Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 9, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 9, 1908
Page 6
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IS 01 EVANGELIST HAMILTON PREACH- IN M. E. CHURCH. Large Congregations Attend Opening Services.—Many Manifest In­ terest. A great revival -wbicli bids fair to develope Into one of the most thorough reMglous awakenings which thie city ever Imew began last night in the First Methodist church,' under direction of Pastor J. M. Mason, assisted by Evangelist A. P. Hamilton. This revival, for which the churcL has been In preparation for some time, was announced several weelcr ago to begin on the Sunday followinf the election and last night Rev, Ms son told Evangelist Hamilton that ht would not have to preach a week tr get the membership in line, that the?^ were already prepared to take their part in this great evangeMstIc effor* The attendance at the meetings yesterday, both morning and evening showed how groat an Interest is already manifest The Methodist church has one of the largest seating capacities of any building In the city and the edifice was taxed to Us utmost to provide seats for the large pongrega- tions. A feature of the meollngs is the singnig. A large chorus choir hac been formed and under the dlrectior of W. G. Anderson and A. L. Boajt- right will sing earh night of thejlier- vlcee. Yesterday, after an inspiring arid convlncltig sermon by Rev. Hamilton, Rev. Mason gave the invitation and a number manifested a desire to lead a Christian life. Rev. Hamilton Is a powerful preacher, elcqyont an^ logical and under his i^reachlng prea* things are expected. . The meetings will continue nightly, except Saturday, until further notice 50 new models received this morning by express from New York, go on special sale Tuesday and Wednesday Try the Register want column. LEAVES BIG T>ALAFE. C. M. Schwab Will Leave New York] for Pennsylvania. ,New York, Nov. 9.—After expend-1 Ing 17 ,000,000 in the erection of his magnificent mansion on Riverside Drive. CJharles M. Schwab, the steel magnate, is said to have come to thoj conclusion taht the palace Is too expensive a luxury. It now has the ap pearance of a deserted castle. Th( servants have been discharged and the wlildows and doors lioardcd ur and burglar alarms installed. The abandonment by Mr. Schwab of his ambitious design of maintaining the finest house In America Is said to bo one of the aftornmths of the financial panic. ORIGINATORS, CREATORS AND DICTATORS OF FASHION ^TT^HIS lot of Suits are the very latest of models, made of the most popular materials, fetching styles that will bring us abundance of buyers. The new greens, blues, greys, browns. Prices for Tuesday and Wednesday $15 worth $23 'S0 $20 wortli $30 '00 worth $30 worth $35 worth $45.00 Our GloBkBnd Suit Section isthe House of Fashion Sole Agents for the Home Journal Patterns IT'S TAFT'S AFFAIR religious belief can have no meaning HOCH'S THAXKSGIVIXG PROCLA liul Public \epd Xot Be foncomed About His Religion, Says RoosereU. WON'T OUST OOMPERS. Leader* of A. F. of L. Deny Tiiere If a Plot Against tlie Present President. Denver, Colo., Nov. 9—Though thorp is much talk of plans afoot to ous*' Samuel Gompers from the presiflencv, of the American Fcdtr.ilion of Labor the leaders declared this mornIni=r be fore the annual convention of that or­ ganisation was cal'ed to order ttat they did not know of any organized! opposition to Gompers. ROE CASE SETTLEO Woman Charged With Shooting at Fe lix Thompson, Won't Be Tried. The case of the State vs. Mrs. Jen nle Roe Otten, which was to have been tried in Justice C. S. Potter'f court this afternoon was settled oui of court this morning. Mrs. Otter was arrested on comp'alnt made by Pelix Thompson wto charged that she shot at him three times with a re volver. Affirmed Judge Foust The supreme court affirmed two cases taken up from Woodson county Saturday. They were the M. K. & T. Railway Co. vs. J. H. Fry; error from Catholics. You ask that Mr. Taft "Woodson county; affirmed. The Farm- 1,^11 -jet the world know what his re- WathliiK'"". N*ov. 9.