Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1908 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
Page 7
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Hg lOIA PJlltl MCISmr 8ATPRDAT EYraPTC, K0TE2OCR 7, IMS. Trojan Safety Powder MEANS JrST WHAT IT SAYS. Better thau any other powder on the rarirket. >"o glycerine in Its corapo-iftJon. D DCS not freeze no matter how cold. Absolutely no dunsor ia handling. Use Trojan instead of slycerine and save the lires of jour men, and your company from dMDiiige snits. C.W.Coverdalc AGENT Boom Stevenson nidc.— lola ARREST PARKER ATTORNEY. Said to Have In&ulted Woman of the iTroupe. Take our No. 410 when Traveling Eastward Leaves I'tia T;!'.' in., arrives Si. Loni.- ><;_'.". ;i. ui. i Thrt>ugh .^It-viiiijg c:i!i. Tliio train couuecls wiik the t-ubl bound (raini at St. Louia. For further |•a^ti^.•ular^ eiiil and set; us. C; p. Hale, Agt. EXCHA!HTdE OR SELL. List your proiierty with me. I have a larse list tu match from. No CAptnic unless a deal is found for you. I Lave 240 acrea In Neo- Eho county, Kas, to exchange for^^ood Io!a property. J. T. .mE8. Boom 10, Old C«nrt House. LEGALS. Thr Chanute Sun says: Becau;<'> he is alleged to ha\e in snltpd -out! of the women of the stranded oarriival troUfH;. C. J. Handle a Parker roprosoutative. narrowly escaped being mobbed by an infuriated group of carnival employes last night and is now under $50 bond to appear in {Jolice court Monday and answer to the complaint sworn out against him j But for the prompt work of Patrol man Hedrick it is said that Rand!e would have been, brained by a tent pin in the hands of the carnival mob According to the version of the affair in police court, Randlo opened th«» door of the "aparcnlcnts of one of the women performeis at 11 o'clock last night and addressed an insulting epithet to her. ?ho lied out of the !car and on the street in search of her husband. Randlf» in the meantime •encountered Patrolman Hedrick and afivr assorting that th'' carnival troupe was damaging the Parker wagons, roproat'ted the city officers for not protoctinc it betftr. \\'hilc the two wore parrying the v.-oman came up and entered her complaint against Randle. The officer started back to the wagons behind the Hetrick then tn^ with both thf partlo^ to uiak" aii inv.^stication but b ^-fore r'"'acMng thf I'unk car the Parker .•itt<)rii'>y started to run down tho alloy In the dark nes.s. One of thf mob of carnival <^m nlovHS who had bt-i n folIowi!;;r tho otlicer crabbed a ti^nt T >in a:id threat enfd to brain th-? fl»'eiii-j Ui''!I>-.un les.^ ho jOt back to the pi .'ic 'i • •. He trot, and tiie mob closed in :t the officer and his prisoner. atij::;i. .eat- oniug violence. Hedrick succeed- d in sotting his prisoner away and to lieaduuartors. This morning he was arraigned and entered a plea of not gui'ty. his attorneys, ^'arrelly & Evans, asking for a continuance until next Moiiday. .Tudge Pauchman fix- fd his boiid.< at $50. which ho was abl-? to giv*'. Handle claims tha: lio merely went back of the Hetrick to prevent a cane of employes iron; destroying the vrae- ons and did not see the woman in their bunk wagon. NAME A DIPLOMAT Conut Van Beni«torft Will Represent the German Government at >Vasblneton. Berlin. Nov. 7. —Count Joliann Hvin- rioh Von Bernstorff. who recently has rt4ircifntod tl.e Gorman government in Egypt. h;is bt.-cn s-Iec'ed by Emperor William ro tucceed the late Baron Speck. Vou Steruburg as ambassador to AnieMf.'. €ounte»s Von Bernstorff is a daughter vl Ednard Luckemeyer oi .New Yorlc. The appciutititnt has nor yet been made fornially. as n is understood ihia offi.ia! annuunrcment will btf given out tu i .Ar.i u~ tlir.-.- days. i^EKP WATEIMWV .SIRL. (Rrst Pul.'.iihed. Octobor M. !:•<'>.i Trea .