Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1907
Page 3
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s — A Money Sa?er for Those who waat Coals, Furs, New Shirt Waisis, Skirts, Warin Dnderwear and Dress Our customers tell us it is a pleasure for them to be able to view this magnifioent display of New Fall Merchandise,' now in array here- It certainly is a privilege and pleasure for us to show them. Here you will find a representation of all the new things trom the foremost producing centers of the world, and as to our usual prices—examples follow J Kew Fall Models in Women's, Wisses' and Children's Coals 127' I'ltr ;Iii> «;rr:il \iM<-iiii <cr Siilr. Tin- illti-lr:itii>ii> mn rtiil.\ iiullrnti- Iho <l;.ir;i«I<T 111" llii- »t<li'N ill tln-^«' Liir- n:i'itS. riic i"<;i:i:rfN niiikr II K 'IH <»i i!ii <'iju :itlr<l Hiirtli arc llic M-ry <-( lli-fil iti:it<'ri.-il- ;i)i<l llli' •>Uillliil :it- t'-iilii>ii ::iwii ii> i-\iT\ tli-tail of Ihc iiiakiii-^ .Wr tail n-i«tlilj :>v»iirc I'MTX M <>n)ii:i lliut lhc>«- (outs nill \\illi-isiml cnniiiurixm with »iiiiilar (irii <•<! liii<->. >>.IHI. ^:Jirt. ^7.00. )»N .<HI. t^UMil. *H'JHt. :!i|:!.IHt. ?ir..00, *I«.mi. si:.r.«. *i».int, f->:>.tH) and (IIII.DRK\S \M» MISSFS' JO VTS FMitilllSf.KKM \<»VK>IHKI{ SVI.K Kl<-:!:ini (•iirnicnis fur .v«ui «i' ••••loit ironi. rail lit any cliilil or mU> in 11 ari-ut \nrWl\ of s(.vl<'<. lor *i.."Vi». #::.m). <«wO. ii^vi. a ^iM. ^Tw". *UKm. ^l-2.m iin<l imM». Showing of Waists at Special Prices for this errat No^cnjlier Siil«\ Ifli-. ?1.IH). M.^:,, SlMNI. >t.1.(H». ^\.:,tK ssl.T."., #IJHi. ii:.1.mi up to 7w<>. 1 oiiiiirroM «<• >\ill Itrinir forlli a ^crj rilli of iiin nai^f-'. Tl»c» arc all our ouii clioioini;. nhich of il-cli" V. :il aiivucr for tin- liidividiiunty Ki Ihi- «.!«U* a* nrl! tlu* n ':i >or:ilile- !ic>'> "f tl'c |>ri«->\ riic i -ficrt» arc stiin- iiiil:; ami liict arc : i >;c iia<{ in Tafi 'cia I' rciii-li »c -oaliiic anil from tliiN c \lc :i»tw »lio«!?!-^ \iiit "ill linil no iroiiMc ill liai.'iiiL' tlic ^i>Ic or color that iiici t« lonr laiict. 400 Elegantly Trimmed Hats lor tlii- fircat Nnvctnhcr Sale at sjKi 'ial firM 'c>, Tlic iliniaiiii for Kirlu anl <on'> Millinery InK Iiwn mo -^t oii» coiiriiKln:;. Iluuilrctls of new cnstnni- cr-. (•acli -ca-.on .»pcn: surprised at tlic rcmarkttlilc valiic< and all so fairly liriccd. The efforts- nc have made to c\i -el in this line are devoted as much to the reliahility oi materlaU »« to the neatness and eiYeetlveness of the styles. The de*ilirns are from onr iiitn work room. iH^nlifully Irimmed x^ith iloHcrs, coi|iie<;, feathers and the popular feathered ei'fecis. a splendid ci /llerlion. *iJ>tK *-V>ii. •fcl.ilO. sV .tl, >i |.