—"Secretary uft'o rcllplouE faith is purely his own rivalij concern and uol a inarier for imcral discussion and jio'ltlcal dis- rlmlnatlcu." Fays President Roosevelt 1 a leitcr he made public last night 1 wiilHi l \e answers numerous corre- i)ondPiitH. The president says he de- erred the publication of thf letter un- il now to avoid agitation likely to lu- luence llie election. The letter says In part: "While it is claimed almost unlver- illy that religion should not enter ir r> politics, yet there is no denying hat it does, and the mass of the vot- !rs that are not Catholics will no upport a man for any office, especial- for president of the United States vho is a Catholic. Since Taft has been nominated foi iresident by the Republican party, ii 3 being circulated and is constantl: irged as a reason for not voting fo; aft that he is an infidel (Unitarian nd his wife and brother Roman Cath^ lies. "If his feelings are in sj-mpath:. • ith the Roman Catholic church o; ccount of his wife and brothf ^r bein 'athollcs, that would be objectionab < J a sufficient number of voters to de >at him. On the other hand, if he i. 1 infidel, that would be, sure to niear efeat. I am writing this letter foi he sole purpose of giving Mr. Taf; n opiKDrtiinity to let the world know vhat his religious belief is." That he is a Uiiitarian and alsc hat he is suspected of sjiupathy with except that there may be discrimination for or against him because of that b«'llef. The inevitable rcsr.It of entering upon such a practice would hpi fin abandonment of our real freedom of conscience and a roversion to the dreadful conditions of -ri'-'igsen- Elon which in so many • > have proved fatal to liberty, to liiit* religion, and (o all advance In civill^jtion. count your your Rer. Ellott on Conditions. Rev. Ellett, pastor of the ' hrlstian church, preached an interesting ser- mrn last night on stale and local con- lltions as indicated by the vote in the ••ecent election. The vote for Stubbs ind Jackson, the minister said, was Indicative of the attitude of the peo- nle toward the question of law eU- 'orecment as it was known that the iberal element was supporting the op lopifion candidates with all of their ^^:.5bt. Ellett was given a fine hear- 'ng and his remarks were forcible and ^iofiuent. nillEDIATE RELIEF ers' Alliance Insurance Co. vs. Samuel Pergsison; error from Woodson county; affirmed. Pj^blan Sisters Meet. Tte Pythian Sisters will hold r meeting tonight. Mrs. McMahen, om- of the chief officers of the order wir be here nr.d k reorganlfatlon will be effected. The constant dropping water wear? away the hardest stone, Tbe constant gnaw of'Towser masticates ib9 toughest bone, Th« confeUnt wooing lover carrier «W(|7't1ie blastaing tnald. And thf^^Gonstapt AdrectlMr is tbe matt wtt> «efai the trade. i^rlons belief IK."' Thie is purely his own private con- cr.:; and it is a mater between him ri-* V" •. maker, n matter for his ow'h and to require it to be i.i' I li .-ider penalty of political li .scniiuinii;u;i is to negative the first 'rinciples of our government which uarautee complete religious liberty ind the right to each man to act In eiigious affairs as his own conscience iictates. Mr. Taft never asked my Vdvice in the mater, but If he had xsked It, I should have emphatically . tdvised him against thus stating pub* :iciy bis rellgloas . belief. The demand for a statement of k candidate's From Congbs, Coldn, Sore Throais and Hoarseness, by X'sfnf Hyomel, When you catch cold you want to •xet rid of it as quickly as you can. 'on don't want to lie around the house 'or a week swallowing nauseating 'nigs. You know when you do this^ hat you are not only making your wn life miserab'e, but are a nuisance o everyone about you. Why not avoid all this? WTiy not elleve your cold in five hilnuies? W3i\ •ot cure it over nipht? You can dr t by using Hyomei. the sure and guar- •nteed cure for colds, coughs, sorr hroat, catarrh bronchitis and asthma Hvomel (pronounced High-o-me> 1?^ medicated and antiseptic air. You '>reathe it into the lungs through s imall pocket inhaler, and its soothin? 