Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 9, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 9, 1908
Page 4
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fbo nU DULY IEHSTEI CMAM, F. SCOm IDEAL DAY BROUQHT THRONG. Cht:rches Unusuall/ Will Attended ard Strsstj Crov/ded YestisTday. •ntcrtd Bt Tola, Eaniu. PostoOfl*, u Sei;oiid-Cl«M Matter. Adrirtlf Ing RatM lfkd« KnowB on i Appllcttfam. BUBSCBipnoir BATES. Tllle or laHuiMii ta« Week ^10 eenta dne Montb 44 cents Ouf Tear 16.00 ByvKall. Oar jear laitde eeaatj..........I&N •ar year eatslde eeaaty HM Three Months, in advance |L00 One Month, in advance .44 VFnCLLL PAFEB, CITT OF BA8- 8BT. Telepbeaei BoaineBi Office - - Editorial Room - - - 18 222 FOR DOCTOR SNOW ^rcmorial Serrlce Will Be Held at the I'niTersIlj- of Kans .<U) Toniorron-. Lawrence, Kas., Nov. A prngramj has been completed by Dr. W..H. Carruth, for the memorial sen-ices which will l)e held at the university No\'ember 10 In honor of the late Dr. F. IT. Snow, ex -chancellor of the univer.«;ity. The services will bo simple. I)iit effective five of tiie old time friends ol ilie doctor BpeakinK on different phases of his character and work. Chancellor Strong will preside over the memorial servjecs on behalf of the nnlverslty, J. W. Gieed of Toi )Pi :a will malte the fir.'-t. address of the afternoon, paying a tribute to the doctor in behalf of the alumni and the graduates of the university. Mr. fileed wa.s associated with the e\-chancellor for 40 years and will tell of the work he did in building up the school. Dr. Snow's great work on science will not be overlooked as Dr. Williamson of Chicago university, but formerly of K. N'., will tell of the many things the doctor did for the advancement of scientific learning and especially his work as an entomologist. The city of Lawrence, of which Dr. Snow was a valued citizen for more than 40 years, wished to bo represent ed. so Col. Moore, a life-fime friend of the c:i-cha;ico5!or, v.'ilJ .-i'.c-.'ik c>n "Dr. SHOW a.s a Ciii/m." FOR BIG RKFIVKRY. Speaking of lidval.-nreatiier—how did Featerday suit yon? Apparently the bcantiful Sabbath proved an Inn^Ira; tlon to many forj the churcl| attendance tbronghout the city was considerably larger than usual and in the afternoon, the streets were thronged with people ont for a— oh, Just a walk. There wasn't any other excuse to be out. Tola, as fs well known, has a cement lid on Sunday amusements and there was no football game. So it must have been the weather—the crisp, exhilerating atmosphere, the enervating sunbeams, the majestic beauty of the blue^omed sky. that brought the multitude ont to enjoy it all. Hundreds took a walk out into the woodlands ,somo to the river and others just about town. Peo pie looked Tola over thoroughly nnd were glad that they live hero. "I really did not Icnow how much improvement was going on in this city, tintll 1 took a long walk yestcr- d.iy," a man said this morning. "I have been thinking all alnog that things were dull liere. Perhaps they have been thinking all along that to me that there is a mighty lot of building going on here for a dull town. And painting—say. my eyes are dazzled yet from the bright riot of colors which met my gaze. Every house in the parts of the city that I visited, was? either fre.shly painted, or else cleaned so that ft looked like it had been painted recr-ntly. Thf-n there is the paving, new sidewalks and various other improvomentK which go to show that Inla is quite lively. If you really want to know the progre .<3s of the town you live in, get out and t.ike a walk. The evidence b there." yi\OL ft'RES fiiROMc cor «ii .s, (OLD.H AND BRONTHITI .S After if)thpr Remedies Fail. AiOUT OAS SITUATION. ^ DtneoTit Writes of Alien County. In speaking of the oil and ^ac s uatlon the Tulaa Democrat says: b. H. Fisher fbas completed two j^a^l sera on the Highland farm, .sectloS 29-26-19, Allen county, six miles north east of Cbanute. Nos. 4 and 5, good for 10.000,000 and 15,000,000. Flv^ miles farther northeast, on the Guffey farm, 13-2649, W. W. Kany hap a iJ.OOO.ftOO gaaaer In his N^o. 2. On the .Maulsberry farm, southeast of Humboldt, the Monarch Cement company has completed two ^as wells. No. 2, showing 12,000,000 feet. Three miles north of Chanatti. thp Garden City Oil and Ga.s company, one of the first developers 5n the early Cbanute excitement, has Just com pleted a .20 -barrel well. No. 18, and Is drilling No. 19, on the .Tohnson farm, 7-27 -l .<5. In the eastern part of Neosho county, a mile north of Erie, the lEMe Gas company has about a 1,000,000 gasser In its first test on the Treadwell farm, section n0 -2R-20. Its test on the Frame farm, s.ame section showed'a little oil but wa.