Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 9, 1908 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 9, 1908
Page 1
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n : Re^lmtpr Hmm the LmrgmH GIrouimiima In Mllma County of Any Hnwmpnpnr PuMlmhmnIn thm Oouniy, PKICl TWO GBHTIi EIGHT PAGES. IOL.4..K.4\SAS, \OtEMBER 9. 190S.—MOXDAY EVEMXG. EIGHT PAGES. BARNES LAW WINS THE I>TOMPLETE KETIRNS ISViV f \TE A 200 MAJORITY. ONLY TWO WARDS LEFT THE BOARD UII.L FINISH THE TANVASK nV rO! R OTI.OC K. The Barnps J-aw Wa*; DeiVatc'd In Many Conntles Oipr Hie Stato— Thp indications aro that ihi^ names law will carry in this county by about 200 votes. The proposition came into lola witn r>4i'. majority asain-'t it but lola city voted heavily for ir ajul it is lielie.ved by parties who are watching the canvass that the niajoricy aeain?t t 'ne law will he overcome in lola with probably 2"0 votes to Bpare. In the Fourth ward the measure carried by niJ and in the Third by abouf 140. The vote in I'le other wards had not been eaiiva>sr-/| at itre?;-; hours. Th'^ nnrii 'V-; law tiad poor slf^ii.iliii'-' In other count leK. it lost in nonrhou county by tO". In Ni ^osho - it wa>i snowed under by an ovfrwhehnin;; majority. th<' oprro^iiion comific largely from Erie. In r >ou?:la .<5 coiimy it was beaten by a vote of ( to 1. The Indications, judginc from the la>r reports from Franklin county, wore if was defeated thrre also. The canvass will be finished about four o!clocK-. At three-thirty bur one ward was left. The commissioners did not give att<»ntion to the returns this •morning, a?. Mr. .\.nd<--r.-on was tinablr" to come in until noon. The canvass shows; (hat Mr. .Vndi^r- pon was defeated for commissioner by only 17 votes. I: had lieon thoticiht that .\[r. .AfcA.dams" mnjorify v.-ns larger than this. . The following i- th--" vof.' wit;i whi.^li e.\ndidates cam*^ into Irda: .Scott 2'"-3ii. fir.eri.lan lur'n. Fottst 1012. Ant 20.",". Travis 1S20, Oyloi- -ym. Bollinger IZTi 'i. Douglas ]r,lf". Sm.ith 2l?0. Collins ITt'.O. Rwini Iftt'!. Orrnn 1:''I2. SANG DURING A FIRE REV. MORONY FORMERLY OF lOLA. PREYESTED P.IMC BY fLAMNESS. Groplncr Ahont in Flames and Smoke He Cnt Off Current of Electric .Motor. Rev. L. G. Morony. formerly pastor of lUe church here, by remaining calm and »e.vorcising ^ood judgment prevented a panic in his church at Kansas City, Kas.. vester- day. The Kan.>as Ci'y Timr- of ihi;^ morning say«: The congregation wa- Fea 'ed in Si. Paul's Episcopal church in Kansas City. Kas.. ye.=terday morning, the vestt'd choir was at ilte door ready to enter and I^ura Taylor, the or-, had just begun to play when a smell of smoke became noticeable. The congiegaiion thotipht the fumes catiie from a il'^feorlvc furnace. flui the Hov. L. n. Mr)rony. rerior of the ehiirch, knew better. Leaving the ion^ line of ve.-ieU choir iioys siandiug in rheir place he hurried to the room under tho pipe organ when- an elf-etric motor or.«>rates the Instrii- nu-iii. r |laiiies and stroke met the miiiifier whf-n he opened the door, flosing the dour he gro]).-d about in the smoke until he found the electric switch and ctii off the current. He 'hen hurried back to the choir and called aside \V. G. -Host, senior warden. Wlien Mr. Holt came out the Rev. Mr. Morony whispered a few word.s to hint. Then aloud he .said to the choir boy.-^: 'The motor is broken and I'll have to ask one of you TO pump the orgiiti." So while the proce.