Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1907 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1907
Page 10
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TBE lOLA DAILY MGISTEB. MPyPAT ITEKiyG. yOTEMBEB 4.1«07 T£LEPHO?fE TOlif WAXT ADS. TO THK KEULSTElt OFFICE. As ail ar-roinodatlon. tlie Register rccelvos uds fur its want c-oliimns over the telephone, bm expects the advertiser to call at the ofticc and settle as soon as ronvcnieiit. as the hills are too small to warrant the expen.-e of ;i collector. Telephone your want ad to either phone. No. IS or L ':.'2. and it will receive careful attenliou. HELP WAirrco WANTED—Two work. oiL' North Klrls want pace WashiiiKion. to WANTKU—Two young men to lM )nrd and room ai inivale lioiisi-. inl South WANTliU— Farm hands. A. It. .Mull. Carl.vle. Kansas. MAS WASTS to (Jo house cleaning. Inquire GOl South Elm street. ^\•ANT]•:U AT ONCE—Kxperli II. .-d chambermaid at Arcade liotel. (loud wages to right )iart.v. WAMTED' ^Miaomllmnmaus W.VNTKD—House Phone 1112. cleaning to do. FOR RENT—Purnlsbed down slalra rooms for housekeeping. 316 Soutb Walnut. LOST mna FOUND FOR EXOHAMOE LODGE DIREOTORY. K.XIOnTS OF MACCABEES^ Knights of Maccabees of the World meet*] in K. P. Halt, second and fourth Wednesday nights in each month. J. W. Postwalt, commander; R. D. Porter, record keeper. W. 0. Camp No. 101 meets In K. of p. Hall every Friday night. W. T. Steele, C. C; A. H. Davis. Clert Visitors cordially Invited. KMOIITS OF PYTHIAS*—Neodho Ix)dg9' Vo. 43 meets every Monday niBh. at K. of P. Hall. VisitlnR brothers Invited. W. S. Thompson. C. C: Chris Rltter. K. of R. and S. WANTED—Second hand Winchc-^ttfr pop gun. Inquire H>j South Second St ret. WA.VTED—Stock to winter. Call on or address Guy Turney, loia. WANTED—Good. sound .voung lior.<cs wanted at The lola Vclcrinary Hospital. Sec W. .\. I'razicr. WA.N'TED—Boarders in private family. Have modern liousc, n.-w lv furnished. Incjulre at .No. I i::ist Erwiu. M. W. A.— The M. W. A. Lodge meets every Friday night In M. W. A. hall. Visiting brothers Invited. W. II. Anderson. V .C.; W. A; Cowan, Clerk. RO Y A L~K EI (J IiB0R9.^ol^Ca m p. No. .';6r>. Royal Neighbors, meets second and fourth Tucsduya of each month. Mrs. K. A. Wagner, oracle; .Mrs. Mary Hulton, 413 West Street. Recorder. ON SECOITD THOCflHT. • Go back fur onouch in any quarrel bctwiHin twp women and you will find a runt of a itaan. Miss Vanderbilfs purcbasi^ spells his.namo l.Adislaus Szechenyi. How would you like to be the proofreader? The theory of one of the scientists is that In twenty years we will all be flying. That depends, however, upon whether the Mathodist theory of the hereafter is correct. It is wo'I to look on the bright side. Turkeys will be so high this year that only the very rich will be compelled to cat them. Once in a while something unusual happens. A I^wrencc flmi had a throe column advertisement in tlie Lawrence papers the other day. Ther? Is nothing, however, in the present footbnll rules, to prevent the oppsing team from killing a fast half back now and then. FIRST RAH TRAVEL TRAINS DRAWN BY HORSES THE YEAR 1829. IN Charter Obtained in 1822 for Railroad That Wat Never Built—Locomotive Not « Success on Its "Trial Trip. Our Idea of courage Is to lie fearless enough to find fault with another man's whiskey. FOR SALE'-REAL ESTATE FOR SALE—.Aly four-acre ini-.k patch, good four roomed I IOUKC. one mile from square. Alex Miller. FOR SALE CHEAP—Seven room modern cottage, two blocks fioni square; short time only. Grace .\r- nold. FOR SALE OR TRADE—A ^ood Arkansas farm, well improved a :i (l stalk. For further information lii'iuirc at 412 West .Martin. FOR SALE^mimom/lmumaus FOR SALE -$1S ('U sto<k of groceries and store fixtures. I'l:: Hoiiili Kentucky street. FOR S.\LE—.Mammoth Uron/e young turkey toms. Price Jo.i .'o to J.'