Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1907 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1907
Page 2
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NOT Akk ^rOJls ^OBCOHAtlON.; UMftriqIin AIM ' Hkd timtthina tD D« with Display. , A well knowa i^lustrttor who vlslt- «d N«w Orleans grew most enthusiastic with reference to the qnalnt beauty of the old town, "t noticed a remarkably decorative effect Ip a street near the French Market," said he to a friend. "The KeconU and third story windows of a certain house were hung with pale ycHow Iiamboo cur- i tains. There vcre perfectly plain and all of the same .-ihade. yet you can form no idea ben- i:)<?y set off ilie old place. They Riniply glnrined It; • The friend, a New Orlcnns man. was pnr.- rind. "I don'i rcrall ilif h;;ii:io. Pplnl it out to nie the next time wpic in that vicinity.' .\ day 61 iwo l.iirr the friends were wallvln? In the locality referred to, when sud(l'»nly the man from the north uttered an exclaina- tlon. "There it Is: " he cried. "The house of the bamboo curtains; It must contain a colony of artist."!:" Uls friend smiled grimly. "That isat bamboo," he explained. "Voiie enthii.:lnc over a spaghetti factory. They ha-'.i; the stuff out there to dry. •—Youths Companion. NOT A FAIR CONTEST. Where Johnny Had the Best of It on the Weights, The twin boys, .lohnny and Tomnnv not only looked almost e.xactly alike and could wear each others elothey without the slighte.M mls9t. but v.i-n ally weighed the saaie. there beinc a difference of not more than an ouii'.:e or two between them, nof.vitbstaniliiig the efforts they were always making to otitweigfa each other. "Toin." said his brother one day, "lets go and .^et weighed. 1 believe 1 can b^'ai VDU ihis time." Tommy Vsreeil. a,-'l tUry went to the grocery store where I'wp contests were usually decldf-d. •Yoii get on the scales first," snid .lohnny. Tommy complied, and his weight wa' found to be 6S pound.< 12 oun;-s Then .lohnny took bis turn. Me tipp-I the scales at o*artiy ti9 pounds. { "That ain't fair!" exclaimed Tommy, ".\nd it don't count! I forgot aborit that big boll on your arm!"—Yoail.'s Companion. Continuous Indian Danes. The Cheyenne aud .\rapahor.- .i;*! holOing their annual squaw danii' at this place. .More than S.OOt) Indiiiiia are encamped at vl'e city park. The dance is a continuous uue da.< ;iiii night and will last for several <iav» The bucks and fquaws all take i>art In these festivities, and' the tittle ones can be seen imitating their eid-rs by dancing around all the tlm-'- the tomtom is poun led. The garments worn by some »tlie tribe are things of beauty, bedecked as they arc with feathers, beads and dVbcr ornaments. Some have bells on their wrists .ind ankles and the moremcnts made by them seem to be for the purpo-e of getting as much nolje as pos.^ihle out of these things.—Watanga HcralJ T5? •r. iiiiiiW COMWIAHDIMG OOA T VALUES Rich bargains in fashion's best models. Stylish tailored garments in a great display gathered for a great sale in tremendsus values. Womens Coats at $6.95 A big a.ssortlHeiit of r.o-iiic!i l/Oiig hiHise Coals, lliit-il tliroughunt Willi satlii, triiuiucd with velvet iiiiil braidn ;is Kood aa jou c.ui find u( JIO.OU. Our price Ji?0.9;"» Coats at $10.00 exiranrdlnary in .'.n jm h IiiiiK all-Mitiii lined iiiid li;ind:-cnie'.v I 'li'.ided over hack,' Ironl. v;il;<- and sle "'Vi'.i. .\ very han<l:^cinie t 'i ';it. well worth .\ .splendid bargain in (his sale lor JSUMK) Leave it to the Lord. A gentleman residing in a -;ir;:!l' western town recently had the misfortune to lose his wife, in deference to the last wishes of the deceased the remains were cremated. Bridget Flannigan. a former servant in the family, heard of her old master's trouble and called to console him. "Ob. wirra. wirra!" she cried, rocking herself to and fro. "An" yer poor lady is dead! Sure an' It's miserable we all are, for a more blissed sowl niver lived than Mrs. Barton." "You are very kind to say 80, Bridget." "An' ye had 'em i bum her np?" "Tes, Bridget: she was , cremated." "Och, the saints presar \e us: Why didn't ye let the Lord 'tend to that?"—Lippincoti's. $8.50 Misses Coats for $5.00 i)\if l(ri iif Mi .M\s ("(i.i;- III fur ;,ni.ili wiinicn. fanc .i rlfi'ct in uoul iii;.\iiiri's. collar and eiiffs liraiil iiuil M-IVM trim uiing, llpht and dark erfei-i-. I'l.rnier price $,s..-|0. On sale ^.l.'.K) Jaunty Caracu! Coats .limnly litlle .iIT.iir:- in prelty silk Cull Caraeii!. "I iiiclii-s. leiiKilis all lilted, nicely triiiuiuil. in l)i;icU an<i brown. .