Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1908 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
Page 4
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ttt iNi Miir lEiisnt •nirti ftt Io1a< Kwuu, ]*oatatc», u ' •.; ; i^d-tilaat; Mm in. UfHailiit tMp» U»U Ram oa tax lOlA DAILY HEC18CTB.8ATUBPAY ETEyPTC/ KOTEIIBEB 7, 1908. SELLINQ QUAIL. MtreilcM Sraiiflhte^.^/ie farmer Oh feted 8 Deten for $Ale. fIJBSCto!n05 SATS9. ^ AtMw ta loli, GM €tty, UajM- >u tlTett 10 MnU llM llbDtli 44 MQtS Olpt Tear 16.00 Oir tMT fauMe e*ut7 IS<M Mi yeprmtsMe etwtltj •4 JM nirM Months, In tdranc* 11.00 Qo4 Month, la adtmnc* 44 m fiPFiCklL PIPBB. Gin OF BASSET. TeIepkM8i SlntlnMi OlBca - - - Bdltorlal Room „ • • - 18 222 ^^t TOLD THE TRUTH, It probably did little good before the election for Kepublicans to say that orders for goods in all lines were being given with inslructions to ship if Taft were elected and to cancel If Bryan were chosen. Democrats geu- emlly no doubt took all such statements as mere campaign bluff, made for political effect. • But have you been reading the dispatches from commercial centeri since the election. Here is a sample: St. Louis, Mo., Xov. 4.—The election of Taft has made good orders for dry goods from wholesale houses here amounting to ov^r a miHiou dollars. About half of these orders go to the American Print Company. Fall River, Mass. The goods were ordered some weeks ago, but all contracts carried a proviso that they were to be void provided Bryan carried the country. Loading dry goods men here estimate that the orders to Eastern houses within the next few days wlil run away up into Iho cuMons, as they have been holding back la all lines through foar of the demorullzlni; effect of a Bryan victory. This Is not a partlzan political argument, but an Associated Press dispatch, which we clip from a Memphis Democratic paper. That doesn't read much as if the Republicans before the election were merely "running a bluff does It? And it probably did equally as little good for Republicans before the election to say that the election of Bryan would stagger business while that of Taft would restore confidence and start things moving all along the line. But the Republicans told the truth just the same. Here is the evidence of it: New York, Nov. 1.—Peace hab been restored In the financial world. The Investors arc trooping out of their hiding placeir. They are willing to risik the purchase of stocks even at ihr present high prices because ihcy believe that the country is entering ui>- ou a period of good will and hard work. This is what the ticker said today as it wagged its leugtheninii , tongue at the liveliest rale In a year. The tape has been talking higher prices for a week and It has been predicting exactly what happened yesterday. Paris, Nov. 1.—News of the eloclioi-. of VTm. 11. Taft. notwithbiaudlug that for imst weeks It has been regarded as almost a foregone conclubloii. bar Itcen received with great KulLsfuctloii In the buBlncbU world of Purls, wlierc It it con.sldercd certain to uirher :i mew feeling of prosperlfy in .Vnicrica. •Yeuch financiers already arc jshowlnt- iMorc Interest In America iuvcstmentb and Ihey believe that the reriex effect In Europe will be luost iuiportanr. London, Nov. 4.—^The complcteueth of the Republican victory in the elections In the United Stales yesterday was hailed on the stock exchange today with a great deal of satisfaction^ add Is calculated to have a good and lasting effect on the markets here and to give additional impetus to (he already improving trade coudiiions Bankers see Iii the result of the elections the probability of a c^ntinuunci of cheap money aud the maimcnanc€ of the discount rate of the liauk ot England, 2Mt per cent, and they consider that with money eo cheap In the United States, as well as in most of the financial centers, London wili get through the year without any tiling higher than a 3 per cent bank rate, should any increase occur. And similar dispatches to fill pages of the Register might be cited. The Republicans told the^truth. The Democrats refused to believe them. But they may now congratulate themselves that they will share the benefits of' the results which they tried tjielr beat to defeat, ' TJie