Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 4, 1907 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 4, 1907
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I4II6ES mm TOL. IX. : iii. Whole Xo. CMS. FOl'RTEEX PAGES. lOLA, KAXSAS, >OTEMBEB 4, IMl^MOSBAY EYETiiyC. FOURTEEN PAGESb FSICE TWO cBinm, GilASED PASTOR OUT COLORED BAPTISTS AT BASSETT HATE MIX-UP AT SESSIOX. REV. A. HiU WOULOrr RESIGk TRUSTEES DECLAIMED PULPIT TA- CA>T A>D FISHT ESSUED. TnstMs Thompson and StoTiII in Cal­ aboose—Big Urowd Attended Trial Today. As a result of what might hav« be«>i a serious encounter between tba pas tor and trustees of the colored Bap t)st church of Ba^jsett. Saturday night duriitg a business meeting, the cit> treasury of Barssett was enriched about 126 this morulng. Those who contributed to the fund were H. A Thompson, 110 «nd costs: Mrs. H. A Thompson. $5 and costs; Alf Soval', Ifi and costii. The charRe was dls-turb- ing the peace. There are conflicting 8torle.s todny as to the origin of the troubl? but from what could be learned it soenii- to have arisen over the matter of who should have charge of the church funds. For some time Rev. Andrew Hill has bsen acting as pastor oC the church. He came here aUmt jjlgwLr ago from Georgia and ' hurkfi ^^l^en an active part in the E^^aai^bL'^jftKltus been employed at . I>oiiKlaB8' Iiv «r)- bam a good part of V the time since coming to lola. Ftor seyenil months he has been acting as the regular minister for the dMirch. The pastor has been faa^inf troub'e with several of the trustees; who is to blame is a matter of dispute. The point in tlie contention as has t>een said seems to have been over the e^re of the church funds. It is saiji. Yltat H.' A. Thompson, one of -. the-thMlJsr.'TSonght he should have charge of it. He, It is said, has been taking charge of it and putting it in the bank. Saturday night the pastor, trustees and other officials met at the church to consider business; matters. It de valoped during the hearing this morn ing of the parties fined That Mr. TI>omp::on arose rtiirlmr the sessiov and aslsed the pastor to resign, and declared the pulpit vacant. Rev. Hill had already been imited. whether officially or not could not b? Ie,-irned. tr resign, but he did not do it. .After Thompson made thi.s statement there was a general mix up in which it \>charged that Thompson drew a knif*' 0.1 the pastor. .Mf. Stova'I. also n trustee, who ha.s been in symiiathy with Thompson, took a nund and )>said to have iis?d at li -at -t Ixiisterous Icngnage. Mrs. Thompson is said to have struck Mrs. Hill in the mouth. During the melee tbe pastor was so crowded by members of h's floct tiiat he darted out of tlie door and called Marshal Jim Frederickson to put a quietus on tb? trouble. This WIS eleven o'clock. Mr. Frederickiion went to the church and arrested Thompson and put him in jail. He was arrested because it was charged that he drew a kaife on the pastor He denied this charge but a knift- • was - found on him. Yesterday mom- Icy Stovall was arrested and p'oced in-Jail. Judge Peters handed in his resignation as police judge of Bassett several . day* ago. as he intends to go to the West, but as his successor had not been appointed, his resignation was not accepted. He therefore offle iated this mornlns- One of the largest crowds that ever gathered In the Bassett police court was on hand at tbe trial. The colored people were efpecfally well represented. It was said today that a warrant woa>d be issued for Rev. Hill but at noon no action to that effect had been Ukenu Marshal Jim Fraderlckson said tcdar that Rer. Hill had reported to him on prevfcma occasions that Tn^tees Thompson and Stovall were an- rulr. PANAMA'S INMEPENOSNCE OAV. lathmiaii fla»iiblie and tho* Canal Z«n« C«l«brat«. PaLOMDa, Kor. '4 ^Tbe independenoe of the. Bapoblic of Paaana ia beins ({fltaimltad ttOMT irftk wtbaaiMm THE WEATHER. Forecast for Kansas: Fair tonight and Tuesday. Data recorded afocal office, U. S. Weather Bureau, today, .yesterday. 9ud'a year ago: ••• Ycsfdy Yr. aso 62 5S 4<» 4!