Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 5, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 5, 1907
Page 2
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"1 TBS lOlA SAILT BECOSTEB. TUESPAT gTgSCre, yPTBIBBB B, - 1807. ti. I. Ifortlinp, pTMldent. D. P. irOBIHBinP, 8 «e«ii4 Tkc-Fmt F. 1. VOBflliBlJP, Tfee.PrMUeittc- iaiNitiij tor tie OliteiStatM SUte il fuuf AlIeiGilkity * w EitaUished Mut Bui ^Z; Assets amwo Go$sip of Society Chrysanthemums. ChrjsanHiomicnis lilonm Jri('\ Bui bl<wniins brins Moro joy I somftinK's fli/iik Than siinimor flowfis. For whrn Jhoy o.inic. TbP birds :nv on iho win?:. cliiBlve fastaionablo set devote sevpral inonilngs oach niontli to work in a ili^mostlc scipnro school. Tlip rosuIt« or their «ork fro to charitablo iii.Uitu- tions or special pales of the pastries i'.rr made. - . ^']M Fri.ui Wjoman'.s Home Companion- for N'ovembor: One of the newest iOcas in cards for bridal dinners, whtre (he bridal party and allend- .'lu;^ are seated at .<;mnll ^able.>!. i."; to have cards repre.^entiud the lirid.' and Broom ;it the lattcrs inU'o. .\i the ii.lier.s" table (he cards show TWO biiiclt-eoaled nsIuMs arm in nr;n. .\t tli<" briilesinaids' table the e:ir'-< show iv,o bridesmaids in pink wiih hns;* j l)iin<iiiols. the dinner cards are made wKIi e;isoI backs, and as (hese j stand before the plates a pret(y Iml- taiion of (hi- bridiil proce^si.-in is piven. To simimer <-limes and every summ: r ihin'-'. Is hidiliiiK farewell! Then thc.^e bright. sPicy. l.ike a well known snesl. Ilerhaiii (o cheiT us, lx>?;t. w.' miss the ri-st. —^.\UKnst' in N'ovemtier NMiion- al .Magazine. * + + -Mrs. K. C. FlenislierK will eiiliMiaiii member,', of the Cheerful C :•(•'.• ;it a party on WMne.sday afternnnn. • • ^ Mrs. I^. N'. Mc^^illen Is home fnm Tt'Peka. wlii-re sh" is spend'nrc 'hej Y.inter with Mlss Ilattle .McMillen,: •who is a stndent at Washburn. The i Indie.'! have apartments in a hnildinp; one block distant fom (he enllece^ proper where Mirs McMillen !=• taking a fin? art course and spccinilzin- in ronsle. Mrs. McMllloi\ will r..->nd n vreek with Fir. M'.Afilkii arid will re turn aeain at holiday time. I jr. A The Current E\en( club m.i in Library hall yesterday afieriioon for the semi-monthly study meeting. The roll call which op.-^ned the propram v.a.'; responded to hy "fino:a<V,ii> ir-im ' Civil War Literature." Mr.~. i:!Iis read a paper on Mt. Vernon . UM ! .Mar shairs Island. Mrs. \V. T. Waison re.nd a oJiaracter sketch of Chief .T.tsiice John Marshal and the ree'ta' of rur- ^ rent events by Mr.=. C. R. Sucli-.r rV,;.' ed the afternoon. ' —— "' —The club has decided to hf.ld |]:iir Voun?; r.lU who Iie!,iii2r to tli.- snc meetings at the homes of in.-mbcr.^ se' K.nnsn.s Ciiy arc ju-: now for the remainder of the .'..-a^on >o iJ'tere.-ied in a m-w came, -i:: that it will be more couveiii.-nt fo:- 'Jol'J-" There arc partie.s given where some of the elderly meaibei-.