Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1907 · Page 11
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1907
Page 11
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> ME TOLA PAIIiT BEqiSTZlU^3i0yDXT~ETByE{6.^y«TgKBKl4i IfW. Quality First Then Price That is the proper order of things considering a purchase of ... . Jewelry or Precious Stones Ninety-Nine people out of a hundred must rely absolutely on the person who serves them, and the store where they arc purchasing. Our aim is, and always will be. to sell no article which, we cannot fully guarantee. The quality is just what we represent it to be. Coffey ft Son, Pxetumive Jmwetmrm, club, and American Beauty roses, the emblems ot the Sorosis club were attractively 'grouped on mantles and an immense .bank of the palms formed a background for tSe receiving rarty. Mrs. Wolfe, Mrs. I.,. H. \Vi«hard past pre.sident of the district. Mrs.j six o'clock were merrily spent with juvenile games and at five o'clock, Mrs. Berroth served a luncheon to fifteen. Tiie table was trimmed witli garlands of autumn leaves and the centerpiece wa.s of clirysantbeniums. Those present were; Alta Moore, A. C. Eiislish. president of the Unity! Ruth Thomas. Eleanor Vincent. Mar- lub. .Mrs. V. I^odgp of the Sorogls.} tba Carleton, Blanche Snodgrass, Bes- .Mrs. R. U St.'veiison of the Current pit- Teniplin, Fay Snodgrass. Pauline Kvciit. and :\IrB-. F. V\'. Frevert, of, Barbier. Helen Morrison. Wllaietta welcomed the [ Anderson, Yarneda Carleton and Myr- afternoon each) c-nib work and th<' Prosressivc club SiiBHis and (iiirinjr thf Kavc a hriff lalk on cnrnw i>v»Mit.<. In fh.> (Ifnin.c room .Mrs. F. .7. Horl <ii. .MIS . A. I.. Hriinibauuh. .Mrs. I'on.<t. Mrs. O. I.. GarIin,?hoiisc and Miss Dorothy Koiist served. Tliv ))'i 's wiTf df.'coratfil ;ii yt-Uow cliry- santlieiniiins. Ti -.i.- nt 'teruooii was pleasant and tin -re were some unusually pr.'^tty cdsiunii '.-j worn by hos- tenses and miesls. nio aniost of honor. Mrs. W'alfe is exceeillnply popular with tlie women who are a.ssoclatert <v|lh her in and all who at- ;e |n |e (l ell.iOwd (he evellf lu 'CHUHl' «t I :lie opportunil.v Uu- <-l(is<-r aoi|iiaiiif- .Miie vi'll the tucsMeiils aiid ineiJi lers of '\\v fedcrarej orKaiilzations of (lie <((inii''i:.ll>. tie Cordell. lOL.l W. 0. W. T(» INDEPE>DE>TE. Will I'm ell tt Kounueiit to Dcrea.«ed MemlxTs. '^i-j Th. T ;I • I' i:. o. t In;; I'li'erlaliii d liy vans iif l.allarpi «l>MleIl a .e \l<- lolu W. O. \V. team and W. T. Steele, the district deputy of that or-i der. will Ko to Independence next Sunda.v for the pur|>ose of unveiliuK a W. O. W. monimient at that place. The indications are thai a big crowd will v« to Independence on that date and lola will probably send down a deleRution In addition to the team and DepiKy Steele. IS SUED I. The W'liman's Christian Teuiper-I ^ a:i(;e Union will liav.- a proKraiu i ^' iiiK on l''rldav at ihe home of .Mis. If. i 11 Jones. On two iifierunoiis ilui nieelinRs were p<)'-tpoli<(l becriuse of • the weather so that no reports of tlm j slate I 'onvi'nliou have heen ;;iven. .Mrs. William Ve/.ie. S^>nh\ \Va.shln;:ton. will Ix- hostess of the: Baptist .Vid society on Tliursda.'i. • Hey ThercF "Where are you going?" "Going after a sack of l/« Sm Patmni Flour. My wife won't use anything else." Mswtoit Mig, Sc Ehfm Oo> «. r. MOFHIg. Mgl. Mrs. Cliiiuiieey toilav .Miss .Maruaii't lle';;le who is le;i<li. orii' of (lie iiiral schools, speiif till' week iiiil widi her pareii'.s. .Mr. i ami .Mrs. Cliillip ll-inl". ! >HtliiiM .liicktiMi Mould Itecowr yiiUt,'M for l 'rr!