Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 9, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 9, 1908
Page 5
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CTE lOLAmiLT Mcsm, »omt OTimrc. IOTHPIB »i9o& TheMon Behind ThlmOmOt C. H. DeClute. President. J. D. Arnett, Vice President. OFFICEBS. L. M. Clifford. Second Vice President. H. Hobart. Cashier, . C. H. DeClnte, J. D. Arnett. B. E. Clifford, J. S. Walker, J. D. Arnetf. C. H. DeClute L. M. Clifford, Chas. H. Apt, J. F. Nigh. R. M. Cunningham. C. C. Aushermaa, M.^y Tholcn, Geo. S. Davis, DIREC TORS. . T!. M. Miller. J. E. Jones, \V. c;. Miiler. I'mnk Rale, ST«»CKHOLI»ERS, v.. K. Cliffonl. •T. E. Jones, 1!. M. Miiior, Winifred 'Walkor, *:i .T -a W. Fonsr, .1. S. Walkor. J. !;. P.. Mil lor. n. E. Culhortson, S;i'lit-- V. Miller; Chaa. H. Apt, J. F. Nigh, if. Kobart. L. Jlobart, R. L. Thompson. Frank Bale, \V. E. Ralston, E. .McDaniol. D;-. C. B. Core, W. G. Miller. H. Hobart. StBte Savings Bank GmpMmt S2B.OOO Mm, Kmnmmm Open from 7 to S p. m. Saturdays and Pay Nights READ! A few hnndred ^ sections Xo. 1 western land at IIOOO and np. GOLDEN WEST UND CO. Office Orer Iowa Store. Thorpe & floogh C^ntnetors, Engineers, Snrreyors. Fnlly eqnipped for all kinds of BTFeyin^, estimating, patent draw- iig. bine prints, maps, sidewalks, earbing, and farm drainage. Office Orer ^Famou." Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—better than most Ddn't Forget Onr MEAT MARKET We handle only thie best of Fresh I '-eats, Smoked and Salt Meats. We Want Your PRODUCE farmers, and will pay the hlghf-st >narket price in ca=h or trade. Come fn and see n?. We are sole agents for J. M. Bom 's COFFEES and TEAS If you will give this line a trial you will use no other. Fryer Bros. Phone 301, SOS. lolo, Kansas. Evans Bros. rira BImmm ttmilmmmfy, mimnk Bmmkm Smpmlimm Onimm ammpttmm -vmin qaaiity is mala eonaUt- •ratlon we buy the bert. Wl»r« demands wUl Jnatlfy, wa oarrr all grades and prlcaa. $1.00 bottle or Wahoo for 3oc at J. D. Mundis fc Co. Travel Was Heavy. Travel on all roads through Tola was very hoavy last w«-'ek. At each national ••loriinn many raon who arc omploy- •Ml away from homo return to vote, and as soon as the election is over, they rf 'turn to their work. It is estimated that seventy-five men came home to Neosho county this year to help save the country. —Cnnnlngham t .imett, 8 per cent money. W. E. Woods Was Here. W. E. Woods, who is interested in th«-' Union Portland Cement company, which is to build a plant here, was down from Kansas City Saturday on businp", -,»-s —Always time to eat at Our Way. Foust to Yates Center. J.idgo Oscar Foust will so to Yate.«» Cf^moT tomorrow where he will con- vono tho Woodson county court. The Xov.--mt)er dockr-t is light and tint few iinr"''rtnnt ca.-rr; ar.-- up. Wahoo S^c per hott!c at Slundls'. Delone Was Here. F, P. TVlonr'. formerly of fhl'' city, biit now of Indf -pcndr -ncp, w.i.s in the rttv yrstonlay. Mr. Pclonf^ contract In? .nf Tml'-prndcnc. —Ofsters any style at Gar-way. Fleak is Home. II. C. Floak. foi-pmau a». the Ro2i - tT n [r !C.->. rofiir!'.<~l y<\-tr-rday from a ffw flay.-;' vi-ir n' M= n !,l home. Cen- trrvi!!'^. I.n. Phone 1428. Prtd Ro*rd «B. J. J. Ames Wat There. Bepresentatires of tie district as elation of brick manafactorers held meeting at the Carl-Leon last with, fifteen or twenty members, eluding President .T. .T. Amos, of Himi boldt, present. The chief purpose the meeting was to agree on a In the price of brick.—Independence :30- a night, in- ot raise -Dr. J. JS. Pepper. Deatbt ntie IH Chance Investigates. Post Office Inspector L. C. Chance of Fort Scott, is In the city and Is vestigating soTcral different matters .Several report.