The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on December 8, 1964 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 8, 1964
Page 2
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PAGE 2 THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE Tuesday D ,eG. 8,1964 TIPTOIN DAILY TRIBUNE ; n 3 ? " ;Sl^SCpiPTIQN RATES { By Carrier, In City, Per Week : , 3S cents .By Mail,' One Year, Tipton and Adjacent Counties.. $8.00 Member United Press International News Service Entered as Second Class Matter Oct. 4, 1895 at the Postoffice in '; Tipton, Indiana, Under the Act of Congress of March 3, 18/9 PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY BY TRIBUNE PUBLISHING COMPANY 221-223 East Jefferson Street. Tipton, Indiana. Telephone OS 5-2115 ROUND TOWN AND THE CLOCK With the Tribune by R. D. Maney THE NEWEST 'BATTLE' on the horizon seems to be one between the United States government and the Soverign State of Indiana . . . and naturally the battle would be for land! The State wants to have 25,000 acres of Camp Atterbury real estate, while the federal government, already owning more land than anybody wants the same portion, naturally. — R T — THE CONSERVATION DEPARTMENT wants it—the U. S, Forestry Service wants it; just who will be the winner? It will probably depend on just how dear Uncle Matt is held in esteem by the bureaucrats . and how much pressure some Indiana politicos can use (Democrats that is) . . . ! Indiana wishes to purchase same . . . but Uncle wants to add to the already lush holdings of real estate in Indiana and Ohio. THE REDS SPEAK THE OTHERS LISTEN SAME MUSIC-WORDS DIFFER WELL ANDREI GROMYKO ... A Russian who has been around for quite some time . . . and has seen others come and go—has the floor and wants—of all things ... a CUT in Spend ing! Now Andrei is talking of spending in regard to the military—and while the record has almost been 'grooved' by many cuttings the melody lingers on! IT IS ALMOST to laugh, as the Russ talks of saving money by cutting military spending. •Naturally he is interested in 'this, as the SHOE, worn to a frazzle by the "Old Shoe Pound- •er" . . . one Nikita Khrushchev, .is SPENT. ... and the BEAR is badly in need of REHOOF- ING! And then again, if he gets the boys to thinking this way — . the debt Russia owes' the United Nations (we almost wrote United States . . . seeing 1 as we supply most of it) could be shoved to the background, in the interest of economy. Fast thinking these reds . . . and al ways a step ahead of Uncle for some reason. This could be sum med up in one name . . . Adlai . . . who speaks fluently . . except when it means some ROUND TOWN—COUNTY THE SIDE WINDOW of the Citizens Bank presents a picture of Christmas Eve this week. A tree . . . presents, fire place, stockings hung up . . . Santa about to appear, etc. -RT^ A BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS CARD from the members of the New Lancaster Boy's 4-H club . . . and a message to the TRIBUNE ... a thanks for sponsoring the gift to them as the outstanding Boys club this past season. ACKNOWLEDGED BOYS . . . and leader John Garst. Continued good luck to you! — R T — MOST ROADS "we have traveled in the county have been in fairly good shape. We could, suggest a good workout on the road from Windfall to Sharpsville though. It is dangerous in it's present state . . . slippery! — R T — THE TIPTON MERCHANTS- DIANA Theatre party for school children of the county will be held on Thursday, December 24. at 2 p.m., according to Nick Paikos; Free candy •— popcorn . . . and show. — R T — DON'T THROW AWAY that Magic Number! There will be more 'surprises' in store for you at Iccal merchants this weekend. New numbers