Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1908 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
Page 5
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THE lOLA l »An .rBE(EIISTEB. SATUBDAY ETtyElfe yPTEMBEB 7. l»l >8. WATCH US GROW Opmnodfor Bumlnemm Junm IB, 1BOB DEPOSITS June lotb, ltiO« :. .| 5,730.31 July 1st, 1908 13,8G2.2y . August 1st, 1908 17,178.57 September 1st, 1908 , 22,971.48 October 1st, 1908 24,008.89 November 1st, 1908.. 38,546.69 State Savings Bank CmpUml S2B.0B0 tola, Kmnmmm Open from 7 to 8 p. m. Saturdays and .Pay Nights Went Oemeeratie. Humboldt township went Democrat- 5c as far as the national and- state tickets are concerned. It was against the Republicans on tbe county ticket and elected Fred Schmidt for trusts. The only Joy the Republicans got out of the returns are that Frank ifcFerren got in by a majority of nine rotes and that J. Thuney and John Igel tied for the election of township treasurer.—HumboMt Ffor- aid. —Frank S. BaatUe. V. S. Phoa* 1S9. Must Roil Peanut. Harmon Hunt will have the hardest stunt of the various bets over Clie. election. He wilt have to roll a peanut around the park wltli a crowbar. Other bets were made, one of the most interesting of them will bo to see Vernon Cox wash the Herald of- flee windows.—Humboldt Herald, To and From' Chaniite. Mrs. M. W. Heller, of Colony, who has been visiting J. Heller and family went to tola yesterday noon. » « • Mrs. .r. >r. Rlckle and Mrs. J. H. Rickle went to lola yesterday morning and tl:eir husbands went up in the afternoon to attend the opening of a drug store owned by Mrs. J. H. Richie's uncle.—Chauute Tribune. READ! A fen hundred ^ SCC U OBS Pfo. 1 nestcro Lind at $1000 and ap, GOLDEN WEST UND CO. Office Urer lona ijlorc. ^ Thorpe & Hoogh ^ Ctntracton, Eagioeers, Surrcjors. Fully equipped for all kinds ol nrveylng, estimating, patent draw- Lig, blue prints, maps, sidewalks, curbing, and farm drainage. Office OTor 'TamoM." Short Stories or—— Ma Happenings Divide Justices. Tlio city vloction was divided bo Iwccn the two leading parties. For Justices Al Barrackuian aud J. S. Leh uiaii won while liie Republican caudl dales for constables were elected Tlie city was determined to be close jn everything this- year.—Humboldt Herald. $1.00 bottle of Waboo for UDc at J D. Mundis & Co. Use No. 7 Flour Good as any—belter than most. Don't Forget Our MEAT MARKET Wo handle only the best of Fresh &':eats. Smoked and Salt Meats. .We Want Your PRODUCE farmers, and will pay the highest jflarket price in cash or trade. Come in and see us. We are sole agents for J. M. Bom's COFFEES and TEAS If you will give this line a trial yoia will use no other. 'Fryer Bros. fhone SOI, 808. lola, Kansas, Evans Bros. Fmimm, atmllmmmfy. Jymmwfllmr Smpml/mm, MfOlUlmotammmllmm Off lorn Supptimm Where quality la mala eouiO- •ratlon w« buy tbe beat Where' damanda will Joitlty. wa earry all mdaa a&d prtoaa. faitk IMa Iqaara, lala, Kuu. Give Away Cigarette Papers. Tliere are several parlies in Humj boldt '|Who are liable to come up against the cold hard tacts of the law if they are not careful. It is report ed that they are giving away cigarette papers which is not only a bad habit, but is an infraction of the city ordinances and is liable to a line. A number of school bo.vs have begun smoking cigarettes aud the school board will be forced to make some arreijts if the practice is not stopped This article is a friendly'warning to tliose who have been giving: away the papers to desist. The law-is explicit and the boxes the paj)er3 come in it is understood give a warning ali =o.— Humboldt Herald. —Always time to eat at Our Way. Democrats Must 'Rake Park. The closest electon for years was won by the Republicans of Humboldt by a margin of one vote Tuesday. The bead of the tlckot won by jnst one vote. T:c n.'