Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1907 · Page 12
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 12

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1907
Page 12
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Tbe lOU PillT IE6ISTEI CHARLES F. SCOTT CIRCULATION 4.000. Telephones. Reporters' Room 222 Business Office 18 THE lOLA PAILT BEGISTEB. MOHPAT ETEmC/ KOTEMBEB 4. 1W7. CADET CLARK MUST WAIT. Former lols SalTatlon Army Worker Xttst Postpone Wedding. (Fort Scott Repuollcan.) HrHSCRII'TIOJi RATES. By Carrier fn lola. tiaii CIfy, Laoyon' >ille or Ls Hurpe. Onp Week 10 cents One Month 44 cents One Year : *5.00 Ity MalU One Year, In advance $400 Three Months, in advance $1.00 One Month, In advance 44 Entered at lola, Kansas. Postoffice, as Second-class JIatter. Advertising Rates Made Known on Application. OFFICIAL PAPER, CITY OF SET. HAS- »E.«BFR OF AS.SOCIATEO PRESS. The lola Daily Reisrititer i.s a nieinl>er of the ANsiK-iiitrd Pres!« and Receives the day report if that preat news or jra;nizatinn for Exclusive Affemoou Publication in loia. JOIf>>Y kA>F IS HO.MK. Well Known Rail Player .May (.'o to the ChlruRw X'atiouals. rPiitsbiirtr Heixilipht.) .lohiiny Kane is home from Cincinnati, when* he has boon this season playing with thi- National leacu<» team. lU- will slay in Pittsburp until ChriHtmas. his bride, whom he wed It'st hummev IMMUR a Pittsbiirfj pir!. He starts in tniinlnc at St. AIIKU:.- fine. Florida. .Mrirch 10. The Chicaco Nationals ;ir<' tryiiip; to pet Kane, au'l hi- may jio to the top notchers next season. PILES ( TRED IX 6 TO U DATS. POZO lONT.MK.NT is Ruaranteed to cure any c.Tse of lIchlnR. Hlind. Hlced- ins or ProtriidinK Pltes in 6 to 14 days or money refunded. JIOc. Tliat Cadet Clark of the Salvation Army and Kvanfcllst James Delk. of local notoriety, aro to l>o wedded early next month, and that at the same time I>elk'» sinner. Brother Walter Amey, would' bo united in marriage was the iiUerestlng nnnounc»mient made yesterday. Cadet Clark will be unavoidably de- lained from actively participathiB in any wi-ddinp ceremonies for somc- thhiK over a half year to come. Cadet Clark whose winsoniely demure face, to the beauty of which nose Rlasses add a touch of intellectuality. Is not Ca<let Clark, strictly speakiup. She' is .Mrs. Estes and will be till the district court at Leavenworth grants her Petition for divorce together with restoration to lii-r maiden name, and the nece.s-sary six months have elapsed lo make the decree 7)econu" operative. • • • So<ui after that the Cadet was in lola for a whi'e. A reporter Moderate Baking Powder si.ooa.m iriii bti I I for jr pab^nrr lijuriouato 1th foand la Calumi SMALL DIDN'T GOME Wreck rrevenled Popular Minsier From Coming; Here Yesterday. After a large audience had g.illicr ed at the !•:. church to liear K-v. Sam Smal! pr;-aeh, l?ev. .1. .M. Mason announced that he had received a I<'1- ephone niess-.sgo trotn the lioimlar southern evangelist Jind lecturer that; VALUABLE DiFORXATIOX. Sometliln; -Every Person In Sbonid Know. loin Nearly three hundred years have passed since the medicinal, curative elements known to exist in the cod's liver were first discovered and recognized by physicians as a specidu in the treatment of pulmonary and wasting diseases, and as a body-bullder and strength creator; but now to extract those medicinal elements from the oil ill which they were ciwcloped. has been the study of some of the expert chemists in the world. •Now, the process discwvcrcd by two eminent French chemists, .Morgues and IJautier, should interest every per son in lola. Hy an extractive concen- |trating |)rocoss they discovered a way I to separate the tonic, body building 'and curative elements contained in • rle.