«; abandon od. On the line of Allen and Bourbon countio.i, two miles southwest Dronson, Smit.>i & Co. have a duster In their No. ?>. This is oast of development where a little gas is some tlmc.^ foJmd. In the Moran district, eastern par of Allen county, E. A. Holeman has a SObarrel well in his .wcond venture on the .Shropshire, farm, section 21-21. DIFFICULTY IN STARTING. The Northbound Santa Fe Made Two False Starts. $mOflOrirtu(. Will Be BniU ul fftf- feyville. Chanute, Kas.,, .N'ov. 0.—Plans have been consummated whereby Ira F. Elliott of this city, manager of the Kansas refinery, will build a ??.on.ono refinery at Coffe>-%-illo. The plant, when completed, will have a capacity of 1,000 barrels daily and be the largest imlependent concern in this section of the country. It will secure ii.s oil hU|)ply from Oklahoma, and will differ radically in i>tir|)n .ce from the other j)lants in this district. It i? intended to take the heavy Oklahoma oil. which is now shipped to Cbanute, and separate it In the Coffeyville plant, forwarding the light oil here for furth er refining into kerosene and p.iso- line .and retaining the be.ivy resldium at CofTejTille for conversion into what is known as l)y-i)roduct.s—cylinder oils, axle grea.«e. lubricants, pelroloum jelly and similar marketable products. By Buch an arrangement the Coffeyville refinery would be able to furnish sufficient light oil for refining to all throe of the Chanine plants and ai the same time siavo frVicht hoih wayi--. At present the hoavy oil is ^liippod here a portion of it refined and thP!i phij)- ped directly back to the trade in iho southern part of tbo f;tate and in Oklahoma. 'T have been troubled wiili chronic cold and bruuchltib for a long time and have tried many remedies without finding relief. Through the kind suggestion of a friend I tried Vinol and after inking four bottles, am entirely cured." A. H. Wilde. TlW-Sth Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn. S. McDonald. 147 \V. Congress street St. Paul, Minn., writes: "I contracted a severe cold last winter and thought I wouljd never get rid of It. I tried Vinol as a last resort, and It has completely cured me." Vinol combines two world-famed tonics, the healing, medicinal properties of cod liver oil and tonic iron, dc- i /^loMrly pnlntf>l)l*' and a ?:roAabie to he weakf't s'nmacb. For this reason, Vinol is nncxcclied a.-^ a strength !>!iiJder for old |><i .|iie. dclicat<' children, weak and run-down persons, after Bicicuess and for chronic, coughs, colds and brombitis. Vinol is hold iu Inla by S. i:, Bnr- rell. Dmjrg'sl. CARNIVAL IS LOADING. Is La«t Chapter in Story of Stranded Company. BOOKKEEPER >0T ARRESTED. fieorge .Srtamake of (Jnthrle \ot 'Wise Aiwut Bunk Robltery. Guthrie, Okla., Nov. 9. —On October 26th an item sent out from Guthrie telling of the robbery of the First State Bank of Fallis, Lincoln county. Oklahoma, asserted that George Schmake. the Iwjokkeeper of the bank had that day been arrested on suspicion of knowing something of the robbery. The reported arrest of Mr. Schmake proves to have been an error and facts now dLstdosed show he was not arrested. The authority for the report of the alleged arrest was given by the sheriff's office In Guthrie by officers of a national bank in thit; city, and by persons coming from Chandler whcje It was asserted. that Schmake wais in jail there. PILES ClUED IN 6 TO 14 D.iTH. PQZO OINTMENT la guaranteed to cure any case of itching, blind, bleed ing or protruding piles in 6 to 14 days or. money refunded. 5Qc. Try tfif fteglfttr Yfnt Ad. Way. The Cbanute Sun says: Unrti -r the supervision of employes from Carnival X. 1 and under the protection of the city police, the loading of the r<-maining Parker carnival property is proceeding this morning. Ton fiat cars are being loaded with wagons, stationary engines, the Ferris wheel, merry-go-rotind and various atlraetions which lined the Midway during the stay of the carnival at Floral park. There are a large niim ber of these, the lot including those w.tgon.s which were overttirned Thurs day night and so damaged that Parker wired ^rayor Gray, threatening to hold t'.e city liable for the ruthless destruction. Tlio loading proci>ss is being accomplished today by a party of employes brought here from Lexington. Mo., wher<^ another of tlio Parker concerns went broke on the same night the show was stranded here earlier in the week to load the cars, refused to touch i ^io job after an Investigation of existing conditions, and arrangements were made to store the ifroper- ty here on vacant lots behind the Hetrick theatre until after mOot of the stranded employes had left town and all danger from mob violence had oassed. With the arrival of a tent gang from No. 1 last night, however, the representatives of the Abilene showman concluded to load without further delay. This work is being done under the nrotection of ihe local police, and although It is being watched by a large crowd no attempts at violence have been made. Those who have filed cases against Parker arc protected by a 16.500 bond until February, when the suits will come to trial In the district court. The northbound Santa Fe pa."