Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1908 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
Page 3
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\ 1 THE lOLA DULY BE6I8TEB, BATUBBAY BTEKDrg, KOTEMBBB T, 1M& 3_ ihe Times is Your grandmother was wise in her day. She did her best with what she had. But fifty years have brought great improvements. Don't pay 40 to 50 cents a pound for a baking powder fliat's out of date. ur ^^^^^^ is a triumph of modern science. It is a perfect Baking Powder. It cannot fail. It makes everything lighter, more delicate, tastier. And it costs you less than half as much as the old-style powders—25 ounces for 25 cents,an honest price for an honest baking powder. Get a can on trial at once; money back if it isn't better. You can't afford to wait another day. Pure, Wholesome, EconomicaK Jaques Mfgm Co., Chicagom JACKSON IN THE LEAD AlloriH'j (M-IUTIII iltft \ofr'. in KHIIHHS—TiiflV IMimilit} :{(!.•.»:>(• At Ui-it (oiiiil. Tfjljokii. Kiif-.. Nov. Addiiidiiul t^cuitf .M 'lnK if'ttiriiH on iPiirsiilfiK and SoviTiior nnivwl inday. When ihc lii'aiI(iiiailors \vcn< flosid lasf nUlif cifiliiv-niiie coiiniicB liad ;:ivtn <ul :i) plunililk 'K to Taft of -.X.^T-yi amf nlno cauntlPB had Knelt Krvaii iiliiia ilio« of .1..SS7. In the Suil)l).s colninn iIicVi- are now seventy-six conuties willi full reporiri, sliowin?; totil j)linaliticH of 20 334. and IJolkin li:;s '»'ij,'lit conniicb showius " total ; pinraiity of I.SS2. These fi;jrnres j^ivo T::l"( a net plurality in tli(i stalie of and SiuL-bs 27.412. The pmiiortion in these figures probably will be uiaintaiiit-rt in tlic reniainins county!^-", in none of the counties ypr lo eJ^nle in will (he vote be very large, a.s llwy are aK western eoiniiie.~. Th*^. figures iiidicai<- dial S .!aek «oii is iMUirn:; .- IIKMI; ''..OU ') aln ; I'1 of Taft and ."i.OOO ahead of Smbbs. aifd probably will run about l .Oiju ahead of the rest of (he stale tic'cet, i^ulJi/iy a little more than tlic uornial Kejnib- llcan plurality. The liquor eb-iueiu opposed .lacltsoii because of liis record in enforcin.i; the prohibitory la-.v. AIJOI T l)K. IMMVKK'S DKATir. yi CURES riUPPLED ( JIILDUK.N. I ^«i)lc 'fn'alnieiiU Acciili-ntjilly I>i>- I'^m-d, for Tuben-iil"!>is of Bono. ("fiicago, Nov. —l.'eiiiai k .fIf]'; r- rulls In curing tubereulooii: of fli'. boiie.s. deniotuilrated in a five weekb' (rial ai the II<un«' for Ite ;--t Hmo-^'riii pled Children, today tiirniMi ihe .-itti M tioii to'a ireatineni di-covereil l)y l»r.. Kiuil L'eck of thfs eif.v. 'ih- trea'tnen* eoiislstK for the tno;;( part in fillinj.- , (he cavity caused by the disease v,it)i k a iiietallie Kali, bisniiiih Kub -,nllrate. ' combined wiih a basis <if \ai >e|ine. The (|l^cllv.•r.\ was iiidciental ti> (in A'-ra.v plioiD^raiili of a liuli- in^ali'l 'I"Iie solnlion waj, aplMied to Ux. Ilie <»niliin' "f a Iuijen-ulai- abs<r -.s and beliif; b fi in liie ea \ii.\ prmed ;i lir-al- Ini? apent. I'r. Itxl. inld his discovery (o Urs-. .Inlin Kid'oii ami Wallace nianeliard ai tlu llm.,. fm I >i--i.ji ulp ! . Crijipled CliiJdri 'ii vwl'i't :i fivo wecl'.j;' (rial twenty o '.ii of (oriv fi ij'iibvi child ren v.ere eu^ed b;, !!;•• i reiuint.-nl. The formul .i <(iii!.tiii.- thirty graliiK of bismuth sub-);iiraii' combined with sixly praiiis of vahelinf. The paste fio formed is solid at ihi- tempei-afurt- of, the bod\. bill if a fever is induced will run out of the cavity. As the . healing continues the mixture ii< ab\ sorbed. I Medical men estimate ihal fully five per cent of all Ihe erip]»b'd'ehildreu are titiffering f/oiii (ubercu'ar disorders. Orcher I>i>>palcli Tells of I'ormcr Allen roiiiily Clti/eii. Til"- .