-sional hymn was being ;:;!ng Mr. Holt and a janitor e .K- tin^iii=h<»d the fire with buckets of water. 'F was afraid to alarm any- on.-^ by telling the cattsn of the trouble." >riid Mr. Morony. f knew it eoilil not .spread f\r after liie electric rurrent war. shut off. but I was a little jier\oii.s until i .saw .Mr. Tlolt (Oiiif in and take his sea'.' N'o on--' in the cniigregntion knew that the church h.-id hr-r\\ on un- i;! ,'ifier ihe servici'. , fhareed With BooMeeging. Sheriff IVdlincer and rndc-r.-hf riff j P.oatrighr went to Humboldt Saturday afternoon with .1 search ami si 'i/.me warra .Tt and .1.=. a r '-'.-iiit M. E 'lioit w;is ' traced under arre.sf fh;ir >jed v.i'h sell iTg lifjuor ineiMily :,nd mainiainiug a .nuisance, fl • gave %\M liond for h'.^ api" ;ir.'.r ,re MI di.--M-i<'; co 'in. mm: NOT SEE REPORTER. H, (lay Pierce in Hlllsboro t« Report lo fonrt. Hi,L-i><.ro. T .X.. .\'ov. !>.—n. f!ay Pierce arrived here from the north uighi. H'- rt '.ir '^d early and asked tfi b.' ex.:ii .-i "d from .-^ef -ing newjipaiKT men. .\lr. Pierce went lo the court house today and eiiiiM '.''d :> recogniz- an-e for his .if>pe.iratic<* t.n .N 'ovemlter L'.'rd, th'^ day set foe i.ikitii: up ihe cilniiuai .'•tckei. IS THE VOTE A TIE Both Oemocraf: and Republicans May Have to Clean off Humboldt ... Park. THE WEATHER. • Foreca.'it for Kansas: Parllr elnndy tonight and Tuesday; not ninch chanKe in temperature. Data recorded at local office. 1 Weather Bureau, yi^sterdny. today a year ago. N'oveoilier 5. . S. and Yesterday Yr. .\go 2 p. m 7 >i 4 p. m •)'!} d7 <y p. m 00 :,ti S p. ni 41 10 p. m 41 12 midnight .... 48 :iS Maximum temi)erafure ..70 .'i7 Minimum temperature ..«S Precipitation 7 p. m. 0 n N'oremWer ». Today. Yr. Ago 2 a. m 44 3*; 4 a. m 44 3G 6 a. 31 43 3r, 8 a. m 42 41 • 10 a. m. ... 46 58 12 aoon 45 CI Predpitation 7 a. m 0 0 ScffMcr wut crtm* J|Mti|«rjfcttttto on th her .•\t present it appears fSat if the leaves and trash arc raked from the park at Humboldt ii will be done by Ito 'h R.-'ptiblicans an-l FKniocrats. If will b'^ reiTfmbi -red that an *loction wager was made thf^re by which if Tafr carried HumboMt. tlip Democrats were to clean off the .square and if Bryan carried ilie town the Kf pul '-icans wrr.-" to do th<^ wo .-k. It will a 'so be remembery -d that Tafl carried Humboldt city by one vote which 1.=; a rattier singular thing. How- rvi-r, the Democrats claim that a Re- pu'iilicaii voted who bad no right to cast his ballot. He had moved to Humboldt on Octobet ."jh. M'Tr'n be went to vote on election ho was challen .^-p f>d but swore his votf' in, claiming ttat he had been in the precinct the nec- e.^.-sary 30 days. The D<'mbcrats. however, when the count showed only one majority for Taft took up the matter j ' of the eha'Ienge with the attorney general. Mr. Jackson, so It Is said, answered t'rat thp thirty days would expire on the 4th of November. ITn- dor his ruling the man was not eg- 'Med to vote, henc^ the count fnj ' •'iumboldt would be a tie. A Former lolan Here. John Dupuy. of Pltiaburg. formerly of lola, spent Monday In the city. Mr. Dupuy was at one time employed In a barber shop -be^. FOR GRAVE OFFENSE H. C. JACOP.S, FORMERLY OF (.AS. INDER ARREST AT CH.iMTE. WRONGED ADOPTED DAUGHTER THIS IS THE fHARfiE HE IS FAf- l\f; IN NEOSHO (OINTY. Pearl Franc*'* Jacobs Makes Stiirtllne Accusations in Written Confession —Rnniors Afloat at Gas. If. C. Jacolis. formerly a nvident of Gas City, is under arrest at Chanute. charged with the grave offense ot wronging hl.s l.'