Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1907
Page 5
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Ml lOLA PmT BEfllSTEH. TTETOAY ETEimffl. yOTHTOH S, IW. One of the Important Dnties of I^ysidons ond the WeU-Informed of the WoHd is to learn as to the relaiiv^ stanciin'r and reliability of the Iradinff manufacturers of medicinal agents, a • the most t-mintnt physicians arc ihe most cartful as to the imifonn quality and pcri -ct i-urity of rfnv'di»'s prescribed by them, and it i5 well knov.n to physicians and liie WViI-informed irt-ne^aliy that the California Fit,' Syrup Co.. bv reason of it.- rf)rr<ct inctiiods and p<r!> (t e-juipment and the othical character of its product has attained to tho liis ;'n siandini; in scii-'ntitic and couunercial ciicies which is accorded to successful attd reiiabl>-^ i ;ou.<e.s only. and. iherciure. that the name ot the Company has become a jiiiarant.v of the excellence of its remedy. TRUTH AND QUALITY appeal to tho W -^ll- Informed in overy x\a!I< of r.itz and arf? essential to pt^rmanent success and creditaiiio standiutr, then-iore v.e wish to call the attention ot all who would pnjpy good health. v .-it!i it:-, hli-ssiniis. to the fact that it involves the ijuestioa of right living with all th<' teini iinuiits. \\nh projx-r knowledge of what is Itfest each iiour of recreation, of enjoyment, "i cnnttrniiianon and ot effort may Int made to contribute to that end and the use ot mt diiines dI^l >•n .•;ed v.itli iienoraiiy to ureat but 'as in many in";tances a S!mpi>-. wimivsoi'if renn<iy itiay !«• invalu;il'le if taken at the proper time, the Ctiliiornia I'iji Syrup Co. i. vis that it is alike important to present truthfully the subjt-ct and to supply ti'.r one {>orfect ItUvativo ftnedy wiiich has won the appoval of physirian ^ jand the WDrhl-wiu'e a'-'.rptance of ti'.e Weil-Inforund because ot the r-xcellence ot thi^ cuinbination. kr...v.n to all. and the orij^^iual meiliod ul manulac- ture, which is known to thp Caliinniia i-'i- Syrup Co. only. ' • Tliis valual>ie r«-m'dy iia-^ bt 1 n'Icui,' ar .d iavorabiy knov.n under the name of— Syrup of Fit;^ —and lia; a'.trii:- d to v. o: k!-?, id,- aci:< iit.-ince :i; the mo>t excellent of family laxativ. >. and ;is it-; pr.i'- l.i.v.f.iw f Tiiciiiles-. otun'n'i] from Seinia. tire well •known to physiiians a:id tiic W 'f nv-.1 "! il'e v .DfKl to be lii'- bi^t of natural laxativi s. we have adepted t'l'.- n;,)!.- tlaiii::!n> name <>!- Syrup of I''i^;s tir .d i^.lixir (jf S<nna-as moie fully d '''-ri dt tin- i.:;i>.d>-. 1 ut douinl-^s it v.ill alwavs be • called lor by tii" shoiti-r natne n[ Sviup bius and to . •, it- beneficial ctferts always note, when purcha-iii!;. tiu- lull name ct th" Coti :[ 'y - Caliionii.a I'ifr S\rnp Co.—• plainly printed on tlf Ireiit of fv^ry parka^e. wlxiher ye.u simply call ior- Syrup of Fits—or by the hill luune -Svrup cit I'ifs and l^lixir nf Senna—as — Syrup of I-i^s and Eli.xirof Senna-—is the om- laxative t -'jiti dy manuiartured by the Calilortiia I'l^i Syrup Co. and the same hcieiul-ui- kiii.uu by lb.- name- S\rup ot i-'ij^s - which has Kixeii satislaction to million'^. The j;< raiiite i'; lur sale by ail leadint; drujini.-'t;; tiiroui;hout the I'liited States in original packages ot one ti/e only, the rej;ular price ui which is fiity cents \XT bottle. Kvery bottle is sold uiuf' r the ^'oneral tiuarantee nf the CompanV. fii"d with tlie Secretatv ol Ajiricultur.