^. Tlie it'i--^ same i.s a feature and it promises vote takW relative to inv sinu' ih<,' introduced into other tnwns a-^ next spco'nd district I'edeniJion conv.n- a-i up todaie amusement. Diabolo i lion to lola was affirmative and ili" a combination of ropf skippins, rol members will jjive eniliusiasi.c :>i(! lo '-r- liu- bimpi and >|iiiiuin>; iln- i-Ji ihf officers of the i!:strict in all de-' hut re.semliles more ilio la: i named tails. The club's next mociiiT is loTo'lday the jjame it reqiiir<-s aiilii occur at the hom > of Mis. i:y'.T. and some a'luiuiit. of sid'l. 'l"!!" toy - I ci nsists of an (s ',K 'eially i-oi. Iiined Mr. and Mrs. .\. P H.irris i;..vf a s) i!(d. two shi.rl stic-k- am: cort very pleasant card nartv 'asi .wiiin; -jiie „i,j,.ct is to make ilie •-•;.f,oi spin for the -.lOO" club nietnInM.<. Tlie on the sliin-.-. It requires a.i.u; iM fame for which the ehib is nam-.l was s:,:iie amount of ninnlnc around after an enjovable divei-vion and -Mrs. liar- tl,- j-|wd as it doe:-; lo pluy te„nl.; j ris .served a pretty I UUC I KOU iii H court ihaf -s not wip'd in, < M - hunt courses. .Mrs. fJlenn rinne - ;is-.-!>i.^d ir,u a ball in a basebai' Ratu'--when and the club's jmesis w.i.. Mr. i.'id raiclior cai;'! r.itch niabo!.. r;m h Mrs. W. C. Teals nn'l .Mr. .Mid Mm i,;;...ed bv one (.r mor-- p.-rs n;.-.. Mark Hilies. .\ larv;ean<l well asMirttd ..f beautiful paltcins. just the tliiuu for a nice little present for your !;;entlcman friends. Solid C,cr..l. C'il.! I'illcd, down l<> ;hc THEJEWEienS. .1..., Cix-aeo Koc.!'-tv women soini to be Ti'aT!nin<r manv ori'.;nal thinsrs iliis s-^asm Vo'h fir "l^'asure and iiniflf. One or tji^ '!»t<^H( fads is a 'n'i'Me i)ie schon!.'" .'Sev'-'-al 'o.-'ders of the ex "Whrre are you going?" "fioing after a .sack o^ U- Sm f^fttnt Flonr. Mv wi'e won't ttse anvtliing: »•!«;*•,'' H^wiom Miff, A £tv0 Oo. iili' h.iVi «• u.-i p ii^ v;iu be iilayed ' U is one of ilie f.>w games can be played eiilu-r in doors o;- om o di>ors. * • + Tiie Eastern Star i!iapi ,T Ihld li'i.'f s* s.sion last evening and inirai ill two members .Mrs. .Ta(nes .'dc.Min i:;y and Mrs. C'aude Culljen.sri There was a licht Ijaliquet for the ei: terta'nment of ih,-> newly receivei: members. * * * M,>\ .lames Ijimb and Mrs. .1. W Newman have issued invitaJijii.s te t|je Royal Club for Friday afternoon The pucsts wir be entertaimd a VTR. Newman's residence, 2'ii Nort! AValnnt street. * * * The I'. K O cbaprer meetinp wa ..ii.4tpc.nei; front yesterday uii il n xt '1 .Monday because of • s.'xeral elui •l.eeiin*.:'^ wlikdi ocenrr'd a! Oi" hnuis. * .Mrs. Claude I'eleis. win, '.li li- mornins for her new home in Id.ilin vas Ruest of honor at 'a j)arlv wiiieli .Mrs. Leifih Hunt gave yester.lay at ternoon. The invitations inclu'e: member.:; of (In i^ntre Nous elu!i wlio were entertained inforiiiallv. \i five o't'ock there was a luiielifn:i s-.rvei!. .Mrs. Peters was one |Of ti'.e inany eharminir women who are w.