Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1907 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1907
Page 8
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XELTEf ational IffNitey for tie DiHel-SUtM StattsfKniu iflnCmtj EstaUishied 1869. •liHl Ink ii lUiiCt. Assets HE HNDS VtL W: M. CBOSS BEPOBTS Df THE PEBKINSCASE. WAS ENOUGH TO KILL A MAN ANALYSIS SHOWS DBUO WAS lAEl^K BY HDL ThMiT Tfcat He Dlpd of ConrnKsIon of Bnia Traced Back to the Effects of Morphine. Kansas City, Nov. 4.—"^Tien my cx amlnatlon was completed I found mor pbine In the stomach and elsewhere. The amount I found was enough to kill a man.—nr. W. M. Cross, of the Perkins Analysis Commission." The physicians appointed by the federal court In Topeka as an expert commission to ascertain whether L. H Peddns, who fell from the roof of his home in Lawrence, Kansas. Juno 1907. bad taken poison, have had their final Joint consultation and the report to the federal court will be made todif. Dr. Walter M. Cros.s. ciiy chemist, and one of the experts of the commis- sioD, sidd last night: "Saturday night I washed up all o my baskets and test tubes which hare been used In the examination of Per kins* stomach . This morning I ha'i ny last consultation with Drs. Frank Hall and J. W. Freeman, during which I gave them a detailed report of my findings. At that consultation the answers to the questions propounded by the federal court, there were four of them, were put down in writing anc were explicit in every detail. The were mailed to the court today." When asked concerning his findings as to the contents of the stomach, he answered very cautiously. 'I want I understood that I know nothing aboui the reat of the case before I say any thing further. Nothing which I sa:' now can havo any bearing on wha' the result of the lnv ««sfIpaiion3 as t' whether or not the Perkins family wij get the full amount of in.=;urancp. I Is merely just a plain, bare fact. He Foond Morphine. "When my examination w.ns com pleted I found morphine In ilio stom ach and elsewhere. The anKViint found was enough to kill a Th fact that it was where If was i.n a' nolute proof that the morphine wa taken into the system before death How long before It is impo.<?sible t' state. I do not want lo be quoted a saying that Mr. Perkins died from a- overdose of morphine. That is fo the court to determine after It ha read our report. But the morphia was present. It was the only drug o poison which I could find during m analysis of the stomach and it wa< as I said, in sufficient quantity to kll a person." Wben asked whether there were an^ physical conditions apparent whic' woald have indicated violent death, hi said that be wa.s not sure but that th- doctors had found gne injury whicl might have been the frause of his deaf and which was made by his fall fror the roof. "But," he said, "(hat injury was no about the head. On examining th brain a cerebral concussion was founr" This led some of the doctors (o believ^ that the fall had kilJed Perkins, bu" that belief was short-lived. If a mai wants to commit suicide and have th< world believe that his death was du< to an accident, let him fill himself full of morphine and then climb to the top of some high fiiiUding." Hlstorr ttf the C MK Lucius H. Perkins fell from the roof of "Upton Court," his residence in Lawrence, Kansas, oh the night of .Tune 1, the present year. He was picked up unconscious, and the first reiwrts of the matter were to the effect that he had accidentally fallen from the building. It was not until September 14 that Judge Smith McPher.son of the United States circuit Court issued an order for the exhuming of the body. The order was made upon the showing of attorney."