<i of bad section."? roads covered by rural carriers been rccoived by the flcpartraent., are being looked into.—Indepen dence Star. , . of have and ' —Stgn painting, phone H28. Fred Rowden fnlbortson at Channtc. John X. McCallister. and undertaker from BartlesvillP. and Claude Culhert- son, an nndprt.ikcr from Tola, were here yp.«ferday visitinc F P. Wilson.— Chanute Sun. LeHunt Holdup. The police and sherlfrs ofrice.<! were notified this morning of a holdup be- I tween this city and LeHunt along the Missouri Pacific last night, Tho man's namn. who was held up. cannot he learned and the fellows who committed the .ict are .ilso strangers. Tho victim was robbed .of ?29. His description of his assailant.^ is a meagre one. He says that one wore a cap and the other a hat. and that further than that he 1 =5 unable to" give any Information which would tend to load to their apprehension. — Independence Reporter, •-Frank 8. Beattle. V. 3. Phnna 139 West in Pittshnrc. II. S. West, of lola. who was in Pittsburg several year.? ago working for the Fraternal Aid Association, is in the ct-.y in the interest of the Fraternal Bankers Reserve soolefy.— fleadlisrhf. -D N . JUthrop. Osteepatlu, Pkaae 44& ."Stewart a JTarrel. Master Stewart, the boy .skater, made a hit with his trick and lancy skating at the Star rink ni .2 :ht where he is filling a three-days en- ffa.^ement. The liitic lad handles himself gracefully on the little rollers ?ind gives a sensational exhibition of daring seldom attempted by one sc .voung. His heel and toe work evoked 'frequent outbursts of applaui^e from the audience which filled the pavilion, md his daring leap the gap at the con jlusion of the performance was a fitting climax to his e.vceptionally clev- r repertoire of f.incy stunts. Manager Butterbaugh s.iy3: "He is thi- ;)est yet. and I can recommend him tc my rink wanting a good attraction.' —Chanute Sun. Nation Went Through. State A^rtJtor J. M. Nation passed through lola Saturday afternoon on his way from Topeka to his home in Erie. Co. Household aad piano moTlnp: largest store room In city. Phone 85fi. To iBdnstrlal School. As a result of a hearing in juvenile court, application will be made to the Industrial school for hoys for the admission uf Eddie Shannon, the colored boy who got into trouble at Basseti Saturday. —Fitzgerald Starape and Transfer MarrlMl Here. Miln Huffman and Nora M. Shults. both of Chanuie. were married yester- dav by Judce J. H. Smith .it office —Yea. Primmer has plenty of fine Chrysanthemums ready to sell. •—Six per cent money: no commla- i ^inn: no delay.—Smith ft TraTia. Webb Went Through. Suprrintendrnr A. H. Webb p.-issed through Tola Saturday enroute from Ft. Scott to hi.< home at Wichita. He was aeeoihpank a by Trainmaster Davidson. For a short time only, yon can buy Wahoo at V,:,c per bottle at Mundls. THE lOLA iCE AND COLD STORAGE CO. MaMfocturers, Wbolesok aai Retafl D M I CTS CRYSTAL ICE And. Distilled Water Few Celd' Stmge Beaij for BUlMML Ph*M 111. FRANK' RIDDLE. Mgr. To Invite Hadley. The Republican club of B«->urbon county is planning for a bisr b?.nquet the early part of next week at which they ioi)o to have Herbert Hadley. covenior-eleor of Mi .-.=0 !ir!. as the chief speaker. Stoves Set ap and connected, also any other gas fitting. Good worlc and reasonable charges. Phone 29, '—Fresh Oysters—Onr Way. Earl Cox Wa« There. R. E. Cox. the ELsmore grain dealer, attended a meeting of the Kansas State Grain Dealers' .