The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 20, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE <ARK.)' COURIER NEW! FRIDAY, JUNK 20, 1917 Joan Crawford Draws Top Pay In Movieland PHILADELPHIA, June 20. CUP> —Marie queen Joan Crawford was pctt MOO.OOO by Warner Brothers Pictures, Inc., last year while co- BMdfcn Bob Hope got $275,000 and hi* ilde-kick Blng Crosby $250.300 from Paramount pictures. Inc., the companies' annual reports to ' the Securities and Exchange Commission disclosed today. (AU salaries and commissions re- porttd to the SEC are gross figures Before federal or state Income taxes. Tile federal tax alone runs about SO per cent on a $100,000 salary, selling up lo 68 per cent on a $500,0*0 salary.) • Actor Ray Milland, star of 'Lost. Weekend," also hit the movie jackpot for 1940, receiving $234,166 from Paramount. The trio of Hope, Crosby and Milland topped the paramount payroll last year to replace director Thomas Leo McCarey, Actress Olivia dc Havilland and vice president and general manager Henrv Ginsbuig who were paid the three highest salaries in 1945. In that year, McCarey, director o[ "Going My Wa>, ' was paid $938.770. , Warner Brothers paid Stanley Morncr — better known as Actor Dennis Morgan — $261,000, while director Michael curliz was paid ITSMOO during 1946. In 1945 Actor Charles Boyer was the top-salaried Warner Star at $207.500. ^ 'Newsgiri and Beauty Queen, 1947 Insel shows how pretty Lois Cnrly, 1C, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. C Cai ly of U-intp Va ' l™u ' to the 75 Kuigsporl. (Term.) Times-News stibsci iocrs on her new paper route.'Large picture's hows how she looked to judges in the PTA-sponsorcd bc.-uily contest who selected her from umoni -A contestants for the title ot Miss Dante of 1947 / - " B • •*? Professional Beggars Begging in Europe and Asia is professional racket. It is estimated 1 that there arc more tliau 10,000,000 professional beggars on those Uo continents. The world's ancient water nni- mals learned to Jive on land while .searching for more wMcr. DISTRttlfTEO BY NEA SERVICE. INC. 8y MATEEi. HOWE FARNHAM * THE STOnVi Father find I »M a. nhiK-li >vkpn Xrlnnii in- «tt*M UK lo \vltn*Ji» hlx mnrrln^r: *» Amy TulllVf-r. We nrr left the Mn|ilfHHnn1 dntr <>I tltr m-*v» f<» llvrr r.nd IKr JlllrU >lr t» bny Jhe hnuae the TnlUvtrra fcjhve hrni Hvine In front grim mm* ielv<* f( to .\in> for A ircd* *imr present. * * * : ' XXIV T*ATHER nnrl I lind dinner nl n small country tavern along the Way, and . il w;is after 8 o'clock when we rang the Forbcscs 1 doorbell. Sam opened llic door, look our coats, and led us into the library, where Florabellc lay on a couch.' They both looked very bored and extremely glad o£ an interruption. They knew of the excursion to Binghamlon and thai JVekon had planned to go from there to New York, but nothing "Where is Amy? . . . Did you have a nice day? . . . Did Nelson get off nil right? . . . Would you like a drink?" we were asked practically simultaneously. Father said he believed he would like a drink. I said we had had a wonderful day and that I for one had had enough to drink.. I added: "Nelson blew xis to champagne. The four of us drank two whole bottles of champagne. I'm not sober yet." "How perfectly darling of Nelson! Bain, why don't v/c ever have champagne? You know I'm era?,} about'it. But I suppose it costs too much." "Well, champagne Usually means a celebration or something/' San said good-naturedly, "Nelson doesn't have lo wail foi ft special occasion." "You're wrong there," Fathe said. "This was an extra spccia