-. at \\ a iiiiT .'toti. 1>. C".. that t'le r< tU '-dv is nut adull-raled or misbiandid v.ithin tJ!'; m-anli!'; c! ilir I'c.jd and Dru-^s Act, June -ruiii, :>joo. CALIFORNIA Fie SYRUP CO. Louisville, Ky. San Fr.aui-i.-'co, Cai. V S. A. London, Hn;.,'lant'. NVw- York. N. Y. Pi Big Dance and Skating Party at Roller Skating Rink Wednesday evening No^. 6th. LADIES FREE Dancing from 7:30 to 10 p. m. Skating from 10 to 12 p. m Good music, good order and a good floor. MUST SEND THE CASH rostuiliiv Hepiirtmmt .Sends Out Notices Id ull I 't >stmu>-UTs. J THAY ARK FR1-:3H. .\ choice assortment of this popular brand at CRAfiB'S. When you buy l.owney's Cbo:o- lates here, our personal pledge ol their ireshiiess f,oes wish Ihera. Get your ne:it candy at Crabb's and .'.ee; how well It pleoscs yon. CRABB'S DRUG STORE. Corner Washington and St-;. The SAXT.l FK will sell HO.HE.SKKKFKS* tukels Nov. 19tli. Dec. 3d and 17tli, m: to iiitlDtK in Texa* .Oklalioiim aud Indian Territory. .NV« JUrxiro aud ArkausaN at »er> low rates, MIXTKK TOI KIST ticket* OH >ale daily .\«T. I.'.UI. «« April 30th, ISOH, with tinal return limit June |.|. liWM. to Heauiuout, El V»- »u. Ft. Wurfli, «;al\e!.ti.ii. Texu*, ( and Ueiiiliie, .V. M. at low ratesi. . r Please see us for furtbvr parlrulars, J ^ I W. E. RALSTOH, Agent Iry a Wmt Ad. in thm Reglmtfft Tho local iioitiitlice ha.^; rrCt >ivi:(l a Jiori.-f fioiii the as.>:istani seerelary of ilic I'ltiteJ Slatii.s trcastiiy dt^iiaitnient located at St. Louis ro yenU all 'siir- (ilu.; funds IHTC afli-r in cash by re?- isieri'd mail. This is due t<i the fact that the <!(;ii-iii!; hoiiKe i>rivi)c.ire.s have hccii wilhdi-auii from the tri-as- iiry dci>aiinicnt. Dnrinv; ih*" jiiosi -til lai-gf ciiii's fnsf to pay cash for drafts on ont.-Mi- iiistittilioiis. Tiu> elTi 'cts of I hi' money .shoirn^'f^ ha\e thus r.'achi'il th'- t>o.-»toflicc de- [juilmfiit. It is 11'lJdii fil that hfcaiise of (lit- |iin.-Miit shoi;;,u«- of casii. the Kansas I'iiy postoitUr will iioi have ftiouith indiHV 111 pay the iiioijihiy salaries of iis uliicjal:;. Tliis otticc iini.s shun every iiioiuli. liui the prnsent (•nanc'.U <ii.-tui -hance wijl (toiiljle llie sc.ircity of money. Orders an- exiiect- eil ev.iy dav irdm tl ;e Kansas Cily ot- Jice-; where the hUi! ouiidiuf; poslof- licis ov .T iluir surplus iiioney orihr fiu!'!. ro send only currency. Tiie iimils. or all the mmioy received from llie sale of stamped i^tuods, l.s .-^ent lo the sul)-trf;isiiry at .St. l^uis. This order wiP Work sotiie Iiardshifi on th- postal cleiks <if tlie local office. Tl;e ;:ovr-nimeiii is very siiict in the way cash ^h:il\ l>e sent to ihem. The luimljei-. date aiid place of i.ssu- auce of every liill must he siven. In case uold is setii. tile ini'ial i .s wei^lied titui any und< rwei ;,'ht i« ehar.i;ed to the ofI!ce from wh '-jici' it came. I'ji to two years a^o. all siirfilus money was Sent in currency. It v.ill probti- hly he some tinie until the postal ail- thoiities vesniue draft payment, a.-* the govertitiient takes every iniii^inah.-^ precaution against lo?s, v |; NOTES FROMU HARPE GEOHfiE E. SmXH SAYS .\EBBAS- KX BANKS ARE PABTKTLAJl. WILL NOT GASH ANY DRAFTS DR. TROWBRIDGE AND PETE CAB- ROL TO TAKE DEGREES IN MASONRY. Electric Railway is Iniprorlug Flat- form at L&Uarpe Termlnns. AVill Take Seottisli Rite Degree. Dr. J. .v. Trowbridge ..went to Fort Scott last eveiiin.