^h cods' livers from their useless oil. iW this process Vinol is made. Hecaiise Vinol contains no oil. but cnitiodies all tbe medicinal value of coil liver oil .with tonic iron added, it TRAVEUNa MEM I arc an intelligent class of people and know a good thing j when they see It. Our local hotel men will tell you that. I they claim thin is the best laundry in the country. Strong j)roof of our quality and service. Is it not? lOLA LAUNDRY. PHO>E 102. lOLA .ME> REPAIR TRACK. (hvuers of Brighton .Vine t.etting Ready for Business. be was in a wr-ek near N-wton and!'" rseding old-fashioned cod (ill iiic* iMi.'M.... Ili^'r oil .••.lid emulsions. .\s a body ™• " '"'"•^z:\,x ."r ;*„;;',:;;;.;;;;;™s::.i - - - ' - , ... _ ., ,. „ on, I |ieoi)le. weak women, delicate children <d at the failure ol Rev. Small to ai- ' ' ,, - 1 after sickiie .'is and for all pulmonary aui!ieiici> enjoy-d a (iiie ser-' <uin vouch for it that the cadet's tambourine in the snieiler city, as in Fort Scott, was able :o attract more subsidiary currency than fiiat of any other army worlier. It was generally telieved there that the cadet did iu)t l^ave-.auy matrinKuiial entan;:Iement though it is not known that she ever statement on the! rive, the mon by Or. h. H. .Miirliti, pi"'^ideiit o( Baker University at Baldwin. The | sjeaker l<Kik for his theme tin- inflii-i i ence of the c-hiirch and pre;irli.-il an instructive sermon. -M the c'ose of i his remarUs :i suhvcrlptlon for beiiev ! Iroiiliies. nothing has ever been known to excel Vinol. We ask lola people lo try Vinol (ui our offer to return their iiioaey if it does not give satisfaction. IS. It. Burrell. I)rii .i4 ;;ist. lola. Kansas. I oleiice was taUivi. %.''1T, was asUi'd for BANK CLERK SiniDEI). made any direct subject herself. During the several months Cadet ^'"t <li«' audien<;e siil)scrlb;'(l $nn. lu j Clark was in Fort Scott the War Cry evening aiiofhiT l.irse atidi.ii<-e ' >V«>rry Over Finaurial Affairs Crazed a b«'came the favorite magazine of|'^^-'' <'X|>ecling Ttcv. S n.-il'.' Teller, many men who iirevlously had not j *'"''•' P""l"r. ({ev. Mason, incf tJi,. or- reail it. Wlien she passed the tarn-1^'"'V stron,;; s;Ttii<m. bourine the coins were more plentiful | • Improved ::jo (Leavenworth Times.) A force of men has been put to wrok rebuilduig th;- f)ld railroad- track that connecting Lansing with Brighton when that place was flourishing at; a coal center sixteen years ago. Since the plans have progressed for the oiieninii the mines at Brigliton. the n.-ed of a track has br-en i-evived a.-; no railroad i>asses nearer that [ilace than Lansing. The old road was Just a mile long and cfuinected witlt the Santa. Fe at Lansing near the depot. After the mines closed the track f.nll into decay and was seldom used except by the occasional curious ones Iwho used to wonder^'oiit alon.i^ ii. to j look at the deserted village of Brigliton. The coal conijiany composed of Judge J. H. Huntffr^-and George B. Chambers of KansJis City. P. iL flor- ton and A. Ii. Brumbaugh of Jola lately finished negotiations for ^he rielit of way and work was begun tliis week on the road. For Best and Quickest Resulll Cse the RegiKter Want Columns. Shawnee, Oklahoma. .Nov. Z. —^Rus-1 and of larger denomination than or- acre-;, SO ,-i,-re-; in .wheat, .SO iirres feed; cows, calve.-;, dinarily. The cadet's beauty was i I„„..., PS. implements, all go. Will c\- t'le subject of comment whenever she cli.