Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on November 2, 1907 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1907
Page 9
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Ifaaiy Pace Wm the Times Your grandmother was wise in her day. She did her best with what she had. But fifty years have brought great improvements. Don't pay 40 to 50 cents a pound for a baking powder that's out of date. niANITE TEAM WILL PLAY ©AS riTY NEXT WEES. LOST THE BASKET BALL SAME wlllioM tb*M.; I wu troabUd \ b>«*l dMl ]*Ub torpM j|m md liMilMh*. jrow sliiea Mklnc C*.eutueudrCub«rti« 1 ^1 v•l7••^<•hk«M*r• i ihiill tartaMlr r«aomm*nd th«m t» mj Manda M lha b«>t DMlli'lna I htra anr t *mn." Anna Bailntt, Oiborn lUII No. t, rail Birar, Ma**. Ccir For I. M. C. .4. BOYS WON LAST NIGHT —SCORE 46 TO 16. ' Two Youngr Men Were in a Cnitln? S*rape Yesterday—Per- i Honals. ^ CHICAGO. is a triumph of modem science. It is a perfect Baking Powder. It cannot fail. It makes everything lighter, more delicate, tastier. And it costs you less than half as much as the old-style powders—25 ounces for 25 cents,an honest price for an honest baking powder. Get a can on trial at once; money back if it isn't better. You can't afford to wait another day. Cbannte Is Next The Chanute players will be the next victims of the Gas City foot half team one week from tomorrow. If the Chanute team plays foot ball similar to the other teams In southeastern Kansas, there will be another sad story to tell. We may add here, that If they^ do not play better than when be game was stolen from the Gas City team one week from last Sunday at Chanute there will be a sadd(»r story than ever to tell. Yesterday the LeRoy team added an other victory to the Gas City wonders by allowing the Gas City team to run over them and pile up sixteen points while they succeeded In holding Gas City for downs once and made nothing. A full account of the game will be found in other parts of the paper. Pure, Wholesome, Economical. Jaiiuem Mfg> Oo», GMomgo, THE CLEARING HOUSE Tbe Labor Sarlntr Drvirf (it elated Bunks. the Assn- of some checks which your li.ank le- tiiins to you as a voucher. Unt in tinips of linanclal striimcncy tile cloarins house at once looms into iiniKirtiince as an nssoclntinii nf banks I)> which they are able lo iiool their it>siiurcp.s and so continun lo ir'.te care of lejiitimatc demands of business. It's a Lalmr Sarlnir Herice. I'.iiofly. tlie clearing house is a device hy which banks are able to- balance thoir accounts against each other Kansas City, .Mo.. Nov. 2.—With the clearing hoiis<» suddenly ass-iiminK a prominence in K; City financial jzansactlons and with, clf-aring house cerUficates replacing currency In deal- and so to .avoid the necessity of the Ings between banks, few persons have tran.«fer of unneces.sary large amounts any notion what ihe clcarin;; lions.- 1 „f ,iirifiu-v. SnpiiOiV. for •n.'^tnnoc. really is. what is does or when-inon- checks drawn on the First National ducts its business. Ordinarily it is uank to the amount of $liiO.Oft(> wcr" merely a part of the smoothly run- deposited in .n dav In the .National nlng mechanism of e.\thange. Out-'Hank <.f Conimoice. ..\nd suppose on siders have no occasion to visit it and , ii ,p same dav checks on the Bank of there-were no clearing house the Commerce would have to send to the First .National for $100.n00 in currency. At the same time the First National ference between those flgures shows the amount due from each other bank or to be paid to it. The manager of the clearing house is supplied with would be sending to the Comnierce for these llgnres and makes out the orders $<>0,000. .All this I rouble would be su-jof the various banks on each other to perfluous since it would be possibletin the uncanceled indebtedness, to accomplish the same result hy let-. The Clearing House Stamp, tini; $flO.OOrt of the indebtedness on j Meanwhile the checks are stamped the only visible token of its existencp Is the .stamp that you find on the back Commerce agercKating $!