?.«!en ger. which arrives here at i::20 p. m had some difficulty in getting away from Cbanute Friday. The Tribune says: The northbound Santa Fe train had a hard time getting aw.ay from Cha nute yesterday afternoon. It made two false start.f; before it finally got tinder w.ay. The first time it stopped was to let a man on who did not want to go on that train, after all. He came out of the Harvey eating just as the train was starting and seeing it moving aw.ay made a dash for it. Although he was encumbered with a heavy grip and was carrying an overcoat, bis; carburetor wa- working line, and be overhauled his quarry a the ^Valnllt sinct crossing. He ran like Taft in Peensylvania. The train stopped for him, .anil when the brake man asked where be wanted to go that wasn't iho train that \va:^ going that way. so the man came back to the station. It took him considerably longer to get back than it did to go 'V\''aile all of this was going on man who had boarded the sotithbound train, bivt who wanted to go to Kan sas City, was trylnr to catch .the northbound train, lie got a start and was just a little bit behind when the train made its second start. He evidently couldn't m.ako up his mind that it v.-ould stop again, for he would run fast a little ways .and then slow up to sec what Would happen. Finally the train stopped up by the Trnitt nursery warehouse and took him on. IS WORTH SAVING VALUABLE PRESfRIPTIOX HOn' TO PRFJ»ARE IT. AM> Simple Home Made MIslnre Is Recoin mended Highly In Kidney and BKid- dor Trouble and Is a Positive Cure lor Rheumatism. Rev. Maclean Operated Upon, Rev. Angus Maclean, formerly pastor of tho M. E. church at Gas Cit}'. and a brother of Rev. John Maclean, formerly pastor of the lola M.' E: ehureh, was operated upon % few days ago at Christ's hospital In Top«)ai,7or appendicitis. He is said to be Im- prpTlng. This is .1 simple home recipe now being made known in all the larger citle.s through the newspapers. It i.^ intended to check the many cases of rheumatism, kidney and bladder trouble which have made so many crij)ples and invalids and weaklings of so.iie of our brightest and sirangost iieople. The druggists here havu l)een notified to supply themselves with tin- in- grediehts, and the sufferer will have no trouble to obiain tlieiu. The prescription is ns follows: Fluid K .\tract Dandelion, one-half oiMice; Compound Kargon. one ounce, and Compound Syrup of Sarsaparllla, Ihrre ounce.«. .Mix by .shaking well in a bottle. The is one tea&poonfiil jifier each meal and at I)edlluie. Recent experlnientn prove fhi.=! slmplr- romcdy effect I ve In rheinnailsm.because of Its positive .action upon the elim- inailve tissues of the kidneys. It com ptib tthCAe most vital organs to filter from the blood and nystem the waste impurities and uric acid which are the cat^ie of rheumatism. It cleanses the kidneys, strengthens them and removes quickly such symptoms .as back ache, blood urination, painful scalding aiai discolored urine. It a^ as a pow erfql' stimnlant to the entire kidney and bladder stirnctnre. .;,Tho^e wbo suffer abd ar/e accustomed to pordiase a bottle of medicine Bboi|Id-^dt iQt li'little Jocoavenlence The Register has just completed an arrant(cment which will be of special interest to IGe Farmers By this special arrangement we are enabled to offer you The lola Daily Register for a year and the Journal of Agriculture for a year for $2.25 The Journal of Agriculture Is a weekly publication and treats the following departments: Poultry and Bi ^es Women's Page Live Stock The Dairy Farm and Field Crop Pests ond Diseases Fruit and Garden The regular price of The Journal of Agriculture is 50c a year, but by this special arrangement we are enabled to offer you The lola Register $2.C0 Journal of Agriculture .50 fQ|. $2.50 Address alt orders and make all money payable to i The lola Daily Register ^ Smoke lOLABOOST FUNNY SKATER HERE Came In This Morning From Indep dence Where He Drew Good Crowds. .lack Fotch who puts on "something different" in the sUating lino is hero and will put on his first performance onlp'ht. Instead of the usual fant^- skating Fotch does comedy work and thos5e who h.avo seen liim at other pl.aces do not hesitate to recommend bis work. In addition to being a skater Fotch is a racer and will likf^ly put on a race tomorrow night. His performance starts at 9 o'clock. DON'T FEEL HARD TIMES. Kress and Company Go Ahead and Put up Buildings. The following is from the Pitts­ burg ITeadlight: The Kress store people do not seem I lie feeling what has been called the hard times" of the past sea.son, but ave gone ahead putting iu new ores. During the summer they have put p a new building at lola and -A. L. .Siia^r who 'l.n.