Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 9, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 9, 1908
Page 7
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In Allen Coonty, A f Ai the Township Auditing Boird'of CarJrIe Township, Kansas. The undersigned Township Treasurer of Carlyle Township makes re-, i)Ofrt to you for adjiis^ent and settlement, for the year ending the last Jtfohday in October, IMS. - BOAB A5D 6ENEBAL FIINl). JEleee^ts. Oct. 28, 1907, By cash on hand I 842.18 B^b. 8. 1908, County treasurer 200.00 Mar. 26. 1908, County treaaubr 100.00 Apr. 15, 1908, County treasurer 200.00 May 28, 1908, County treasurer 300.00 July 8, 1908. County treasurer ., 500.06 Sispt 17, 1908, County treasurer l 260.00 Total 11892.13 Disbursements. To Whom Paid and Number of Voucher. Jan. 27. 1908, T. A. Weatherman, 1, Jan. 27,1908, W. E. Green, 2 I B. E. Gregg, 3 G. F. Bates, 4 : lola Daily Record, 5 Tola Daily ReglsJter, 6 Lumbermen's Portland Cement Company, 7 C. C. McCarty, 8 Norlhrup Lumber Company, 9 A. M. Dunlap, 10 .• J. B. Rhodes & Son. 11 H. K. Shumard. 1 33.00 Ncrihrup Lumber Company. 2 4.7G Lumbc?rmen's Portland Cement Co.* 3 .25 Paul Klein. 4 ^5.28 F. A. Longstreth. 5 25.34 F. C. Bates, 6 '. 12.57 A. >f. Arnold. 7 20.00 G. D. West, 8 23.34 B. E. Gregg. 9 19.67 J. T. Jones, 10 18.67 O. F. Bates. 11 : 30.90 E. C. Mull, 12 20.34 Walter Bates. 13 11.00 C. 0. Ruby. 14 3,00 McCarty & Son. 1» 3,95 H. D. Palstrlng. 10 13.25 J, J. Mealy. 17 2.60 Lumbermen's Porrland Cement Co., 1 2.76 H. E. Hiner, 2 8,00 M, Crocker, 3 27.00 E. C. Mull, 4 97.50 J. T. Jones. 5 102.00 N. W. Graves. C 55.60 Edward Graves, 7 ,. 59.00 Qrover Graves, 8 12.00 Q. F. Bates, 9 89.00 Lvman Bates, 10 18.50 McCarty & Son, 11 13.60 A. E. Brightly, 12 • 1.50 A. M. Dunlap, 13 86.94 18.00 IS.OO 18.00 27.60 3.00' 1.90 .40 .75 25.66 .85 5.30 Jan. 27. 1908, Jan. 27, 1908. Jan. 27. 1908, Jan. 27, 1908. Jan. 27. 1908, Jan. 27, 1908, Jan. 27, 1908. Jan. 27, 1908, Jan. 27, 1908. Apr. 27. 1908. Apr. 27, 1908, Apr. 27. 1908, Apr, 27, 1908. Apr. 27. 3908. Apr. 27, 1908, Apr. 27. 1908, Apr. 27, J 908. pr. 27, 1908, pr. 27. 1908, Apr. 27. 1908. Apr. 27, 1908; Apr. 27, 1908. Apr. 27, 1908. Apr. 27. 1908. Apr. 27. 1908. Apr. 27, 1908, Jul. 27, 1908. Jul. 27, 1908, Jul. 27, ld08, .Tul. 27. 1808, Jul. 27, 1908, Jul. 27. 1908, Jul. 27, 1908, Jul. 27. 1908, .Tul. 27, 1908, Jul. 27. 1908, Jul. 27, 1908. Jul. 27, 1908. Jul. 27, 1908. Odt. 2«, 1908, S. E. Gantt. 1 3.00 Oct. 26, 1908. M. I. Caldwell. 2 2.00 Northrup Lumber Co... 3 ' 32.92 Lumbermen's Portland Cement Co., 4 1.95 E. P. Wilmoth, 5 > 21.66 D. K. Caldwell. C 3.00 .fohn Martin. 7 12.00 Thos. Wilkinson, S - 3.00 John Christian, 9 3.75 C. A. Stinson, 10 5.25 J. J. Mealy. 11 115 00 J. M. Ruby. 12 36 .01 J. T. and Geo. Jones, 13 195.01 E. C. Mull, 14! 103.60 J. D. Christian. 15 18 .00 Geo. Jones, 16 : 39.00 P. P. Bates, 17.. ».00 L. W. Bates, 18 80.00 Scott Waison, 19 8.15 B. F. Wright, 20 .' 2.40 G. F. Bates. 21 ': 20.7d F. P. Bates. 22 : 12.00 Oct. 26, 1908. i A. M. Dunlap. 23 20.35 Oct. 26, 1908.: C. E. Sawyer. 24 16.00 Oct. 26. 1908. ! E. C. Mull, 25 24.00 By cash on hand 206.03 Total 11892.13 Report in Detail. General road work $1116.74 Two stone culverts ?i?-?9 Lumber Blacksmithing and making draRS Tile Surveying .'. Road Supervising Printing report Miscellaneous Township Board— C. B, Sawyer ... .. J, D. Christian A. M. Dunlap The State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. I do solemnly swear, That the within and foregoing account and vouchers therewith are in all respects a full and true account of all the monevs I 'eceived by me during the full period of the year ending the last Monday in October, A. D.. 1908. and for the full time for which I should •make such aiatements and of the amounts thereof expended, and the manner in which they were expended. So help me God. (Signed) C. E. SA^^TER. Township Treasurer. Subscribed and sworn to before me thi? 6th day of November. A. D., 1908. J. D. CHRISTIAN, Township Trustee. Oct 26. 