.ini if taken soon. .Maple Lane Toiiltry Farm. Uronson. Kansas. FOR SALE CHEAP—Pony. .North street. Phone lOl"-^. FOR SALE- phone IIVOX. -Household Koods. V.iW F. A. A Golden Leaf Council No. 1(52. F. A. A. meets first and third Wrdnosday nights In each month in K. P. Hall. C. E. I^acey. president; Miss Mablo Rhortack. secretary. FIIATEUNAL nBOTllEKIiOOl).- Fraiernal Prolhcrhood No. .180 mcetd second and fourth Tue.-«days of each month in A. O. U. W. Hall. Visiting nierabern cordialy invited. W. H.Aii- der.'-'OD. president; Golda Elam. secretary. .lunlor Order ['nlted Ainrricnn .Mo clianlcs.—.Meets every Wednesday evening at S O'clock in K. P. Hall. All visiting iiicmliera Invited. R. A WIdick. Couneelor; C. U. Black, Rec Secretary. BUSIKESS OIREOTQRY JEWELERS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler 110 East Blreot. BTAMMER. Complete court at th? best school for stammerers in America at ono- half price this fall and winter. White for Infomiatlon at once. McKle School for Slamraerers, a7(i& East 12th Slre»t Kansna Plfv Mo Register Want Adu, Ic a ITord. FOR cheap. SALE— Two Going away. young <(i\v~: 107 North First IX)R SALE OR EXCH^VNGK—OI'J acres in Hodgeman coniily. Kansii;. Ouly three miles to railroad; acip; fenced. Price %l'>.Wi per acr'- .M-" 20ft acres gas land near •riia>er. .N'-o sho county, Kansas. Price $t;').'iM per acre. For further particulars, see L. Hobart. FOR SALE—Two large jinnies. ftMir and five years old. and a young Mack Jack. Inquire O. K. Livery barn. L :i Harpe. Kansas. Phone 10. FOR SALE—.\ driving mare and buggy. Horse city broke, safe for lady to drive. lii(|Uire 8J2 .North .-iirccl. FOR SALE—Mare, f :i» N (Ulli .Main. Gas City. FOR S.\Li:—Cli'ji<-e Diiroe inal< pigs. l'"or sale cheap, if t .iken Mjon. A. U. .Mull. Carlyle, Kansas. FOR SALE—.Sidi'board. diniiiK lalil" and cliiiirs. cooking and lii-aiiiiK .-louv washing machine and other I IOIIM <I IO !'I goods Sll .North Jefferson. P0L4R BE4R FLOUR Has Stood the Test Becatfse its the Best Acccjjt No Other Wm. Oberdorf, Agt. There is at le;ist this to say for lb: safety razor: It doesn't nso its fingers lo wipe the lather out of .vour mouth. Ri'venire Item. At a receut dancn In Topeka tlio .irniy officers arrived so late tli:ii I 'lie town boys had gobbloil up all t':c ilances. This is believed lo be the only case on record whore a bunch of "cits" put a crowd bad at a party. of officers to the The e 'idenco se.-inn to indicale lii;it Raymond HilThcocU has alst) been do lug a little standforwhlting Col. .Matsnn continues lo worry In-cause t !ie penp'i' spell Halloween with an apostrophe. I.ef ';'ni spell it ib;it wav. .\n aiios»i-ophe. more or less can't make Halloween look any worse. The evening paper has been niek- ing out a list of Topeka's most beau liftil men. and "Doc" Graves is d^ad y^vr- because he wasn 't included in the list. The fact that .Miss Abbott has decided to cnne to Topeka t <i fill her "late indicates that the seats are s.dl- ing better than she expected. .\ man can start a beautiful quarrel with a woman by neglecting to call her "Dearie." Sartoral hint: The New York coal which a Topi'ka nuin is wearin? is 8 liicbea shnrler than Uiosn worn by the men who had 'em made at home. Wlial has become of the old fasl iiuied woman who referred to iwilruth- fiil .'•tories as a "pack of lies." Eakitt's Hardware Aniniunitiou JMI I up tu cuniply with the pure feud law. Pti* .Suulh Kintucii). I'houc I:!:!. Tlir- worst thing i I hat be never knows I bout a lK)re he is a bore. is Then- will be general reuret that i:mniett Dalton went back to i-rison yesterday. Dalton's conduct wliil • be V. as on parole In Topeka was beyond ( riticisni. and he made practically every man with whom he came in con- lacl his friend.—^J. E. House, in Topeka Capital. I!r>an .'larnied li 'SI evi! s ,-iys be sees nolliin::: lo I Mal )Oiit. .