\ very diiiniy liille (-0:11. eially priied at Jf ;^^..->o. $ir>.(H). ssis.oo Best Skirt Values in Ida X"v. nii"i"'!.s in l'aii;iui;i i;i Ijlaek, bni'.". M. ir.iii'; alsii ,Si'r;;''s .iml l-"an<"y Mi\!:iri'... full pliMi-d or iili-.-if^d ami iriiiiined Slvirts. v.ell «i>ith i<Mf\. On sale $.•>.{).> Our $6.50 Silk Petticoats at $4.95 ."ill I'.iMill ifrii S.'ii; r-l I iciial «!• «ill M 'll luiMiM I'lvv .It this reiiiarU- alili' ln'.v |irli !• Thi'.v ;iie iiiaiit' nf liiuli rr.idf Uii.stliiiK •laMi'l' Silk in Mack and ilie new ciilni •: made uiili a full eirciilar llniiiire; iiiaili! ivxid and full, widl wiiiih thr re,i;nl;ii- initi' ?<;.."iii. 'iw sale loii\orrow while lliey last Sis-|.*),"» $5 Skirts at $2.50 • •lie hundred Odd Skirls, only oii" or two of ;i kind, light ami he:ivy weijclil materials. This lot must be elosed at once. Your choice Dress Goods Special ,M> jiierc.-; i >f Wool Dres-s Goods they I 'linie In .••iicli weaves as • Panama, Checks. Siiiliiig, Shadow Plaids and .\li>;nn\-.;. .\'il this season's new col­ or:;: woiili ij ."ic to per yard. On =;ale VM' Women's and Childcrn's Underwear Cood «i white or cream, cotton ll.irvd Vc.-it and Pants. .Sale |iri( I- • 'Zol^ l,.idic^' Inioii >3iiits. inediuni and iiiMvy v.r;;;Ii'. white or cchruc; worth A \ 5<)<- l.adii / liiinii Siiil.s of eoinlied yarn nicfl.i I'iii. iii'd in iiiediimi and heavy ui-i;;lii ?l grade at fj(l.(K) Ciiildirii . Iiiioii suits at 'ZTt and ,10^ Chiidn:. - Yi-ls :iiid I'alits at 15^ and Coals at $12.50 The variety of fashionable Coats which we show at this price will make ehoosing an easy matter. There are Coats in liyndsome broadcloth, light weight kersey, ,'>0 inches long, beautifully Iriuiuied, lined throughbut with heavy satiu. These Coats are' good values at $1S.00. Ou saie morrow $13 .1 Swell Broadcloth Coiats $18.00 . ,"•(! and ,">2 Inches long and made of fine liroadcluth In black, brown and ehaiiipaigne, liaiidsoinely trimmed lined tiirogliout with line satin, cou- sidercd a good value at |25,00. On «:ile $18.00 DR. MURLIN AT Y. M. C. A. 1 line in life should not be the sU- pur , TIIK lOI.A Fruit company r.-ceiv l.ose of any man. The 11 lin:; wa-; ed a ear load of some of th? titiest Le(ltin.d to .Men on "Having a i;o.d , j,,t,.ndcd. Scivlary Slarki-y !oil and largest apples ever received in Time in Life." ,l„. |,oys souutling o' (he ••-Sliiin ' l( ia The apples come direct from IJoili the men and boys' meet iri at nf^ Wa.Uiington state and are twice the ilii- Y. .M. C. \. yesterday afternoon _^ .si/|. of an ordinary apple and have a v.ere weir attended. A; the .inn's Dlt. .Ml'UI-IX. pr^-t-id-iii ni iialv.i- line flavor. The apples are re SI rv:ee Dr. .\liirlin. presldeiii of B;l;-i- Cnlvcrsily made a short addnss tiii-; lailing at 50 cents a aozen or 5 cents Cniv( rsity. gav? a talk ou the suliji et. morning to the tola higii .>;cho'»! st'i- ,,;ic!,. "Having a Good Time in Life." Dr. dents. Ho left on the afternoon train! ' .Murlin explained Uiat having a od for Baldwin. I Kcgisler Want Ads. Bring Resulte. Correcting His Geography. In the absence of the infomiatioo editor, who was away on his vaea lion, this question was referred tc the manager of the country circula tlon department: "Who wrote How Big Was Alexander. Pa?1 don'l know.' he said, "but whoever did it was away off in geopraphy. There.'f an Alexander in Illinois, one in Iowa one in Kansas, others in Maine, New York. North Carolina. South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia and Wyoming, but if there's an Alexander i;i Pennsylvania,' by George, it isn't in the postofflce directory." A London Weather Report. One day while I was in Loudon I wanted to know what the weather re port waa. The sort of weather we had been having was not all that could bi desired and I hoped against oxperl ence that it might be better. Turnint to the Tribune I found this: Sum vaaxy Forecast—Light to moderat>r breeiea, varying i^ dlrectipn: al ternatfl close and thundery ^d flnt periods; sharp local storms.—Pat nam'a Macaxlne. Louisiana's Frog Induatry. The revenue from the frog Industrji In LontslaBa is something over 1100. 000 per annum. ' The frogs are shipped alive in barrels, packed in moss Orer l.OOO.OQO barrels of this IlvlBg freight are shipped yearly—some go ing west as far as California. Of course, ther are no ordinary frogs, but are carefully raised and fattened, be ing fed on bread, meal and cracklings. How True. Mildred— Of course, I care more toi a man 'a triie love (baa for the amount ot .mopf y be apeoda," ClotUlde —"Oh, of coam!" Mildred— "But atlU. it'ij Awtelfy bard to hoU a cheap mas, [^7 Advertising Primarily consists In letting a lot ft topic know you are in existence and what excuse you have for It ADVERTISING fa lihe throwing: a rubber bal : (lie harif- er you threw it the QUICKER It comes b.