^, where he will taku the Scottish Ulte DeKiee in Masonry I'ete Cairol will go dowu this eveii- lus. They will be two ot tlie one hundred who will take the degree from over southeastern Kansas. .A.MO.Vi; TlIK hills tiled yesterday with i!ie coutity commissioners was that Ol the Sapp iinjuiry. The total was ?:;.'.N.i'.u. This docs not include the preliminary hearins?. !t covers only the coroner's iiKiitest. ill! -I hikT** n»M Yonr Tnlu»tl«" ras^-nr ^-lJi an<l fluU llirm i-v-rf*-'!. C '.Hil .ln I t«ub"iit ihrui I t.i»*a 1 .11.•.hi-o^ Kt..l kui ii-.w r..nii.:»-l*lv .'ur-tl. KiM-'.m- un :.-t I'.'1.. t. •fi \'Mir-. iji tr:»-l. y.i* W *U 'i.uu.r.i A- MTI AitaiJf, ^• I. Bcil Tor The bowels r ^ ^ ineooweis ^ ONOYCATIURTIC PlMianl. P»l««»»>le. Pot»nl Tuts Oooa Do flood, told In >'"lk. Tut r.-nmno tALlel •Iniupca C C C Oa»r «iiU!t !a lo cur« -r jour m-ii-er Lw:*. Sterlicg Remedy Co.. Chicago or M.y. to ANNUAL SALEi TEN MILLION BOXES Would Not lash Draitn. ('•eor.ce K. Smith, travelins salesman for the Internv"'oiial I>riis Co., of this city, came in yesterday to pet more motif y. He said that the banks it» .N'ehraska where Jie wa.-; w -f >uld not filve him a cent on his drtiftH, leaving iiim entirely witlioiit money. Wlien he reached this city he unnouiiced that he had thirty cents in his pocket. As Kooti as the fiiKinclal situation over the country is better, ami he can set his drafts cashed, he will leave t 'ljr the Indian Terrirory, where he wii! work in the intiM -est of his coiiijitiny. He says ihtii ail the tiavelin^ men were In the same position as he was ;?nd were forced to come into the bouse. Fill In Depot Platform. Workmen for the lola Kleo<ric n ;iil- way Company besan yesterday tillin.^ in the jilatform at the street car de- rot, in this ciiy. They tire fillini; in with cinders, whiell. will be made solid. Wlieii the process is finished, 1.3 Harpe w-iil Iiave one of the best platforms on the line. Tbc BI<^' Sale is On. The hif; sale of the —fl" CJothIn? Company opened this niornin;; with a rush. Many out of town people came in and were at the door wheu it was ojiened at nine o -cl6ck. to he among the first to at the bar.sains. The sale pi-omises to be one of the largest in tlie history ot I..;iHarpe. LtiHarpe TS. Kinruid Saturday. Next Siltiirday the Laffariie and the Kincaid ilii:h School football teams will meet on the gridiron in this city. The Kincaid ami I-aflariie teams jiiay- ed to a draw on the Kincaid iiroundr. two weeks as;o. but S;itunlay the (larpe boys belitve that because they are iilayin;^ on their home ;;roiinds they will be ali!e-t« wi.T. The same promises to be one of the be.-t of llie season. Methodist Protestant Social Today. The .voiin;? people of the Christititi r ;!)deavor of the .Methodist I'rotest- aiit Church are today servini; dinner in th<- buiUlinK formerly occupied by Parmer'.^ .cjrocery store. They will serve sniier also. Personals-. Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Miller r. turned yesterilay from Cravette. Ark., where (hey have been visititis .Mr.s. .\IiIIer"s relatives. Dr. Urown. formerly of this city, but now of Coffeyville, was in the city yesterday on a husitifs.