Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1907 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1907
Page 4
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nof Hu SUIT MmgiM;Tigg»At gfamia. TOTmiE «•- ww. Tke nu DilLT iEiISm CHABLE8 F. 8C0TT CIRCULATION 4.000. TetephoDM. Reporters' Room ^ 222 Business Office 18 .1 SDBSCSIPTION BATES. By Carrier ID JOIB, Gas City, Lanyoii* rllie or La Harpe. One Week 10 cents One Month 44 cents One year 15.00 By XalL One Tear, In advance 14.00 Three Montbs, In advance 11.00 One Month, in advance 44 Entered at lola, Kansas, Postoffice, as Second-class Matter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Application. OFFICIAL PAPER, CITY OF BASSET. FmSHmAM'S OOmMAMDIMG CO A T VALUES Rich bargains in fashion's best models. Stylish tailored garments in a great display gathered for a great sale in tremendsus values. MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS. The lola Dally Regixter Is a member of the Associated Press and Receives the day report If that great news or­ ganisation for Exclnsire Aftemo«Hi Publication In lola. WALL STREET BEHEil The Disturbed New York Conditions are Gradually Clearing. New York. Nov. 5.— A buoyant rise ia prices of stock of $3 to $5 a share from the low quotation.<; of the morning, reflected the more hoiiefiil feeling of Wall street today, respecting the financial situation. At the outset tome Important declines were caused by a variety of influences, chief of which was the large shrinkage last week in cash holdings of the clearing house banks, as shown in Saturday's bank statement. Another adverse factor was the effort of the Bank of England' to stop the movement of gold out of Ix>ndon by advancing the bank discount rate from 5% to G per cent. A third elemenj. of uneasiness was the fear that the that was held! conference of bankers yesterday and again this rooming might be Indicative of new unfavorable developtnents. But wirh aU'i these conditions tpnd- ing to depress j>rlce8. there was a surprising abs^ce of Important selling of stocks, and (iperators quickly iledil ed that the forced lirpildatlon has been completed. Prlci's almont liu- meiMately began to mend and Inter in the "day Ihey rose buoyantly, when It became known that plans had been completed for the New York trust companies to stand together In support of one another. Thorough investigation has bt-en made for the second time of the assets of the Tnist company of North America and the JJnroln Tru.'it company, and bankers say they are pt^r- fectly solvent. In a statement given out this afternoon Frank Tllford, iiresident of the Lincoln Trust company, saiii: "This has lieen the greatest fiKht In the history of finance. The directors have decided to continue the I Coats at $10.00 An extraordinary value in .'i (»-incb long all-satin lined and handsomely braided over hack. from, yoke and sleeves. .A very liandsome Ccmt. well worth $l.').o<). |A splendid bargain in this sale for $10i()0 $8.50 Misses Coats for $5.00 One lot of .Misses Coals or (or small women, fancy effect in woo! nllxture.^. collar and cuffs lirald and velvt'i trim ni^ng, llghl and dark i -ffecis. Former price $8 .r .(l. On sale $.').(K) Womens Coats at $6.95 A big assortment of fiO -inch Long IxKise Touts. lined throughout with nailn. ti'ininied wirh velvet and braid.-i us good as you can lind at JID.DO. Our price $(>.J)5 Jaunty Caracul Coats Jaunty lliile affairs in pretty Silk Curl Cara<;ul, 24 inthfs. lengths all lined, nicely trimmed. In hluck« and brown. A very dainty little coat. Specially iirlced at ^vzSii}, ^x-t.m. ii«i8.oo Best Skirt Values in Ida New modfls in I'anania in black, brown, hiw. also SerKes and Fancy Mixtures, full pleated or pk-ated and trimmed Skirts, well worth |8.oO. On sale , .»i;.'>.9a Our $6.50 Silk Petticoats at $4.95 .'.0 Heautiful Silk t'etticoats which wi- will sell ion)orrow at ihls remarkable l «>w price. They are made of liigli Krade ItusilInK Taffeta Silk in black :ind tlif nit,w colyrs: made wlih a full circular tlouiief; made good and full; Wfll worth the regular price $t;..'iil. On sale loniorrow while they lust ){(4.!)5 $5 Skirts at $2.50 One hundred Odd Skirts, only one or two of a kind, light and heavy weight materials. This lot must be closed at once. Your choice .)|!2 .t50 Dress Goods Special .'.0 pieces of Wool Dress Goods, they come in such weaves as Panama, CUiecks. Suiting. Shadow Plaids and .Mixtures. All this season's new colors; worth, fi 'ic to T 'lc per yard. On sale 4.3f Women's and Childern's Underwear Good weight, white or cream, cotton fleeced Vest and Pants. Sale price 35?