Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1908 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
Page 8
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THE lOLA DAILY BECISTEB. SATCBDAT ETE5IX0, XOTEMBEB 7, 1908. 1- THE NEWLYWEDd-TnilR BABY BY OEORQC McM4NU» NOW \^ 5FE ! LOOM \ AiN r T\^\^ \ CfKY, PAP* DOT lO-T^ NEW HAT PPKWD Of a ! MODEL /' me uaeA-%y j or 3v$f.\\m wi^f*rs T» set \ WANTS PITTSBURG Tom Hayden, the Baseball M.ignatc, is Still on Scouting Tour. T. C. Hayden. owner of i!ic lola ball team last summer, and now i)r( :s- ident of the Springfield. Mo., chib was In Pittsburg Thursday afternoon, talking to a few of tbe fans about basi>- ball for Pittsburg next soasoii. He •was simply scouting about to sco what can be done in the way of gcttin:^ Pitts burg into the Western Association for the season of 1909. The Headlight say.s: Since tli(! Western Association sold TopcUa.and Wichita to the American Association two vacancies wore left to bo filled. Pittsburg and Coffeyville arc tvo ot the towns that have been talked of. uot only by President Shlvely of the Western Association lnjt by tlii;- fans in the towns. Pittsburg's experientf in basi-ball in years past was uot very profitable to fhe owners -of the team, but a lot of fun -was derived from the games played here during three seasons that Pittsburg was in tlie Missouri Valley, and O. K. Leagues. But because of the unprofitable conditiops to the owners league baseball was dropped aud now that an opportunity to get into a good league has been offered the fans they feel like tliey would like to try it again. Oklahoma towns have been clamoring for-a place in the Western Association since the sale of Topeka and Wichita, but they are not favored, as much as Pittsburg and CoEfeyville by President Shively. By takijig in those two towns the circuit would be more compact and more easily handled for that reason. "I favor Pittsburg aud Coffeyville."' remarked Mr. Hayden. "because they are both good towns and the circuit would be more compact than if it were extended to Oklahoma towns. Consequently an opportunity will be given.those two towns to get in practically for nothing. "TOie.electric line people will build the park at some convenient location along tbe Joplin line and chartre a nickle fare from any part of the city. The ground In the north part of the city was .spoken of but it is believed that a ground In the southeast part of the city will be better for several nai^ons. The location there would aoconiojjate the Joplin visitors and tho«e oomUig from that direction, so tUkik0'fiea«na Manager Harris, -with wlioiii 1 was taikiiijj resMniiui; ilic n .'aiiiT. Wiii 'i ilif I'ark riir /!i.slR -d tiie M p:'.!t 01' till- expens.' coin|)ht<.-ii. ••/ uu-; <-i >ii>i(l<'!a'i 'e <-n<<)(i::tsi niL-nr from the I 'ans that I talkid to bin 1 am lieie siiiii'ly lo Jiseeruun jusi ho^* matters look for puttiuj; l-'iltsbuij; into the Western A.ssoeiatioii. I will probably returr. lo I'iitsbui;; some time iK'Xi week at that time wy.iM li'c" (II meet a body of t; •• fiins."' I'lHiinu: in I'lali' (.•|a^s. W u; kiiien weie iiuiay liu.-y install- in:-; tlic JM'.ivy pail- .-iiars wind()w.s in liie new Kifss biiiliiinir on .Iffterson • uvt'niii'. Ii was tedious busine^^s and a lai-.ue CTdwd w;.:c!i'd tlie work. OppTrijhl. 1»0I. hr J.S. KIrt •a*. JAPtOSESOAS cnuurspAWim Ton need not nseaUon* dry soap in your bath. The cost of Jap Rose* the perfect bath soap, is within your reach; the caKe Is lar^e. It b made from the purest vegetable oils, scented with the essence of natural flowers. IT CAIWOT IB DilTATO Jas.S.BirKttO». N. Watier St, Chicago REVIEW OF MARKET Kansas City. Nov. 7.—Cattle, this week O.S.1UI): last week CO.lOti; same wvek last year, J2,:!00. • Prices have worked upwards rapidly this week, with t:.e exception of Wednesday when steers sold lower, closing tlie week today with a sensational advance. 15 to 2.') cents .makinj: total ;;jiin for the week :;0 to CM cents. Probably grass cattle have secured the most advance, account of scarcity, as Kjinsas pastures have stopiicd Blii|>-; purcliases t'liis week: Cattl c Hogs Sheep A. U. U. i t P. Co. 9;',.