The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 20, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 20, 1947
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 1947. BI/YTHEVTLLE (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS PAGE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rit* p*r llo« for •oftMcaM** Uh •ertlona: UltLlinuni Cbargt ,__ MM 1 tfirie p*r Liu* 16« 51 ttmei ifj lin« »«r Any „,, iao a times per Una tf« 6tf 9c 8 times y«r U»4 v»t d»; 7c la times yer line p«r daj Be Mouth iier lEne $0c Count five average wordi to tfee line. Ad ordered for three or six ttnitt and ttApiicd before oipiiallon will be charged for the uui^ber of times the *d ay- li«ared and adjustment of bill ra*d«, AHKJSJnssltieii Advertising copy tab mlttcJfVji .iLjrKona resMlnR outside of the city itiuslUfc accomiiaiifed by ciali. Bates HIS? fco cs^iy commuted from tho ab table. Advertising ordir for UreinUr lo tlcna takos the om time rat*. Ko responsibility will t* t*k*n for Here than OLIO in.-o'.rect IneettloB tf an; cUssirieJ ad. For Safe Ij L*-|ik-'.!l u-r: II riinni lionii' '•••• 1 SI. I'.ir M|>[i'imtji I M.'. W. Miilu Si. International TrncU and trail cr, individually owned Chcai). Call liia, Rtcelo. T. V. Haltey. ii 20 pk 21 Tilll!.. In! i:\.vll. For Sol* 2 V4 KtMon counter Jce Creim frttj with 013 gallon storftK*. vjvrtrlu tuettt vilcer. l j bon» 07 H. Kiui. lUnlli, Ark. 11 ft. yorxo rpfrturrator. Ctn \ii_- si-i-ti .11 :lo« H: Division. flln-ck-O-'.'l ln'M [trices |iaEtl for furniliiro. *li>ve<, I Eil HotJilllK. If Von liavc unylliin^ ro ! .-11. Hei- or rait us. \Yovi Kiul Am-Lioii I •n. I'lMine 951: | . 9 \ ml plai ,i fi.. * u/. on til.- . Ju-avy ir.-al. Til.' llf>l t:l-:n.' uf *:«i'U ki-l. p.O.ll. Vtinr >.lali unly H,[,-r,,K',.M ]{. 1) ][,, K ],,, i;iu r ..... | i; ,i,v, 'lllyllirvill.'; .Viillonnl Dunk | of l-:n»t<.rii .Ukiut'.ii'i. FunvM I'iiv. 1 Atk. l-'..rr.'M City Ilui: Cuiuiiniiy, Ka ' IVM City. Ark. Oil.-i i-k. 2 N..» I.kill \\Viflit CKMKNT IH.IX'KH. Klin- ID III)', lil'-at fiir lioil><.< nr I:*T- !ilii,ji~ In lul-ci- buililini!!.. Si/i- IV .v n" x 1'J", t'linlart i'jiil Wiun. Ul. '2. ll»x -112. ur s.'.'. :l mill's oil N. .llvry. *>1. Wi->t of I'r.'Sloii Hnm.'v's Sinn-. 7 I'M. Kriyjdaire; Hoipmnt water healer, iieri'od fon- dilidiu Write Mrs. .lames 15. Clark, 1». O. Box .T77 Ulylhevillc. I! 20 [)k 27 Help Wanted inir Milisrriptiinis In liMiliii^: In m;i/iin ..M:il.. i.r fi-i<mli-. .1. i • .1. Knnl.i! 10:1:, Slarks Illili!.. l..,iilsv-.!|.. -. .C Homo and two lots in Ca- I'litli.-rsvillc. Corner Sixth and Highland. See owner. Airs. JanK's H. C!ai-k. 1». O. llox .'!77, !5!vl!ieville. l> 20 pk 7 4 noiiIflR-'electric Dumps, water softeners, kitchen sinks. \\awl- heaters and attic fans. Available on farmers terms. Nothing down, with payments due in one, two. or three fall payments. Planters Hardware Co. (j 1.7 ck tf A few used show cases and flat (op display tallies and shelving. .1. Mill Krookfl Jr., 107 East Main St. FARM MECHANIC Want man familiar with farm power equipment. Yeai round job, house witli elettrieity, must IK> settled sober' man. White iiox '()' Courier News. H) t-k 21 For Rent l.i'drititin. Mi> Bedroom. I'll. B52. 1U5A. K. M«in. only. Oin \V. Main, t'lmno \'.i'2. Wanted to Buy WanU'J lo lmy from OWHIT until 4 01 6 | IL ,,i,,,. Wi'll loc»leil it moilfrn. WUKI IK. |.il,.,.a ri.>iuni>li1». Aiuw«r lo 1)1.\\ Cure Cuurli-r Krw». (1-19 II I'.Cwc.ii ^ ninl | | Trm' N Sliuii ninl Clulhtliit Bluti-. M.nti Hlr.'