chosen by the merchants will go up — and more of them. Your number still may be in the "hopper" at one of the stores! , . . . until handed the SCRIPT for the next reel! — R T — NATURALLY the bushy headed Russian didn't mention anything about the 'no pay' situation . . . evidently thinking it would be vulgar to mention money at such a delicate time. But he found time to denounce the United States! When—Oh When . . . are we going to 'tie' a can' on the tail of this outfit and act like men instead of mice? IF IT WASN'T so apparent . . . you would think that it was a Christian nation . . . belivers in the ALMIGHTY . . . who were echoing the plea of the Pope last week We are ail for cuts ... as they term them . . . in the military budgets . . . but IF-and WHEN the reds are forced to do what other nations do . . . pay their debts . . . and act like human beings! FREE SPEECH? THE SITUATION AT the University of California is frightening . . . and might be laughable .-. .if it was not happening HERE! THIS 'UNLIMITED FREEDOM' of the anarchists at the university . .- . should be given to them . . .FREEDOM TO GO HOME . . . and let the university get on with the other students. We refuse to believe that parents of these students are WITH them ... in such actions as have been witnessed. We always thought school was someplace you were sent to study . . . and IF you spent time at th'at—there would be little time for all tf his so-called "off-campus' causes. We.would suggest that ths parents take them out of school . . . cr at.least insist that they conduct themselves like gentlemen and ladies! •<£*REE SPEECH has nothing to do with it—they are acting like downright anarchists . . , and should be treated as such Let's forget the IMAGE others might have of us . . . and use either the ROD . . .. or the WHISTLE! You only deservi! treatment as an AMERICAN . .'. when you act like one! . WE WONPER just who lis paying the tuition ,o£ some of trjese goons? Regular . . . "hard : • working parents couldn't •be:that stupid .".. or gullible!, " ^ • IN HOLLYWOOD By VERNON SCOTT UPI Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — Walt Disney celebrates the 10th birthday of Disneyland soon with a salute to his magic kingdom on his own television show. Cunning old Uncle Walt has been using television as a bulletin board, billboard and personal medium for singing the praises of Disneyland for almost a decade now, and cheerfully admits he planned it that way. While his cartoon creatures and live movie characters are wide-eyed innocents, Uncle Walt is as wily as they come. I'm a shrewd son-of-a-gun," he grinned during lunch £n his studio commissary. "But' the funny "thing is that our 1 , TV shows dealing with Disneyland get higher ratings than the-j others. "When I envisioned Disneyland I had to figure out i two things: How to excite the [people, and how to reach thvem. Well, television was the perifect means of reaching them. One medium helped the other- it was that simple." ' Disney Is .Realist i Creative genius that he ' is, Disney is also a hard - .headed realist. There isn't a p h o Ji y bone in his body, least of I all that favorite Hollywood device, false modesty. 