do house cleaning. Inquire 601 South Elm street. , WAmeO' ^MlaamUmmtous WANTEn—Hou.-io Phone 1112. I'eanlnK *o do. says: 'My experience with Doan's Kidney Mills, pi'ocnred at Charles n. .Spencer *i Cn.'s cIniK Biore. hn.'i been : liv no mean.s f^xienslve. but I can con- enl ^'St^''^'^^'''''"^I-'-''--^ ""^ . !beiieliiied me. For a year or more I FOR RENT—Fiirni.sJicd house, mod-. ^as Troubled wKh a dull heavv pain K-n. Apply this oince. , ^^^^^^ ^^^„^ — gn^-r ' rmaa ~n ""i'imes It was more severe than others. .„. LOST ami FOUMD je.^pecially when I did any stoopinft. It 1 hO.'^T—(Jreeii euaiiu-i I'iii. Spencer'j bothered me to some extent confin- i»>imraved on buck I -lndi -r will be rc-jually. Doan's Kidney Pills soon prov- :ii Spfiicer's ed to me that they are a reliable re- jmedy. and I feel warrantwl in recom- jmendinK them" I For sale by all dealers. Price 'lOc. Ko.^ter-.Milburn Co. Duffalo, .V. V.. sole asenrfi for the United States. Remember thp name—Doan's—and i;i!;e no other. n Mull.' 'P''^'"'-' DruK Store. LOST—(Irceii t'liaiiii'i pin. "Spencer" e;ipi-;iv»-d b.ick Kiiuler will tio rewarded ijy Ic -Mvini: s:iiti«" nt Spencer's druK store. W^VTBn—Seioud haiid Wiiiolie.-jfer | pop'gtin. Inquire l'>5 South Setond stret. WANTED—Stock to winter. Call on or address Guy Turwey, lola. WANTED-(i<)od. si'und y(ni:!g horsefi wanted at The lola Veitrin.nj Hospital. See \V. A. Fri-zler. W.^NTElJ—Hoarder.s In family. Havo mortfrn bons». furnished. Iiiiuire at No. F.rwln. |)riv;up 1 Ea.«f FOR SALE—REAL t.i»TAT£ FOR SAL.E—IInil;! Lir;:. at 223 North CliHutnv.'. Will ?ood team as-' part iiavnj.r.t Hox 145. IjiHarpp, KiUisii.^. ; lii'iUlS. take a -Aildri'r'H LODOE DIREOTORY. KNIGHTS OF MACCABEES.- Knlgbts of Maccabees of the World meets in K. P. Hall, second and fourth Wednesday nights In each month. J. W. Posf*-alt, commander; R. B. Porter, record keeper. PGR S.M.E—(lood ruil;iln"i; Sijnli- baker bu^'pv and ciwid ^-r nf for sale cheap if t:ik.Mi in ib.- SHV: •PW days. Inquiri- .ii Hn\v;,rii Livery Barn. FOR SALE—My io;ir-acn! irii-k patch, pood fo:ir ri;omed hoiiF'^ "uif- mile from square. Ale.v .Miller. FOR .SALP: CM EAT- :vv<'n !of;m. m«'>dern cott:i?p. twu t.«i'j-.'k;-.' \\ square; .short linie oi.ij. Ciii'-i- .\r- nold. FOR SALE OR TKArn:—A Mmid Arkansas fan;i. \v.\\>\u;,-i\ :i:;d .'talk. For furih 'T iiiftuinati'm Iii<ii<:r-? at 412 WVst Martin. FOR SALE -^MimoBflmaBOUS FOR SALE—Holler io|. nir.c- dt-.-k. cood condition. io>j .North w .-isbins- ton. FOR SALE—LHr?e inai-'lc iaineru with jpasoline Ilphl aud set of vipvvp. .screen, etc. 2f>7 Stuirh WnshiDirion. FOR S.ALE OR>THAni^-ror n.wii property, .^tock. C. .M. C.urUjy. Kansas. FOR.SALE— .?I .Mii> .-Kjfk nj !;iof ,.r- ios and Kiorf liviun—. •?')" Smiin Kentucky strec. TOR SALE—.Mi'Hiiiioili i'.nnizi- young turkey toms. Price S'! !«i UM if taken soon. Mapb* I^aiit: PmiHry Farm. Bronson. Kaiisa.-;. FOR SALE—Houpeliobl KMHIS, t'«ll pbooe H70X. FOR S.XLE—^Twu younu eow#: cheap. Coins away Vi' .W.rth Vi. 0. Camp No. 101 meets In K. of P. Hall every Friday night. W. T. Steele, C. C: A. IL Davis, Clerr Vlskora cordially Invited. KXIGHTS~OF PYTIILIS.— Neosho Lodge No. 43 nieei.s every Monday night at K. of P. J tail. Vl.slting bra- fhers Invited. W. S.Thompson, CO.: Chris Rltter. K. of R. aud S. M. W. A.—The M. W. A. Iy)dR6 meets every Frldav iilRht in M. W. A. hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. IL Anderson. V.C.; W. A. Cowan, Clerk. THE GOWPUNGHER" Western Play With New Scenery and Talented Cast at Grand Tonight. ROTA I. NEI01IB0K3 .