(ll>. iH .:>t> up to ii^l.'..0 <i. Special Va'ues in Underwear. tVoiiicn »ho choose lo eomi>are these lines and .olliers at .similar jirices nill readily pnno to their entire satisfaction a fact already tirmly esiiiliiished aniont; hundreds of HO- men in lola. nanieJr. TJ)e liesf nenrine iM-st lillini:. low priced underwear offered antxvlicre at th<- prices is at this store. I.adics Cariuciit '^'ti-. :>.'>c. 'lOc. lU'.c. :."ic. $ All wool iiiiilcrxtear si.ild. >l .."iO up lo *-ld:>. t hildn-o'- sti.., ir.irijieiiis i:,c. •-Htc. :;.>e. :{.'ic and -Vic. ( iiildreii's I IIion Suits, in all siz<-s. a sjilfiidid tuliic. special 'jric. t'liildrcii's trrailc I'liion Suit, cream. Jicaiih iJccc* ij, mir licsj ijual- ill. .'iDc. Wjmen's Flannelette Night Dresses, etc. lor this (Jreat Novemlier Sale, The liciiiand for fht-se trarments I'ndirntes an inrrcasin:; appreciation of the warmth and comfort they aiford. We h:iw .iiist rccciied a new line conlain- iiiir splendid value*; at 'ifte. 7.'ip. S -'ic, ^iJHt. and *l.."it». Great November Sale in Dress Goods, etc ;!.'.() iijcces to .select from, no old siuiY: fHTv new color and wea^e will so in this m, Sale. SpccIiiS I- M-. .uv, .• ^t.a:,. ssi.i:.. *i>-. Warm niaiikcts of cierj kind from .'>!) cents lo the tinesi .ill wool Klanket s:7.".». Black Cat Hqsieri The Hose that are uniarantt-ed to wear l.'c, i.".e and .'.Or. i Royal Worcester Cnrsets. th^- best in the land. Piet«irial IJeview I'atlertis ' ireettm- mended; above all others^ Ask your Dress Maker attout them. " 113 East Madison Avenue.. RrCHAR'DSON'S 2 if oars tUfeai Thothp' moa Hotel.: GAS CITY NEWS ITEMS Ml i!< iiwTs »tii.i. u< Ki'i I I.I:\J: »N«. jitUM: ruMirjt »ijs, COUNCIL .JLL NOT MEET TO,.IGHI THK >IKMl!Ki:> «lll- 1!» >V ToNHiin V\\ Mt;ilT. ii;' for o in-!ii <-r .Tii 'i !i. t'vr. \'\ :•'1<;; of TiiP V"''.:!]!.!!' '.iil'.- .iii'! :!:•' ;.Ti: n>'c poi'.im;" — - ."••i! i:'- .d 'icccpl I ii'.iriiiu' llmisc tcrliliaiis. Tin- tl .i.- rii'. ' i:;ir.: ' .,hii'...'ri' •••i c !.Mliii;: liint.— fcrrijic.ifi-.- I.' itlii' Inla liankf I s tli.- ^.iiii.- ijiiiij will irive ih<» .-.'ini>- v.i ;i:i- Ai' n: jfi',- nurkiiif^n in tlii.- i-i'\ ft:.''•.is nior.iini: i:i rli.. f .Miiii- ^ ri r! if !(:ii>~. \viiii-:i •.~ i v .'i !<••: • 1 T.l'i!li'V . Nil. :" l'.i''h ,';niif.- prciMiis.- ; I.c ;:o()(l ri ;i.->. Koard of KiliicaliiMi .Mcelinir. " T .• r .M .iiil 1 I I'M;; -iri.!!! i,r i;,. il I r;. .-.•ii.i.i. I; ..11i -.l i'i-u.i ;.ir In' i- li' -~ M t!:'-i:' iiH'!iir, i.i •• ivi'i..:.; '•.1^-: i-. ii'ii.M itr.- X<- I \\A< M|:-, ;; '' •.I ' 'i;.- IinlMl.i' M:!!:;!!'' iii.n.lli- '' I i:ii u.i.- ;ill<i\, 'I'll-- — • .v,>- 'I'ljl iif iKivin-.: ih'- li':ickliii ;iii(.