1 Asked if Disneyland's stupendous success and popularity had surpassed his dreaihs, Disney appeared insulted. "Hell no," he answered. I "I never thought in modest te:r .ms about Disneyland. I expected it Send greetings da My with a Christmas gift subscription to THE 1\IPTON DAILY TRIBUNJ2. TELEVISION PROGRAM WISH-TV (Channel 8) Tuesdr.y, December 8, 1964 4:00 Secret Storm 4:30 Jack Benny 5:00 Santa Claus 5:15 Early Show 6:00 Early Show 6:30 News-Cronkite 7:00 News-Hickox 7:30 Greatest Show on Earth (c) 8:30 Red Skelton 9:30 Petticoat Junction 10:00 Doctors and Nurses 11:00 News-Hickox 11:15 Sports-Late Show 12:00 Late Show Wednesday, December 9, 1964 7:30 Chapel Door 7:45 Tow & Country 8:00 Capt. Kangaroo 9:00 Coffee Cup Thdatef 10:00 Mike Wallace News 10:30 I Love Lucy 11:00 Andy .Griffith 11:30 Real McCoys 12:00 Love of Life 12:30 Search for Tomorrow 12:45 Guiding Light 1:00 World at One 1:30 As the World Turns 2:00 Password 2:30 Houseparty 3:00 To Tell the Truth 3:30 Edge of Night WFBM (Channel 6) Tuesdsy, December 8, 1964 4:00 Match Game Bernie Herman .Presents Bernie Herman Presents Huntley-Brinkley 4:30 6:00 6:30 7:00 News-Caldwell • 7:30 Mr. Novak 8:30 Man from UNCLE 9:30 That Was the Week That Was (c) 10:00 Telephone Hour (c) 11:00 News-Caldwall 11:15 Weather-Sports 11:30 Tonight (c) 12 :00 Tonight (c) Wednesday, December 9, 1964 7:30. Today 9:00 Movie Party 10:00Movie Party 10:30 What's This Song! (c) ll:p0; Concentration 11:30 Jeopardy (c) 12:00 Easy Money 1:30 Let's Make a Deal (c) 2:00 Loretta Young 2:30 The Doctors 3:00 Another World 3:30 You Don't Say (c) , WLW-I (Channel (13) Tuesday, December 8,1964 4:00 Trailmaster 5:00 Bill Jackson 5:30 Rifleman 6:00 News-Atkins . 6:15 News-Cochran 6:30 Cheyenne 7:30 Combat 8:30 McHale's Navy 9:00 Tycoon 9:30 Peyton Place . 10:00 The Fugitive 11:00 News-Atkins 11:15 Wetather - Sports .. 11:30 77 Sunset Strip 12:00 77 Sunset Strip Wednesday, December 9, 1964 7:30 Geo. Willeford 7:45 Casper & Co. Television In Review By RICH DU BROW 'United Press International HOLLYWOOD (UPI) —There are only 20 more shopping years until 1S84. But this is the season for optimism, and in television Monday optimism was a nervous smile until the big moment finally came: The most important video ratings of the year were issued, and the agony and the ecstasy were felt from Madison Avenue to Sunset Boulevard, where agony and ecstasy come cheap. The ratings — the national Nielsen survey for the two weeks ending Nov. 22—are considered the most definitive ones of the new season by the television industry because they are the first ones not affected by the pre-emptions for political broadcasts during the election campaign. An interesting aspect of the new ratings, however^ is that they more or less merely, confirm the indications of tha earlier ones—that such fledgling series as "Bewitched" and Gomer •Pylc" are red hot, and that ABC has come on strong, making it a three-network race. Among the networks, ABC had the fewest pre-emptions for political telecasts. According to Nielsen, the top 15 entries for the two-week survey period, in order, were: "Bonanza" (the runaway leader), "Bewitched" (about a married suburban witch), "Gomer Pyle" (about a hillbilly Marine recruit), Andy Griffith and "The Fugitive" (tie for fourth), to become a worldwide attraction. I started planning 'it in 1S40 and was confident it would" become the largest tourist attraction in he world." That, gentle reader, is confidence. -, Disneyland, with more than $48 million already invested, continues to grow with $17 million budgeted for the next three years.- . To Show Models Disney will show models of many of his innovations for the park on his Jan. 3 show. They include a haunted house, a New Orleans square, the small world attraction currently ensconced at the New York World's Fair and other attractions. Kindly old Uncle Walt takes great pride in the fact that Disneyland outdraws the Colosseum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Grand Canyon, the Taj Mahal, Niagara Falls and all the rest of the world's wonders. He has the figures to prove it, too. . "I set out to make Disneyland just what it is—the greatest attraction in the world," he concluded. "There's no sense in going into something unless you plan to make it the best and most successful." So far Walt Disney's done just that. Send greetings d a i 1 y with a Christmas gift subscription to THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE'. CHRISTMAS TREES YOUR TREE I HAS ARRIVED FROM OUR NORTJHEfcN PLANTATION! SEXECT EARLY! 