Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1908 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
Page 6
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7, MM. FURNITURE, RUGS, LACE CURTAINS and PORTIERES For One Whole Weifk'"'M6vember 9 to 14- A Cenuiiie Sale With Genuine Reductions Your choice of any ouo of 16 dlffprcnt patterns of oak rofkers that sell regular from to for $2.G5 Ou dit^play in Sontli Window. •JO per cent discount ou all other rockers duriug this sale. Yoor choice of 25 different patterns «f Smyrna Kugs, size 2<x 51. sell regular for $1.25. Sale jirice GJ)^Those rugs are in floral and oriental patterns. Axmiuster Rng:s, size 27x51, floral and oriental patterns, regular $3.00 Talues. Sale price $^.15 On display >orth Window. Six new and up-to-date patterns of Lace Curtains that sell from $1.50 to *1.75. Youi- choice, per pair 98^ Uuriug this sale all Portieres and Lat'c t'nrtalus will be dis­ counted 25 I'er Ceut. Postoffice Block Phone \77X lola, Ransas REVIVAL TO BEGIN Rev. Mason» iy)^l<cs Announcement Concerning His Services at tlie M. E. Ciiurcli; The revival nuH-tiiigs will, linpin tn- morrow at the M. E. church anil iln pastor, Rev. J. M. Mason, makes tlic following announcement roiicoriiiuc tbem: The services of tiiis chiiroli arc- Sunday school at ft:l." a. ni.. .lunior League at 3 p. m.. Epworth Iji-arue at 6:30 p. m., ami proachinr at 11 a m., and 7:30 p. ni. Tomorrow we oiicu our rLvival with Rev. A. P. Hamilton, as.sistini; the jjas tor. Rev. Hamilton is om- of lii strongest prcachci-s of the Kansas con ference. a graduate of the Garret Biblical Institute and has boon very sue cessful as an evangelist. He built in his 'ast pastorate one of the fine new churches In Kansas Cit.v, Kas.. and iti this he had a continuous revival with scores of souls converted. He will preach both morning and evening to morrow and then each evening durim:' the revival and will be assisted iu the revival work by a large chorus of sinc- ers led by the pipe organ, piano, cor net. flute and other instruments. Each evening this band of nuisicians under the leadership of \V. G. Anderson anf* A. Li. Boatright will open the scrviccF with a song service at 7:30 and preach Ing beginning at S. We are sincerely hoping that from the opening service the membership will talie an inlorest and as well as the public arrange lo attend. There are to be six prayer meetings held daily. One at R. W. See's, 722 North Jefferson: one at Mr. Turner's, 402 East Monroe: one at II. N. KnowUon'8, 212 South First; one at O. W. Holmes's. 310 South Cottonwood; one at Mr. ?'inley*s, u^S Couth, and one at Mrs. Sagner's, 40P South Chestnut street. Over 50 work ers have agreed to be present and help and nothing has been overlooked to insure success. We call upon the Methodists of the city to lend a helping hand and help save souls. Now Is the accepted time and now is the day of Salvation. Each of the daily ]>ai)ors has kindly consented to give us one-half column space of their valuable papers for reports of the meetings and now we must make the revival go. May we depend upon you? Except for .^at urday evenings there will he services every night until further notice. Come J. M. MASON. Pastor. KANSAS M:AK THE TOP. .Siiinds >cxt (« us a Flour Milliner State. HAD OYSTER SUPPER. Democrats at Russel House Entertained Republicans. Kansas Cii.v. Noo. C.—Ka:isas is not »ii y tiic most iiuiioriani wJirat JMO- lu.lii;; .'^lat'- in iln^ uiiiim. btil it slund.s (•fond a fluur-inilliiig stale. .Min- .(•MH.-i alone Miri'ii >hin?r i!. Thi.s is i^;id" i 'Vi.!cnt by .^'cs compiled by R. 10. Slr-rlin^:, Kansas City jnanager jf I hi- .Noriliwostcrn Mlllor. Accord- .n.::; lo .Mr. Sterlinirs reports, there u -e S.'A flour mills in Kansas, which iKidi- ;*.•) !."