\nd Bryan bav ilie for trouble in this countly. FOR SALE— Good mare with foal. Call at 210 West street. FOR REIfl' miBo»UmKmou» FOR RE.N'T—Four room bouse In good condition, good well of waier. within two blocks si reel car liin- Inquire 628 .North Kentucky FOR RENT—Furnished liousekeeidng or sleeping. Madison avenue. rooms for 212 Wesi FOR RE.VT—Two good office rooms Call lOVi .North Wasliington. FOR RENT—Furnished rooms for gentlemen. Mrs. F. J. Oylcr. TO RE.NT—Office rooms in tiic S'cv- uuson building. VOR RENT—Furnished house, mod- ero. Apply this oBice. Its Economy To have your Cat pets and Bugs cleaned hy The lolaRflg Factory Evans Bros. PmMm, onm. mndaimm 4rmhltmof Su^mnmm, T^nmirUf Mmnptimm, Otttcm Mupollmm. Where quality is main consideration, we buy the best. Where demands will justify, we carry all grades and prices. Wm SoMalt touf Trmdm. •OUTH aiOC SQUAKB lola, KanMc niKISniAS PI{ESK>TS .N'oihiiigs belter than a magazine lor friend. I'or your magazines see J. K. IIK.\nEKSO>. Phone its AM S. Duikeje. UO>T READ TIII.S. I'nless o'j are seeking first-class In- vestinenls. Tlicre will be fortunes made tliis fall in llsicil meritorious .Nevada .Minnig Stock.s. The recent decline has i)laced ihe market in jiosi- lion for the biggest boom in man} years. Our advance inside information turn ished for a portion of your profits Write at once for full particulars. THE MlMXl FI\A>CIAL Bl'BEAU, OokhiBd, California. For Sale Cheap. Good Farm and City Property. 8e« the THE JAYHAWKEB LAITD CO. for quick results. Old Court Housa bU, Kans. Governor Hughes, who is a <-ai)ili- dale for President, should look at bis v.liiskers and tt en recall wliai happened to John C. Fremont. Incidentally, there is this to s,i\ for the K. I'. Kf)olfall team. The money behind it n !vcr hi(k 'S. II is true that the Dutch won ilie balloon race, imt ibe Irish ;ire still lilaying most of the baseball. II is al.^^o believed that it will be l')iii; lime before the lel.-'^raplji again go off at half cock. In 1S22 the first charter was obtained for a railroad In the United States, sa .vs Henry C. Nicboias in the Van Nordin Magazine. It was for a lino from Philadelphia to a point on the Susquehanna river, but was never built. On the announcement of th<! project some one asked one of the Baltimore newspapers, "What is a railroad, anyhow?" and the editor war. forced to reply that he did not know, but that "perhaps some other corio-. pondent can tell." Seven years later, on the little wooden track along the Lackawaxen creek, the first locomotive had its trial. The experiment was far from successful and for a number of years afterward the train." on most of the railroads continued to be drawn by horses. The first locomotives on the Baltimore & Ohio railroad had sails attached, as did also the cars, which were hoisted in fair weather when the wind was blowing in thc> right direction and thus aided the locomotives in hauling the trains. Owing to the absence of any brakes there was always rude jolting when the trains cither started or stopped and Ihe shock was often scarcely less severe than would be caused by the collision of a modern vestibule train. T'le tars were usually coupled together liy chains, leaving from two to three fee; slack, and when the locomotive siari- ed it took up the slack by Jerks, with sufficient force to throw the passengers from their seats entirely across the car to the opposite side. The shock on stopping was even more severe and never failed to send the passengers flying from their seats. .Vt first Ihe entire reliance for slopping the train was upon the engineer, but this was soon foimd to be insufficieni. It is stated that on the New Castle & Frenchtown railroad the braking of the train when near the station was done at the signal of the engineer by raising hi.'» safety valve. There were no whistles in those