-iiry r )<-i':irTui'ur. Office of the Supervisius Ar.:Jii;'.">r. Washington. F' C. October 12. r.".'- -S-.'l'^d Piupoial? will be received' at tb:s office unnl Z o 'clock p. m. on the I'jth day of N')- vember, and then optned. for the con- Etruction (including plumbing, gas piping, heating apparatur-. conduits and wiring t, of the U. P Post Office at lora. Kansas, in accordance with the drawings and specification, copies of which may l^e had from the Custodian of the site at lola. Kansas, or at this office, at the discretion of the Snp»»rk-ising Architect. JAMES KNOX TAYLOK. Superviiing Architect. Illinois Voted ftiO.lMWJWO In Bonds for the Proifct- • hl'-aji". Nov. 7 -Till I tfii'.,;;:;(.;i Mii-nuu-.d tv> th'. ;•' i'-i'-Ml:): > ',i<ction to bond fiie loi' Jl".'".'';'.to coustruci i c'lanntl from I»ck- porf. Jit, to Utira. li!.. on th*; Illinois river, was ca.'ri.»-d by a larg"? major-1 !''y The I'uiled 8l ;tte3 govt.-rnment has promised to oomi>lete the channel bi*>ond the I'liiio;- srate line. Thus a; thip water^'ry frou; Chicago to ihej Mississippi i.s ii.-.-;:; ivl. Try the Register Want Ad. Way. HEWS # U NftBFE TOXOBBOW WILL BE BALLY DA AT JfETHOMST.'cUUBClL BIG AHENOANCE EXPECTED LA HABPE DEFEATED HOBA)' 0>' LOCAL GBOODS TESTERDAT. On Xext Munday the Rhoads Glore Factory Will Resume Operations- Fawn WiUiamsi Entertained. Harpe Was .Tictorions. In a fast foot ball game the La Harpe foot ball team defeated Morar. by the decisive score of 15 to '1. The game was played before a large crowd on the MacDonald grounds north of the city. The \-lsitors secured a safety In the last half. WUI Be Rally Daj. Tomorrow will be rally day at the Methodist Episcopal church. Both the morning and evening services will bf^ ievoted to the work. In the morn Ing. the regular Sunday school hour I special program will be rend-red md a short illustrated sermon, wil be given by the pastor. Ira M. Benhani fa the evening a tpecial rally day ser non will be preached by the paster The subject will be •Eternal Huild- irs." .V souvenir will be given each Sunday school scholar who attend.- he services tomorrow. >STEOPATHT— DR. W .H. ALBRIGHT. Registered Osteopathic Physician. State Bank Dldg. Phone 145. Only Osteopatti in La Harpe. Will Start Monday. On .Monday the Khoads OIovo Kac- nry will be started. Since it was tniiv d to the Wer' building near the luh' ^ ectric stroet railway company de- ot it has not been operated Ij'.iausc All of the machinery was not hon. Fawn Williams Entrrtained. Fawn Williams entorthined at hl:^ home last evening a number of hi> rieuds, the occasion boing bis biith- iay. Thv t-vf;nint; was spent with mu- ic. A general good time was had. Ihristian Chnrcb. Sunday school at 9:45; preaching at la. m. Junior Christian Endeavor p. ni. Preaching at T:UO p. m Senior Endeavor at C :;'0 p; m.—Hev. Robt. Copeland. -Vt the Presbyterian Cltutch. There will be no preaching at he reshyterian church tomorrow, since tic liastor, Kev. J. H. Bright, is In Te.\as (»tv a business trip and wi'.l not eluru until after Sunday. The other service;^ will be held at rhe usual hour. Personals. \V. i; Haigltr came in this after- j' n fi'.m Sau Luis ValKy, Colorado iicrc he has iw-oii on real estate busi ois for tlip jiast several days. Gecrge .\. Cowden left yesterday for nionrov.!!. Ka^.. on liusiness. •Mr. ;:i'.d .\lr.~. LUuri.s Shaw, of Chaut" were flie .''ti^;sf^- of relatives here o .^f'.Tda;-. iiarve Khoads was in Humboldt yes erdu; :>;i iijain*-.'^.'-. P. .1. iJi ';iin;t" V it.