\r<'lir-r |)is|ialcli. >if .N H- I UT •| • s:'.-. H 'l.^s of ilie dea:li of In. li I. I'u>«^^r. I<;ini''ri> of liiis eounl) : L)!'. II. I.. I'ciwer. si;n <il iiur lowns- iiiaii. K. I'liWfi-. db'd ai .Marlin, 'J' on tin- 2:!d of ilii.-. month of ly- |)hol/i levur a;id was* buried at lliis pluce on t)ie -'."itl|. The Ijiirinl was con ;ilir(<'d by flic hiCJil Miller ol Woodni'Mi of the Worbl of which Dr. i'ower had lioen a member for a mini her of years Or. Power was born In .Vilen county. Kansas. September Cih. 1.SG2. Was married to Miss Sadie Cox of Mrower. Orefjon. May l!i. ISIlu. Kn.-m (his union one son was Ixuii iHnwavdi who wiiii his v.ife survive^ him. I'ower was a j;ra<lua(»* of UiisJi .Medical College, Chica.:;o. also a grad- uale of Wi-liameite .Medical College of Saiem. Oregon. lie followed his profession in* the ariive j'rae'ici' of medicine at llrower. Urci^oii lor iv.eivc >.ais and iw> icar.s u^^fi came lo 'I'e.xas on a visi; 1(1 his parents. .^Ir. and .Mr.-.. F. .NT. l'o\\er. and while In-re made many frii-iid.s by hi:; friiiedly a .-•oci.iiiini'^ in tin- lod.f.e room and mi his prof'-ssinn- I'.l calls. lie was a mt-ml'er of ihe 1. O. O. I-', ii^ well as Ihe W. O. W'.. He li;c.iied ai the time ol hi.- deaih a! Havidron. Okla.. l .-i.-i liaviiiL; a seven- aii;'ck of ili(-umati -Mi. leade a liip in IIM- Jirjl wcll.s at .'l :!:!iil. Texas, wiili ihi- e\i>eciatio!i iif j;eiiin;.: r<;"ief but iii:.:cad of r'-li<f he was aila(-k<-d by ll ;e dreadful (Mdmid which was not 111!;:,' ill o\i r-i'o '.vi -riir-: his already \v;;..ied body aiid ibaib was tin- r«-siili. lliH death wan ;> sarirrlse in his friend.s here and maii.v of them n<-ver heard of hl.s illnrss until they first herd of ills death. A I5A.\K IS CLOSED. • ( IJAI) ( IK( I I.ATIO.V. (,iiu««c«. PilcN—Fxteriiul Trcaliiicnt Wont' Cure Tlieiii. l-"ree eiiculaiion of blood in the lov»- er bowel will cure any case of piles, t'iii-s may be- due to ro.iscipatioii or aii\ of a dozen oiher Dr. Leon hai-df's Hem-iioid. the only internal, tablet remedy foi- iii'es. ofiens a free (iiculation in the bowel, and cur <'S ihi- cause. T -Ai -niy-fiiur days' (ie:i (m>-nt is sold fi'i- $1 al Ciias. I!. Sp'-ncer ^- I 'n.'s. and i.s ruaramei-d full.\'. In. I/eoii- hardt Co.. Siatioii IJ. I'.iiffalo, N. Y. W'l-jle for b(/oklel. lii>tHuliiiii ai ArkiinMus City in llund of CMiiiuiisKlviier. \rl .an.-a- City. K JIS ., Nov. G.—^I'he Cjiixen.s" and Farmers' State bank <-:o.-ed It;; deors hfio tills inoriiint;. Tli(- fir-i iiifortiiallon of the suspen- siiiii lii!Bin <'»s was the notice poetcd on t»i(- locked door of the bank reading as folowe: "This bank is closed iicndlng an in- vestl'-'alioii fif its affairs. The bank (-ommis.^ioner has bei-u notified and is in full char.cje. I'ul! particulars will be .i;;ve !i out at the earliest possible moment after his arrival. Signed. A. E. Thomason. vice jiresident; N. D. Sandt -rs. <a.shier: (J. Luther Hrown, C. T. Thi:r.-ioii. Thomas iJalrd. directors." William A. Willson. (ho president of Ihe bank, resides in Kansas City. Hie hvst and <| «U3 h Ibf ! lU-'^isk-r «ant war. 1 —Merchants I..uiieb at Uur Way. I'lLES CCRED AT HOME B¥ JfEW AJIS<H{1'TI0\ METHOD. If you suffer rrom bleeding. Itching, blind or protruding piles, send me yijiii- address, and f will tell yon how to cure, yourself at hbiun by the new absorption treatment; and will also s'-iid some of this home treatment free l<-i (rial. v.