days and signals were made by rai.v Ing the valve stem on the dome with the hand and allowing the steam to escape with a sudden loud, hissing noise. When this signal was made, the slaves around the station would rush to the train, seize hold and pull hack, while the agent would stick a piece of wood through the wheel spoke. A New England writer refer.i to this method of stopping a train, "which gave one. when approaching his station, stich a jolly stirring np. and never let up until he was landeil wideawake and half seasick on th<< platform." The frequent collisions and blowing up of engines during the early '.".Os. while it apparently did not affect the volume of traffic, did affect to some extent Ihe nerves of the more timorous passengers. Some of tlie southern railroads, solicitous for the safety of their passengers, introduced what ihey called a "barrier car" lietween the locomotive and the passenger coaches of the train. This barrier <-ar consisted of a platform on wheels upon which were piled six bales of cotton and it was claimed it would safe guard the passengers in two ways — it would protect them from the blow ing up of the locomotive and would form a soft cushion upon which the passengers could land in the event of a collision. There is no record of bow this experiment worked out. , Keep ArbockleB' Ariout Coffee in the original package^ and grind it at home as you use it Warming it slight^ develops the fiarcr, and makes die grinding easy. That delicious appetizing aroma is too good to lose in a grocery store. Coffee loses its identity as coffee aftetit is ground. If you know and want a good coffee bi^- Arbuckles' Ariosa Coffee and grind it at home. The cheapest good coffee in the world. AKUfCKLE BBOa. New Yorlt at7. RHEUMATISM BLOOD FILLED WITH UBIC ACID Rheumatism comes from aa excess of uric acid in the blood. This acid circulating through the system acts as an irritant to the different muscles, ner\es, bones and tissues of the bo<l}-, and produces the inflammation and swelling of the joints and the sharp, cutting pains characteristic of the dis- When the blood is overburdened with uric acid it continually grows weaker and more acrid, and poorer in nourishing qualities. Then Rheuma- tiura becomes chronic, and not only a painful, but a formidable and dangerous disease. Sometimes the heart is attacked, the general health is affected, and the oils and fluids which lubricate the muscles and joints are destroyed by the acrid matter which the blood is constantly depositing in them ; the muscles shrink and lose their elasticity, the coating of the joints becomes hard and thick, and often the sufferer is' left a hopeless cripple. S. S. S. attacks the disease at its head, goes down into the circulation, and by neutralizing and removing the uric acid from the circulation and building up the thin; acrid blood, cures Rheumatism permanently. S. S. S. changes the sour, acid-burdened blood to a rich, healthy stream which quiets the excited nerves, eases the throbbing, painful PURELY VEGETABLE muscles and joints, and filters out of the system the irritating matter whiph is causing the pain and inflammation. Begin the use of S. S. S. now and get the cause out of your blood so that the cold and dampness of Winter will not keep 30U in constant pain and misery. Book on Rhetimatism and any medical advice free. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO.,.ATLANTA, GA. S.S.S. Suit the interest of your business— Your Choice will be Intelligent— HOW MUCH I.S .';.\T1.SF,\CT1()K WOinil TO VOl;? L)o jDU prefer n :othiKlH now ^'iiiiip oiil III dali! iir up lo-dalc inclliedf th -it will carry fur into the future ': A typcwriltr ni.ide just good enough to sell or tlic'I.. C. .S. MITH & BHOs.TvrniiirrKR, with every useful, vnlunlde feature inbuilt nrd Writing ENTIRELY in Sight 'f I.::T t.s sKxn vof TIIK II.I . t ST r: .