! for the Mutual Life Insurance company of New York tliat Perkins had bought poi.son the afternoon of June 1. and that his estate was utterly unable to yield enough income for the payment of his life insurance premium.s. His insurance in all. most of which he had taken out only a short time before his death, amounted to |.';40.onn, and required the payment of 130,000 In annual preinlums. Lucius Perkins was one of the best known and most widely respected attorneys In Kansas. He had for ten years been a member of the law exam- amining board at Kansas university and W.1S an ex-president of the Kansas Slate Bar Association. He left a widow and three sons, Rollin, Clement and Lucius. Jr. He and his brother, Frank M. Perkins, owned and managed the Atlas nnilding and Loan Association of Lai-rencc. Lucius had been a resident of Lawrence since 1877. COMMISSIONERS IN SESSION. Spent theOay Considering Bills, and Protests to Taxes. X The county commis.sioners are holding their regular monthly meeting, today. They have spent today in •cnsidering bills. The jury expense 'or the latter part of the term was ol- 'owod. The expens(»^niounted to $500 iioRt of which was for the Rohrbaugh ase. .7. R. Wfnkle, of Gas City, appeared before the hoard and entered I prot^est against the amount of taxes ssassed against his property. The natter will be acte*-on at this n\est ng. Tomorrow the iKiard will consid •"• the mattx>r of opening the road 'rom the Edwards addition to Bassett. Vhlr, matter wa- up before the lart session but ther-> were some difllcu'- ':es encountered and i( laid ov<>r intil^ this nieoling. A iietition a\<o ••ame in from parii^'.s to open a road 'ear ilie Neoslio-.MIen coimty line his morning. The f«>s for the Wiit nw hearing were filed this a'ftomoon by the coroner and other county ifflcers. The \ew Pare Food and Ttrng J MV. We are pleased to announce that oleys Honey and Tar for coughs, olds an dinng troubles is not affect- id by I he NalionnI Pure Food and ^ruK Law as It contain.^ no opiates r other harmful drugs, and we rec- mniend it as a safe remedy for chjld- en and adults. Burrell's Drug .store. \flUST DO THEIR OWN WASHING. iommissioners Think Prisoners Save County Wash Bills. Can It is up to Hoover Kerr to ostaiilish "wash day" at the jail. It is also ip to the prisoners to do thMr own vashing. This morning the county •ommLssioners decided' not to allow ny more wash bil's for the county irisoners. The bills have run about '^.r.O a month. It is the belief of the •omfiiissloners that tho prisoners lave plenty of time to do their wash- Dgand hence the coimty can .<;ave $40 ir more a year. Copyright 1907 bv Hart SchafFner 6f Marx Your Clothes Toll HmH, Sohaffaer & Marx and Siein Btooh SUUB WILL SPEAK FOR YOU. - \l you want to look prosperous, dress well. Folks judi^e you nipfe or less by your clothes. Not every suit will continue to look well on you if it isn't designed and cut right or hasn'i the right hand work in the front, neck and shoulders; it won't holcL^ won't speak well for you after the first few wearings. You'll not find any mer- > ccrized cotton in any of the Hart. Schaffner & Marx or Stein-BIoch Suits. New shades of brown, worsteds, all sorts of neat grey combinations and very stylish blacks. $15 00, $18.00, $20.00, $22.50, and $25.00. Your Chanoe to own a fine Rainooai for $t5mOOm At the close of last season we bought 850 Rain Coats and divided them among all of our stores, anticipating this sale. Buying at such a time, the price we paid was almost absurdly low, especially when one considers qualities and styles are of the highest class. We have them in sizes from 34 to 46—just a chance to show them to you. Oihor Rainooais and OvercSais SWMOio $3,30, , 50 different styles of Nettleton and Florsbeim Shoes lor Men. S4.00 1« S6.00 nigh Men, Cut Boo'.s for $3.50 <o S7.50 Knox. John B. Stet. son. Imperial and Double Star Hats, $3.00 to $5.00 Mnnsing and Va.ss3r TTnion Suits for Men, $1,50 to S5.00 NEW MINISTER FOR CARLVLE. Rev. Campbell of New Yorl< Will Take Pastorate. The Carlyle Presbyterian church, will) a membership of something like 100 per.sons. Is lo have a. new pastor '. come dire<-t from N?w York and lake ' charge of the churcli work. The It. v.! Csmphell is the minister called. He expects to arrive here in a short Wnw l)egiii his work. will filJ the pulpit for several Sundays and tli congregation will then decide defin iiely whether <.r not the cliiircli wi accept him as pastor. ill For Best and Qoleliest Itesulls I'se the Jtegisier Want rolumns. Miss 1^)11 .Mercer, who has been vis liing Mrs. W". A. T/mg. lias return ed to her home in Ottawa. A 4> 4> .Mr. and Mrs. R .C. Brown ent< rl.i:i ed a part?- of relatives at dinner yesterday 10 celebrate the birtliday anni versary of their son I^Verne. The Iowa Store SPE€IA£.S FOR THIS WEEK California Blue Plums, per doz..lOc .