..oii() barrels of flour In the •vciM- months euding last .luiie. They scd tL'.:'.ir..yOO bushels of wheal. The year's output of the K;ins:is ".ills was sufficient to supply about S nillion jiersons with flour. The Kansas mills have a capacity for niakiu" aliou^ TiO per c.eni more fiour than 'liey made last year, so that hey could have ground about G :'. mil- ion buiMiels i.£ v.heai if iliey had run ",ill time. The wheat croi) cf Kansas last year vas 71 million bu.-liels and 'J million 'Ushrls were used by the f;irmers for •!?od. so thai the mills had sufficient :il)3ciiy to i:rind iirarticaliy the en- ire crop. If the milHnj; industry roes on growing Kan>.as will have 'ttle or no surplus wh.-at to ship out f the state, h wi'l al go out in the -ini! of flour, and thus give the state manufacturing profit as well a^ a roducing profit from the crop. Of the 2;>-l flour mills iu Kansas, ten vith a daily rajiacity of 1,000 barrels r mcjre make nearly a fourth of the flour: twenty-two luills with daily •apacity of ."iO'i to l.'.'i'O barrel.^ make ligh'.ly more than a fourth of the out ut: sixtj-two mlT- with capacity of '00 to SOO barrels m:ik<- a third of the otal. and Mn milh-i v. jib ti-.ii't-y capacity of Joo barrels IT b-p. myke about I slx'li of th<! ifta) The leading mil.'inv'- ctni.'jrs of Kansas and the daily capacity of their uilis are here shown: Tojjeka. ".'.'.'i; Wichita. :;.1 I;M : U'eliiiKton, >:<v: CoITeyville. l.ii .^.u: Salina. l.irc'j; '..oHvenworih. 1,7."><>: .Arkan .eas City. L.^.'.O: Alchi-^on. l.l.')!.); Hutchinson, Newton, 1. H 7( I : .Mcl'herson. 1 - J70; Enterj)risc, l.o .'iO. The daily c^ipariiy of the millo in \antas City is about U.OuO barrels. The Kansas City mills that are on the 'vaasas City side are i;ut included in :*rr. Sterling's comiiilatiou of Kansas milling statistics. TO RUX SPECIAL TRAINS. !lo ever.vone about you. Why not avoid all thit? Why not relieve your cold in five minulep? Why ! um cure it over night? You can do it by using ll.voniei. the sure and guaranteed cure for colds, coughs, sore [ catarrh, bronchitis and asthma. Ilyomei (pronounced lligli-o-nie) is tiiedieaied and antl.<^t-pli<: air. Yon ' bre;!the i' inio llie lungs iliroiiKh a j .^iii.'ill ji'icket inlialei-. jnul Its soolliiiie. view ..r puting in a Cnion depot. K., i„ii„f.ncc a.s ii over tlie in\V. IIi)i-k:!d;iy. .v.oneral fi-oiglil and • flamed of the respiratoi-y liekei aL -.ut of lilt' .\f. K. T.. w:i:t I tTact, slops the nsucons discbarKe. al- here y..-urday viewing the site. ,„ KI i .f*' "'r I cured. A complete Hvoniei outlil. making arrangeiiieiii.s to run special 5, „„. j.nd Cha.s. i:. Spencer & trains here on HK ; fijiening day of thejco. will refund your money if it fails new lown.'.iie. Mr. Hockaday expiussjlo cure. ed himself as being pleased with the! I,is V 1 Watched Fifteen Ycjirs. liailrnads fluking' Plans for Opening of South CoiYejville. .Suiiili Cid'leyville, Okl.i.. .\'ov. The railroad c(.mpaiiies which run iii-j 111 South Ci'fri'vville are makiiiu an | inv. .-riu;itioii id ilie depot site wiHi a LOST THE (JRIPS; FOl.M) BOOZE. The Hi Luck of a Chanutc Oil Driller in lula. .-^ite and stated that bis company would put iu all necessary railroad facilities as fast as tliey \Vore needed.! .\ rcprocentative of the other "For fifteen years I have watched the working of iiucklen's Arnica Salve and ir lias never failed to cure any roads I sun.', boil, nicer or burn to wbicii ir was alreadv making I ''"^1 or bill." sajs A. 1-'. Hardy, ut it. s<mie improve-r^"^°"' -'^"^'^'""^ who was here a few d;iys a.go. slated that his company arrangements to jjut ments for the benefit of factories. The roads have |)ractic;'!ly .-^'.^rced on a union deioi for the location which is s-^t aside by the townsiie company. was :ii)plied. IM.^IEDIATE RELIEF From Coughs, Colds, Sore Tliroati and Ihtarsencss. Iiy I'slug: llyoiucl. It has saved us many of Ea?t stores. Wlieii you catch cold you want to '-'oi lid of it as (juickly as you can. Yen don't want to lie around the house j fnr a week swallowing nauseating I iiu'.