\ssociation at WicJi:ta last week. The meeting- was for the- purpose of taking measures against the enforcement of tho new bill of lading.' which went into effect In eastern territory on Xovember 1. and Is scheduled to bn adopted In the west on December 1. The grain men are protesting vigorously asralnst this uniform bill of lading, on the ground that it is unfair to the shippers. Their protest will be re-heard before the Interstate Commerce Commission In t'?e near future. •—Onr Ovjttera. Way. Oratorio Reh^rsal Tonight. The regular weekly rehearsal of the oratorio. 'WJah." foy a choma ^Ir under the ^IreeCIon of A. U BoatrUtKt, wfll be beld tontfit In the ChrlsUtfK Harliautrh Homc^ J. L. Harbcuigh, who lia-^ been in Missouri for several months a dep- ui.v orcanizer for the Knights and Ladies of Security, retuinetr ye:-.tpr<iaj for a few d:tys visit wiih friemi.-;. —Merchapfs Lunch at Our Way. Look Out, Repnblican>i. L. V. Orion, ihe Hiiniboldi atitirncy who ran a.^ainsr Captain H. .\. Ewing for county attorney, was in the city today. He applied for a hunter's license a' the rnunty clerk's office. —Chry .=anThemums and fine ones, now ar Primmer 's greenhouses. Watrons Is III. ^ Word ha-s been received here that Deputy Internal Revenue Collector J E. Watrous, who went out on the road ihe first of the week, is sick with vertigo at th« Marsh House in Orf.iwa and will he unable to travel for several lay.e.—Burlington Republican. —Tailit OBIhaTlBg "T. 8." now. Mrs. W. U Allison and d.aughier Heine, left yesterday for Welda for a few days visit with friends. To Visit Mother. Miss Freda Ellis arrived from lola yesterday to visit her mother. Mrs. school in lola.—Chanute Tribune. —Be a Booster—Home Indoatry— Neosho Rlrer Cat at Our Way. Soaie Fast Work. Charles Bucher resigned as county attorney of Montgomery county at 11:30 o'clock today and his successor, Hal R. Clark, qualifled and took the •-It -^>Br Way Soda Wattr. Had a 6ood Sise- /. ' The Cfcanate teacher- who xent to Tola and Kansas City to study methods in rogue in those schools retorned last evening on the plug. The Santa Pft provided a special coach for the joint use of the school ma'ams and rne high school foot ball team, i which changed to the Missouri Pacific at lola.—Chanute Sun. •—Soda Water, the Onr Way kind. Rooms for men. Y. .M. C. A. biilldlng. Steam heat in each room. Baths-free. Was in Emporia. 7.. L. O'Conner. of lola, was in Emporia yesterday and this morning, visiting frieiids.—Emporia Gazette. .\hont "SeaNhipf* Oy.*iters. 'Sealshipt" Oysters are a dish "fit for a King." They have a flavor that cau.=?es the epicure to smack his lips ''or more. The only w.ty to get the true oyster flavor is to buy •Se.alshipt" Oysters. 'Sealshipe" come direct from the beds, packed in ainight. steel contain- -^rs, with ice around the containers^ but not in contact with the oysters. .:;S«ilshipt" is the only methood of -hipping that retains the original, dis- inctive oyster taste. You get solid, aatural-sj^ed meats. The price of 'Sealshipt" is liigher, than for taste- 'ess, soft, insipid tub oysters; yet they ictually cost less, since they go so much farther. But "Sealshipt" Oysters »re worth more than any oysters you •»ver saw—you will agree to this af- cer jou have once tried them. Notice how temptingly "Sealshipt" Oysters are displayed in the Pure •^Tiite Porcelain Case bearing the blue •Sealshipt" Trade-Mark—your guar- inty of purity and excellence. Fryer nrothers. Otto Hinze. "0«ti^ Way." With the Methodists. Muskogee Red, the trans-Atlantic 'vilobe-Trotting-printer. is on exhibition in our city.