-Iola Camp, .\o, SGM. Royal Nolslibora, meets second aiid fourth Tuesdays of each mouth. Mrs. I\ A. Wagner, oracle; Mrs. Mary ilutton, 413 West Street, Recorder. F, A. A.— Golden Leaf Council No. lf.3. F. A. A, meets first and third \V-;dnesday nights in each month la K. P. Hall. C. E. Lacey. president; Miss Mable Rhortack, secretary. FRATEir-f AL BROTHERHOOD.— Frate.-nal Brotherhood No. 380 meets second and fourth Tue.sdays of each month In A.O.U.W. Hall. Visiting raembets cordialy Invited. W. H. Anderson, president; Gulda Elaui, secrets ry. Junior Order I 'niicd American .V» rhanlcs. —Meets every Wednesday evening at S o'clock In K. P. Hall. All rl-jiting member.^ Invited. R. A. Wldick. CounceUir; C. 15. Black, Rec. Secretary. - . BUSmESS OIREOTORY JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler, jM Eusit street. Olio of th' pleasantf-st tokens of coniini: days lies in the appearance of tho new drama by Hal Reid called "Tlio rowPiincher." which is presented at the Grand tonight. It has al- r.>iidy o.t.tabli.'-hed itself into high favor in lb:' East, aflor the dreary mo noiririotis stjiuj.' of lurid plays the iii- ilulKonl publie. lias been subjected to ii' the past seasons this simp'e but inti-resting play of life on tho plains of .Vri/ona cotues to us like a cooling 'ljaiii:)il of water fresh from the w,--!! of nature. It's chief eharm is its plain and wholesome sentiment. Not that !• is an ordinary drama, it is too holiest and crave for that. There are to affectations or :ippeais for maudlin sentiment. It. appr'als to the heart iitid at times flashes of bright comedy creeps forth that seems to fit In. :ii:d lend color and atmosphere to the story. An exeelL^nt cast has bean p;ovid,-<l. W. p. Mann, the proprleior lias .spent a small fortune on the two carloads of s^roncry. electrical effects and jiropertif-s neces-sary for this pro diiction. an«l we are expoeting the "Cow-Punober" lo prove one of tlio pleasant dnimntic events of the .>jea srn. IMPROVING Y M. C. A. GVM. \<ew Apparatus Being Installed Use of Members. For STAM.MER, Complete court at tht* best school for stammerers In America at one- half price this fall and winter. White for information at once. McKie School for Stammerers. L'TOO East 12ih Street, Kansas City. Mo Rcgfsfer W»nt. Ad»„ Ic a Word. FOR SALE OK EXCHANGE— acres iti 'Hodb'emun county. Kini.s.iri Only three miles to railroad: .'!:;" acrcf; fenced. Price $Iii.Oii pir acre. ,\lso •JOn acres gas land near Thayer, .Neosho county, Kansai". Price lUo.'ni per acre. For further (tnrticular?!. >''c L. ifobart. FOR SAI-K—Tv,i> lurno jliiiiio.-i. fou:' and Ave year:: old. and a youim Mack , Jack. Inquire O. K. r ^iveiy barn. I.a llarpe. Kansas. Pliono Hi. FOR .S.'iLE—A driving mare and •buggy. Horse city broke, safe for hidy to drive. Inquire S:!'i .N'orth streoi. FOR SAIJi—Mare. <;.';n .North, f:as City. FOR SALE—Choice Muroc male pics. For sale cheap, it takt-ii swn. A. B. Mull, CarlyJe, Kansas. FOR 8ALE>—Good mare with foaL Call at 210 West street. POLAR BE4R I FLOUR Has Stood the Test Becatf se its the Best >icc€|)t No other Wm. Oberdoff, Agt. Eakln's Hardw Are Ammunition |>ut up tn i-omplj with the pure fend law, 1U2 Nonlh Kentuck). IMiom- FOR RERI" RUmoeUmBeoua FOR- RENT—Four rooli. IIMI;.-.