« 0 Today Yr. ago ? a. m b3 4R a. m 46 AS li noon 6;i fin •'rrripitation 7 a. ra n 0 2 p. m 73 C p. m 65 12 midnight 52 Mas. Temp 74 Min. Temp 40 Precipitation 7 p. m 0 I UILO PUMPING PLi|NT ^eadicker Drilling Company Will Fur rish Gas to Smelters. Thr> construction of a big pumping ulaiit on the Shaffer farm four and o.'ie-half miles northeast of this rltr for the Ri.>adicker Drilling company is il'out half completed. This plan is bfrln-s constructed for the purpose of jumping pus from what is known as •he old north field to the Cherokee smelters at CJas City. The Readlcker company has b.'en siipp'ying tbe f'heriikee smelters with gas for the •i.-ist several years. Tills big pumping plant will pump ^as from the entire north field. The building of this plant has been made If C3ssary because of the lack of pres sure of the wells. The volumes or the gas wells in the field is very good ind there is p'enty of gas to furnish many more industries than \he one *meltcr If the pressure were better. WTien this plant Is finished the smel- 'er.s which have been pariiall.v closed 1own for some time on the account of •he lack of gas pressure will be able 'o run a^in at full force. This pumping plant is being built u an expense of about $15,000. But 'he plant is being so constructed so 'hat it can be enlarged* as the demand ^or pressure maa^^^II for^ .They are ^r.Etalling but one pump at the pres ^Dt time. The building of this pumping sta 'ion will mean a great deal to loIa and vicinity. It means that the smelters i: Gas City will run at full blast "air: It a"8o will mean tliat a num- "ler pf me nwill be employed to run 'lie in.ichinpry who will in all iirob- ibllity m;ike their bom? in this cit* HOLD MASS MEETING BUSINESS .ME> EXPRESS OPiX- IO>S ABOUT POWER HOUSE. HOGS ARE INCREASING IT SHOULD BE LOCATED HERE TO LET BU1LDL\G GO TO ANOTHER ( ITY WOULD CAUSE UOMME>T. In Statements Today Ida's Merchant!) Advocate a Qaick .More. SUILTY ON 4 COUNTS 3cb Reynolds Conyicted in Police Court A Selllna Liquor B'>b Reynolds was this morning '••und guilty in tio'Jce court of vio atlng ihi' ordinance prohibiting the •iale of liquor. He was convicted on four wunts for tach of which he »as given a sentence of thirty days and $100 fine. The evijieucd was fur- ilshed by Defective's C. H. .Mathias «nd D. C. Barrett, who spent a week here recently working up the information against a number of alleged bootleggers. Tbe liquor was exhibited it the court room. It has been in the kt-eping of the county attornej-. The 'ttomeys for the defense indulged in a little fun when Mr. Peterson wa? )M the stand inquiring of him in what ippeared to be a serious tone as to .vhether or not the same amount of litiuor was In the botUea as when he took them In charge. The rase of the city vs. Tom Ferguson is on this afteinoon. Ferguson is ptrter at' the Tvmont He claims tbat he can establish an allbl and was attempting to do so this afternoon. The ca83 of Wade Clark will also come up this evening. Henry Garner, :the porter at the Pennsylvania, is also ooe of the men who was arrested in inforaution furnished by the detectives. It is b«lleved. however, that he will secure his release. He was on the stand this momlog in tbe R^nolds case and testified that the detcffcUre gave him the money to buy tb* liquor:»iid he <&d so, purchasing It of R^olds. The detective was sUyiiillr at tbe hotel and Gamer tes- Ufied that ia a porter it was Ms^ duty to acboniodate bim. , The business men of this city are anxious that something be done at once with reference to the Inciting of the Kansas Southern power house in Jhls city. Ii has been suggested that i nia.-is mpplii!