(ih references fr(jm your own locality it reyuested. Immediate lefief and permanent cure asPiirqd. Send no money, but tell others of this iiffer. Write today to Mrs. M. Summers, Uox P. South Bend, Ind. 'Show Me Yotir Printed Matter and I'll Tell You What You Are" r HAKMOJiT. O .Mrs. Win Stewart was lo see her failier Monday. He is i |ulte poorly. Carl and Harry Hriley gave a Hal­ lowe'en party Saturday night. AH re- po -t a good time. Dan Cornel] au<i wife. Cary C^^d and family, and Mrs. L. J. Boou jF^ited with Grandma Cloud Sunday. Mr. Lon Briley and family visited 'hit mother near Cremona Sunday. RajTDond and Ollle Rubsell visited T.ith Fern Russell Saturday night and Sunday. Mr. jClxarleB Turner quli working on the Commo .nwealth oil lease and accfipted * poBltlou with C. B. Clark: Js a }jsj.ii/ \>y a corrsspondct;! ol a iar-away Swjt /er.aiid newspaper. And, bow tttic tint is 111 lliiS coKiitiy. Thu tucichatjt whu is caiuless and indiL 'creul alioul his Job I'linliDg, is moil often the one who is not progressive. Why not get the West, up-to-the-liraes work done ul -.cMi you ordei }our printing.* No need of spending your money lor iuferior woik and material, when you cau get Ihe b 'St at practically the same price—by placing your order with THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER PHONE 18 ICopjTljrht. 1308. b>- C. M. Bamltz. Thew arttclM and llluitratlons must not b« reprinted without special porinlsBlou .J "" *READY! AIMl FIRE'" "Burs!" roso a phe .nsant ocr my head. I nlmed my gun to nlioct lUm dead Wlii-ii. lo. I liad forgot The load ot eiiot. "Whiz:" flew a hli-d Into the air. I Ivt Mm hnv« it full and fair. But. lo. U w:i3 no go. I »mlcd too Io1\-. "Buzz."* r.'liizzed ii ihJnl ncros^s the S '.cJi, But I was watcl:iiiy -j-.-vntity llien. I hard^-" raided iny ljca-1 When lie had fled. But when tho next bird ro3e In Right I quickly glanced along the eight. I hit hira la the brain With deadly aim. Thus some win prizes In earth's strife. While others luaka a inlss of life. They 're careless or too slow. They aim too low. If you arc seeking real renown And wish to win the victor's crown. The highest things aspire. Be "Ready! Aim! Flrcr* C. At. B. WANTED —NATIONAL PHEASAN- TRIES. Time for Uncle Sam to ljalt:lj iiUcas- «nts. He raises flsU to restock streams and tadpoles for bully rum farms, and why not beautiful pheasants for wood and tield, so that once more we may alt; at breakfast and shoot fat jibeas- ants off the back fence for dinner? Not such a big coulraet. AVhy, lu ISSl Oregon turned loose thirty-six birds, and only sixteen years later her sportsmen bagged ItW.OtX). What hunting! Makes your trigger linger jerk to think of If. JIakes your mouth water to think of all that juicy iue:it. Oregon. Colorado, Kansas, Illinois and other western .states are b'jiiig stocked mostly by individuals and gun rltibs. But It's a national matter, and Uncle Sam can still run in niiotlier Iron and not bnrn his fingers. Doe.-* It jifty? Well, they are ornamental, no plus ultra fable birds and Kell for biK nn'iier. Sportsmen will gladly r>ay I.indowners for permits to engage In suirh magnin- oont sport. *Brabi storms will ilius cease, and the festive sreen v.orui that dropped down yonr no<rk while meditating oif the sublimltie.'' of nature Avlll be gobbled, for tbe pheasant will do the pe^ts and thus add millions to the farmers' riches. FEEDING PHEASANTS, YOUNG AND OLD. .More pheasants are fed to ileath than raised. After twenty-four hours feed three times daily and. contrary to snperstition that birds get most of their drink from dewdrops, keep pure water before them and grit. First fonr days ifeed custard made of twelve bent- -HJi eggs stirred into pint of njilk at boiling point, then boil thick. After fourth day serve as part of ration for eight weeks. On fifth day add a Httle chopi>e(l lettuce and plnhead oatmeal. On eighth da.v introduce kiln dried cracked Wheat, split oats and occasionally a little hemp or millet, .