'nfluence as it passes over the inflamed membrane of the respiratory tract, stops the mucous discharge, alias's tbe inflammation, and the cold IF jured. A complete Hyomei outfit "osts 11 .00. and Chas. B. Spencer & Co. will refund your money if it fallf to cure. For Imtaonl Conduct, afrs, M. Johnson and W. Boyd were arrested Saturday night .by Jamer Frcd.rickson, marshal of Bassett charged with immoral conduct. Thej were released on bond for trial 4ater Attending FeUeral Cchirt. Attorney Chria Hitter Is In Fort Scott today attending Federal court He l8 repreientinc the plaintiff in tiie case of J. A. Ntciudson TI. The Sontb- western Broom HannfactaHng Co. MATIOX. "Count your blessings, blessings, N.inip them one by one; "Count yotir bUh'sing.'s, count blessings. See what God had done." HloHKcd with peace and plenty the (icoplp of Kansas have- peculiar le.i- .snn to obey this Injunction of a devout poel, and a;i inveutory of our blessings Hhould fill all our hearts with gratitude. Bountiful crops and unprecedented prices have rewarded our bus l)andmeu while remunerative employment has made busy the hands and happy the liearts ot our wage workers Our banks are overflowing with money, averauing more than $100 per cai)ila. Only five out of nearly eight hundred of these institutions ' closed their doors during the recent financial panic and several of these have already paid their depositors in full. Ma .erial prosperity everywhere abounds within our borders. But these things material are by no means our only or our chief sources of felicity for there arc higher values than those domin- int in Kansas. No state is blessed with more ideal governmental conditions and In none is the majesty of the law more manifest. The beneficient effect of our wise public policies is .ittested by the logic of results. One- third of our tH )unties are without pris oners in their jails or paupers in their poor houses; one-half of our counties contributed no convicts to our prison lopulatlon the last year;'and one-half of our prison Inmates never lived in Kansas long enough to gain a resl- ience here. Our educational institutions were never so flourishing. Our ihurches never so strong, nor the spir Itual outlook more hopeful. The saloon has been practically banished from our state and its baneful influence almost entirely eliminated. All these things should touch the cords of OMT better natures and make them vibrate with the reverent sentiment, Praise God from whom ail blessings flow." Surely a people so favored by Providence and so environed by government have especial cause to observe with grateful hearts the autumnal day which according to time -honored custom Is annually set aside by executive proclamation as a day of Thanksgiving to Almighty God for His manifold blessings and of t ^evout pray er for tbe continuance of His favor. In reverent compliance with tbU cutom, I, B. W. Hocb, Governor pt tiie State (rf Kansas, |olh with Tbeio- TO TRY LAMPHERE Indiana is to Punish Accused Mur derer of Mrs. Belle Qunness ' and Her Children. dore Roosevelt. President of the United States, in setting apart Thursday, the 26th day ot November, as a day of general thanksgiving and pra.ver and recommend that ail our people ob serve the day with religious services in their churches appropriate to the occaKlon. Let the day be character- v , « r, I.e.l also by family reunions around a , ^^l'''"'' J"' - ^--Breathing common fireside; by the cementing of ''^^ ^'^^ /''"^J" months the fan.Ily ties; by roconc.latlon between i ^^'^ I"-'""" *''^"«' estranged friends; by ministering ,0 i ^^'^"'""-"^ ^'-^^ the sick; by practical helpfulness to ^"""'J' ^o the circuit the poor; by kindly greetings to all, court room to answer a charge of mur- and by every possible good word and work. • In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed by name and caused ^'^^ spectators, to bo afi'i.xed the great seal of tlic-i State of Kansas. Done at Topeks, Inis Gth day of November, A. D.. 1908. E. W. HOCFI, Goveraor. By the Governor: C. E. DENTON, Secretary of State. dor in the first degree for the death of Mrs. Belle Gunness and her three children. The court house was crowd- Attention A. H. T. A. All members are requested to be present at the meeting Wednesday night at 7:30 at Beatty's Implement store. Very important business. A. H. DAVIS, SecV. W. H. M'CLURE, Pres. On Nev/ Time Card. The plug began running on the new time card hours today. It will arrive 1.". minutes earlier in the morning. The new time card went into effect yesterday but the plug runs only on week days, hence was not affected yesterday. Visited Old Friends. Dr. J. E. Ramsey of Yates Center, was a guest of Dr. R. L. Lathroo yesterday. The two were classmates In college. Of ftUGe%L4CE CURT4IN5, PORTIERS at & Postflffice Block

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