«onul Uuinui;c«. I Mr. ami M'taiti til The Mrs. F. .1. llorton party <iu Thursday i.lll «ive a afternoon. card i Th - i Kuesls will be members of the Hit;li : Five club. j + * + Tlie W. (". 1". r. <ithceis have a pan for clos.-r organizaiion for worl; di'ring the winter and this aftenuioii there is a special meetini; in profjreH.-- tit the Iiome of Mrs. E. H. Keys, prcs- iCcut. of the local lir«nch of the union. There are a larsc nuniher of ile|);irl- meats in tho union and "ac)i is man- aped by a snperintendeiit. These wo men have heretofore had no club or orcanization but at tin- me-iin-.; tlii^ aflenioon a board wip be orcaniz- e(i. There will also he a special line of work onttlneff. soci.-i! on Tliuisrlav evening in tlii^ cliapel. The pj-ocecds from the sale if ho.xes will he added to the seUir- :i\ !ieasiirv. 'I'he IPiilders have not • •iflerlained tor some weeKs so iliat the atlundauce will prohabl.v be lalK:-. • -r * .Mr. and .Mrs. \V. .]. Hartles are homi- from a we-Us \isit in Venter- ville. Iowa. • •:The many friends <if Miss Fra/. ier and Mr. Orvin Waite will be .surprised to read that their marrlasi' wnv solemnized on W<'dnesdav. Octoher :{0. at the bride's home, tli.- Kev. E% Ict, pastor of the Christian church. officiatinK- .Vf'er the we <l<|iii;; whicli was witnessed In ji croup of r-!;ithes the couple went to Colony, where Illey h;t\''.' been ivlsitin^r relaliv's n was only this iDorninK that, tin- niai rln:;"' was announced to frlemU who have alreiid.v expresfced cordial <-oiiaral ula- tlons, Mr and .Mrs. Waite will 1 t home to friends after Novemiier ninth. * + + Oni" of the preltiest litlle loll, parties of the week past was attended hy twenty cnests wlio were enlerlaiiied at Ma.sonic hall Saturday eveuiui?. The hosts on this occasion were Bruce Bixler. Hruce .Mayfield. I.eo Coffman and Harry WJiittal^T. The chapcrones w<'re .Miss .Amy .Massen- erale. ^liss Carrie Keimert and Miss Jnliu Zininiennan. wixi sujierinteml ed the g-anics ami assisted in s<'rvin>: an elaborate array of ices. caUes and fruft.s. .4nion>r those present were: .Maiion Lois Talbert. Clara Cox. Vi<da . Kay. Vica Eastwood. Clara .lenn.'r. Carrie Melvin. Gretchen Moore. Cracc Moore. Frances Munson. Kffle Hish<»p. I.eo Coffman. Hruce .Mayfii-ld. Hriu'c Bixler. Harry C<mrad. Floyd Youun. Harry \V|ilttak<'r. Kenneth Foust. ries .Mit Bevier. Frank Thompson, and Earl Featherland. The \cn Viirk Store ni.<>lic> ti> an- iKiunre to llic liidiei of Inla and »lrlM- jilt the »ir>J slilpiunit of (iossard j( (irscls ;iri' now in. Tlie CiisMinl deni j»n>^lrator will be in lola sluirti} i)nd iwill demonstrate the (Jo>sard Corset .Mrs A. I'. Harris wll' eii- .".iHi clul) this weel,. * + + .Missioiiar.v society of the fte- forineil idiurch will meet .Monday afternoon with .Mrs. Herman Klaumann. • * * The .\ew Kcliiise chit) lia.s the lort- liiL-hil.c (lance on Tliursday cveninjr id .Masonic hall. •*••{• * .Mrs Charles H. Wlieattui and .Mrs. .lohi) T. Wood have issued invitation?? f":- ;iu aflenioon at cards at Mrs. ; for one week. One notice of her ciiiii- ' iiiir will lie t:heii in this paper, •5- •> •!• .\ lar^e :4rouii <if v.onieu. Mie ma jd.lJy of whom wire iiiemli'is of Ihe I"|erafcd cl'ilis Here tUe>ls at a reception i :l\en l-'rid.i.v afti lie on to in- l .oiitK- .Mrs. William I). Wnhe iha I'cu i.\ elected pl 'i slilelll ot tin' > •(•- oul district, 'I'he rece|ilioii was held at tiie liom • of Mt- .lohn Koiist on South WashiiDitoii avenue and the o'(:sion W!is most sitrr s-tiil In ev- i-'-y det;il|. The ri'<-.'piiui li;il| was Ic iiutified by a haul, of ferns inter. : li'isi'd with white larnallon^. ariiitiK- • d to hide the fii.. jiljicc- iind the parlin- wjis decorat.'il in the flowers •v !i! 