Et' Sb&U Tribline says: ^^t has ihrajY been claimed by many local litattdrs that tiie fanners irere dcOng da much If not more than the town huntsman to annihilate tfao quail. A day or two ago a farmer of this county brought eight dozen quail here and tried to sell them to the Harvey lunch room restaurant of the Frisco depot. That the birds had been potted and killed there Is no question The quail season does not open until the 15th of this month aud lasts but for one montii. yet there has been a ruthless slaughter of the birds all fall. It Is believed that quail are being killed and shipped out of the county, too. This is. Indeed, a direct violation of tlie law, and If the game wardens get busy, as they no doubt win. there will be some arrests and prosiecutlons. It Is quite discouraging to those who are fighting for the preservation of these and other birds during tae time they are protected by Jaw to have tbcm pottpd and shot by the dozen. This particular case Is going to be Investigated and If the farmer can be traced to a residence In this county he will be arrested and vigorously prosecuted. A clever system is going to be taken up which may entrap some of those who make it a business to ]x>t quail aud offer them at vendue around town. Quail may only be preserved when the farmer as well as the man In town makes an honest effort to preserve them. NEEDFUL KNOWLEDGE. lola People Shonld Learn to Detect the Approach of Sidney Disease. The sjinptoms of kidney iroublo arc so unmistakable that they leave no ground for doubt. Sick kidneys excrete a thick, cloudy, offeusive urine, full of sediment, irregular of pafsage or attended by a sensation of scalding. The back aches constantly, headaches and dizzy spells may occur and the victim Is often weighed down by a feeling of languor and fatigue. Neglect these warnings and there Is danger of dropsy. Bright's Disease, or dia betes. Any one of these pyniptoms is waruing enough to begin treating the kidneys at once. Delay often proves fatal. You can use no belter remedy than Doan's Kidney Pills. Here's lola proof: Mrs. Annie Adldns. of :tl I Nortli street, lola. Kas.. says: For some lime I was subject to attacks of dull bearing down pains across my loins and some times felt It jusl o\-er my hips. Being sure that the cause was some derangement of the kidneys and seelnis Doan's Kidney Pills highly recommended In our local* papers. I went to Chas. P.. Spencer & C'o.'s drug store and got a box. T i:sed them as directed and must say that thoy did me an infinite amount of good. I have not been Bo well for years as I have been ^ince using Doan's Kidney Pills." For: sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Bnffelo, New York, sole agents, for the United States. Remember the name—Doan's—and take no other- JACK FOTCH COMING A Comedy Skater at the Rink Three Nights Next Week. THE WARREN CASE Is the Frhielpal AcUvn to He Tried at This Term of the Federal Cotirt. The Ft. Scott Tribune say.s: Judge John C. Pollock will convene United States court here Monday morning at 10 o'clock. Indications point to a brief aessiou, a federal court attache stating that perhaps the docket will be cleaned up in two days' lime. The case of P'red Warren is the big number of the docket. This case going to be tried If the Socialists have their way. The .\ppeai to Rea son Is still firing away at the federal government for its bringing of the case and swears that effort.^ are beiu made to Induce Warren to plead gull ty. This. It is apparent, will be re fused by Warren. The Sociiilists are going, to make uiuch over the case believing that by pleading guilty while saving worry and perhaps costs would IKS establishing a bad prccc dent against the righla of free press and free speccli. Darrow and Boyl are AVarren's lawyers. If the ca comes to a jury trial there will be much in the way of oratory from the two spellbinders. Darrow's speech before the jury In the Haywood caee was a great thing, in fact It might be compared to Edmund Burke'.s speed at the trial of Warren Hastings; The case won't drag along, however, for the evidence can be submitted in a lit tic while. The grand jury will likel not be fn session very long. The Tic nan-Stout case for a half niillion