- ill Eismore ye-- erda; COST SHERMA-V i^^m. re Preoident-Eleel Files t'iuiipaign I^xpni-es. imi of ^AK^^'JLK T JK "m ^k^ No woman can be happy Vjlrlr ^^X\MX %^m^# ' children; it is her WW^^WA ^ - ^«tr^' • nature to love them as much Mi V ^nUP ^^VJFrX ^HC' SO >t >s beautiful and WillllilWAKEp"'^- The ordeal through W-^^^^^ ^ ^*^v>hich the expectant mother mustpass i$:s6fttil <rfdneatl that the Iji^ught hlLs her with apprehension. There is no necesshy for the reproduction of life to be eith^ very painful or dangerous. The use of Motfaer's Friend prepares tbesystem for the coming event, and it is passed without any danger. This remedy is apphcd exicrnaHy. and has carried thousands of women through the crisis with but little suffering. Boofceootaialngiiifontutkmof Tohia ~ H-k.r!H3M H ^ Itir -i, .\. v.. Nov. 7.— Vicf Preii- nt-e!e<r Siicrman has forwarded to bany tor filing with the secretary f Stan; a 8i}inti;"nt of his expenses In fjiuipaign j;i.-t closed. In his rotii!iin:ii<-af ion M:. .^beruian e\pr'-^?i ijif »jiii <'.if,ti tlirii lif is not a.i a niat- rr of fact obiigt-l to make siicli a ta'cment. Ke files one, however, in order tiiat there may be no question bout if. The statement shows: Contribution to Oneida county Republican committee, $7 .'jt>; contribu- ion to "Republican iitate committee, •'"•.i: contribution to Republican na- "ii!t\ conimitrpc. $.•;>'.•. To Harry E. D:tvr(ndorf, private secretary from titrc tu time for postage, telegrams, printing, stationer.v. pictures, frames, traveling expenses, expressage and other incidentals, $6 «.iO. Traveling expenses, including railroad fare, Pullman accommodations, porter 's fees, carriage.hire, hotel bill, etc., iOOO. Total. $2,800." Adjourned Court. Judge Foust this morning adjourned court until nine o'clock 3Ionday after disposing of sevemi minor matters. Trinity Church. Ker. S. B. Knowles will preach on ."Amusements" at the Trinity M. B, cbnreli tomorrow evening at 7:30. NEWS OF GAS Citif LOCAL W. C. T. U. MET TESTEBDAl' WimilltS. WBIGflT. L. T. Starkey, Secretary of Uie loIa Y. M. C. A^ WIU Preach at United Presbyterian Choreh Tomorroir. W. C. T. r. Met. The W'omen's Christian- Temperance L'nlon of this city met yesterday af- :ernoon with Mrs. 'VMIIiam 'Wright. The attendance was very good. !starkej to Preach- L. V. Starkey, secretary of the Y. I. C. A. at lola will preach at the .'nited Presbyterian church lomor- ow in the abijcnce of the regular pas or. W. N. Leeper. who is in Ottawa •Mble school at -9:4.''.. Sen?ion at 1' a n. Junior at 3 p. m. and Senior Young People's prayer meeting at rAr,. A special service at which a mmber of laymen will speak. Special Tiusic. you are cordially invited to hese services.—W. 'N. Leeper, pastor The New HoMe fer Men WMRRANTEO TO WEAR tHRE€ MOMtHB wnuOUT MRMRQ ta hmm§, t09 or M/#. Bvery pair of is warranted to wear. In case ef dis?atis?action return the imperfect .<t ;ods and they will be replaced free of charge. — $1,00 per Box The Lectnre Course. Regarding the lecture course the a •^ntiou of the public is ci^lled to the ourse in il '.i" hope that it may com- uend itself to ever>- one. The course ^111 consi.^t of eight numbers, six lectures and iv.o concerts. The lectures will h" men who rani equally with the men who may be leard on the i>ublic platform of to ay. One of these lectures will be 11 nstrated with 75 of the finest vlew;^ "aring on tlie oubjcct to be present d. that can be secured. The twc nusical numbers will be presented by he Choral Society of our own town lud this company of aoout thirty-five nembers promi.-'f what will be abovt h'.' avoragf' of a musical kind. Definite aunouiK -ements of thf num- leis will bo made from time to time ow mark the exceedingly low price which this rotiise is off-yei}. .Al.' chool boy.