^ Ladie.s' lUilon Suits, medium and heavy welsht, white or echrue; worth •I .'ic. At oO^ Ladies' L'nlon Suits of combed yarn nicely finished in medium and heavy weight. $1.1'.'. Krade at $1 .0() Children's I'nioii HUIIK at JJ,! and Chlldren'ri VeslH and Pants at i'i^ and '>rti^ Coats at $12.50 The variety of fashionable Coats which we show at this price will make choosing an easy matter. There are Coats in hand.sonie broadcloth, light weight kersey, 'M Inches long, beautifully trinimed. lined throughout with heavy satin. These Coata^are good values at |18.oi). Oa'iaikfitio- niorrow $t2..50 Swell Broadcloth Coats $18.00 'lO and .^2 inches long and made of line Uroadcloih In black, brown and champalgne, handsomely trimmed lined throghout with fine satin, considered a good value at $2ri .(H). On sale $I8.(1M^ llSht and to pay off the depositors." It Is imderstooil that some rich men connected with these and other trust companies have agreed to use their personal fortunes to buttrL -ss them against any fiirilier drain on the re.sources. Additional gold engagements for im- |)ori amountinK to nearly 3 million dol'ars wore made today, gave renewed evidence of the jrawers of the banks to draw on European supplies of gold. The total of gold thus far obtained abroad Is almost ".:! nrllllon dollars. Today's sterling exchange rate was • DO YOU KNOW WHAT CAUSES SICKNESS MODERN PEOPLE HAVE MAW NA.ME.S FOK .SA.ME COKDIMj TO .\ V.W ItELIEF. DI.SEASE.S, AC Does human health depend on one organ alone? This iiuesiion is lieconi- ing widely discussed since I.,. T. Cooper first advanced his theory that the stomach is the true seat of lif.- and all health dependent upon it. Mr. Cooper, who has met with remarkable success in the sale pf his new medicine, believes that the stomach is respousllile for most sickness, and that this organ Is weak in the present generation. Wliile disc-usblng this theory recently, he said: "I am abked time atid again to tell why my Hiedlciiie has made such .a record wherever 1 have introduced it. Aly answer always Is. •|)ecaU8e It restores the stomach to a noriiml condition.' .N'o one will deny that today there are more half-sick men and women than ever before. Nothing critical seems to be the matter with them. They are Just half-sick most of the lime. They don't know really what is the matter with them. I have talked with thousands during the past two years, and few knew indeed what their trobule was. One said nervousness, another said kidney trouble, another liver com plaint, some constipation, or heart trouble, or lung trouble. Many had treated, as they called it, for most of, these diseases at different times. A sound digestion. 'I'hat i.s why my med icine is selling at ^.wU :i tremendous rate. 1 have convinced many thou sands of people that tliese things are .so. and the iiiiinber of growing by leaps and bounds." Among more reoeiit converts to Mr Cooper's beliefs is .Mr. hJdgar I... Hinds, living at 0 Tappan Street. Kverett .Mass. Mr. Hinds has this to say on the subject: ••| have suffered with stomach trou ble f(u- elsht years. 1 was not sick enough to be in bed. Itiit Just felt bad all the time. My greatest trouble wat that I always felt tired, would get ui in the inorninK feelins as tired af when I went to bed. "I had a very Irregular appetite, and was tr<nthled with dl /.7 .y spells. If 1 stood for any length of time. I would have a dull pain in the lower part of my back. 1 was nervous and fell all the time as though somethluK terrlblt was going, to happen. 1 tried,man} kinds of medicine, but nothing evei helped me. •'I had about given up all hope of ever being in good health again, when I heard so much of Cooper and de cided to try his medicine. I took one bottle of bis New Discovery and waf greatly surprised at the reenk; I I gained 12 pounds in a few weeks, very common complaint is 'all run can now eat anything I wish, and feel down.' or 'tired aii the time.' or 'no like a new man. I cheerfully recom- api)etite.' " mend this medicine to all suffererc "I know positively that every bit of from stomach trouble.' this chronic ill health Is caused by It is woi-tb anyone's time, who is not stomach trouble, and noth(ng else. My enjoying good health, to learn of Mr New Discovery puts the stomach in c«M >per '8 wonderful l^reparations. We sound condition in about six weeks, are selling them in large quantities. MiSfaty few people can be sick with a 8. R. Burrel, Druggist. ' high enough to Justify gold export m oriHnary times, so that the impor tntion of gold Is evidently made at a conslilerahle loss to th.' banks, bu they were wiMini; to pay an cxtni price in order to and strengthen their c.tsh reserves at th(i present time. Tomorrow is a holiday at the Stock exchange and in the banks, owing to the election. Wednesday S million of foreign gold will be in the banks and 111 mllfion.s will arrive Friday. This replenishment of the r.