The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on February 13, 1963 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 13, 1963
Page 6
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THE OTTAWA HERALD Wednesday, Feb. 13, 1063 /4rw Landers Ugly Could Be Made Handsome Dear Ann Landers: I am a plastic surgeon who for reasons of professional ethics must ask you not to print my initials. The letter from "Ugly" and your excellent advice, caught my eye. I feel, however, that your advice was incomplete. You wisely suggested therapy for the person who broods about his appearance and becomes so miserable he contemplates suicide. After the patient has been helped back from his despressed state, however, he should consult a competent plastic surgeon. The individual who feels that his facial features are affecting him socially and-or econo-, mically, should take whatever steps are available to improve his appearance. The psychologic Ann effect is sometimes more useful than the actual physical alteration. No ethical cosmetic surgeon would undertake the operation unless he felt the chance for improvement would warrant the risks, expense, and time away Auxiliary Stressing Americanism Mrs. David Bunch, president of Warren C. Black Unit, American Legion Auxiliary, gave a report last evening of the Seminar on American Legion National Security, Civil Defense and Anti- Communism programs given at the Mid-Winter Forum in Overland Park Feb. 2 and 3. The report was in keeping with the Feb- r u ary emphasized activity, "Americanism." Mrs. C. E. Buckner, Legislative chairman, reported on bills coming up in Congress at a later date. In the absence of the Music chairman, Mrs. Buckner gave the history of the hymn of the month, "Guide Me, 0 Thou Great Jehovah." A contribution of $3.65 was voted to the Ransom Memorial Hospital Auxiliary for associate membership. A potluck supper was planned for March 12, in the basement of the Auditorium in observance of the 44th annual birthday of the American Legion. Meat, bread and coffee will be furnished. Members and guests are asked to bring table service and covered dishes. A speaker will be secured for the evening's entertainment. A food sale was planned for a future date. A sewing meeting will be held Monday afternoon, Feb. 25, in the home of Mrs. Buckner, 702 S. Hickory. Mrs. Otis Brock received the door prize. Hostesses were Mrs. Buckner, Mrs. Ray Waddell, and Mrs. Ray Howell, assisted by Mrs. Allie Murray. from normal activities. You have my permission to print this. — BOSTON READER Dear Boston: Thank you for adding to my incomplete reply to "Ugly." I deeply appreciate the interest and the generosity of specialists, such as you, whose comments help to make this column sound and useful. Dear Ann Landers: If you ever decide to pass out awards for The Nut Of The Year I think I should win it. My husband who is 52 suddenly developed an interest in the children of a friend. This woman was widowed two years ago and was left with three boys under 14 years of age. Six months ago my husband decided to be a second father to these children. I should have waked up and smelled the coffee as you say, because this guy never paid any attention to his own kids when they were growing up. Last week I telephoned to ask if she'd like to be with me while my husband was on a camping trip with her boys. Who do you think answered the phone? The oldest kid. They were at home while Mother was out with "Uncle Joe" — that's my old gaffer. I'm not asking for advice because I know what I'm going to do. I'm writing to wise up other wives whose husbands may be playing the same game.—PRIZE FILBERT Dear Prize: Just when I thought I'd heard 'em all, someone comes up with a new angle. I'm printing your letter as further evidence that man's imagination knows no bounds — especially where women are concerned. Dear Ann Landers: I just read the letter from the teenager who was ordered to get off the phone when her boy friend called because she had already talked to one fellow that evening. Last week something similar happened to me. I was talking to my girl friend, and I had a clock right in front of me. We had been on the phone for 17 minutes when my mother came over and yelled right into the mouthpiece, "I'm sick of your foolish jabbering. Get off right now." Five minutes later a friend of mother's telephoned and they gabbed for one hour and seven minutes. They tore up everybody in their church group, ran down a few relatives, yakked about my father's boss and chopped up the minister's wife. Why is it all right for her to gossip for over an hour when I have to get off in 17 minutes?— PERSECUTED Dear Persecuted: Your mother is not setting a very good example. What some parents don't understand is that children need models more than they need critics. To learn the booby-traps of teenage drinking, write for Ann Landers' booklet, "Teenage Drinking," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. PLAN MARCH VOWS - Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Peed, Jr., 824 Tremont, announce the engagement of their daughter Mildred Arta, to Wendell L. Flinn, son of Mr. and Mrs. Merle Flinn, Fairbury, Neb. A March wedding is being planned. Miss Peed, a 1962 graduate of Ottawa High School, is employed at Raney's drug store. Mr. Flinn graduated in 1957 from Marysville High School and is self-employed. (Beller Photo) For Sandwiches Like Western Sandwiches? Make the filling — beaten eggs, chopped green pepper and ham— PRINTED PATTERN: 4939 WAIST ,30"-X6" Culotte skirt — expressly designed to give you freedom and flattery in motion. Wear it shopping, Gardening, golfing. For wool, cotton. Printed Pattern 4939: Women's Waist Sizes 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 41, 43, 46. Size 30 takes 2% yards 54-inch fabric. FIFTY CENTS 'in coins for this pattern — add 10 cents for each pattern for Ist-class mailing. Send to Anne Adams, The Ottawa Herald, Pattern Dept., 243 West 17th St. New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly, NAME ADDRESS with ZONE, SIZE and STYLE NUMBER. OVER 100 ANSWERS to "what-to-wear" — in our new full color Fall - Winter Pattern Catalog. Casual, dressy, school — all sizes! Send 35 cents now. Were MOV We have leased our building here, at First and Main and will move to smaller quarters, just 4 doors South To 113 So. Main Everything Must Be Moved Out Come In and Make Us An Offer! "Your Maytag Dealer for over 'A Century" DOUGLAS Bros First In Value First At Main in a very small skillet, then fold over and it will go between the Hints From Heloise Cornstarch Takes Spots Off Carpet By HELOISE CRUSE Dear Heloise: I. am very grateful for the idea of using comstarch to clean spots from my rug. My dog sometimes takes his bones to the rug to gnaw. This makes spots which can be removed with cornstarch. Thanks for the tip. C.E.N Dear Folks: We have found out recently that you can apply cor nstarch or baking soda and for goodness sakes pour it on dry) on, some spots or your carpets rub it in gently with your hands, and leave it overnight. The next moring take it up with your vacuum cleaner. This is especially good if the spot contains oils or butter fats (such as cream). This is not a letter of laugh- Helnis* ter but thought that you should share in the "roar" we had when we read the letter that came in last week.: One woman wrote that she was mad at me and would never read the column again. . . She says that she went out and bought 16 boxes of cornstarch (after finding out that it took a spot off her- rug that had been there a long time) and literally held each box waist-high and sprinkled it all over her entire five-room apartment! Now she is made at me because she had to dust all of her furniture! Don't hold cornstarch or baking soda waist-high when you dab some of this powdered stuff on your rug. Naturally you will have to dust! Just apply a little bit of it to the spots and rub it in with your fingers and let set overnight. That's all there is to it. And 1 do hope you don't mind my sticking my head in your door this day? While that pot of coffee is perking this morning, think of me as I will be wishing I could be right there with you. Love always, Heloise Letter Of Laughter Dear Heloise: Once I bought a huge turkff It was too large to hold over a flame and singe the fine hairs off and the blamed thing was covered with them. Well, after an hour of picking, singeing, and two scorched fingers, I finally got disgusted. I took an old safety razor and cleaned it extra good and put a new blade in it and just shaved that old bird! Mrs. E.H.H. Dear Heloise: I keep meat loaf from cracking while baking by dipping my DRAKE'S BAKERY For Rolls-Donuts-Pies and all other bakery products hand tn cold water and rubbtof the top of the meat until it is smooth. before putting it in tht oven. Ruth Perisho Dear Heloise: We solved the problem of get* ting our children to eat (we have five boys) at mealtime. When they refused to clean up their plates they were not allowed aft* er-school snacks the next day. This was not just a threat. It waa actually carried out! It did not take long to make our children realize that they had to "toe-the-mark" at mealtime. A. Ceccawese Dear Heloise: I recently moved into a new home with a built-in kitchen dinette nook. I found that I could keep the back part of the dinette set clean (where the seat cushion meet* the back cushion) by .using a rubber or plastic cake spatual. Just run the spatula along and into the crevices and all crumbs come out easily. The crumbs, I then pick up with a damp dish cloth. Dorothy Copec We Deliver To Your Door 6 days a week SELECT DAIRY CH 2-1607 It's Valentine Time! Gay Valentines for kids to send bright - colorful - lots of fun! 29 39 25 ASSORTED STYLES 32 LARGE CARDS 42 CARD JUMBO ASSORTMENT 59 Only at Woolworth's . . . exciting fold 'n send cards that are perfect for little friends ... and there's a special card for teacher, too! Assorted motifs including quaint cupids, humorous animals. All with envelopes. tasty Valentine niello cremes 39 Lb. Fresh quality candy delights for you and your favorite Valentine! Feature a mixture of red and white Valentine cupids, Jiearts and arrows—mmm, good! Buy some today! for your Valentine party table, buffet 24 cocktail or 20 party napkins 54x96" table cover 39C Charming cupid and heart motifs to dress up your Valentine festivities. Sturdy, colorfast paper. Eight 8" Square Plates 29c DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE HEART with your VALENTINE'S NAME! ,Q • Beautifully Decorated • Boxed for Giving RICH CREAMY MILK CHOCOLATE Extra Large 3 oz. Size Personalized... Large l'/i oz. Size Personalized. . . DELIGHTFUL CANDY HEARTS with ROMANTIC MOTTOS wonderful fun on Valentine's Day Each Delicious Pound Charming Valentine favorites! Tempting sugar hearts printed with romantic mottos! Just the thing for party favors... precisely the right festive touch to decorate a Valentine table. Pastel colors. YOUR MONEY'S WORTH MORfATA WOOLWORTH STORE?

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