*; lie willed for the pur- )i 's. of taking the matter up. If any rt'asonab'e a.?reemeui can bo reached It Is likely that a committee of business men will call on the council and ascertain what water and gas ratL'S could be secured. It also has been suggested by business n;on that :i tiUl;scrlptlon paper De clriHlatcd unions the citizens and business men of the city for the purpose of raising funds to pay for the land on which to locate tha bijc power house. A. \y. Beck said this morning that something wou'd have to be done within the next week. The following shows the attitude of tbe lola business men toward the proposition. The faw who were seen this mornins were heartily in favor of an effort being made to gi-t the power house: M. Schoenbrun. of tbe \PW York store: "Since the Kansas Southfrn Electric railway orlgmateU In lola It would look bad to see the jiower house located In some other city. Besides it would be a great benefit to lola. 1. would suggest that something be done at one?." E .D. Shiel'i«.»of Barclay Shield? C'othing Co/ "The lola bUKiness men are "chumps" if they allow the nower house for the Kansas South- >m to be located in Chanute or any jthor city. I balieve it Is within the 'lusinp.-s men's power to secure it for this city." J. V. .Merchant, of the .Merchant lewelry Co.: "'lola snould not let 'his enterprise get away. I fur onn ivould be willing to dnnara any reav- inahle amount, with others, to sHciirc the location of this iiowe^ houne ' .Mont Palmer, manager of the Ramsay Dry Goods Co.: '"It ought to be located here by all means. We busl nrss niffn should get together and see what can lie ilone. It would be a sreat hel]) to the city." T. B. Shannon, of the Shannon Hdw. Co.: '"I am decidedly In favor of 'lolng something to get the i >o »er hniisp. It will l )p a pood thin-; for lola. I favnr anything that'! h>.'lr 'be city." \\*. .1. Kvans. of Evans Bros, drug slor?: "If Tola i>i going to do anything let us do it at once. Of all things. •.VP shou'd not wait and let the promoters locate It in some other <-lty and thpn have them say we did not try to get It." .Tames Richardson, of the Richardson Dry Goods Co.: ""It seems to me that an enterprise like the Kansas Southern Electric i«)wer hoiis» would be a great benefit to the lity nnd every loyal c.'flzen should favor Its location here, and do all within his power to see that it is done." W. .1. Colfsy. of the VT. .T. Coffey £ Son Jewelry store: '"The location ^r the Kansas Southern power house 'E this city would help both the poor '»nd the rich, and every man who Is lctere«ted In the irood of ths town should not only be'leve in It bat should) do every thing within his pow or to see that it is located here." A. G. Humma. of the Towa store: "The oonditiofna in this city are better now than ever before for the location of such an enterprise as the Kansas Southern power bouse. I believe »hat we should see tbat it Is located here." CAR RAN DOWN GRADE. Frisco Strtat Car C «llid «4 With W» VOfv-'OiM Death Rasultad. Baa Pnoctaeo. Cawr.. Xor. 4 ^A San PrapdaeattoUar car on the Peten Avaao* Ha* spt b«raad tbe ooa- trol. or. tt* ^wolfitmfm thia aaomluc ma ^Jm ii«RBde ooUldiBg with )JmUi ThU ab«wp. QM; pttMB '«•* i|iflled and toi tnjar- On Friday evening the Presbyter Ian Sunday school will have a reception to introduce new niembers and entertain friends of membeni of tbe claaaes while all the pnpila will take p«rt ia the feaUvlUes the classes tKUf bt by Mn. A. V. Lemaatera. Mrs. 9..Hllidier. aod. Miss Uatide Minrow win Mtume tbe responalbiltty. Tbe 'nritathma were lssil»d yesterday. , (•i»BUH>'S REPORT SHOWS GXUi OK 23 PER UEST OVER IDW. KANSAS FARMERS TO OROARIZE A .-HUTUAL E .MPLOY.WE>T .IGEMY l> OUnEH TO GET HEI P. Bad Money at Pitlsliurg—Sbrppard After Railroad Uomniissioncrs— Other State >ews. Topeka Kas. .Vov. 4.—Kansas has more hogH than all of .\ew England, with fifteen other states and territories added, accurdlng to a statement made l>> r. U. Coburn. secretary of the State Board of .\gricultiirc. .Mr. I'olnirn has jii.-t coMiiiIeted a census i/i" Kansas snitic which shows the states porcine [loiKilation to be i.miS'Ti. or an liureaKe (if per cent since last .Vearly every county reports an increase in the niinitier of hogs. The l)ig alfalfa and corn counticii arc also the biK bos counties. Jewell countv. with 9:>.7t9 head. Is the leading hog crjunty iif the slate. Smith. lUitlcr. .\nni.-iha. Thllllp.s. Republic and Cowley follow in the order named. fStlll tJetflnsr Testmony. Tnppka. .Nov. I.—.