Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1907 · Page 10
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1907
Page 10
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IE OF PERSONAL KNOVVLEDGJ Penooal knowledge is die Wuinmg factor in the culminating' contests of ^tlus compcdtive age and when of ample, character it places its fortunate poesessor in tlfti front ranks of The WeU Inforaied of the World. A vast fund of personal knowledge ij' leaHy es3rntial to the achievement of the higt^ excellence in any field of human c0ort. ' A Knowledge of Forms, Knowledge of Functions and Knowl< edge of Products are all of the utmost value and in questions of life and health when a true and wholesome remedy is desired it should be remembered that Synip of Figs and Elixir d Senna, manufactured by the California Fig Syru^ Co.. is an ethical product ^vhich has met Avith the approval of the most eminent physicians and ^ves universal satisfaction, because it is a remedy of Known Quality, Known Excellence and Known Component Parts and has won the valuablt- patronage of millions of the y^ell Informed of the world, who know of their own personal knowledge an Jfrom actual use that it is the first and best of family laxatives, fcr which no extravagant or unreasonable claims are made. This valuable remedy has been long and favorably known under the name of—Syrup of Figs—and has attained to worW- wide acceptance as the most excdleot family laxative. As itk pure laxative principles, obtained from S«nna, are well known to physicians and the Well Informed of the world to be the best we have adopted the more elaborate name of—Syrup of Figs and Dixir of Senna — a* n»ore fully descriptive of tlie remedy, but doubtless it >vill always be called for by the shorter ii.irae of — Symp of Fiss—and to get its beneficial prfccU, always, note, when purchasing the full name of the Company — Califomia Fig Syrup Co. — printed on the front of every package, whether you call for — Syrup of Figs — or by the full name — Syrup of figs and EKxir of Senna. LOUISVILLE, KY. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL.. NEW YORK,N.Y' U.S. A.. LONOON.ENGLANO. TO BE RIGHT IN OMAHA Etpb the Dplkery of Sunday Pspws Will Be ProhlbltwI. Omaha, Nov. 1.—If thp Omaha polico aft unablp to enforce Mayor iJahl- man's svfoeplng Sunday closinR onlnr. they are to be aided by the county ofllccrs. Mayor Dahlmnn say.s fjiat hi' is determined to give th»» iipopio of Omaha all the Sunday clo.iinc within his power and ho hns Issm-d ordprs i« hl3 cliiel of polico aucordlnRly. Late thl."! afternoon Chief Dr.nahuo sent a letter to Captain Mostyn, chief of detectivp."!, In.striicting him 10 reo to It that the inByor'.s pdin is obnyed. and that the letter hs well the .<;pirli of the law be Kiriitly enforced. Chief Donahue puts the tian on driiR ntores, except for the lillinR of preserlpilnnB, grocery stores, meat luarketr, hak. erles, newsaiandr., KhootinK gnllerieF. picture galleries, hotels— so far ar. sales of cigars and newspapers Is concerned—billiard balls, candy stores trawling alleys, barber shops, basfball games, pawnshlps, tailor ahops, garages, the delivery of newspapers, new.-, boys, golf, tennis and other similar outdoor amu.'iements. A test of the Sunday law, as ii jior- tains to theaters has been made and the supreme court has decided in favor of th5 theaters. The mayor, however, expects to ma^e another test of the law. The theaters will Ignore thf* order. The order is not eftectiwe until servant of the people. In the last week I have been served with orders from two classe.s of citizens demanding Sunday closing. I have taken .steps for a strict enforcement of the law which will give the citizens a chance to know what a closed town l .s. If Ihey like it they will continue the system and if not f suppose they will have .nnopen town." Cured of Rrli^hlN l)lsea<ie. Mr. Hohert. O. Biirne, IClnora. .\. Y., writes: -nefore 1 started to tme U'o- ' \o.y'n Kidney Cure I had to got up from iwi-lve 10 nvrnty tlmra a nip;hf, and I \Yii.\ lil<i.'ini| up with dnipt.y aii<l luy eyp.-.iKlir \\.\y :.o amp.ilrr-d I could .soarofly sop oiie of my f.nmlly aernss the room. I had Riven up hope of liv- liiR. whon !i frjond reromniendod Fo- loyV Kidii.y I 'lire. Om- 50 rent Imtilc Wiirked womliTS iind Ijofore 1 had taken the third bottle the dropsy had gone, as well as all other symptoms of Rrlghfr. dl.