.-year-oM sf-p-dangh- fer. Pearl France.^; Jacobs. His ar- re.-t crew out of the girl's written con- f"ssion, which is now in rho .hanHs ot tiie count.v attorney of Xoo.^ho county. .Tacob.^'.>> bearing will probably he hold this afternoon. .\ccordin!j» to available information Jacobs adopted the girl four years ago at Fort Scott. .\ few months later he moved to 'Otis, where he lived until a few week.-; ago, vslien he went to Chanufe, faking ih<' girl with him. Pre\IouK to her adoption the girl'.^ name was Pearl Frances Stanle.v. 11 .=.-^ems that while at Chanute th'"* couple occupied practically the same apartments ar a rooming In talking to' the landlady a few days ago. the girl made a confession in which sh*^ said h.-r step-fatlif^r had boon abusing her for a year or two. The landlady carried the information to the county attorney. Thf girl was then interviewed by the prosecuting officer and her written confer-sion was secured. Reports from Ciixuuiie are to iho effect th.nt the confe.^tsion is a lengfrtyl recital of repeated wrongs, dating bad: .ilmost to the time she was nd- opte.l by Jacob.?. She say -i in heV confession that Jaco'o.s had frequrntly admonished her not to tell anyone a.s if woiibl .crnt liim to the pf -ii md her to the rpform school. Upon the girl',", written confession J.icob.^ w .is t.iken into custody. He refus*to talk any altoiif t;:e oa.?e except to .^ny tba' will fight it. .\t the time he was arrested he is said to have been tr .ving to sell his ''time" at the place lie had been working, with the expf »cfatinn of leaving the cit.v. Jacobs is .'II years of age, and is a laborer. \i (las City he worked at the cern '>nt plant. Several parti<-'a who knew Jacobs at CVas City w-r^ interviewed today. Some said th'-y rad never heard anything d.^rogatorv to his character and .';eem<>d surpriseci that was under arrest, while others said that rumors had b^on aflnaf In Gas City for some time befor.-* h" left, ijccusing hini of the offense h-- is.row charged wit!!. It is al.-o said tiiat the nei2hbor.-> wer>^ planning to ndvir-o him to leave (las City when ho v/fnt to Channte. The .-j -.ory tho piil told to the Ch.v iiuie olTicers i.- a itliiful ono, and has aroiise-d considerabl.-' feeling tlicre. She says she will b - 10 yinr.^ of ag-"* the 11th of JanuaiT. T-i.e girl's father is living, .facobs o: 1 Chanii:-' [Kini'''.^ v-hm arrest<^d lat he was r-xi-.-ctrng to tak.-' h ^^r to falh.r. ALL FOR CANNON REPFBLIf AN REPRE.SENTATIVES WANT HIM FOR SPEAKER. TO THE CAPITOL SOON SPEAKER Will, (.i) TO WVSHIXG- TON AT IINtK. No Formidable Candidates In Sight- Conference With Hitch­ cock. HOCH IS FOR DOLLEY '\ansas Goremor Farors Repahlican Committeeman for Speaker oi Learislafure. Rcglater Want ^Ad«> Bring RMUK«. Toi)(^ka. N'ov. ft.—Governor E. \V. loch is in favor of J. N. Dolley for ipeaker of the next Kansas legisla- ure. He said today: "I don't have any vote in this mat- f^r. of course, but it seems to me that would be quite the proper thing for legislature to elect Dol'ey for eaker: Dolley would be a man in I'l s.vmpathy with the governor and 'lit Is what the governor ought to ave. I believe Dolley would be a ;ood presiding officer. He has been irman of the state committee and won his fight and deserves the the party can give him." The Republican county central com -nittec of Waubauneee coanty this afternoon adopted a resolution intended a boost for R«preseatatiTe-elect . for speaker. Wabannaee la Do! hami.. •hal las best Dolley CIiica-:>i, .Vov. P.