=; visit. Frank Whittingfoti of .Moran wn.s in the cily yesterday on a business visit Charles \V. Smith lost one of his best farm ye.steiday. The animal is valued at J2ii0. Mrs. Heckner. of llronson. was in the city yesterday visiting at the home nf fda Helms. Em T^jve came In yesterday from Dronson on a business visit. For Eschaufre. Farmiu'-' lands in Panhandle, Texas, for farm lands, or live stock, or for ;ola. Cas Citv or I-n Harne lental--^. WHITAKKK & DONNELL. TAKE TWO TO LANSING. Cliff Carter and John Tolson in Custody of Sheriff Off to the Pen. Sheriff C. O. Bollinser b ft this momiuK tor I.anslns 'with Cliff C.vter and John Tolson who were sentenced t<i the penitentiary at. the last t.-rni •if court. Carter was convicted of Krand larceny In the second degree and Tolson of assatilt. Carter Is the man who wa.s found Riillty of break- liiS into Parnmu's Hceond hand store oj: South .Jefferson street, and Tolson Is the man who shot hla wife three times in the Tremont hotel. ^ Carter recently broke jail but was recaptured later north of town. WJien he was brought up for sentence he presented to the court a written statement of his case in which he denied his Kullt and claimed that be had been abused by the officers. Look! 27x24 Rug, regular price $3.50, now • $1.85 Rug Sale all this week i The Junior DepartmentStore - I . • V A beautiful line of iJlack Mercerized UnJersiirts, beautifully made of high grade material and aiade especially (or ladies who are particular. : The prices me very incderate, being $1.25, 1.50,^ 1.75 2.25, 3 CO and 3.25, the last two prices are for our beautiful Heatlierbloom ntimbers. In liuyin;^ caps for the girls you cannot afford to overlook our beautilol cloth and bearskin caps in prices as follows: 29c, 49c, S9c, 69c, 79c, $J.25 and $1.49. Rug and Rem nant Carpet Sale. •.>xl2 Brjissels Ruga SlO.BO i)xl2 Wilton Velvets $I7J0 Axminister Ruga.. 27x54 Smyrna Rugs 85c all Wool Carpet 7r)c all Wool Carpet M5c C. C. Carpet $18.00 lola FQmitQre JoraB Look for the Flag. A. W. Be^. Prop. PROFESSIONAL DIREdrORY 14 • • • • W. H. AXDERSON, Att«rney.«t-Law. Notary and Stenographer la Office. Pboue 455. • • H. A. Ewlng. S. A. Sard. G. R. 0«rd • • • EWTNG, «ARD k tiAJBU, • • • Lawftn. • • • Practice In; -ill CavetL • • : * 9^ W. Madison:;^ HhoM M, • DB. McMlLLEN', Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Disea»- * ea and Diseases of Children. • Telephones: OtBce 32, Res. 232. " Ofllco In -Mrs. Turner's Bldj?., • West Madison. * • 1 • Phone 554. Ida. Kui. * Phone eS7. Re*. 701. .DB. O. L. COX, Eye, Kar, Nose and Throat Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. aidg. J>B. £DIT^ S. HAI6H. OfSce and Resldtince over Bar* rell's Di«jiJB Store. Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m« I to 4 p. m.. 7 tS 8 erentnga. Sundays by ^pointment. • • • • • I. • I • F. H. MiBT», Practlcs LJmJtaj} to Sarg«y; • 16 N. Buckeye. Plion»67|. J 9fflce Phone inSS. DR. B. o. (:iiRr«iTiAjr. Fbyskian aud Sorgeoa. Roomi 7 and 8. Evans Bldg. DB. W. B. HETLMlJir. • PbyBlrlaB 1^ Smrgeoa. . • Office N. E. Corner of 8aa«]r«. * Over K. C. Pluo&ing Co.'a Stoff, • Rea. Tel 33. lifflce TeL BOJ. • RdB. Tel. 198. OfHce Tel. 163. DH. J. R. PEPPEB. Dentist IB permanently located over E. C. McClaln'a Clothing Store. • and is prepared to do all kinds * of ap-io-date dental work. • Brenlng work by appointment. • •••••••••«••••••••• P. L. t»throp. Mrs. BeBsle &. Lattarop. OSTEOPATHIC' PHTSICUHI. Special attenUuA slTea to Pl*> eases of Wome^ and COill^M. Over East Side Hardwar*. OCElce 'PhoB^. Main 468, , /

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