-II knriwu i:: lola and her absence wl'l be sincerely rcRreited. TOILET SILVER t all of the stU' acccsor e-. as $1.25, •i':;ere"sse mx-.ih ;^fiDejiicnt cf ty H tasto 'xp' -n the .. r c V II ill ; engraved and •tc.e'i toiletware pattern? il i> .-i.i.all wtnder that they aic uiost I .vorcd. <) ihc.-e new designs, we 1 ave a hauiiiil Meowing i i ^oli-i silver minor-, brashes, puff bo.Nes, a d '^old by tht St or sing e piece, as low — :—'""~^^"jffJfll!nC^' ' h. *. T. Wslcb lp«p«-cturk Your Clothos Toll Hart, Schaffamr & Marx and Stein Bioch Suits WiLL SPEAK FOR YOU. if you want to look prosperous, dress well. Folks judge you more or Ic%s by your clothes. Not every suit will continue to look well on you If it isn't designed and cut right or hasn't the right hand work in the front, nc^k and shoulders; it won't hold, won't speak weil. for you after the first few wearing^. You'll not find any mercerized cotton in any of the Hart. Schaffner & Marx or Stein-Bloch Suit.%. New shades of brown, worsteds, all sorts of neat grey combinations and very stylish blacks. [ $15 00, $18.00, $20.00, $22.50, ai\d $25.00. Your Chance to 0wn a fine Raincoat for $13,00^ At the close of last season we bought 850 Rain Coats and divided them among all of our stores, anticipating this sale. Buying at such a time, the price we paid wa« almost absurdly low, especially when one considers qualities and styles are of the hii^hest class. We have them in sizes from 34 to 46—just a chance to show them to you. Oitier Raincoats and Overcoats $tO.OO to $3,50. 50 different stv'e.s nf Ntttlrtou and Flors: eiiu Shoes .'or Men. S4.00 <» S6.00 M. }Iif;ii ('lit V .i'^- S3.50 S7.50 Knox. Jihn B. Stetson, Imp-rill and Double Star Hats, S3I0O ti S5.00 Mi:;i-ii.j;^ anrl V^asSJT' ITnion -Suits tor Men, SI.50 to S5.00 Mr. and Mrs. Clirls Riit.r and -Mr.-. W'e'ker have gone to Cl;y for T visit with relative.-. Two More Days MILLINERY ^4LC TUESDAY AND WEDNESDMY All $7.,50 hats $5.00. .Ml t^.oo hats f\.oo. All street h .ts from Si .QO up to $4.00 for $1 .00. flr§. £. Feily, 108 1-2 E. lEadi§on. Mr. and Mr.= . .\. .1. Irelai «!. on. 111., are visiting at ihe ]>>'.iii>' 'r. and .Mrs. S. .\. <;.u-d. ' \Viineu of rtoyal NeicUlmi- faaiM <•:'. have oreanized a new club to be ?ie nucleus for informal jiartirs d'ir- MI ; the wii:ter monihs. Tlie i.anie 'iven Ihe oriianpaMon is the ••Viol i." """he first party 's in th:s af- rrion at the home of Mrs. C. H. f^ummines. The event is in the naiu'-e a farewel" .oii Mrs. Cumniing.- will "o to Colora-lo soon to resid"-. Ollie"i-s of Ihe club ar?: Mrs. f. \V. Tl'ompson, iiresident: Mrs A. H. H<^ COX", secretary: .Mrs. W. H. .Moriisjii. iieasiirer; Mrs. F. .\. Wacnei, repciri- • * • Tlie ^\'ir ^lllan 's (^uild < church will liave .^i. Timo bu>ii! '?;s meeting .11 the home of Mis ,\. II. Canipb.-ll. U'Oc. North .feffi-r-on to- I'lorrow ] ••• •:• ! MisB Marie Card who has been ill '"or several days is miicti improved ••>l:,y. .liiiiier in ti.e hal'. yi-sierday to cele- i .r.ili! peu.siou day. The decoraiions vet<. iM -iUsn .