—nepiiblicait congressional headquarters in. this city closed today with the final announce ment that I'l;; Republicans had been elected to the Si.xiy-first congress, and that a majority of the Repiihll- can tnenilji^rs elect are pledged to sup port Speaker Cannon for re-election. •There if- no question about the elec lion of Spi-aker fannon." said one of the prominent officials, who was connected with the Cannon presidential boom prior to (he Chicago convention, and who har. been at the congressional committer headquarters diiring the campaign. "Telegrams and letter.^ front siicces- fiil candidate.^ in tln' congressional dls tricts have b<'en recffyed here in qttan titles .suiTicit'nt to warrant iho assertion that there wi!I be no opposition to Cncle Joe in the Republican caucii.s at ^Vashington, and that he will be rc- el^'cted unanimously.' f: w.;<: ?ii.ggcsted some formidable candidates were in .^igiit. notabiy from loR -a. •A!) 'bunk'" said this official. "Con gressnian Fowler has been suggested, liut lie is merely •peeved' because the currency bill was laken away from his committee on banks and banking. He will not even show when the time comes." Speaker Cannon will ir.eei n number of vvirtern r.ii'.r :rf .=-men in con- fe..-'ne.> h »»re toda.\. Th^ orcanization of the next coiii 'res~ and plans for :iic short se .-s:<}ti of thr Tircsent congre-Jli. win bp (lif ru.t .jcd. Tue-day the speak- i ^r will go i>ast for a conferencp with the hoii.'-'^ cornniiMce on wavs and means, and ihi- .'idvisability of tackling tariff rovi .-iou at fhe short se...sIon will bp gone over. It is said that the confeniice between Speaker Caanon and f'liairman Ili;chcr,ck here yestt>r- day was on this point e^cclu.-ively. Cuncr.-sions are rejHiitcd to have been made by both side."? which go far to eMminate all pnpsiliie opposition to tlie it-.'l.ciion of Speaker Cannon which iiiiithi ein.-itiaie finm the pres- i>nt admini.-itratlon the personal llni- tenant .-i of Pir-.-idetii -i -Iect Taft. or from tlio l{.'i»ubH.'aii t.aiicnai cointnit- I re. EXAMINING BANK'S BOOKS. Officials of Arkansas City Institution Still Rftfure to Make Statements. -s Ci;y. N'ov. fi.—Deptity .= tai.- Rank Examinrr T. Watson, who arrived in the city last night is toilay making' an examination of the iKJOks of the Citizens and Farmers' state ban!:, which cIo.=ed it.s doors y.'?- terday. -Mr. Watson refused to make, a statement of the condition of the bank today, saying that he preferred to wait until he had fini.shed his task. Tfap officers of the bank also rofn-,e to make any statement to«lay. The Well.-; plant is still doing business and tho uptown office of the company is p.iying cash for country produce. Besiiles ihe individutil deposits of the bank. Cowley county has $13,912. IT and the city of Arkansas City has $I:>,0(,0 on deposit in this bank. Both ileposits are s'=^cttred by surety bonds. NAT GOODWIN'S 4TH WEDDING, Justice of the Peace Marries Actor to Edna Goodrich, Roston. Xov.. 9.— \at C. Goodwin *he comedian, and Edna Goodrich, wb"* formerly starred with Mr. Goodwlr were married at 1 o'clock yesterday a' fhe home here of .Mr. Goodwin's mother. The ceremony was performed by a justice of the peace.' who haa been a friend of Mr. Goodwin since boyhood, but whose name was not made publi". Here on Butineaa. VIrgll Wells - and Hubert Penny ol Port Scott. Vere In lola today on ?»i«iaet8. .... J. C. STRONG IS DEAD BODY OF PROMINENT MORAN MAN FOUND IN BARNYARD. Heart Trouble is Supposed to Have Been the Cause of Death.