Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1907 · Page 13
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 13

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1907
Page 13
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Tnti^jMja,Yla&ani,Ho^xt ttEilJrB.yoTmtt4i Wr. When Selecting Your Footwear Don't pay $3.00 for a shoe that you can buy for $2 50. And do not buy until you see what Shields are offering at $1.50. $2 00 and $2 50. Dressy aod Economical A very attractive up-to-date strvct hoot ioi v.otnen, buiU with snap lor both style and service. Price only $2m80 Thc:;e shoes are made of \ i:i Kid. ratent Kid and Patent Colt, tuedimu ^oles with Cuban and niihtary bcei>. School Shoes-Every Pair Guaranteed Sves .s< to If. at $1,25and$1,33 Si/.^s II} for, at $1.50and$1.78 SHIELDS' SHOE COMPANY T<» INSl>Et T THK >E0S110. ADDKESED tllAMTE U. S. Big Dance and Skating Party at Roller Skating Rink Wednesday evening Nov. 6th. LADIES FfiEE Dancing from 7:30 to 10 p. m. Skating from 10 to IS p. m Good music, good orSef and a good floor. Lowney's Chocolates THAY AKV. FRK^II. A choice assortment of this popular brand at CRABB'S. When you buy Lowney's Chocolates here, our personal pledge of their freshness goes with theni. Gel your next candy at Crabb's and hce how well it {>'•.,! -:- y')'i. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Washington and \Ve:4 Sts. Rug Sale rOR ONt WEEK ONLY .\[ liic folIi>wiu^ rrd'i 'P 'l pii'.' • 'yxi7 r..)2dad Wiltons, icynlar Jis at :^;•y' This brand is the best of all Wiltons. • t\i2 Allinglon Axministtr, rcnulai }\s at 37-'.'> • )Xi.' .Seamless Velvets rcguKa ;?.vS at wxr.' lileciras Axniinister. tegular S.; at. J^.<"> •(X12 Smith Axministcr. regular S J; 50 at . .•.•50 <x IJ Saxony Axministtr, regular f 25.01) at ly (j:) <(\i2 Koxbiry Taps, regular 1522.50 at iS.ny • )xi2 WIvels. tegular $22.50 at iH mt •)xij Taps. re;;ular Si"^ ooat iS 00 3xio-'> regular $13 o-) at ii).<r> Hrcat reduction un .dl olhvi lug k. dLEEPEft bOS Sivniiiry of Stale Boiiril of Health CoDilui; Don II the Hiver. Ai-rm-fHiiK lo tiie T()|).>I,a Ctiiital. S.crctary .1. S Ciiimliiiio of Oi" -Uitf Iioari! of lioallli. iiiid Prof. .V. A. ln >r nf the Statt- fiii vcisit .v. li;ivc l.-it Topi !;a for an iiHix -otioii of tl; • .\fo- .-l I. liver, "hi- N''<jsho is a'tractiiiK a u.idil deal of attention rifiht now. It 'n;i.. jii^t 1-. en siibjootoil to a survey ly the froverniiieiit to il.>rive some P'aii to imn-.^iit its overflow, ami now i; is to 1)0 in.spoetetl for its sanitary toiiditioii. 1>:-. I'r 'iiiiliine jiiul Prof Harlx -r will cemiiierc- tlieii- inspeetioii at Km I oria and mtitiiuie it to the state line the |>iir|io .se of tlif^ trii> lioiiiK to as- e «-rtaiii the pollution of the Neosho by city seuai;!' ami industrial waste. Stiv.'nt' HuuUru('itU >s «.«et likelr water -iipp'y from the river and reports liave reached the l>oanl of health of ilaUL-erotis Condition a.s a result of tlio imHurion of the water. This does not apidv to Parsons, liowevi 'r. wliich t ;ei >lier empties its Fewace into the river, nor takes its watiM- snppi> from th,^ river. Samples of the water will lie taken every mile and tlie samples will 1)0 taken to the state university and analysed. From this analysis it can be '.earned just what extent thi' pr-IUitlon is. It is not known wli .