- In 70od condition, pood weii nf wan r. within two blocks street' car line. Inquire 628 North Kentucky. Its Economy To have your Carpets and Bugs cleaned by TheMaSog Factory ' fliONt tit. Evans Bros. Pmlmtm, OUm, •MM OtH^rn MmiuMmm. Where quality is main consideration, we buy the best. Where demands will Justify, we carry all grades and prices. Wm BoHolt toum Tmmdm. SOUTH SIDE SQUAMI lola. Kanua. The iiiiprovenenis to the lol.a Y. M. C .V. symnasiiiin which a few months iiKo ccmslstCfV of a few apparainses, :iro being added to every day and in a very short time the gymnasium will bo as complete as any in this part ff. the state. T'lis weel; a springing l«oard and two b'g mats were receiV' ed :ird are bein;; installed It is ex- refiofj that a targe delegation of t'usin .ss men will turn oct tonight for the I'li^ine-.-'-- nien''s c'a'-i.s. Thst our American forest* abound la plants nhiih pos.-e.*s the most valuable niedicin»al virtues is abundantly uite.^tod by sci|»fe.- of the most eminent medbal wrlieiV aud teacliers. Even the untutored Indians had discovercil the micfiil- ne.v many native plants Iwfore the advent of the wJiit« rave. Tliis Infornia- flon, ltoparU"d freely to the white*. l<-d tho latter to continuo InvesilRallons until io-(^«y we h»v «i» rith as-tonmeni of most vafuKble .Vmerian medicinal roots. •O- <^ 'Ci' Dr. Plerca beilBTM ih^tour Amertcto for> etti adtaaa In amt vaiuatde mcdiclBsl roota L ibe cuHmf VMWt otatiDStc sad fatal dts- , If wMraMdDtoperlr Inreitlftu than: Ot tbU conrtctlon. ba ^iftWi tit MOTw itMir tn rwjg I I niHlST -MAS PRESENTS Nothiui^b iii'tiir than a magazine for a frieiJd. For yijur iiia);azines see S. K. IIF>F»ERSOV. ThoDf Ub. Jii >. Itnrkeye. aaA *BT«A valvar sBd other affeciioiu tit the hearCTleld to tts cnratl** action. The rcMoa tehy It cnrc* these and nany other affeotlons. Is clearly sttown In a little Itook of ejttracu fioB tba standard medical works which to mailed /ree to any addrew by Dr. B. V. Pleioe. of Butralo, N. Y.. to aU scadinc nauett tor the sana. v' > Vot less 'nsrvclottB. la tbk nnDsralleled eure» It la coastantlr makloc of woman 's matir peciBlac affcctiona, waalcnaiies and cIlktjesiDC deAMtrmeats, U Dr. Ptecce 'a Farori («>n «seri »tidlii >M Is amply attested by tbousands p ^H |JbliWk4Je >IiD9aiaU contributed hiniMStil ^tlCMk wtio ^haTe been A class of some fourteen Masons from the lola Lodge Is in Fort Scotr this week taking the work In the Scottish Rite. The names of all the lola men could not be learned, and the list below Is Incomplete. The nd)nps of some of those who are going to take the work follows: L. Schlnnger. M. Schoenbrun. D. C. .Morrow. Elvie GII- ilatt and W. E. Ralston. The members of the order who attended the meeting to see the work put on are; .1. B. Kirk. .1. U. Goshorn and .1. G. .Mitchell. The Fort Scott Republican has the following to say of the affair. "The seventeenth reunion of the .Ancient and .Accepted Rite of Free Masonry will convene In the city this morning, and ho in session for* three days. The reunion will he the most notable in the history of the l"t. Scoti lodge, as a class' of 214 candidates, the largest that has ever been taken in during any reunion, will he present. '.'It was announced yesterday by W. W. Padgett, who is chairman of the entertainment committee that much trouble is being experienced in finding suitable accommodations for all of the visiting members. Manager Baker of the Goodlander Hotel has re- ser\'ed the entire fourth building and while many of the rooms have two or three beds in them it is still not adetiuate for those who will be present. Many of the inemhers of the order will also entertain oihers of the visitors which to a great extent will obviate the trouble. "The local member.'