.sull wa.-- a .siiri»j'isf on both sides. Boili .'^ides had made a careful canvas and thought the election safe by .a good mart;in. The Republican canvas Iiad shown a majority of from twenty to thirty in every ward but the first whicli tliey <-onceded to the Democrats by bix or eight major ii.v. The Democrats on f .e other hand thought they had a lead in all wards but tlx- tounli. The second and foiirifi went lor Tafi by thirty-one uiajorit.v while r ))e thipd ward tied and the Dcinoeiais won tlie first by thirly votes. .\s a result ui I'.ie returns ilie Uem ocrats will have to ralo- the park next Tuesday. They will at least have the satisfaction iif k-?iowing that they made a good liylit ajjd the result could not have been any closi-r.—Humboldt Herald. »-Slx per cent mt>Dey: no commission; no delay.—Smith t Trarle. THE lOLA ICE AND COLD STpRAGE CO. MamCactnrert, Wholesale and Rctd DMlen CRYSTAL ICE And Diitilled Water Vew Gald Btaiaga Beady fat •mUMaa. Ffeeae UC FRANK RIDDLE. Mgr. Dr. .>lori(fiui*s Duu<.;hler Dead. .Mrs. C!ara He;ilon died last .Monday at tfpokaiie. Wash. She was the duugh iter of Dr. J. .Morgan of this city and jthe granddaughter uf .Mrs. .Nancy Hennett. The body will l>e biongbl to •Veosho Kails tor burial.—.N'eocho Falls Post. —Paper Hanging. Phone Fred Rowden Stoves Set up and connected, also &nj other gas fitting. Good work and reasonaMe charges. Phone 29. To Work llertw Eber Odell and wife were in tiie city last week. Mr. Odell has,given up his' position at Kansas City and will work for the lola Buggy factory. He was formerly employed by this com­ pany.—Ncoslio Falls Post. -Or. J. B. Pepper. Deatht. Pkaae M. Build Another Plant. W. A. Kniskem received orders on Monday to go to Louisville, Kentucky, at once atid take charge of the construction of a cement plant In that city which 'had been destroyed by fire and was to be rebuilt. He left Monday night and will be gone a month or mure. His place in Humboldt was takeji by h. C. Wilson of Kansas'City. .»ir. Wilson has been connected! with the Freeland Construction company and is well fitted to take the pobitloq of 'Mr. Knibkeru. | Work on the plan Its ^rogrissivg nicely aud it is expected niat rapid advances will be made from now on. The exoairatlon Is nearly completed aud work on tbe aaperstnictare will probaA)ly be taken up in tbe near fa >J ture.—Humboldt Herald. * —Drs. tatlirep, Osteepatha, Fkesc 46& About lola Doctor. .\ Democratic doctor at lola would have had a postofflce. or lite St. St. James portfolio, had Bryan beeu elected. He voted early in the morning and then went around and quarantined a lot of Republicans, so they could ndt leave tbcir homes.—Kto- poria Gazette. —Our Oysters. Way. Ritchie Has Contract.. Contractor Ititchie has moved th cement mixer, which, was located on the city lots near the corner of .\sh and Fiftb streets to Mulberry street south. This place is In close proxim Ity to the rest of the blocks that are to be paved. T^ie excavating is now being done on South Santa Fe avenue. The work is being rushed rapidly to completion.—Saliua Journal. —iBilBt OB iMTlBf "ff. 8." flaar. Brought Offleial Returns. E. D. Ijacey went to lola yesterda,- wlth official returns of the election. The count was not finished in time to go on the noon trahi Wednesday ain.l the afternoou train was three hours late which would h^ve been too late to make the return trip so It was made yesterday.—Moran Herald. eRBAM —Be a BooBter—Flome Induftry— Neosho River Cat at Our Way. West of Savonburg. The Kansas Natural Oas company is pushing the extension of their lijies west of town and will malie great headway with the work before cold weatber sets in.