«. You know when you do this that you are not only making your own life miserable, but are a nuisance Care of the Hands. This is \ h'} time of year to commence taking c;ire of the hands to nuike theiu less su.-;ic'ptil>le t<> chapping, etc. 1-^a'li uiubt before retiring rub into the hands some cold cream (lard will do as well) to remove all the grime that may have accumulated (luring the day. Ilemove the cream that has not been absorbed by the jiores and wash thoroughly with idcnty of soap and water., Then nilj into the bauds all the glyeor- ;ln and rosewnter they will absorb. This treatment shotild be continued daily for some time, and they will always be soft, clean and white: SLI;<;ESTS DE.MS FLY>\. Editor of Oklahoma Times Thinks He IVould Do for Cabinet. The boarders at tie Russel hoiise feasted on oysters last uight. Ttie Bupper was given by the Democrats to the Taft followers and was the occasion for a good mauy good natured "roastB." Oklahomu City. Okla., .\ov. 7.—Omer K. Ik-aedict, iditor of the Times, in an editorial today suggests the name of Denis T. Flynn. former Oklahoma delegate to congress, for Secretary of (he Interior in the Taft cabinet, ' SCHOOLS IN FINE SHAPE. Supt Maybcrry Makes The Monthly Report fr »Tl8 Gets FiTe JTbre. | Tlie regular monthly report of tho In the offlclal count of the votes ^ola public schools for the paet montjli yeittrday aftemooa by the board of Just been made by Superlntendei^t oommlMloners. Mr. Travla and Judge Mayberry. It shows excellent progress Fouit each gained five votes in Mar- «nd the smooth running, upward mora, maton townBhlp, the elecUon officials ment of the scWools Is a matter of • havlDg made a,, mistake In footing up.jmacli sratlficallon to the patrons. ] I I I»ave loc&tcd In lola for the purpose of conducting: Public Sales in Allen and adjoinincr counties. Ilaviug cousideruhlc ex. perienre in the uork and ndraniatre of a course Iu (he .Mis­ souri Auction School, tliorout-lily prepares «ic for couductiuir alt classes of public sal«-s., I make a spiH-ialty of ^'arni: aud Purc-llred Stock Stiles. In order to get acfiuainteil with the public as a salesman, # wHi conduct all males Free of Charge | llmted with me before Jan, t, Oi Riferenco—Col. A. P. 3fasou, president of International Aucti«^necrs Association,. Allen County State Bank, lola, Kas. Keferenrc famished from those for whom I hu»e sold. Satis­ faction guaranteed. Write or phouc for dales. .Mr. Tesler is an oil driller who lives ill Cliaiiule but re<:eiiily he had been to Kiel) Hill with a jiarty of workmen. Yesti.'rday afternoon th<r parly b.oineward bound, came to lola on the .Missouri I'acific atui went across to the Satiia IV passenger slaii'.ui to lioarcl a train lor tlhauuie. On the way to Iho Santa I'e however, several .grips belonging to the parly were lost and Tesler was delegated to ronuiin behind j and find the grips while the party ! coiilinued the journey home, iu his .<?earch for the grips, Tesler found- a suj.ply ( i' booze and continued libations of :i made him top heav.v. He cro.ssefl ilie path of WJIliaiu Gates, -jhief of police, and was detained until this morning when J. M. Collins, police judge, fined him $7 for his misconduct. CONFESSES GRAFT A<"l«r Tells Youuirstuwu, Ohio, Police Jle Passed Worthless Checks In Three Slates. Yoiingslov.n. O., .Nov. 7.—Harris l.iavis. an tutor who says his home is ill Di.lrio, Texas, gave himself up to the jKdice last night stiying he de- frau<led the bunks in Sayre, Okla., and Wichita, Ka.=;., out of seven hundred fifty dollars and the firm of Daniel & Fisher, of Denver, Colorado, of two hundred dollars by means of worthless checks. GREAT I.YCREASE 1> BLILDI^C;. October Pernuts In Thirty-six Cities 40 Per Cent Larger Tlma Last Tear. DUN SEES BETTER TRADE. Sentiment More Hopeful Future Business. Rearding .Vew York, Nov. 7.