-iliy elaborate. consisiin<: ;;>rt;ely of chrj-sanlbeniums, r ^d and •Mlile. Tlii^ i;ilile bad centerpiece.., of ii-.e f|.)w .'rs and the i)Iaces were niark- e! by favor . Tfi" proceeds w.-re I:irge jinfl %vill be added lo the piunu- li'.ent fund. • -> <f Tlie Y socir-ly's Bc-hedule for this week- is sfimewh;it Ir-ngthy and inom- i.-cs some happy occasions. Th-'re are to be several rehearsals of the play ai.d oil Thursday evening a novelty social will be diie of the bapp.v eii'Ut.^ I)' til'- eveniii'-'. Mrs. \V. R. Cran- u!.' will be li'r.stess and an a-^sisiant will Mi-an ^'i- details of the evening .•i:iil pnivide the amii.sements. There wir he w iiutnlirT of verba! ilivita- t ^i 'is i:..siied so lliat the :ittendance p :i >iiii -i ^ lo b • large, ••« .f. M: .Hid M.- I., v.. Kinne and daugh I. r .Mi s X'.ryl of M .iran, will leave within a few day.s for Washington where they will reside. The family is qu te prominent in All?n county, es- liecia'ly with lola pooide. The Miss'^s Kinne have visited the younger sot frequently. Iowa Store 40,000 WON'T WORK TODAY. United Mine Workers Ordered to Stay at Home and Vote. I'oltsville. Pa., .Nov. .'i.— Tiiough the big croal corporations wanted the miners of district 0. which has iri .auu menibei-s of Ihe Cniled .M no W'orker.s distribute*!, among TtiO collieries to work on election day. not hav iig given any orders for siispensdn tn- iiK.'rrow. an orrler sign.-d by the union di.slrict olllcials directs the miners to remain home tomorrow. Here i tofore the miners worked on e'ectioii, d.'iy. This i.s the first order of i !ie| liirid ever is.~u,->d by (he union. Special Une of Sampfc Hosiery A'.l C< 1 jts, /;i i.iiivt.-. We w.ll ; Ut ui> Oil! Sir.u le ! ose-y with onvh;ng in town for dura r.tity r.nd biauty. You can g^t any. kin^l of <i Stripi, Mix .d Colors or au>thijig you want. Dou'f ior^et IU M SOUTH BARS JAP PUPILS. Savannah Cannot Afford to Break the Racial Line. Mr-, n Finney, of Ner.>.b,i VA\- evriecfcd today for a v^sti witli ?>rr. -?id -Mrs. r.lenn D. Finney. db a. A Afrs. Kdward Stnnfield Ins return- d home after a visit with her moth •r. Mrs. A. H. C.-unpbell. •r <• The 'V'tinsan's Relief Corps as.'ilst- e dby members of th? G A. It. t.a\e a Look at Our •r Libbey Cnt Rookwood Pottery and Hand Painted China. Sewail, Jeweler aodOpticiu io.\ Noith Washington. A. G. MUMM/i, Proo, Hawinnah. C.n.. Nov. —The board o" educaliOH has decided to dl'smi^s C.corge Vuunmi. a Japinese hov, v.lio was adni'tted to the night schoo' two v.eel s ago. • " ' I — — MB^^MMM Yugami w;ll be dismissrd on ih°, Ke^istrr Wont Ads, Pay bceaose in ground ,that he Is over .•school age.iAUca Coiiiitj uearlf ererjrbudy reads ^ w -blcn.. Jrtll prevent the matter be- "^g'^*"' • . coming an international Issue. Register yitmt Ads. Paj be^BM In I —: : i .V" " • - Itcgistcr irant Ads., le a Word. (Allen Conutf nearijr eTorjrbodr 'llic Keglgler. r Mada mm

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