>u.O(iO were dejiosited in the First National. If Rug Sale FOR ONE WEEK ONLY At the following reduced price.s: 9x12 Bagdad Wiltons, regular I45 at S .iT-SO This brand is the best of all Wiltons. QXT2 Arlington Axmiiiister, regular $45 at ... 37 50 9X12 Seamless Velvets, regular $35 at 27 00 9x12 Eleciras Axminister, regular $30.00 at.. 25.00 9x12 Smith Axminister. regular $2'.50 at 22,50 9x12 Saxony Axminister, regular ?25.oo at .. 19.00 9xr2 Roxb?ry Taps, regular $22.50 at 18.00 9x12 Velvets, regular $22,50 at 18 no 9x12 Taps, regular $i.S.ooat 15 00 X-3X10-6 regukir $13.00 at in,oo Great redsction on .ill other rug stfr'^'. SLEEPER e* SON each side be cancf.'led and by ihe First .National s.-nding the $10,000 balance of its indebtedness to the Commerce. Ii is this iirinclplp of permitting banks to cancfl their indebtertnes.s to r-.i(!i other and to pay only the balances in cash th:it is worked out in the dearin.g house. The oNieiir to which this devic s;ives labor may, be iiil'crrcil from ilic fact thai i>ii fine occasion, in .May. If":.', the Chatani bank of New York was able to s.-ttle its claims on oilier banks anioiiniing to more than 1 1-4 million dollars by le- ceivini; llii.ingh the cloarin;; house !<>ii cents. The War It Works. Il.M-p i« the way the clearing house ivvorlfs: You pay your grt>cer Ii."., say, ! '.villi :i check on the .New Engl.and Na- liona'. Ho has an amount with the Tnioii .National ami deposits the check, . with others, in that hank. In the I course of the morning checks on all jiii.- iiihor i!ii |H .iriani hi.nks in town are I (l.'|.<.sii((l uiili llie I'liion National. So ill sdi'i:; 111. Ill mil and sends tlu'in all III. III.' oli-.iiiim li.iii.-o at ilie dally scs: -ifiu ill There the various I liackai^i's ol clifcks ari> in-.'sr-nled to I 'lic banks I') which lliey belong. At I 111'- saiiif lime i-ai'li of banks' , . ^ > . —. ;.i.-.'nis 10 lii.. rni.m .National repre-1 The Labor C«mmIssIoiier .s.-'iiViiv.' Mhiil;..- package of checks 1 That file IMW T \III Be Enforced. by the clearing house and returned to the banks on which they were orlgl- iiaily drawn. So eventually you get your %1'> check hack with the stamp of the clearing hohse and the bank which sent it there. I'nder existing conditions the clearing house balances are settled by certificates of the clearing house instead of by cash. These certificates ard guaranteed by gilt edge securities and are in the nature of temporary loans made by the associated banks to the Individual institutions. They are useful in relie\'ing the demand for cash and so in leaving more cilrrency available for the of the bank's customers. The clearing house statement issued daily shows the amount of the checks that have passed through the clearing house on that day. Other checks do not figure In It. A check drawn on the First National Jjank. for Instance, and deposited there, would not go to the clearing house. Oas City Was Defeated. The Gas City basket hall team was defeated at basket ball In the lola Y. M. C. A. gymnasium In a better game than the score would indicate. The score: Gas City 16, Y. M. C. A. -15. The lineup: Oas City. Y. M. C. A. H. Epllng ... Forward AVheeler Trabuo Forward Heylmun P. Epllng .... guard A. Nelson .Mcdlln Center Allen O. Rpling Guard .. .Hershkowitz Members of