—Savonburg Record. —Srgn painting, phone K28. Fred Rowden Shot a Pelican. Wiile out hunting tlic first of the week. Fred Hoffmicr. north of Col oul.v. sliot and killed a large pelican The bird is a mammoth one, measuring 8 feet 2 Inches from tip to tip aud weighing 14 pounds. Through curiosity tlie bird was brought to town and sold to C. H. Johnson who Intends to have the bird dressed and mounted.—Colony Free ProBs. For a' short time only, you can buy Wahoo at C5c per bottle at llundls. Assisted in Musicale. Miss Helen Campbell, of lola. came up P'riday to assist in the musicale given by .Miss Metcalfs pupils. Miss Campbell is a pupil of Mlgs Meicalf. —Colony Free Press. —Oysters any style at Oar-way. Visiting in lola. •Mr. and Mrs. C. I. Williams. Jlrs. H. K. Yocki y aiid Miss I.ella Bedford went to Tola yesterday afternoon ti< hear Miss Mary Brookin. who spolie there last night on Christian Science. —Chanute Tribune. Wahoo 05c per bottle at Mundis'. Are Known Here. Cordon Callaway returned to Iiis home In Gas, Kas., today after a visit with his father. Dr. L. H. Callaway of this cit.v. * * * .A. B. CocUorill. Harry Cockerill and Mr. .loyner are hunt lag ducks on the lakes m-ar llortou. —Xevada Mall. —Cuuningbani & Aruett, C |icr cent luouey. Visiting His Brother. Byron U Barlou, of Hudson. .\ew .Mexico, is visiting his brother. Perl R. Barton, of the Register force. Mr. Ilariun is on his way ' onie from a islt with his motlnr at ManUato, Minn. A Bold Stop. To oTereome the well-grounded and reasonable objections of the more intel- lifent to the use of secret, medicinal com* pounds. Dr. K. V. Pierce, of Buffalo, N. . some time izo, decided to make a bold departure from the usual course pursued by the makers. 0/ pu^up medicines for do- neetle nae, am^so has published broad- east and cMBly to the whole world, a (oil and eompma list of all the Intredieata eaterint iaV ^kocnmpoeitlonor his widalf ' K MS. Thus be has taken ,trDos and patients jnto • Thus too be has r»> from among secret doubtrul aserits. and nada of Known CompoKMon. celebrated his hU fnUj tta( JuBODs nMldoe for week atoDMh. pld UT«r or bUloniocn and eU cetenli A1 AltfmtM whaMver located, bare printed umon it. «*, fiaim EngliMlt. «tnll and complete^t of aU the iMfrMleata coapoalnir It; bat a amaU book D8* been compitoa fron acmeioni itaadtid medlcd worka, of all the dUterant schools ot practiotk eoBUlnhic T< oaa extraeu from the writliura praetitloiMn of madlclne. eadoinliur Inc Terr numer- ;ln|r9 o( leading taaotalBg in tkt imgwt petattto Urmgf ea^ aad eTarr lape- dlent eoatalsed 1B Dr. neice'a KadkUnea. la Dn^^ice'a KadkUnea. Ooeet these little books wtU be vaned frea to tnr one lendlnc addreuoD br letter, to Dr, B. Y. Plerca jne. Fi to uur one lendinc addresaon noatal card or • - _Butt book It wax toffeaniedurat Dr.'nerca'a isedr utsto. N. y- rom this little Icinea contain no alcobol. narcotics, mineral it* or qtbar ppisonoosi or inlnrloua asMite and tequcatlna the ataie. book Icine SBTtba't Uiey are 'made^romliiitTTa.~ine^ SBOta or.ffi«a(( Talae{. also tbat^amme of ...intion for weak, Barroaa. eTei -workad. «run-dowii," Barroos be aoel vslnsblvlnircdieDU cooti Dr. naiee's FsToriteFrescriDtlon for weak, Barroaa. eTer -workad. «run-dowD." Barroos and debUltatad woman, vere employed, lone yearn aga by the Indians for atmllar allmenu effaetliur tbelr aqnawa. In fact, one of tbe Bu>at Tunabla madinnal planu anteriae ieto tbe coapoaitloa of Dr. rieroe's Farorlie Pre* .-It—Our Way Soda Water. y\. W. Joues at Eismore. .Mr. \V. W. Jones of lola was,in Elsmore Saturday ai«l made this office a pleasant call. Mr. Jones is always s welcome visitor in Eismore.