\ltbougn the at- f<unc}.s for ihc international Harvester Company has notlfled .\ttorney General Jackson that they will tile ans'ier< to the interrogatories propounded by the state in connection with tbe antitrust suit against the Harvester company, the Attorney General Is unconvinced and will continue to take tps- ;imnny cnlrii'iafed to sustain his alle- iiation.-i. beginning again this week. If the Interrogatories propounded to the International should be answered ful- I.v and squarely, it is the opinion of Attorney,General Jackson that h" wouM have sufficient evidence upon which to win a vi 'jfory for the state without taking additional depositions. But he does not think the International will make frank replies to the Interrogatories and will therefore again 'legin taking the depoaltons of im- «l£ment dealers who have had can- trarls with the International. Thongbt McSeal a Democrat. Toi»eka. Nov. 4—A. J. Powers of \ew York who seems to be running a publicity bureau for i..Ieutenant Governor Chanler. also of New York, who being boomed as a democratic can- lidatp for (iresldcnt. made a mistake •hp other day and wrote to T. .\. Mc- NV ;il. state iirinter. and a rock ribbed reiiublicai). for advice a.-* to how "hauler's boom may l;pst be promoted Mr. Mc.Veu .s reply, which will per haps bp something of a surprise to Powers, is in part as follows: "I know that there is a great dea' if discussion going on over the question as to what ought to be done to bring about a giKxl old-fashioned democratic victory, hut the problem is one roil many tor me. 1 gave up tryiu'- 'n answer that question and set it lown as one of the unan.swerable in- tcrroKatorle,-; along with that othei i|uestion to which the wLsest nipi' have so far failed to KIVP a satisfactory answer, to -wit: "Who was the mlf errant who struck the unforiunalf vVilti ^m P.iiierson?' ' "Passins on to the question of •ivailable candidates, you ask for my views concerning the jKipularity Ir rliis conimnnify of r .ie :jfrnant Governor Lewjs Stuyvesant Chanler. I -pgrpf to be compelled to confess th^ ip to the time of receiving your wel- -ome and friendly letter 1 had never 'le -ird of T^wls. T notice that you ;i>eak of him as Lieut. Governor. Pos- -ibly a Lieutenant Governor may cu< some congealed moisture in New York >)iit In the bounding West a Lieutenant Governor is apt to be thrown into thr liscard. However, the mere fact that he has held that position ought no' ;n my judgment, to be counted agalns" him If he is determined to offer hlm- ;eif a living sacrifice on the altar of d -niov-racy. If he is all right other vavs onr dpmocrats out here will br willing to give him a fair deal. Bu' illow me to make this suggestion. I' he writes to our fellows he shoul<* •<ot sign bis name Lewis Stuyvesant •"han'er. That name has an aristo- crstlc and exclusive sound th?t I fea'" will Mueer him with such of the flem- ocratlc yeomen as still nick their 'peth with their fork.s and use thel' knives to Insert provender into th' openincH in their countenances. Tf he writes letters out here - let him <ien fhem as 'Lewis Chanler.' or If h^ "refers he mlcht sign bis letter* Yours as ever. Stuy.' My own preference would be to have sign 'Yours •tc. T.«w.' So far as f know the democrats out here are all for Bryan now •nd if 1 should mention the name o' ''hanipr to them they are Hab'e to as* ^Xhn tbe Is Chanler?But there I K no telling what persistent work will do In the way of changing •e.ntlmont." Price RaM RarrlTors. Lesvenworth, Nov. i—A permanent or «3in '7af!on of the surviving mem Vi-H pf >h? Kansas millMa organlza- Mons which participated In resistance *n the Price raid In 1R84 has h»iB effected here. The purpose of the orKaalsation is to cooperate wftb th* Ksn ««B Cnnxrasamen who wlU tbl» wlnVar aeek *o have « law enacted olqcinir members pf; tbe state mnkto wlio saw .actual wrrice OB the aa «c peBBfon fQotine as tboiv CI«fl--l«!ar 'etenaapvfw inre miwtfvi^ tiitbtkr IJafte* «Bfia"iBr»h».