\fter three weeks ^erve minced boiled meat, using broth to wet up a crumbly barley mash. At six weeks throw In wheat and barley for suj^^er. and they are now ready for adult ration. Feed them preens regularly, but keep off the wet grass to avoid gapes. Old birds in woods are only fed in winter unless food Is scarce. In confinement they are fed like, chickens. They relish the followingr Acorns, chestnuts, hazelnuts, beech mast, grains, seeds, roots, herbage, small fruits, cress, cabbage, lettuce, tnmliM, mangolds, p<jtatoes. Insects, worms, ant eggs and tine cut Iwne. MAGGOTS FOR PHEASANTS. Where do our Kngilsh kozens get thoeo big maggots they feed their pretty pheasants? Well," they juct Bkin a dead horse, gi-.e Ihe blowflies u good chance at It, and when the animal begins lo get lively they bury him Just deep enough for the skippers to come through to daylight when thej are fat and ready. The birds stand round aud pick tlieui off as they wiggle through. They cat tbe dead horse germs too. You'll cut pheasant in London cafes after this? Can't blame you a bit. Owners of insectivorous birds should Ui<e our meal worm |)laii. Mix equal [larta bran and chop, add several handfuls of leather scraps for ventilation, drop in a handful of moal worms aud watch them multiply. ;' If wiggling wonns. they aro clean, yellow and fat as butter. Our birds fly six feet high for those juicy sweetmi-ata, perch on otn* shoulders and pull our ear for more. DONTS. Don't neglect to keep the water vessels clean and full. Yes; It's easy to put off, but harder to dig chieket* pares. Don't Epioe chicken feed with red pepper, it U not EO hot as the fiery fumnrc. but .von would thiak It bottti In your Htomach. THE'BIRDS AyT cHuheKr One^^^bata mom In flw^at ll«y, ^WUtog the grove wljh song. , • Oh, how^itteplring- tbe •^onO^^fw-btfB^ That ros4 from bis babbli|ig thrMt, WhUe all the feathered cbsir joined la To swell the pialsefut notel But where is rohia. my robia true,; "Who stn]pk tho. musical lyre? X>on't tell any one and I'O.t^l you— Ue slBga in ovr church chelr. The soprano wears his golden-breast. The alto his vrlngs of Are. Tbe other girls are sporting the rest * He belongs to our styllsb choir. Roam not In orelurd nor llig by rill. Don 't linger In shady wood. Tou will-not hear the wfld birds' trill. For they have left for good. But If you woyld see the birds yeu adore. Go down where good women pray. And yoii will And the birds once more On their hats so stylleh and gay. C. M. B. KURI08 FROM KORREtPONDENTS Q.—A law has been passed In my state that eggs musC be sold by weJgbl. Please put me wise as to the breed that lays the heaviest eggs. Whet weight per dozen should S, C Browu Leghorns lay. hen and pullet? A.- Llgbt Brahma, ben. 28 ounces to dozen: pullet, 2y.4; S. G. Brown hen. 21.7; pullet, 17.5. Q.—Do you feed burut wheat? I,s it good feed? A-—No, to twth. "Burnt wheat" Is not chaired wheat, aa yoti suppose. It Is simply a name for damaged, generally musty graln- Q.—What Is the Squab Graft company? A.—This is a uame given to several city firms that attract customer.^ by yellow advertising aud unload on their victims oid, uumated birds for big prices that aren't wMtb the coal to cook them. Q.