- i>l ,1.. .-.Iwi.i liiiililiir.;.- in ihis <i;y VI fiirHT';ii i.::!:ir..;>'il anri I'-iMii'0 ".•i.-" •:i,:.-n liji 111!' no ai -iion wa.s taki'-n. .Vii:hiiiir i.f uif.ii ini!.ii:;ii)( r- w.'i- • rr'n-.ici..(| .MAV (»PK\ A SWTTAnil.H. l^iu. i" II. iv.;,-.-.-. Cit-Tman t|.- Ii .i^ I'll" iii> I'aiii- . Mil. I w :!! M-.' in I'll.i II.. .st;i!i-.- ,11 I;.- .lill >i ;i. :i :i -a:.ii M (i'ini \\<-\f ..ti ... ., r r ;H'----:;.'<'fl'.- niuil.-. :)i :i: sm-li an ii'mi nlil !..• 1.1 \:\\. ill FOUND CLARK GUILTY VOTKP I\ OTSTKR BAY. City Booze Cases Disposed of Las' Evening. Mana-jir lii lanej Will Try to ItHni- Fori Kilc} Knot liall Team Here Kiir a <<amc. t ouncil \>ill .Not Mc<t. T!i< Ci'v <'<iiirifil not iii'-rt in r '-;;ni :ii- s ».v.-i .iji i!;:s i vi ni -ii:. ihc f:^!i ar ciHincil ni '-ciiii-'- IKL -I '.'. be- r-;;!!.-.- !i;.i:.': of <-n ;il .r;l will )•.: tji;.->. ii (ni --:!i! 1.. in- Hii.^ :u ::!ii . Tin ;>» \vi;l ! .. r ..)-h ;n- u\ i :i:;.frMni>- w, c-<,iiiO May J 'lay Fort Riley. .\lanri2T Frank I>i'laii..> <.i City l"()/);')all I-MMI anii'iiiin <•! niornins tliar ho w.i.~ iiiaki;::.- nii 1.1 uet I he I'ort Uilr-y .- I-,:<1;.MS' i i'-:ini fri .".'ay in ci-y T;.; iilviiu: aI'.-vn 'Ni:i. Tii.' .-.>'ilii'! ~ .! liavo ii:i.- of li:.. 1,. -t -.. M.'! 1 in \'::- .-r.::.. an.I i: i- iik--'-. i'.,-i uii: imt i.|> a COIK I ;;alii.. ii' li 1. p(r sHCci -ils in nrrani-'in'-r iuv '.•. Thi» C;a- City team wiM .i>. li'v-ha on 111.' Kleciric I'.wi; •: Sunday Xov. ITrb. ari(! .• ill- AMu R(iss<-|( Knrt. Whili-' workin.; ai ilu- Priiiif Wi'-:- ' ' in S:ii <-.T..' la-, .-^rin .l.i:. inorninu .\iva .'-ll .-M-.i :rn.->,| a vory jiainfilllN : '•I •.:-!•• li.ii.d. .\llllou:;il llu' injury \ .py |i.iinfii' i? i.- n.ii li."li'-V'''l 'liai Ir ; ••s''\\ i.'-n';: -..riii'.i^'y. Tii.-' injiii-.-il ! i. :•!,:! i- a -^i.-at (If.ii l.pruT lo.lay. RISINC And many other paintul and serions ailments from which ir.ost mothers suffci^, can be avoi^.ed 1)V the use of I "Motor's FriSll" This -'rcat remedy is a God-send to v.-oMien, carr^.'ing them through their most critical ordeal wth safety and no pain. No womrm n ho uses '"Mother's Friend" need fear the suffering and daii;< r in. i<lent to birtii; for it robs the ordeai of its horror I'lrsonals. M. C'.iil. of Uriiii.^oii. i.- in ilif- ciiv , vi-iti:i::, lii.- s.iii. Is.nac <'arl. lii.- I'nrni- ; ITM-.' .!.-al.-r, \ \\ O. .MarMa of N.ode.^lia. iva.- in ! ill.' ciiy .\....-i .M '.l.iy vi.-iiin^ fii.-iiii-. .Mr. .Mr.- Kii.-- of ricTinir. Ka:i wf.r>- ilir- ^iK'.-i.^ of r.lali'.-o.: \:\ ihi- j ciiv yr.>i<^r.lay. GRANTED WAKEFIELD A REFUND Ex-Mayor of Humboldt Said His As sessirent Was Too High and ins; a ccndi; -•» . 