—^Elsmor' I eader. Rooms for men. Y. M. C. A. building. Steam heat \u each room. Daths free. BAKING POWDER For making quickly and perfectly delicious hot biscuits, cake and * pastry, Renders the food more tasty, nutritious and wholesome. No alum, no lime phosphate The government and food authorities have enabled the housekeeper to protect her family from the alum baking powder. They require that the label shall give her warning. She must buy from the label and decline any powder which the label does not show to be made from cream of tartar. Uecker at Eismore. Mr. .M. L. Decker was over fron, lola .Monday, looking after his properly interests here and while in town made this office a pleasant call.—Kls more Leader. . —Soda Water, the Our Way kind, .Attended Lecture. Mrs. H. K. Vocke.v. Miss Leiia Badford and C. i. Williams returned this iifternoon from Iota, where they attended a Christian Science lecture •.u.-t night.—Chauute Tribune. —Fitzgerald Storasfc and Tr«n»fer To Visit Daughter. .Air. and Jfrs. J. L. Stewart went to fola yesterday afternoon to visit their daughter. They were accompauied by .Mrs. Stewart's sister, .Mrs. Frank Osborn of Attica, who is visiting them.— Chauute Tribune. Maclean at rart>uu.s. Dr. John Maclean will hold the third fiuarterly conference of Washington .Vveuuc -M. I'l church ne.vt Saturday e^ cniag. and on Sunday the protracted meeting commences.—Parsous Sun. CEMENT MEN THERE i'liej 6a} Thai I'ropu.'^td I'luul for .Muran Is Progre-sshig Very SalU- factory. Co. Househeld and piauo raoTifig; larfTCst Ktoro room In city. Phooc 856. Has Lire Eagle. August Forschlei', a Chanuie boy, who is now in Montana, has sent .'V. K. FrL'ZJer a magnificent specimen of he American oagle. The bird is only ten months old. yet measures six and one-!iu:f feet from lip to tip of his wings. He is lively, and takes much curiosity in his strange surroundings. Ihe eagle is on exhibition in the east window o: the The;»tcr pharmacy.— 'hjinul<> Sun. Your kind uf Oysterif. First catch the rabbit" Is the way .in old Kngllsh recipe begins. The modern version, applied to oysters, i."* "First 'buy 'Sealshlpt.' " "Sealsliipt" Oysters have that dis- 'tinctivc. salt, oyster flavor. Tlie rea- .son is they are packed in galvanized steel containers, sealed, airtight, with ice around the containers, but not In the o.vsters. So water la used. "Seal­ shlpt" Oysters cannot bloat, nor collect dirt, nor genus. •'Sealshlpt" Oysters are guaranteed. The ^V^lite Porcelain Case bearing the Blue "Sealshlpt" Trade-.Murk. from which you buy ••Sealshlpt" Oysters, is your protection. You can depend on liieir whulesomene^s, purity, fresh-^ ness. You can be just as particular aboijt your oysters as about any other food—"Sealshlpt" Oysters are for particular peo)ile. We sell "Seulshipt" only—wouldn't sell any other kind. Fryer Brothers, Otto Hinze, "Our Way." THE BASKET BALL GAME. Ex-Hifih Schoolers Won by a Score of 24 to 18.A Good Game. The game of Basket Ball was Introduced to lola last uight. The word introduced is used because it is a safe bet that two-thirds of the large crowd which gathered had never before seen a game played. However, the crowd knew when a good play was made aud the applause was liberal. The game is one that will prove very interesting when Che majority of the people catch on to it and the success of tbe game last night means that other gamen will follow. It is tbe for. erent desire of tbe Aiiditoriom team to take on the Hish School. toain and a cballeiiga will be iaaued voqu. .The Ret later waal M I IM eaa (t rrat H w f»l HIM 9^Mfat..