Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1907 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1907
Page 5
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I. T«B lOLA DAILY BEqiSTEi^ KOSPAT EYEBityC< yQTl 19t7. This is Great Shoe Weather Notice it by the way they're flocking to the New York Store, the first stord on their mind when it comes to buying shoes, you get values, style, quality and comfort all at the same time. Onr shoe offerings are tempting. They're shoes that need no mending. Wear them as long as you please, and solid comfort will neyer cease. 20 Styles of Ladies New Fall Shoes In all IcaUi'.i;, dulton or lace, latest list.;, Iocs and heels. Choice of any these styles ill $3,30 Ccnipatc them with au>$4.00 or ?5 00 ihocs sold . in town. 15 Styles of Ladies New Fall Shoes Gun Jfelil. I'.itcni Colt and Vici Kid, in button or lace, all 11J07 models, jour clioic: at $3.00 Compnie thctn with any $3.50 shoes sold anywhere in the City 10 Styles of Ladies New Fall Shoes In all leathers. Welt and light soles, up-to-the minute in style, wear guaranteed, no better shoes made at $2.50 Compare tbcni with any $j5 00 shoes in town. 10 styles In Ladies New Fall Shoes Made lor solid wear In Patent Leather and Kid. Oak Leather ijoles, solid leathei counters, good fitter. An honest shoe for little money, price Compare them with $2.50 shoes sold in other stores. $2.00 tola Vmierinskry Hospttml West Street, lola, one block from sijHoic. Diseases of domesticated ain i m a Is s I! c cess fully treated, ch arges modcr.itc.gnod box stalls for patients •Calls a;i>wcred promptly night or day. 20 years experience. Veterinary Dentistry a specialty. Franks,Beatiie, V.S. Hooor Ciraduate of Ontario \'ctcr- iiiary ColleRc, Prop. HospltaJ Phone 106S Res. Phone t.iO RATS! Get ri'.l cf llieiii. RAT-B1S=KIT Does lliH Work. Either for Ral.s or Mice 15 Ceiiis a Pack8|;;e At SPENCER'S S\.M KIMS THK MA It. Iiila Kiiy Hchtl ( Iiunuto DftViit lu- ilriK -iiiifiicf at Fmit liall. DR. i. V. JAMKSOV, Tlip Siirrrnsfnl A nr. thmj'fr. Yrtfrliiiirian. iBar\ c.ill'. answtTfd flavor nivht lift'- Tilth (ton;;!!--, I-^I.A. KANSAS. CITTirEWI, Dr. WUley, Ocnlist. You can find what you want in Wall Paper at Burrell's drug store. Free dirt at Luccock's. JAII. BR Hoover Kerr and Sheriif O. Bollinger spent yesterday bunting in the country. , WRDted—Bv <»r7lx )dy to know that W. Q. Kelley .<B; Son hare Bwved ttidr tnjc^tfer and. Btbnc* oBea to 211 So<i)|i; V«<ji|MtiMifc DOce and Day ;«oqa :a »tt:^*g(|wM«te» and plght W'Vk of S:im of Xh'- lust i\li«> .'nniitMly phiyi 'd witli tli." (It i.iv.:i riiivi'isiJy ti'um. rh;uiilt' .-'nr< I'l (i > e.-it'i-.lay in li.rf.iliiiii V •lull ii<-«- I'v tl\<> <ri>v>' of !•> l<> <>. Skoi';" Kii's ii.-J is ;;ii'iwii I'y his fri>'iii;< J:; Ii>';i. knows tl;i> ^HIUP of (V«i|h;t!I from .\ to Z y.>stprii;iy Iil:i><'i ;i :t;if •fMiii'tts" IJi'^l fern. \v!i<» was liov.n to .--•><• i\w umii*^ s.iy;: tliiit "r!!.'^!'!' in tli-- Kami ilii' time ;in'! on il"-t"!'nsiv.' work «.if; n whirlwiml. S:iin Klfis is fit.' son of ,\I Elis. i :> <-'<-rk in itl'- l'>':i t>"sl onin-, *l'ln> tliiio ['••ii-rson hrotlicrs. who in »li" )>ast thri- • y.-irs liavo Iwi-n in tl;(> Cli.iJS'jti- I'Min. wrri> not in lli' (••;itii this .'.ctf. Chan'it'' cot UI> a Iiiit\i'!i of ^^C,^^ n .-vils" U\;it i.s haril to ln'.n. us IiiiIc|"'ii(lon<:i itiiinti (i'!t >• <t iihiy. ' -Vox* Siiiiii;iy ih" Chniinto tp :>ni will iiirrr. tlio i;;is City team iif KI"'"tiif t'lirl; :iu<! the »Tmt <>s( in'oniis-s to be. •I vi V iir .-fi-:-! ill!; oiH'. Till' Cas 'i'v t'ani's iin<' iiji nn thnt liay will iiiiliicli" \\;iri-i-n Alh'n. tijo siar cvfola hi-li .<rh 'H>i halfbark: l^-s!;•• CiUiiiilK-li. .Til I'lla I KIV who iilaypil 1 srfat c.ini" Kriiiay; "Fatty". Hni'ot. anil I'i'arl .\otton. two mfra­ il.^is of till" fanriiis Laliarpp ipam. and a hunch of f'-llows that will jnakis Channt"' think thoy havo gon« up ap.iitisf .<;o!iiffhiiiir. Til" t.';ors .110 <.aid to bo prnlty nv- i -flv n:ifrlic<l ami tlio scoro will (ioiihtl''!-.-''y bo v.>rv rioso. J. T". Tanner. I{r«nM>d anr(lonr «ir And 8ale crier, 505 Korth McRea, 6aa City. of. r. KKX.VKDY. of lyine Elm, was a ;riios( of .r. K. Powell today. Prof. Wesley, the artist, is located tiver the new postofRce and paints jjortraits from oither life or a photo- jrraph. C 'ail on, or .phone ISS. P. E. Wasek. D M U K L Fkaae 1% OiBe« orer BBmU'a Drag Store. Dr. BejrMMa. noBS tM. K M. 114. FOR SAI.E—Large magic lantern with gasoline, light and set of views, screen, etc. 207'South Waabington. Penway ^wi&» ^iik Chocolate It is Dellciocs 5, {0 and 20 Cents a Package \f BarrelVs Dru^ More West Side Sqoare. •lite K.i.