'It represent (In- var.oiis clubs. The red and while carmitions of the Current Kvent and Progressive e 'lihs. •vellow chrysalitlieimjuis of the l'uit\ .Nathan .1. .liu;i\Kon, t'olurud, filed suit In district court todiiy against the city of Humboldt tiiid .Marshal .Mart llenson for |iu.:;!i:; daimiKcs. Tlie, case u:rows out of tfie. cullInK seraiie ! lisst February in tlie Humboldt cala-, loose in whicli .Iacks<m was beaten and cut up by a number of co'rjred men who w.'n- also in jail. In his petition .lacksoii says lie vvas placed i'l jail by .Marshal Benson, on what j . cliar,«". he avers he does not know; j i that shortly afterward .\rthur Swell. ! O.-^a Swell, .lohn Graves and Clarence ( heney also came to th.' jail prcsum- j ably to see him and were adinitteil i by tlie marshal and the door locked b.-hinil them: tliat he was set upon by a part or all of llie men and snf- WJiei.i.urs resi.l.n.-e, .-,ir, .Xnrtli Wash-j f,.,.,.,, ^..^ous wounds about the head ' Fri.lay. Xovember j ,•,.,„„ ^ ..^zor and ti knife and from be-. ini; struck. He alleges jrross care-' Ussness on the jiart of tlie officer in adniiltinv: the men. It will be renieml^'r;-d tiiat Graves ai.d Ihe Sweft Iwys were later found I Kt.ilty of assault in district court. I .Irickson presented his claim for daiii- j .'i.tres to the Humboldt city council but iho city did not resi>ond. hence (l;e suit for dania>i''s. The followinp i.-- Jacli>5on's itemized statement of dainnpes: Fiiin and sufferini; I ." I.UIMI Loss of Time . . .T 2.'.i> i .^'edicille (2 j rerinaiient injuries .1 enii , iimion avenue (ui eii;hth. < A A 4. The I'riscilla clrili wil' not meet tills week. The first social si ^ssion will occur next wei'k when .Mr.s. Ceor^o! DeCliKe will elllertalll. I .Mrs. (leorjie licrroth Hiiicrtained ii uroup of children lui Saturday even- 1 iiiu for her {laiif-'hters. Kdna and ! Fdltii. The hours from two until Cuff Links .•\ larnrand well assorted aiiayol' he.oitiful pattirus just the thiiij; for a iiii-c little present for your jccnilcinan tricinls. Solid r,r)bl. C.<;IiI l-'illcil, down to the .'S<" kiitH- McNElL BROTHERS. THE JEWELERS. Total . .$lu.2:i2 For Kest nnd Qnlekest ICesiil|>, Hie |{eirM«-r Wiint Columns. liu: .viEA.HEK svyh. .Struck on iliirbor*<i I.ediro—The ( rc« Ksniiied. Uoslon. .Nov. I.— riic steanier City of ItirmiuKliani. of the Occjiii Steamship company. slrin'K the li'dj;e of tin- harbor early today while bound <Mit. and stink in ten fathoms of water. The crcw escaped. .Mrs. A. H. Bniwn is entertainlnfi .Mrs. Lizzie HoitschneiJer of Hum boldt. 4. .> 4. The United Hretliern .Missionary so ciety will meet in the church parlors on Thursday afternoon. .Mrs. .\ 1,. Vezie will conduct tlu- lesson study * + • On the approaehiliK Saturday there j will be an informal reception lor the! flfty-two members who have lately been received intu the Cnlted Bivth- em churcli. The Invitations which will be extended from tlie imlpit will include all ineiiibers ami friends of the congrei-'uflon wUo may wish to at- Liid. •J- •> Ml> A. H. Campbell and Mi> A. H. Ilrown are K>}luie to Cbaniire on Thursday to be the guests of Mrs, Edward I •Stanlield. + + • The Progn'sslve club ''ill meet on Wedn «3sday. The paper of the after-' noon w1U be on "Th.^ Conversions of . the Barbarians'?