—II. G. Dun & Co.'s weekly review of trade will say today: Seasonable weather. ha.s stimulated retail trade, while manufacturing plants are more active, and numerous new undertakings have been started Sentiment is more hopeful regarding the commercial future, orders being placed for remote delivery, which is noteworthy improvement over the conservalive attitude formerly con jpictious. Preparations for Jioliday trade are on a liberal scale and there is a feel Ing of confidence tTiat renders hold i reluctant lo do business when nccssions are sought. All the lead ing industries have Increased output Some already have received large con tracts, while others operate more freely in anticipation of orders to come. Commercial credits are extend ed more freely, and there Is au iin- provemenli in mercautile collections I'lxpccted contracts for steel products arc coming forward freely, stimulating the demand for pig iron, and substantial tonnage has been ordered, including deliveries during the first half of 1909. DEMOCRATS WON'T GIYE IX. Ohio Committeeman Declares Ticket Won In Ohio. Columbu?. O., Nov. 7.—National Comniitleeman Harvey Garber aud state chairman claim the entire state i Democratic ticket Is elected. They i base the claims ou the returns re- 'ceived during the night, which claim, ed that Supreme Court Judges Shauck !aud Price were defeated. WELCOMED THE TAFTS. . (iuests at Hot Springs Hotels Met j President-elect at Train. llot SpringB, Va., .Nov. 7.—President elect and .Mrs. Taft anived here this morniugj Several hundred guests from thd hotels were at the station ai)d gave tbem a rousing welcome. TELEPHONE 8S6. m EAST ST., lOLA, KASTS. To Fort Scott. Ted Clllessen of the Register will spend STinday. Iir Fort Scott. Chicago. Nov. 7.—I^uilding construe tion is now making new high records, accordlug to the Construction News. During October permits were taken out in thirty-six cities for the construction of 9.729 buildings, involving a total estimated cost of $43,074.77.^. au increase of 12 million dollars over the figures for October a year ago. In New York city building permits Involving an expenditure of $15,341,970 were taken'out duriug the past mouth, an increase of 112 per cent over the record for the corresponding month a year ago. The increase in Brooklyn is 22 per cent, in Philadel- )hia r >9 per cent. Other increases arc: Chicago 25 per cent; Denver, fj per cent: Portland, Ore., "S per cent; Mobile, 20 per cent; Grand Rapids, Mich., 103 per cent; Davenport, Iowa. 75 per cent; Des Moines, IC per cent; Rochester. N. Y.. It; i»er cent, and Worcester, Mass., 30 per cent. Huniboldt Won Game. Tlie "club" foot ball team was defeated by Humbtildt at the latter place yesterday b ya score of 6 to 0. As the •jcore indicates, it was a good game. The "club"' is made up of kids about town. liave Harry a Lemon. Harry Thompson, the Johnson Dem- oci^t, came into the meeting of the Republican city club night before last for a short time and joshed the members. While he was there Col. Sapbar handed him a lemon and the crowd hurrahed" him. Chas. Douglas left yesterday Nevada, Mo., for a few days visit. for (First Published Nov. 7, 1908.) >OTICE or FDfAL SETTLEMENT. The state of Kansas. Allen Countj, ss. In the probate court* in aud for said county, in the mailer of the estate of Orville\WiIliams, Deceased. Creditors aud all other persons interested iu the aforesaid estate are hereby notified thai I shall apply to the Probate Court in aud for said County, Hitlitig at the Court House, in (oia. County of .tVlIen, State of Kansas, ou the 8th day of December. A. D., 1908, for a: full and Iloal Mttlement of said estate. EMMA WILLIAU9. AdmlQistrator of the S«tfUe pC Orrllla IVilliams, t)cceased. ' 11-7.14.21-38

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