Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1907 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1907
Page 3
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RICHARDSON'S MBER. A Money Saver for Those who want Coals, Fnrs, New Shirt Waisfs. Skirts, Warm Underwear imi Dress Goods! Our customers tell us it is a pleasure for them to be able to view this magnificent display of New Fall Merchandise, now in array here- It certainly is a privilege and pleasure for us to show them. Here you will find a representation of all the new things Irom the foremost producing centers of the world, and as to our usual prices—examples follow: New Fall Modeis in Women's, Misses' and Childreh's Coats rUH.HKKN'S AM* MISSES' KJATS FOK TIMS (.KKAT .>OVE.HBKI{ SAI.h I.'iO Kleeaiit Jiurnioiits I'or you tn >cli-i-i I'roiii. ciiii HI any rliild or inls> ill a irroat »«rirt> i>i sl}\i->, for *l^l>. !fi..-.0. *5.(Mi. *«..".«. *«.«M1. #T-.(i. #10.IH). anil *UM. Showing o! Waisfs at Special Prices. fur tlii> trrt'ut >iMruili»T Sale. J 'jr, *I .m», *i.i>.-.. ii^VK *-.Mni. >i".(>. iSrjjM), !?:t..'i(i, *n .7.".. *J.i:ii. >:».(:(i ii|> lo T.'.O. K»r Uii- lirviit .Ni»»r«;l'»'r Sal«-. I In- illu>lrat»on'» ran only iniriratr Uii- cliaraitfr of th<- ^t'lt- In H H-M- snir- iiu-iit». Till- nali:n'> nlifrli unit*- Jli«-Jii of itn«-<|iialti->l niTlli ar<- tin* KT* IA- cr!Icnl iiiatcriaN ain'i t!i«> «.k!!!iiil al- mnkias .W*- run miriijy .->v<turr< rwry rronoiiuVal Hontan tli:it tlicsc niil nflhstnnit all riimpariMMt iritli -rniilar iiriced lino, >M.mi. iKJUf. !N<K). fti.Wl. *H'.(H). <i:..W. ?1C.(NI. *l7^'.<i. fcti.w*. #2i.'i<i. ijM'i.iin II.K I Ti'tir-rnin wr u ill liriiiir i»rlli a lery ( Mtr:)».iw ^lioniiiir <if ni-n wai?>(!i. Thry an- :>II "ur mm flmo^inir. which of ;t-<-tr H '.II uii«\%fr i»r the IndiTidBallty «M' thf Nt»l«"> as n«-ll a> tho reasonable' III-* iif the |>riiT. Tin- elYet-ts are stun- r.ins am! tliij arc »» in- had in Taffrta Fri-nrli .Hr^Nuliiir ami ni-t- inira fbi- lAlenxiM- -lidwinu: you nlll tiud no tr<>ul>li- in tiniiiiit: I In- *l«li- or riiliir Ibat iiicrtv _Minr iaiirj. 400 Elegantly Trimmed Hats tor th'.> (.ri-af Nou-inlifr Sale'at >|)r:-ial (>rlriv. I'lie dt-niund for Klrb- anU'UiV .Mllliui-ry lm\ Iweii mo>t eii- < (lur.isiiis. Hundreds <if IK'W fustom- n> each sraMiu socin -urjirlsj-d ut the •Xy,'^^^ rvinarWablc »alues and all so fairly yfv'. .7 * '-'^P, I»ria-d. Tin- iffortsf ni- ban- inadr to '^''''kh'^ j^j^^ i-\irl in this liiK-an-doTotfd as mutb ^.'.'f '^OHBF .••('1 on 11 nrrli rotim. hc-autifully triinniiHl ' ' • n '"^'^^ nith UiiHirs. toijiics. fi'athors and the Yl v\' i'^.' ]><>l>n!ar fi-alhored effwts. a splendid ~XS^ '.'i'/i-,^ -/ ' 111 the relialiilify of materials as till- Heatiie»-> and eifecUveness «f tlie .-lilo. The desicTts are from our (••.llietiiui. *-_'..VI. -'l.t'K. Hi( tit )i«.'..