> The Aloran Herald say.?; .Mr. JoJin If. Xoldc and .Mr. .M. A. Hagood. two of the promoters of the .Moran f'ori- land Cement company, the new plant which is proposed to locate at .Moran, were here last Saturday, having been to Savonburg to close the option wiiicb has been held oc the gas te.rilory from which the gas will be piped to supply the plant with fuel and aKso to furnish the town with gas if satisfactory arrangements can l>e made with the present c<»tni)any holdiut: ihe fratohise and then.with the ciiy a iichedule of prices. The ojnion which has t>eeu held on the gas rights, which are located west of Savnnburi:. is closed and the .Moran (oiupany is r.ou in fnll possession. Mr. Xolde and Mr. Ilagood were cal­ lers'at the Herald office, and while they had nothiu.u: to .nivo out ar." present rcore than that ihi> j)roceedings uf buJIdJn .1,' llie j)lani are ))n).:;ressiug with e;;iiic .^jiiisfaciion ami tiiar a <-e- menc I'Jant v.ould be buili .it Moran whicli everybody believes. If there are Htiy skeptical per.sous they are keeping i'l'.'et about it. .\ very imporiani issue in Ibringing this plant to .Moran is the ;>xurance iliat abundance of gas v.;!i l:e furnished the city. II is likeiy thai a raise In rate will be asked but .Mr. .Volde in speaking on r.his (inestiou said that he iielteved in giving good service all ihe time and for good servie*' In- untiid CNIMMT a paying compeiisaliou. But this is a question foreign to the real issue jus; at the present uiui whieh is the in importance and thai is the buildiai;; of the plant. While the promoters have given every assurance tliiit the plant will be tiulli if .Moran dues its part, everybody bes: evidence will be the beginulng ol wr.vk and ftnitlly the operation of ih. iilaiu. Politics is no longer an issue M) lei everybody get down to hani work in bc;ti«tiiig the cement pkiiii. Ihibcofk .'•'ire Kxtluifuisher Co.—Another Cullinfiffuod Fire where :J00 children lost their lives can'i happen where proper protection is i)rovided. Statistics show 9 out of 10 •(hen arc put out a.s soon as discovered if means are at hand. Equip your schools, bonus, barns, public buildings with Habcock e-^itinguishers and fear no tiro disaster. They throw a chemical stream H) times as effective as waier. Ji"> i)cr cent of fires are put out Willi chenucal e.Ntinguishers. 90 per cent of them Bubcocks..Proven by G :'. years use. the most efficient and re liable, (an you afford to take these awful firt* risk.s when loss of property ittid lives of dear ones are imperiled".' Write today for FREE catalogue on Tire protection and estimates for equip ping any luiiidiiii; with Babcovk apparatus. We watir reli:ib!e men to act as :ii;e!iis—Siou a month made without interfering -wiih present business. Write for iiartieuiars. ... Habcock Fire Kxlimruisher Co. Wabash Ave.. Chicago. Ill, WILL BEGIN WORK .Srna!(»r> aud Rcprcsentatnes Arc Returning tu Wa>hington Sow. V\'asliiiji;ioii. .N'o'v. 7.—Senators aud jei>resej)ia!ives are drifting back to Wasliinf;ion today, a number of them called on the luesideiit. Senator Ald- ri<Ii wa.-; ojie of the first. After his vi.'-i' with till' president h»* was asked whetii<.-r i.ufff levi.sion would be taken ttp in tlic senate at the coming ses- s!<ni. Ife (leclarril if would be the iiiusi (i'-siialile thills to do if It were possililf. but it was doubtful whether the setiiiif could di.'jiose of it at this session. •I'ersonallj. • said Senator .Vldrich. will amee, tha: thej- | would be very -^hul to see it doue." 'TIS SAID That hiiitauon is liu- sinceresi form uf I 'lattery; so it is easy to see'why we itre imitated. lUii since We have perfect confidence in the ability of an intelligent and public to decide who leads aiul never follows, we will only add that we are still givin.i; our patrons that same honest qiialit.V that iiiade us leaders. lola Laumlry Phono W2 TH08. H. BOWLUS, PresldenL . J. F. SCOTT, CasWar. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30,000.00 DIRECTORS A. W. Seek, L. C. Beatty. A. J. Fulton, W. J. Evans, J. O. RodgfriL W. L. Bartles, Thos. H. Bowlue, •APCTY OEPOaiT SOXU FOR RENT FROM 92 TO »5 P^R YIAIt INTEREST FAIO ON TIME DEPOSITS.

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