dol ars damages from the Chicago Life Insurance company, may be tried this term. There arc j)racticul!y no bank ruptcy cases docketed. The Guthrie Mountain case Is practically out ot court nov.. La:st evening lawyers in terested got together and arc paying off the debts and costs and the case will be disposed of before Pollock gets to town, probably. A I'OLLEUE HEAD. Presiidont Hooscrelt Mcutiuned Succciiiiur to Dr. Ellot of JlarTard. a«! Jack Fotcli, a comedy skater who is making good all over tills circuit has been booked for three nights next week. Fotch puts up an entirely different show from the ordinary skater, doing a great deal of comedy work while on the little rollers. "Heiuy Gabooblle," '•whatever dat is" will bo Introduced for the first time on skates. Fotch is also a racer and will meet J any of the local knights. It Is probable that some of the local racers will accomodate him. The ladies will be .'^iveii tin- rliih and skates free mornings of next week. Dr. .Swan to Speak. Dr. Swan, of Gas City, will speak at the meeting in the V. .M. C. A. toinor- row afternoon. Syracuse, N. Y., Nov. 7.—The Syracuse Herald asked editors of the coun try for their opiulons regarding the se lection of President Roosevelt as the successor of President Kllot of Ilar- ard. Clarke Howell, Atlanta Constitution, wires that Roosevelt would make an ideal president. The editor of the News aud Courier, Charleston, S. C. said that ihe southern people would advise against such move. Joseph Daniels of the News and Observer, Raleigh. N. C, wired: "By all means Roosevelt should be elected president. Rcckereller. bursar, and Root professor of political economy it Ilarvard is to teach absoluisni. jjrccd and usurpation." The Chicago Tribune prelVrrtd (liat Roosevelt stay in politics. The Salt Lake City Tribune tlioufelil the president would s-trenglhou Ilar­ vard with the Mormons. The Leader, Guthrie. Ok., bald public sentiment suggested liryaii. Minneaixilis. Minn., .Nov. 7.—Itouie G. Brown, president of the Ilarvard Clubs of America 1907-1908, says Pies Ident Roofcevelt cannot succeed Dr. Kllot a I llar.vard for two reasons. ••First. .Mr. Hooseveit docs not want the presidency," he said. "Second, ho couldn't get it. He is not conservativu enough for the Harvard presidency and could not get one vote from the Harvard board of overseeni." —Yes. Primmer has plenty of line Chrysutithemums ready to sell. Every Month writes Mrs. E. Foumier of Lake Charles, La., "I used to suifer from hckdache, backache, side ache, pressing-down pains, and could hardly walk. At last I took Carduii and now I feel good all the time: The Register has just completed an arrangement which wili be of special interest to lEe Farmers By this special arrangement we are enabled to offer you The lola Daily Register for a year and the Journal of Agriculture for a year for $2.25 The Journal of Agriculture is a weekly publicat on and treats the following departments: Poulti^ and Bees Women's Page Live Stock TiMMry Farm and rad Crop Pests and Diseases Fndt* and Garden The regular price of The Journal of Agriculture is 50c a year, but by this special arrangement we are enabled to offer you The lola Register $2.00 Journal of Agriculture .50 for $2.25 Address all orders and make all money payable to The Ida Daily Register i iSmokelOLABOOSTER NOW AND FOREVER HID VOUKSELF OF AWlXL .TUSERY OF STOM.VCil TROIJBLE. IVhut U the >ecd of Coutluuiu? to Feci 3Ilscrable Day iu and Day Out IVlieu You lau Be Free Forever. J^^R. Eirl Cox, preeldeot of tlie KMMM (hiiU Dul«ra' Ai«ocl«tton. li [ la imita> tbto WMk. attMidiiw a iiiMt^ of t]ie A »aodatfoB .-^8morc; It vm Help Ton Oardni is a medidneHhat has been found to act upon the cause of most women's pains, strengthening the weakened womanly organs, that suffer because their work is too hard for them. It is not a pain ''killer," but a true female xemedy, compose^ of purely Vegetable ingredients^ perfoetly harmlert and recomniaided for all sick women, old or young. Tiy Qaiidni. Womenv Belief* AT Vou havent catarrh of the tloni- irh, or nervousness, or gastritis, or cancer, etc. I'rovo this by taking Paiies Uiapup.'iln after your vi.ry next meal. Convince yourself within five niiniitcs that your actual diseas^c was our, acid stomach—food fermentation that every bite you aie turned to stomach gas, stomach poison and acid, which makes you feel sick and miserable, producing such symptonu as pain in the pit of ihe stomach, difficulty In breathing after a meal, headaches, belching.