(H». ^1 Special Values in Underwear. Miiiii«-ii «iliii rhiMi^e (o eonipare ll;i>e linvN ai'.i' others at similar priei'v \\\\\ readil) prme to their entire «ati'<factli>n a fact already tirinly t-^talilishe^i amniii: huntlrcils of w«. men in lola. namely. The lii-st nearlosr liest iittiU2. loH iirieed underwear of. iVred anywlii-re at the priee> is at this store. Ladles (Garment i.'ir. S 'li-, .">»<•. I MI-, 7:»e. i\m. All wool underueur *1.IMI. #U">0 up I.. Children's separate srarinenfs I.'x-. i<te. S.">e and .Vie. • • hildren's Ciilon Suit* in all siz«->, a s|ilendhl lalue. -pceial ^.'>e. ( Uildreirs hieh Krade riiimt Suit, rrcaiii, be;Mil» tlec-eeil. mir iM-sf (|IIM I. itt. :,\U: Women's Flanneleite Ni|,ht Dresses, etc. Kor this Kreat >'«Teml»er Sale. The <!<niaud for tliese learraents indirates an inrreasinc appreciation of the naruith and comfort tliey aiYord. We ha^e just recei»«>d a new line eontaiii- insr splendid values at -VJe. "."ic. S",c. fl.tNl. and Great Hov£mb3r Sale In Dress Goods, etc. ".">0 pttees to select from, no i>ld »fui>": eierj- new color and wenTe wlJI VI) in this areat Sale. Special l.'ic. S'lC. 7.-,C. %\MU *I .25, #1.1-5. ?I S'l Warm Klaukels of every kind from •'lU ient> li> the linest all wool Blanket Black Cat Hosiery The Hose that are ^arantced to vi;ir I'jr. i''»e and .">0e. I'liy.i! Worcester forscts, the t>e»t ill the land. I'ietorial Uciiew Patterns recom- nieuded ali«>e all others. Ask your Dre^!! Jloker about them. U3 Cutit Maiii9on Avenue. RICHARDSON'S 2 ifoars Wemi Ttnmp" mon Hotel, TO MOUNT FAMOUS CANNON. \V. H. McClure Wanls County to Care for Philippine Relx. CLOSED A! SCHOOL St>MKTH!>«; SIIOl l.I> 'Aluit Is t'au-iii'- (he tiiercuse <i tarrli In iiil.i.' 1!K HO>K. I t u- Hs.-ci Lengshore, Who Attended Deer C-^ek School. Has Scarlet Fcvcr. —Many Pupils Exposed. srVKhS THEATEI5 —< >i« 1 heater N Said .>Ioney. IS fLOSED. to Haw Lost' Additional Society. • •••l> v I. Ill ';.!•>• i'i '•<-•-' .-iTMi-;.- liii-i'- iiit:i (•;!t;irrli;il M UU I J I IS iii;M .-in;; nof "nly i:i lula but nver • hi- loiiir 1 y (•;ir:irrli is n :^r-rni '!i~'^:i.->-. :i::il w' ii. ip. th'- i >rc-!riii !i-.: ir-, -'iij!; (i ' (!i.sM<iy> (i, aiiit ;<> >l<> u;.-u ei.:-d ^.un; ^^. i. >-eu - • •„,;-,;^J,.;^ has .... h ,io.-, • not tcar-t l-v.-r i.r.'aks o-:t ni j ;,cii:>u a.s Hyome:. , H;i/el Loimshore. tlif '.> ' Wit..':i iln- iiiurons nifniliraiio is irri- •ar oid da.ijrht.'r of .Mr. an.l -Mrs. Ar- tnr-d aiiO r ;.;v ami il... tis>i.e.-; wnak- in-]. ih'-n- i-: all I 'l'.-al lixicmc plarp \V. M. .Vlc'Oiuri- ai-ii;:r^ii rli.- • linty coiiiiiii—-i"!!*'!'.-^ KJ'.H^ anil ^ to tlietii wifh i> ft -r-'iuv •(• tlii^ <funou Hijk -h ha-" l >e>n in tli" coir.t :K-U .->' iiark. Ha.'loweVn nife'lJ' boys 'i:a ??:ed the canni)!i from thf court ! ouM' iiark and, took it apart., placing ome ot the parts oa telephone poles < II ilif sidt- of thf square. .Mr. .McClui? desired to Icnow whether or tini:- i.ougshore. to<.k sick ut schoii .