\ •.-I. I> (.\;A MM . r v. L. C. SMITH & BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. ^ 812 Delaware St., Kansas City, Mo. .\ llo.<t(iu tailor has Invi'lilcil a si'- rri't |)ocl <Pt for trousers. \ luati ni'rds iuor<> |>o<'lii'ts in bis trouscrn iir'-ily ni'iirly as b;idl,v a.s Topi'Ka u.'fds mon> vaudi'vil'e thoaters. W'- have noticed that, wbib' wo- lupu admire the baudKonio UHMI I I K-V ui-arly always uiarry the u;;ly oii:'y. "Wlial Is whihKcy?" a-^ks tli.- Midi aiiaixilis Star. That di'peiuls lar );»'ly on wlnTP >ou bu.v it. W • patlxT from a casual I IH >U at ibo vjirious performers that iilayiiii; the violin is an oxcolleut lucveutativc •jf ba'dniss. Tuberculosis is not confined to the lungs— it may affect any weak spot. And a damp variable cU< mate helps it along. Strengthen your weak spot with Sco1f*s Emulsion Its cod liver oil makes flesh and enriches the blood. Its hjrpophosphites invigorate the nervous system. Alldranfatoi SObaalSUIS. The Humble Freight Car. If i-s the freisht car thai niakos llir Pullman possible. It was the freiplir (•ar that lasi year carnnd $.')0 ,uiJ (l.Oi'ii for the .New York Central, as against an parning of |?S ,000.000 to the crPdit of tbf passengfir car. It was ih<- irpight car that last year earned $lin. OOO.non for the .slockholdPr.s of tli- Pennsylvania, as against an eavnini; by thf* passenger ear of $:U.OOii.onn .\ud it is bocause the homely freiglil • •ar un'aus so uuirli to Ihe big sysiein .i ibal a new rule has gone into effect whereby a railroad (hat holds llif- freight cars of another will have in pay a i)enalty of 50 cents a day for every day it doo.s 90. Instead nf (uui dollar a day after the first as lipr<'- lofore. Railroadt in Germany. .\f the beginning of the year lOOfi tho total length of the Atandanl gaiipe lallroadH In Uermany aggrcsatod "l- 124 KngliBh milps. an increase of 21 :; per eeni. over the mileage length of ten years ago. The area of the German empire is 208,780 square nillo.s and ii contains a population of 62,12.'>. 000. For every 100,000 inhabitants this would give 6.1 miles length of trackage. The receipts from passenger traffic for the year 1903 amountod to $163,773,750, exceeding by 63.4 per cent those of the year 1895. The passenger and baggage trafHc contributed 28.19 per cent, to the total receipts. ^H£ EST TOVES s ^H£ IGCEST TOCK s HANNON'S s * U ^TORES To Be Sure PERFECTION WiCK OIL STOVE SAFE CO.NVErJIENT (ECONOMICAL lr>'»'ir MfoIiT'l'm'thAi"'' • t. wrlt« to THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY LivinqstoD Co 4 ;ontrKctorB an^ OaMen. All kinds of work a specialty 1 South Sycamore. Phaae lUf Cost of Electrification. Careful estimates recently made for the electrification of 78 miles of steam railroad indicated that there would be a saving of 21 per cent, in the operat- inJK expenses of the road. Lewis B. Stlllwell and Henry St. Oair Putnam, two eminent engineers, hare made exhaustive calculations wbicb show that taking the entire 316,950 miles of steam railroads in the United Btates, a re I duction of operating expenses to 83 per cent, of the present outlay would • k« mad* by electrification of.all the railroi^i. This would mean a net ' saving, of $887 a mil* io one year. Careful Housewives WHEN PUniNG AWAY STOVES Always give tham a ooat of 6'5-4 to make tham mat proof. It<hliiwltMM.t>appll«4lllia|wInt. Ii> better than any •namtl for ttovts, ptpu or wire acreeu. I FtTZOERMLO I Storage and Tranefer I Company jOHice and Storage Ware Room at 1 115 West Street. I>hone 356 REGISTER WAXT ADS. P.IY because in Allen County nearly everybody reads the Register. Guaranteed the largest circulation of any paper in Allen County. Home Made Sausage of ail Kinds. Cash Paid for Poultry and Hides OTTO HINZE, UTTODAre MEAT MARKET MS East MadiMn

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