- heariburn. nau- teous breath, water brash, bilion^iness sour risings, gas on stomach and many other bad feelings. Indigestion Is a result, not a cause, of your misery. If the stomach Is sour, our food becomes tainted, and ina>V why you have these stomach disorders. .\sk your pliarmacist to show yo-i I a case of Pape's , Diapepsin, which costs only 50 cents. Kead what this effective stomach and digestive treatment conialns, and how absolutely harmless It must be: how It does for the stomach what the washing aud 8un bath do for the churn: absolutely removes every corruption or tainting element, aud will digest all the food you can eat. Co to your druggLst and get some Diapepsin now, then-eat anytbing you want at your meal, and you will not suffer from indigestion or stomach trouble. E^ach bite of food will taste good, and. besides, you wlllnot need liver regulatorii to keep your Intestines and stomach clean and fresh. Now and forever rid yourself of the j misery of indigestion and stomach trouble. Make yonri meals a pleasure by going to the table with a healthy appetite. . Xeodeolia Tencbertt Here. A number of teacheris from Neode- iba came up with the Chanute teacher* yesterday and Tisi 'ted tlte city achoola. Tbe La Uarpe teaclwn an TlsitlQg tlie lola school also tbdar. WOULD HEAL BY FAITH. Locked Physician and Nurse Out of House. The Chanute Sun sayt^: A case recently occurred south of Chanute. in wlilcli the county authorities were vanquished and forced to rcllie .from the scene of action by a widow, a member of a religious sect which does not believe in medical attention In cases of sickness. In the case in question a young son of the widow was taken sick with typhoid fever. No doctor was summoned, and the nelghhlors, while they did not know the nature of his sickness, noticed that he got no better, but appeared to get gradually worse. They took matters In their town hands an'd summoned a Chanute physician. He pronounced the case typhoid fever, and after two days' treatment insisted on the boy having a nurse, susplcloning meanwhile that the patient was not receiving the medicine properly according to directions. The mother refused emphatically to 'have a nurse, so the physiclad employed one himself and drove -with her out to the house and left her in charge with explicit Instructions to see that thfe sick boy got his medicine regularly. The next day when tte doctor returned he found tlie. dood locked and admission denied him. After talking through the window with the nurse, who declared that she would not stay In the house another minute, botb the doctor and his assistant were forced to retire aud return to town. The case was reported to the county authorities and the city attorney wrote the mother a letter, demanding that she either summon the county physician Immediately or one of her own ccoice. She agreed to do the latter but after an Interval of two days', the authorities found that she had not kept her promise. Another effort was made to get medical attendance to the sick lad, but the mother defied the authorities, saying he would be healed without medicine, and the former: were forced to retire InfiAorlously from ite field. Ph^alclans say that tile 1a4 is daugeroiuly 111 and should have expert aitentlon. •,, The vacuum suction agitator of the STEEL IiL>« Washing Machine will wash Ifl less time than any other ma-^ chine without v.earing or tearing the clothes. Take one liome aud try it. Every one Is faUy guaranteed by the Manu faetarers. For sale only by Brigham OardwareCo. £AST SIDE SQUABE. Raw Furs! B. S. BARNARD 5orU Baekeye Street, lola, Kanoas. You start right, end right- Top the market. Get a square' deal. Don't pay any commission or express charges. Don't soil to any trust or give mlddlem^ , aiiy profits and don't hare an., regrets when you ship or sell to B. S. BARNARD Ue'Sure You're at the Right Place. TO ^Ul Dl OKE BAT. .Qalnlne^K m

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