—Baldwin Ledger. The Sleeper. They have planted him deep in a srrave by tho fence, where the sand- burs are thick and the jimson is dense: he's sleeping at last, and is •?tlll as a mouse, held down by a boulder as big .is a hou.'e, and the whangdoodle mourns in a neighboring tree, with .i voice thal'.s as sad nsi the .sorrowing se.i. They have planted him deep In the .«?jlt and tho sand, with appropriate airs by tho fife and drum band and they joyfully yell when he .cad rites are o'er: " ding him. e's taking his straw rote.^; no more." —W.iU Mason. I hare located In lola for the purpose of conductiuir Public Sales In Alien and adjofaiinir eoanties. Having considerable ex« perience in the wortL and advantage of a course in the Mis* sonri Anction School, thoroughly prepares me for condnctlng all cla<ise<i of pnMie sale>. I make a specially of Farm and Pnre-Rred Stock .Sales. ^ - i In order to get acquainted with the pnhlic a<) a .<«ale<>niaa, I will Qonduoi all malem Free of Gbapge IMed wUh me beiot^ Jan, 1, 09m j Reference—rol. -\. P. MaM >n, president of International' .\ucJioBeors .Issoclalion.. Alien (.'ounly Siatc Rjink, lola, Eas. Reference furnished from those for whom I have <ioId. .Satis­ faction finianinteed. Write or phone for dato^. TELI:PHONE SJ.-.. ncRs 4tt'.» F.VST ST.. iOL.\. liA>S. Guy Taylor Has Auto. Guy Taylor of the Our Way has purchased a new Buick auto. Yesterday he gave it the first real test .driving to Humboldt. He made the trip nicely. Gill as Manager. Warren Gill, formerly a pitcher with the Ft. Scott Missouri .Valley league team, and a brother of Roy Gill, who .played bore last summer, may brancli out as a manager next season. Sam Loever and Ilonus Wagner are planning to buy a franchise the Central States league and place Gill in charge. Warren played first base for Grand Rapids in the Central States league and Pittsburg in the National league last summer. For Runaway Boy. The sheriffs offim lias rccoist -.I notice from thi' St. Uiuis auiluiritics to ;hc nil i!io lookout for a Ii' y^ar oM boy. E<ldi'' .Morri .si ;y, who lau away from his home there on'j. r li'.ih. He was In the company of twu utiier boys the day he left. Ouch! Ouch! If the pressman of the Ch.inute Sun could be induced to resign and make wtiy for a better blacksmith, there would be more pleasure in reading that p.iper.—Fmporia Gazette. We Like Excitement. lola Republicans liked, the excitement so well that they have already started the spring campaign for mayor and councilmen.—Ottawa Hemld. To and From Cherryvale. H. .T. Powell went to lola today noon for a short visit with ' mother and friends. He will return tomorrow. * t 4 Carrie^^Ciotfelier and Miss Lucile Lynch spent the day with friends in Parsons today.—Cherryvale Republican. T^ uncjuesrionably prove to the peo- pennle of Tola tbat indigestion and dysiiepsia is ciiral>le and that Re .xalT D.vsjiepsia Tabiet.; will effect the cure, wo will furnish tlie niedi.''ine ab.^nliite- !y free if it fails to give coniplere sat- i.^faction tn anyone .irivins it a trial. The remarkable .'.uce.-.^ of H C.V.T II Dy.«.pepsia Tablets i.« largely due lo the new .nnd successful method of manufacture, whereiiy the weli-knowri properties of Bismuth. Subnirr.-ite and Pepsin have been combined witb carminatives and their agents. Bismuth Subnitrate and Pepsin are reco.gnized by the entire medical profession as specifics for acute indigestion and dyspepsia. The Pepsin used in Rexall Dyspepsia Tablet.s is manuf.-.cfured by a n^>w process which develops its gre;ite;st efficienc.v. Pepsin supplies to the digestive apparatus one of the most ini- pcrtam elements of tbe diuestive fluid, and exerts a to:i;( ' Visited in Chanute. Mrs. Bertha Dalton returned to lola today after visiting .Mrs. G. N. C'cam- beds and Mrs. R. D. Ch.imbers.