-ther il:e iirrtor and professor are floating Mie river on a flat lioat or are v .a '.kiii;: or wad '.ncr d">wn ti.e river. H. C. (uHierlson Spoke on "Self j i>hnp>s" to Student*. I (Channte Tribune.) ! I 'lisiii.Mit (. iilbrrtsnii of th" Collppo I'd' Kmpori:'. di-liven d an address at I Me lU.U s'clioo! on .\Iontiay morning I Ills talk only la.-tefl twenty minutes ) but every wii"d of it was concise,' and j t.) the |H)int and it was intere.stins? to say tlie least. The subject which Mr, Cnberison clK>se for his talk Monday was oni> very nnich suited to the people of the present generation—'Sel (isbness." He hrousht out clearly the e.\tent to which thi.s human trait is earried in some eases and emphasized aho necessity for the younger generation to try and ovcrcomo the evila ol this habit. .. ANOTHKK Ol'KiajOtt rO.MlXJ. >V<->ltTn I'nion to Kmploy AssLstanl I'or .>(r «i. Kellcv. \V.M.\> KKinVKHKH PHKASANTS. Saiiiabt'nr "iiaa"*; SMIish Bird«> Didn't Leave ( uuuty. iSavonburfi ftecord.) .1 ') N\naii. d'puty warden. rei"iv- • d fr''!'i till- I 'ri'e j;aui'' w;irden a y.':ir •>i- >••> aro a l-uii.l; of fin- f'bine:;e :i nil- Til" bird-. Were lili"raf''d .-> lia'f nii'e soiiMi of town on .\upust Nyni-ui's idai-' I'or :-oitie time alter [|}e\ v.ei-e seen ai intervals by diff. rent ]> T-OHS. but linaHv no trace of ihciii colli.! be found The other day M;e I'itea.^ants re lejated jM ^t south nf to«u in rf.r nnttoti) •• The Mr^K- I.e-,t,. l.e f.ri f.'allier,'.!. f::i :•!•'! I;i>icy. •(•)• • •.••Mil" ".iir'b-ii asl;-; us to say i -i"!. rs- -.iioii'd lie extra ra!-efu! ••. 1 'I ::'i^i:d:e 'IK'TII for other aanie . ' -:ltl f-• ,-1 "e |.ro*CCte<l liv -I.-'-. l.''.v~. tie I'e i- y.r '<:•••» >;easnn in v.llie;| tI;.'V e:!ll be I'tint and a ilea-. • pi-Iialtv w.)-il!| iie jnM'nsed upon ri'^v p' r.-on or vrsoiis who shot or t:;.... !• v.-jll 1,.. an indefinite •ii;!i i.«r <if .\e:ir.s ii. f-ipe tho birds' may be liii'ii .i| iirb-: . fiK.y are rarefu!!-.- -•i-irdeil \.: !:"w ••'liipjic citizens fln^y w"! fiiii utt. <{ \;\rrr;\:::ne in nuni- ber- .II IM.K KorsT TO FRfK. .Airs Kelley. malianer of tlii' West ern Union TeleRraph oince in Iol;i lias received word from lieachiuariers to the elTect an additional operator will be sent to this ollice somi time this weik. \Vhcn the strike was declared some • time a*.:o loi-a had two operators. One was sent to another station to relieyi another oHice and .\lrs. Kelley wai- left to do all r)f the work alone. Tli( busiiK'ss within the last few wccks lias increased to sttcdi an e.Metit thtil it is necessary to stud another operator. -The news was tisrevaldy re' c.-ived by .MIS Ke!l..y. as she ]>;• li.-ti iivirwiirk'd for ;evi ral wci.k.; m:\. snrM .K.\»KK(;KK HERI;. Speciiil Sernic Held at Hie ll-.ift fola Church. Kev. ."•^hullenbercer. of Kicbniond. held the third quarter!y meetini:; ;i' 'lie r ^i.-t lola cliiirch .vesierdnv for the persidin^' elder. r )r. Kelley. .Mr aii'l .Mrs. Shullenberj;cr will visit at the bonie of Mrs. SliuHenbei-^er's j ..irenfs .1. (" Varner. of lola. lii V. Sliunenb.»rRer is iior only -;ilendid pre:ichrr. but is also a KOIHI sillier ;ind ho wi'l i;roafiy add tri (n intense interest tliat is boin;; nianj- le>led at tlie revival meetiiiL:.