-iiice for reiiol nrnipi-rlies or l:iiid. pa.ssed along. She eonffucled herself S"^'" ""^ ^""»- Whiiakcr DoiineU. in so deniure and ladylike n manner il'at vhe won kindly regards everywhere. For Rest and QiilrkeNl ResiiKs I'se the Roglslrr M'unt Columns. M 11 .lohnsoii. teller in the State Nat-j ioiial Bank in this city attempted to cniiiti\ii suicide this nii»rning by cutting his throat with a knife. Ho cannot live. His accounts arereixjrtpd light. Wnrry over financial coinll- lioiis i.s believed to have caused temporary insanity. The man who gets anything worth having is the man who is willing to go after it. ^ If you want something really good and are willing to go after it, there is nothing in the matter of clothes that is better worth your while than Made a.s clolhfs should be made by Leopold. Solomon \- Li^endr.ilh. Chitago. Sold by one good clothier in youi city. The Most Enterprising People Need Credit Help at Times! Wc know that the most diligent and hard-workini^ people require credit accommodation occasionally or continucily. Circumstances may be a little against them, and while they are working steadily and conscientiously, yet the current expenses at times exceed the income in spite of everything. So it's no undignified act to ask for credit. The best people in every community do it when occasion requires. We are glad to give credit help to every family in lola, no matter how great or small their earning power. We have faith in the people—trust them thoroughly. We endeavor to give each customer the credit service which his particular requirements demand, arrange the terms of payments so as not to inconvenience the person a particle. It's dignified credit, confidential credit, the most helpful credit being given to its customers by any clothing outfitting institution in America. A Speoiai Purohamo of New Black Goats for Women, inrluded with them a niannfarlure's sample line ire have arrantred for Saturday, iurludes all next week a most iitlerestinic sale of new Black Ciiat"*, the very latest styles for fall and winter wear. They are made of (he tinest hrnadeloth and ii^ht neiKht Kerseys In Black, Tans, Blues, Reds, tJreys, Bronns. Castors in a great many different qualities. The sale prices ranw friini $3.7B1o$3B. These prices are ronsiderahly less than tbe real values of (he Toals, hu( we bought (hem a( lesx (han (he regular market prices, and we olYer (hem (o you wi(b our selling price Itased upon (he cost. Tour income, your financial rondidon or your earning powers cut BO tignre here. HO>ESTY is llie only capital required (o open an ar- <ount here- Any one is able (o pay *1.0« or itM a week. ' Yon need no in(roduet1on, '*>o Pull.** Just buy and pay a little when the salary envelope Is fulL • Why not a charge account for (he wage earner!. Xlie weaKby class es buy on crellt entirely. ^W .l i« W .t .^V. . -i . \ Brfy where your word Is as good' as your cash. -1 Men^s Richest ExclaslTenesR Diiitinc- (ion Tone (he bull mark of every garment shown. Represen( rliitlies of disdnrtlon iu point of tailoring, elYectivencss and titling possesses an individuulKy and (one seldimi found in ready- for-serrice cloihes. The fall suKs range in price from $13.BO io $23.00 Men'm &. Boy»\ Fumlmhingm E. .1. Roe Hal.s retfulre no introdnr. tlon. We are aicent.s so are many other shop .H. .Many buyers Wlleve prices are (he same everywhere, but they are not when quality Is considered. Some charge you S.l per cent too much. We .tell Roe Hats for tbe lowest prices the factory permits. t .Men's Fine Trousers from %\M to Boys rants 25c Men's Work Shoes $1^5 >ew Fall Overcoats range from $5.00 (o nhM. Ellett Kendall Shoes for the little ones. Boys and filrls. Ladies* Gents, from 25c pair t« $5.00. A complete line of Underwear, Hosiery and Furnishings and Furs. We are headquarters for ladies man.taiU ored Skirts and Sbirt Waists. Figore the Saviog with that Popalar "Live and Let Live" Store on the Southwest Corner of the Sqaare. Ihe People's Store Outfitting Co.

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