—Chan ute Tribnne. Trombold Has Son. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Cnjorge Trom­ bold, a 12-pound boy. "Another good Isit her mother. ""'Um^^t^.. ,3^3 jfr. Trombold. • • • Fannie Ellis. She is attending hisMMrs. A. Trombold arrived from Galena yesterday afternoon for a two weeks' visit with her son. Georgle Trombold and family.—Chanute Tribune. —Dr. P. E. Waagh, Dentist. Phone $2. Card of Thanks. „„. ... , . We desire to express our feelings of oath of office at 1:45 o'clock and went I gratitude to the neighbors and friends .immedlatety to the county attorney's who so Undly asaisted us dvring the '<>aice where fae was met by Mr. Buch- sicknesa and death of our little one. er. Slyen, the keya and the dntfes of Alao ito the frienda who contributed jditf.oCCiee tented orer to hfan.—iade- tlie beantlfnl Roral otforioga. A LIBER.VL OFFtK. S. R. Burreli, linarnntecs to Cure Djlspepsla-If They Fall, the Medicine Cnst.^ Nothing. Trojan Safety Powder MEANS .ICST WHAT IT SAtS. Better than any other,powder on the market. Xo glycerine In it.«; composition. Does not freeze no matter how cold. Absolutely no dau'-'er in handling. Use Trojau iaatead of glycerine and save the lives «f your men, and your company from damage s.uits. C.W.Coverdak A.GENT Room tf. .SttMcusott Oldg.—lola EXCHANGE OR SELL. List your property with me. I have a large list to match from. No e.\pens (B unless a deal is found for you. I have 240 acres In Neosho county. Kas. to exchange for good lola property. J. T. MUSS. Room 10, Old Ceart Hoisfl; LEQAISM fFlrst Published. October 14, 1908.) Treasury Department, Office of tbe Supervising Architect, Washington, D, C, October 12,1908.— Sealed Proposals will be received at this office until 3 o'clock p. ni. on the 16th day of No- venilier. and then opened, for the construction (including plumbing, gas piping, heating apparatus, electric conduits and wiring), of the U. S.. , Post Office at lola. Kansas, in accord- jance with the drawings and specifica- J.\ME3,K.\OX TAYXOR, SiJiiervlstng Architect. tlon. copies of which may be had from upon all the glands which >\<w\y al! ^^e Custodian of the site at lola, Kanthe other elements necessary .0 ..roi- „^ at this office, at the discretion er as.siniilatiou and diEesiio:i. joj supervising Architect. Tbe carminatives and iu<jperri .i -s • which pruriipily roiievc tht> di.--j turbances ,ind jioiii c;iii^eil i.\ imdi-" gesfed fo<xl. The perfect <iiiuI)fiia!ioii of thfse ingredients make a remedy al 'sohitt -l.^ incom|)aral)le and iiivaiunMe for tb*- complete curi' af iudi .cciMnii ;iiid d>s- petisia. We are .so positively certain of this that we sell Uexall OysiKfpsia Tabl^r.s nn oiii- own i)frsotta\ f -'Ui 'taf/te.. lUut they will fither cure you or yuii nothing.-S. R. Hurrt-ll The I {*' Store. West Side Square. Home from LeRoy- M I.-; H. I.. Harri.s and Mrs. M^rritt E«.-<' r.iiirii'-'d yt-sterday from LeRoy wlierc tli»v hnve bt-enenrertain»*d by -friiMiils. V • V Fred Schmidt in Town. Fr .d Sehiuidf was up from Humboldt y .-stiTdav. 'TIS SAID That imitation is the sincerest^ form of flattery; so it is easy to see why we are Imitated. But since we have perfect confidence in the ability of an intelligent and discriminating public to decide who leads.and never follows, we will only add that we are still giving our patrons tbat skme honeat quality that made ns leaders. lola Laundry 902

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