.'l. WE HAVE A COMPLETE STOCK AMD WILL GIVE YOU PROMPT SERVICE Cash fur wrecked or junk autninnliilos. \Vail<t Auto Siilviiuc, North Hsway 01. Piiom' :i7sri. n ;io [>k o iso Loans l'a i 'lure fcir mutei. bonei PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut ut Fifth—Blythevillc, Ark.—Tel. 403—8715 I'lione R11. (i 2 ek tf - 1? fnol l.nal mill lrnil<-r. $100.00. lsn (iirni trnilurs. \V«J.- Antii Hal- ii si .. I !»->-. lil .Vorlli. IMiimi! :!7.-<r>. The famous hran'l of Goulds Kleolrie pumps are now available at I'lanters Hardware Co. in 350 lo 10(10 gallons per hoiii' oapaeity. them ins!fill one for you tomorrow. 0 ck tf L rnilin <:.MI|,|L. ioiisc vvilli ],iil FiirnK',, ,1. tily -Mrs K 1> 17-MV-2I !i'ilr<trtm. raitTenlRtit i<, lialkt 3325. 811 W. Mull For Hire Cit»B In. 810 W. Wnhinl. 1 -' . 112f. \V. Svrniii«r« Wanted to Rent Hnvr snrn|.llimff you or ri'll il AC HV.I.II I'll"]),. sr.'Jfc n.l > Trnik' I K M«!n. 29 I'.t UN! nliniml Kchno] ]),,s. Klyllievllle IVocl. lily. CCKt \V. MnEi "F5:iby Chicks. Tilavlack Hatchery. Phone 3172. N. I!wy. GK fi 1! pk 7 11 All mv antifiues, some ner- sonal collection, aiso other used furniture, offset: furniture and balloon ailk tent. Mrs. .Tames 15. Clark, Rly- thi'villo, or phone :">•!(>, Ca- nillicrsvillc. 0 M pk 28 W.I..1). n'ci CnnriiT News. > or :i rno.ii npnrlntf-nt. Com.' Phono r.2r,. " nil For Complete Protection Against Alt INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 Help Wanted Will have Tr.ns Mir Route com. July t. full 217.L. Ojl7-|ik-20 S«rv/ce* T.el us slinrpfn nnil reyialr ymir liuvn inoivur. rcBiirJIi'ss of kinil iir site G<-i yours r.'aily HOW. ninl nvi.iil Hit- null. \V.' iiirk nn ninl Ji-liviT. Illy tlieville Mirliiiii: yhn]i, 211 S. riecoml HI. Pli. 2828. «!(|l" I I'TIIK" '1HAV K.'nlior. ni'KT l.'dSS Snl.'.ii,.TI. nli. • Hill,;: n ill, \V. M Williams MONET TO LOAN Do yon need a loan to nr remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no reel tape. FHA approved ratt 5%. Ask for details. Mai Logan. Realtor, phone 2034 Lynch Bid*., Blytberille, 9-23-ck-f W.J. AGENCY Glencoc Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. RADIO REPAIR I AND 2 DAY SERV1C.". ON ANY MAKt: OR MOlUa,. HK- l.IALil.K WORKMANfjlllP. PHONE 2642 \Vo call for ;uul Deliver FREDCALLIHAN Klectrical Appliance Co. AlillKtrifCil Mtilorol.i KLUliil lOli Si>lllll First HI. Oil Store HeliKlr, All work KUATnn PlcVtd up. rhoiic 951. 5124-iik-HlZJ Expert refriijcralion service. Call Murff f >» Bus's Stnre. ;!'J77. Service guaranteed, tij pk 2.'! LADIES---Come to U-DO-IT LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our modern MAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 A. M. . . . Close 5:30 1'. M. Close Saturday at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. ,123 North 2nd Street MORAS,: Announcement Fuller Hrnst. 'nil ('. (!. Klilriilv Announcing rs ELECTRIC SHOP • House Wiring • Form Wiring • Rcwirs Phone 2397 500 Norlh 5th Sfrrel Bob Powell T. W. 'Hop' Neil All Work Guaranteed Your Buslnrw Appreciated We Deliver Meats Groceries .Pasteurized Milk Swift's Ice Cream Sweet Cream Food Lockers —Meat Curing— We Make Sausage Frozen Foods Main at 21 sf St. Phone 260? MMancc oonp*t«nt Htlp >nd «qn1pm«nt, Adequately Iniured Coutr«ct HftuUoR »od MlK. SerrlcM, •ona 8err1c« * Stor»f« Co. . Ptoiu 2801 hii)llilliu <>r vult I'iitK. 'I'm. I... Tiitfl'T-, \ l-'iimHdii'. Al(i) r'.ll.A. n- riininrlni;, ri'liiilrlna ninl tl lunut nn l-'itrni I..IM.]- al liii-li. I'ull'. ,1 In'iirimVn A|!ii'nr>', ';«!