— His Farriily at Church. Word was received here morning that the dead body of J. C. Strong, one of the prominent stock raisers of the eastern part of the county, was found last night about nthe o'clock in a cow lot on his farm one mile north of .Moran; Whether he was killed by the stock or w^i»«;iricken with heart trouble is not krfown, but the latter is supposed to have boon the cause of death. L.-ist evening the family went to church and on theii- return went to the barnyard where thc-y found the body of Mr. Strong. He had not .tc pompanied thorn to S '-rvic-^. ns he had been nuite d .\<f fiir a number of years. Word was sent to th-^ county-'nffic ors this morning, and County Atior ney Poter^on and Under.shcriff .V. I.. Boatrlght went over to invc-stigafp. Mr. Xelson. of the po.=^'.o(rice forcp, a bro(her.'n-l,iw of Mr. Strong, aecom- liaiiii d i;:em. Mr. Strong was oiie r,: the prominent men of the coun'y and was a stock raiser on a large .scale. He leaves many friends who regret to bear of his death. He ha^ lived in Allen county raan.v years and was pas' 60 years of ace. He Ir-avr-s children. I Tho history of Allen and Woodson counties, says: James C. Strong passed bis youth and early manhood in Winnr-bn^o cottnty. niinoi?. His has b.en a life of devotion to the farm nnd hp owns one of i.'ao attractive and product ivt places in Nfarmaton to7 .nr .hip. IK- car <Hr in .\lleii county iias b.-m au honorrJ/ie. though unr-vrntfni one. .nn.! tLe dt mauds of the farm .'ird fi. iii have occupied his tinif". Mr. Strong was married at N"-" v.- ^Ii!- foi.!. UlinGi.-, Xovombpr 11. to Eli/taVth L., a daughr. r of John S. WaJRon. an e.arly settler there, and an Enslisbman. Tlie children of ti:is mar- riase sre: EdUh Eloiza. born June C. 1S7>: Walter James, born .Tanuary IS. ISSI: and furil- Henry, born Octob.T .lO, isf-ii. Mrs. Strong was born Feb- ruarj- 21. IN'.O . and is the spcond of four children: Eva. wifp of f^orge Skinner, of WiniiPbago county, Illinois*:: R>'i'e>-r S. Wat.^on, of f'liicngo, and <"ii'or::p .\. Watson, r.f N. v.- Mil- foid. llli;-:i>is. Sirotig :i tocl.riliix 'd ppintv erai. ban s"rvi d a term as township c-li-rii. tr.r'surer of tin- lov.-u.^hlp four leriu.': and trt.asurer of iV;' s'^liool ili:- t. <J'UV 'ii V ''^ar .«f. CAN'T MAKE MONEY THAT'S WHAT RAILROADS ARE TRYING TO SHOW MISSOURL FIGHTING THE 2'CENT UW OFFICIALS SAY NO PROFIT IS PRORARLE l-NDER PRESENT L.iW. H. .S. Hadle.r. Missanrrs Xext Cover, nor, Is Conducting Case for State, Defendant. H. P. SCHELL IS DEAD Former Gas City Newspape.- Man was a Victim of Pneumotiia at Bartlesville. Horac.- p. Schell. wiio is we:i known in this cicy d'ed ye.stprday a.t Rfartlosvillo. Okl.i. Mr. Sch.-ll Wii.^-. formerly editor of i .f Gas City Herald disposing of that plant to Cary S'laffir in April. 10"'':J. .\ di.-patch says: P.artlesville. Ok.. \'ov. S.—Horace P. Schell. editor of fho Bartlesvi'le Independent, died ttt his home here early this morning from pneumouia after an illness of hrcc days. Ha ^-as editor of the Rartlesville Morning Examiner near- y a year and was founder and editor of the Bartlesville Daily Xew.