="p .Tr .o." Burrell's drug r.tore. DR. VIRLIN IIEBE TOMORROAV. Will Speak at. Y., H. V. \. and M. T.. Dr. Muriin. president nf BakorVni- Vf -rsily of B.tldwjn. Kans-a."?. Is la give two addres .'ies in loia tomorrow. Ur. .Miirlin in the morning will fill the pulpit at the Methodist church and in the afternoon will have charge of the men's meeting at the Y. M. C. A. at three thirty. His subject to tlie men will be "Having a Good Time in ife." "How the Children of the Slums December 10, and business men who,Live" l,s the subject of the lecture to bavfe been in the habit of keeping their he given at the boy.=» Y. M. C. A. meet- places open on the Sabbath will thus: ing tomorrow afternoon at two thirty, have an opportunity to adjust their The lecture la accompanied by seven- affairs. ^ t ty-llve pictures of slum characters The movement "started by the Antl-'.'ind places and will doubtless prove Saloon league caused the mayor to is- 1 very interesting, sue a proclamation against saloon • screens. The saloon men retailate<l! Wanted—Everybody to know that by demaiiding an edict! against bust- W. D. Kelley & Son ha!ve moved their ness houses. transfer and storage office to 211 "We have came to that stage of our' South Washington. OfSce and Day political affairs." said the mayor, J Phone 290. BeBldence and night "when the office holder is indeed a Phone 17. •EO. A. BOWLU^ PfMMwit. THOS. H. BOWLUt, CathiM'. ALLEN COUNTY STATE BANK Capital $30;000.00 DIRBCrORS ' A. W. BmH, L. C. acatly. A. J. FultSn, W. J. Bvim, J. O. n»4§9n, 9m. A. Bbw^i, ^ot. H. Bowtin. WKISBUe OUR own ORAfWB OH AU tffROPEMHPOMT9 •AFKrV DEMtIT BOXES FOR RENT FROM 12 le |B FER YEAR. ATTACKED YOUNG GIRLS Actor's M'Ife, Flora Zftbclle, In.slst.s That Unslraud l.s n Victim of Foul Piny. Batkii of All Kladt. Exelailre ApirtoieA for Lad leu D^icofflb Bath flosse and Mineral WeU (1,500 Feet Deep.) Ijpcated at 4th and Scott, Ave., Fort Scott, Kaasas. TWs water PosHiTcIy Cires Bheaiutlsa, BrWit 't DteMSC, 8t «Baeli Troable aid A«ae. Fnf. J. X. BIfhop, tke aost 01«braled Xassagist aad HylroiMitk. iat !• tk« Cnmttjf !• atteBiaaee giflar •asssgib: 1 New York, Oct. ."{l.—The gr.nnd jury filed six lndlctmcni,s today against Raymond Hltehcoek, the comedian In •Tiio Y .Tnkec T 'liirlKf at the Astor theater. Tlu> liidicimeiiis charge iit tacks on young girls. Hitehrock was notified through his coiin.sel to .nppea tomorrow before .Itidci' Cryiii at the gener.'il K (•.•;:^lon.^, Ho h:i.=» been out on $?.flnn bull slncr his arrest 011 liie complaint of Helen von Hagen, 15 years old. A alarm was sent, out from police head (luartefs at midnight for the arrest of Hitchcock. The police were instrticted to watch outgoing steamships. Three girls, lOIsfe Koecks, Florti WTiiison and Helen con Hagen, appeared before the grand jury as wit nes.sps. They were examined by the assistattt district attorney, Mr. Cat- van. Superintendent Moore and .lit agent of the Gerry society tosti fied. The hearing on Hitchcock's com plaint of extortion against Hugo C Vooks, is set for tomorrow. Xot at Either Performance. Mr. Hitchcock did not appear at either performance at h\a theater yes trrda.v. Wallace Beery, who has been his uiidersludy for two years, took the leading role. Morris Klrby, Mr. Hitch cock's personal representative, told the reporters last night that he, latter had not been seen since nine o'clock yesterday morning. Mr. Kitby said that it was his opinion that the comedian had sailed upon the White Star liner Jlajesiic for England. Klrby said that the actor's wife. Flora Za- bello, called upon the manger of the theater where Mr. Hitchcock was playing and told him that Mr. Hiicli had left home at nine o'clocH In the morning sayink that he was going to take a Turkish bath. That was the last she saw of him. Mrs. Hitchcock said that her husband had passed a sleepless night and said that ho wanted to brace up so that he could go on lor the matinee. Ho had only a few pdallars In his pockets but wore his valtiable diamond rings. Every bathhouse in town was called up by telephone and many clubs were called also, but no trace of BIr. Hitchcock was found. Later—The stidden disappearance of Raymond Hitchcock, tho comedian, has not yet been cleared up. Several theories are advanced as to the missing actor. Onn Is that he Is on a ! steamer bound for Europe, another is that he has met with foul play and the third that he committed suicide, having become crazed- by the accusations against him. Flora Zabelle, bis wife, who Is In the play in which Hitchcock bad the leading role, says she knows nothing of his whereabouts. She is completely exhausted today as a result of the strain of the last twenty-four taonrs. She insists he has been the victim of foul play and declares Hitchcock has made absolutely no preparations for flight. ^ DAXCINfl PBOTES FATAL^ Iklany men and women catch colds aC dances which terminate In pneumonia and consumption. After exposure if.Foley'a Htmeyi aiid Tar Is takeo it m EET. SiTiifii)!)