-. Ysierday u.i-; a u'ie:U day at this cliiircli and noil'- were disappointed bectiuse Siiin Small did not .ippear I'eir.v more lliail lilled his pl;we in till, .ifti'rnoon and the church wa eiowdcd to dooi s ill the eveuiii;:. ASK FOU WHAT Vor WANT .'i!id ask emphaiicaliy. Do so T!;I j.::;!. tilt Repistei's wa;it cc.iunins It •.-•! «ant an einpio-er or an e!:iii.'o>-. • an tir.d hitn in a hurry if yo 1 t.iVe this course The Rejiister will leii M>iir war's to int'tiy tliuusaiids of |.< o- ple as quickly as you can (ell them personally to a do'ien peopic. You can't afford the slow way. Kor Exeliauirc. •• I'aiinini; ands in Paiihaiidi. 'IV.yas. ti)i t.irm latids.'or live stock, or for !•>•.:. I'la^ f'itv or I..a Harpe rentals. WlllTAKEK & UO.NNKLL. Register Want Ids. Bring Bfsnlts. I RKGISTER WANT ADS. pay be- l«iuse in Allen county nearly everybody reads the Register. Guaranteed the largest circulation of any paper in Allen county. lake I |i Neiislii. ( iiiiiilv tdiirf Mill- li^r>. >^ edMe«dliT. I r,' .• Nov I - .1 r. }\,-r.-^.- is def i:''in' ill a -^'lit •.vbicli will b" trb'I , I.' .IiidT. finb :• •' d'-trict «'onrl 1 ere 1 n-\t Mo'!da> Tee ci'i is brfiuiht b' '•:eoM;4' (;.i -lot) if tl'.ic place .\oM:biL' -•••c'll has le'i.n i;"t fo" T.ii..t !;n and \V.dncs<lav. and Mi." ':•, •.vili h<. -pe; r In lis'^nin.^ to ar •.!i;in>nt- upon iiiof'nnv nf various kind'..Inh-e f> Vnn<i of '111. \;ien c.iiintv .'•Jirict (•••ii't. who had been here •-•ince Monlav itinrninc. !"ft for h''^ i" lo'a I'tst even in:; ffe will r.-iiini Weduesdav and put in >h.^ re>-t ol' tlie -.v. e;,^ tr'ill? cases. This we-^k .Icd-.e Feu-^' d'-!i'se<; .,f the ttip.?.^ 'iirv csse.s which were to come b^^fir" t'i'n In the ca-e of McGown isain'^' the Kansas Torpedo roi"",tnv t'le iurv •i'si-eca'deil ti'.e ii"aint''ffs c'aini t':a' he Iciil Jieen diniasred »D ion wor'li ••Tid hroitdit -n n verd'ct for the d"-- fendant 'n 'he ease n( Voder ssrain^t McDonald it trave a JudKement" o' 1 t.l.fiftf) in fa«-or of the defendant, and ) t^e W»Iter-<^»van«"5« case was settled j after the trial began. j Well, Friends P.inrak.'s are .ti oi((er. \\c h.'ive the iii.i'ertiil lo ni;iKe tliem of. Italston P. l-'ioiir. per pkR 10c Ralj<tr)n Prejiared II. W. Flour, per pkg. I'tc Peruna Wliole Wlieat Flour, i:;ib sack 'Or • b.od Fresh Meal, per sack '.'Oc Syrups to eat on Pancakej. Maple, Fancy Table. White Table, and Sorghum. FRYER BROS. Qrocery and Mea< Market Phones 308 aod 101 GAS CITY NEWS ITEMS FOOT BALL BOYS WILL PRACTll E LACH ETEMXG THIS WEEK. WILL PLAY CHANUTE SUNDAY DR. 3linLI>, OF BALDWIN, ADDRESSED HIGH SCHOOL. Elder John Wesley Delivered Sermon at Christian Cbnrch Last L'TenJng. the Christian church last CTcnlng on the subject "The Powers That'Be." Elder Wesley is a strong and forceful speaker and deserved a much larger hearing than he received. The audience was larger than usual, however. 