1 • V , ' ' t Harold and Berniece Lee Red Skelton, "The Munsters" (about a family of friendly monsters), "The Lucy Show," Jackie Gleason, "Peyton Place" (the Thursday half of this twice - weekly outing), Ed Sullivan, Walt Disney, a Bob Hope comedy special,- and Dick Van Dyke and "My Three Sons" (tie for 14th). "The Beverly Hillbillies," has a respectable rating, but has fallen well off the leading pace it once set. And NBC-TV is heavily dependent for its ratings respectability on its two big westerns, "Bonanza" and "The Virginia," its twice-weekly movies and the Walt Disney series, which fairly frequently also reruns motion pictures, by Disney of course. The Channel Swim: Danny Kaye' guests on CBS-TV's Lucille Ball show Dec. 28. ^ .Kaye also; turns up Dec. 19 in NBC- TV's- Saturday night movie, "White Christmas," along with Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen, with the plot concerning two Army pals who became a top show business team.. .Also in the movie is Dean Jagger, who has had to quit NBC-TV's "Mr. Novak" series, in which he appears as a high school principal, because of illness—a "recurrence of an ulcer condition," says the network. ALMANAC By United Press International Today is Tuesday, Dec. 8, the 343rd day of 1964 with 23 to follow. The.moon is approaching its first quarter. The morning stars are Venus and Mars. The evening stars are Jupiter and Saturn. On this day in history: In 1776, George Washington crossed the Delaware River. In 1863, President Lincoln announced his plan for reconstruction of the South. .<•• In 1886, delegates from 25 labor unions founded the American Federation of Labor at Columbus, Ohio. In 1949, the Chinese Nationalist government, defeated by the Communists, moved its headquarters from the mainland to Formosa. A thought for the day -^President Lincoln said: "Truth is generally the bqst vindication against slander." WINNER of our OPEN HOUSE PRIZE 35 CUP PERCOLATOR JOE TRADER 416 Armstrong NOMANDA CHRISTIAN CHURCH REG. TOLLE BROS,lNC. 8:00 Jack LaLanne 8:30 Kindergarten College 9:15 King and Odie 9:30 Don Melvoin 11:00 Paul Dixon (c) 11:30 Missing Links" 12:00 50-50 Club (c) 1:00 50-50 Club (c) 1:30 Tennessee Ernie Ford 2:00 Price Is Right 2:30 Day in Court -3:0 <V General Hospital 3:30 Young Marrieds WTTV Channel 4) Tuesday, December 8, 1964 4:00 Mickey.Mouse Club 4:30 Superman 5:00 Popeye and Janie 5:30 Rocky Peter Potamus 5:45 Popeye and J#JH£*.',' 6:00 " * ~ 6:30 7:00 8:00 9:00 9:45 10:00 11:00 11:30 Leave it to .Beaver t Adventures in Paradise The Untouchables Lloyd Thaxton News-Ungersma 10 O'clock Movie 10 O'clock Movie Les Crane Wednesday; December 9,: 1964 10:30 t iSpanish., Course .' 11: do" Frontiers" * V* 11:30 "Billie Boucher 12:00 Lunchtime Theater 1:00' Girl Talk 1:30 Milady's Matinee 3:00 Milady's Matinee : 3:30 Santa Claus BLQNDIE By Chick Youoc THIMBLE THEATRE bv ALEX RAYMOND HE AIN'T BEWITCHED OR. BOTHERED WIT' SPELLS„. HE IS MJEARlN' HIS OWN PERSONAL AN' NATURAL- BORNED LOOKS ITS IMPOSSIBLE.'.' ONLY 1 A MISERABLE, HORRIBLE AMD EVIL OLD WITCH LIKE ME CQUVO CREATE A MONSTER THIS BAD£— LI CHEE- (YA IS WRONSiVER COOKIES TJIDN'T ' CHANGE HIM INTO A MONSKERi! SOMEONE ELSE MUSTA ET VER BLASTlt? COOKIES.' RIP KIRBY BRICK BRADFORD i ff&CX KSAPS TUS NOTE IN'THB 1 CONTAIN&Z THAT THBUSTS M | HIS PACE., ' " 1 By Claranc*

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