!! nUi BZPUf TEX- PSBA2iC£ FIPHT Ef TTASKETGI^If. THE CITY HAS SQO SAMS PEOPLE SAY «DRY" NATIONAL CAMPAIGN WOIT-DDO fiOOD. Such Step In Xatlon*.-j Lradlnir rilj Would Stimulate Other Leaders to Action. Washington, Nov. 1.—.A. crusade for local option in the District of Coltim- bia will bo waged by the Anil-Saloon league and the Woman's Christian Temperance union, llev. E. C. Dinwiddle, tho Anti-Saloon league official who .engineered llio fight for prohibition In Oklahoma, who hns managed the contest In several Southern state.') arrived here yesterday tmd will have personal charge of the fight to he made In ^VhHhlngto^. Through the efforts of tho Antl-Saloon league and tho W. C. T. U., the .saloons were taken out of tho capitol btitlding through a joint resolution forced through the-two houses. With the opening of office hulldiii>;s for the .senators and representatives, it is now siiid that barrooms will be jtro- vided. The Antl-Stiloon league pro- po-tses to make Its fight general this time In the district. , The fact is now not denied that several Influential members of congress, both, in tho house and the senate, are drafting measures to he submitted when the national legislature convenes next December, aiming blows at the liquor traffic In the district. The temperance issue in the district has not been given serious consideration here as yet, despite the persistent agitation of the question, hut. the appearance of Mr. Dinwiddle in this city and his avowed jtiirpose to organize a systematic campaign has given th temperance war tangible sh^pe. Mr. Dinwiddle hopes (o have congress sanction his plan of campaign. It is to oermit the different sections of Vashingion, as well as the suburbs in the Di.strict, to vote upon the question whether they will have liqtior sold^in their immediate community. This scheme gradually will abolish the saloons, as.sert the temperance folk. One of the salient strokes In the fighl will be the effort of Mr. Dinwiddie to enlist the support and co-operation of every minister in Washington, regardless of denomination, and to have them exjmund from their pulpit's i^nd Increase an anli-.saloon sentl- ineiit among the people. From every state in the tmlon. local leniiierance people declare, have come carne.=t appeals to make a relentless campaign in the District for the effect it will have on the rest of Ihe couiiiry. Tiiey argi.e that the moral cfliTi of a -dry" naiioiinl eaiiital would .•stimulate the temperance lender.'? in the stale.'? to eventually r.we«^p the saloons from the country. Tliere are more Ih.nn .'lOO s.nloons in Washington, each pnyiug a license tax of ?S;(lrt aiiiiually Into tlic District: treasury. A L.4.<iTINfl EFFEf'T. This ErMence Should ProTO Everj Claim Hade for Pnan's Kidney PillH In lola. will break up a c(rid and no aerlons resalta need be' feared. Refuse anyltsttl days on jMicoaiit qC.the aopldeat. biit the iwanlno ]a^ yellow pac^cage-^i ' ••^: T>,!-;rV. Butrel>>driiy<rtor<>._ ' »^ —^ • Relief from the pains and aches of a biid bark is always welcome 10 every backaeho sufferer; but to cure a lame, weak or aching hack is what's wanted. Citre it so it will stay cured, t can bo done. Here's the strongest evidence to (trove il: .Mr.-;. D. i'i.sher. of 300 South S.vca more sfret, lola, Kansas, says: told your representative four years ago what Doan's Kidney Pills, procured at C. B. Spencer & Cn.'a drug store, had done for me. For six years I been subject to backtiche and kidney trouble, and e %ery time 1 took cold or overexerted myself my back ached severel.v. At that time I had used one box of Bonn's Kidney Pills and had started on tho second. The benfit I received was very great and I did not hesitate to recomend the rem edy. Now, after four years. I can state that their tiso cur ^d me, and so thoroughly rid mo of my trouble that In spite of all the hard work 1 have done since then I have never been troubled with my back or kidneys. For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Fo.ster-Mllhnrn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the United States Remember tho name—Doan's and take no other. 