<icl<. Don't write o ha f hearted ad—you w- ufdn't whisp-r to a customer. «ouM y u? Write a good ad, t<ll thetniih. theo put It in The REGISTER and twenty (hous and Readers Will Listen ISSUED CERTIFICATE; 3anks Hav« Put Porm Into Us Which Will Take Place of Cash. H H. Th .s i.s to certify that the beare en-of id eiuilleil 10 roceivs $ II ciirrczrt funds, ou or before thirt; ay.s Iron; tills date, payable at (baiil .^sued.l TIrs i-i signed hy the cashier of a' hree tanks. This certilicate will bp. received 01 le)>osit or in payment of any debt 01 illlKatiou due the above banks, 01 •Ither of them. This certificate la secured by the leposlls of approved security in th hands of The Tola Clearing Honse Aa- < (iaiuin to the amount of loS IS pei ent of the aB'^regate of such ccrtif icate-. Signed' by custodian. The above form of clearing house (• MtiRcates sve<-e nut Into circulatior liMs iiiornins at the opening of th« iliree banl« in this city. It was de c'ded to take this action at a meet Irs of the bankers of this city which was !-.<'ld in the ofllces of the Allen County State bank on last Saturday \.^iiliiK. The factory pay roll will le met by clearing hoinie cer tifleati's. 'I 'his deeisiini was mit arrived at un ti' liie en;lre matter was discusso with rejrnrd to what effect it migh' hav.^ on lola. While the pay roll to morrow could have been reached with cash It would have tnvolved the same r '.sk that has confronted the banks in t 'he payment of personal checks. It is believed that ,the ac­ tion taken hy the bankers is the most fea -slble and. Is the best for the community as well as for the bankers themselves. It is only a measure of precaution which the workmen and the general public sbou'd' adi)tiat thMn- selves to. As stated before .jn'these columns It Is not an evidence^'Of Jli aocial unsteadiness but Just the iSck cf cash. ; Tlie eastern bankers hare refused to ^eiid money to their country correspondents. But as soon as the con- dlt'on is relieved these oertiflcates will be recalled and currency wil be used mj' heretofore. If the factory pay roll which will be paid tomorrow was paid in cash it would mean that aboni i90>0(^^w^uld be taken inrnj^^ part of .wbiclk ^o«3d;6e: In to bo aeon at OQRQ 'rain on tlic local banks uuder the xisthig circumstances would he cry unwise to say the leaat The 'earing house csrtlflcates can be rased n stead of cash and in this way keep he money at home, thus protecting he bankers as well as the entire ccm- nunity. The lola bankers have depositsd S tated amount of collateral with the ustodian, .luilge ,T. B. Smith. Each •ank then can Issue certificates up to eventy-nve per cent o* amount •f collateral danositcd with the ciK- 'odian. These clearinK house certificates ^an he used aloii? the same channel IS the cash. He can pay the grocer n these eertificafss who In turn may ake it to the bank where he can de- ^osit it the same as cash and ho vlll receive credit on his bank boolt. These certjficatas \»1'I be accept >d' by the busine'ss men the same as •ash. Notices were posted in the dls •lay windows of e\;ery business hons" "•I the city today noflfyinR th? pnh- 'c that they will accept these certtf- cates. 1 Mayor S. T. Green of I,aHarpe tot ^phoned the nosister this afternoon hat n statement which was helTifr' Mrculated anion.? the business th«n •f ills city in which they say that they 'vUl accept thcie clearinsr house cer- 'flcatos. is hcliig signed milversally Trnit f'onipanles Open Doors. .Vcw York, Nov. i.— Tlie Trust ComT lany of /America and the Lltjcoln Trust company on wliich were heavy runs last week, opened for business '.his morning. DIYOKCE AFTER 25 TEARS. Bethany IrWin Broai^t Salt IgalBst Austin IrwIn Today. Belliany Irwin broufhl suit in dia- 'rict court today for divorce from Ans•/n IrwIn. The coupla waa married in 1I73 and lived together until February of 1S96, or nearly a quarter of a century. She charges abandonment, claiming that in February. 1906, he left and has not since helpedi to provide ^or her. She aak^ for » decree and property rights, i 7 , •7 JOHN GARRETT, wtib for several ^ niontha has been employed hy T. B. shannon, has gone baplc to hla old Jp^^ of foiieiUne for. the ^Fn^teraal

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