^ which has since discontinued. Ho also was formerly In tl'e newspaper buslnet^ in Cliorryvalc and Gas City, Kas.. Top'iti and Springfield. Mo. He wa.s 54 years old. MRS. BURTIS GOT DIVORCE. riefa $600 Alimonv and Care of Only Child, Mrs. Irene Bnrtiss was this mom- 'nr granted a divorce from H. C. Bur- tUs. Mrs.; Burtiss was given ItlOO alimony to. bv paid In monthly in- iitallments of $C and the household goods. She waa also given the care ot their only child. Both parties live at Humboldt. The case created con- alderable interest there. Try Uw Ragitter Want Ad. Way. Kansas City. x ,>v. —Representatives of eighteen leading railroads op- orating in .Missouri appeared before Fedpral Judge Smith McPherson here ioday to j>rove the contention that the railroads are unable to operate with profit tinder the fwo-c^nt passenger rate and the minlmnm freight laws pa.ssed by the last legislature and which are now in operation. The .state of Missouri Is thft defendant and is represented by Herbert S. Hadley, .\t- ornpy General, and newly elected gov ernor. This Is Hadley's first visit to !iis home city since the election. The state claims a reasonable profit is possible ntidi-r thp new regtilation.'i. 1 ONGRATl'LATES KING EDWARD. President Roosevelt Remembered the KInif's Birthdflf. • Washington. Xov. 9.—President Roosevelt today dictated to his secretary a mes.sage of congratulation.s and eood wishe.-i to King Edward who today celebrates the sixty-.seventh anniversary of his birth. The 'message was cabled to London. Imt was -not made public here. IT IS UP TO SHOPPE EVERYTHINli. BIT WE.VTHER, IN" READINESS FOR RATIFICATION. Es-Senalor G. H. Lamb Accepts the Invitation—Local Orator*—Two Rands lo Fomish ^jislc. /t i.- tip to .\rr. f?chopr»e to show tia Ahethrr he in a Democrat or a Repub licau," said a prominent Republican .bis niot'-ning. EviTythiiii: i:» in r .atliness for the ::iiificaiion in honor of the big vic- ory at thi- poll.s last Tuesdiiy. The itily thing now left to make ir a great sncce.'-s i-; good w.»ather. If .Mr. Schopjie doe.^ his jiart we will wake up the old town," he continued. Till' .-[)Paker sizetl up tlip situation about right. Unless the weather Is unfavor.ilt .f, there will be "big doings" in lola tonight. The committees which have in charge the details of he cf.ipbration have about finished heir p!ans. Tlie ratification will be held in the .Majestic theater. Music »-i'.l he furnifched by the W. O. W. •;and and Payne'.- military band. Some colored singers may also :^ev- ^ral seU-ctions. The speaker of the evening is ex- Senator G. H. Lamb, of Yates Center. Word was received from him Saturday ifternoon that he would accept the 'nvitation. Mr. Lamb is one of the 'lef.i speakers in this part of the state •nd during ihp campaign was in great lemand. He is stire to give a rousing alk. number of local speakers and •ome of the candidates will also give ihort addresses. Tht-re is a great deal of interest in Ihe ratification and a big crowd is ex- >ected to be in attendance. A NEW CLOTHING STORE. A. Goldberg Promises Some Big Ba^ gains in Men's Ready-to-Wear Garments. A. Go'dberg. of Kansas City, la opening a new clothing: store on West Madison avenue, and the stock Is being placed in the building. Mr. Goldberg will have a full line of good grades of ready-to-wear garments and promises some big bargains. The case of the state vs. James Shirely, a peace proceeding, will come up in Judge Hough's court tomor* row. Jim McMurray is the complaining witnesfl.

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