^ • * • The Uttle Bui'derg will give a box Bracing food for steady nerves- Nutritive food for healthy appetites- Strengthening food for sturdy muscles— The most nourishing wheat food Uneeda Biscuit 5* G.pyrighl_ V)07 The HouK of Kiippenlieiinei Ctiic«iio A Great^ Storefull of Oood Clothes is afforded critical buyers here tomorrow. Depleted stocks were reinforced last week by daily arrivals from Eastern markets. Many lines of Blues, Greys and Browns in both Men's and Youth's Suits and Overcoats were among them! We're again ready for you, to our assurance of satisfaction, we add a pledge of saving you money on your Winter Outfit- • . The House bf ' Kuppenheimer" America's Foremost Clothes Makers, makers of the kind of clothes that gentlemen wear. Sell for $14,73 up to 22,50 NOTICE! We will accept all local clearing house certificates for goods purcha.sed and checks on all banks in lola or Allen county if you have money on deposit in same. The Best Sox Offer Ever Made SOX with a Six- Months* Gnaran- tee Against Boles 1 prsDf 5 ox Made in li >e tollovt-ins (ail colon: Blaclc. Tan, (liita and •laiUPcailana Navy Blue. .Siai9lo 12. 4E «yp«naC<>C. toaOaofium or ' light weifht). Sold in boxe: ef MX pain f«r »2.00..A«x. soallia tiur- Popular Price Clothiers llul Iti'ids !;it.-tft pTiiy. "The C<«w I'liiichi'r." at th>' Cruiul on Tuesihiy. .\'oV (.>ml)?r .".til. I'ress dl.spiitches s'ate Ihiit this pUi.v hns ii.ade a tr>.'iiifni!ciiiri hit in the t-ast. Critics ar*- iiiiaiiimoii- i iidcchiriii'.: that. .Mr. K <'id 's srrokf Is in tliis play. It is new ami away from thf siren'oiypf drama. Its rhiol ehariii is i'.- i)ri','jiialit>. '("lie atniosphf'r.' o{ the wfst has bi-fti can- fi:lly preserved. W. P. .Main, iho pro- dilft-r. lias civ.11 it a hn ish vcci.'ic i>i Ddilftion, .\ last coiitaiiiiiii; .-onn,' i>t till- lifsl I.iii'uii ;,cti)rs ill tl.i- c-'iimtl? Kim 'i lu-r with iiuiii'i -DUs spcciallii.-s as-' suns IIS ;!iai will 1M- .:y.l worth see- ii.u. Tile ii'ay is a powcrlni drama II' u. >.:. i -i.!i'a:niii!; a beautifllli li-.iii si..]\. rlui'iin:.; situations and I'airi.^ biilili .'.'S with coiiiedj. .V cast la:' all)'.- (In- avfivific ha.-- bi -i -n t-n- : .r;>d and luiihinj that iiioiifV can seen.' liiis li.fii spart'd to mako this 01..' oT Mu' iiia'.^nilir.'iit produc "U Mil' rn-dil. In moisturt and dufi proof packages. NATIONAL BISCUIT COMPANY I I: \y. ill :li shadow iiia.i IK.I \V1HTI.t>\V. lilt' man ar.ciis .'.l i.r ' May Sapii nmril'r. is now DIU en baM | This is thf tir.-it finispicuinis cxamid i>! thf appllcatl'ili <'f th" 111'" K.iii-:-is l .iw nh;<-|i I'i 'r'iilts bail lur IIKI. M - \ylii) air I 'liaii^td with lapiial iiUin' .Miicli ciiiinifiit Is ln'iii:' maiU- nn He siili-' j I 't and iii<i-it nl" it aih'-rsc t.. ili'; pf llcv- (if ba.iliiiu' mnrdi-r .suspect s, hi 'VDiild appear that Kansas had «oiie | far eimn'.'h toward tempfriiiK ju-tici- with mercy in pra^-iical'y doiiis; away V. ilh capltui pillif.shinont and that in ihc of the protection of socl- .'ty no fnrther leniency .shmild have been advanced. People in ceneral ilo not lil<e the idea of a man beinjr 011'- f^de the jail walls bo he ever .so heavily bonded, when the tiibpicion of bis having committed the maximum crime is stir>Bg enough to warrant his •Id for trial.—-Ft. .Scott KeptiV OM,V .V FEW 11.^ iiiiiKlcd i.eople fkil to real- wJiat a poleiit factor i.-i the |>ress iiilhieiuiiiK public opinion—It iri iniiror that reflect* tlie puKulng What you are doiiijc today interest .lohn Uoe. but it" may jsirike Kifhard Roe jnst right. Next I week it may be the other way around: ; iheiefori' it li'elioovps the merchant to I kei 'ii oil liiisiliiri; every day. TherJt jis always so much trade to be gained and Ihe race is invariably to the fswi;:. I;i conjunciioii with good copy the ftegister keeps its advertisers In the forward van of progress. Climb in. neighbor, climb in. . Itegister >Vaut Ids, Ic a Word.

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