1908. Oct. 26, 1908, Oct: 26, 1^08, Oct. 26. 1908. Oct. 26. 1908, Oct. 26, 1908. Oct. 26, 1908. Oct. 26. 1908. Oct. 28. 1908. Oct. 26. 1908. Oct 26. 1908. Oct. 28, 1908. Oct 26i 1908. Oct. 26. 1908. Oct 26. 1908. Oct 26, 1908, Oct 26, 1908, Oct. 26. 1908, Oct 26. 1908, Oct 26, 1908. 164.93 26,30 26.28 16.66 167.40 4.90 6.90 16.00 18.00 11.00 AUDITOBIUX FOR THREE 5IGHT8, COMUXme TOXIGHT. ARK PLKAiSiD TO ANNdimCE THE Opening of oar Ida Sto^ fbr Husiness Sdtorddy Morning, November 14th, at 8 o'dock GRAND OPENING With Music by SHIELD'S Orchestra Friday Afternoon from 3:00 to 5:30 Everring from 7:30 to 9:00 o'clock Every lady visiting the store on Friday afternoon or evening will receive a beautiful Souvenir No goods will be sold until SATURDAY MORNING 1 This will be an unusual opening:; an innovation oi low prices tor |OLA , all goods beinjf £reih from the makera We fully appreciate the impression that iow prices mean poor goods, which holds in the minds of naimfptO^lA, That we will overcome this wrong impression is conclusive from the fact that from otir beginning in Meiniihis, TeoiB., in 1896, as store No. 1, KRESS'operate more than 75 ttores in leading Southern cities. The traveled person knows that low price^i prevail in every large city, and that the stores of whidi we axt a " link of a chain " are patronized by the representative people. I lOLA doubtless has as many economy-loving people as any other city, whom we will give eytty reason to feel that they have an OPPORTUNITY to purchase AT HOME to as good advanl^e as in any citj^in the sales on small profits. It is the modehi way of doing things. • • Our success in VXLA. /» v^iH be built on the same principles j which have made KRBSS*'t]ie hotisehold word of the Soutn, and we hope to occupy an unapproachable;position among you for Quality and varie^ of goods'; Values given to customers; Breadth and liberality of dealings; Absolute trutUfulness of statements. The bnly store of Its kind in the city * KRESS' WINDOWS KEEP YOU INFORMEQ-THEY PRESENT OUR OFPfeRlNM WATCH THEM CMANGE-SAVES YOU MONEY 7-9 South Jerferson St. f WfSUi ^A ^f^ South Jefferson St S. H. KRESS & CO., Buying and Qeneral Offices, 396 Broadway, New York KRESS STORES AT — Coffeyville, Kan. Outhrie. Okla. ,Fort Worth. Tex. DIrmingham, Ala. AaheWIle, N. 0. Emporia, Kan. McAIlBter, Okla. Oalvostpn. Tex. HuntSTille, Ala. Charlotte, N. C. Port Scott. Kan. Okla. City, Okla. Houston, Tex. • Mobile, Ala.^ Greensboro, N. C. KutchlnBon. Kan. Shawnee, Okla. Paris, Tex. Montgomery, Ala. Salisbury, N. C. Independence, Kan. Tulsa, Okla. San Antonio. Tex. Jacksonville, Pla. Wilmington,-N. C. Ida, Kan. VovX. Smith, Ark. Sherman, Tex. Pensacola. Fla. Wlnston-Salem, N. C. I/awrence. Kan. Hot Springs, Ark. Texarkana, Tex. Tampa, Fla. Cairo, 111. Parsons, Kan. Utile Rock. Ark. Waco, Tex. Atlanta, Ga. HopkJnsrJlIe. Ky. Pittsburg. Kan. Pine Bluffs, Ark. Ilattlesburg, Miss. Augusta, Ga. Bristol, Tew». Wichita. Kan. Shreveport. La. Jackson, Miss. Brunswick. Ga. Chattanooga, Tenn. Carthage, Mo. Beaumont, Tex. Meridian, Miss. Columbus, Ga. CtarkBville, Tenn. Moberly, Mo. Dallas. Tex. Natchez, Miss. Macon, Ga. Jaclcson, Tenn. BartJesvllle. Okl.n. Denlson. Tex. Vlcksburg, Miss. Rome, Ga. KnoxTllIe, Tenn. Enid, Okla. El Paso. Tex. Anniston, Ala. Spartanburg, S. C. Memphis, Tenn. Enid, Okla. Nashvlrte. Tenn. Roanoke, Va. - • r-i ber 22nd. The cases against Messrs. Amos, Howell and Longstreth, who were arrested Satiirday charged with dlstnrl>- Jing.the peace, have been set for trial in police court next Wjednesday. This again was an aftermath of a trial in the court of Justice Hough. A. C. Fetterly was on trial on a tiharge or (cruelty to animals. His attorney, F. aroused the wrath of Amos (.I^C; U. XJI. AJk .