^ have been work ing night and day for several weeks for the success of ihe reunion and i; scorns their efforts have licen crowned with success as the class of 211 candidates which has been secured far oiitiiiitnliers Ihe number t.'ikeu in ai the other reunions in jiast years. "A banf |uef will be served in the elegant nesv banquei hall each evening arrangements being made to serve I'OO nt each time. This will make a total of I '.nn to he served. The new lianquoi room was only recently made ready for ihe occasion, and is one of ilio fintsi to be found in any .Masonic icinplo in ilie wesi. There siill remains much work to be done as yci. as all of Ihe walls are lo be decorated with oil paintings. Many of the visitors arrived yesterday, while others will be iiere today coming in on all trains.' non'i be discoura.ged if other remedies have done yon no good. Try iliii- lister's Itockv .Mountain Tea, the greatesi blessing to suffering humanity, 'i'he siiresi protector against dis- e:isc. '^'> cents. Tea or Tablets. .\i Ibirreli's Drug Store. A .MV.STEKIOI'.S HE tTIL -Memlier of Family of Chief Witness in Murder Trial Dead. Chicago. Nov. —Death again descended suddenly yesterdiiy on the Vzal family, which was all but w-iped out during a poisoning plot for which Herman Biliick is now under sentence to death. With pectiiiar fatality it. entered the home of a principal witness for the prosecution against Uillik. The victim was William .N'ienani. ilio htis- band of the woman whoso testimony is credited with having convicted Billik. The iihysician was unable to <Ie- termine ihe cause of the death. "The coroner ordered an Investigation. A $30,000 LAND DEAL. Gibson Holt Deeds 800 Acres t« Granville Dick. .\ deed was filed In the reuister of deed.s oflic? toda.v showing a. laud leal Involving a consideration (if $;!n.- tM'ii. It is a deal In which Gibson Ifolf deeds to Granville I>icU SbO acres of land lying south of Lallarpe. Tho tracts are: E'-i SWVi, :;i-2ri-lO-. N\V 'i. 2-2IM0. and NE';. id-lit less I'i acres. SWi'i .'!»i'.'>. after many oibcr advei phykiclsna bad failed. '«5y -QV Both the ftbore mentioned medichies aia wbuily made up from (be alyccrlc estracu of uailre. medicinal roots. The pioc (!M «s em- plored In their manufacture were orlfflual with Dr. Plerca. and ihVy are carriM on by skilled cbetnltte and phanaacUtd with the aid of apparata* and applUnceii specially deriUmed wid built (or thin pnrpote. Both medlcbieif are •ntirely free from alcohol and all otbrr harmful. hatrit -fOTuing AZMW*- A full ItM nf (heir Inrrtdlanu la prlatad on •aua ouiila-wrappaf. . Let lis speak of men as we find tlicm. .\nd censure only what we can see. Remeniborlii.g thai none ean be perfect. I'liless ihey use llollisier's Uocky .Mountain Tea. .At BurroH's Drug Store. ^1- Bar Sickness From the Nursery /C««P the children well! The best way to insure their health is to preoent the atucks of ills to which .they are most subject. You can guard them against attacks of sickness by fo.vifying them with the oldest and most reliable medicine and tonic known— DR. D. JAYNE'S TONIC VERMIFUGE A Safe Worm Cure A large percenuge of children have worms. A very large proportion of children's ills are directly due to this cause, and to the weakening effect of worma on the child's