-. 154 Armour . 5U2S 170.-.:; :;277 Cud;iliy . .".Itil 215;: Fowler . . . .. ll.-.l 1725 .Morris .. 1050 Iu014 .n7:30 Knddy .. 409 S. A: S. . ;;99i iit;52 :J5G:.'. Swift . .. 1710 14707 n ::co Total . 2G:MI G92GS lit9G5 Bvlijuger Is Back. Shfiiff C. 0. BolJingcr returned yesterday from Osawalouiie where he took Harrison Steele to the stale lios- piial for treatment. SUNDAY LID IS OFF. But New Sunday Ordinance Will Be Passed in Parsons. Till! Cliannte Sim says. ning, and run from ijuarantinc tenl- i m, Lii.imiii Io.-y is about over for liie grass cattle! The district court held yesterday A SURGICAL OPERATION st 'ason. No prime steers have been li-re. although sah's at $7.00 and ?7.05 have beeii mude. fair to good fed cattle $.-|.liJ to 50.75. some steers led forty days around ?l.60. Grass cows ::avo been selling at $3.00 to $1.00. but today some lOGO pound (?r8ss cows brought $4.^0, and grass heifers $1.50. f"d heifer.s up to $5.25. Stockers and feeders have been In good demand, stockors at $2.75 to $4.40. feeders $3.00 to $1.50, including good strings direct from Colorado. N'ew Mexico and the panhandle, hi£h bred steers, at $3.80 to $4.15. Nearly four thousand quarantines that the Parsons ordinance against Sunday theatres wasjiot legally word cd and invalid. ThiC decision resulted in dismissing tiic W. C. T. U. cases aguiust the manager ot the Lyric theatre, who was under indictment for working on Sunday. The lid is off temporarily, but will probably not be allowed to be loose for long, as the council will endeavor to draft an ordinance which will hold water at its next meeting. There is another ea=e pending tiie manager, in were included in receipts market in [against *^pencer and especially today, wiil ,:„„ijiiess j charges'him with seven distinct violations of the law against Sunday labor. This action is brought by the state. NO CHOLERA NOW Epidemic in Manfl» Seein« to Hare Been Broken by Physicians. draw in a good run next wtv-'k, but coramIssion are advising shipments, believing that most of the grain this week will stick. Hogs, this week. fiit,4oO; last week Sl.iiOO: same week last year. 40.900. The market ha.'< advanced 25 cents during the week, with fluctuations both ways, ending today with a decline of 10 cents, ton $0.10, heavy hoes at $6.00 to $C.10. butcher weights J5.S0 to $6.10. weights below 200 jMJunds. $5.20 to $5.S5. pigs 25 to 50 cents above a week ago. at $4.25 to $5.2.",. Quality Is Impro %ing a little each wpok. and weights geltlnsr (heavier. Shortage of lard production, on account of the !>ieponderance of light weight hojis will probably soon put a preipium on heavy hogs, although packers have .skirmished dill- gent'v for bwteljer weights this week. 1 ?*-pep. this week 34.400: last week 42.000: same week last year 32,800 Range stuff Is comiiis freely yet, but a larger proportion of it runs to thin stock each week, leaving a smaller number for the packers, which has nut prices up 15 to 25 cesits this week. Sales todav were nt the top for the week, lambs at $C.O0, venrlines I4.R0, owes t4-2«. for pra^s stuff. Verj- little fed stock has been received yet, principal Rale this 'ftoek n band of native wethers. ]40 pounds, at $4.60, Country buyers are absorbing the 'l supply of fcedlne stock at steady to 'ower prices, feeding laraba the last few days at |2.45 to $4 .50. wethers and yearlings 13 .50 to $.1.90. stock ewes f$>SO to S3,00, breeding ewes around $4.00. -Prospects favor strong au^ts for kllUiig Idnds^ and Uie city ordinance does not ligure in it, and it will probably hold him for a, .while at least, even if the city or- (ituance is not good and sufficient to close the theaters on Sunday. DRY CLEANING Was for J ears a trade secret. By this method the most delicate fabrics can be cleaned without injury. The secret is now out. Any one can do their own dry cleaning by using DRY- CLE.VN-0. l'"\ill directions on each can. A 50-cent can>will do $10 worth of dry cleaning. You will find DRY-CLE.VN-O tlie very best preparation in the world for washing a'l woolen goods, underwear, dresses, dress skirts and every thing made of pure v.