Fire Doparlmenl The members of the Gas City (Ire department mot last evening and transacted regular bunineRa. Joe Thnmai wan elected aiiBlstant fire chief to All the vacancy made by the resignation of Shiply. Other business of less Importance was transacted. Nortb End Chnrcli. The following are the announcements of the services of the United Presbyterian church. North Main street, for the Sabbath. November 3rd: Bible school at 10 o'clock; preaching service at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. The subject of the morning sermon Is The Light of God's Word," a sermon for the boys and girls. All are cordially Invited. The subject for the evening, "Neutrality Impossibly." You are cordially Invited to these services, especially, If you have no church home in (he city. REV. W. N. LEEPER. Pastor. Register Want Ads„ lo a M'ord. KANSAS FACTORIES MUST REPORT diav.ii nil ill.' riiidii .National. The rc- pri'^cntaiivc of ili<> I'liion .National has a SI. 11.'III. Ill .-liimiiii; his <'Uiini actilnst Topeka. Nov. 2.—W, L. A. John ston, state labor commissioner, is ..f III.' oihcr banks. On this he] sending letters to all the Industrial nnt.< ili.> cl-iiins i.f each of the others > and msintifacturing concerns of the agHlnsi ih<' I 'niiiii National. The dif- WilUaffls Marble 304 fifaoite. Wcjks Stored lo onr new shop, 301 Soiilh Washington Ave., where we ^ire brtter^reiwred tJiap ever ta fiJrnlsh high grade .«oniiment« lo anj- ' one needing anjltalng on onr line.- C« £; WlluktUS, Proprieior. Telephone «;«. Sonlh Wiishlnglon. Iowa Store J uss Received 500 Pairs of Sample Shoes No two pairs alike. Everything that is made in tlie .shoe line. Now is the time to get a pair of shoes that will fit and suit you. Respectfully, A. G. MUMMA, Prop. stnte notifying them that imless the |re|K>rtR:of the buslnesn of tholr cow paiiies are sent In within a reasonable linio action will bo begun to collect fines frbm the company. The law provides that the bureau of labor imd statistics must gather in- formatibn regarding the value of the products. tJie cost of rflw material, the value of the plant, the ^xwt of labor, the number of men employed, and the er or manager of the plant does not furnish the Information he may fined |100 and given a sentence of 9 days In Jail. The blanks for tbese reports were sent oufi thre« months ago and many factories have not reported. The attorney general has notified the labor comm :8s ;oner that the penalty may t>e exacted and naless the reports are tumedi In soon the attorney general will be a8|;ed to begin nroceedlngs' against eac6 company. Several railroads, water and electric light plants are on the delinquent list. The ilb pecditt to vomn. taiee diffeieitf (oRiuk Som« ladles saffer, werj month, from daik rings round their eyes, bJotdjes on their iWn end tired feeling. Others luffe^ afonlea of pain, that vprd» can hardly express. Whatever the i^niplonui, remeoiber there U one medicine that vlB go bejnnd mere symptoms, and act on the cause of their tRxMe^ tbe veakeoed vomanly ortiana. re }ib»,yLC AMtta. of Memptt* Temvwrtter , rite^welMaiovpCaidui Home. I. I^wlfeied iiMi evHy symplon Well, Friends Pancakes are In order. We have tbe materall to make them of. Ralston P. C. Flour, per pkg. 10c Ralston Prepared B. W. Flour, per pkg. 10c Peruna Whole Wheat Flour, 121b sack 50c Good Fresh Meal, per sack 20e Syrups to eat on Pancakes. Maple, Fancy Table, White Table, and Sorghum. A Cutting Scrape. Two Gas City young men engaged In a flght yesterday which ended up in a cutting scrape. Fortunately no one was hurt severely although one has a large wound under his left shoulder blade today as the