- • -- „ ^ :.i)i ilie coiuiuissionors. if the canDon Kiveri to the cotimy. would build c«iii»>nt ;;iriJ. l^ii •!(>wii l(. a (•••lii.-n: I)!-;.' so tl;ar th K.>\> vmi'.il «o 'i taii" it awivy. The caiuiou is !Knv th ':iiri'l"'.'-!y of ^^•Jl1ter Hull ami was broucht from th*? Phili} piues. It is taid to liavf a history. I 'll'- iniiii'aiioii.s an- iliai ihi; apurks . rii 'M'i i" ha.-, ilosfd for Uii- .sea.soii. No; !-!i 'iws »a.s given oithei- yesterday af Ha! It. ids 'alest pr.u, "The Cow ' ruiicher, • at the f.iaad on Tuesiay. ^ Noifiiib^r .",11.. i'lL'Ss di.s;;a'.chfs s^ate .•• .'. ••. .•. .% .•- -•. -> .> <. <• ^^''^ i''''-^ "'-'tl*? 3- irf .-meiKlous . liit ill the t-as'.. Cr.t ;<-S arc unan-'uious Tli.j I.itlL- GVaners spent a vory i ndeclarin?. that >ir. Keid's beKt l.!-asaiu aiKl piontable afternoon on| stroke is in this plsy. U is new and ,..n ,oo„ or las, aiuhr. " Th,- Sparks ^i'" Knowltcn. All .V trom the strereotype drama Jts o,,.-M,.i| a u....k a..;o«nudav with r-ome members were present and tho.v ehiri c, arm is ir.« on ,?iua );ty. The ..,.,,1 v .u ....vinf. anrac -.ions hut fail... ^va. an hour at needlework. Mrs.: r^tmospiier r of the ^vcst has bcvr. care- uo'.d vaudeville attractions but faiit'i to draw very well. iiiaiia?;emeni lost money week's stand. v.a.-, an hour at needlework. .Mrs.: atmospiier • of the "cat has bcvri care- It is said that thi- Knowlton closed tlio session -wi'li a. fi:il> pre.-,er-ied. W. F. Mann, the pro- nu las; ! v; ry pretty luncheon. !'ine r. has g vi-n it a lavish scenic 'a=t Friday w-itti the disease. exi>'j^-, .^5,^ ne^-miifUlv it soosln-s i;,. , , ,», ..,.„,• wniilrt bu^lii . iiii! ail of the ptipils to the malady. I niwuLiano--. vi-aliz-s ih-.- tis.siies ami: I t., fh<- coMnt,. would bUild "r. ' .!o...rMvs all Tl,.-di.-aso ;:.-nns. render-i La-am! mount it in the eourr f b-H-w.-d l.e^t by bfHh m.mb..s ^^^^ ,,„ss:l.!... \ w:.^ to have it b.dted ' • •^^'-O''' Th-r^ i< dan--'. ,f^a - >rnmach -Irnv ; I . .J. lit- R fl l"hrtsr;ili r .l ir -.«-i ...i i.; iKP.I: no tahlpl.-. TALKED .VBOIT FI>A.\< E. ! ' j;. 4. 4. i production. .\ cast cont-tining some of j Tlip Y society will ancnil a cnatithe best known actors in the couuti) I d>-ai of lime irvm now i-n until No- - fjcr .-thtr -.villi ni'.'iicrous sp'^cialfi«'s a.s- :i:)- when If:.o-n .'i is n<od: no tablet.-. ; !• li'itiid r .iixT '.ir*'•. v .h .T ^i.y th" di- 1 , iisrii .ti is ofipn desiroyf'I and iii<<.'-j 1-iria! rcjubles added to tin- horrors of' at;irr!i. MAY MARRY WRONGED GIRL. til <>ffi<.., r. I»r R. O. fhrisfan i-.i.H til- sclnvil for ;i 'ini*- at !•;.-'. lU'/'.l l.oii;;stior" bei-ame i I Frila> • v« niiiK afer sin; went l'o:ii.' l:oiii -Kool. Slse did not feel weP at anv , Hifitli .Ml 'liroimb th»> m-at pocke" j ' . ^„,. i^ih-i'er that comes with every Hyo- tin:., dunns the entire da.v . :,;eV ont:;'! the healing balsams t;ene- KOHM AST FOB ELErTlf>\ HAV. Chester Hartpence May Avoid Trial on S-riou» Charae. It wa.