Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 7, 1908 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 7, 1908
Page 2
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—Fitzgerald, Aato Ll\ny. Pbone. + •!• • Miss Garner to Visit. Miss Opal earner left at noon totlaj lor a visit in Lincoln, Nt-br. Slic Tfrill also spend a . short time at Lafayette, Indiana. Slic will be absent from lola Ave weeks. * • * Miss Gray Here. Miss Maude Gray, of Kansas City. Is In Tola for a short visit. She is a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Wilder Gray. * * * Miss Holmes Home. Miss Gcrtdude Holmes rctnnnd tills afternoon from Sapulpa. Si.e lias been a guest of Miss Mary Hilles wlio for- mstty Uvcd in lola. ' \ * • V Miss Bixier Coming. Miss Grace Bixier, who is siiemlin',' the winter at Rcdfleld, as tcaclicr in the high school will speiul the week end here with her parents. * • •> Business Meeting. The Christian Endeavor society of the Presbyterian chureh will have a business mcctln;;. The members will meet at the home of their president. Miss Elsa Hildner In Wieeler ,t8. •:• '> -> Home For Holidays. Miss Christmas Wilson and Miss Lncy Wilson, who are spendinK tt.o winter at the University of Chicago, are expecting to spend a vacation at the!*- home here late in Dcccmbe They will remain for Christmas will probably be here for New Years also. V V V To YAtes Center. The Woman's Relief Corps of Yater; Center has sent an invitation to tin Tola Corps for a special meeting ai reception on Thursday of next wf-eji..] An -a&rmative reply will be sent to the prospective hostesses at once and a large number of Tola women will go over to spend the day and attend the meeting. .> ^ A W. R. C. Meeting, The usual seml-montlily meeiing of the Woman's Relief Corps was held yejjterday In G. A. R. hall. There war. the Initiation of one member, Mrs. Moorehousc as a special feature ami also a business' honi:. + * * To Kansas City. Miss Beatrice Doxsee leaves tomorrow, for Kansas City. .% ^ ^ Birthday Party. Mrs. W. R. Lyons. S51 Norlli sin-t;t. entertained from four until six oclorlt yesterday aftenioon for lier daiiglrfcr. Adelaide. The lionor guest was cele bratlQg her elevcnt-;: birthday. The rooms were very beautiful with larpe boquets of chn'santhcmums and other fall flowers and games in Ijeeplnp with the day were played. At luncheon time Mrs. Lyons was assisted by Miss Margaret Cannon and Miss Marion Robinson. The guest list is as follows: Daisy Fancher. Rutii Boughton, Margaret Studer, Margaret Cannon, Annie Stlllwell, Robinson. Fay- Fetherland, Lynn Wilson. Anna Kw-. ins. Esthi'r Jones. .Mildred Dowuin;;.- Grace Adams, llutli Adams. Ceniviove Green, Ruth Green. Helen Cixmpb««'1. Helen Day. Annabel Price. Edith Witt, .Tessie Irvin. Dorothy Kelley, Louise) Ponsler. Marie Tyler and Mildred Downing. •* The Ideal in Feminine Education. Tlic latest "roast" on society girls; is checlced up to Prof. Lewis of Philadelphia, who thinks the life of tlie average daughter of wea'thy American fainilir-s is worthless. Prof. Lew\R say:; a liil shnuM be lironghl ui) to: Sew hutUiiis on oil elotli<>.s wlion needed. Strive to liake Im-al witlionl burning if to piecoM. Study how to wash ( ILKIM-S witlionl breakin-.: them. Le :ir;i liow ro v.;i.-!i a uiaub si!!; underwear without ti-ariii;;. [ Learn to master the ni\steries of the kitelieii Instead of the mysteries of the drawinjr room. •'Society girls bfcoinc vain and worthless." said Editor Lewis. "Ix- t ::ey are jielted and coddled too mucii before inarriat;e. Tlie fact of the matter is that th^y have nlto- jiether too luueli I'-isuie aii-I not enoufih work. "Tliey are jraddinc alxnit in aittoiiio- l)ilr-5 and spend much lueeious time at the matinees eating elioeolato can- foo'i.-;h youn;; men in ST\:I 1- coafs. "WHien tl -ey marry ilwy brine to liicir liusbaiids siiii''i"'i''ial I'eauty,- l>IOMt.\ of vanity, and a suiatteriiic of book learning. Tli .tt is about lliv lira it C 'f their accomplisliments. ' For IVIiss Sickly. One of thf social events of next week will lie :i liandkerchief sliower in conjplinient to .Mi=s P,i-rtha Rlr-Hv w])o is to be married on Than!:suiv- inc day. The liristesses will be 'drl.- of tile Sewing c-lul) to wllieii .Mis.