-, and girls will hf sold Sfa,on tickets for the entire ei.glit num et;-: for the nominal sum of fifty cents nd the season ticket rate for all oth- rs will be only $1.00. We believe that never before has the town been offered so strong a course at so low a price. Remember that the course is put on jere solely for the good of the community, and no church, nor any in- ividual can profit by the course in tny way. We trust it may liave your learty support. An opportunity will be iven every one to secure season ickets. Thf- single admission will be or each number. ]Z and 25 cents. Personals. iliss Grace Gates, of Colony, is here isitiug friends. Mr. and .Mrs. ,\. P. Leasie of near ronson, are here visiting. Mrs. Troop returned yesterday frona Independence where she has been isiting for the past several days. L. F. McCarty went to Mildred yes- erday on bnslness. Miss Leta Swan left yesterday for !olony where she will be the guests of friends. Mrs. Isaac Carl is visiting relatives n Bronson. Mrs. L. D. Gibson is visiting rela- vr^ in Bayard, Kas. A TOBACCO. TRUST? Judges Uphold Government's Charge Against American Tobacco Company. New York. Nov. 7.—The government's contention that the American Tobacco company Is a trust operat- ng in restraint of trade and in vlola- tio nof the Sherman anti-trust law, wa3 sustained in a decision handed down by Judges Lacombe, Coxe and Noycs In the United States Circuit court here today. Judge 'Ward dissented. Injured BEATEX WITH A CHEE.SE. Expected Man Is \.ot Recover. to New Y'ork. Nov. 7. —A cheese was so well used as a weapon that FVank Sinsinbicik is now in a hospital suffering from a fractured skull. He was walking with two women companions In Harlem about midnight when he made remarks about the odor that emanated from the package carried by a man walking in front of bim. Suddenly the man turned and threw the package, which contained a cheese, at the objector's head. Sinsinbicik was knocked to the sidewalk and the owner of the checbe beat the prostrate man with the noval weapon. When the police arrived the assaulter had fled, but the cheese was left behind. The Injured man may not recover. Itegistcr Want Adt. Bring Rewlts. Colors •Jiack, Blue PatJ, Pear!.' See window Display. Exclusive agt'cy f«>r VVuiidtihoie in lola. At>Lhe Clittrches St. TlmoUiy's I'plscopal Church. There will he service .sermo:: •omorrow morning at 11 o'clock. Sai>- iect of sermon, ""Tii- Ciiris^iai! .\th- ete." Sjiecial inii.-:r u.v the offertory. Sunday schno! at 'J:ih a. m. Holy conuniuiion at 7:"i> a. m. All are cordially invited. Ki:V. J, D. KULM. D. D. St. John's Church. Ma.s»--.s at >-:»" and !".:>'.' a. ni. Sermon at l<>:-'.>) a. in. on Apostle;^ •"reed. Third arguiU'T .t frnm reason for Ih Xist .'Uri' of Cod. Sunday si-hont af L'S!" p. m. No sorvi'.-'-s in tlie • viiiiit;. First Church of Christ, Scientist. Sund.ty scv rutl at I" a. m. Church s<Tvic»' at 11 a. m. Subject, .\ilam and Fa'lcti .Man. Tf-stinionial moetinc.- Wednesday ar ^ p. m. Services he'd in Christian Sci- ••nee hnll at 110 East Jaclison. The hall Is used as a readhu- room Trom J to •( each week day. Tho public is cordially invited to .ittcnd the services, and to vi«{t the reading room. .'SIRS. E-M.MA E. ADAMS, First R--ader. Baptist Church. "W. U. Garli»ld, pastor. Sunday school at !>: l.'S a. m. Morning Service at 11:00 a. ni. Bruce Kinney of opeka, will speak. B. Y. P. U. at •':."0 p. ra. Evening service at 7:"0. Sermon by the pastor. "Qbeying the Voice of God." U. B. Church.- Sabbath school at 0:45 a. m. preaching at 11 a. m. Subject, "The Truthfulness of God's "Vord." John 17:17. Jr. Y. P. C. U, at 3: SO p. m. Pre.iching 7:30 p. m. Subject, "s-iul's .\.wakenin.s." Art.