7 Basket Ban Team WIH Practice. The Gas City basket b^II team will work several afternoonsi this week. The Gas City team has been defeated several times by the lola Y. M. C. A. team but they believe with the proper practice they will be able to put ap a better game the next time. The date for the next game has not been arranged as yet. Personals. .Mr. and Mrs. Wadell of Nevada were visiting friends in this city Sunday. They will return to their home this Fm.l Ittiil Team Practice All >veplj. livening after visiting in La Hurpe to- The IJas City toot ball team will work c^ery evening this week pre- ••^' J-'Norton of St. Paul was In pariiiK rot the game next Sundtiy af- Saturday calling on the mer- lernooii hetwctn the ChainUe fool ball team and the local tean.. Thi.n game Mrs. L. R. Sanders of Peor- promises to be the hardest of the sea- '"f^' are visltlnK friends In son. Chanule has a great reputation I ^hey formerly m.ido their as a good team and it will work hard j '•o™^'^ to tMi'tain it. The local team i:; now wotkini; h:ird and will do so all week so as to make a good showing. It is understood, that all of the "Terriblf Peter.sons'" will be in the game fol' Chtitiute. CLO.SIXG THE CAMPAIGN. Willuim J. Bryan Will Make Last Speech at Osceola. Lincoln, Xebr.. Nov: 4.—William J. "The Powers That Be." delivered addresses at Elder .John Wesley gave a Very in- Central CIt yand Stromburg. TonlgW strmtive and interesting sermon at campaign as Osceola. Rug and Rem nant Carpet Sale. '.•xl2 Hnissels Ruga .... $|0.50 0x12 Wilton Velvets.... $|7.50 Axminister Rugs $18.00 27x54 Sroyrua Rugs ..... .98. S5c all Wool Carpet...... .60 75c all Wool Carptt 50 : (i5c C. C. Carpet M 1 Look for the Flag A. W. Beck. Prop * •; • - • • W. H. AADEBS05, • i • H. A. Ewlng, 8. A. Gard, Q. R. Gard • Attomey -at-LaiT. EWING, GARD & G^D, • NoUry and Stenographer In • • Lawyers. " OfBce. • • Practice hi all CoartS. Phone 455. *,* 9^ W. Iiladison. Fbm» W. *'. * * DR. McMILLEN, Special attention given to the treatment ot all Chronic Dlseas- ea and Diseases of Children. Telephones: Office 32, Rea. 2.13. Office In Mrs. Turner's Bldg., West Madison. ••••••••••• Phone 5«7. Res. 701. .DR. 0. L. COX, Bye. Ear. Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Sldg. Phone 554. lola, Kana. DR. EDITH S. HAIGII. Office and Residence over Burrell's Drug Store; Office Hours—10 to 12 a. TO., 3 to 4 p. m.. 7 to 8 ereslngs. Sundays by Appointment. r. B. MARTLT, Practice Limited to Sarsery. Phone 578. • 16 N. Buckeye, Office Phone lOS.I. •.• po VT. K. HEFLMn* • DB. R. 0. CHRISTIAN. pfe.Iclai ^ SiiSon.' PhUlctan and Snrgeoi. •; . office N. E. Corner of Square. • - „ „ «_ ..... ,'• Over K.C. Plumbing Co'.Ti Store. • Roomi 7 and 8. Brans }»Idg. • • Rea. Tel 38. Office Tel. 502. • r Phone 932. Fuller Bldg. • DR. GLT5N, SpeelaHst • Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. * Glasses Furnished. * Res. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. OR. J. R. PEPPER. Dentist la permanently located over E. C. McClahi's ClotUns Store, and la prepared to do all ,klnda ol np-to-date dental work. Brealng work by appointment >••••••••••••*•••• DR. I. TOZEB, • lola iDflriiiary, £09 E. JaekBoa, • We use X-Bay. Violet Rays. • Static, Galvanic and Faradia • Electricity whh Tibratory stlm- • ulation In nerroaa and chronic • diseases. Phone 386. • P. L. Lathrop, • Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrbp- • OSTEOPATHIC PHTSI,CU3f8. Special attention jlven to Diseases ol Women and Children. Over East Side Hardware. Office Thone. Main 468.

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