^ J ^ickly lielontjs and the "ntfrtainmoni will occur al. (he hoiiw of .Miss .N'i'ftie Brijrlrum, ['.'22 South Col Ion wood. V V •:• Spend V/ccl< End Hcrc.-'^ Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Garuf^tf. of <ha- nute. will be In -rr to si 'i -nd Saturday and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. V. W Fit/gerald. .Mrs. Garnett is n sistpl^ of .Mr.'--. P.iris wlm is also visitinv; Mrs KiizjreraM. ' "I- at tlie ma ber. with f and low-tailed Monday, Tncsday and Wednesday Nights Jack Fotoh GantBdy Skmitng Somethiog New. Soincthiug Original Ladies free mornings all next week, only. bers,'BIrs. Frank Travis, Mrs. J. McKinley and Mrs. Henry Howland were tifu'Iy tinted evening scarfs. Tliere are several new collars of ruchin.? and ribbon wliieJi by the way lire ftin" thin;;. Tlie collar is to be worn outside UM- in-ek fiiiisliin;; of t!"(' coal or jns^ insiile the fur. and is fas t'-ned at the left side with a knot of ribbon in a shade to harmonize with the ruching. • Informal Afternoon. .Mrs. I'. W. Filzseraid entertained a few friends very informally at tea yesterday afternoon to meet he house fiuest. Mrs. .r. H. Paris, (if J/ar ned. The tea, table was simply but Iirettlly arranged aufl refreshments were served to these guests: Mes dames .7. H. Price, W. R. Crangle. C. M. \\lieatou. .f. D. Arnett, W. R. Culbertson, M. V. Saylor. T. B. Van- HiLskirk. (*. ,\. Fronlc Cora Johnson and Mi::s Clara Crangle. •-• iHc-e From Chanute. Mrs. W. L. R< niin^'lon. n[ Chanute was a gin\si at dinner last nijrlit llie home of .Mr. and Mrs. W. E. |^;. ons. .Sr.I North slnit. ette Stoddard, Julia Williams, Bessie rnHUATE OPTICIAN :U/«8 T«6ted Free. ^atMactira Gaaraateed. Vesper Service. Thf-re will l>p a short ))rayer ser vice tomorrow afternoon at three o" clock in the Y. W. C. A. parlors. The Wsson and scripture reading will be conducted by Mrs. W. G. .Anderson. T'.is service is tiie working' out of a custom recently inaugurated by the board of directors of the association and a cordial invitation is extended to all young women to be present. 4. • It Appeals to Shoppers. sEVery woman who was down town today had .some verj- complimentary things to say about the N«w York Btore 's north window. The display is a hanubnious grouping of new neckwear and other dress accessories which appeals to the good taste and a sense of the beg.utiful in everyone. The back ground Is a comblnatloa of color In new ruchings which is especially pleasing! and the collection of hair ornaments and j^elry whicti Is In the foregronnd is flanked by bolls of the nBwest ribbons or bean- Home From Arkansas^. •Mr. and .Mrs. Alec Miller have rf- turned from Eureka Springs, Ark. They have spent the few weeks th'<re but will make lola tlieir liouie ilurin? liie winter. .J. Priscllla Club. Mr.s. A. W. Howland. on South Wal nuf street, was at home to members of t!if Pri.seilla club yesterday alter noon after 3 o'clock" for a htisineHS meeting preliminary to arranging the s'-ries of iiK '<'iings for the winter. .Mrs. Colon'! Lan .Miii was cliosep president of tlif elul» and |(liree now uiem- <s*^Elmr?f"Senna acts gently^et promptly on the bowels, cleanses fhe ^steme||ectuQlly, assists one in overcxwning Habitual constipation permonently. To get its oene iciol e^|ects buy. the nulacturiedi ^ the voted in.. Thef fi^t party will be given nest Wednesday; afternoon at the home of Mrs. A. C. Thompson.. Mrs. W. H. Porter will entertain with Mrs. Thompson. • * * Social at Bassett. The l»resbyterian chapel at Bassett was opened for a social last evening to entertain tte pupils of that Sunday school, their parents and friends. The Qui Vive club from thie' lo'a church assisted Mrs. E. N. Jones, Mrs. J. M. Newman and others who were In charge of tho amusements and after the games refreshments • were served. , • •:• • MrK. Beach Returns. Mrs. R. V. BeVch who has been in lola for the past few weeks lias returned-Jo her home in Big Spring. Nebraska. She has been visiting her sister. Mrs. R. L. Manley and relatives in LaHarpc. 