'tilU 4. ijr.nlli..: y to life oi ni'tither and child, and leaves her in favoriible to speedy recovery. The child is .::g riTid •K- SI .!.I free IM plain i.' .-.ii);.' applic-'tion to t ,>:'M t u. ALianta ,Ga. iceuy recovery, x uc wui-u u OTHER'S FRIEND T. n. ^\'Vikpne )d. ex mayor of Hum boldi. ramo up today to S.'P iln- c in mIssion«^r.s about he regarded a.^ too high assessment on his proper^.pt Humboldt. He aski?d for a refund on a $1^0 va'iiation for lOOfi and ir »'>7 on a Btrip of land near the r.allro,iil. The refund was granted. S.-veral other aiisj.siiment pri)i>»st.s have COIIK- III since the tax roll.c wriv o]ii n.d l.\st Friday. PISO'S Consuming Consumption even in its most in:J(li- ous form Is nut always iiicunbte. The first intcllipcnt sie\-> in the trcittncnt of the di.s- i-a-...' i.; to st.)|> the violent iiaroxvsnis of coiijliii;(j ivhicli tear the I'.inpi and eirfecble the system. Piso's Cure ha; pcmianentljr cured niai.y consumptive cnuth.-., a.s shown by court testiinony because its artj»eptic, hciling and sooiiiinir qualities act directly on the lunas and bron- ciiial i-aisa^'c:;, stop! pip;: tin: rou;;hii'.u and ^eiitl) hcaJinff tin- lac- I eratcj tissues. Even the most advanced consumptive coi:ghs I have rt.ponJcd quickly to I'iso's Cure, i which bt'iiifi absolutely free from opbtes t>r habit-forming dnip is , the ideal remedy for ! every (omi of roughs, I colds, bronchitis in yount; and old. For I nearly half a century's Cure has been drtnon^tr:lting that the ^ nio5i nd«-anced form of chest affections I Can be Cured CURE j U '.i.!.. ( iaric u:i.-. funini cuiity I: IK 1. ill iK.lic.' conr; '>!' s-.-lliir; liqiioi |.:. i-.v,, count,-, and wa.< llni'.l $:;i"> an' . Jw .n '.'> (lay.- in jail, .\fti-r the city* j. ' i 'li'iici'' was in Clark inad"> no fiirth- j cf offort to Jicht thr He gave I notice 01" aI >;l^a!. Tom Ki.Tsii .son. the ji -o !iirt'il iior '.r at ihr> Treniont. wa> also tri<.<; Ia.-;r niuhi. The cas,^ was 'ii.t .-1.^ ^r.-nnp; a:; liiisf him a.=v ajjains' I ilX' oihi r.<. \lc attcnipteil to provt ! ;iii .liii)! an/1 inrroiliired .'^r'vera' v.i: jnt.s.-if^s to thill, end. .Ind^e Collins r.' •^;^=rvl•.l dwision until this mornina. j.Mir -s.iyin;.' that li- woiiM deoom- niniiil leiiii-noy on riie part of th romifil with referr-Hoe to the p 'yrnei- 111' fine, he found Feru 'uson giiiUy or. or," cjuiit. Dob Re-ynoiiis. who war- ftmnd aiiiliy on four eaiini.'T y »vtenlj' l )fl:!d n :?lit but wa.s .soon af t"r arivstfil by the Riat.-> and take- b.-icic to jail. Henry Oarr.or was re jUa.^e.i last ni.^iit .i .s he w.iv only ^ t.'oli .Toa '.v !^"'lfy. For Hot and Oui»-i.,.v| Iii-«ulis Is- the Ke'.'i.sfir IVanI ('oiunin«. , I M.