-ooI. The goods will wear longer and be more satisfactory, keep their color and natural glosa and flufflncsH until they arc completely worn out. Made only by Putuam Fadeless Dye Co., Quincy, III. For sale by Chas. B. Spencer & Co.. J. D. Mundis & Co., W. L. Crabb, Dr. H. A. Brown. The constant dropping water wears away the hardest stone." The constant gnaw of Towser masticates the to&ghest bone. v The constant wooing lover carries away the blushing maid. And the Constant Advertiser Is man who the trade.: th« If there is any one thing that a woman dreads more than another it Ls a surgical operation. tTe can state without fear of a contradiction that there are hundreds, yes, thousands, of oi)erations performed upon -vvomen in our hospitals which ai-e entirely imneces- sanr and many have been avoided by LYDIAE.PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND For proof of this statement read the folloM-ing letters. Mrs. Barbara Base, of Eingman, Kansas^ Avrites to Mrs. Puikham: " For eight years 1 suffered from the moBt severe form of female tronbles and was told that an operation was my only hope of recovery. I wrote Mrs. Pinkham for advice, and took Lydia E. Pinkham's VegetaWe Compound, and it has saved my'life and made me a well woman." Jfro. .\vtliur R. House, of Church Road, Moorestown. N. J., writes: "I feel it is my duty to let people know what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound IIAS done for me. I suffered from female troubles, and last March n^y physician decided that an operation was nece.ssary. My husband objected, and nrjfed me to try Lydia E. IMnkham's Vegetable Compound, and tOf^ay I am well and strong." FACfS FOR SICK WOMEN. For thirty years Lydia R Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, lOAde from roots and herbs, has been the standard remedy for female ills, and has positively cured tbousandjs of women who have been troubled witti displacements, infiammatioii, uloeia- tioDt fibroid tumors, irregularities, periodic paws, and backache. Mm PiDkham lavltM «U cfck women to write ber for adTlee. She baift; folded tbomaada to heillh.^ AddreM, Im. M MI; 3Iauiia. Noc. C.—The epidemic of cholera in this city has apparently been stamped out. In a period ot thirty hours not a single new case of the plague has been reported and the health officials declare that they anti- jcipate only a few more cases from the outlying districts. The rest of the city has been thoroughly cleaned, the i>olictt have been withdrawn from the house-td-house inspection orders some time ago aud have returned to regular duty. Members of the constabulary who have been eugaged in the work of inspection and prevention have also been relieved iind ordered to return to their provincial stations. •Governor General Smith is coufer- ring with Rear Admiral Sperry regarding the plans for the reception of the fleet and the precautions to be observed to safeguard the sailors on their visits ashore. TALKING PICTURES THERE NOW. The Majestic Theatre Has Been Leased by An Omaha Man. TLe Majestic theatre has been leased by G. Reynolds, of Omaha, Nebr.. who will put ill "talking pictures" as soon as the machine arrives. The theatre is again being remodeled, renovated and improved generally and until arrangements for the talking pictures have been completed the usual moving picture show will be given. Benefit for Parker Men. The first of the series of beneflt performances on behalf of the stranded employes of the C. W. Parker carnival company was- given in the Staud- ,ard theatre last evening and was witnessed by a fair-sized attendance. The performers worked hard to show the appreciation of the patronage and gave the spectators their money's worth. Another entertainment wUI be given this evening.—Channte Trtbane. TcocM \MA%, See us aboat Onlt Coast Coontry lands that can be boosbt oo monthly payment plan, lands that will prodiMie from 1300 to -fSOO per acre^ also aiame exchaotes./ ' ___ . : WHITAKIR A OONNSLLr

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