—Please inform me what Is wrong with my hens. I have lost six. They strain as If trying to lay. I am feeding the regular grains and^ mash of bran, middlings and cottonseed meal. A.—Cottonseed meal constipates. Cut it out and give your sick bens a tablespoonful of castor oil«^.—Is there any special plan for fattening fowls of tho Leghorn class? Does it pay? A.—The fattening ration is the same, but on account of theii' nervous dispositioii these fowls are kept in a semidark location. Tbe improvement In tbe fowl will just about pay for feed and labor. Q.—Will you please explain why my Minorcas lay a tinted egg. They are large and healthy. A.—Your birds at some time were likely crossed witli Black Ijingshan or Orpington tbr aire. Q.—Some of my ducks bave lost the ufi.' of their legs. I And them in tbe morning flntfenug on fbe ground. What Is the ailment and remedy? A.— Cninip or rheumatism. Your duckii hlwj) on the ground. The hot weather kep't ground dry all summer. When rain and cool nIgbtH came it was a new thing for your ducks, and the weakest ones collapsed. Put them on diT, soft l)edding. feed and water in usual, and they'll come right In a few day.s. FEATHERS AND EGGSHELLS. .V bill ims ber-n introduced In the hon:-o of lords. England, to secure In­ terna action to save the birds. This is botter than the Audubon society's declaration to kill all our catsi fo:* bird murder. We inform them ,thal skunks are the tvorst bird enemies and exhort the society to go f^r em. Tiic west, v.itb its magnificent alfalfa range, will be the metropolis of poultrydom. Alfalfa Is the feed par excellence for cattle, ostriches, pheasants and fowls in general. Expert apiarists declare it ideal feed for bees, and Yak- inm valley, Washington, proves Its truth by a crop of 3,000.000 pounds of honey. .A^ poiiltr.vmau on Hook mountain, Ne -A^ Jersey, keeps large box kites flying a'oove his i>oultry farm to scare off the hawks. The hawks take lo tbe wwds when they see the peculiar looking birds gyrating In the air. The advertising in EugUsh poultrr jpurcals of "comb erectors," •'pullet comb trainers" and "toe stralghteners" rather makes us think that the fellown who fake at our shows haven't learned their A B C's yet In comparison to the cheating stunts of the Johnny Bull breeders. The hnub of chicken thieves, and many have been reported In the pa- pr -rs", show that the neck wringers ralljcr confine their depredations to Wg breeds, especially Barred Hocks—per- hafis because so large and so eonimoD their offer for sale creates no suspicion. Pctal'.ima, the wonderful "White Leghorn City" of California, Is an czaiB- plc of what the whole utility business will be after awhile. Tbe chickens, ducks, geese and pigeons will all be white, but turkeys will all be done in bronze. Turkeys in the apple orchard fare better than in the cabbage patch. Cabbage was once thought to cause tj- phold and tomatoes cancer. Tbia was Imagination. But a full crop of cabbage often makes an empty turkey coop. ^ A cat near Pittsburg ate $143 wortb of pigeons. Tbe owner asked permission of the Stowe to-wnshlp anthoritlee to kill the squab eater, and tbey refused. He has sued the townslllp for damages. Tbe popularity of Pekin dticlui is shown when tbey are. shipped ftohi Long Island to Chicago. Tbejr are long distance profit makers, mature In a short time and often weigh twelre pounds at six montbs. . : Be sure to sow wbei ^t in jrardii wbiere ducks were raised. It aukes gopd winter enen picking, and tl;<^ will get sweet and dean.

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