%^^^- " of this clp>-. fas president of the organ- laztiOB. and L. T. Rees, also of Leavenworth, Is secretar>*. Secretary Rees first desires to make np a list of the; surviving militiamen, with their post office addressgs. He will p4r haps be compell ?d to advertise for correspondent as an official list of the survivors can not be secured. To Employ Greeks. Abilene. Xov. 4.—'Farmers iri north Dickinson county are preparing to organize a mutual employment agency to be operated as are the agencies which secure laborers for the railroad companies. Plans are al ready being outlined for the importa tion of a limited nunibar of Greeks and Japanese to husk corn, boarding themselves aa they do when employ by the railroads. Tbe fanners are paying better w ;jgps for help than the railroads pay laborers and think they will be able to relieve the present shortage wlth'n a short time after the new organization gets to work The Imported labor will be furnished cook shack quarters sjlmllar to that us?d h.v the threshing crt>ws. Th' shortage of farm bands has been ser ious all fall. Bad .Voney nt Pittsbnrg. Pittsburg. Nov. 4.—Several Pitt.-s- burg business men have beon ilefraud -"d wit-hln the past few davs by p band of people who se.'-m to bo work itjg their way through the country '>assing hocus bills. The hojus bills which are we'l worn, and look like or dinary currency, are from the ISKUI of the .Merchants anrJ; Planters BanV of Gporula. an old state bank .-riov •fuspend.'d. The people wh.T b.-iv been passing the hills here have bl.- "rolls" of the worthless cirrency Thry are working north as repirt- from Ok'abon'a cities indlc•^^p tha' 'he shovers of the bogtis bi'b! wer In Bartlesville. Muskogee and Tuls.- before coming to Pttsburp. After Railroad rammI<mIoners. Tooeka. Nov. 4.—J.. I. Shenard. o' pf. Scott, secretary of the Nations" t'nion of Railway Trackmen, has writ •en a l?tter to Governor Hoch askin^ *hat the Crovernor appoint some per *on to make an inspection of the M«F :ouri Pacific tracks In Kansas, i' "ompanv with an expert trackmar •vhom be will fnmlsr.'. the two then ti "o i« New York and lav conditions a•hey are found before G?orge J. Gould who IK reputed to control the Missov 'I Pac'Pc. Secretary i^hepard review •lis differences with the State Boarr. Railroad Commissioners, attack- rommisslonsrs Ryker an ^j^^lfiMlVf^.. •vtA -'••"-r"^— **'it"'- "^ftf?!^?^ Pactflf •racks in Kansas are now in wors «hai'p than they were when the Bo-ir- besan its inspection last sprins. H -volunteers to pay the expense of th •rnnoscJ Invpstleation He aU' •rarsP" th;>t three wrecks on the Mfr 'ouvl Pacific In Kansas last we"' •oii'd havp he.'n tirevented had ;h . ;tafe board of railroad comn)issioncr done "'ta duty. Governor Ho^h h-' "ot vet taken action on Shepard's 1P« ter. lOCKED HUSBAND OUT rhn^ge of Lindley Hawley Dlrorre Action. in I Locking he and his children out o he house on their return from th Tioving picture show, refusing to cool 'lis meals and sweep tlie rot )m3. cal' ng him vi":« nisnjes, sntf Deing gener illy negligent about her househob •lutles. are among other charges tha -constitute the grounds for a divorc iction brought today by Lindley Haw ley agalnvt Florence M. Hawley fo divorce. In his petition he citas periods o time In which he alleges that his wif« refused to cook for him. wash for th- i'mily. anil- was generally negligent -ibout the house. He also chai:ges tha* ^he dir.octed vile names to him. The coup'e was married March 9. IS98. and lived together until Octo ber 20. last. Two children were bon to them. I^onard and Roland.' am 'he plaintiff asks for the custody ot them. THE HOTEL PORTLAND. .Vame for New Hoiise to Be Sn ^estlri of lela. \VTien Mr. Young,, the present tiro prietor of the Thomson hotel, move from Jthe present quarters into th- handsome new three story bulldin; bich is nojr being erected at the cor ner of Sycamore and Afadlson. th< name "Hotel Thomson" wl'l be t thing of tlie past. Mr. Voung baa decided upon th name of. "Portland" for the new hotel. The name is selected by Mj- Toung because It is one that can b- remeihbered easily and at the sam; time wlll^ be a more representatlvt name for lola as the big Portlanc cement industries