*i: J\ IHlf Af;0 JltKI'ITVr.. i 'iivsiViau.s and .Vursp^ Curried tbv Patients to Sale Plnef-s. C'ii(-a-.;o. Nov. -'. -.\Ineh exoiieinen ; wu.s caused anniiiir the p ;itiPii;.-> in tht • Gorman Ho.'tpita! in Hamilton Cour 1 tiduy by a fire which broke om in Ih , -f.ji floor. Sixty patienis were carrie'i ) >••> physicians and to iilace.s o> ; ifi-iy. No one was Injiire.d. lleflster W«n< Xd*., le n Wnrd. ri REGISTER \VA\T ADS. pay be i •aiisn in Allen eounty nearly every "lody roads the Register. CuarantecO he larcf at circul.-iiion of anj- paper In Miou to-juiy. President Hoo^Melt In fJoiid Spirits Todaj,. 0 ;..-i.r i:..;. N ..V. Tfte Presid.»nr irriveij here ihi..; cifrerjioon front Vasliincon aii'l vo-.'d. ;{|e >;ree(ed ' l.'-:i.sai:ily il;. ii >r :o:i>; abJiiit the vot- 11; lii.i.-f.- MlriS HI.A.N'CHK TlJo;Tl^.son. <'.e;;)Uty - >; .st.-r of ileed.s. ti-.iri niorninK i-r:- i'-nted to ilie fin.nty coTnmlssioner .s or liiei!' insp, (tinn yiosf "cards .<;how- 111 • jiittnrt^ of eourr houses in "he .M'..-^s Th6ni ;(Ron has been colhctin-; po-^t ear.-^s for some time and has surrrodel in set ^-ns: picrure;; of i ;s oat of rhe inj. cSunty courr. l ^olls<•^•. Th<- (oinnii .ss 'onfTs found tlie pietiini'.s very int .^resJliiK.^ SO .MKTHINt; SJHH; L D >nE DONE. >Vlial Is Caosin.' »hn T 'loVease of Catarrh In Jola? In .spitp 01 liie beai ea6rt .s of medi- r men, ca'.arrhal ^troa^bles ire :- .n-v-.i-,.' -,,.( only in;iolaibut -an over (he country. . i Catarrh i."! a s;erni di*ase. and to cure it perm life in the iJreathin? or- gan.s .should he destroycil. and to do .-. ..o ner lieatiii^ul l^as such pos- ivi? and beneficial qctiopi as Hyomei. Wlit-n ihe ni 'iri)us wc-nibrane is irri- •nted and r .iw and ihe f issues weak- f-neil. there is an idfal Wcin?: place for caTHrrlial nernft,. fjreathe Hyo- -.)ei and .sre Unw unitkly^t sootlies Ihe •nerabrane-K, vitaM?ea thO tissues .nnd lestrny .s ail ihe genns, render- 112 rui-iriii no lonUi'r pcisuible. There is no dans-'erons'stomach drug ziti-A wb .-n llyoniet i.- u -s *d: no tablets •ir liiiii .l mixtures.^ whCreby the di- t;esiion is often de.stroyvd and intestinal troubles added; to t5ie horrors of •atarih. Breathed ihrousK the neat pocket inhaler that comes. wU)i every H.vo- mei outfit, the heaMns ^Isams penetrate to the most reaiojB air cells of the throac. nose and Ii^ngs. destroy- Ine the catarrhal serms^so that quick recovery follow.*. V Chas. B. .Spencer.' a!;r*es to reftind the money to any pttrciiMer of Hyoroel who does not find that R does all that l« claimed for it. Jhe 'complete out- m'; but $1 00 ; * 1.

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