-t. ;n iit;ir will meet this fa t<-a on Thursday afternoon at the .'v ciriii'.;; ill Masonic Hall. Paint iiiL IISIY. Paper lian^int;. Phone Thf Cliiistian AUl .society wiU give] iionio of -Mrs. H. .\. Richardson. The sofii'ty will extend invitations to nionitnr.>5 of the Iliinilioldt society. Mrs. .lanirs Mc.Muvray and a group of ladies will a.ssist .Mrs. Richardson t^^ougho^t the afternoon. FOR SALE OB TRADB-^or town proi>ertr, Btock G.ziL Gnriey, Gas, We arc showing here one of our novelty sacks for Fall and Winter—THE POOLE. This coat is cut 32 inches long, slightly form fitting, cuffs on sleeves, long low lapel. Wc have this In plain and faucy weaves, $16.50 $18.00 $20JN OVERCOATS in all the new and correct models. "JUST WRIGHT" Shoes the best shoe ever made to sell at $3.50 and $4.00. "STETSON", "HAWKS" and "LONGLEY." hats, all styles and all colors. Barclay- dhteldft 11... . V-^-i^ DAtTON A FREE MAN €M)r£B>OB HOCH SIGNED PIBDOIT FAPEBS ATTBDIY. HE HAS HIS ABSOLUTEJREEOOM C'OFFETTILLE BANK BOBBEB TELEGRAPHS NEWS TO MOTHEB. Signified His Intention of Leading Tmstwortby and Usefnl Life. 1 ' Toiieka, Nov. 4.—Emmett Dalton for fifteen years a prisoner in the Kansas state penitentiary. Is free: Gov emor Hoch commuted his sentence Saturday night to a term expiring at the moment his name was affixed to the papers. In granting the commutation, Governor Hoch said that had been his intention to grant I>al- ton an unconditional pardon, but that there had been no publication of the case, as required by law, and therefore he could not carry out that desire. "However," continued tie gov>- emor, "this commutation gives Emmett his absolute freedom." Governor Hoch returned from Cotm cll Bluffs, la., Saturday at noon. . It will be remembered that Dalton of his own accord, returned to the peni tentlary Friday, prepared to retum to prison life. He hAd supposed, until he examined the pipers in the governor's office, last Tl |ursday that his parole did noti end until November 6 The governor was under the same impression, so at 5:30 o'clock Friday night the governor extended the parole until November 6. Dalton came 'back to Topeka, arriving; Saturday morning. Governor Sent for Dalton. The governor's action in • extend ir.g the parole was tak.en by many to mean that the pardon would be granted at the end of the parole. Pew there were who thought that It was to come Saturday afternoon. I .Ate in the aftamoon. however. Governor Hoch sent! for Dalton. The young man went directly to the executive office. Ho was accompanied by his brother. I. B. Dalton. a farmer near Kln^flsher, Ok. In the room were Mrs. Hoch. wife of the governor, Mr and Mrs. Homer Hoch and two newspaper men. Emmett was preceptibly nervouF Everything in his surroundings Indl rated that the constant wish of fifteen years was about to be realized, and yet. as ha said afterward, he felt that ho did not dare to hope too strong for fear of some disappointment in the end. The governor came out of his private office and with outstretch- hand advanced to meet Emmett. He was introduced to the older brother. Then he turned again to Einmett. The Governor's Voice Trembled. "Emmett." he said. "I hava given a great deal of thought to your case. I havo wat<died you and tallced with a great many people regarding your conduct since you have been at liberty. You have qualities of a good man. Btit you realae, of course, the position I am in. I have to stand bet .ween mercy on one hand and good government on the other. The governor's voice trembled! and he could not conceal his emotion. "But" continued the governor, "I do not believe that good government will suffer because of the fact that }-oii are a free man Until that time Dalton 's face had not betrayed that he heard the governor's words. But he seemed to real- i-/.o what was coming and what it meant to him. Hia face twitched and he - was restless, bac ne looked his benefactor square in the eye. His brother buried his face in his handa. The two women present moved closer together and covered their faces. "I believe, Emmett." continued the governor, "that you will make a good citizen, and with this belief—" here the governor took from his secretary the parchment bearing the state 's seal which means freednn for Dalton. and started to band It to him. At that moment the llghta went out and left the room In darkness, but without hesitation the governor continued: "with this belief I extend yon this pardon." Dalton Cflild Vot SptA Dalton arose- from his chair but said nothing. The governor was the first to break the silence. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to do thla." otmtinued the governor, "because I feel that the confidence I am noWi placing tn yoii Is not misplaced." A t'wlUght sun caati just enough light in the romn to'-aUov tiioae there to distfa «nl ^~t2iiB two flgwea atandins in the glixMn. Tirom. the place irtiere were .'aeated Mra. Hbcfi ana liier caina wCTwaed sobs. Taesday, IToT. a. "THE COW-PDHCHEB,* 1 Plctaresqae Story' of Baaeh Life. Prices ..,25e, 83c, 50, 75e 91M waa trembling now. If there were any tears in bis eyes they could not be seen. "The trouble la that there is no way for me to properly' express my gratitude. But I certainly thank yii>u with all my heart and soul. I wish to say this, however, that you nor any one else will ever have reason to regret what you have-done today, I shall do everything In my pow- ei- to live a useful life and he a good citizen." Telegraphed His Mother. The governor stood, for a moment without speaking'. Dalton. did the same. Finally Emmett said: "Governor, 1 beleve that I shall ask to be excused. I want to go to the telegraph office and tell mother." Dalton-will remain in Topeka for a few days until Dr. Outlandi feels that his arm is sufflcdently healed to allow him to travel. He will then go to Kingfisher, the home of his mother and brotfaer. To a reporter for the Star Dalton said: "I am deeply grateful to Governor Hoch for what he has done for me. and to friends who have stood by me through my trouble. I recognize the fact that all the assistance 1 have received has been given ..under the implied agreement that I will make good in the future, and I shall certainly try to carry out my part of the agreement." The Methodist Missionary society will meet on Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. O. P. Duncan on North Washington Avenue. Picture free with each Pound of Candy at Mundis'. A SnSTEBIOrS XURDEB. —' Tenne -siiee Xan Deliberately Shot Man Supposed'to Be a Friend. Nashville. Tcnn., ^.'oV-. 4.—Dr. P. McFallen. a prominent physician of West Xashvill:c. was shot and killed as he was preparing to* step into his automobile yesterday by Thomas S. Bush, a well known young man. Allen and Bush had ..been close friends. The tragedy therefore, caused all sorts of conjectures. Bush is reported to have walked up to Allen and said: "I hate to do it, hue I am going to kill you." He then fired the fatal shot. Bush declines to talk and so do friends oC Allen. Prof. Wesley's portraits gives universal satisfaction. Studio at rooms and 2 over new postoffice. Phone 188. Baker President Addressed H. S. "Training Ourselves for the I&^rd Things of Life" was the subject of Dr- Murlln's address to the Gas City high school this morning. Dr. iiurm aaid that it was the person who. chose the hard work in school, who chose upon entering high school, the ^ latin and hard courses, and not students who chose the easy courses, that sneceeded.- In life. y' ' ' ^ New York City. N. Y., 10-38-'07. Prof. Jno, Wesley, lola, Kansas. Dear Sir: The portrait you made for me Is simply beautiful. Encloeed please find my latest photo from which please make me one 10x20 panel, the 1175.00 brown ink etohing. B D* slosed please find fifty dollars as'pay­ ment on same. Very respectfally, MARIE DAYLB. 26 Spring St. COXSPIBACr SUIT OPEHED. Deponltlon of Cassie Chadwkk Orter- ed Opened by Snpreme Cewt Pittsburg. Nov. 4.—The depqai^os of the late Cassle L. Chadwiidt SMde in connection with the suit of Sfra. Jutte against Hoffstot and friend. p |98 Ident and-vice president of the PipMW- ed Steel Car company, charged jaiith conspiracy, was ordered opened tad »7 by Chief Justice JMitchell, of the >t«te supreme court. Efforts were ma^V by the counsel for Mesrs Hoffstot and friend to keep the document sealed. Ub^GuiOhmm Thereis no glass like ijbbfy't. Oar line i$ complelle.

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