are. located here Plans are now beiaK nia^e for-tb' placing ot a big rtectric slsn ia front of the hotel. Mr. Tooav espeeta ti be ready to move into the new stnic timj la atmut six weeka. The ner hotel is to be modem m eTairy r^par' aaii will be equipped with: aiae pri /vatv and tlgree pobllo bi^ba.:. BE NO EXTRA SESSION PBESIDEJiT ROOSETELT SEES JfO UNUSUAL WORK FOR CONGRESS. MfDULD AVO'O HASTY AOTIOR Woald Avoid Hasty Action ...... . FINANCIAL AND OTHER XATTEHS B£ BETTER FOR DELIBERATION. Finance and Regnlation of Corpora­ tions Tod Complicated to Be Han- died Withont Hearing Men of Basiness and Experience. J' Washington. Nov. 4.—There wUl be lo extra session of Congress tWs i:onfh. unless a complete reversal of eellng at the Wftlte- house and imong the cabinet members most un- •xpectedly occurs. The question of tcccpting the tuggesirons that have ;efn coming . to the President from ill over the country in the last few lays and summoiftng Congress to -ueet at once and fake up matters if currency legislation, the need for vhich has been emphasized by .the •'•cent financial flurry, and of corpor- ition control, when the Prssldent haj dvccated in his recent speeches, was aken up at tbe last cabinet meet- ng. and. in tbe language of a man :vho is in a position tb know, "settled idversely emphatically." It is be'ieved at the WTiite house nd among the cabinet members that <bth tbe matters on which legislation % so urgently demanded will be ths letter for deliberation Instead of laste. The President _ believes that his is not a time for prscipitate ac- ion which would be almost certain n result in ill digested legislation. ie has seen no reason to alter his lellef. repeated'y expressed {n public n the generally sound condition of lusiness. No Hnrry Aliont rorporationg. Nothing has developed in the re- ent situation to impress upon him he urgency of immediate congresslon- '1 action along the lines of securing he federal control of corporations hich he has advocated in his speech- s this year. There is nothing in tbat natter which probably would not be >-nefitte-l by deliberate action than >y haste. 'f The President has been Informed hat much of tbe opposition to his reposals for legislation to secure fed- ral contro' of corporations doing bus- -:ess has disappeared and that the in- .-rw-ts involved will tie prepared to choperate with him In securins the •assase of.measures wa:ch will meet he demands he has voiced in hia il<eeche» this summer. Th?re is man- fest a much better dispositicm. from he Presidents point of view, through- lut the country. It has been suggest- 3d to bim tbat several men who here- rofore have opposed bis projects of egislatlon are now. prepared to meet hlra and discuss what can be done 0 obtain proper and effective legisla- ion. This is an added reason why the ^sldent; Is now unwilling to sum- non Congress. Woald See Baafaess Vea Ffrsf. It has not been possible so far to -rrange for any conference with the -epresentatlve business men, with <vhom he would like to consult before 1 (2vocating specific measures. As ^as aid by one of the President's most nisted advisers tonight, most of the nes are now needed where they are. tut the gpneral financial situation is mproving so rapidly and steadily that t is probable ttiat In a short time Ime of them will be able to come to ^shlngton to confer w.tfi the Pres- dent on the question of what legisla- icn is needed to afford a penoanen: •ellef from such financial fltirries as he one Just c'osin^. as well as to irovlde for the effective control on •orporations. THEY -Ut ALL PROTECT NORWAV', '.eading Powers of'Europe QiNinmtso integrity of Haakon's Kingdoin. Christiana, Kor. 4.—After .negoUa- lona lasting a year a new treaty guar- •nteelng tha integrity of Norway, was dgned here yesterday by represehta- 'Tea of Norway. Fniace,: Great JBrit- Mn. Germany aad Rnasla. A dec'ara- -<on also waa signed dIaaolTing tha 'reaty of- J885. uader wbfch Oriwt Britain aad'Ftaaoe guaraateed tlw'la- >e«rKr if Horwajr. aad^- Swedesk aa •

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