>'l W. Main Si., .ivi-r (lunr.l'« .li.w.'lry Slur.' , 0^.»'k'7i'J Our parts man has recently received so many new Chevrolet engines and blocks assemblies he's CiAZY AS A FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Prooflivg Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced • Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver I'lmni: Git 1 and you're crary too if you think he isn't going to sell them all to somebody at some kind of price . . . even if he loses some money. Look! Here's what you get! Block, cam- shaft, crankshaft, all bearings, connecting rods, pistons, pins, rings and timing gears . . . factory assembled and fitted, ;We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Triads Let Your Next Tires Bo GENERALS Cost More — Worth More MODINGER TIRE CO. il!B P. Main Phone M01 Only $142 Complete RIGHT is the best time for you to restore that "now cor" or "now truck" performance with ono of these new Chevrolet engines. You don't need cash. We'll install the new engine and do any other repairs you might need and you can pay for it at your own convenience. , Don't Delay — See Us Today LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO We Never Close 301 Walnut St. Sales Dcpf open til 8 Phone 578 Steel Barrel Racks Any Klr.n T. L MARRY «aj MIKtiOIJKI ST. I'll. M'il HF.RF/S a little story ri;>ht out ot the book: A fellow came into a Buick dealer with a rap in !iis engine. The dealer said it was carbon—and recommended a valve job, naming :\ price. The owner thought that was too much "to get rid of a little noise" so he took it to a "friend" who "knew about automobiles." ' The friend said all that was needed was to set hack [he ignition timing, lie did. The rap stopped. Hut in a while it was back again. So he repeated (he process—with the same result. 1'inally, after several such -'cures," he woke up to the fact thaj he was treating symptoms, not correcting troubles By then, he renily did need a valve grind job a( the tirst cost quoted by the liuick Dealer. But in the meantime he had lost good engine performance' and the. pleasure ot driving a well-serviced car. LAN6STON-WROTEN CO. , Dial 555 BUICK Sales & Service SAFf CAKS SAVtLIVfS • GOOD CA8S SKIN'S GOOD fKICtS WATKI! AI'I'ICC'I'S HVKHV Nl'.UVi:. TISSUH :l"il AliTKHV <>!•• TIllLlIOnV-y-CAN I'l MIIAN ni-:Tn:|i in£\i/ni MIH von; ANTI-ACID Tliis N:itlir:')l AlllH-nil \V:lll'r. ili-llrinlN l« t:islc, trulls In— 1. KliiTiiilali! liiilnny acllnn 2. l-'vprl system^' ^vnsln It. ItfiUit'r t-Mit'SKivi! liritt nt'iil .|. lU'ini :ili/i: Ihr liculy CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP M;iln mul Division Hlyllitvillr. Ark. I DON EDWARDS •The Typrwrller Mrm" KOYAI,, HMl'I'II, COKON'A unit ItO!iNC.TON I'OKTABLR 111) N. RBCOND ST. t'HONE S383 (Every TrniisitKllim MUMT DK \ r tL DISEASES A SPECIALTY <A1l Types Except Cancer) DRS. NIES & N1ES I Main, BljlJir.plllc, Ark., Phone tni FARM DITCHED DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS QR ANY EXCAVATION S. iX COHEN Contmctor LYNCH BtDG. BLYTHEVlLLlARK. MOIOR CO. Radios and Heatcri Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes ' Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT T31 E. Main St. Phone 2122 '*r.+r*"*"*rt~*'.'.+".+~+'w i*. Save 50% Chopping Expense | | Plant Chemically Delinled, Kux/.-Free COTTON SEED {; Save Money- fi In 10 I,l>s. per Acre. Any corn, pea orj; bean planter will plant these smooth, slick cotton seed. $ Can he plowed r> to fi days after planting. £l KOWDEN •1SI? — STONKVIM.K 2C — 11 P & L l'\ >: ** ! For Kale I?y :»: BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP.! R1011,LA'S POI No more school! I'm on vacation!

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