- said UMny by a couulj" officer ir-aie to the im><t remote air Cfils of the throat, nose and lunss. destroy- :!ni; the catarrhal perms .so thai iiuick Ualns \re Predicted for Some States ,eoovery f .-iUnws -••derate Temperatiire. Chas. tt Spem er a|:rees refiinrt ... . . '"^""^ -a^^,!,..! 'he money to any i.urchaser of Hyoniei V.ushmstol.. ^o^. I -The -»edt!i-. ^ ^^^^^ j^,, Tlie complete out- umber 19th. w:th their p'ay "Re } surcs us that it will be -u worth ste- St, id lorporatlon Uiticials Conferred '''^^'^^'^ Triumpsh." Tlierc wit' be a j Th- p'ay po.vcrful drama With Prcslilcut Roosevelt. | f hearsul tonight and ona Friday l^r ,.,n,ta.ninK a beautiful jntght in the Methodist churcli. Next |„ an sttir.v. thii linji .situat on-s an(« Wa-shin^'ion. Nov. 4 —I 'ri -sid>.-nt I '^^eek the young people will meet ev-j fa;..-y i,„iji,!cs with comedy. A cast litHjsevelt conferred iiVarly two hours cry evening. j f;,r abovij the average has been en- today with Secretary Root. i-:. H. [ * * .jc.i!;o<i and nothing that money can secure has been spared to make this church will meet to organize a choru^j Garv and Hetirv C. Flick of the S i ^^'^'^''^y evening a number of Steel corporation. The only state- 1 >o"n8 P«»Ple who attend the Baptist cne of. the ftio<=t magnificent produc The church hs.s had a quar ' t ons m the road. li^at Chi-s'er Harfi>euce will ayold be-fjureau forecast for th^ wenil!>M 0:1 : ,^ claimed for it. J (It costs but $1 .0" QUASHED THE SUMMONS. JUK tried on the cliarBa of ravishing j eleeiioii day follows: .Myrtle Duffner. by marrying; her. It; Fair »-«-ather is iudieuted r<.t Tii^-. U said that the couple may be mar-, day. sren^raMy ovi-r thi' country. »-v-; ^ red in a day or two. Hartpence was ' cei; in .NVw Kn«!and New Vork.: „,-7T..„ Transactinn br^ushr down from Burlington Satur-, Northern ^'en-Vl-nU. NorOu-rn N.v RocWefe. r l^a^ IZl day evening wh^r.. he «fas caotht. i .lersej". and .Northea.s.ern Ohio where > Bu.ine.. m Uhnoi. Lately. merit obtainable at the UTiite was to the effect that the conference j choir, dealt .solely with the financial siiua- »ettc and at times .in octfttc but U K j tlon. it was said that President Roo.-e chorus choir has not been singi(i'-{ ' ' velt contemplated makiup no dire-tj for some time. Mrs. Mc.Mutray. -.vioi Santa re Raftvwiy Tlwo Tablfc statement at this time. u ^ yromluent member of the church- ( .VORTIT BOUNTJ jjrect th;- rehearsals. i No. 202. Paa. daily ..2:22pu TROOPC OHDEKED OIT ... 21pt . , j No. 204. Pas. dally ...2:66 a-m MIs-.i Kiiilierlne .Ton»s -^• II ui-.-t the' No. COS. Pas. dally ex. Sun ..6 Gir's' Music e"ub on Wcdiiei.lay Elirbt l'oiiipanir!< Will tJo to Present Trouble >Vith Slonx Indian.s. the hijrT? school yodltcrlum. He will b? arraigned lu Judge Hough's court this afternoon. rain* are likely The femperatur.