«H^» W ~ . afternoon, ten distinct and separate i Howell and Longstreth, who were wit- have developed, most of them' nessea. by a severe gruelling in cross for disturbing the peace. Saturday," ^'ca™'na*'on- afternoon City Attorney Oyler and! After the trial Attorney Oyler and Fred Longstretbf were arrested on the I the witnesses clashed and according charge of W. J. Ihrlg. constable, who!to witnesses the lie was passed. It charges them with disturbing his was charged that Mr. Oyler struck peace. To this charge b«th pleaded! Longstreth. Then the men are said guilty and paid small fines in Justice Mo *a^« followed Mr. Oyler about I town in a threatening manner. Their arrest for disturbing the peace fol- AN EPIDEMIC NOW As a Result of FJsht Saturday Afternoon Ten Cases are Brought As a result of the case of the State vs. A. C. Fetterly. charged with cruelty to animals which was tried in Jus- 1 tice E. G. Hough's court Saturday'.J- C. S. Potter's court. Later Dr. J. B. Howell, the complaining witness In the original case, swore to a complain charging A. C. Fetterly with dirturblng his peace.! Fetterly pleaded guilty and paid the fine and costs. H. Amos, another witness in the case, asked for a peace bond for Fet-j terly. Mrs. Fetterly. wife of A. C. Fetterly, lowed. CEMENT EMPLOYES AT WAR. J. T. McMurr/ Says James fthiileRian Threatened Bodily Harm. Peace proceedings were started today in Justice E. G. Hough's coart against James Shireman, one of the has caoscyd the arrest of H. Amos, on yard foremen of the lola Portland Ce- the charge of disturbing her peace, naent company. J. T .McMtarry, tore- Amos pleaded gniUy and paid a small man of the machine shop, complains fine and oocta In E. O. Hongh 's coart that Shireman threatened to do Urn On complaint of Fetterly, Fred Long bodily harm and for this reason wants streth wail arrested on the diarge him put under a peace bond: Mr. of dlsttublnff his neaoe. Fetterly a^ao Shiteman pleaded not gnlUy and gave jaiked Utat Longstreth be pnt onder a a cash bond for his appearance for peace bond. He p}eaded not gnilty. trial Tbe trial win be Jidil In JnsUee C.' Babeock Fire EztbiTaisher Co^An- otber CoIUnswood Fire where 300 children lost their lives can't happen where proper protection Is provided. Statistics show* 9 out of 10 fires are put out as soon as dl3covered if means are at hand. Equip your schools, homes, bams, public buildings with Babeock extinguishers and fear no fire disaster. They throw a chemical stream 4Q times as effective as water. 80 pef cent of fires are put out with chemical extinguishers. 90 per cent of them Babcocks. Proven-by 63 years use, the most efficient and re liable. Can you afford to taike these awful fire risks when loss of property and lives of dear ones are imperiled T Write today for FREE catalogue on fire protection and estimates for equip ping any building with Babeock ap- paratds. We want reliable men to act as agents—1100 a month made without Interfering wit^ present business. Write for particulars. . Babeock Ffatt Extingalsber Co, 37S Wabash Ave., Chicago. III. 10 o'dodc NoTsm^ Try the Register iWant Ad. Way. dUAKE IN Residents Near Wa* Felt Sabetha, Kas., Norf: ing in tTom. all dlrecjumilj dius of twelve niil«ii^^%«!| of a supposed eaH||i|lH^iU at midnight on Sattt^iTni^ STATE MAT SEPARATE' BAGE& Eastern Salt Test law C *a4nil|t. ' Separata 8eh*ris. Washington, Nov. 9.— In dNidiai.. the case of Berea College rersna tSa" state of Kentucky faybrably fb 'tbi' state, teh supreme court of the Unitiii States today held thattba stcte«'«iay^ constitutionally legtsiate to pritaiit tbe co-education of white and blade races. TO BEXOYC BlMILTt Former PresMeril el- BMA lUjM BeluteM. Kansas City. Nor. It w4s ait^ nounced here today tbaf .i^.>,;iHia|^"' president /Of the re^j^inliid iili^liU; Bank of Conunerce bi to be ^^mSMf by Or. W. 8. Woods. therdajpoMt dent o the banK aadf''"^" • •• ancceeded In buying n'tila : stock, thus secaritir«li4 MliitiiBrMr. Rldgely last.trliil^r ;t «tl|«ai -jair#^ tibti aa eomptoonar^eC*; b^^ head pt t^^gajfe^ 1

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