^ been here for the past iioiilh hn.s left for that place to-open p the store and take charge of the iisineps. .1. W. Wesley, who has also been here for a couple of weeks, left for Independence, Kas.. where be will open a new store in the new building 4 -tliat hap also been erected by the Kres.s people during the summer. They have also boncht a lot In Lawrence where they will at once commence' the erection of a building for a store th<'re. They have .also leased a building In; >roberly. Mo., for the purpose of open-', ing a store there. While the managers were here last seek they were all .unanimous in the statement that Pittsburg was the tiueen city of all tho fie\-enty-flve places Ihey now have running al thongh they have some good locations. News of ihe County Bl-LFIIV Marion Williamson is moving his stock of merchandise from Elm to Mildred. Sam Wiitilngton has sold the restaurant and moved into tho house where Mrs. Stephens lived. Mrs. Stepliens's mother, Mr.*;. Collins, ha.s returned to *01clahoma. Grant Phockey and family speet Sunday at Mr. Sisson's In Kincairi. Mr. and Mrs. Wynn went to Tola Saturday. Humiston came down from Kincaid Sunday and were the guests of Aaron Hnll and wife. The Woodman lodge and other friends of Mrs. Stephens are planning to husk corn for her one day n«>xt week. Hanford Tells Joke. Charle.s B. Hanford. the actor who is well known to lola theatre goers recently overheard a conversation between two stage hands, who, afte touching incidentally on the free list, bad branched out; into more general topics. "Do yoti think Shakespeare pays?" asked one. "Of course not," answered the other. . Orlen Brocious and family of Kin-j "You couldn't expect Shakespeare to chid spent Sunday in Mildred wltVi; Pay. Why, he's the fellow that wrote Mr. Wilson and family. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Humiston sp^nfc Sunday at Mrs. Ater's. Willarrt Bibcns and Frank Wynn took dinner with Frank Ciirley SiiU- day. The political meeting at Milt'red the show!' PAY FREAK ELECTION . BETS. "Wheelbarrow Parade" May be a Feature of Toni^t's Demonstration. It may—and it may not be. Those SaturdaVVvening'wasweU at7end;X |f'-^^f «^«««on bets-which have been Miss Beulah Shockey was compell-' «««lement for some ed to miss school the first of the week ^ P^* " ou account of being sick, but is able/«. the .posers pay to- to be in school now. "'8^^ *° ^'^'^ o' ^^^^ ^„ , . . , . . . isombly" at the Republican tatifica- Mrs. McKInder t.s enteri.nining her., ^ , « „ . ... tion parade. There are about nine of mother, Mrs. Savior and also hf^r ;-3 -l.. . ^ ^, ^ •« j these freak election bets which, if i made a part of the demonstration to{night, would attract considerable al­ ter, Mrs. Dessie Dtmbam. Some of our people attended the masquerade .social given by the Re-| becca lodge at Lone night. Elm Sattird-i;-; :tention. Nine Republicans and nine; X^mocrats wafeered on the recent . , „ ielection. Among tho Republicans are .AL H. of Los Angeles, C^aU-; Henry Steyer, Guy Taylor, E. O. Brttn- fornia, was calling on old friends hero ^ Democrats, the first of the w-eek. ^ ^^^^ ^^.^^^ ^^^^^^^ g ,^ g^^^^^ Mrs. Fergus of Garnett >s visiting ^ ^^^^ wager in caca her son, .L P. Fergus. \ ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^.^^^ Misses Roberts, Carpenter and Jack ^ son of Diamond, visited the school on Tuesday. . wheelbarrow. Adams to Paricer. 0. W, Adams went'to Parker today where he will spend Uie rest of thef ite»«to«tlielI.W.Ai , ! Tho effort to have one section oV .Lig:itnlng struck some of the tele- ^j,^ parade tonight a wheelbarrow aec phone poles Just west of Mildred last ^.^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ Sunday. i ^^^^ and arrangements may be com- A furniture store has moved '"to ^,^4^^ ,„,tj„g celebration to- one of the new buildings at .Mildred, i ^^j^j^^ . Sunday school every Sunday morn-, |\ Ing at Mildred. Everj'one is invited 519 Oiaduaies Teach, to attend. In the h^ schools of B^sas, ac- Nat Shields is runntag the reatau- credits^ by the trnlversfty of Kansas, rant at sriMredi^ ' liKii: iini.--- George Marsh and wife, Frank^tMa <K; ^legQ: mdq«^ ttre teaching: Inatfis tA..

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