4* • * Visited Mrs. Barnhart. Mrs. Logan Wright and Mrs. Sinas TJarnhart of Piqua, spent Wednesday with Jlrs. J. R. Roberts, of Aurora, 111., who is a guest'5f Mrs. Edgar Barnhart. V • • Miss Metcalf's Musicale. The musicale given by the pupils of 'Miss Patti Metcalf. assisted by Miss Hallie Casserly, of Springfield. III., and the high school quartette of boys, at the M. E. church Saturday evening was w«ll attended by a good audience. /Pfce class of pupils was composed^ of different ages ranging from the tiny tot to those who were well advanced In music. An exceptional feature of the entertainment was that among so many little folks not one failed to execute their part In a commendable manner. TO LOAN—15,000 private money ou farm land at 6 per cent.—lola Laud Co. ~\V'ANTED—Two ybung ladies to s«j^ licit. C. F. Florence, Rooms lo and 11. Evaus Block. WANTED—All kinds of second hatj^d household furniture.—The lola'Furni turo Exchange. A. W. Beck. Proii. j Phone 25. - I • DR. lOLDBED CUBT18 • Pbyileian aad Swgwb ' • • Office over Bu-rell's Drug Stor* • • Office Phone 854. • • Residence 214 E. Jackson • • Phone 569. • W.VNTED—E.\peYiencefl cook at ir.j North Jefferson, the old WANTED—To buy .va hand buggy. Phone-463 DIL MeniLLEir, . Special attention given to th* treatment of all Chronic Diseases and Diseases of Children. Warntr Cafe. * Telephones: Office 32, Eea. 232. •* Office over Burrell'r Drug StOrt good second or 1092. West Madison. ' • • • WANTED—lola property to exchange for Kansas and Missouri land. Golden West Land Co. Office over Iowa Store, lola, Kas. SALESMEN & AGENTS—« $ ; $50.00 p*3r'week and over can be made selling New Campaign Novelties from now until election. Sells to Stores, Conn-1 ty Fairs, Picnics and Private Families." Complete line of samples, charges prepaid tor 50c. Order today. CHICAGO N07ELTY CO.. 60 Wabash Ave.. Cliicago. Phone 6S7. Re«. 701. DB. 0. L. COX, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat. Spectacles Properly Fitted. Office A. O. U. W. Bldg. WANTED—Young men lo prepare for coming examination for Railway Mall and other Government Positions. Superior instruction by aiaii. Established 14 years. Thousands of successful students. Sample questions;^ and "How Gov't Positions are Secured" sent free. Inter-State Sciiools. 291 In. Xvc, Cedar Rapids. Iowa. . Offlca Tel. 1083. Night Tel. Vm • DB. B. 0. CHBISTIAlf ; Physician and Snrgeon 'Rooms 7 and 8. ESvans Bldg. WANTED—Information ref;aiding a good farm or business for sale: not I It was'particular about locali«m; wisli to « • • F. D- MABTDT, • Surgery and Diseasea of * Women. " • Office and Residence Phone 576 • Office 7 North Jefferson. • easily discernable that untiring perse-'hear from owner only, wlm will sell j 'E^&st Street. verance and accuracy had been the direct to buyer: give price, dcserlp- n'olto of their instructor. Miss Patll tion and state; wlieii possession can be hn-s employed every available means,had. Address L. Darbysliire. Uox 2tc'5, JEWELRS. B. F. Pancoast, old reliable Jeweler. to equip Iierseif for her chosen profession, wliicli combined with her suiv erlor natural ability ranks her among the best musical Inatrtictors in this Rochester, N. Y. FOR SAie ^mimamHmmmQum ijll South erty, close in. Call 110 West Monroe. Inquire fOR tXOHAMae FOR SALE—An organ; part of tho state. The vocal numbers | Cottojiwood. rendered by Miss Casserly were rx- collcnt. Slic has a beautiful voice that has been well trained, her selections were composed by her uncle, who la n musical Instructor in Call-^ PQR KBNT House. fornia. The quartette, well It must;North Buckeye, be heard to be appreciated. The bojs (lid splendid.dolony Free Press. <. Committee Meeting. The program committee of the ciiy federation is in session this afternoon in the library building. The oi> jeet of the meeting Is to.arrange for tho federation meeting to be held on the last Saturday in November. «o far the federation has not been able to begin active work because of tho district federation which required the attention of t'he clubs, but the meet Lodge Difectofy KBilGlITS OF FITHUS^Neotht Lodge.No. 43 meets every MondM uight at K. of P. Hisill. VlalUng bT»- thers invited. W. S. Thompson, B. OL- Chris Hitter. K. of R. and 8. SNIGUTS OF MACCABEES^ ^R SALE OR TitADK-Good p, op-j Knights of Maccabees of the Wori* meets in K. P. Hall, second and foartt Saturday nights of each month., h W. Postwalt, coirniHii !|p. (f n Par* ter, recoi'J^eepti __ ^08', W.'O. W.— Can.i- S»- ..M meeie la i K. of P. Hall every Friday alghl. W. |T . Sterfe, C. C, A. H, Dail*, C1«M». Visitors cordially invited)*' Six Clear La Harpe residences ?TO0O i M. W- A.