= ':4. The evening servioe wil' bo ev- mgelistif. A good time is expected. Everybody cordially invited. O. G. MISSAMORE. Pairtor. Y. W. C, A. There will be a service at the Y. W. C. A. at three o'c'ock tomorrow afternoon. Mrs. V'. G. Anderson will lead t"r.e All .young v/omen are rer,uested to be in attendance. Presbyterian Church. First Church: Rev. S. 3. Hiisclier. the pastor. v,-ill preach at 11 a. m.. and at 7:7/' p. m. The evening sermon will be to men on the subject of "The Acts of the Apostles." Evcr»-- body is' invited to this service, but men especially are invited to come and to bring men. This is a brotherhood meeting. Let us nicike It In the Tuest sense. At 3:20 in the after- nocn the Junior 'Westminster Guild wljl meet at the c'rurcb. All the young people fifteen years old and younger are invited to be present. 'uciiKuCkUiiy CitLartic 1 fpt, \t:r!r u • ch VfUrr slii.iI e^min!?- r-ciKii.j :tid |r-r,: t . i-.y irjei.,i« < the hen Bfiie-i: 1 e:- r " i Best For • The Dov/els CANCYCA-nuBTlC Ptemaaai. tMM^. PoMM. Tui* 0««d. Do noo4. »«»»r aickrtf.'Wertm or Ortiw.Tte; J5e. Ke. keT «r loiifinbnlk. Tba SssniB* i*t>Ut «iikmp«t CCQ: ]|tert;a's Remedy Co., Ch{c«eo or H.Y. tas /UMUALSALE, HN MILUOR BOXES Sabbath school at 9:45 a. m. and ije C. E. Meeting at f.:30. Everybody invited. Little Builders' Chapel: Mrs. E. N. .Tones, superintendent. Boys, Sabbath school at 2 p. m. Regular S>t' • d school at 3 p. m. Evening service at 7:30. Bassett Chapel: Wm. Davis, Super- ritendent. Sabbath school at 3 p. m. The Christian Church. P.ible school at 10 a. m. .'.r.^raing worship at 11, Sermon on :' isperious church. .•u:;Ior meeting at 3 p. m. Y. P. S. C. E. meeting at 6:30. F'voryfii;; worship at 7:30. Ser- r.on ou • .Vffer the Election, What?" R. H. ELLFJTT, .Minister. (hrlst Reformed Cbnreb. The Sunday school and congrega- !o:i will observe "Home Missionary Day" at !>:45 with special services and m offering for the Kansas City mls- iion. Preaching at 7:30 p. m. Prayer meeting and Bible study Vednesday at 7: -'JO. Welcome to all. WM. H. SHULTS. Pastor. Second Baptist Church. Sunday school at 10 a. m. .^reaching at 11 a. m. Sermon Christian .Activity." B. Y'. P. C. at 6:30 p. m. with spe- ial program. Preaching at 8 p. ni. Sermon "Con lueror From Bazrah." This is our second rally of one dol- ar each. Please remember and act 'ccordingly. Y'ou are cordially Invited. J. W. GORDON, Pastor. A BOOM IN STOCKS Western People Are Sending Many Orders to Brokers In ?few Yoiic. .. New York, Nov. 7.—^There was an ut burst of speculation in the stock ii.iiket yesterday which swept prices o a higher level In a sensational man lor. Commission houses reported a arge influx of buying orders from vesiern sources and from large eastern cities. The industrial stocks were conspic- tous in the movement, the iron and -teel Liisues being In heavy demand for accoLint.s of the Industrial centers of ictivity in those lines. " Kail roads most affecled were those vhlch have not moved upwards be- 5re in accordance with the advance n the speculative leaders. The speech of Mr. Taft assuring non-interference with honest corporations was given as a motive (or buy- ng. The settlement of the Lanchashlre cotton mills troubles was expected to help the demand for cotton. Many unverified rumors accompanied the an mated speculation which Had run np \ total of three quarters of a million -hares transferred by noon. All ad- avnces from 2 to more than 4 pcrints were numerous all through the list oi '.ctive stocks. MME CALTE IS ILL. Compelled to Cancel Her Engsgeraent at Pittsbwg. Pittsburg, Nov. 7.-T-Mme Emma .alve. the grand opera star, is prostrated by illness in this dty, with prospects that she will be confined to her room for ten days or more. She will not be able to (ill her .engage- menc. h&re tonlghL- The noted, singer came here from Erie. Pa., soon after 4 o'clock to ba the soloist tonight at Mi4 opening ot the sesison pf the Pittsburg orchestra. She has.been sa(ferlng from grip to which h^r collapse Is attributed.

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