occasion.". Sam was mixing Father's drinV from a tray Weyman had brough in. He hold it up to.the light. "Not Ills birthday, is it? 1 ' "No, sir," said 'Wcyman from Ih door. "His birthday's in July." Father wailed until Weyman id closed the door. "No, it wasn't his birthday. ..ouise, you tell them." * « * 4 TT was his wedding day," I said. "He and Arny were married in linghamton and are now nn their vay lo New York on their honey- locm." Sam looked utterly flabbcrgasl- id. lie put down the glnss. "Why, tho old fnxt Why in icaveu's name didn't ho tell me? Vhy the mystery? You're not jok- ng by any chance?" I shook my head. "Amy saict she didn't want to nvolve yon. She said they didn'l ,'ant any excitement." Flora sat up, throwing back the hawl ih:il covered her. Her checks vcrc flushed, and her eyes looked uccr and. unnnlunil. "It was cruel," she said. "Poor Sister! ... I shall never forgive my. Never." "Now there, sweetness','*, Father aid, "you mustn't gtl so excited. After all, it Nelson wanted tt: ntn-ry Amy, there wasn't any good cason why ho shouldn't" "It was horrible," Flora insisted lystcrically. "Nelson always made \nniibcllc think . . . Amy had no ht to marry him. Oh, she's, cruel, cruel, ;md I hale her! 1 hale her." She began to sob wildly Father and I got up to go, bu Sara insisted on our staying. H< ;ot Flora to her feel and mil hi. arm around her and half coaxed :ialf forced her upstairs. We waited a long time until Snn came clown. lie said flora was terribly upset over Armsibcllc, he Iwin and best-loved sister. For hi part he liked and admired Am enormously, and he didn't lik- Annabellc. lie thought Nelson hat done very well for himself. Father told Sam that Ncfso wanted to buy the house across th street so that he and Amy, Tollivcr, and Annabellc could live together. Sam said he was db ppointcd. lie wanted Annabel to nd her mother out of the ncigh- orhood. 13ut of course Diat was f cl son's business, and if he wanted house he should have it. • * * ' nS. TOLLIVER and Annahcllc still expected Amy bacl: that veiling. Someone had lo break news lo them. Fnlticr thougJit . Srim's business, and Sum aid they didn't like him, but they "id like Father. So Father and I cry reluctantly crossed the street nd knocked at Mrs. Tol liver's uie <luor. Mrs. ToUivcr and Annabellc vcrc in the dining room and were Backing china. They had on old ircsscs and .sweaters and looked [red and disheveled. They had, of purse, expected Amy, and they skcd where she was. "Amy sent us along to lell you o slop packing,' 1 1'alher said gaily. I've news for you, good news." lis courage failed him. lie added amcly: '-'Nelson has bought Ihc uiusc from Sam, and you won't lave lo move." "Well, Ihig is a surprise." Mrs. Tollivcr .snt (town, a teacup in one land, a 'ji'utnnlcd ncwsp:incr in .he other. Tears came to her tired eyes. "This is my home. I have ilways fell at home here. If Ncl- i lets us .slay on ... You are sure he will?" 'Positive." » 'Where is Amy? Why didn't Amy te*ll us herself? 11 Annabellc asked sharply. "Well, that's another surprise. Amy is on her way lo New York. She and Nelson were married 13ii:; afternoon. They told us about it just before the ceremony. They thought it was better lo do it this way, without any fuss." "Amy!" Mrs. Tolliver exclaimed. Amy and Nelson! • It isn't possible," Amianellc, who had been standing in front of the fireplace, tnok a plate off the table and deliberately dropped it on the hearthstone. It broke into a hundred pieces. "There goes my licarl." she said. And began to laugh. She laughed and laughed. Then she ran from the room. (To lie Continued),' PRESCRIPTIONS • , Fresh Stock Guaranteed IJesl Prices Kirby Drug Stores Club 61 Illythcvillc, Arkansas — — Highway 01 North Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only w. Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By A. (Hal) Bifkcrstaff and George For Reservations Telephone Oil Ford "Bob is acting like he's going to propose, Mother, so I'd 'better get the hang of this trick can openerl" FRECKLES fc HIS FRIENDS Rea<lj By MERK1LL BLOSSER Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phtfne 2043 1044 Chickasawba WHEN) THE DP.DM5 TOLD us SAVAGES WERE GO1MG TO ATTACK THE SETTLEMENT. I MOVED FIFTY MILES THROUGH THE WORST JUNGLE IMTHtT WORLD I HOSTILI; SAVAGES OM ALL . J >si v --r SIDcS ' <£*^ i — CANWIBALC-, TOO? GATEWOOD GROCER^ Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. 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Expcrb painting and l>o(3y wurk. We carry a complete lins ut Slucle- bakcr parts and accessories. WE BUY GOOD LATE MODEL HAND — PRICED RIGHT. CARS—SEVLIRAL NOW Stiulchakcr builds cars and trucks Unit can take it, in passenger, cars. The Champion, Commnnocr and Land Cruiser. ',; Ton, , 1 Ton, I 1 ,-. Ton and tlic Incoininirablc 2 Ton Studcbakcr Truck. CHAMBLIN SALES COMPANY Your Sfudcljakti' Dealer "First by Far With 11 I'oilwar Car" Bill Chaniblm —KR & Ash St., Thoiic 2195 Lux Uhamhru OurBoording House with Ma}. Hoople 6V Trie WW, JUDGE I'M to APPEAR no* YOUR. COURT FOR A TClVl^U TRAFFIC ERRORS —X'M SUR& NOD'LL v!h!0\M ANGL& is TMAT trie T AY PAVERS STUFF V'OO OLIMER. WEMDELL Out Our Way By J. R. Williams VIC FLINT. AH.' PIPE THAT LOOK 1 ' OF DECi&IOM AMD N ' DETSRNMN/.-CTIOK4.' THAT \ . VOUMS&TER'S GOlW TO I < BE A BULL OP TH' ^x WOODS. NOT A SWEEPEK-- £O HE 7HIMKS MOW. THE BULL SAID HE I. NEVER MADE AMY \ RESOLLTTIONJS CR PUT | HIS CHEST OUT OR )\ KEPT A STIFF UPPER \ LIP--HE SEZ THEM V THIMGS WEAR VOL) OUT BEFORE YOU GET TO WORK: half ejected to sec Bat Denver blow his lop, but he tooh it like a major. HitXK 1 KU PUNCH ORIWK, BUT NOT FROM PUNCHES--JUST OVER IT MOW, CONNIE. NOW YOU'RE TAWING SENSE, KID. The I'aynff FJY MICHAKI, O'MAI,!,KY anH RALPH LANfc SOMETHIN T »VOU'Rt HOI WAIKIH' 5AID ABCNJT\OinON( HER ftRE THROWIN'A FIGHT.VwiX DENVER? COME ON, WE'VE GOT THINGS TO IT'S VOU FOUND HER OUT SOONER THAN IATER, BUT VOU'SE IM' TOTEILVOUR STORY TO THE BOX- INS COMMISSION. IATER ON WEARY. FIRST | WE GO TO SEE / THE Dl-jtR.CT 4 If YOU KNOW WAI5 GOOD FOR YOU, CHUM YOUU 5U8- WASH Horrors! SMITIFUL'X I SEE! PICTURE.M& l )k BUSINESSCHNK.T WITH /SIR. VWI THE SM.ES CURVE BEHPINS/SOU'CE SO THW fHW'S SETTLED SOU GENTLEWEW WIOUlO UK.E TO SK SON\EOF NWIMEE, MK IAMUEE WORK.. EAN TO FIND TH15 BUSY - MTU GROWN IIP. OF COURSE UNO ISlKOPUCe HER TO THE NMION OH THE PU8UCII VOU UNOW! SWELL! VOU C»N CHSCt WITH THE P^EtNT5 KNOW. IkND IVCItCUS SHOUIP NOV BE 50 WVM> TO TR&CE! SES INDEEC1 (MWOST S02.E THE ORl&lNKL XBIN«i: 6P(EM WAS THE PMSttTEE. OF 1HS "FWIN& E.OWM5"! *0! I ttWJEHV BEEN RfKKINS BZMNTOMD Difference of Opinion H'lMVAK Vt - -!&•*••*• cc. >K'C. T. M. u j r It* FROK)T OF TVT ALI.KY OOP T JU5T WASN'T FOR YOJ TO GVE -S B*SMAW TH= BJSINS5S... .STC5V RECO^^S HIS E\I6T=\CE FC3 5=\ E3AL > THE T^'E CF His liest Friend V. T. IIAMLIN I NEVES HAPPEN ALOSS AT JUST TH' SIGHT TIME VE CNS OF .M I RATS .VER S3 ANY \\XESE N SMTH^OT MY AY. ~ HOPE SOMEBODY BCOTS ME ( BODV'5 MAN \VHER=. IT'LL DO Th' \ ENGLISH " AND HKR BIIDDTKfl I?y FUKI) TTAHMAN \ CAifpS VOU COOLO SUYT ^AONtV OliT OP tv.ctv>T TO INCLUDE P. IM THt BUO&tT

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