frail system. JAYNE'S TONIC VERMIFUGE has for over four generations auccessfully expelled worms and kept children strong and healthy. This long-tried worm-cure and child's tonic is the best can possibly give your children, and the beat way yoa can insure their health. Per bottle, 35c. and SOc. JAYNE'S EXPECTORANT has been a reliable cure for Crotip, Whooping Cough, Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis and other lung troubles for 77 years. Williams Marble and G^-anite Works MOTPd to onr new shop, .101 South Wnsbingfon Are., where we are Iteiler prepared liian ever to fnrni.xh hitrh grade .Monuments to anyone needing anything on our line. C.E. WnUAMS, Proprietor, Teleiilione CTi:. .'iOl .South Wa^lilngfon. Outbs of AU Kinds, ExcInsiTe Apartmeat forj^adif^^ Denicomb Bath Bouse and Mineral Weil (l.riOO Fer-t Deep.) Located at -Ith and Scott Ave.. I'ort Scott, Kansas. This water rosiUiely Cnros lihcumati.sni, Brighl'.s Disea.sp, Sinmnch Trouble iind Aifne. l*r (if. .1. 1„ nishiip. the most rclebraled anil llyflrnpalh- ist in the Cnantry, in attendance giring niassage. W.VTER SniPPFD I\ FIVE (.'.) f.ALI,0\ IIOTTLE.S ONLY. F. DENIGOM6, Prop, Suit the interest of your business— Your Choice will be Intelligent— HOW MTCH l.S .S.\TI.SF.\CTION MOHTJi TO VOU? Do you prirfer n;elIio<is now going out nt d :itc or iip-to-d.ite mfthn<is that will e.irry far into Ihc I'lltiirr .' .•\ typi-writcr miuie just good enough to .-cllor the L. I'. SMITH & 15iir)s.T»'rn\iiiTKii, with tvery iLHcfiil, valuable fc.-itiirc iiilxiilt iird Writibg ESTIIIELY :n .Sipl.t y 1.:. r i.'^ >(>!' 'in H I I. t.i S'litATKU (:AT.\ t.oo i: K L. C. SMITH & BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. —I 812 Delaware St., Kansas City, Mo. \^ Call on ROYAL CAFE OPENED. Mrs. J. L. Ward Has Eatafclished New Place on North Side. TK" opening of the Royal Cafe, tiie 1 -..-V.- restaur .iat on the north side of the Fiiuare. occ "irr .->d at noon today. Tiie cafe is cot.lucted by Mrs. J. L. Ward of Aug tf .ia, Kas.. ntid is a neat .tnrt J ttractite p'aee. When Ticeding anything in tlie jHweiry line. LivinqfttoD Co L 'OBtneton aal BaUan, All kinds of irork s ipeeUlty t Soath Syeutonb Pk «M ISIS lola Bosiness College Might or Hay Semulom Penihanship, Arithmetic. Elocution, Bookkeeping^ English, Physifal Cul .\.SK FOR W'll.VT YOr MANT ond ask eniphaticall}-. Do so through the ReRlster's want columns. If you want an employer pr an emnloyee you can find him in a hurry if you take"ture. etc.. Shorthand, Letter Writing, this course. The Register will tell | your wants to many thousands of neo- ^. mm pie as iiuickly as you can tell them ; personally to a dozen people. Voii I For Best and QnlOKest IJesnlts I'se cant .'ifford the slow way. the Kerister IVnnt CnlnmB.x. IMPRESSIONS. .\re often permanently formed from a H.iii'ile purchase a new custodier makes in you r .st oie and new, customers are in V.I ria illy made during a special sale. We advocate .special .sales, but only I he siorliuf; kind that cannot fail to make u good impression. A dlsa|>- pointcd crowd hurls; more in' dollars and cents, in the e<id, than if you had nor -ddvertised. ' . Had impressions are hard to live do »vn—the returns from good impres- Hions arc never all In. Advertise and see to it that the impressions formed shall be good ALWAYS. ' RpgLster Want Ads. Pay bceanse la .lilen County nearlj ererrhodT ratiU the Register. 2^

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