- will be miiderate In all sections.- j Mn-llay. O. Nov. 4.— .ludse Duncan of the common p'eas court today Uuiaha. Nebr. .N JIV. 4.—Orderu havej been received from the army hea-?- j Bank Cashier Suicide*. HunlKVllK- Alabal.a. .Nov l .—Jas , , ,_„,„i„i„„ HunlKVlil;- Alabai .a. .\ov i— jas \o ::n :i. Pn' nuarters to dispat:h the renialnlngt , . •„ I s.. -Mii. k'-oi , 4.„„„„j I. c If Bayd. cashier of the Huntsvlle. two .-iquadrons of the becond I . s.: - No Pas. arrives dally ..8:50 p.m. •-•'••>.. sit, e r»iehi. IJ. ex. Sun 12:ulpjB. SOUTHBOUNn. w. •/•<x i 'a< flatly 12:48 gm. .Vo 20.1, Pas dally .2 :00 ... .../ I'a. iia'iy ex. 8no Vo :fi5. fn"«. de:>arf9 dally. ..6?20 a.m. ehr n M aun. . 12:20 rm. ISlner* un a StrOie. COt.'.VTV treasur»>r -M F ^U-Uly an ^'ia*htvl the sumjijons serv«l upon Oanvrjp Til.. .Vov. I. Four liun- today that alKjut $1 was .loim D Rockef?ller. w-ho repreHents dred miners lu this,dlotrlcf r-eut on a ; in olfic on the 'B\ nW- a foi-elgn conwration that is not do ' strike today on acouuf of financial j S.ntorday. .\bout $:"..St )o was taken in ing business In Ohio. Rockefeller's j conditions. Friday. , vUit to tills state was a purely per- 1 .lOHX .\BR .\.Ma was taken to th" i : sonal one and not for the transaction! St Johns hospital today , suffering ' THE JJTTI.E dauetter of Bob „f buafnes*. 1 ffvm a seven: attack of typhoid *Ter. 1 Sbarpe. wbo live* at 310 West Camp Cavalry ci nipos .Hl of ei-.;ht companies i & Trust r<.., mmi .^lit.-.l suicide I i>(.,i,„./{v„„, Var beranse In ' Allen t'onuty nearly ererybody reads '*l;e Itcglster. . t.»i, *i ASthougb. bis case 1» not critical he If. in a serious condltloo. betl 'street who ta suJferlng from au J. ROBINSON went to Kansas littack of scarlet fever is thought to C'.iy this monilng on a ishort business be in a -rery critical con^on. . vlsIC BegMer Wart Ate. le • Wi4. to Thunder BuMc. S. O.. at the eirlie-u ' "^i" "'ornins pondlble moment. The command lef '• Fort Ues MolneiS last night and-it i- BIRNED TO DEATH, '. not known why the additibuai rroop-s • • Tclriibone Toiir Want Ads. t* tbe were sent but it is thousht it Is to pre-' liliieveld. W. Va.. Nov. 4.— Alderson R«*fater Office, ve.t any ,K ,rclon of the Slonx trlbelBeiley was burned to death and hi. ^^^^^^^^^^ from making commbn th»- causn with | elder brother was burned so badly the telephone, bat expects the adver- the L't«;s. !»>ot be will die and his mother, an- tlser to the office and settle: 4 other brother and a nine>y«.nr-oId sis- as BOOD as convenient, as the billaar? « ...... ^ terirere scrionaiy Injured br fire that Reckter WBat -AdB..^Paf becaasc ta ^ , ^ ti«- T>..n ^ collector, r Telephone yoar want ad- to . JU^aanty^earlr ^Tefybedj ttmi* destroyed ^^h«ne of Alex n .-iney ^^^^ pUone.'xow 1? or No. 222. and MBeglsto^ .V % • ; ^ - > • ' trwlll receive carefql attantkm.

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