result. The young fellow who wielded the knife was arrested but after consultation It was agreed that he be_turned loose and allowed to go as the man who was stabbed would not swear to warrant charging him with the crime. Rev. Mnrlln Will Preach. Rev. Murlin, president of the Baker University, will preach at the local Methodist Episcopal church tomorrow. Rev. Murlin Is one of the foremost men in the Methodist Episcopal church in the west and the Gas City people should not fall to hear him while he Is in the city. Skated at La Harpe. ' A large crowd of the Gas City young people went to La Harpe last evening where they spent the evening roller skating. This is the first roller skating party to go to LA Harpe this year. Last year the Gas City young people went to La Harpe to skate tjulte often. John ^eoley Snnday. Elder John Wesley will preach at the Christian church In Oas City tomorrow at It a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Subject tomorrow night. "The Powers That Be." He is a strong and forceful speaker and is deserving of a good hearing." Fenoiuls. wage..* paid in each facftry In Kan^K^M"".?. Willey of Colony, Is visiting sas. It also provides that If the own- *" ^^^^ t^"/- ,. , .u—> i „/yf W. H. Anderson, of Rocklow. was In the city yesterday_bn business. L. I. Goble, of Wichita, was here* yesterday on business. L. T. Little of Topeka, was here yesterday visiting friends. REGISTER WANT ADS. pay Because In Allen county nearly everybody reads the Register. Gaarantet>d the largest circulation of any paper In Allen county. told ia bnlk.' Tka cnnina tmblet tuaptd COO. GnanntMd to enr* at jnnr mnntj back. Stcrtlof Remedy Co.; Chicmgo or N.Y. 6 M MiuAtsiOE, ni wuioi ions FRYER BROS. Grocery and Meat Market Phone* 308 ^nd 301 OROCERY Good Things to EaL Teie |>hoDe 159 DistUlei liter One htudred ponnds of Cry*- tal Ice will make 12 sallone -cC dlsUUed water raitable tor family na«. Try It, Itlilce(Cii4»in|tC« lola Bosioess Colliery Hlglit Of Omy MmOmm : Penmanship, Arithmettc, Eloratldlw Bookkeeping, Englltb. FhysiM Coi* ture, etc.. Shorthand, Letter WHtlnf. CieBCfal CeattMliiiw/. Flagstone and Cwaiait Stdemiln. ai Ul Seath WasfeJagtea^aiM tM* Call on When needing anything in tlie Jewelry line. . WORK ON the Monarch Cement company's site here is progressing as tast as the weather will permit. Shale nits are being opened up, and other vork done as fast as necessary. E. E. Gainet and L. F. Bums, of the Gainer. Construction company, were he/e the first of the week laying <^ the foundations for several of the jBrst buildings to he erected. -When the grade is establlsibed for the Santa Fe switch the work wlH be on li». earnest and a number .'of Inen and tAAms win he e ^nwloy^d in getting the ground leveled nn for the switch trftfka. lethe weather la rood there will be lota of work done in Xovem- ter .~HnCT »old,t Union. fiuniBMi«i|i Fellewe a fMM.'- jt jBerer followa ibe ate nf tV >ie»'<« Twer aiKl ^ry >Tift«m« l»"emisH: l« aad'^jitrenefli ^ns tMji!««i •'exeats-' imeamonla. 'Bnrrell'a '^i senta pe maamv Time TaMc NORTHBOUNSi. Ho. 268. Paa. datljr ... XxUi ^tt No. 204. Paa. dally .S:Haj» No. ZDS. Pas. dally eJL Sim ..CtMajl Mo. 210. Pai. arrlTee deUr . .StdtM^ Na»01.Pas.daily U:48i Ka 203* Paa dain^ ..........3:Nt Na 2U7 Paa.dd^ en. 8«a ...g:H] No. 209. ¥aa. departa dally... «:Mi No.2ieFrelitfit.0.ez. Sea. .U:Ml te tie Telephone Tetir ITaaC lis. As an accoinniQ<totln», -the Baflater recelvies adk Tor-Its mqit.<^iixna cwir the telephone, btat rapeeU ue iAfvi' tiser to ' the 4)iBee'aa^ lettle as soon asLcmiTentwt. Mfh| Itlllasra it^in recetre egnCal atteatloa.

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