—The M. W. .A. Lodft and $3000. Cash for merchandise or; meets every Friday night In 1L Vfrit. farm. W. O. Lenhart, lola, Kas. LOST OUR TELEPHONE Is constantly ringing these days. September, you know, is the time to have (the summer dust cleaned out of caring this month is the commencement jpets. 9019 nrcTMiDfe Mfiicqist^- QOff^^onu of real work. Mrs. R. Y. Boyd is chairman of the program committee. • • • Visit Misa Thompson. .Miss Irma McCulloch and Miss Fay Vail of Ottawa, will be here to spend Sunday with Miss Blanche Thompson. .J. .J. 4. To Garnett. Mrs. Emma Buchanan went to Garnett todaj'. She will be a guest ot clati\es for a week. o 4* ^ •^ Birth. Friends of Mr. and Mrs, CJeors'; Trombold. of Clianute, have received lli(> announcement, of tlie birtli of n son to them on Thursday, November fifth. The Infant will lie christened George Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Trombold formerly lived in lola and Mrs. Trom- boldt. who was Miss Margaret Stevenson, was formerly society editor of The Register. •:• • • Missc Metcalfe Here. .Miss Patti Metcalfe of Colony Is in lola today on business. • • • To Appoint Committees. Mrs. W. D. Wolfe, president of the Secoml district, will In We are busy, but your order will receive prompt and careful attention. Phone us today. iOLA RUG FACTORY Pheie Sit. Hall. Visiting brothers Invited. T.^ O. Coffield, V C, W. A. Co^an. Clerh. ^ BOTAL inEIGHBOBS^IoIa Cam^ No. 305, Royal Neig^bbrs, meets ond and fourth Tuesdays of CfC^ month. Mrs. F..A. Wagner, oracl* Mrs. Mary Hutton, 413 West Striir Recorder. " '' FRATEBXAL BBOTHSKtOOD^ Fraternal Brotherhood Nb. 380 n^e^ second and fourth Thursday ottk^ month in A. O. U. W. pall. VWthW members cordially InvibBd. W. K: J*' derson, president: Gold* BOaaa. tary. ., TO WORK ON TARIFF EXTRA SESSION OF CONGRESS MAY BE CALLED TO REVISE IT. Congressman Payne, of New York, is in Conference With President Roosevelt Today. nencnl Gonlnetar. Flagstone and Cement -Sidewallu ani Casbin^ a S^alty. oaiee US £»t iaeksoB 4T«. Ph«M tp4. Washington, Nov. 7.—Represcnta live Sereno E. Payne, of New York chairman of the Ways and Means committee of the House, had a long conference with President Roosevelt today on the tariff question. Payne declared the tariff revision would not a few days; be taken up at* the coming session of announce the names of members of ^ congress but an extra session for this several committees which she will ap-| purpose would be called on a dale de- point. There are standing commit- pending entirely upon the wishes of tees to have charge of the business Mr. Taft, but probably about March of various departments in the district flfteent and tfce choosing of these members is always left to the prcsidneL Mrs. Wolfe will also appoint a correspoi Ing' secretary. AnethT.^Coed-^n. The Joplhi Globe tas written the Register to place It on the" exchange list. The Globe devotes much of. its Work of Xlsereant. space to the zinc and smelter busl- Elther some youth who was over- ness, and, when the depression canye working the Hallowe'en stunt or on last fall, it dropped the Tola paper» some- miscreant ben^ on evil was from its exchange list as there waa prowling in the southest part of tho nothing doing here in the smielt^r city last night. Mysterious- noises line. Now that Taft is elected and fto were! heard about several homes but. industries are starting up the. Glql» when the residente would appear to wants on the eau^nge list again that investigate no one was to be seen. if may keep "tab" on cppditipna. |? Real Estate, Insurance v ity and. FarmtljMUIs Low Rate, Annual Interest. Payments' received at any time without notice,' and fn-' tercst ceases ou amount iwid. Long or Short Tine Lfi»|^ Cunningham & Arnett can be secured of ^ J.E.H«rf«naa Y trho deals with' the pnblishsn en' famishes them at the lowest price possible. Trial- subscription to Vp*' : Norden's, .3'months 2Se. Phone M. 4U W. JBnyl^ t \)|7E liave jtist • itdsit J fuH catload <f >tfitjf* np-to-dete granite mobi end to those cqnt the pttrchase sT we respectfully . call and see oarsiOj ^ij our prices befoiel> your order;' ^Witlii work and

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