3fOSIl£B FELL OTERROABll. Was on a Dominion Line Steamer BC' tween Washington and Norfolk. (Parsons Sun.) 1M W. Mosher, traveling traffic agent of the MIs'souri, Kansas & Texas railway, and Mrs. Mosher, arrived home this morning from their trip through the east They left over a month ago and since tbat time they have visited the principal cities of the east, including New York, Wbsta Ington. and Ptalladelpbia. They attended a convention of traveling passenger agents ia Norfolk, and the James.^ town exposition was visited. Then a trip around the coast to New Orteans was taken, and from there home to Parsons. Wlblle on a steamer of the Old Dominion line between. W^ablngton and Norfolk.Mr. Mosher bad tba .misfortune to fall overboard. A party of the passenger agenta were on board, and ttaey were having a merry time. Wben Mr. Mosher fell over the side of the ship grapplins books wotb brougtit into use and iia'was soon pulled back to safety. He wi> laid np • ir .1L ASDWUON, • - AftorBcy -Mt -Law. • Notary and StenographaMn • Office. • Phone 455. J* • H. A. Bwlng, S. A. Gard. &. R. Gnr4'*'' EWUre, GABD & GABD, lawyers. Practice in all Goartft 9% W. Madison. Fhoat m. MeMniLEN, Special attention given to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Tfllepbone.i: Office 32, Res. 232. Office In Mrs. Turuer'a Bldg., West Madison. ri: • • • Phone 887. Hes. 701. .IIB. 0. L.,COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. 8p «ctaclea Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. Phone 554. Tola. Kaas. .• UR. EDITH S. niltiE. < ^ Office and Resldencn over Bar- • £ rell's Drug Store. • 5 Office Hours—10 to 12 a. m., J •4 to 4 p. m., 7 to 8 evenings. • ^ Sundays by Appointment • / F, H. M ABTnr, Practice x^LImlted to SargMy. 16 N. Buckeye. •t- Sfflce Phone 1083. DB. B. 0. CUBISTIAIf. Pkyslelan ani Snrgeoa. Rooms 7 and 8. Brans Bldg. Phone 67S; • DR. W. R. RETLMmr. • Physlclat & HnrgeoB. .• ? Office N. R. Corner of Sciaars. • 5" Over K. C. Plumbing Co.'b Store. * Res. Tel 38. Office Tel.. 602. • * • Phone 032. Fuller Bldg, * • DR. GLTNN, • • Specialist. • • Bye, Ear, Nose and Throat. • *. Glasses Furnished. * Res. Tel. 198. Office Tel. 163. DB. J. R. PEPPER. Dentist. Is permanently located over E. C. McClain's Clothing Store, and Is prepared to do all kinds of np-to-date dental work. Evening work by appointment DR.II.TOZEB, •f4 lola Infirmary, 202 E. Jaeksea, We use X-Ray, Violet Rays, •, • Static, Galvanic and Faradls •j^ • Electricity with vibratory Bthn- • • nlation In nervous and chronic * • diseases. Phone 38«. * ! isEidl • • • • •5; P. L. Lathrop, fi Mrs. Bessie G. Lathrop. OSTEOPATHIC PHYSICIANS. ^' Special attention given to Dis- *' eases of Women and Children. Over East Side Hardware; Office 'Phone, Main 468. ,»ff rnAX. ARK FRIvSH. A choice .issortnient of tlii.<J popular brand at CRARB'vS. When yoti buy I,owney'.«? Choco- Lites here, otir personal pledge of their freshnes.s goes with them. Get yonr next candy at Crabb's and see how well it pleases yon. CRABB'S DRUG STORE, Corner Wasshington .ind West Sts. Skating Rink Now Open? Ladies FreeMorninst and Afternoon Admission at Night 25 ceiitP, ' .. - Incltiding Skates. _ Rpllaway Skating Riiik North Side of the Sqnare. Gootl Miisio. Good Order. Good Floor, Is 'u •rdMl whiek di wonMB appioaeh wMi indMcribabla^lMir, A» nothine comfMrM the pain •nd:honar?«f iU^birt BEGomiMa ^ t^l^- ehil(f;birth. T ^ttitpfM of the toiFeniig, %nA danger in ttortffer her, robe the expMttnt Ijlii ^OT of all pleasant intiaipatioas of the coadag«¥ent, Uid cufiip •<|m ~J^mi.»^ iluulewof fflooqi which cannot be sbvlcen off. ThoasiuK^' have fonnd that the tise ^of MoCher'g FrtiiiA dating pnsi coofinemeht of all paiir and danger, end iaauei safety tormdj and chil4 .1 This scientific liniment it • ^-lend let eU time of their most critical trial. Not oeij jioA cMTf w ^iMB ^Mfely throvgb the penli of cfaiUUbirffi^. ticlmess .^rABA' oOirr dis- • : " v v-^^.-^.^ ticlmesf. comforts Sold

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