\lce Cabbage, per lb 2c California Wlilte Grapes, per n)..20r Nice Oranges, per dozen... .'50 and AOr California Tokay Grapes, per lb..lie .Michigan Celery, per bimch Tt and lOr New York Concord Grapes, per basket 25r Colorado Bellflower Apples. per dozen 25c Nice Baldwin Apples, per peck ..60c , Freih Cauliflower, per lb 18c Nice big Pears. .1 for 2Ac Ordinary size Pears, per doz 2.> Cranberries, per quart 12J5c Bananas, per dozen 30 and 2Sc Fresh Radishes, per bunch 5c New Beets, per bunch 5c .Vice Lettuce, per lt» 20c Kresh Cocoanuts, each Kk- Fresh .Salmon Fresh Catfish Home Rendered I.ard -Mce Smoked Hanui Please phone us In a nice grocery Fresh Dates, per lb 10c order any morning. We will guarantee Fresh Figs, per package 10c 1 you nice, clean, fresh goods. Money New Quinces, per doz 40 and 50erefunded if goods are not satisfactory. .Nuts of all kinds, per n>. 2.1c While we are all busy selling Gro- One hbl. new Sauerkraut, per i)t...lflr ceries our Dry Goods olerlss are also Fresh Sage, per bunch 10c busy as our line of Goods and Big large Persimmons, each 5c Shoes are hard. 10 beat. We give you Fresh Meat of all kinds Live and Dre.ssed Chickens Fresh Oysters all a cordial invitation to visit- our store. FREE MPSIC. Respeclfnilf, Tw9 Photnmf 60_mttd 646 M Two More Days » MILLINERY 94LE TUESDAY AND iA £EDNBSDAV All $7.50 hats $5 .03. All f .=).oo hats $4.00. All street hats from $2.00 up to $4 .00 for $1 .00. Mrs, E. Pefly, 108 1-2 E. MadUoB. WAIT ON TEST GASES JTanager Wheaton .Says He Has \oC .\greed to Close on Sundays. C. H. ^V ^leatoIl. manager of the Grand, .says that he has not entered Into an agreement with the county of- licials not to put on Sunday shows. He says that he has no sliows booked for Sundays and does not expect to and he is therefore not in poKltion to consider the Sunday theater matter so far as the Grand is concerned. He says, however, that when the Airdonie .season comes on with the stock companies, tlieii he expects to put on Sunday shows. He is of the opinion that by tlie time the .Mrdonie season opens I .St now pending under the it ale law forbidding unnecessary labor on .Sunday will have been settled. He thinks the test case will be decldel favorably to him. XOTICE. .\11 meters will be read btrtween the and 20th of each month. All bills for water, light and gas are due on the first of each month, if said bills are not paid by the 10th of each • month, consumer subject to disconnection without notice. Don't wait for a statement. "For you may not get it." Uemeniber if) yotir gas, water or iJKht bill is not paid by the lOih you may be di.sconnected, withotit notice. (TAKE WARXING.) r. K. AMtl .VDORFP. City Clerk. i OFFER FOR OUR WAY. Said Tbat a Party Wbuld Purchase Bankru.nt Stock. It is leported today on good atitlior- (tythat an offer will be made to Gity Pees, receiver for the Our Way. for the liusiijess. If such an offer is made it will lie presented lo Referee Corey of Ft. Scott. If tho offer is such that the claims of the creditors can be satisfied it will likely be accepted. A meeting of tihe creditors of the restaurant wlU be held soon, very likely next Saturday, at which time the affairs of the business will be adjusted. I .1OST —CJreen enamel pin. "Spencer" engraved on back. Finder will be rewarded by leaving same at Spencer's drug store. Killed In Street Duel. Pauls Valley, I. T.. .Nov. 4.— City Maishal Calbey was killed yesterday afternoon in a street duel with .Tim Stevens, a joint keeper, and Stevens was probiibly fatally hurt. ALFRED WniTMAX DEAD. Deceased M'as the Or]«rinal o? Character In "Little Men." I^wrence. Kas., Nov. 4. —Alfred MTjltman. one of the executors of the estate of the late L. H. Perkins, died of heart disease at.hisvhome here last-*night He was a pramlnent Mason, the original of the character "Laurlce" In Lonisa U. Alcott's novel, "LltUeMen." jf.r iOLA STATE BANK GMPtTML 612,361$ tOlM, KMMSMS, A. W, Beck. L. E. Horrille. J. A. RobuMon, H. L. Henderabn. T.^ Campbell, Geo. B. Kichol «Mi. Fnmk Riddle. Be^hter Vi'uut Ads. Fay foecanse la AUMI Ctuntj Wly ereryliodr reads tteBegister. WMt Ads. Pay beeaise l«v £'!!"*y ereiybody reads toe Jleslster.

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