-.-^erves means a decided relief from the strain which the banks have been subjected Th executive committ.^e of the .Mer chants' association today passed' formal resolutions In which conBdence in the financial institutions of the city was expressed. Members of the aKsoclation were advised to do all in Thi »r |K )wer to spread this feeling. FINISHED BY DECEMBER 1. Baasett School Building Now Well Un der Way. AV". A. Wlieeler. clerk of the board of education of the lola city .schools announced this afternoon that they hoped to have the new Bassetl school building finished by the first it December, 'i'he building Is wel under construction at the present tinii and work will i>e push.^d during th< remalping months. completed the Bassett «chool building will he one of the best equipped school build Ings In the city although It will not be so large. Wlien >ou are sick. <iiit of sorts, •ake Hollister's Rocky .Mountain Tea. The most effective remedy. Relieves when others fall. You he the judge, ry It. ?>Ti cents. Tea or Tablets, at burrelI's Drug Store. IDXinAL .SriiLEY IX .ST. JO .SEPH. The near Admiral m\\ Attend the MasoBlr Reiinfon. St. .Toseph. Mo.. Nov. —Rear Ad- •nlral Schley arrived, this morning to ittend a three days' reunion of thel Scottish Rite Masons. v Hlefjal Voting Suspected. New York, Nov. .—Over one hun Ired precautionary arrests for illegal voting were made but all prisoners were released because of a lack of evidence. For Best aa^ Qnlekest Resalts Use -he Beflstar Wait COIBUDS. REFUSE CHECKS AS PAY. Miners in Illinois Want Cash or They Won't Work. Danville, la.. Nov. .">.—Four thousand coal miners emitloyed at Kellyville. Steelton and Westvllle. practi cally are on a strike as a result of the financial tronble. I..ast week they were notified that next Thursday, the lime for the regular bi-monihly pay day, they would receive checks instead of currency. At subsequent meetings the men decldedi not to .i;o to work today until assured that they would he paid In cash, and today the minors are Idle. I Watches ALL KINDS ALL PRICES J. W. COFFEY &SQN Exclosire Jewelers. East Side. TOOK COLORED DR'S. HORSE. Dr. J. S. Bass Was Victim of Joke Hallowe'en. Dr. .1. S. Biis.s. the colored physic- Ian was the victim what he is not yet inclined to believe was a real Koodi joke on Hallowe'en night. He was called' to a home south of ifln- or's ford that evening and drove down with a horse from Howard's barn. He was compelled to remain at the house with his patient for .some time and thinking that his horse might get restless he went out and unhitched it from the buggy. When he got ready to go home he found the hcrse gone btit th.-» buggy still there. As the ni.aiht was rainy he stayed at the house all night and enjoyed the comforts of .sleeping In a chair. The next day two girBs hroii.cht the horse to the Howard livery Dam saying thai th'sy had found it on East stree:. Dr. Bass is not inclinedi to believe that the animal broke loose but that someone took it awav. For Exchange. Farming lands in Panhandle, Texas, for farm lands, or live stock, or for lola. Gas City or Harpe rentals. WHITAKER & DONNELL T. B. Shannon Tlie Allen county Hardware, and , Implement man. -.1 North Side Square loia. Kan. WILL ESTABLISH OFFICE. John Anderson Has 'Rented Rooms Over Coutant's Stori. - John Anderson, who for five years ov more has been a member of the tiiloring flrmof Anderson & Morrison, is going into the tailoring buslnes* aionc. He has rented the room over Coutant's hardware store formerly'oc­ cupied by the U. S. Army Recruiting Officer and is now fitting up the room. He expects to have everything in readiness to open np for business by the last of next week. Register IVaut Ads., Ic a Wwd. NOTICE! We will pay in aay reasonable amoant of GHAKQE ior checks or certificates In payment of goods purchased ^ New York Store

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